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Calamity Vs Jesse.

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(Mark grabs him and throws him into the wall.)

Mark: If those women die Dr. Mitchell I'm not going to stop until I find Jesse Swanson and put a bullet between his eyes.

(Then he knees him in the stomach.)

Mark: And if I find out you were apart of the reason why he took off with them. I won't even stop my boss from killing you.

(Then he throws him into the wall getting him to look at him.)

Mark: Put him into a holding cell.

(One of the other agents walk up to them and grab him up once he has him they walk off with him as Mark turns and looks at Kate.)

Kate: You are right?
Mark: No I'm not. I hate the fact that man.
Kate: We're going to find Jesse.
Mark: Before or after one of them dies.
Kate: Let's hope it doesn't come to that.
Mark: Yeah I know.
Kate: Vera and Calamity are going to pull through this. Weather Swanson likes it or not.
Mark: I know they will.
Kate: Okay. So what's going on?
Mark: I have an idea on how we can finally get raid of Jesse for good.
Kate: How?
Mark: You aren't going to like it.
Kate: The little prick shot my sister whatever it is you have planned do it.
Mark: Okay.

(He grabs out his phone and calls someone he knows won't say no or even ask questions. As he's waiting for her to answer he looks over at Kate and grabs her into him

and hugs her getting her to smile at him then he pulls away from her and kisses her head then pulls away from it as she answers.)

Mark: Hey can you come to Gotham?
Ares: Yeah.
Mark: Are right. Let me know when you get in.
Ares: Are right.

(Then they hang up and he turns to look at her.)

Kate: Who'd you call?
Mark: Someone Reagan has a crush on.
Kate: Ares!
Mark: Yeah.
Reagan: I do not.

(They turn and look at her then start laughing.)

Mark: Yeah okay.
Reagan: I don't.
Mark: Do you believe her?
Kate: Of course not.

(Mark starts laughing at Reagan's face. As they walk off and she smacks him as he walks by to go and see Veracity. Later over in Veracity's room Mark's sitting down

next to her bed watching her as she sleeps off the meds they gave her to knock her out for her surgery. As he's sitting there he looks over at her every now and then.

Then looks off to look at his phone as he's looking at it she starts coming too getting him to look over at her he shuts the screen on his phone off and gets up to

check on her.)

Mark: Vera!

(She turns her head and looks at him.)

Veracity: Mark!
Mark: Hey.
Veracity: Hi. What?
Mark: You were shot.
Veracity: Oh. Well apparently I'm okay so.
Mark: Well that's great to hear.

(She smiles at him as he grabs her hand and smiles at her as he kisses her as their kissing she smiles in it then he pulls away from her and puts his forehead against

her's and she smiles at him.)

Mark: I'm so glad you're okay baby.
Veracity: So am I.

(She grabs his hand getting him to smile at her as he kisses her head then pulls away from it as Mary walks into the room and sees her awake.)

Mary: Vera.

(She looks over at her.)

Veracity: Mary!

(Mark let's her hand go and let's Mary in to talk to her.)

Mark: I'm going to go find a doctor.
Veracity: Okay. And Kate.
Mark: And I'll go find Kate.

(She smiles at him as he turns and walks out of the room as he walks out he bumps into Kate who looks at him.)

Kate: Hey.
Mark: Hey. Vera's awake.

(She walks around him and into the room to go and see her sister as he walks off to go and find a doctor once he finds her he tells her Veracity's awake and she walks

off to go and see Calamity as he gets to her room he knocks on the door getting Beca to look up at him.)

Beca: Hey.
Mark: Hey. How is she?
Beca: She's still asleep. How's Veracity?
Mark: She's awake. And in her room talking to her sisters so.
Beca: That's good to hear.
Mark: Beca she's going to pull through this.
Beca: I know she will. I'm just scared that I'll lose her. And Mark i can't.
Mark: I know that. But if there is one thing i know about this woman is that she loves you and she's not about leave you.
Beca: I know she won't.
Mark: Are right. Now all you have to do is hope that she'll pull through this and help you give the other Bellas hell. Because we all know she wouldn't be Calamity if

she didn't.

