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Calamity Vs Jesse.

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Beca: Calamity!

(Over at the warehouse Calamity knocks Jesse unconscious and then looks down at Veracity whose looking down at her chest and Calamity quickly puts pressure onto her


Beca: Calamity!

(She looks over at the screen.)

Calamity: I'm are right mostly.
Mark: Where's Swanson?
Calamity: Unconscious. But we need medics.

(Then she falls over as they finally get lock on them and rush off.)

Sophie: You know any Medics?
Mark: Yeah but their twenty minutes from here.
Sophie: Call them.

(He grabs out his phone and calls her over at 51 in Chicago,Il Dawson's phone goes off and she answers it.)

Dawson: Mark!
Mark: I need you and Shay in Gotham.
Dawson: Where?
Mark: Warehouse district fourth building from the street.
Dawson: On it.

(She hangs up and smacks Shay's arm and they both rush from the common room and out towards their rig.)

Boden: What's going on?
Dawson: Mark said they needed our help.
Boden: Keep your radio's on.
Dawson: Yes chief.

(As they both get to it and get in as they get she starts it up and they quickly take off towards Gotham. Out at the warehouse both Calamity and Veracity are both

lying there bleeding out as Jesse comes to he wakes up and sees the screen then he quickly gets up and runs off before the Crows and GCPD arrive on scene. As he runs

off the Crows quickly arrive on scene and run into the warehouse.)

Luke: (Comms) Kate Jesse ran towards the back of the building.
Batwoman: (Comms) Arrow!

(He looks at her and they both run off towards Jesse as Mark and the other's look around for Calamity and Veracity seeing them he rushes over to them and sees the

shape their both in and sees Veracity and rushes over to her as he gets to her he looks down at her and puts pressure onto her wound as they look around. Out back as

Jesse's running someone drives up to him and hits him with the door sending him to the ground as he goes down. She gets out of the car and closes the door as he turns

around he finds a gun in his face.)

Jesse: Commander Kane.
Jacob: Get this jackass up.

(Tyler rushes up to him and turns him around then cuff's him once he's cuffed they get him up.)

Jesse: They'll be dead by the end of the day.

(Jacob grabs him and throws him into his SUV.)

Tyler: Commander!

(He looks at him and let's him go.)

Jacob: You better pray my daughter and Calamity live because i won't be there to stop my agent from killing you.

(Then he let's him go as they walk off with him. Back over in the warehouse Mark's still got his hand on Veracity's chest wound.)

Mark: Vera!

(She wakes up and looks at him as she grabs his arm.)

Mark: You stay with me you hear me.

(She nods her head at him.)

Mark: I love you. I know this isn't the time to say it but.

(She smiles at him as he looks at her and then over to Calamity whose also bleeding out badly.)

Mark: Cal!

(She looks over at him and he smiles at her.)

Mark: You two are gonna be okay are right.

(She nods her head at him as they hear the medics.)

Mark: Thea go out and wave them in.

(She rushes from the warehouse to go and wave them in. As Mark continues to keep pressure onto Veracity's wound she looks at him and smiles at him as Shay and Dawson

rush into the room quickly followed by another EMT team.)

Mark: Dawson this one has a gun shot wound to the chest as for her she's got GSW to the Stomach Leg and Shoulder.
Dawson: Okay. We'll take her.
Mark: Okay.

(Both sets of teams work on both Calamity and Veracity. Mark walks over Sophie and then walks off as she stands there not sure of what to say to him. Later back over

at Crow up in their medical wing everyone is there waiting for news on both Veracity and Calamity as their sitting there waiting Mark sees Beca and walks over to her

as he gets to her she kneels down in front of her.)

Mark: Hey.

(She looks at him and smiles as she grabs him into a hug getting him to smile at her.)

Beca: I can't lose her.
Mark: I know.

(He keeps a hold of her as the other Bellas rush up to them.)

Mark: Hey.

(He pulls away from her and she looks over at them she gets up and quickly hugs Chloe as Mark stands up and walks over to Serenity and Charity.)

