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Calamity Vs Jesse.

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Calamity: Went to someone else and she happily said I could do this.
Beca: Okay.
Calamity: Beca Mitchell will you marry me.

(She looks at her in shock but then nods her head at her.)

Calamity: Yes?
Beca: Yes.

(She gets up and puts the ring onto her finger once it's on there she kisses her getting her to smile in it as their kissing someone walks in and breaks up

the happy moment.)

Agent: I'm looking Ali Gorsky.

(She looks up when she hears her name along with Mark. Then he steps forward.)

Mark: What you want with her?
Agent: Commander Kane wants to see her.
Ali: What for?
Mark: Ryan go find Kate.

(She rushes off to go and get Kate. Up in Kate's apartment both her and Sophie are lying down on the bed talking and joking around as someone knocks on the

door they both look up at it she gets up to get dressed and then walks over to the door as she gets there she opens it to find Ryan there.)

Kate: Ryan!
Ryan: We've got a problem downstairs.
Kate: What kind of problem?
Ryan: There's an agent here looking for Ali.
Sophie: Why?
Ryan: He said Kate's father wants to talk to her.
Kate: Give us a few.

(Ryan nods her head at her as she turns and walks off and heads off back downstairs. Later both Kate and Sophie walk over to them.)

Kate: What's going on?
Chloe: We don't know this guy just walked in wanting to talk to Ali.
Kate: Babe you know him?
Sophie: No. I've never seen him before in my life. In fact I don't even think he's a Crows agent.

(Mark looks at her as he grabs out his phone and calls Jacob who answers right away.)

Jacob: Yeah.
Mark: Yeah Commander did you send an agent here to grab Ali?

(He looks off confused.)

Jacob: No why?
Mark: Because there's one here and he's calming you asked him to come and get her.
Jacob: Yeah I never asked for an agent to go and pick her up.
Mark: Okay.

(He signal's for both Sara and Oliver to walk up behind him. As they get back there he goes to run only to have Mark act quickly and puts him in a head lock

knocking him out once he's out he looks up at Kate who looks off annoyed.)

Mark: You know this guy?
Kate: Yeah.
Mark: How?
Kate: He was one of Black Masks men.
Mark: Shit.

(He looks back at Oliver and Sara who look off annoyed.)

Mark: I thought we got raid of the False Face Society?
Sophie: We did.
Mark: Yeah well apparently not all of them.

(She looks at him and then looks off annoyed.)

Mark: Alex in my bag right are my cuff's.

(She walks over to it and grabs them out once she has them she tosses them to him and he catches them then puts him in cuff's.)

Mark: Call in the other Crows. We got to get him back to Head Quarters.
Sophie: Are ready on it.
Mark: Are right.

(They get him up. Later Jacob and a group of Crows walk in and Mark points over at him he looks at him and walks up to him.)

Mark: We sent everyone else home.
Jacob: Are right. Wake him up.

(Kate grabs the water and throws it into his face waking him up and then he looks at them.)

Agent: What the hell?
Jacob: Who the hell are you?

(He looks at him and laughs off the shock.)

Agent: Someone who could really help out Commander Kane.
Jacob: Yeah well unless you're willing to die like Angelique Martin almost did trying to save my daughters life. I wouldn't try.

(He looks at him and laughs off the shock.)

Agent: Okay fine. Black Mask is still running the False Face Society and he's trying recruit more people after you people took out the rest of his men.
Mark: What the hell does he want with Ali Gorsky?
Agent: Same thing he wanted with Kate Kane.
Mark: He wants her to be a part of his new team of snake bite selling pricks?
Agent: You got it in one Buchanan. Hell it was either her or your friend back there.

(He turns and looks at Ares who looks annoyed.)

Mark: What the hell made Black Mask think that Ares would ever work for him?
Agent: He has his ways.
Mark: I'm sure he does. And i have my ways of making you talk.

(Kate hands him the knife Ares gave her and he takes it from her. And then looks at him.)

Mark: You see when i was working for my friend over there I did an under cover assignment that involved working with the Mob and since I've done that I've

actually really enjoyed doing this.

(He puts the knife into the man's leg getting him to scream out in pain. Then he looks at him.)

Agent: Son of a bitch.
Mark: Hey what you know.

(They start laughing as he pulls the knife out of his leg. Getting him to whimper in pain from the knife being pulled out.)

Mark: Sorry Kate.

(She laughs at him.)

Kate: It's fine.

(He smiles at her as he has Ares walk around him and grabs him from behind getting him to fight them a little.)

Mark: Now. We've been talking to the prison on and off.
Agent: So.
Mark: Black Mask isn't allowed anywhere near other prisoners.

(He looks at him as Mark grabs another knife and looks at him.)

Mark: So you have two seconds to tell me who you really work for or I'll put this into another body part.

