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Night Swim

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There was a lot to be said about summer at Dawn Winery. It was hot – blisteringly so during the day. Diluc, despite his heat resistance – even felt the woes of summer. It would be night-picking time for the grapes soon enough – and that was always a good thing to look forward to. Alas, he was not Diluc, he really only wanted to drink the wine for himself, and he was bored. Kaeya had found himself easily sneaking out at night – wandering through the area and even fighting monsters occasionally. After this year – they would go to Mondstadt for their knight training and become full-fledged knights. Kaeya, really didn’t care in the end, only following what Diluc wanted since it was better than being aimless.

Diluc was constantly studying to be both a good knight and he trotted along after him. Two grapes on a stem or whatever wine or grape related euphemism that came out of their mouths. Honestly, the wine puns were some high quality, but he preferred other puns after living in a god damned winery for years. In fact, if someone said something wine related and it was not giving Kaeya his wine, he was pretty sure he might cause more chaos and get in trouble. That’s why he was there, shirtless, fanning himself with some book.

“I’m bored.” He announced to his room, just to hear something other than the creaking of the place.

Blankets were kicked to the ground in a messy ball and he was pretty sure he would get grumbled at later if he didn’t fix it. It was too hot though and he could deal with a little scolding.

However, considering this was the fourth night of this – Kaeya, as Kaeya would forever do, had a plan. It was more of a fling shit to a wall and see if it works – but it’s not like it was a high stakes plan. He only had to wait a little bit more. The maids and butlers would finally be asleep – and he could sneak into Diluc’s room and bother him. True, Diluc would be irritated but he was pretty sure the other couldn’t even sleep in the heat. He was probably shirtless too –

...Actually, that would be cute, fuck waiting.

Kaeya rolled out of bed silently, knowing which boards would creak under his weight. The wood wasn’t even cool to his feet as he grimaced – sidestepping his chair and clothes on the floor to slip out from his room. There wasn’t even hesitation as he quickly made his way to Diluc’s room, barely paying attention to anything but his steps – hesitantly opening the door to Diluc’s room. He opened it just a bit, to rule out getting fireballs to the face before he slipped in with a Cheshire grin on his face.

The other was curled up slightly on the bed from what he could tell in the dark, the moon from the window lighting up his hair like a match. Quietly, he moved to crouch by the bedside – staring at Diluc’s sleeping face.

He really wished he had ice water to dunk it on him. He looked too peaceful.

Raising up an arm, he hesitated and stilled when Diluc turned his head a little more against the pillow. When no eyes opened and his breathing didn’t change, Kaeya let his own breathing return and moved his hand just a bit closer.

“Why the hell are you up, Kaeya?”

Kaeya nearly jumped out of his skin, hand tensing as he steadied himself – bringing a knee to the ground.

“…There’s nothing here, you’re sleepy.” He crooned – instead, well aware it wouldn’t work.

Diluc’s eyes opened so slowly and stared at him so blankly all he could do was grin in return.

“Worth a try.” He answered, bringing his hand down, to rest both his elbows on the bed – now kneeling instead of crouching. “Hey pretty fire-flower, it is your prince to help you escape into the night.” He whispered dramatically- holding out his hand.

“This knight doesn’t want some strange man taking me out in the middle of the night.” Diluc said flatly. “Also stop calling me that.”

“I said I wouldn’t call you it while the sun was up, and people were around. Neither of those are currently true- that means according to our deal, I can call you all the dumb nicknames. Also strange man? Rude. Like utterly rude. My ego is hurt. I’m a charming prince.”

“You’re an annoying ass is what you are.” Diluc responded, too lazy to sit up but he waved his hand at Kaeya as if it would make him go away. “I never agreed to the deal.”

“Yes, but does it look like I care.” He pouted, eye closing to make it even ‘sadder’.

“You looked like a kicked dog.”

“Does that mean you’re so guilty that you’ll go with me?” Kaeya let his tone be hopeful, opening his eyes so he could get lost in the blank red gaze. Ever so slowly, the edge of Diluc’s lip twitched upwards and Kaeya brightened, leaning in to kiss Diluc’s lips. “Thank you, beautiful princess!” He chirped.

Diluc sighed, giving Kaeya only a small peck back- mumbling against the other’s lips as he pulled away just a hint. “Call me a princess again and I’m going to shove all my chores onto you.”

