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Calamity Vs Jesse.

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Jesse: Beca!
Beca: What?

(He looks at her and can tell she's still annoyed with him for what happened with Calamity. But not caring and knowing she's in the building he kisses her which gets

the other Bellas to look and then look up to see the look on Calamity's face who looks between hurt and pissed off she gets up and walks off.)

Veracity: Cal.

(Beca pulls away from Jesse and slaps him getting his head to go the side.)

Beca: How many times do i have to tell you. I don't see you that way. Damn it Jesse.
Jesse: I.
Beca: I have never been as interested in you as you have been with me. And i just wish you would get it through your damn head.
Jesse: Oh come on Beca. What the hell does she have that i don't.
Beca: A brain.

(Then she rushes off after Calamity out in the hallway Calamity's pacing back and forth as someone walks up to her.)

Julia: You are right?

(She turns and looks at her.)

Calamity: I'm fine.
Julia: You sure.
Calamity: I am. Who are you?
Julia: I'm an old friend.
Calamity: Oh. Okay.

(As their talking Beca walks out and sees them talking then walks over to them and then hears what she says.)

Beca: Yeah it's called flirt with your own Evermoist member this one's mine.

(Calamity turns and looks at her.)

Calamity: What?
Beca: I'm sorry for what Jesse did.
Calamity: He's not.
Beca: Yeah well I've been telling him since the start of the school year and since the riff off but he won't listen.
Calamity: So it would seem.
Beca: Calamity i'm in love with you.

(She looks at her and smiles.)

Calamity: Really?
Beca: Yeah. Really. Do you mind?

(Julia backs up as Calamity laughs at her.)

Calamity: Why me?
Beca: Because just from us spending time together.
Calamity: Okay.
Beca: My groupmates approve of your more. And well whenever i have a problem or i'm upset you back off.
Calamity: I really feel like this is something he would never do.
Beca: It's not. I mean when you stayed back after that whole falling out i had with the other Bellas he tried to get close to me.
Calamity: Yeah well in expression it's best to give people their space.
Beca: Which Clearly Jesse wasn't get the point across.
Calamity: You sure i'm the one you want and not?
Beca: If he was the one wanted i wouldn't be here with you.
Calamity: Well then.

(Beca grabs her in and kisses her getting her to smile in it as their kissing the other Bellas walk out and see them kissing which gets them to laugh.)

Amy: It's about time.

(They all look at her and laugh.)

Aubrey: Yeah.
Mark: Hey what's going on?
Aubrey: Look.

(He looks over at them and laughs.)

Mark: Anyway. Their about to announce the winner of this so.
Aubrey: Okay.

(Over by Beca and Calamity they pull away from each other.)

Calamity: Hi.
Beca: Hi.
Aubrey: Beca I'd hate to interrupt but Mark said their about to announce the winner.
Beca: Okay. You coming back in?
Calamity: I wouldn't miss it for the world. I hope you guys win.

(Beca smiles at her as she grabs her hand and wraps her arm around her shoulder and they walk back into the theater as they walk in Beca walks off with the other

Bellas as Calamity walks back up to her bandmates and sits down in between Veracity and Serenity once she's seated including the Bellas they get ready for them to

announce the winners as their waiting Calamity and the other members of the band are talking and joking around as the judges continue to count the votes for who won.

Jesse looks back at Beca every now and then only to have her ignore him and joke around with Amy and Cynthia. Who every now and then looks up at Charity only to be

caught by Calamity who laughs at her.)

Charity: What?
Calamity: Cynthia keeps checking you out.

(She looks over at her and then at Calamity whose still laughing along with Veracity and Serenity. She gets up and walks down towards her as she gets there she kneels

leans into her.)

Charity: Like what you see?

(She looks at her and jumps which makes both Beca and Amy laugh at her. But she looks at her.)

Cynthia: Kind of hard not too.

(She looks at her and laughs.)

Charity: What you doing after this?
Cynthia: Probably celebrating.

(The Treblemakers look at her and laugh as they look towards to the stage.)

Cynthia: Their so easy to pick on.

(They start laughing again.)

