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Calamity Vs Jesse.

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Calamity: I have a feeling i'm more her type then you are.

(Then she walks around him as he stands there in shock at what she just said.)

Jesse: What the hell is that supposed to mean?
Calamity: You know if i have to explain everything to you. You'll never get laid.

(Then she walks off laughing at him as she walks off Jesse turns towards the direction Beca went in and vowed from this day forward he was going to do everything he could to try

and get Beca's attention. He didn't care what it took as long as he got the girl in the end. But little did he know. That Beca wasn't ever going to feel the same way about him in the

end. But who she does start showing feelings for would surprise him in the end. This one person would get a lot of respect out of the Bellas. Over the next couple of days Aubrey

and Chloe had chosen their new Bellas as Donald and Bumper had chosen their new Treblemakers after picking their members they all went to celebrate picked over at the

Amphitheater. As their all celebrating Calamity and her friends show up to see the new members of the Acapella groups as they walk in Calamity looks over and sees the woman

she knew would get picked and excuses herself from her friends.)

Serenity: Okay.

(She walks off towards her as she's getting her to she hears what Chloe said and laughs at her.)

Chloe: This red head needs her jiggle juice.

(Beca laughs at her as she walks off and say's something that really catches Calamity's attention.)

Beca: I really thought i was going to get kissed there.
Calamity: You wanna be kissed Mitchell?

(She turns and looks at her.)

Calamity: Because if that's what you want. I can give you one.

(She leans in and kisses her cheek getting Beca to blush a little at her.)

Beca: Oh my god.
Calamity: I don't think he had anything to do with this.
Beca: Shut up.

(Calamity looks at her and laughs.)

Calamity: I would but i have a this gorgeous girl standing right in front of me.
Beca: Do you always flirt?

(She looks at her and laughs as she puts her fingers up and shows her how much she does. Which gets Beca to laugh at her.)

Beca: Oh my god. You're such a flirt.
Calamity: Kind of hard not to be.
Beca: Why's that?
Calamity: Because when you have a band name like Evermoist it kind of makes you wanna flirt alot.
Beca: And you do that alot.
Calamity: I don't hear you complaining.
Beca: That's because i'm not.
Calamity: Oh good i was scared there for a minute.

(Beca laughs at her again.)

Beca: You and Veracity in the same grade?
Calamity: Yes we are.
Beca: So you'll be graduating next year?
Calamity: Yeah. Why you gonna miss us?
Beca: You maybe.

(She laughs at her.)

Calamity: Good to know. So you're a Bella now?
Beca: I am. I honestly didn't think i'd get chosen to be honest.
Calamity: After what me and my friends heard yesterday including both Aubrey and Chloe you didn't think they'd pick you?
Beca: Kind of. Just before i got accepted to come here i wanted to be a DJ.
Calamity: Really?
Beca: Yeah. My dad say's being a DJ isn't away to make money.
Calamity: Now that's not true. I've met a lot of DJ's in my life and they've made it pretty big.
Beca: Yeah that's what i told him. But than Veracity mentioned she had become an actress.

(Calamity looks at her and laughs.)

Calamity: You're talking about Ruby Rose.
Beca: I am. You know who she is?
Calamity: I don't know a lot about her. But she's hot so.
Beca: Na you're hotter.
Calamity: Well thank you. I feel better.
Beca: You know. I noticed this when we met.
Calamity: What?
Beca: Is that an Australian accent i hear?
Calamity: It is. I'm from Australia.
Beca: She just got hotter.

(The other girls look at her and laugh as Calamity blushes behind her. Then she turns and looks at her.)

Calamity: See there's more to me then just the accent?
Beca: I know. It's just with you i find the accent very hot.
Calamity: Well thank you.
Beca: You're welcome.

(As they continue to talk Aubrey looks up at them and smiles at them then she sees the look on Jesse's face and gets annoyed. Back up by Calamity and Beca their talking as Mark

walks into the amphitheater with Reagan right behind him seeing him Veracity turns and walks over to them.)

