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Year One

Kazuya first meets Sawamura Eijun when he is eight years old. It had been on a sweltering hot spring day in April with hardly a breeze felt in the air and nary a cloud in sight. The sun had shone brightly, and it seemed as if it would kill all the grass along the hillsides, browning the once vibrant blades until they could easily be crunched with little to no pressure from even the slightest brush of a foot.

The region that the Sawamuras dwell in and preside over is known for its amazing bountiful harvests. Many nobles, and sometimes even royalty, often request to purchase some of their abundant stock. Thus, many contracts have been formed between the Sawamuras and all types of people across the land, making them well known throughout society.

While not imperative to today's events, it must also be mentioned that there is even an academy near this region where one can go to learn botany and apply it to farming or medicine as well. According to Kazuya's mother, at least.

Oftentimes you'll find plenty of newcomers singing praises of the hospitality of this region's people, how amazingly in-depth the studies at the nearby academy are, and how absolutely breathtaking it is there visually.

While his parents speak quietly across from him, Kazuya can't help but stare outside of the carriage window to study such a new place. His eyes roam over various hillsides, forests, and farmlands with what could only be described as fascination. He wonders what else this place has to offer? And what are the Sawamuras like?

After a bumpy carriage ride thanks to uneven country roads, they finally arrive at their destination nearly thirty minutes later. His father and mother step off first and when Kazuya starts to try to exit himself, he finds himself stopping to gape at what he sees before him.

The Sawamuras' main residence is surrounded by tall, towering trees, shrubbery, and gardens. It appears almost like an illustration, utterly beautiful and whimsical to any one person's eyes. Seeing this, Kazuya can't help but recall what lies beyond this place from just his journey here alone. He thinks back to the vast miles of abundant farmlands, valleys, waterfalls, and forests anywhere the eye can see, and finds himself a little breathless. Is this place even real?

All in all, the scenery here is truly lovely and not at all like what Kazuya is used to seeing. Kazuya's main residence is near a vast city near the royal castle which is fairly convenient considering the Miyuki family's trade. Their trade consists of iron and steelwork. They've also just recently started a new side business for the recently coined printing press as well. Kazuya is often toted along wherever his mother or father go so he often learns of what his family deals in just from the experiences alone. He ends up tucking away anything interesting he hears or sees for future knowledge. He's sure it will come in handy at one point someday.

"Kazuya." His mother's voice calls, and he blinks rapidly to snap out of his thoughts. He looks down at her to see that she's waiting for him along with the coachman. His father is up ahead speaking to what must be someone who works for the Sawamuras.

She smiles fondly up at him when she sees she's caught his attention. "Come along, now." She beckons him forward.

Kazuya sniffs and without even taking the hand of the coachman to help get off, he hops off the step he had been standing on. The coachman just laughs softly, far too used to Kazuya's behavior at this point. Kazuya grins at him and turns away only to see his mother sighing exasperatedly.

"You're going to hurt yourself one of these days, you know?" She scolds but there's no real heat behind it.

"I won't." Kazuya huffs stubbornly as he starts to walk alongside her.

She sighs. "Are you sure about that? You're terribly reckless at times, you know?"

"I'll be careful." He assures her.

"You'd better."

His father turns to glance at them for a moment before going back to murmur something to the person he's with. They nod and smile before heading up the path to the house while his father smiles at them. "They're ready to meet us. Let's go, shall we?"

The three of them make the rest of the way up the path and as they do Kazuya glances around curiously, noting a few gardens and open spaces surrounding the house. The moment they take a step onto the veranda though, Kazuya feels his nerves start to set in.

Kazuya honestly has no issue with meeting people, but he still gets extremely nervous when he does. He plays it off well and no one seems to notice his nervousness, but it's still quite annoying for him to try to overcome that pesky feeling all the time. It's not that he's scared of people per se. It's just that he's scared of how well he'll approach others and he worries whether or not he'll leave a bad impression. He knows it's silly, but maybe he'll get used to it over time. Or at least he hopes he will.

For now, Kazuya wishes that everything will go fine with the Sawamuras. And to his relief, it surprisingly does.

They step inside the house and Kazuya blinks, looking around to familiarize himself with the interior–well, familiarize himself with what little of it he can from just a first glance anyway. His gaze quickly snaps forward to the people in front of him so he can examine them and properly be respectful.

"Toku-san, Yua-san!" A woman gushes and takes a step forward to do what Kazuya can only describe as air hugs to both of his parents. He gapes at the sight, utterly astounded at such behavior but more so at the fact that his parents return it. Kazuya has only ever seen his parents hug each other. He has never seen them willingly hug others. He's also just as shocked at the fact that they didn't greet each other formally and instead did so by name. Just who are these people to his parents?

"It's so good to see you again, Suzu-san and Yuuto-san! And you as well, Eitoku-san." His mother replies with a beaming smile.

Kazuya stares at the five of them, completely at a loss for words. As if sensing his gaze, the woman by the name of Suzu looks down at him and smiles kindly. "Is this your son I've heard so much about?" She asks curiously although the answer to that question is fairly obvious. It must have been asked out of either formality or respect anyway.

Kazuya's face pinkens a bit and he tilts his head up to see his parents better. They talk about him to others? When did they even get the chance? Was it through letters or something?

"Yes!" She grins and both she and his father place a hand on his shoulder, having him take a step forward as if to proudly display him for all to see. "This is our darling Kazuya."

The tips of Kazuya's ears turn red. Seriously?

One of the men, Yuuto, offers Kazuya a hand to shake and he does so politely in return, not wanting to come off as rude. The man backs away once again afterwards to give Kazuya some space, which Kazuya is extremely grateful for.

"It's nice to meet you, Kazuya." Yuuto's eyes are kind and warm, giving off an open and welcoming demeanor. Seeing that, Kazuya feels himself relax some more.

"Where's your boy?" His father asks and Kazuya's head jerks up to look at him before turning to face forward again. There was another kid here?

He peers around, even going as far to as subtly stand on his tiptoes, before his eyes catch sight of tiny feet just off to the side and behind Suzu's skirt. Eitoku, the elderly man, grunts and helps move the young boy forward into the light from the shadows, muttering something about rudeness and manners as he does.

When the boy comes fully into view and the sunshine streaming in from the windows paints his face in a golden glow, Kazuya feels his breath hopelessly catch in his throat.

This may just be one of the prettiest people Kazuya has ever seen. It's a weird thought to have so suddenly about someone he's never met, but it's true. Kazuya won't deny such a fact to himself.

The boy's eyes seem to glow and their pure golden color shines prettily in the light, almost shimmering with how much depth they seem to have. His hair is dark brown and is purposely messy, framing his face in such a way that it suits him. His skin has practically been kissed by the sun, and Kazuya can't help but want to get closer to see the details of his face more clearly. He doesn't move to do so, however. That would just be embarrassing.