Cynthia: As of right now nothing.
Charity: You wanna do something after this?
Cynthia: Yeah i would love that.
Charity: Okay. Well i'm from around here so i know where we can go.
Cynthia: Okay cool.
Charity: Are right.

(She gets up and walks off towards her friends and then smacks Veracity in the head.)

Veracity: What?
Charity: For laughing at me.

(She looks at her and then looks off.)

Veracity: They were laughing too.
Charity: Yeah but you were closer.

(She puts her head back making them laugh again then they calm down as the host comes back out onto the stage after getting the votes from the judges on who won the

competition. As he's reading them off the Bellas start looking nervous until Beca looks back at Calamity who winks her getting her to smile at her. As she turns back

towards the stage and continues to listen and when they announce whose in second place they laugh. As the Treblemakers get up and walk over to the stage to get their

trophy once they have it they walk off the stage back over to their seats as the host looks at the votes and then looks at Mark who looks at them and laughs.)

Mark: Wow. It's about damn time.

(He walks off as he laughs and announces who won hearing they won they look at each other in shock and then get up to walk up to the stage and grab their trophy once

they have it everyone stands up and starts clapping for them including the Treblemakers. After they won Calamity got out of her seat and walked down towards her seeing

Beca walked up to her and kissed her again which got Jesse to look and look off annoyed. Then they pulled away from each other.)

Calamity: I knew you guys could do it.
Beca: Yeah.
Calamity: Yeah.

(She smiled at her as she walked back to her groupmates and sat down again as they continued to wrap up the night.)

A couple of hours later.

(Over at one of the diners in the city the Bellas are there with Evermoist talking and joking around as their goofing off The Treblemakers walk in and like they

normally do the Bellas ignore them and continue on with their time together celebrating their win that is until Jesse walks up to them and tries to start trouble only

to have Serenity get up and punch him sending him to the ground he looks up at her and laughs off the shock.)

Serenity: You can't deport an american.

(He gets up and walks up to her.)

Jesse: No but i can press charges.
Serenity: And who are your witnesses?

(He looks at her and then looks at the Bellas who look at each other.)

Stacie: I didn't see anything. Did you Jessica?
Jessica: Nope. Ash.
Ashley: I had my eyes on you. I didn't see a thing.

(Jessica looks at her and laughs.)

Ashley: You see anything Denise?
Denise: See what?

(They start laughing then calm down.)

Denise: You see anything Mary Elise.
Mary Elise: Nope. Lily!

(She shakes her head no. And then taps Aubrey's arm.)

Aubrey: Nope. Chlo!
Chloe: Nope i saw nothing. Amy!
Amy: Nope. Beca!
Beca: Blind as a bat.

(Jesse looks at her and then looks off.)

Beca: CR.
Cynthia: Nope. I was to busy looking at a hottie.

(Charity looks at her and laughs. As Charity including both Calamity and Veracity said they hadn't seen anything.)

Jesse: You guys aren't going to get away with this.
Mark: And neither will you.

(He turns and looks at him to see Mark there with Sophie and Tyler.)

Mark: You done harassing my friends now Swanson.
Jesse: This isn't over. I still have three years to get Beca.
Mark: And if you keep coming after Beca the way you are i have a feeling you're gonna be in for one hell of a fight.
Jesse: I'll find away to get Calamity kicked out of this country.
Mark: And then you'll see how fast you disappear.

(He looks at him and quickly backs off.)

Mark: As i'm sure some people say.
Jesse: What?
Mark: All Crows are Bastards.

(He pushes past him getting Tyler and Sophie to laugh at Jesse's face who looks at them in shock. As they walked over to them Mark clapped hands with Serenity getting

her to laugh at him. Then he sits down with them and kisses Veracity's head.)

Veracity: He's gonna try something i know it.
Mark: Yeah well let him. I have a feeling whatever he tries next he'll lose out on Beca once again.
Veracity: Sounds about right.
Mark: You are right?
Veracity: Yeah as long as i have three of my friends and you still around i'll be just fine.
Mark: Okay good. I mean summer vacation is almost here.
Veracity: It is. It'll be weird not being able to see them again.
Mark: Yeah well.

(She laughs at him.)

Veracity: As much as i love my friends i can't wait to spend more time with you.
Mark: I'd watch it or your sister will beat me up.
Veracity: She's to busy with Sophie to notice.