Beca: No she wouldn't be.
Mark: Are right. Just try and be patient she'll come around.
Beca: Okay.
Mark: Are right.

(He turns and walks out of the room as his phone goes off he grabs it out to see who it is seeing the number he answers it and then he hangs up and walks off to go

and meet up with her. Minutes later out by the river Mark's standing there waiting for Ares to show up as he's standing there she walks up to him and stands next to


Mark: Nice timing as always.

(She laughs at him.)

Ares: I do try.
Mark: Yeah.
Ares: How are Veracity and Calamity?
Mark: Veracity's awake.
Ares: Calamity!
Mark: Still out of it. The doctors seem to believe she put herself into a coma.

(She looks at him and then looks off.)

Ares: Oh gees.
Mark: Yeah. And with her being in a coma Beca fears she'll lose her.
Ares: She's too stubborn to ever leave Beca.
Mark: I know she is.
Ares: How you doing?
Mark: Still feeling annoyed. That the woman i love and my best friend are in the Crows Medical Wing fighting for their lives and Jesse Swanson is out on the streets

free as a fucken bird.

(She looks at him.)

Ares: The Crows let him go?
Mark: No. He called in one of his group mates and told him that we had framed him for kidnapping Calamity and Veracity.
Ares: You guys have him on video basically torturing Calamity and hoping Beca would finally break and break up with her.
Mark: I know. And when she wouldn't.
Ares: He put another bullet into her?
Mark: Yeah. And Ares seeing him put that bullet into her stomach and knowing where he hit her.
Ares: What happened?
Mark: The bullet hit and ruptured her uterus.

(She looks at him and then looks off annoyed.)

Ares: So she can't give her and Beca kids in the future?
Mark: No she can't.
Ares: Oh gees.
Mark: Yeah and Jesse's probably thinking now that she can't give them kids later on.
Ares: Beca will break up with her.
Mark: She won't. Beca's to in love with her to ever do that. Besides they just got together. Kids aren't really on either one of their radars.
Ares: He's not going to care.
Mark: I'm aware of that.
Ares: But I'm guessing that's the reason why you wanted me to come here?
Mark: It is.
Ares: You realize.
Mark: Just get it done Ares.
Ares: Okay. I mean it's not like I'm going to feel all that guilty over it.
Mark: And you really think I will?
Ares: Of course you won't.
Mark: If you need help.
Ares: I know who to call. But doubt he'll want to come and help.
Mark: Just in case.
Ares: Are right.
Mark: Anyway.

(She laughs at him.)

Ares: How's Reagan?
Mark: She's good. She's just as worried about Calamity and Veracity.

(Then his phone goes off he grabs it out to see who it is seeing the number.)

Mark: Aubrey!
Aubrey: You need to get back to Crow.
Mark: Why?
Aubrey: Calamity's heart stopped.

(He hangs up and rushes off with Ares right behind him. Later they arrive back at Crow Head Quarters and they both rush up to their medical wing as they get there

they walk up to them.)

Mark: Chloe!

(She turns and looks at him.)

Chloe: It's not looking good.
Mark: What you mean?
Chloe: They've been in there the last two to three minutes trying to get her heart going again.

(He looks at her and then looks off.)

Mark: Oh god. Where are?
Stacie: CR and Amy went to get them.
Mark: Okay.

(He sits down and then puts his head back annoyed. Then he sees Amy and Cynthia coming back with with Serenity and Charity. As they get up to them Chloe walks over to

them and tells them they look at her and Serenity rushes up to the room and sees them trying to bring her back as she's standing there Jessica and Ashley walk up to

her and pull her away from the door and have her sit down once she's seated she looks into the room hoping that they can bring her back as they all continue to sit

there waiting for them to bring Calamity back. After another minute or two they call it and Paige walks out of Calamity's room and Mark walks over to her.)