"Introduce yourself." Suzu coaxes while gently combing a hand through his hair.

The boy blushes, likely shy, but that doesn't stop him from doing as asked. "I'm Sawamura Eijun." He mumbles and Kazuya tilts his head to the side at the sound of his voice. Interesting. "It's nice to meet you."

Kazuya's mother coos over how adorable he is and their parents both banter for a bit before turning their attention to Kazuya and Eijun again.

"Why don't the two of you go play outside for a little while and maybe get to know each other?" Suzu suggests with a small smile. "Don't go too far out, though." She gives Eijun a warning look and he blanches and quickly looks away.

Kazuya wonders what that's all about but doesn't question it.

He lets Eijun lead him outside as the other knows more about his residence than Kazuya does, and the two of them go off some of the man-made paths around the residence, a little further away from the house. He ends up taking Kazuya to one of the borders of the gardens behind the house, particularly close to the forest's edge.

Kazuya glances around curiously before studying the look on Eijun's face with keen eyes. He's staring yearningly at the forest before them like he wants to go exploring. Kazuya has to bite back a chuckle. That's kind of cute.

The two of them don't speak for a while and it's a little awkward at first. Thankfully, Eijun knows how to start and direct conversations.

"How old are you?" He asks softly as he stares down at the ground and scuffs at the dirt with the sole of his shoe.

"I'm eight. What about you?" Kazuya replies and leans back against the trunk of a tree, not caring one bit whether his clothes get dirty or not.

The boy stares at him for a moment, lips parted and opening and closing as if he really wants to say something. He stops himself and pouts. "I'm seven."

"Oh, you're younger." Kazuya voices aloud.

Eijun's face heats and he looks a little frustrated at this fact. "Yeah, so?" He pouts petulantly.

It's cute–the way Eijun's lips pout out, plump and soft and just as adorable as the tone of his voice.

"Nothing." He says as he gazes at Eijun calculatingly. He hadn't noticed it when they were inside but Eijun is taller than him by a good seven inches. How unfair.

Eijun blinks at him and tilts his head to the side as if trying to figure out what Kazuya's thinking. And to Kazuya's horror, he does.

"You're shorter than me." Eijun notes with a smug smile.

"Yeah, so?" Kazuya pushes his spectacles back to sit more properly on the bridge of his nose while he echoes Eijun's previous words. He crosses his arms and kicks his foot back to plant itself against the base of the tree. "When I hit my growth spurt, I'll be way taller than you."

"Sure." Eijun teases before walking a little further into the forest. Kazuya blanches at the response but doesn't answer. Instead, he follows Eijun to see what he's up to.

Eijun comes to a stop and stares up at a particularly tall tree with plenty of branches. Some are thin and could easily snap with just a little pressure but the majority of them seem sturdy enough.

"Do you like tree climbing?" Eijun asks. "Like… do you like to climb trees?" He elaborates and turns around to face Kazuya.

Kazuya lives in a city and while there are a few trees and small parks around, it might seem improper to do such a thing in view of the public eye… especially considering his family's social status. He rubs the back of his neck awkwardly. "I wouldn't know." He mutters. "I've never done it before."

"Eh?" Eijun gasps, eyes rounded and wide. "You've gotta try it! Unless um…" he smiles sweetly, kindly. "Unless you're scared of heights or just don't want to… which is completely fine."

How sweet and considerate, Kazuya muses.

"I'll try it." Kazuya takes a step forward to stand beside Eijun and stares up at the tree, analyzing the branches carefully for where he should grab one or which to use as a foothold. "How hard could it be?" He mumbles.

"It's awfully hard , Miyuki Kazuya! You've gotta have a knack for this sort of thing." Eijun says with conviction.

"Eh? Are you sure?"

"Of course, I'm sure!" He sniffs and Kazuya has to stop himself from snickering. What a funny kid.

Turning his attention back to the tree, Kazuya pauses when he realizes one major detail. He has no idea how to go about climbing a tree.

"I'll help you learn how to climb!" Eijun declares confidently. Kazuya stares at him incredulously. Is this kid a mind reader or what? It's so spooky how he seems to know what's exactly on Kazuya's mind without him even voicing it aloud.

Eijun marches up to the tree to give Kazuya a demonstration. "You'll want to grab this branch right here. The lowest and the sturdiest one." His brow furrows in concentration as he grabs it.

He tilts his head back to cast Kazuya a glance to make sure he's paying attention. "And you'll need to wrap your other arm around the base like this. Like..." He frowns for a moment. "Like you're giving it a hug!"

Kazuya can't help himself at this point. He laughs freely at the antics of the boy in front of him with a lightness in his chest he hadn't even realized was there.

Eijun turns around to face him with his arms outstretched by his sides and an indignant look on his face. He can practically see a puff of air escaping the younger boy's nostrils. "Quit laughing! This will help make sure you don't get hurt; you know!"

"Sorry, sorry." Kazuya breathes out shakily as his laughter finally dies down. "You're just so interesting."

He watches with fascination as Eijun's cheeks heat up. He looks to the side, avoiding meeting Kazuya's eyes. "W-... whatever."

Calmed down enough, Kazuya speaks. "Continue with your demonstration... please."

With a huff, Eijun goes back to the position he was in before. "After you get here, you'll want to step on a gnarl or root close to the tree to give yourself a boost, but if they don't have it you can just..." He grunts as he goes to wrap his legs around the trunk of the tree. "Do this and start climbing by pulling yourself up."

He demonstrates it once by climbing on the first branch, movements confident and sure, before moving down and going to stand by Kazuya's side again. "Why don't you give it a try? I'll make sure you don't fall, and I'll catch you if you do."

I'll make sure you don't fall, and I'll catch you if you do... that's awful cocky of him. Is he just that confident or is he just trying to reassure Kazuya?

He eyes him warily before sighing. "Fine. I'll try it."

Eijun cheers as Kazuya steps up to the tree, feeling nervousness set into his limbs like molasses. Eijun is way taller than him for now so it might be a little more difficult to do it as easily as the younger boy. Even so he tries his best.

Kazuya has to jump just to reach and grab the lowest limb, and luckily, he does. Otherwise that would be a little embarrassing.

He follows along with what Eijun demonstrated. And within a minute or two, he successfully climbs the first branch.

"Whoa!" Eijun calls from below him, awe in his voice. "You did that pretty easily for your first try. Try to do the next one!"

Even with the heat in his cheeks from the sudden praise, Kazuya rolls his eyes and does. He takes a little longer than the first one, but he manages to do it. He feels gleeful at how well he's doing so far.

Confident, Kazuya goes for the next branch he sees.

"Wait–" Eijun starts to say right as Kazuya grabs the branch. All of a sudden, Kazuya can hear the sound of a branch snapping. To his horror, it's the one he's just grabbed and unfortunately for Kazuya, he didn't make sure he had a good foothold before he did.