Serenity: They okay?
Mark: For the most part.
Charity: How bad are they?
Mark: Calamity had a gun shot wounds to the Stomach leg and shoulder.

(They look at him and then look off.)

Serenity: Veracity!
Mark: He got her right in the chest.

(They look at each other and then look off.)

Mark: And in between the both of them.
Charity: What?
Mark: They both lost a lot of blood.
Serenity: They gonna make it?
Mark: For Jesse Swanson's sake they better. Or i'll kill him.

(They nod their heads at him.)

Charity: You okay?
Mark: I'm trying my hardest not to go down there and beat the ever loving hell out of him.

(They laugh at him as they look over at Beca whose got her head in her friends arms trying to keep from losing it.)

Serenity: And he did this all because he couldn't have her. Talk about a desperate move.
Mark: Yeah well we all do things for the woman who doesn't want us. And if he thought kidnapping her girlfriend and mine was the way to her heart well then he's very

badly mistaken.

Serenity: Yeah.

(Then his phone goes off he grabs it out to see who it is seeing the number he answers it.)

Mark: Hey. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

(He walks off to go and talk to her.)

Kate: He called Calamity's mother.

(They both nod their heads at her.)

Kate: Don't worry to much Calamity and Veracity their both to stubborn to die so.
Charity: Yeah we know. Calamity came away from her ass kicking there's nothing saying she won't survive this.
Serenity: Or Veracity. I mean from what we hear you Kane's are stubborn.

(Kate laughs at her.)

Kate: We try to be. Me and my dad have lost so much it's not even funny. I can honestly say i don't know what we'd do if we lose Veracity.
Charity: Let's hope we don't lose either one of them.

(She nods her head at her. As Mark walks up to her.)

Mark: Hey.
Kate: Hey. What's up?
Mark: It okay if i use your plane to fly Calamity's mother in?
Kate: Yeah go for it. I'll even call the pilot and have them fly out to go and get her.
Mark: Okay. Thanks Kate.
Kate: Anytime.

(He walks off to go and tell Calamity's mom to be at the airport the next day there. As she walks off Serenity and Charity look at each other annoyed.)

Serenity: This isn't how she should meet Beca.
Charity: I know. But thanks to Swanson that's how it's going to happen.
Serenity: Yeah i know. Damn it.

(She smiles at her as they both walk over to the Bellas and Beca pulls away from Chloe and quickly hugs the both of them getting them to smile at her as she apologizes

to them as she keeps apologizing to them they look at each other and can't really blame her for apologizing because if it wasn't for Jesse Calamity and Veracity

wouldn't be in here. But it's him they blame not her. Over the next several hours they continue to wait for news on them as their waiting Mark's down in their command

center looking over the case file as Tyler stands by and watches as his friend continues to try from losing it as he waits for news on his girlfriend and his friend.

As he's watching Mark work and going over the case hew walks up to him.)

Tyler: Hey.

(Mark looks up at him.)

Mark: Hey.
Tyler: You okay?
Mark: Yeah i'm fine. Why?
Tyler: Because you look like you're about to lose it.

(He looks at him and laughs.)

Mark: Yeah i'm trying my hardest not to lose it Tyler. I really am.

(He looks at him and feels bad for him.)

Tyler: Look i know it's not easy but we all some how manage to get on with our lives.

(He looks at him and laughs.)

Mark: I know we do. But i love Veracity so damn much Tyler it's not even funny.
Tyler: And it shows whenever you look at her. Hell even the commander has seen it. A Veracity's one of the daughter's he's most protect of.
Mark: You mean he's not protect of Mary and Kate?

(He looks at him and laughs.)

Tyler: No i think he would say Kate can protect herself.
Mark: True.
Tyler: Mark you gotta know their gonna come out of this.
Mark: Yeah i know they will. I just don't want Swanson to get away with what he did.
Tyler: You really think he will?
Mark: Knowing him i wouldn't be surprised. Hell just before school let out for the summer Jesse tried to get Calamity kicked out for dating another student.
Tyler: Didn't realize that went against the school's code.
Mark: They don't have a rule about students dating other students.
Tyler: Well that's great to hear.
Mark: Yeah it is. So at least Calamity can finish out collage here in the US.
Tyler: Yeah. You are right?
Mark: Yeah i'm fine.
Tyler: And if you weren't.
Mark: I'd go and find a punching bag to beat the hell out of.
Tyler: Okay.