Veracity: Hey guys.
Mark: Hey. So this is the new set of Acapella groups?

(She looks around and nods her head at him.)

Veracity: Yeah. And Calamity's found her latest girl to hit on through out the rest of the school year.

(They both look down at her and laughs.)

Reagan: The girl with her looks familiar.

(Veracity looks down at her.)

Veracity: That's my roommate Beca.

(They both look at her and laugh.)

Mark: Wow.
Veracity: Yeah. She mentioned you two.
Mark: Oh did she now?
Veracity: Yes.
Mark: What she say?
Veracity: She said you were hot and that she was just as hot.

(They both look at her and laugh.)

Mark: Wow. So what you think of her?
Veracity: She's nice. I met her father.
Mark: Yeah.
Veracity: Yeah he's kind of a dick.
Reagan: Really?
Veracity: Yeah. She keeps telling him she wants to be a DJ but he keeps shutting down her dreams so.
Mark: So she's apart of one of these Acapella groups.
Veracity: Yeah. And it's one you like.
Mark: Noway. She's a Bella?
Veracity: Yeah.
Mark: Wow.
Veracity: Those were my words when we found out.
Mark: she can sing?
Veracity: Oh yeah. Hell i have a feeling this girl just might the one girl who can finally get Cal to finally settle down and be in an actual relationship.
Reagan: Well she seems offly drawn to her that's for sure.
Veracity: Yeah. So what's up?
Mark: You know how your father is.
Veracity: Oh come on.
Mark: Oh believe me Catherine's giving him an ear full believe me.
Veracity: You'd think i was someone special.
Mark: You are someone special.
Veracity: To who?
Mark: To your family. Besides you never knew you four could become something someday.
Veracity: Really?
Mark: Really.
Reagan: He's right.
Veracity: We haven't even written a song that would ever get us noticed.
Mark: Vera I've heard some of the songs you four have done.
Veracity: All we've done is small venues like Bars and Clubs and backstreet venues.

(Mark looks at her and laughs.)

Mark: Backstreet really?
Veracity: Hey it helps to know i'm friends with a former Backstreet boys member.
Mark: This is true.
Veracity: Anyway. We thought we'd come here and see if we could see what all of this fuss is about.
Mark: And?
Veracity: It's actually a lot of fun.
Mark: You look like you're having fun.
Veracity: I am now.

(She grabs Mark's hand and they walk off as Reagan laughs at them. Back down by Beca and Calamity as their talking Jesse walks up to them.)

Beca: Yeah.
Calamity: Yeah.
Beca: Yeah sure. I'd love to.
Calamity: Okay. Come on.

(They both walk away before Jesse can get to them.)

Beca: Actually i wanted to Aubrey before i left.
Calamity: Okay. I'll wait here.
Beca: Okay.

(She walks off towards Aubrey. As she gets to her she walks over to her and tells her and she nods her head at her.)

Aubrey: Okay. We'll see you tomorrow at Rehearsal.
Beca: Okay. Night.
Aubrey: Night.

(She turns and walks off to go back up to Calamity whose on her phone but quickly looks up when she sees Beca walking up to her only to have her stopped short by Jesse who wants to talk to her.)

Beca: Look i can't talk to you right now. I have to go.
Jesse: But come on Beca.
Beca: Look i'm not interested in you so leave me alone.

(She pushes past him and up to Calamity who looks at him and gets annoyed.)

Calamity: You are right?
Beca: Yeah. Can we just go please?
Calamity: Yeah.

(They both turn and walk off. To go and spend some time together. Seeing what just happened between Beca and Jesse Mark walks down to him and turns him around.)

Mark: I don't know where you come from. But where i'm from you do as the lady asks and get the hell out of her way understood.
Jesse: Who the hell are you?
Mark: A friend. Bumper keep your new member in line.
Bumper: I will. Jesse get over here.

(He looks at him and walks off towards him as Veracity walks over to him.)

Veracity: He's going to be a problem when it comes around to Beca and Calamity.
Mark: I know he will be. Why don't you three go up and check on Beca.
Veracity: Okay.