Everything goes by almost in slow motion.

The branch snaps and Kazuya can feel himself falling backwards. He can practically see what little of the life he's lived flash before his eyes, heart racing as fast as a hummingbird's wings as he drops to the earth. He squeezes his eyes shut and braces for impact.


Kazuya lands on something soft but firm and not at all hard as he was expecting. He doesn't feel any pain whatsoever. Slowly, he opens his eyes, blinking as he stares at the blue spring sky peeking between the branches and leaves above him. At least he isn't dead... or injured. That's good he supposes.

But wait... where's Eijun?

Slowly, he sits up, head spinning dizzily for a moment. He glances around and nearly jumps out of his skin when he hears a groan right behind him... right underneath him.

Kazuya gasps and turns around, hands and knees planting themselves on either side of Eijun's body. He stares down at Eijun wide-eyed with a lump in his throat. Oh god... He thinks as he looks at Eijun who has his eyes closed shut. Did I kill him?

As if to stop Kazuya from thinking such thoughts, Eijun suddenly coughs and blearily blinks his teary eyes open. His hair is disheveled, and his clothes are smudged with dirt. There might even be a few bruises or scrapes on him, but Kazuya can't tell with all of the clothes covering Eijun from head to toe.

"A-are you okay?" Kazuya asks hesitantly, feeling terrible that he just fell on Eijun. Gods, is Eijun going to be alright?

Eijun wheezes for a moment before breathing out shakily, chest rising and falling with quick succession as he does. Lashes fluttering as he starts to focus, he stares up at Kazuya and smiles weakly. "Told you I'd catch you, didn't I?"

... Oh.

Kazuya's heart flutters while his stomach sinks, feeling absolutely conflicted due to the realization of what he just did and to Eijun's sweet, sweet words. He snaps his fingers in front of Eijun's face. "Focus." He murmurs. "Are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?"

Eijun laughs. "Does it even matter?"

"Idiot. Of course, it does–" Kazuya starts to say before he feels Eijun's arms start to wrap around him in a hug.

"I'm fine." He whispers softly. "Just a little out of breath."

Kazuya freezes up, still not used to the sudden touch, before he eventually sighs. "Then let me get off of you so that you can breathe."

"No, just–" Eijun mumbles and squeezes him tight. "Let me just hug you for a minute."

"Just for a minute." Kazuya mutters.

Out of the corner of his eye, he can see Eijun grin. The two of them lay on the forest floor for a moment, warm thanks to the spring heat but also because of each other.

After a minute passes, Kazuya hears what sounds like Eijun sniffing.


"Hey..." He mumbles. Kazuya makes a noise in acknowledgement albeit the blush on his cheeks. "Your scent is pretty weak."

Kazuya sighs exasperatedly. "Of course, it is. Our scents get stronger the more we age and then when we get really old, they stay at the same sort of strength before they start to weaken again. Plus, our instincts still need to develop more too so we can actually really smell them." He pauses. "Wait, didn't any of your tutors tell you this before?"

"No..." Eijun mumbles. "I've only recently started having tutors a year or so ago."

"Oh," is all he can say. Kazuya goes to sit up and Eijun lets him. Kazuya offers him a hand to help him up and the other boy takes it happily, groaning as he's pulled up. He clutches his head for a moment and breathes in and out before seemingly getting it together.

Deciding they've had enough of climbing for the day, they decide to sit at the base of the tree they'd been playing with, backs leaning against the rough bark.

"Are you really okay?" Kazuya asks, eyes roaming over Eijun's body for anything amiss besides the dirt on his clothes.

Eijun shrugs. "I'm fine. I've had way worse falls than this when I was all by myself."

Kazuya blinks at him. "You're really something, huh?"

Eijun blushes and decides to change the topic, maybe in an attempt to not embarrass himself further. "So, uh..." he fiddles with his fingers. "Do you have anything that you like to do?"

Kazuya tilts his head to the side as he considers the question. Does he have anything that he likes to do? He usually just follows his mother and father to work and observes what they and any workers they have do. He's visited the castle twice whenever his father had a meeting with one of their advisors, so that was fairly interesting. But he supposes those aren't things he really likes to do despite how much he enjoys experiencing them.

No... What does he really like?

He remembers lessons from his tutors and learning so-called necessary skills that all noble children should know. He thinks of practicing archery on a supervised range, practicing piano, and painting–even though he isn't very good with a brush. He recalls sword fights, or duels if you will, with Kuramochi Youichi, playing games of chess with Takigawa Chris Yuu, riding horses, and brushing up on his writing by scribbling down random bouts of poetry.

He recalls all of these things and he finds himself wondering, do I even like to do any of that?

Frankly, yes, he does. He likes to do these types of things a lot.

Kazuya rubs the back of his neck shyly. He hadn't realized that he had a lot of things he likes to do. He thought his life was only filled with attending things involving boring business work, but it turns out that that's very much not the case, and he's realized all of this because of Sawamura Eijun. In this instance, Kazuya learns how truly lucky and privileged he is. He thinks he'll learn to appreciate hobbies even more now thanks to the younger boy even if Eijun himself doesn't know how he's impacted and broadened perspectives for Kazuya in such a way. And Kazuya isn't going to tell him at all. Despite how much he hates to say it, he's shy, so reserved he will remain.

"I like practicing archery, playing chess, riding horses, and sword fighting. I'm also learning to play piano." He doesn't say that he likes to write poetry. It's hard to tell whether anyone will frown upon such an activity, considering the differing opinions on artistry in varying forms.

He hears a small intake of breath, so he glances at Eijun to study his reaction. He's looking at Kazuya with absolute joy and excitement in his eyes. It's as if just the mere mention of Kazuya having any hobby whatsoever is an exciting thing even though it's not. Or perhaps Eijun is just the overly bubbly optimistic type. Kazuya wouldn't know.

"That's so cool!" Eijun chirps, scooting close to Kazuya and getting in his space. Kazuya leans back a bit, but he has nowhere to go. He's entirely trapped by the tree and Eijun himself.

"Is it?" Kazuya sniffs, feigning nonchalance but inwardly feeling pleased.

Eijun nods rapidly. "Yeah! Especially sword fighting!"

He sits back on his haunches and starts to pout, as if remembering something. Kazuya nearly does a double take at the quick change in mood. He hesitates. "What is it?"

"Well…" Eijun mumbles, frown deepening on his lips. "I like sword fighting, you know? I think it's so cool. But my parents won't let me most of the time and I think they forbade any other kids from dueling with me…" He sighs. "And they won't let me take formal lessons for it either."

"I hate that it's like that but…" Eijun lifts his head, a longing look shining in his eyes. "They kind of spoil me with everything else so I guess I can't complain."