(He turns and walks off as Mark laughs at him. After his talk with Tyler Mark found himself in the Crows training room beating on the punching bag as he's beating on

it Sophie walks into the room and sees him beating on it and feels bad for him then turns and walks out of the room as she walks out she sees Oliver and points him

into the room as he walks in he sees Mark beating on the punching bag and walks over to him as he gets there he holds it getting Mark to laugh at him as he continues

to beat on it then he stops as he looks at him.)

Mark: Thanks.
Oliver: Anytime. I'd ask if you're okay.
Mark: I'm far from it.

(He walks over to the bench and grabs up his towel and wipes himself down then grabs up his water.)

Oliver: Still no word on Calamity and Veracity?
Mark: No. And i'm starting to worry even more then i are ready was.
Oliver: Well i'm sure we'll learn something soon.
Mark: I sure as hell hope so. Because i really don't want to lose either one of them.
Oliver: I know. With one of them being your bestfriend and the other one being your girlfriend.
Mark: Yeah.
Oliver: You know if it was me and it was Reagan or Thea in that room.
Mark: You'd go and beat the hell out of Swanson?
Oliver: Well no. Actually yes.

(Mark laughs at him.)

Mark: Well at least you're honest.

(He laughs at him.)

Oliver: I love my sisters Mark and i'd do anything for them. Including beating the hell out of the person who put them in here in the first place.
Mark: Yeah i know. But if he comes out of here in worse shape then when he came in. It could end badly with the Crows.
Oliver: And you don't want that to happen?
Mark: Not really. We've gone through enough hell. I'm not about to put the Crows through even more. I mean i'm not saying their all that special but.
Oliver: No i get it.
Mark: Are right.
Oliver: But what i am saying. Is that what happens once Jesse steps out of the building isn't going get the Crows involved.

(Mark looks at him and then looks off.)

Mark: No just the Bat and the GCPD.
Oliver: You really think Kate's gonna turn up while he's getting his ass kicked.
Mark: She might.
Oliver: I'm just throwing something out there.
Mark: Actually i have another idea and that is something Kate won't like.
Oliver: So leave her out of it.
Mark: Yeah. I need to go New York.
Oliver: Whose there?
Mark: An Assassin who won't ask any questions.
Oliver: Who?
Mark: Your sister has a crush on her.
Oliver: Ares!
Mark: Ares!
Oliver: Wouldn't she be here.
Mark: Not if she's trying to stay off the Crows radar.

(He nods his head at him as Mark grabs up his shirt and walks off to go and talk to Jacob about something. Later up in Jacob's office Mark walks up to the door and

knocks on it.)

Jacob: Come in.

(He opens the door and walks into the room.)

Mark: Commander!

(He looks up at him and waves him into the office once he's in he closes the door behind him and then walks over to the glass and taps it so no one can see what their

talking about.)

Jacob: Veracity!?
Mark: She's still in surgery. But i have something i wanna run by you and just you alone. You can't tell Kate or Sophie.

(He looks at him.)

Jacob: Okay. What's going on?
Mark: I know someone who could take care Jesse once and for all.
Jacob: Okay. Who?
Mark: Her name is Ares.
Jacob: The woman Reagan Queen has a crush on?

(Mark looks at him and laughs.)

Mark: That would be her. Of course it doesn't help that she's your daughter's double.
Jacob: Only more badass.
Mark: And doesn't wear the Bat suit. Then yes. She's much more badass.
Jacob: Okay than.
Mark: Anyway.
Jacob: Now you know a plan like this isn't gonna be kept away from Sophie or Kate. They will one of these days find out.
Mark: I just don't want whatever it is i'm planning to go sideways and then it end badly and then it have it land in the lap of the Crows or land either of you three

in prison.

Jacob: She good at what she does?
Mark: She is. In fact i'm sure she'd love to work for the Crows.