“Aiya, aiya, so mean.” Kaeya said without one shred of guilt or feeling of wrongdoing. To him, Diluc was prissy as a princess anyways. Sure he could hold his claymore with one hand and Kaeya could see the growing muscle on him by day – but – he was still a princess even if he could kick someone’s ass. “Come on, come on – before someone realizes we’re going on an adventure.” He blurted as he pulled away.

Diluc slowly sat up, red hair going askew- yawning.

“Why do we have to go outside?” The heir asked with no lack of disdain for the idea.

“We’re going to go do something absolutely fun.”

“Absolutely stupid.” Diluc corrected.

“Absolutely fun.” Kaeya repeated as if he didn’t hear Diluc. “We’re going to go swimming.”

Diluc’s eyebrows raised just a hint as he stared unimpressed. “Why are we going to go swimming at night? That hardly seems risqué considering your normal ideas.”

“Oh that?” Kaeya asks, turning away from Diluc to throw his shirt at him, knowing he wouldn’t go outside without actual clothes. “We’re going to go naked and if we’re up for it, have sex.”

Diluc made a strange choking noise – though if it’s because the shirt hit him in the face or the rather blasé answer from Kaeya, the blue haired man wouldn’t know. All Kaeya knew is he already put so much work into getting everything ready – and they had a decent walk there. “Come on, hurry up.” He repeated, watching the other pull his shirt from his face, eyes staring blankly at Kaeya.

Kaeya stared back – blinking twice. “…Diluc are you really going to make me turn around? I’ve ridden your dick before, I think you being shirtless is great but –“

“Turn around and shut up.” The last part was hissed, some color to his cheeks.

Kaeya rolled his eyes, sighed in the most dramatic way possible, before turning on his heels, clasping a hand over his eyes. “Oh woe is me; I don’t know what I’ll ever do.”

“Bastard.” He heard Diluc mutter – but fabric was rustling so Kaeya kept to his word and didn’t peek. It didn’t take long until a warm hand was placed against his lower back. “You’re not going to put a shirt on?” Kaeya loved the feeling of the other’s calloused fingers against his skin – and he even sighed softly at it.

“It’s like hot.” Kaeya said, dropping his hand, feeling his arm swing softly with the effort. “Why would I want to put a shirt on when I’m just going to take it off for you?”

“…Must you be so utterly shameless?” Diluc said after a moment.

“I don’t have to be but I’m going to be anyways, let’s go.” He reached for the other’s hand, giving a small grin to the blank faced heir, dragging him to the door. “Now we have to be quiet!” Kaeya exclaimed in a stage whisper to Diluc- turning his uncovered blue-lilac eye to the door.

“That sounds like a problem you have, not me.”

Kaeya ignored the blood running to his face and just near yanked the door open instead – knowing the other knew exactly what he fucking meant – the little bastard. Either way, Kaeya made sure that he paid attention enough to get the two out of the manor with little fanfare as the two made their way through the vineyard.

“See, isn’t it so much nicer out here?”

Diluc’s rather unimpressed face answered him – but he could tell that the heir was decently pleased. He just had that look in his eye. Kaeya would never not know the emotions on Diluc – that was his birth-purpose, but also…his learned purpose. He might not care for Diluc’s father, he might not care for the maids and butlers in ways that Diluc respected and cared for them, but he cared about Diluc and that’s all that mattered.

“It’ll be night-time picking soon.” Kaeya chatted absently as they slowly made their way through – crystal flies occasionally lighting up the dark fruit. “Wine is so finicky. Having to keep it during a certain temperature.”

Diluc hummed – much more versed on the topic than he. “It’s only because we’re warmer. If we lived in a colder place, I don’t think it would matter. We have to keep the sugar content even.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Kaeya really didn’t care – but wine was wine.

“You could at least pretend to care.” Diluc said, though he could tell from the lilt of it that Diluc was more fondly exasperated.

“Yeah, but that’s for the true heir. Remember,” Kaeya leaned over to press a kiss against the other’s shoulder. “They can call us whatever they want – all I know that I’m yours – not a Ragnvindr, unless that comes after marrying me and us tearing up Mondstadt.”

Diluc paused, eyes turning away from Kaeya. Kaeya once thought of it as shyness but from the lack of blush – he guessed it was just a Diluc thing. “You would look endearing in a dress.”