Mark: Hey.
Paige: Hey.
Mark: How is she?
Paige: I'm sorry Mark. We tried but we couldn't get her heart started again.

(He looks at her and then looks off as he turns and looks at Beca.)

Mark: Are right thanks.
Paige: You're welcome. And I'm sorry.
Mark: It's okay.

(Then she turns and walks off as they put a sheet over Calamity's head and Mark walks back over to everyone as he gets to them he kneels down in front of Beca who has

tears in her eyes.)

Beca: Please tell me they were able to bring her back Mark.
Mark: I'm sorry Bec's they tried.

(She falls apart in Mark's arms as he hangs onto her and she falls to the floor as he continues to hold her he looks at Ares who can see the look on his face.)

Beca: I can't believe she's gone.
Mark: I know and I'm sorry.

(She nods her head into his shoulder as he looks at Chloe and Aubrey who walk over to her and pull away from Mark then she leans into Chloe who looks at Aubrey just

as pissed off then Mark gets up and walks over Ares who looks at him.)

Mark: Find him and put a bullet into him.

(She nods her at him as she walks off to go and find Jesse. As she walks off Mark looks at Kara who looks off not happy with what he said but isn't about to stop what

he has planned for Jesse Swanson.)

Mark: You got a problem with that plan?
Kara: Of course i don't. But i can think of someone who will.
Mark: Yeah well that tool doesn't get a say in this.

(Then he turned and walked off as she Kara looked at Kate who looked just as upset by the news of Calamity dying.)

Kate: It's his choice Kara.
Kara: I know. I still don't have to like it.
Kate: Yeah well. Just think about it this way.
Kara: What's that?
Kate: At least you're not the one having to watch it happen.

(She looks at her and smiles at her.)

Kara: I know that.
Kate: Okay. But seriously like Mark said.
Kara: I know that. But he'll still try to make it seem like it is his business.
Kate: Well if he does. Make sure he stays clear of Mark.
Kara: I can do that.
Kate: Are right. Now I'm going to go and tell my sister of Calamity's passing.
Kara: Okay.

(She walks off to go and talk to Veracity. Over in Veracity's room she's sitting there waiting for news on Calamity and hoping they don't come back with bad news and

she is hopeful until Kate walks into her room seeing the look on her face she knows it isn't good news and loses it Kate walks over to her and gets onto the bed with

her and hugs her as she's hugging her she cries in her sisters arms as Mary walks in to go and sit with them. Over the next couple of days Ares and her men have been

out looking for Jesse as their search continued very much like Kara said there was someone who was doing everything he could to try and stop them from killing him and

Mark was starting to get tired of him butting into what their doing and finally laid into him.)

Mark: OLSEN!

(He looked at him.)

James: What?
Mark: But the hell out. This has nothing to do with you. Kara's made her point she isn't to happy with what I'm wanting to happen to Jesse. But she's not about to

stop me. And neither should you.

James: Why the hell not?
Mark: Because if you get in my way. It won't just be Jesse who ends up in an early grave. Now stay out of it.

(Then he shoved him into the table as Kara stands there in shock but doesn't do anything as she walked back to her desk to get back to work.)

Winn: You heard him James stay out of it.

(Then he walked away from him.)

James: Seriously. You guys are okay with this?
Winn: No we're not. But Mark's pissed and there's nothing we can do or say that'll change his mind. Because of Swanson one of his friends is dead. Now stay out of it.

(He looks at him and then looks off. As the search for Jesse continued James continued to but in until Mark finally got fed up with it and locked him up in the Crows

holding cells.)

Mark: I bet you thought I'd kill you. Keep him here until we can find Swanson.
Adam: You bet.

(Then he walks out of the room.)

Sophie: You realize we can't keep him here.
Mark: Oh I'm well aware of that.

(She looks at him and laughs.)