Kazuya feels confusion churning in his chest. Why would they not let Eijun sword fight? Is it because of the potential dangers? They could always opt to have Eijun use a wooden sword if they were that nervous about his safety, so why…?

A minute later, Kazuya gets a sinking suspicion that he knows the reason why. Despite how awkward he feels, he decides to confirm his suspicions.

"Hey." He starts to say and Eijun gives him all of his attention. Nervously, he wets his lips before he speaks. "What's your rank?"

"Me?" Eijun blinks and points to himself. Kazuya has to stop himself from blurting out something rude, going to nod instead.

Eijun's cheeks pinken with the beginnings of a blush even though there isn't anything to be embarrassed about. With a soft sigh, he answers. "I'm an omega."

… I was right. Kazuya hasn't had even a slightly good whiff of Eijun's scent, so he couldn't automatically determine Eijun's rank until now. And with Eijun's tall limbs, he likely would have considered the boy an alpha or a beta, but apparently that's not the case.

"What about you?"

"Eh? You couldn't tell when you were sniffing me earlier?" Kazuya teases, a nasty grin on his face.

"N-no!" Eijun nearly shouts, obviously flustered. Serves him right, Kazuya thinks.

"Don't get your undergarments in a twist." Kazuya laughs, deciding to answer Eijun's question before he spontaneously combusts from Kazuya's teasing. "And for the record, I'm an alpha."

"Eh?" Eijun pauses, squinting at Kazuya. "You?"

Kazuya feels slightly insulted. "What makes you think I'm not?"

"I don't know, just…" Eijun gazes at him, eyes roaming over his features and hands moving as he speaks. "... You're just so short?"


"Not that it's a bad thing!" Eijun says quickly. "It's just… yeah."

"It's just what?" Kazuya mutters, heart sinking a little.

"It's really nothing. I guess I shouldn't have assumed…" Eijun mumbles. "To be honest, I'm a little jealous."

"... Why?" To be honest, Kazuya knows a whole slew of reasons why Eijun would feel that way. It's valid to feel as such considering the dynamics at play that are constantly pressured by societal rules and expectations. Even knowing this, Kazuya decides to ask Eijun anyways. His answer will be interesting, and Kazuya feels that Eijun won't try to brush anything off. He seems like an honest boy.

Eijun pouts and crosses his arms. "You can sword fight and I can't."

Kazuya stares at him for a moment before bursting into laughter. Tears bead at the corners of his eyes and he has to clutch his stomach just to keep a grip of himself. He fails miserably, however, and laughter flows easily from his upturned lips.

Of course, that was going to be Eijun's answer. How could Kazuya expect otherwise? Eijun has only recently gotten tutors so he obviously hasn't been taught about some of these things yet.

As Kazuya gathers his bearings and slowly gets back to normal, he notices that Eijun's face is red. Due to embarrassment or what, Kazuya doesn't know.

Seeming to snap out of it, Eijun starts to squawk. "Hey, you don't have to laugh! This is very serious, you know. It totally isn't fair and–"

"Do you have any wooden swords?" Kazuya asks suddenly, poking the bridge of his glasses to settle more firmly on his nose.

Eijun starts to sputter at the interruption, completely confused as to why Kazuya would ask such a thing. "I-I do, but–" He takes a deep breath to calm down. "... But they're locked away. I can get to them but it's very risky."

Kazuya grunts as he goes to stand and Eijun, bewildered, stares at him as he offers him a hand to stand up. He takes it hesitantly and Kazuya pulls him up, squeezing his hand once before letting go.

"That's okay." Kazuya mutters as he looks around the forest floor, searching for something in particular. "Ah." Finding what he's looking for, he bends down and grabs a solid, sturdy stick that he thinks will be long enough before taking a few steps further to grab a similar one.

He turns around and walks back to Eijun. Coming to a stop, Kazuya tilts his head back to regard him and offers him one of the sticks.

"What…?" Eijun mumbles with wide eyes. He takes the stick and stares at it as if it's a foreign object.

"Let's have an informal duel." Kazuya suggests, taking a step back only to swish his stick and have it cut through the air with a swiping noise.

Kazuya watches as Eijun stares at him before looking back at the stick and then at Kazuya again. His eyes are filled with awe and Kazuya feels something strange in his chest that he attempts to ignore.

"Really…?" He whispers, a tinge of uncertainty in his tone.

Kazuya smiles. "Yes, really. Do you think you can take me?"

"I can!" Eijun shouts stubbornly and Kazuya laughs, naturally put at ease.

"You know the basics, right?" He asks just to make sure. Eijun nods and Kazuya feels himself relax. "Since it's informal, let's not worry about a lot of the minor stuff and just have fun. Okay?"


The two of them make sure they have enough space to duel in and make sure they're several paces away from each other before they start. Giggling, Eijun bows at the same moment that Kazuya does before they truly begin.

Kazuya gets into his dueling stance and without even a moment to breathe, Eijun dashes forward exactly like Kazuya expected he would. Kazuya spins to the side just out of Eijun's grasp.

When the younger boy turns to face him, a gleam of challenge in his eyes, Kazuya strikes. He lifts his stick and swishes it, connecting it against Eijun's, resulting in a harsh wooden clunking noise. Eijun's face pinches as he tries to use his strength to push Kazuya's stick, but it's no use.

Feeling a little mischievous, Kazuya pulls away quickly and Eijun stumbles forward while Kazuya gently taps his stick against the side of Eijun's arm, "wounding" him with what would have been a cut if they had had real swords.

Eijun glares and goes in for a counterattack which Kazuya tries to combat against. Unfortunately, his left shoulder gets touched with Eijun's stick. Both of them have what would have been cuts.

They're at odds for a few minutes longer as they both dodge and clash and fight the best that they can, and it almost seems well evenly matched if not for how experienced Kazuya is in the art of dueling. He always seems to manage to one-up Eijun every chance he gets, causing the younger boy to shout curses at him while Kazuya howls with laughter.

… And then the tides change.

As Kazuya goes in for another hit, Eijun walks backward quickly. Completely unaware of his surroundings, he trips backwards over a root and starts to fall. Panicking, Kazuya reaches forward to quickly slide a hand behind his back so he doesn't tip over and jerks him closer so he can remain on even ground.

Kazuya pants, a little breathless from the exertion of their duel and studies Eijun's face.

As Eijun's eyes flutter open, likely having been closed from anticipating the fall, Kazuya feels a pressure against his chest. Slowly, he looks down only to find the tip of Eijun's stick poking into his chest, right over his heart.

He blinks rapidly, gaping at the sight before he lifts his head to meet Eijun's eyes.

Eijun grins at him triumphantly, shining brighter than the spring sun. "Gotcha." He whispers cheekily, sending Kazuya's heart haywire.