Kaeya choked a little – stumbling in step to jerk his head up and glare at Diluc who stared straight ahead down the path like an utter bastard. He swore Diluc was smirking if his face could pull that damn look off. Narrowing his eyes, he returned to his normal gait, crossing his hands behind his head. “I would look hot in a dress, let’s be real.”

Diluc only shook his head slightly, eyes still forward. “Whatever you say, Kaeya.”

Kaeya only laughed softly, tilting his head back. “We should make it there in less than an hour if we don’t run into any slimes. Which, I’ve been taking care of by the way.”

“Thank you.” Diluc answers automatically and Kaeya huffs.

“You don’t need to thank me, I just wanted to fight with you.”

“I have studies…but I have been wrapped up in them lately…maybe in another day or two.”

“As long as you try.” Kaeya acquiesces but let’s his words trail off. “Or I’m burning literally anything.”

“Kaeya-“ Diluc started – a hint of amusement in his tone.

“Dilllluuuuc-“ He drawled the other’s name in response. “I am jealous- you staring all hard at those papers and studies instead of staring at my naked body! I’m a work of art! Study me instead!”

“You are utterly ridiculous and shameless.” Diluc gave a small snort in response.

“The name is Kaeya, you know it.” He twirled on the ball of his foot.

“I’m sure I’ve said it into your ears enough.”

“Not nearly enough, when you get your voice going, it’s pretty attractive.”

“My….voice can get…going?” He said slowly, not comprehending.

“You know when it gets all raspy and growly and I’m just like, ‘fuck me, now’ – or like when you’ve got me pinned and growling in my ear-“

“Shameless.” Diluc cut him off – his tone sharp. Kaeya gave a few barks of giggles and cackles at Diluc’s embarrassed expense. Diluc’s ears tinted red under that mop of hair – he knew it, he had been one of the lucky if not only people that had seen Diluc actually show his embarrassment. Kaeya didn’t know what he was like when he was a young child but if stories held up – he never was super outwards. Kaeya had seen him excited and happy – sad and even embarrassed. He rarely ran his mouth, but his fingers would twitch, and he would have a little tilt to the edge of his lips.

“That’s me.” He drawled, watching the last row of grapevines pass him by. Just being away from the winery made his body feel freer. He let his hands fall from the back of his head to stretch out slightly to his sides, laughing softly. “It’s so nice. It hasn’t been us two for a while.”

Diluc was always going to do good – that was just how he was. Diluc was the best at whatever the two did but despite Kaeya’s competitiveness, he would never compete at something to overpower Diluc. His job was to observe – and Diluc let him come along like a good pet. There was never any question that he wouldn’t join the knights right beside him. Any question of his competency was flushed when he could keep up with Diluc, even without a vision. He highly doubted he would even get one by Barbatos. He wasn’t supposed to be in their land after all.

That was far away though – he had no reason to even think about it.

No, this was just two teenagers who liked each other going to swim in the middle of the night near an expensive winery. If it was later in the year, after the harvest he would had made sure that he had wine stashed with the blanket, towels, and oil – but Diluc wouldn’t have drank so far away from home. Stickler for the rules he was, even if he was breaking some of the smaller ones. Technically there was no rule against sneaking out – Diluc wouldn’t have normally done it. There was against leaving the grounds – but the beach by the worker’s homes was hardly that far away from their grounds.

At least, if they were caught, that was how Kaeya would spin it.

“It hasn’t…” Diluc trailed off – a not exactly troubled but a realization with something faintly negative flashed on his face. Kaeya had his eyes trained on the side of Diluc’s face, watching for that reaction. “I’m sorry, Kaeya.” He said softly.

“Hey, no big deal. We’ll have lots of time to train in Mondstadt together.” He soothed, not wanting the other to be depressed before they got there.

Seemingly – mostly – placated, he nodded his head. “I’m glad I can spend it tonight with you.”

“…Me too.” He said honestly, his heart twisting slightly at the soft smile he swore he caught on Diluc’s lips. Fuck.