(Jacob looks at him and laughs off the shock.)

Mark: Oh relax Commander she doesn't. As dangerous as this line of work is. She loves what she does now.
Jacob: What protecting wealthy ass hats.
Mark: I didn't know Tommy Elliott was back in Gotham.
Jacob: Oh.

(Mark laughs at him. Then Reagan rushes into the office.)

Mark: Reagan!
Reagan: You better get back up to the medical wing.
Mark: Why?
Reagan: It's Veracity.

(He gets up and rushes out of the office.)

Jacob: What's going on?
Reagan: Her heart stopped.

(He walks off with her and they head up to the medical wing.)

Jacob: Calamity!?
Reagan: Still in surgery.
Jacob: Okay. But she's still hanging in there?
Reagan: With as much blood as either one of them lost their surprised they made it here.

(He looks at her and then looks off annoyed.)

Jacob: Shit.
Reagan: Yeah.

(Later up in the medical Wing Mark walks in and heads over to the doctor.)

Sophie: This is her boyfriend coming up to us now.

(She turns and looks at him.)

Paige: Mark!

(He looks at her and laughs off the shock.)

Mark: Paige Miller i didn't know you worked here?
Paige: I actually got hired for Catherine Hamilton.
Mark: Well she sure did pick one hell of a doctor.
Paige: Well thank you.
Mark: What's going on?
Paige: I was just telling your friend here that.
Mark: What?

(They both look at him not sure of what to say to him.)

Mark: Paige!

(She looks at him and then looks off.)

Mark: Okay know what if someone doesn't start talking i'm going to lose it.
Paige: Mark there was a lot of damage done to Veracity's heart when the bullet hit it.
Mark: Okay.
Paige: And due to the amount of blood they both lost.
Mark: Paige i just.
Paige: Mark!
Mark: Will someone please just tell me what the hell is going on with my girlfriend.
Sophie: Mark the bullet was to close to heart.
Mark: So what they couldn't remove it.
Paige: We tried to remove it. But it nicked a blood visle in the heart.
Mark: So.
Paige: Mark i couldn't repair it.

(He looks at her and then looks off.)

Mark: So what?
Paige i'm sorry.
Mark: Please tell me i'm joking and if is it's not funny.

(He looks at the person behind her laughing. She turns to see whose laughing.)

Paige: No your right that wasn't funny. And i wish i hadn't of said it.
Mark: So what the hell is going on? And you keep your laughter to yourself or i'll go and wipe that smug look off of your face.

(Paige turns and looks at him.)

Paige: Hey hey Mark look at me.
Mark: Just tell me.
Paige: Her heart stopped but we were able to remove the bullet safely and repair the damage done to it.
Mark: So.
Paige: She's gonna have a long way to recovery. Ignore that prick behind me and look at me.
Mark: I just.
Paige: I know. And i know what she means to you.
Mark: She means a lot to me.
Paige: Okay.
Mark: But she's okay?
Paige: Yeah she's fine. She pulled through the surgery. But like said she's gonna have a long road to recovery and is going to need you.

(He looks at her and nods his head at her.)

Mark: When can i see her?
Paige: We've got her in recovery now. But once she's in a room i'll come and find you.
Mark: Okay good. Oh and Calamity?
Paige: As far as i know she's still in surgery.
Mark: Okay thank you.

(She smiles at him as she walks off and Mark looks at Sophie.)

Sophie: She's a tough woman Mark.
Mark: I know she is. I mean they both are.
Sophie: It's starting to seem like guy back there wants them dead.

(He turns and looks at him.)

Mark: So it would seem. But i tend to ignore him so.
Sophie: Who is he?
Mark: No idea. But than again.

(She laughs at him. Just then one of the agents walks up to them.)

Agent: Agent Moore.
Sophie: Yeah.
Agent: Jesse Swanson escaped.
Sophie: What?
Agent: We went down to get him to take him into interrogation and he was gone.
Mark: Someone help him out?
Sophie: At this point i wouldn't be surprised. Look through all of the Security camera's and see if you can't figure out who it was.
Agent: Yes Ma'am.