Kazuya breathes out shakily. He feels his heart practically oozing with honey in his chest on how maybe, just maybe, that one word spoken from Eijun's lips could mean a lot more things than what's happening right now in this exact moment.

"Yeah," Kazuya whispers with an answering smile, proud and fond. "Looks like you do."









July 15th

Miyuki Kazuya!
I am writing to you because my parents told me to. Well… I'm also writing to you because I want to. But don't go getting cocky about it!
I'm not sure what to write in these letters, so I guess I'll tell you about my day for now.
Today, I caught beetles! There was this one beetle that had such a pretty shell. I wish I could show it to you because it was really that pretty.
One of my tutors also came over today. They taught me about "omegas' role in society" or something? It was really strange, and I also felt kind of offended. Not kind of, to be honest. I was ACTUALLY offended. Why should I have to act a certain way when it doesn't affect anyone but me? It sounds like a ton of bullshit! Don't tell my mom I cursed, but I seriously mean it when I say that it was BULLSHIT.
Anyways, what are you up to? What's it like where you live?
Write back soon!
Sawamura Eijun







July 18th 

Sawamura Eijun,
I'm flattered that you want my attention so much. You're pretty interesting, so I really don't mind.
Beetles? Seriously? Why would you catch beetles? They've got legs and wings and… stuff.
As for your lesson… That topic was bound to come up sooner or later. While some of it is a load of bullshit, knowing these things are important because it's how our society views things. Even if we don't want to follow along and decide to stick by that, we should still know about it. Considering that you're nobility means that it's especially crucial that you're aware of these things, otherwise you may accidentally bring shame to your family somehow. My tutor has told me stories of instances like these and a lot of them didn't turn out well, but some of the families were influential enough to use power or money to sweep things under the rug and would discipline their child to know and follow societal rules as expected. It's terrible, but it's just how things are.
You don't have to worry about acting differently around me either, by the way. Just be yourself.
As for your questions–my main residence is in the city. Things get louder as the day grows older with people going to and from work. Lately, I've been attending business meetings with my father, having my lessons, and I also recently played chess with Takigawa Chris Yuu.
I mentioned the things that I like to do the first time we met. What are some things you like to do?
Miyuki Kazuya








July 22nd 

Miyuki Kazuya!!!
I knew you’d get cocky about it. Why do I even bother? And for the record, beetles are cool!
You know, I really hate that I have to learn these things about being a noble omega and whatnot. It’s so exhausting and the lessons just keep getting more annoying, but I’m still trying to focus so I don’t get reprimanded for being “insolent” or whatever. Why can’t everyone just be equal and have the same expectations? Why does being an omega mean that I have to worry about even more things? I’m getting tired of talking about this so I’m moving on now.
Huh… The city sounds sad and grey from what I’ve heard, but I do think I’d like to visit it one day just to see what it’s like. And Takigawa Chris Yuu… that name sounds so familiar. I wonder where I’ve heard it from. I wonder what he’s like.
And for the things I like to do… I like doing almost anything! You can find some amount of fun with anything if you put your mind to it. I like sketching and painting a lot. It’s really fun when there are so many things around that I can try to get onto paper or canvas! I also like sword fighting of course, and gardening too! I also like to read, and I really love singing! I look forward to my singing lessons all the time. My tutor says that I’ve really got a knack for it. While I’m not sure if they’re just saying that, I kind of feel flattered. I guess I’ll accept the compliment!
I’m not sure what parting question to leave you with this time, so feel free to go off on a tangent.
See you later, Miyuki Kazuya!
Sawamura Eijun





Year Two



The next time they meet in person is when Eijun is eleven years old. Eijun and his family have come to visit the Miyukis in the city for some reason unknown to him. Not like it matters much to him in the first place. He had heard mentions of business and not thinking much of it, he just completely ignored his parents’ conversation in favor of staring out the carriage window. It’s just the three of them here, besides the coachmen directing the carriage. His grandfather had stayed behind at the main residence to watch over things and make sure everything is in order. Apparently, they’ll be having an overnight trip in the city before going home the following morning.

No matter the reason for their visit, Eijun is truly both nervous and excited. Excited because he’ll be in a new place for the first time and because he’ll get to see Miyuki Kazuya again. Nervous because, well… he’s seeing Miyuki Kazuya again.

The two of them have gotten particularly close throughout the years through, simply, letters alone. Kazuya’s way of speaking is fluid and enrapturing, and Eijun can only wonder if that way of speaking has melted into his voice over time as well. He’s so curious to see what Kazuya looks like and who he’s become. He has a feeling that he’ll be pleasantly surprised.

The wheels roll over dirt and cobblestone streets as the city is bustling with life at eleven in the morning. The buildings are brown and gray with mismatched bricks. People shout as they work, and the city is just teeming with noisy music made from the sounds of the people who live here.

It's fascinating.

When they finally arrive at the Miyuki residence and make their way inside, the Miyuki family is already waiting for them.

Eijun's gaze automatically sticks to Kazuya and he feels his breath catch in his throat. Has he become more handsome since Eijun last saw him? Eijun still has a bit of height on Kazuya but it seems that the other is definitely in the process of a growth spurt.

When Eijun meets his eyes, Kazuya sends him a teasing smirk that somehow makes his dumb face even more handsome. Oh no.

"Why don't the two of you get reacquainted in the study while the adults go and discuss things in the parlor, hm?" Yua suggests with a warm smile. "I'll have some tea sent to you for your chat."

"Yes, mother." Kazuya gives a slight nod and gestures for Eijun to follow him. "Shall we?"

Eijun's face heats as he goes to follow him, inwardly trying to calm down. Yeah, Kazuya's voice has definitely developed a little just like the rest of him. Things aren't looking too good for Eijun's heart.

The two of them find themselves in the study only a moment later with tea and snacks served. Eijun quietly walks around to observe all of the shelves lined with novels and an easel for painting in the corner. He pays special attention to a table off to the side filled with knick-knacks of sorts. He wonders what these could be.

"Eijun?" Kazuya calls softly. For the life of him, Eijun has to stop himself from tripping but it's already too late. Luckily for him, Kazuya is swift enough to catch him in his arms. Eijun blinks owlishly with his heart racing in his chest. Slowly he meets Kazuya's eyes and feels himself fall a little, but in a completely different sense of the word.

Kazuya's eyes twinkle from the slanted sunlight streaming in through the windows. He grins and says teasingly. "Still as clumsy as ever I see."

Eijun squeaks and quickly removes himself from the other boy's arms. He dusts himself off dramatically. "Not like you're any better!" He sniffs.

"Hahaha!" Kazuya smiles mischievously at him. "Is that so?"

"It is!" Eijun huffs and snootily marches over to the table to take a seat, not bothering to wait for Kazuya to join him. Kazuya doesn't seem to mind much though.