The rest of the walk was mostly kept in silence, the two laughing softly when Kaeya let his pinky finger curl around Diluc’s as they walked side by side, occasionally bumping shoulders as they did so. Only crystalflies and the moon had an eye on them, they had no need to hide their more affectionate moments with each other. While they had no doubt they would be accepted – it was no reason to distract, and Diluc was a private person in the first place. Kaeya would never ask him to step out of his comfort zone in that manner – maybe in Mondstadt – but definitely not in the rows of grapes or the shadow of the cliffs. Soon – the two were running – barely apart, fingers intertwined together – before they finally ducked behind the raised ground to the small sandbar where Kaeya had prepared everything already.

Kaeya called it simply their little beach – as they were the only two nimble enough to get to that area anyways. It wasn’t a large area – but crevices in the rocks held things and there was just enough land where they could stretch out comfortably and not even touch damp sand.

“Finally!” Kaeya says- kicking off his boots without much preamble – immediately pulling down his pants as well to Diluc’s embarrassment and quick deadpan ‘why are you like this’ noise that he made so perfectly. Kaeya’s wordless response was to throw his pants and underwear at the other’s face – before wading into the water. If it was one thing, he didn’t have shame for someone like Diluc. He watched the other’s red eyes glare at him as he folded the clothes and gently placed them on a rock.

“Thank you dear. I appreciate your folding abilities.”

“I will throw your clothes into the water if you say that ever again.”

Kaeya only laughed, dunking himself in the cool water- giving Diluc some of his needed privacy. The red-head puttered about on the beach, laying down the quilt- putting the basket and snacks nearby. He continued to prepare. Kaeya on the other hand at this point had done a few little circles, spinning around in the water and shaking his head to spray water every which way. “It’s so niceeeee, come on, come on, come onnnnn.” He jeered from the water – not that Diluc was paying any attention to him besides a rather rude hand gesture once to tell him to fuck off.

Swimming close enough where he was still sitting in the water- but able to kneel down- he wolf whistled when Diluc took off his shirt, glaring at Kaeya as he did so. Kaeya didn’t mind – finding it genuinely hilarious that even during the event of going swimming naked, he still had to undress properly. He wondered what it would have been like if he got Diluc drunk off his ass to do this – before resolutely saying a mental no considering he was pretty sure Diluc would crack his head open like an idiot on his way down to their beach.

This was fine. Diluc was cute like this.

“A work of art!” He crowed – seeing Diluc finally set aside his clothes, resolutely ignoring the compliments hurled at him from only a few feet away.

Diluc’s undressing wasn’t so much embarrassed as it was shy – Kaeya was aware he was no help considering he was near yelling how hot Diluc was for anyone passing by to hear. The other was just so reserved that Kaeya couldn’t immediately stop himself for poking at it, just to see those adorable reactions. It was a compulsion – he really should stop- but-

Diluc’s pale hands rested on the waistband of his pants and he dutifully went silent- because a show was a show. Mondstadt had their fine wines, this was his own special drink. He would enjoy it just like anyone else. The other’s movements were a lot more rigid – Kaeya’s eyes trailing over the exposed hipbones and even the pale scar on his thigh from a sword fight too young.

“I can feel you leering.” He said tersely.

“I would say appreciating great and beautiful art that would make both men and women alike swoon, but you can call it whatever you like.”

Diluc finally shed the rest of his clothes – glaring at Kaeya as he did so, folding them up and away from the water. A blue eye scanned over the display of skin, feeling warmth spark under his skin but he filed it away for another time. Diluc’s body was definitely built differently than his – a fact he loved to mention, much to Diluc’s chagrin. Standing up, he reached out for the other with a smile.

Diluc blinked – but took his hand. “It’s like being welcomed to a watery grave.”

Kaeya blinked, his eyebrow raising as the other waded closer, the water barely covering their waists. “Morbid.” He shrugged, not sure how to take that. Diluc’s words were usually odd to him when he was trying to explain some foreign concept.

Seeing as his words didn’t have the effect, he felt Diluc give a small exhale. “A beautiful and unearthly creature always stands in front of sailors to lull them closer.” A pause, before he leaned over to give a small chaste peck against Kaeya’s jaw.

A blink, as Diluc’s kisses were rare, but his face felt warm when he realized what the other so cryptically – or not so cryptically because Kaeya was a genuine idiot sometimes – complimented him. He made a noise in the back of his throat- pulling the other into deeper waters instead of answer. Diluc’s skin shivered under the growing temperature change, his fingers easily sliding over wet skin as they sunk down together.