(She turns and walks off to go and talk to Beca along with the other two members in the band. As Mark pulls his phone out and calls Jacob who answers right away.)

Mark: Yeah Commander we're going to need more protection. But not for Veracity she's fine.
Jacob: So what's the problem?
Mark: There's a new student here at Barden and he's been trying to get one of the New Bellas to well.
Jacob: I'll send Moore and Tyler.
Mark: Are right.

(Then he hangs up with him and looks at Reagan.)

Reagan: We staying?
Mark: We're staying. But he's sending in Sophie and Tyler.
Reagan: Kate's ex and her new husband.
Mark: Their not married.
Reagan: What?
Mark: Sophie couldn't go through with the wedding.
Reagan: Why?
Mark: She's still in love with Kate.

(Reagan looks at him and nods her head at him as they turn and walk off. Up by the other's Calamity's hanging onto Beca who doesn't seem to wanna let her go as Mark and

Reagan walk up to them.)

Mark: You are right?
Beca: Yeah i'm fine.
Mark: Are right. Well i just called your dad he's sending in a couple of agents.
Veracity: Why?
Mark: After what just happened i don't want anything to happen to her.

(She looks at Beca and nods her head at him.)

Mark: I mean they'll keep their distances but if Jesse tries anything else they'll be around to protect you guys.
Veracity: Okay.
Mark: Are right. Hang in there are Beca.
Beca: Okay.
Calamity: I'll walk you two back to your dorm.
Veracity: Thanks Cal.
Calamity: You bet.

(They get up and walk off as Mark stands there annoyed with Jesse for trying to go after Beca the way he did. Then Reagan's phone goes off and she sees who it's from.)

Reagan: Ares is here. And she said she'll keep an eye on Swanson.
Mark: Okay come on.

(They walk off. Over the next couple of both Calamity and Beca continue to grow closer to each other much to Jesse's dismay who keeps trying to close to her but she keeps telling

him time and time again she's not interested in him and tells him to leave her alone. But he's just not getting the hint until one day Amy walks up to him and pushes him back.)

Amy: She told you she's not interested. What part of that aren't you getting?

(He looks at her and laughs off the shock.)

Jesse: Look i just wanted to talk to her.
Beca: You did and now you can leave.
Jesse: Beca look i just.
Beca: Jesse what part of i'm gay isn't clicking in your damn head?
Jesse: What? You're not.
Beca: Oh believe i am. And the person i wanna be with isn't you. So do me a favor and stay the hell away from him.
Jesse: I'm not gonna do that.
Beca: Well than you're gonna be in for one hell of a fight if you keep coming after me.
Calamity: Beca!

(She turns and looks at her.)

Beca: Yeah.
Calamity: You are right?
Beca: Yeah i'm fine. Walk me to rehearsals?
Calamity: Sure thing.

(They walk off towards the building they do their rehearsals in as they walk off Jesse looks off annoyed.)

Bumper: Dude let it go. You're never going to get her. She's to into Calamity.
Jesse: We'll see about that.

(He walks off as Bumper looks at him annoyed. On the way to the rehearsal area both Beca and Calamity are talking.)

Beca: What's a riff off?

(Calamity looks at her.)

Calamity: A what?
Beca: Jesse brought it up and asked if i was getting ready for the Riff off?
Calamity: I don't really know what it is.
Beca: Really?
Calamity: Really. Me and the girls never go to them. We're normally off doing our own thing.
Beca: Can you four come to this one?

(Calamity looks at her and nods her head at her.)

Calamity: Sure.
Beca: Thanks. And thank you for walking with me.
Calamity: You never have to thank me. I actually like walking with you.
Beca: Really?
Calamity: Yeah. Walking and talking is one things i never did with a pretty woman.
Beca: Oh yeah. What would you do?
Calamity: Not what you're thinking.
Beca: Oh yeah what am i thinking?

(She stops walking and looks at her.)

Calamity: That i'm some slut or something like that. Or just someone whose only being nice to you because i think you're pretty.
Beca: I wasn't thinking that.
Calamity: What were you thinking?
Beca: I was thinking you're hot and.