Once they're seated, Eijun starts to take a sip of his tea when Kazuya starts to speak again. "So," he drawls. "How are you doing, Eijun?"

Eijun nearly chokes on his tea. He quickly dabs at his lips, eyes watering from how the tea nearly scalded his tongue before he gives Kazuya his attention.

"I'm f-fine, thank you very much!" He's actually about to spontaneously combust, thank you very much.

"Hm?" Kazuya hums as he sips his tea. "Is that so, Eijun?"

"Quit questioning me, Miyuki Kazuya!" Eijun nearly shouts, face heating once again. Wait… Kazuya keeps calling him by name. Oh lord.

"And w-why do you keep saying my name?" He mutters, suddenly feeling extremely shy.

"Why?" Kazuya blinks before a small smirk curves on his lips. He leans forward heavily into Eijun's space and suddenly Eijun can't breathe anymore. "Can I not say your name, Eijun?"

Eijun looks to the side, desperately trying not to fidget where he sits but it's so hard. "I-it's not that you can't…" He mumbles with pouty lips. "You just… you just did it out of nowhere."

"I see." Kazuya swipes his tongue over his lips to wet them and leans back to give him some space. "You can say my name too if you want."

Eijun peers up at him, suspiciously quiet for once. Could he even say his name without stuttering?

It's not like they've ever tried to say their names before like this. It's always been the typical full names one does to formally address others in letters. Not anything else. He could try it, he supposes…

"Okay." Eijun says softly. His gaze goes to stare down the streets below thanks to the help of this conveniently placed window by his side.

"How are you?" Eijun asks absentmindedly, turning his attention back to the other boy.

"Eh." He shrugs. "Normal, I guess?"

Eijun frowns. "What a bland answer."

Kazuya raises a perfectly arched brow. "Yours was too."

Eijun releases a small sound of annoyance. He can't really argue with that.

"How are your lessons going?" Kazuya redirects the conversation.

"They're fine, I guess." Eijun sighs wistfully. "I enjoy my lessons involving arts and whatnot but now…"


"They're teaching me how to be a proper omega! Like–" he bites back a groan. "Like more so than normal."

He looks at Kazuya seriously. "Is this what getting older means? Having people tell you how you should act and them expecting you to follow it?"

"I suppose so." Kazuya smiles sympathetically. "But like I said before, you don't have to worry about that with me."

"Thank you… Kazuya." Eijun murmurs quietly, secretly anticipating his reaction.

It's almost instantaneous the moment Kazuya realizes what he's said. His face heats and he covers his mouth with one hand and looks to the side to avoid Eijun's eyes. "I-it's no problem."

He's so cute.

Realizing what Eijun has just thought, he clears his throat quickly and tries to look for a distraction. Any distraction. His eyes eventually catch a glimpse of a piano on the far wall.

He stands up abruptly, thighs knocking into the table and rattling their teacups and saucers. "Y-you said you play piano, right?" Eijun mutters as he walks over to it, fingertips lightly stroking the keys.

Kazuya comes to stand by him and without even looking, Eijun can feel his heavy gaze resting on his face.

"I said I was learning." He clarifies. "I only know a few things…"

"C-can you play something for me?"

Kazuya gives him one long considering look before nodding. "I can try."

He moves to sit on the bench and pats the space beside him for Eijun to sit at, which Eijun does. The two of them are squished together on the bench they share, arms and legs brushing.

Kazuya hums for a moment before settling his fingertips on the keys. And then, he starts to play.

It's a delicate piece. Eijun can tell. It starts off soft and becomes something more. It has depth. It's absolutely beautiful.

I could listen to this for the rest of my life, he thinks.

He closes his eyes for a moment so that he can completely absorb the music in its entirety, before opening his eyes and directing his attention to the young boy beside him.

His face is peaceful, but even so, there is a concentration there in the set of his brows as he truly focuses and performs.

Eijun doesn't know what's more enrapturing–the music or Kazuya.

The music dips back into the melody again and Eijun finds himself humming along, startling Kazuya for a moment, but he still somehow manages to play perfectly. How infuriating in so many different ways.

When Eijun's humming and Kazuya's playing come to an end, all the two can do from there is to stare into each other's eyes and smile at the moment they've just shared.

They're both growing in so many different ways, but at least they can say they're doing so together.

What a beautiful song life has made of them.



Suzu settles into her seat at the same time that Yua does before the men themselves sit down. A servant pours their tea before leaving the family to their own devices to discuss personal matters.

Suzu can’t stop herself from worryingly examining Yua’s face first though. She seems so… pale. “Yua,” she says softly.

The woman makes a questioning noise as she sips her tea.

“Is your health well? You look paler than normal...” It’s probably not Suzu’s place to question these things but she always finds herself worrying about her longtime friend. She had a sickly childhood before she presented.

Yua sits her cup of tea down gently before smiling warmly at Suzu. “I’m fine. Don’t worry too much, okay?”

“Okay…” Suzu mumbles hesitantly, not entirely convinced. Even Toku is paying careful attention to his wife more so than usual.

Suzu’s husband, oh, how she loves the man, softly speaks to turn the conversation towards lighter topics. “How about we discuss some things?”

“Ah, yes.” Toku clasps his fingers together thoughtfully. “Marriage prospects, right?”

Suzu can feel herself relax. Even though such a topic is particularly nerve wracking at times, their families’ relationship is a strong one so there’s not much to worry about.

“I think we all agree that it would be absolutely wonderful to have Kazuya and your Eijun get married when they’re older. They seem to get along well, and they would honestly be a great match–a perfect match even.” Yua smiles happily. “Right.”

Suzu grins. “I agree.”

“But that also brings up the topic of whether or not the two of them would actually like to get married to each other themselves.” Yuuto says quietly. Honestly, how did Suzu get blessed with such a caring husband and father of her child?

“That is definitely something to keep in mind.” Toku clears his throat. “In order to anticipate that possibility, we don’t have to make this a binding contract. Instead, we can allow them the decision on whether or not they would like to complete the engagement.”

“That sounds perfect!” Suzu has to stop herself from squealing with happiness. One look at Yua tells that she’s not the only one who feels the way.

Before Suzu can get ahead of herself, an interesting thought occurs to her. She smiles secretively. “How about we keep the engagement a secret from the children? That way the two of them can fall in love naturally and don’t feel pressured to get married on a contractual obligation.”

She shares a smirk with Yua while the men stare at her wide eyed.

“What a cunning woman you are.” Yuuto mumbles and Suzu laughs lightly.

“So, it’s settled then?” Yua whispers excitedly. “Our children are going to be engaged?”


“I’ll have a notary sent over as quickly as possible so that we can get this down formally in writing.” Toku says as he calls for a servant.

The room is filled with cheer as a plan is formulated so that it can happily and hopefully come to fruition.

Suzu just can’t wait for Eijun’s potential marriage.