(Mark turns and looks at her.)

Mark: So many jokes with that one line. But i won't say it.
Veracity: You better not.

(He smiles at her as he looks over at Kate and Sophie.)

Mark: I swear if they were even closer.

(she laughs at him then smacks him. As he kisses her getting her to smile in it then he pulls away from her.)

Serenity: Barf.
Mark: Can i hit her?

(Calamity beats him to it and smacks her friend which gets Charity and Veracity to laugh at her.)

Mark: Bitch beat me to it.
Veracity: Yeah but she wouldn't be Calamity if she wasn't.
Mark: So true. Or hot without the Australian accent.

(Beca and Cynthia are trying to keep from laughing at her face as Veracity smacks her boyfriend who kisses her again then pulls away from her.)

Mark: Anyway. We better get going. You guys gonna be okay without us?
Veracity: Yeah we'll be fine.
Mark: Okay good. I'll see when you get back to Gotham in two weeks.
Veracity: Yes you will.
Mark: Okay good. I'll see ya.
Veracity: Okay.

(He turns and walks off as both Tyler and Sophie walk out a long with Kate who smiles at her sister as they walk out Veracity walks back over to her friends and sits

down with them. Over the next couple of weeks as the rest of Beca and the rest of the new Bellas freshmen year continues things have finally calmed enough for them and

things have gone back to normal well as normal as something can get on a collage campus. But things quickly take a turn for the worse when Jesse starts back up on

Calamity and Beca and dose everything he can to try and break them up when things don't go his way as far as breaking them up he tries other means only to have Beca

call Mark and has him fly back to Barden when he got there along with Reagan she told them what he was doing and they looked off annoyed.)

Reagan: Mark he keeps this up.
Mark: I know. He's not gonna give up until he has Beca.
Beca: I'm not breaking up with her. I don't care what he does.
Mark: You should. Because if Jesse is acting like this now.
Beca: You saying he could worse.
Mark: Much worse. I mean two weeks ago you said Serenity punched him. He could easily go and tell the dean that she punched him.
Beca: But that would only get Serenity kicked out of the school not Calamity.
Mark: He could make it seem like they all witnessed it and didn't do anything to stop it.
Beca: You telling me i have to break up with her?
Mark: What? No no i'm not saying that. I'm just telling you two to be careful. Because someone like Jesse isn't going to give up doesn't matter what you two do or say

he's gonna be right there. Trying to break you up.

Beca: I can't lose her.
Mark: And you won't. Just make sure she doesn't do something that'll get her and the other members of the band into trouble.
Beca: Okay.
Mark: Mostly Serenity.

(She laughs at him as they both walked out of the room as they walked out Mark closed the door behind them.)

Reagan: What the hell are we going to do Mark? I mean with Wick still out of it and with life trying to get back to normal with Beca.
Mark: I don't know. I have a feeling there's one hell a storm coming and it's not John Wick.
Reagan: Oh god.

(They both walk off. After talking with Mark and Reagan Beca went off to talk to Calamity after talking with her they both came to an agreement that they wouldn't give

Jesse anymore attention if he were to approach them and that was working just fine one day until he grabbed Beca only to have her shove him away from her he got back

to go after her only to have one of the Bellas walk up to them and blocked her from his view. Seeing as to how her friends weren't going to let him near her he thought

of another way to try and have Calamity removed from Beca's life only to have that one blow up in his face when Calamity brought up how on the last day of spring break

when she was attacked and he quickly put the blame on the Bellas which got the school dean to look at him.)

Dean: You had a fellow student beaten up because she was getting close to Beca Mitchell.
Jesse: Dean!
Dean: Mr. Swanson we do not let things like other students being attacked in their dorms go unnoticed. I know it was you we saw on the security footage while three of

the Crows best agents were here protecting her and her bandmates. And we've also seen how you've been bother Beca Mitchell since the start of the school year and going

after another student will not go un punched so the next time we have a complaint about you from any of the other students of the Bellas i will make sure you and the

rest of the Treblemakers never see another competition again understood.

Jesse: Yes sir.
Dean: You two can leave.