(Beca realizing what she just said blushes.)

Calamity: Do you now?
Beca: See i just told you i think you're hot and my brain just froze on what else i was going to say.
Calamity: Yeah well i think you're cute so.

(Beca blushes again.)

Beca: Well thank you.
Calamity: You're welcome.
Beca: But in all seriousness. Thank you Calamity.
Calamity: You're welcome. So after this. You wanna go and do something?
Beca: Yeah sure. I'd like that.
Calamity: Okay. Well here we are.

(They stop at the building where their rehearsals are as Chloe walks out of the building.)

Chloe: Hey Calamity.
Calamity: Hey red.
Beca: You call her red.
Calamity: She doesn't mind it.
Beca: Okay. Well thank you.
Calamity: You're welcome. I'll see you later.
Beca: Yeah.
Calamity: Okay.

(She leans in and kisses her cheek which makes Beca smile at her as she pulls away from and she places her hand onto her cheek getting Calamity to smile at her then she turns

and walks off as Beca walks towards their rehearsal space.)

Chloe: So you and Calamity are getting close?
Beca: Yeah we are.
Chloe: Well that's great to hear. She's a real sweet woman.
Beca: Yeah she is. I don't know.
Chloe: What?
Beca: I'm actually really starting to like her.
Chloe: Yeah.
Beca: Yeah.
Chloe: What about?
Beca: Chloe i can't even stand him. And i really wish he'd leave me alone.
Chloe: Well if he gets to out of hand let us know. We'll find away to get him off of your back.
Beca: Will do. Only if my body guard out there doesn't beat you guys to it.

(Chloe starts laughing as they walk into the building. Outside of the building Jesse walks up to Calamity who walks around him and off on her own.)

Jesse: I'm gonna get Beca.
Calamity: Yeah whatever.

(As she continues off on her own he looks off annoyed. Later night down by the old pool all of the acapella groups are there getting ready to start the riff off as their getting ready

Beca's looking around for Calamity and her friends not seeing them yet she looks off a little upset. Seconds later Justin arrives to start off the riff off as he's talking Calamity and

the other girls show up along with Mark and Reagan as their standing there Mark can see the look on Calamity's face and can tell she's really falling for this one and smiles at her

as he nudges Reagan who looks at her and smiles.)

Reagan: I some how have a feeling Beca's one girl she's not gonna let go of that easily.
Mark: No. I think Calamity just found that girl whose going to help her settle down.

(She nudges the other girls and they walk off towards inter part of the pool which gets both Mark and Reagan to smile at them as they get there they stand off on their own so that

the Treblemakers don't see them but their in good view of the Bellas who see them and smile at them as they get the riff off going.)

Justin: Ladies of the 80's.

(Aubrey runs forward to start it off Bumpers forward and kicks it off which gets Evermoist to laugh at them.)

Charity: Oh my god.
Calamity: Yeah.

(Over by them.)


Oh Mickey , you're so fine
You're so fine, you blow my mind
Hey Mickey (hey hey), Hey Mickey (hey hey),
Oh Mickey, you're so fine
You're so fine and you're mine

BU Harmonies.

I'll be yours till the end of time
Cause you make me feel
Yeah, you make me feel
So shiny and new
Like a virgin
Touched for the very first time


Like the one in me
Thats okay
Lets see how you do it
Put up your dukes
lets get down to it
Hit me with your best shot
Why dont you hit me with your best shot.


(Then someone comes forward and starts singing a song the 80's but it's not a part of the riff off which makes everyone look at her funny. Then Justin walks forward and say's

something that gets her to laugh and walks of as they say she's cut off. She goes to sit down as Beca looks over at Calamity and smiles at her seeing her looking at Calamity Chloe

laughs at her as Justin announces the next category.)

Justin: Songs about sex.
Mark: Hey Serenity.

(She looks up at him.)

Serenity: What?
Mark: They found your category.

(The other girls start laughing at her face.)