Year Four






November 11th 

I'm sorry that I'm only now responding to your last letter, and there's actually a very good reason for that. The reason is this: I'm staying with the Kominato family for a whole fifteen months! The trip took a little while and I didn't want to cause any trouble by having it sent mid-journey, so I waited until I finally arrived to have it sent to you. So, send your letters to this address until I go back home!
You're probably wondering why I'm here to begin with, and honestly, it's so I can get some "much needed guidance" or something. Since I am but an only child, my parents thought it wise that I spend time with another omega adolescent nearer to my age. I'm very well acquainted with the Kominato family after several business meetings I've attended with my parents–yes, I really attended business meetings! I can see what you're used to dealing with now.
I'm going to have a lot of fun with Haruichi and maybe even his brother, too! I just hope that I don't offend them or get on their bad side somehow. The Kominatos are seriously scary when you test their patience! As for what we'll do, well… I know we're going to have even more omega focused lessons on etiquette and duties and whatnot. Hopefully, we'll get plenty of time to have fun too! And maybe I'll even get to explore the area.
Now onto the more important part of my letter!
I'm not sure what day you'll get this, but either way…
Happy Birthday!
I'm sorry I can't really do much to celebrate with you, but I really do hope you have a nice one! You'll be turning fifteen or so, won't you? Now that I think about it… you're only six months older than I am! So technically we're the same age until it's your birthday. Haha!
Even though I can't celebrate with you, I did send you a gift or two so that at least I've done something for the occasion. I hope you like them.
Happy birthday, Kazuya! May all your wishes come true.
I hope to hear from you soon.


Just reading Eijun's letter has Kazuya feeling a bit breathless. He stares down at the ink along the parchment, and his fingertips delicately hold the edges of the pages in his grasp. Even from this short distance from his face, Kazuya can just barely detect a hint of what must be Eijun's slowly flourishing scent lingering on the letter. It smells utterly divine. Its fragrance is similar to that of a mix of sweet jasmine along with mandarin oranges, making for an extraordinarily rich, sensual, and intoxicating scent. He breathes in deeply, getting a good whiff of it before relaxing and nearly slumping in his seat.

I want to see Eijun.

He sighs and stares at the letter for one long last moment before he'll have to put it away.

"Oi." A shoe kicks the back of his chair and he jolts at the suddenness of it.

"Are you finished yet?" Youichi asks, sounding a little bored.

Kazuya shuts his eyes for a second. He had completely forgotten that Youichi was here and waiting for him to finish up so they could go do a duel.

Kazuya turns his head to the side to cast a glance at his friend. He smiles thinly. "Almost."

"Alright." Youichi raises a brow at his expression. "Who's that letter from anyways?"

He turns to face forward again and can feel the other boy hovering over his shoulder to peek at the letter's contents.

"Sawamura Eijun." Kazuya mumbles. He bites his lip at the small possessive feeling that starts to swell in his chest.

"... Staying with the Kominatos…" Youichi mutters to himself before Kazuya starts to gently fold the letter and place it back in its envelope. He reaches to the side to open up a locked box where he's kept all of Eijun's letters safe from prying eyes and the elements.

Shutting the box, Kazuya can feel his small teasing streak come forth once again. "Yes, he's staying with the Kominatos." He glances at Youichi and can see when the other freezes at the glint in his eyes. "Should I add your warm regards for the elder Kominato brother in my reply?"

"N-no." Youichi mumbles. Kazuya can see him visibly start to sweat. "It's fine."

"Very well, then." Kazuya sniffs and turns his attention back to his desk once more. Laying upon his desk before him are two parcels wrapped in parchment. He runs a finger lightly across the surface, genuinely curious as to what their contents could be. Eijun had mentioned sending him gifts, so what could he have chosen for Kazuya?

Kazuya focuses on carefully unwrapping the larger of the two. Its shape is rectangular, and it seems rather sturdy. When the last of the parchment covering it slides off, Kazuya nearly gasps at what he sees.

It's a painting–to be more precise, it's a natural landscape painting. From just one glance, Kazuya knows the exact location of the contents of the painting. Carefully, he lifts the painting up to see it better in the light. Its details are immaculate. There are shades of green, brown, gold, and blue throughout the canvas with hints of other colors to truly bring out its details.

Youichi makes a small noise and Kazuya is nearly about to ask him what's with him, but the other simply leans forward and picks up a scrap of paper that had fallen on the desk. Kazuya blinks and gently sets the painting down as Youichi hands him what appears to be a note.




A painting of significance for me–and hopefully for you, too. The place where we first played as children. That time remains vivid in my memory as it's the moment where I first got to know you.
I hope you like this work of art I painted for you
— Eijun


Kazuya breathes out slowly. Sawamura Eijun, you may just be the death of me, he thinks.

"That's an interesting painting." Youichi comments. "Did he paint it?"

"He did." Kazuya manages to say through the emotion filling him up.

"It's nice." He says. Kazuya very much agrees.

He moves the painting to the side so as not to ruin it in any way before grabbing the smaller parcel. It's not sturdy like the painting. It's more… soft and the shape isn't defined.

Kazuya's brows furrow as he unwraps it, utterly excited to see what else Eijun has gifted him.

With slightly trembling fingers, he removes the last bit of parchment in his way. Upon the first glimpse of the item though, both Kazuya and Youichi practically choke on air in unison.

It's a scarf. Without even touching it, he can tell that it's very soft and very warm. It's also lightly coated in Eijun's scent. It's not drenched in it, but it is definitely more prominent than what the letter had hinted tinges of.

He must have scented it, Kazuya realizes. Whether accidentally or otherwise.

The reason for both Kazuya's and Youichi's surprise at such a gift though isn't due to it being scented, although that definitely helps present a clearer case.

Items that are gifted that are to be worn around the neck are a declaration of sorts. They're practically a claim on the wearer if they so choose to wear them. Acceptance of such items typically means–

"I-is that… a courting gift?" Youichi manages to say and Kazuya can feel the waves of what could potentially be embarrassment at having witnessed such a thing rolling off of him.

Kazuya swallows thickly as he thinks of how to respond. Instead, he slips out the small note within the folds on the scarf and reads it.





To keep you warm!
It's cold outside, Miyuki Kazuya!

"I'm…" Kazuya breathes out shakily. "I'm not sure."

"You're not sure?" Youichi asks quietly. There's a small note in the tone of his voice that tells Kazuya that he doesn't have to answer. How considerate.

"No." He takes a deep breath and sighs. "Knowing him, he could have done it without realizing what it means or…"


Kazuya laughs breathlessly. "Or he could have done it completely on purpose."

"Geez." Youichi mutters.

"You never know with him." He smiles fondly and goes to touch the scarf with shaky, excited fingertips, reveling in how soft it really is.