“I still think the hero is much prettier than the beast.” He murmured, leaning to kiss Diluc’s cheek. The other closed his eye out of habit – something Kaeya couldn’t help but tease the heir about. Even when kisses weren’t close to his eyes, he would still close the eye on the side he got a kiss on. It was just so cute.

“You’re ridiculous.” Diluc murmured – his breath warm against the other’s damp skin.

They were now up to their chests, Diluc’s hand resting on Kaeya’s hip- Kaeya’s arms resting on Diluc’s shoulders, hands hanging limply behind Diluc’s head. The moon’s light above made the water almost a white – making Diluc look decidedly paler than normal. “Maybe, but I’m your type of ridiculous.” Kaeya laughed softly, leaning forward to press his lips gently against Diluc’s.

Diluc returned the action – their eyes fluttering shut as they traded kisses, the cool water making their skin sensitive in the humid weather. Their kissing was soft – Kaeya relaxed enough in the cool water to not immediately dive in for a passioned furious tryst. He had missed being in the other’s arms, his touch, - feeling the other’s warm breath against his skin.

Diluc was the first one to pull away – but only enough to kiss Kaeya’s jaw. “I want you.” He murmured against Kaeya’s skin – Kaeya only laughing at the rumble that prickled his skin. “Then have me, young master.”

“Brat.” He groaned softly, digging his fingers into tanned hips.

Kaeya only grinned cattily – not at all put off by it.

He liked Diluc taking charge – liked seeing that façade fall apart – one that only he could see. He knew the Mondstadt people didn’t have it in them to be so irrevocably charmed and worryingly obsessed as Kaeya could be. “Take me apart. Let me have you again.” Kaeya pulled his arms back just enough so his hands could rest on pale shoulders and his nails could dig in just enough.

Diluc gave a more demanding kiss to Kaeya who let him dominate the kiss, eyes sliding shut as he groaned in the back of his throat. Even now, Diluc still had a hint of wine on his tongue – and Kaeya greedily let their tongues dance to drag out the taste of both wine and the coppery taste of Diluc, in general. Diluc was so warm, he could get lost in it. Kaeya gasped when Diluc pinched at his skin and he pulled away to complain – taunt – say words in general, but Diluc was faster, giving quick pecks to his jaw before nuzzling into Kaeya’s neck.

“Eager- ah-“ He couldn’t even start to taunt, a flash of pleasure making his knees weak as Diluc’s teeth gently sunk into his skin. He tilted his head obediently – instinctively – to give the other more room. The redhead’s tongue laved over the mark he left behind in an insincere apology, making Kaeya shudder. The water around his body only made him more sensitive- which wasn’t an unpleasant byproduct.

Diluc gave no hesitation- hand sliding from under the water to press indecently against his chest – and embarrassingly – Kaeya gasped, arching into the touch. The other had pulled away, bringing his other hand to press against the other hardened nipple and Kaeya bit his lip with a hiss.

“Tilt your head up.” Diluc said softly – and Kaeya did so, even if he wasn’t sure what he was doing it for.

Diluc hummed, and he could hear the water shift around him. “The moon makes your hair even brighter – beautiful.”

Kaeya’s eye opened – staring at the starry sky – trying to ignore how his body trembled with the torturous touch of Diluc while his brain certainly didn’t deal with such sincere compliments well. He bit the inside of his cheek, hating the hammering sweet warmth of his heart that threatened to overflow, catching on fire with the rough touch against his chest.

“S-sap.” He stuttered – feeling Diluc pinch and roll the nipple gently in between his fingers.

“Mmn.” Was all Diluc said to that – leaning in to take the other into his mouth, biting down gently. Kaeya cried out, nails digging into pale skin and red hair as his body sparked alive like a livewire. No longer was it just soft flickers of flames – no it was spreading down his spine as he exhaled harshly. “That feels – ah – good, you’re getting better at that.”

Diluc hummed in his throat, pulling away enough to give a bite right under Kaeya’s collarbone- hands slipping away to spread out over the other’s chest. Kaeya’s hand slipped through the mess of red locks to drag his nails over paler skin, enjoying the soft groan trapped in the other’s chest. “My turn to taste.”

“Try not to mark me so badly that I have to claim I was attacked by hilichurls.”