Serenity: That's nice.

(Reagan pushes him making him laugh and he bumps into Tyler whose also laughing.)

Tyler: That was so wrong.
Mark: I know.

(Then they get the next part of the Riff off started.)


Na na na
Come on.
Na na na na na
Come on, come on, come on
Cause I may be bad
(Come on Come on)
But I'm perfectly good at it
( I like it like it come on)
Sex in the air
I dont care I love the smell of it
( I like it like it come on)
Sticks and stones may break my bones
But chains and whips excite me
Cause I maybe bad
(Come on Come on)
But Im perfectly good at it
( I like it like it come on.)

(After hearing Cynthia singing Charity looks at her and smiles at her which gets Veracity to push her jaw up getting her to look at her and lightly pushes her making her laugh.)

Charity: You ass.

(Their still laughing as the Treblemakers start it up again.)


Sex baby
Lets talk about you and me
Lets talk about all the good things
And the bad things that maybe
Lets talk about sex
Lets talk about sex
A little bit, a little bit
Lets talk about sex, baby


Baby, all through the night
Ill make love to you
Like you want me too
And I


And I guess its just the woman in you
That brings out the man in me
I know I cant help myself
You're all in the world to me
It feels like the first time
It feels like the very first time
It feels like the first time


(Beca looks at him and gets annoyed along with Calamity. Then she rushes forward and starts up her part of the Riff off which surprises even her own groupmates and the woman

she's falling fast and hard for.)


It's going down, fade the Blackstreet
The homies got RB collab' creations
Bump like acne, no doubt
I put it down, never slouch
As long as my credit could vouch
A dog couldn't catch me, straight up

Tell me who could stop when
Dre making moves
Attracting honeys like a magnet
Giving 'em eargasms with my mellow accent
Still moving the flavor with the homies
Blackstreet and Teddy
The original rump shakers

(She looks around at everyone and then over to the woman she's been wanting to see all night and smiles at her.)

Calamity: Keep going.

(Beca smiles at her.)


Shorty get down, good Lord
Baby got them open up all over town
Strictly biz she dont play around
Cover much ground, got game by the pound

Getting paid is a forte
Each and every day true player way
I cant get her outta my mind
I think about the girl all the time

I like the way you work it
No diggity, I got to bag it up

I like the way you work it,
No diggity, I got to bag it up

I like the way you work it
No diggity, I got to bag it up

I like the way you work it
No diggity, I got to bag it up

I like the way you work it
No diggity, I got to bag it up

I like the way you work it
No diggity, I got to bag it up
We out!

(As they finish it Mark and the other's look at them in shock.)

Mark: Wow. Come on.

(They walk off towards them. Down by them their all celebrating Justin walks up to them.)

Justin: Low blow ladies.
Aubrey: What?
Justin: You had to sing about it. And you sang it.

(So he puts the mic up and Mark grabs it from him and looks at him.)

Mark: You'd think with as much as you guys do these you'd explain the rules a little bit better.

(He looks at him and laughs.)

Mark: As for this.
Justin: What?
Mark: This wasn't used by Hubba Stank genius.
Justin: What?
Mark: This mic was held by Stephen Gately.

(He pushes the mic back into his hands then pushes him back.)

Mark: Beca!

(She looks at him.)

Beca: Yeah.
Mark: I'm actually opening up my own record label soon and i was wondering since all of are so damn good.
Aubrey: What?
Mark: I was thinking that once you're all out of collage about maybe signing all of you and those four gorgeous women over there.

(They all look at him in shock.)

Beca: Are you serious?
Mark: Very. You'll get to work closely with me and get to work closely with Calamity. That is if what you want?
Beca: Hell yeah.
Mark: Are right. Okay well you guys might lost this. But you guys won something.
Chloe: Yeah. Thank you.
Mark: You're welcome.

(Then he turns and walks off as he smiles at his four friends and walks off around them. Seeing this as her chance Veracity calls Mark over to her.)

Mark: You are right?
Veracity: I will be.

(She grabs him in and kisses him catching him off guard.