Mark: How are things between you and Kate going?
Sophie: Their going. I don't mean it that way.
Mark: I know. She's trying to be there for Veracity.
Sophie: Yeah. I mean with you having them out looking for Swanson.
Mark: I know I'm not being a very good boyfriend am I?
Sophie: No.

(He laughs at her.)

Mark: I just.
Sophie: Mark their all feeling her death. It's you seem to be taking her death a lot worse then the others.
Mark: I know they are.
Sophie: Calamity dying wasn't your fault.
Mark: I know that too.
Sophie: So stop putting all of your effort into finding Jesse and go be there for your girlfriend. I'm sure Ares will get a hold of you once they find him.
Mark: Yeah are right.

(He turns and walks off to go over to Kate's office to see Veracity. Minutes later he walks into her office to see both her and Veracity talking.)

Mark: Hi.

(She turns and looks at him.)

Veracity: Hi.
Mark: I know i haven't been the best boyfriend since we lost Calamity and I'm sorry.

(She smiles at him as she stands up then walks over to him.)

Veracity: You miss her as much as we do.
Mark: I do actually and Vera I love you.
Veracity: I love you too.

(He smiles at her as he kisses her then pulls away from her. As she hugs him Kate gets up and walks out of the office to let them be together they pull away from each

other and then walk over to the couch and sit down once their seated they start talking. Over the next couple of hours they both remain in Kate's office talking and

joking around. As their talking everyone in Calamity's life aren't aware of what is going on at the funeral home where they have her they have her in the Lazarus pit

trying to bring her back out of no where she flies out of it and nearly runs into a wall then turns and looks at them she goes to attack them only to get from behind

knocking her down once she's down they go into Purgatory to go and get her soul back. Once they had it she had it again she woke up again she looked around the room at

the people in there seeing they aren't anyone she knows. Well she knows one and stands up.)

Calamity: What the hell is going on?
Kyle: I made a deal with this woman here.
Calamity: What kind of deal?
Safiyah: One that involves this.

(Then someone touches her head getting her to fall to the ground and she looks at him as she falls unconscious again.)

Kyle: You keep her with you and the hell away from my daughter.
Safiyah: Only if you help me get my hands onto Alice.
Kyle: I see her again I'll find away to get a hold of your right hand there.

(Tatiana looks at him and then looks off annoyed.)

Safiyah: Good. Get her and let's go.

(They grab her up and walk out of the room with her.)

Tatiana: My queen I don't believe him.
Safiyah: I know. I don't either.

(She nods her head at her as they walk off to go back to Coryana. Meanwhile back over at Kate's office Mark's still in there with Veracity as his phone goes off he

grabs it out to see who it is. Seeing the number he answers it.)

Mark: You find him?
Ares: I did.
Mark: And?
Ares: Olsen showed up.
Mark: Who the hell let him out?
Ares: Sophie tried to keep him locked up as long as she could. But he threatened to sue them for unlawful arrest.
Mark: Yeah well.
Ares: Mark with him in the line of shot i can't get Jesse.

(He looks off annoyed.)

Mark: You alone?
Ares: Yes i am.
Mark: Okay.

(He hangs up and looks at Veracity.)

Veracity: Go.

(He nods his head at her then walks over to her and kisses her then pulls away from her.)

Mark: I'll be back.
Veracity: I know that.
Mark: Okay good.

(He kisses her again then pulls away from her as he turns and walks out of the office. Later out on the streets of Gotham Mark walks behind them with his own weapon

once he has Jesse in his sights he pulls the trigger and the bullet hits Jesse straight in the back and he goes down into James whose looking around for who shot him

Mark sends a text to Ares who laughs at it and gets gun to put it away. Once their guns are put away his phone goes off he grabs it out to see who it is seeing the

number he answers it.)

Mark: Sophie!
Sophie: We just got a call from the funeral home that had Calamity's body.
Mark: Okay. Everything okay?
Sophie: No it's not.
Mark: Soph what's going on?
Sophie: Calamity's body is missing.