(Calamity nods her head as she turns and walks out of the room ahead of Jesse who looks off annoyed. As they walked out Calamity continued on her way and grabs her

phone out and calls Beca who answers on the first ring.)

Beca: You are right?
Calamity: Yeah i'm fine. The Dean gave Jesse the for and of all honesty.
Beca: What?
Calamity: Bec's he's not gonna give up until we're broken up.
Beca: I know that. But i can't lose you and i won't lose you.
Calamity: I don't wanna lose you either. But Aubrey and Chloe have known the Treblemakers long enough to know.
Beca: Yeah i know. I'll go and talk to Donald maybe he can get Jesse to back off.
Calamity: If he hasn't yet.
Beca: I'm trying here.
Calamity: I know that.
Beca: Don't say you're giving up on us i'll kick your ass.
Calamity: I'd like to see you try Mitchell.

(She laughs on the other end.)

Beca: I'm just not ready to lose you.
Calamity: And when we can finally get Swanson off of our asses we won't have to worry about that.
Beca: Yeah i know.
Calamity: Okay i'll see you later.
Beca: Okay. I love you.
Calamity: I love you too.

(Then they hang up and Beca looks at Chloe.)

Beca: He's never going to give up.
Chloe: So what you gonna do?
Beca: I don't know.
Chloe: Beca none of us are going to tell you break up with her in order for you to get some sense of peace here. But like you said Jesse's not gonna give up until he

gets what he wants.

Beca: I know. And the longer me and Calamity fight to be together.
Chloe: He fights just as hard to break you two up.
Beca: I'm seeing her tonight so we'll talk some more about what to do about us in order to keep Jesse way from me.
Chloe: We're still in school.
Beca: For the two days Chloe and then Aubrey graduates and then you next year.
Chloe: You gonna miss me Mitchell?
Beca: No. Not in the least.

(She looks at her and laughs as she grabs her friend into a head lock getting her to smile at her. Then she let her go. Over the next two days leading up to the final

day in school and up to the graduation Beca and Calamity spent a lot of time together and grew even closer which was to of course Jesse's dismay but neither one of them

let him get in the way in fact Calamity had asked Beca to go with back to Australia so she could show her around and introduce her to her mother if that was what she

wanted. And Beca agreed to go with her they both planned to leave the day after Aubrey's graduation. But of course the day they were supposed to leave Calamity never

showed up and it worried Beca who called Mark and Reagan and they both helped her try and find Calamity but when they couldn't they went to the Dean's office and

looked at their security footage as their looking they don't see anything but Calamity walking into Beca's and Veracity's dorm building they quickly rushed from the

room and headed off towards the dorm room that Beca was sharing with Veracity as they got there they walked up to the door and knocked on it but they don't hear

anything and have RA unlock her door and then she opens it as they both walked in and looked around the room as their looking around it they see how much of a mess

it's in.)

Mark: Oh god.
Reagan: Where are they?
Mark: Was Beca and her roommate still in here?
RA: Yeah but they packing up so i didn't think anything of it.
Mark: Are right thanks.
Reagan: Did anyone else come into the building just before Beca walked out.
RA: Not that i noticed. Well after packing her stuff Beca grabbed up her bags and went to meet up her with girlfriend but other than that i saw no one else walking

into the building or towards this room.

Reagan: Thanks.

(She nods her head at him as she walks off.)

Reagan: Looks like Jesse made his move.
Mark: Yup. Damn it.
Ares: And that's not the only thing he made.

(They both turn and look at her not really surprised she can talk because they knew she could and knew why she didn't ever really talk around other people.)

Mark: What you mean?
Ares: By the looks of this when he made his grab he had three tickets.
Mark: Three.
Ares: Yeah.
Reagan: To where?

(Mark looks at them and then looks off.)

Mark: To Gotham.

(She looks at him and then looks off annoyed.)

Ares: He's either really smart.
Mark: Or very very stupid.
Reagan: Why?
Mark: Veracity's from Gotham.
Reagan: Oh shit. Wait.
Mark: She's Kate's sister.

(She looks at Ares who looks off just as annoyed.)

Reagan: So what we do?
Mark: Depending on how long ago he took them.
Reagan: He could still be on the plane headed for Gotham.
Mark: Yup.