(He turns and walks off to go and look over their security cameras.)

Mark: Shit.

(They both walk off to go down and look at Jesse's cell. Seconds later down in his cell they walk in and see whose there.)

Mark: What's going on?
Jacob: Someone broke Swanson out.
Mark: Well we know that. How?
Jacob: I don't know. This room was supposed to be locked up.
Sophie: Okay so now we've got Beca's stalker back out on the streets and noway of tracking him.
Tyler: Actually there is.

(They turn and look at him.)

Jacob: What's going on?
Tyler: We found him trying to get away from the building.

(Mark looks over at him and gets annoyed.)

Mark: Benji!

(He looks at them and then looks off.)

Sophie: Whose this?
Mark: He's a member of the Treblemakers. He joined them just before the final's.

(He looks at them and then looks off.)

Jacob: Get him into interrogation.
Tyler: Yes sir.

(They walk off with him and towards an interrogation room.)

Sophie: You wanna take a crack at him?
Mark: I got in there a lone i'll kill him.

(She laughs at him as they walk off towards the interrogation room as they get there they both walk in and Mark closes the door behind them as Tyler and the other

agent walk out and close the door behind them.)

Mark: How's it going Benji?

(He looks up at him and knows Mark's annoyed with him.)

Benji: I'm sorry.
Mark: About what?
Benji: What?
Mark: Why you apologizing Benji? What you do in order to apologize?
Benji: I helped Jesse escape.
Sophie: Why?
Benji: Because he told me he had been framed for kidnapping Calamity and Veracity. Which i find funny given how none of us other Treblemakers even knew they were


Mark: The school didn't notify anyone of the girls disappearance?
Benji: No. And given how i'm guessing it happened the day we were all leaving the school for summer vacation.
Sophie: So how did you know he had been arrested?
Benji: I.

(Mark looks at him and then gets up and walks over to his side of the table.)

Mark: Benji!

(He looks up at him.)

Benji: I.
Mark: How the hell did you know that Jesse had been locked up?
Benji: He called me.
Mark: When?
Benji: Two hours ago. He said you guys had arrested him for a crime he didn't commit.
Mark: See i know the Crows have a history of arresting the wrong people but we didn't frame Jesse.
Benji: He said you guys did.
Mark: Yeah well Jesse's an idiot.

(He looks at him and can tell Mark's annoyed.)

Mark: Because of your friend two innocent women are up in our medical wing fighting for their lives. One of which has three bullet holes in her. One in the leg one in

the stomach and another in her shoulder. And might i add that the other is our bosses daughter. Agent Moore's future sister in law.
Benji: I.
Mark: He put a bullet into my girlfriends chest Benji and you believed him when he said he didn't do nothing wrong. In my opinion you wanted to be apart of the

Treblemakers so much you helped that jackass get out. If either one of those women die Benji it won't just be Jesse i go after.

(He looks up at him as Mark stands up and walks out of the room as he walks out Sophie gets up and follows her friend out of the room.)

Kate: You are right?
Mark: I've been better.

(She looks at him and laughs.)

Kate: Vera's gonna pull through this Mark.
Mark: I'm aware of that.
Kate: Oh.
Mark: It's just Kate i saw where Jesse shot Calamity.
Kate: So did i. They don't want kids do they?
Mark: Given how they just got together i don't even really think they'd talked about it.

(She nods her head at him.)

Kate: Yeah i know.
Mark: I just don't want either one of them to die. Beca deserves to be happy. Weather Jesse likes it or not.
Kate: Oh no i completely agree with you on that one.
Mark: Yeah i know you do.

(Just then they hear a scream and run off towards it as they get there they see Beca sitting there trying to keep from laughing losing it.)

Mark: Beca!

(She looks at him.)

Mark: Hey hey. What's wrong?
Beca: Calamity!
Mark: What's wrong?
Beca: I can't lose her.

(He looks at her and then to Kate who looks just as confused.)

Mark: Hey hey.
Beca: This jackass just told me she was dead. But then i talked to the doctor that was working on her told me she's just fine.