(He looks at him and continues to try and fight to get away from them.)

Mark: You know Commander Kate's your daughter.

(He takes the knife from him and stabs the other leg getting him to scream out again.)

Agent: Fuck.
Mark: No thank you. Sorry Ryan.

(She looks at him and laughs.)

Ryan: It's fine.

(As they continue to torture him to try and figure out who he's working with but he isn't talking and Mark laughs at him.)

Mark: Okay. Get him out of here and kill him. We'll send a message to his boss.
Ares: Are right.

(She waves two of her guys over and they walk over to them as they get there they grab him up and walk out of the bar with him with him screaming at them to

let him go.)

Sophie: Kill him really?
Mark: She's going to drop him off at the hospital after they rough him up a little bit more.

(They laugh at him as Mark turns and looks at Kate. Then he walks over to her.)

Kate: So if he doesn't work for Black Mask.
Mark: He works for someone else.
Kate: Question is.
Mark: Who.
Kate: Yeah. I just hope they don't come to Gotham looking for him.
Mark: If they do. We'll deal with them.

(She smiles at him.)

Kate: Mark don't do something that will get you into trouble.
Mark: I won't.
Kate: Okay.
Mark: But I am willing to do anything i can to keep whoever it was after Ali away from you.
Kate: I know. I've been through enough hell.
Mark: Sometimes I think you still are.

(She laughs at him as he hugs her getting her to smile at him. Then they pull away from each other.)

Kate: I'll be okay. As long as Black Mask is behind bars I'll be just fine.
Mark: Okay.

(He jokingly pushes her head to the side making her laugh at him. Over the next month with both Beca and Calamity having gotten engaged the wedding had

gone from one to two weddings. With the double weddings coming up the Crows keep up the search for the man who sent that agent after Ali with him still out

there she moved in with Mark whose been keeping a close out for anyone. Who might come after her but when nothing happens they still keep their eyes open

for anyone. As the days turn into a week before the wedding both couples start getting nervous and the more nervous they get the more Mark and Kate pick at

them and their girlfriends smack them both.)

Mark: What?
Ali: Will you leave them alone.
Mark: I'm sorry. I can't do that.
Ali: Oh really.
Mark: Okay. See I know that look and I promise to be have.

(They start laughing at him as he kisses her then pulls away from her.)

Ali: Okay good.
Mark: Anyway. There was something I wanted to talk to you about.
Ali: Whatever it is I swear I saw Luke do it.

(Mark looks at her and laughs along with Kate who looks off trying to keep from laughing but is failing.)

Mark: Okay. I'm sure it is. But not what i wanted to talk to you about.
Ali: Oh okay. What's up?
Mark: I was talking to the commander today and he wanted me to ask if you were interested in joining the Crows.

(She looks at him and laughs off the shock.)

Ali: The Crows.
Mark: Yeah. I mean you can always say no. You won't hurt Sophie's feelings.

(She looks at him and starts laughing then calms down.)

Ali: Why me?
Mark: I don't really know. He just told me to ask. No I'm kidding. He was going through your military back ground and other then losing that family to an


Ali: Okay.
Mark: You've got one hell of a spotless record.

(She smiles at him.)

Ali: Where was this offer while his daughter wanted to become a Crow.
Mark: Yeah something tells me he was never going to let her become a Crow.
Ali: Well that's fucked up.
Mark: Yeah it is. But then Kate did become something he hated with a passion until he found out she was the one in the suit.
Ali: And he's just okay with it?
Mark: Well he wasn't at first. And neither was Sophie.

(She turns and looks at her.)

Ali: Okay. Can you give me sometime to think about it?
Mark: Yeah. Take all the time you need.
Ali: Okay.
Mark: Are right. Well there is one more thing i wanted to ask you.
Ali: Ask away.
Mark: Will you by my plus one to the double weddings?
Ali: I Don't know. We hardly know each outer.

(He looks at her and laughs.)

Mark: Well I hear weddings are a great way to get to know someone.

(She laughs at him as he grabs her in and kisses her getting her to smile in it then pulls away from her.)

Ali: I'd love to go the weddings with you.
Mark: Oh good.

(She smiles at him as he kisses her again then pulls away from her as she looks behind her and sees someone behind them.)

Ali: Jon!

(Mark turns and looks at him then gets annoyed.)

Jon: Hey Ali.
Ali: Hi. What you doing here?
Jon: I came to see you but i can tell you've are ready moved on with your life.
Mark: You want sometime alone with it?

(He looks at him and then looks off annoyed.)

Ali: Yeah.
Mark: You need me I'll be over there.
Ali: Okay.

(He kisses her then pulls away from her as he shoves past him and over to Kate and Sophie who can see the look on his face.)

Kate: You are right?
Mark: Yup.
Sophie: You sure?
Mark: Yeah.
Kate: You lying?

(He looks at her and laughs.)