“I’ll try.” Kaeya’s eye glittered as he moved to kiss the other’s neck, sucking harshly on the skin until there was a nice mark left behind- whining against Diluc when his hands slid back down his chest- grabbing a handful of Kaeya’s ass. Kaeya bit down on the juncture between Diluc’s neck – the water sloshing as he pressed against the other closer.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for a while.” He murmured against the other’s neck.

“Possessive.” Diluc responded breathlessly.

“You know it.” Kaeya responded – giving a winded grin, hands skittering back under the water to touch Diluc’s cock which to his delight was already hard. Diluc’s grip on his rear got tighter as he did so, the water making it an easy slide – but Kaeya’s playful fingers never would go hard enough to end it too early. Diluc growled in his chest – the sound making Kaeya both turned on and ridiculously playful at the same time as he kissed the redhead hard.

No longer were they soft – they were biting at each other, flame licking at both of them. Soft growls and groans echoed from the two – Kaeya’s fingers playing with whatever he could reach while Diluc’s touches were hungry and would bruise. Kaeya’s breath was taken away, aborted chuckles when Diluc got his revenge – raking his nails here or biting there. Kaeya’s knees felt weak and it was hard to arch and squirm in that position.

“Diluc, fuck-“ He whined.

“You’re the one-“ A ragged breath. “Who wanted to come out here and taunt me.”

Kaeya yelped as he was pushed away just enough, feet sinking into the sand underneath the water as Diluc spun him around- pressing Kaeya’s back against his chest. “Coming out here – anyone could see us, you know.”

Kaeya swallowed, letting his head loll back onto Diluc’s shoulder – grinding into the hot brand of the other’s dick. “Let them see me have you.” He gasped hotly. “You’re the only one for me. Let me feel you – make sure I can’t feel anything but you for days.”

Diluc muttered something darkly against his wet shoulder, teeth sinking in as his hands moved to press down on Kaeya’s stomach, the cold water soothing the scratches behind. Diluc had no hesitation to start to stroke Kaeya who cried out in turn. “D-Diluc, you’re going-“ He whined, reaching up to try to wrap fingers in that fire red hair.

“What? Use your words Kaeya, you’re good at that-“

“Diluc!” His brain was hot – hell between being held in Diluc’s palms again, the allure of the noises in the water, and the magma hot heat that tensed at his core, he was pretty sure his brain stopped working two minutes ago. He thrust his hips the best he could into Diluc’s grip, eagerly giving every noise he could, whimpering, whining, begging for Diluc as much as he could.

His eyes slid shut which only made the fingers on his cock more prominent as he cried out lewdly – enough to hear an echo back to him. He swore he felt the other’s dick twitch against his ass in hearing the same thing. “C-Close.” Kaeya warned – but instead of Diluc speeding up or even keeping pace, he pulled away. Kaeya’s groan of discontent rattled his own chest as he immediately reached down to try to finish the job- but Diluc caught his wrist in a vice grip.

“No,” Diluc said firmly, hot breath fanning over his ear. “Don’t think I don’t know what you’re up to.”

“Getting off?” Kaeya responded a bit snidely- only to arch onto his toes when the other ground his cock against his ass – a surprised gasp leaving him.

“You’ve been taunting me –“ Diluc said almost calmly if it wasn’t for the soft pants that left him. “I caught you more than once.”

“Well I’m sorry I’m a horny bastard.” He scoffed weakly, breath rising and falling to make it sound anything but breathless desperation.

“Mmn.” Diluc agreed – hand resting teasingly on Kaeya’s toned stomach. “Can you get back to the beach? I’m not having intercourse in the water.”

“Inter-“ Kaeya snorted, only to yelp when Diluc’s fingers trailed closer to his dick in retaliation. “We were about to fuck – but yes, I can walk. Uncomfortably.” He said in breathless laughter. “You giant dork.”

Kaeya did manage to wade back to shore – Diluc not helping with his grabbing – as he was near tackled into the very large quilt that Diluc had set up before. Their laughs mingled as they settled back to kiss one another, Kaeya’s fingers scraping at Diluc’s bare hips while Diluc’s hands bracketed his head – their hips rolling together pleasurably.

“I missed your singing voice.” He said quietly – against Kaeya’s gasping lips.

“Diluc, you absolute – ah – tease – fuck –“ Kaeya’s eyes rolled back a little when Diluc reached down and loosely stroked their erections together. “Fuck me already –“ Kaeya near whined – feeling his body amped up, the warmth rolling around in his lower abdomen.