(Mark looks up at him and punches him sending him to the ground.)

Mark: Are you fucken kidding me?

(He stands up and looks at him.)

Mark: First you do it with me and now you're gonna do it to girl who loves her own girlfriend?
Doctor: Oh come on it was just a.
Mark: Don't you even think about telling me it was just a joke. Her scream doesn't say ha ha i found it funny.
Doctor: Hey it's not my fault she can't take a joke.

(Mark grabs him and throws him into the wall and starts beating on him as he beating on him Tyler and Oliver rush over and pull him away from him and lightly push him


Tyler: What the hell is going on?
Mark: This doctor here keeps telling lies about patients that aren't his.
Catherine: What kind of lies?
Mark: He just lied to Beca and told her that Calamity's dead.

(She looks at him as he looks at her and then looks off.)

Mark: And when Beca talked to the other doctor he told her she had pulled through her surgery. And Calamity's not the only person he's said it about.
Tyler: What?
Mark: He told Paige to tell me that Veracity hadn't made it through her surgery.

(He looks at him and then looks off.)

Tyler: You find that funny?
Doctor: Not anymore.
Catherine: Yeah well if suggest if you wanna keep working her you better watch how you say things.
Doctor: Okay fine.

(He walks off as Mark looks at her.)

Mark: Sorry.
Catherine: It's fine. He's a good doctor put is the world's biggest ass.
Mark: And here i thought the world's biggest ass was Bruce Wayne.

(Tyler looks at him and laughs.)

Mark: I mean. I'm sorry Kate.
Kate: No it's fine. He was an ass.
Mark: Okay good. Anyway. Hey. What else did he tell you?
Beca: That given where on her stomach Jesse shot.
Mark: Okay.
Beca: The bullet hit and ruptured her uterus.

(He looks at her and then up at Kate looks off feeling bad for Beca.)

Mark: Hey.
Beca: She can't have kids.

(She leans into him as he grabs her and hugs her. As their hugging Sophie's phone goes off she grabs it out to see who it is she answers it.)

Sophie: Agent Moore.

(She remains on the phone and grabs both Kate and Tyler's attention they walk out of the building as Mark continues to hold Beca. Outside she hangs up and looks at


Kate: What's going on?
Sophie: I just got a call.
Kate: Okay.
Sophie: Apparently someone claiming to be Beca's father is here to try and take her home.
Tyler: Why?
Sophie: He wouldn't say.

(Then they hear yelling inside and walk off back inside to see Mark shove the man into the wall.)

Kyle: She's my daughter and i'm taking her home.
Beca: And i said no. Calamity's here and i'm not leaving her here. I don't care what you do.
Kyle: She's not good enough for you.
Mark: Say's who?

(He looks at him.)

Kyle: What?
Mark: Say's who? You or the prick who put her in here in the first place.
Kyle: What the hell are you talking about?
Mark: Calamity her and bandmate are up in the medical wing fighting for their lives and you're down here trying to take Beca away from her. When she's gonna need her

the most.

(He looks at him and then looks off.)

Kyle: Was Beca there?
Mark: No.
Kyle: Well then she's well enough to leave.
Mark: I can't believe you.

(He looks at him.)

Kyle: What?
Mark: I just told you that two women were upstairs fighting for their lives and the only thing you care to bring up was if Beca was there when they were both shot.
Kyle: And you said she wasn't.
Mark: That's right she wasn't. But then again. You also haven't bothered to ask who did it or why they did it.

(Chloe steps forward and pulls Beca back towards them as he looks at them.)

Sophie: And you haven't even asked if they were okay.
Kyle: Well what the hell do i care if their okay or not?

(Mark looks at him and then to Sophie and Kate who look off annoyed.)

Mark: Wow.
Kyle: What?
Mark: You really an asshole.
Kyle: How dear you.

(Mark grabs him and throws him into the wall.)

Mark: If those women die Dr. Mitchell i'm not gonna stop until i find Jesse Swanson and put a bullet between his eyes.

(Then he knees him in the stomach.)

Mark: And if i find out you were apart of the reason why he took off with them. I won't even stop my boss from killing you.