Mark: It's amazing at how well she knows me.
Sophie: Scary isn't it?
Mark: So scary. And you're right I'm not okay.
Kate: Who is that?
Mark: You remember that guy told you about.
Sophie: Ali's brother in law?
Mark: Well that's him back there.

(They look over at him and realize who he is.)

Sophie: So that's Jon Stanton?
Mark: The very same.
Kate: What the hell does he want?
Mark: Her.

(They look at him and feel bad for him.)

Sophie: Lovely.
Kate: Yup.

(Then they see him do something and Mark catching the looks turns to see him kiss her and gets annoyed he walks over to him then grabs him away from her and

punches him sending him down he turns and looks at him.)

Mark: You had your fucken chance with her Stanton. And you lost it.

(He gets up to go after him only to have Oliver and Sara stand in his sight.)

Jon: This isn't over.
Mark: It better be or I'll do a lot worse then punch.

(He looks at him.)

Jon: She doesn't love you.
Mark: It was just one kiss Jon. I highly doubt it brought back anything. You mean nothing to her.

(He looks at him in shock at what he said.)

Mark: Your kids mean more to her then you do.
Jon: That's not true.
Mark: Maybe not. But if i ever see you kiss my girlfriend again and you'll find yourself back on a plane back to London.

(He looks at him and knows he'll do it. So he turns and walks off as he walks off Mark turns and looks at her and sees the look on her face and then walks

out of the bar and she goes after him. Outside he's walking towards his truck as she runs up to him.)

Ali: Mark!

(He turns and looks at her.)

Mark: I saw the look on your face Ali. No need to lie.
Ali: I wasn't.

(He looks at her and then looks off. But looks back at her.)

Mark: Why'd you kiss him?
Ali: I didn't he kissed me. I was going to pull away from him. But you had walked up and decked him before i had the chance.
Mark: So you're not still in love with him?

(She looks at him and laughs off the annoyance of what he said.)

Ali: I haven't felt anything for him in years.
Mark: Funny. Given how I saw your face when you noticed him.
Ali: He's my nephew and Niece's father.
Mark: Doesn't change anything. You're still in love with him and that is something I can't handle.
Ali: I'm not.
Mark: Really?
Ali: Yes really. Look I know I screwed things up with me and my sister before she was killed. He could of as easily as told her he didn't want the marriage

anymore. But he didn't.

Mark: So your saying him nearly cheating on his wife was all his fault.
Ali: Well i didn't sleep with him. I didn't wanna break up my sister's marriage.
Mark: Well he clearly didn't care if he put you and your sister against each other.
Ali: No your right he didn't.

(He looks at her and then looks off.)

Ali: Mark the reason I joined the military was to get away from him. Not really my sister or my niece and nephew. But I did join to get away from him. And

I'm glad I did.

Mark: Why's that?
Ali: I met you.

(He looks at her and then looks off.)

Ali: Only thing is when I met you. You were in love with someone else.
Mark: Yeah and.
Ali: Unlike him you were honest about how felt about someone else. You weren't about to use me in order to make yourself feel better.

(He looks at her and laughs.)

Mark: And since when.
Ali: I haven't felt anything for him since I met you.
Mark: Ali!
Ali: I'm in love with you.

(He looks at her and laughs off the shock. As he walks over to her and kisses her getting her to smile in it as their kissing both Kate and Sophie walk out

of the bar and look over at them and laugh. All of this is leading up to the day of the double weddings over at Mark's Penthouse he walks up to Calamity and

kisses the back of her head then pulls away from it.)

Mark: You are right?
Calamity: Yeah I'm fine. Just you know.
Mark: Well getting married is one hell of a step.
Calamity: Yeah I know it is. And I can't wait until I can call Beca my wife.
Mark: Neither can I.
Calamity: She's mine go after your own girlfriend.

(He looks at her and laughs.)

Mark: No what I meant.
Calamity: I know what you meant.
Mark: You and Beca have gone through enough hell Cal. You guys deserve this I don't care what some people say. Beca's in love with you.

(She looks at him and smiles.)

Calamity: And I'm in love with her.
Mark: Okay good. Just don't hurt her.

(She laughs at him.)

Calamity: Wouldn't dream of it.
Mark: Are right.

(She gets up and walks off towards the stairs to go up and get ready for the wedding. A couple of hours later the weddings are underway both couples are up

at the alter saying their vows and exchanging wedding rings after exchanging rings and saying their vows. Oliver announced both couples married. And told

both Charity and Calamity they could kiss their brides.)

Calamity: Finally.

(Beca laughed at her and she kissed her as their kissing Charity and Cynthia started laughing then calmed down as they kissed as wives then they pulled away

from each other and then introduced them as other's last names and everyone stood up and start clapping for them as both couples walked back down the aisle

happily married and looking forward to what came next for them.