(He pulls his phone out and calls Jacob who answers right away and Mark tells him what Jesse did and he quickly puts his team on alert and has them looking into any

flights coming into Gotham.)

Jacob: Mark get back here and bring her girlfriend.
Mark: Yes sir.

(They quickly walk off and let the campus police deal with the room. Hours later in Gotham Mark Reagan and Ares walk into their command Center as they walk in Mark has

Beca walk over to the table and sit down once she's seated he walks up to Jacob's office and he waves him into the office as he walks in he closes the door.)

Mark: Commander we brought Beca Mitchell back with us.
Jacob: Are right.

(He gets up and they walk out of the room as they walk out he closes the door and they walk down towards Beca whose sitting there worried about both Veracity and

Calamity. As they walk down they head over to her.)

Jacob: Beca Mitchell!

(She looks up at him.)

Beca: Yeah.
Mark: Beca this is mine and Sophie's boss Jacob Kane.
Beca: Kane why's that last name sound so familiar?
Mark: He's also Veracity's father.
Beca: Oh wow.

(He looks at her and laughs.)

Jacob: Can you tell me what you and Calamity were doing before she went missing?
Beca: I was out on the curb waiting for her to come and meet up with me so that we could head to the airport.
Jacob: Where were you two going?
Beca: I was going to be going with her back to Australia with her and introduce me to her mother.
Mark: So Australia?
Beca: Yeah. It seemed like fun so i told her i'd go with her.
Mark: Do you think Jesse over heard the conversation?
Beca: Knowing him i wouldn't be surprised.
Reagan: So if he over heard their plans.
Mark: He could of put into motion of finding away to keep them from going anywhere.

(Jacob walks away from her with Mark and Reagan right behind him.)

Jacob: Think he could hurt one of them?
Mark: Given what he's done in the past i wouldn't be surprised.
Jacob: He hurts Veracity.
Mark: Commander if he hurts Veracity that one of the stupidest moves he's made since he met them.
Jacob: And Calamity?
Mark: If it mean's keeping Calamity away from Beca i wouldn't be so sure he wouldn't do anything to her.
Reagan: The key question is.
Mark: What?
Reagan: Is he willing to let her go if Beca does what he wants?
Mark: There's really no telling hell there's really noway of telling the kind of shape both her and Veracity are in.

(She looks at him and nods her head at him as Mark looks at Jacob.)

Mark: We're gonna find them Commander.
Jacob: I know that. And i don't doubt that.

(Then he turns and walks off as Mark looks at Reagan.)

Reagan: Mark!
Mark: I mean having just met Jesse there's no telling what he won't do in order to get what he wants. And if killing Calamity is the way to do it.
Reagan: Then he'll do it.
Mark: Yeah. I just hope he doesn't. Because if he hurts either one of them.
Reagan: He'll have two Kane's on his ass.
Mark: Yup.

(Then Beca looks up at the screen and gets their attention and calls them over to her.)

Mark: What the hell?
Reagan: Is that?
Mark: Calamity and Veracity their both chained to Pulley's.
Reagan: Oh god and i can suddenly see what both you and Beca see in them.

(Mark looks at her and laughs off the shock.)

Mark: Hey Veracity's mine. And Calamity's her's.
Beca: Yeah so eyes off my woman Queen.

(Reagan backs off as they laugh at her.)

Mark: You really are Oliver's sister.

(She looks at him and laughs.)

Reagan: I am actually.
Mark: Don't sound so smug.

(She laughs at him.)

Reagan: Or what?
Mark: or i'll sick Ares on you.

(She looks at him and then looks off and he laughs at her.)

Mark: So you still got that crush on her.
Reagan: What? No.
Mark: Really?
Reagan: Yes really.
Mark: You are so full of it. And if that is not truth enough. I can always ask Thea.
Reagan: You wouldn't?
Mark: Try me.

(She looks off as he laughs at her as Beca sees Jesse come into frame and tells them.)

Beca: Where's my girlfriend Jesse?

(He looks at her and laughs off the shock. As he looks back at her.)

Jesse: Oh she's around in fact she's just hanging around.

(Beca looks at him and then behind him at both her girlfriend and Mark's girlfriend hanging there on pulley's.)