“Hmm.” Diluc didn’t even pause to make it believable – or maybe he did, Kaeya’s brain wasn’t working correctly anyways – “No.”

Breathlessly – Kaeya struggled on words – the soft strokes were never enough to cause friction, but it wasn’t enough to get him off either. Squirming did nothing to entice the other to speed up- and Kaeya gave a frustrated cry tilting his head back.

“Revenge.” He nipped the other’s exposed neck.

Kaeya whined, reaching up – knowing that if he put his hands anywhere near his cock, Diluc would deliberately slow down, digging his nails into the other’s chest instead. Earning himself a groan – he felt relief when Diluc pulled away – but only for a moment because he felt more so than saw Diluc about to go down on him. Panted breath teased the tip of his leaking cock and the shameless wanton cry that he gave out would have definitely embarrassed him if he had sense.

“Diluc, it feels so good – hot – fuck you’re too good at this-“ Kaeya babbled, eyes rolling up in his head as his hands reached down to tug on the heir’s locks, trying to buck his hips into that moist heat. Diluc pressed his hips down without preamble – not letting Kaeya take control one tiny bit. Diluc was still new to it – so his sucking and movements of his head were not always in sync, but he pressed his tongue against every vein and the slit that it made Kaeya’s heart skip a beat. He could never take in the full thing either, his mouth already too full and the image was pornographic enough that Kaeya felt he would die if he watched for too long.

Kaeya’s breath stuttered – whines slipping from his throat as he gave into that brainless line of pleasure. Drool dripped down his chin as he tossed his head to the side. Desperate, his free hand moved up to play with his own chest, tweaking the hard bud rather viciously – the soft pain giving him the last bit he needed as he choked on the other’s name.

White flashed in his eyes as his back arched into a beautiful curve- garbled praises leaving his lips before his body slumped – his chest falling quickly as he panted. He felt Diluc pull away – probably to spit – but he couldn’t even move, only giving a soft apologetic whine.

“It’s fine.” Diluc rasped, “I’m going to prepare you now – minx you are.”

Kaeya would have laughed- but instead all that came out was a choked noise- and clumsily bending and spreading his legs for Diluc. He heard the soft curse, pride fluttering somewhere in his empty chest to get the heir to be riled up for even a second. He felt Diluc around him, pressing his overheated cheek against the fabric.

“Kaeya-“ He warned.

“Spread me open,” He laughed breathlessly. “I’m yours – for the taking – young master.”

“…Shameless.” He groaned – and Kaeya felt his thighs tremble as Diluc pressed his hand underneath his knee. He didn’t even know when the oil was even uncapped- one finger tracing his opening before tentatively pressing in. Kaeya gave a harsh exhale – it wasn’t uncomfortable – in fact, Diluc’s fingers were so warm he felt like he was going to drown in that alone. His limbs felt colder when Diluc was inside him because Diluc was his heat, was everything he didn’t have.

He felt the other gave a kiss to his knee as he breached further. Kaeya relaxed, giving a small breath of pleasure when the other curled his finger just right.

“…You’re tight.” He muttered and Kaeya had to remember how to turn his head so he could catch the other’s gaze. He dazedly realized he could lie – but the truth slipped out anyways.

“My fingers…aren’t as good as you.”

Diluc’s face flushed slightly and Kaeya didn’t even have time to comment before two fingers were pushed in a bit abruptly. Fingers moved to claw at whatever was close by, his breath stuttering. “Diluc!” He complained in a whine.

“Don’t say shameless things like that, Kaeya.” If Kaeya could actually put words to his tongue instead of squirming on the other’s fingers ruthlessly stretching him, he might have called the other’s tone a petulant complaint. Instead, his oiled fingers twisted and scissored Kaeya’s opening- making Kaeya feel distinctly like his body was too warm under his skin. He was already half-hard with Diluc’s ministrations, but he knew the other must be suffering.

“Go ahead – Diluc-“

“Shut up.” Diluc groaned- twisting his fingers just right to brush the bundle of nerves in his body that made him make a choked noise. “You’re so tight, I’m not risking it.” He would have been proud of how strained Diluc sounded if he could figure out where his body began and where the pleasure ended. Instead he rolled his hips in a rather stuttered pattern on Diluc’s long fingers – they were able to reach inside and make every part of his insides scream in pleasure.