Jesse: I gotta tell ya both you and Mark have taste in women. They both look good shirtless.

(Beca goes to go attack the screen but both Mark and Reagan grab a hold of her.)

Kate: You hurt my sister Swanson and you're a dead man.

(He looks over at Kate and can tell she means it and sees whose behind her and suddenly looks nervous.)

Oliver: What's the matter Jesse cat got your tongue or did the Green Arrow and Batwoman beat the hell out of you.

(He looks at them and then laughs off the annoyance.)

Jesse: They got lucky.
Mark: Yeah as far as i know the Green Arrow and Batwoman don't need luck. Just a tool to beat the hell out of.

(Both Kate and Oliver look at him and laugh.)

Jesse: You really think you're being cute Mark.
Mark: I don't know about being cute. But than again. My girlfriend has the body to match her looks. And Kate please don't hurt me for that comment.
Kate: I'll think about it.

(He looks at her and laughs.)

Mark: Damn.
Reagan: Anyway. What the hell do you want Swanson?
Jesse: For Beca to finally end things with this bitch behind me.

(Beca looks at him and laughs off the annoyance.)

Beca: Never going to happen.

(He looks at her and laughs off the shock.)

Jesse: You know you'd think you would care on weather or not either one of these two lives or not.
Beca: I do care if they live or not.
Jesse: Well then there's only one way you'll get them back.
Beca: And how's that?
Jesse: Break up with the Everbitch.

(Beca looks at him and then to Mark who looks at her. Then she looks back at Jesse.)

Beca: I'm not breaking up with my girlfriend Jesse. You might as well as forget it.
Jesse: Forget about it.
Beca: Yes forget about it.

(He looks at her and laughs as he grabs out a gun and shoots her in the leg sending her over getting her to scream out in pain. Beca sees what he does and then looks

at Mark.)

Beca: Calamity!

(She looks at her as she looks at Mark.)

Jesse: And if you still don't believe i'll do it again.

(He fires at Veracity getting her in the leg sending her side ways getting them to look over at her.)

Mark: Okay Swanson you're officially a dead man.

(He looks at him as Veracity looks at him and he can tell she's in pain.)

Jesse: Tell her break up with her and they both leave this building still breathing.
Beca: Fuck off Jesse i'm not breaking up with her and you make all the threats you want their not gonna work.

(He looks at her and laughs off the annoyance.)

Jesse: I don't know how clear i have to be here Beca.
Beca: Jesse leave them alone.
Jesse: Well then break up with her.
Beca: No.

(He shoots another bullet into Calamity getting her to go the side again and they drop her to the ground Mark sees her go down and quickly cries out in pain of both

bullets being in her.)

Jesse: Do you really want this bitches blood on your hands Beca.

(She looks at him and then grabs onto Mark who hangs onto her.)

Beca: I'm not breaking up with her.
Mark: I know that. But he's not gonna give up.
Beca: I love her.
Mark: I know you do.
Beca: I know he's not gonna stop until he gets what he wants. But i want is that woman lying there bleeding all because Jesse won't leave me alone.
Mark: So you know what you do?
Beca: What?
Mark: You have him arrested. I mean he has assaulted you before.
Beca: That was months ago.
Mark: And with what he's doing here could easily land him in prison.

(She looks at him and nods her head at him.)

Jesse: Well what's it going to be?
Beca: No way. Like i said you can make as many threats as you want. I'm never breaking up with her.

(Calamity looks off smiling to herself knowing she'll never lose Beca but she could also end up losing her life if Jesse doesn't get his way. He walks over to her and

cocks the gun and points it at her head getting her to look up at him he kicks her over getting her to roll over in pain as she rolls over she looks at him and then

shoots her in the stomach getting her over to quickly scream out in pain as she's being tortured in order to get Beca to break up with her. He goes to fire again only

to have Veracity get loose and goes after him as she gets to him she throws him into the boxes knocking the gun from his hand but not so far that he can't grab it and

points it at her he goes to fire at her only to have Calamity come in and throws herself on top of her friend as Jesse fires. Over in the Crows Head Quarters hearing

the shot they all look up and at the screen.)

Beca: Calamity!