“Mmmn, please, fuck, Diluc, I’m-“ He babbled as the third finger breached him, the movements only stuttering slightly before returning to their original pace- Kaeya squirming on them. “This is a piece of art.” Diluc nipped at his shin – groaning into his skin, curling his fingers. Kaeya hissed and complained – begging for the other’s cock inside him – fill him up – using every dirty statement he could to try to break Diluc’s composure.

Finally, after a torture-riddled prolonged period – Kaeya felt the other’s fingers leave him and the clink of the oil bottle once more.

“Finally Diluc dick.” He groaned.

“I will leave you on this beach, you utter brat.” Diluc hissed – “Shut up.”

“Make – ah!”

Diluc, in fact, did make his brain short circuit, the other’s cock pressing against his rim. Any snarky comments flew off into another land as Kaeya did his best to relax, Diluc bracing an oil covered hand by Kaeya’s head as he pushed in. A few soft rolls of the other’s hips, the warm almost burning breaths from Diluc against his shoulders and the stretch of him to accommodate Diluc’s girth was more than enough for his brain to stop working.

Kaeya’s mind went to digging nails into the other’s back and hooking his leg around Diluc’s hips and the movement was enough for the blue haired man to mewl indecently as Diluc bottomed out. The movement alone was enough to make his hard and weeping dick drool more onto his stomach, white decorating his tanned skin.

“Move-“ Was all Kaeya managed to get out. “I can take it…”

And take it he did after a few tentative thrusts- his back sticking uncomfortably to the quilt as his body jerked from the might of the other’s thrust. He squeaked- tangling in the other’s hair. He could feel Diluc’s arms tremble from the position alone – the slapping of their skin echoing against the rocks hiding them from the world. Diluc’s soft groans, a praise here and there – while Kaeya’s arms were looped around the redhead’s neck for dear life, mewling shamelessly- trying to meet every thrust with a roll of his hips.

“Diluc, Diluc- ‘fuck-“ He moaned, each thrust either getting a curse, a plea, or an aborted sound of pleasure.

Diluc’s thrusts grew more erratic as pleasure built in waves- spreading through his system. Breath was hard to take, his eyes slipped shut, and he could feel pleasure on his tongue like a fine intoxicating wine named Diluc. He felt like he was being speared in two in the most delicious way possible, his hands were both like lead and as if he was touching fire. His head swam with the sounds that it was Diluc making him fall to pieces, the ever present hero in his life.

Diluc shifted just barely – letting his hand travel downwards to let his hand encircle Kaeya’s cock – and a lewd mewl left Kaeya’s throat once more as his eyes flew open – catching bright fire like hair and Diluc’s pleasured and flushed face looking down on him. To be in the other’s gaze like that, split open on his cock, being the center of attention –

Being the center of Diluc’s attention –

One more thrust to his prostate was all it took – seeing the adoration swimming in those eyes – and white shot across his chest. Diluc’s thrusts stuttered twice – he felt almost distant from the sound, as if he was underwater, but he could definitely feel the other’s come burning deep in his insides and he instinctively shivered. Now he had one more part of Diluc for right now. It only took a few rough gasps from the heir before he had enough strength to pull out – collapsing on his side and panting harshly.

Kaeya turned his head to watch – adoration flashing on his flushed and heavily battered body.

“Now that was some good Diluc dick.” He gasped out- a grin on his exhausted face.

Diluc gently and clumsily whacked his shoulder, not capable of words but still not ever going to be okay with that term.

The two’s breaths echoed softly as they came back down to themselves, moonlight outlining their figures on the white sand. Diluc hummed softly, sated – eyes looking over to Kaeya who had been caught staring. Kaeya gave a little grin, letting his hand drag through his own mess and open his mouth to slide his dirty fingers in.

Diluc stared at him, wide eyed – before he groaned, sliding his eyes shut. “Pervert.”

Slipping his now clean fingers out of his mouth to waggle at Diluc, he laughed. “Your pervert.”

Diluc kept his eyes closed, but there was a hint of a smile on his lips. “My annoying pervert.”

Kaeya blinked his exposed eye before bursting into laughter, singing his utter happiness into the night in his own way, Diluc’s amused smile watching him.