Kazuya feels hope at the idea of Eijun intentionally giving him a scarf, a courting gift. He finds that he likes the idea of being in a courtship with Eijun very much.

"So…" Youichi clears his throat and Kazuya looks up at him. He has to bite back a laugh at how awkward his friend looks. "If it is a courting gift…" He mumbles. "Will you accept a courtship with him?"

Kazuya stares at him and he thinks the gleam in his eyes and his reactions to the gifts and letters speaks enough for himself. Even so, he decides to be honest with his friend.

Kazuya smiles happily, utterly genuine when he finally gives his answer. "Of course."

Youichi stares at him seriously for a moment before grinning. He doesn't make any more comments on the topic and instead says. "Let's go duel now, alright? You can write him a letter later."

From there he is tugged out of the room and to their practice ground where it feels as if they dueled for hours with a lightness in both their chests.

Kazuya will be turning fifteen tomorrow, and he is quickly and certainly finding out how utterly enamored he is with a boy by the name of Sawamura Eijun.




Year Five





March 2nd 

I know that this is going to sound absolutely strange but… I think I’m actually going crazy. And you know voicing that aloud is gonna have people think weirdly of me, so you are currently my only solace. And before you ask, it’s for some dumb reason that I can’t even fathom, so I’ll just come out and say it.
I keep… doing? Things? Without thinking about it? Okay, don’t laugh! Hear me out. It feels almost instinctual, I guess? I feel really itchy at times and it’s not like scratching the itch actually helps me because then there are other feelings and things I keep doing. I find myself a little more sensitive to scents nowadays and especially shy whenever the Kominatos have someone I don’t know over for dinner. I often find myself seeking comfort from Harucchi, but I feel like he might get annoyed at me sooner or later. Mostly, he just seems exasperated, but he doesn’t ever really push me away.
But my biggest cause for concern lately is that… gods, this is so embarrassing but… I think I might be nesting? At least that’s what it sounds like when I think back to my lessons when I realize what I’m doing and normally I just do it mindlessly! Isn’t that insane? I’ll drag my clothes and all sorts of fabrics onto the bed and arrange them in a specific way and then hide in it like some secret hiding space. I finally realized what I was doing one day when one of the servants asked to come in for some reason and they gasped because they saw a pile of clothes and blankets and me peering out of them. So embarrassing. They didn’t laugh at me or anything, thankfully, but I do think they were fairly amused.
The only part about this nesting business that bothers me the most though is that it doesn’t help lessen any of this weird anxiety I’ve been increasingly feeling as of late. I’m not sure what to do to help myself, really. And I really don’t want to bother the Kominato family as they’ve been so hospitable already. I know you’re an alpha and all but… do you know any ways I could help myself? Or at least have any ideas?
I’m really sorry to bother you with all of my complaints and frustrations.
I hope you’ve been doing well, and that your parents have been, too. I know you said you’ve been busy lately with all that hands-on learning you’ve been doing with your family’s business.
Remember to take some time for yourself to relax too, okay?
I hope to hear from you soon.

The papers rustle as Kazuya lies them down gently on his writing desk. He gazes at them, thoughts entirely filled with Eijun as the words written by his hand bounce around in Kazuya’s head with a voice that sounds similar to Eijun’s accompanying them.

He’s feeling anxious. Kazuya frowns to himself. He’s not sure what would bring this on and even Eijun himself doesn’t know the reason. Could he be presenting soon? Have Eijun’s hormones been shifting closer to that fine line? It’s not like Kazuya is any different. He knows for certain that he’ll probably present soon–probably sometime this year or next. But Eijun is six months younger than him so it shouldn’t happen as soon as Kazuya’s will.

How can I help him?
Kazuya feels a strange itch right under his skin. There has to be some way he can help Eijun, right?

Listlessly, his eyes trail around the corners of his room like it will give him an answer–and then he sees it. He catches sight of a scarf. To be more precise, he catches sight of the scarf that Eijun had gifted him for his fifteenth birthday whether or not as simply a gift or something even more.

A smile creeps onto Kazuya’s face. He is not sure how much it would help but he has seen countless times when his mother feels weak and yearns for his father’s scent. When his father is not around during such times, he’ll come across his mother wrapped in one of his father’s coats, likely feeling comforted by her husband’s scent. When she sees Kazuya, she smiles. Of his own volition, he will go to sit by his mother as if his presence could help her too. She will murmur motherly words and Kazuya will feel his heart squeeze when he smiles back at her.

Kazuya is not a fool. He knows his mother is not feeling well more and more as the years pass. He’s seen the paleness sink into her skin and the way she feels so tired and is easily breathless even when she is not doing anything in particular. It does not stop her from being the warm and vibrant woman that she always has been though.

It is not a secret–her weakness. He knows she is sick, but they never outright mention it in conversation. It's as if speaking it will make it more real. During the times they share together, Kazuya's thoughts circle round and round as he worries. When he turns to face his mother and sees the look on her face, Kazuya can tell that she knows that he's overthinking.

He loves his mother. His mother is so strong, and Kazuya cannot help but nearly cling to her side, desperate for any time they can spend together as if it might be their last.

He blinks away the sting in his eyes. That is not a thought he should even be thinking. They will spend years and years in each other’s presence. His mother will see him grow up and he will be the ever-doting son, always making her smile and laugh just as he always has.

Right. He bites his lip and nods to himself before he stands and crosses over the room to his wardrobe. He pulls open the double doors and peers inside to examine its contents.

"What would Eijun like the most…" He mumbles to himself as his fingertips glide along countless fabrics. He very well cannot send something too large or too intimate. That would be improper and practically scandalous if anyone were to find out. He could get both he and Eijun in trouble if he were to do that.

While considering this, he frowns, already lost so deeply in his thoughts.

The place Eijun is nesting is his bed. He said he was using clothes and blankets for it so anything would probably be fine, but…

Kazuya crouches down to examine some shelves in the bottom of his wardrobe where he keeps extra linen and blankets. He often finds himself feeling cold so having such things on hand is always nice.

Kazuya would want Eijun to be warm as well.

Deciding what to do, Kazuya selects the softest and warmest blanket he owns and pulls it out. He briefly examines it to make sure it is in tip-top shape before placing it on his bed and closing the doors to his wardrobe.

He glances towards the letters and back to the blanket again as a smile curves on his lips. "Well, I better scent this as much as I can before I send my reply."

Kazuya makes quick work of putting the letter in a safe place and turning off the one lone light source he had been using to read it before heading to bed.

This blanket will help ease some of Eijun's anxiety. Or so Kazuya hopes.





March 9th 

I'm happy that you are comfortable talking to me about anything and everything, so don't worry about you ever bothering me at all.
I am not a doctor but it does sound like you've been a little weaker to your instincts lately. Your hormones might be shifting a bit and that could be the reason for this. I'm not entirely sure why none of your anxiety has lessened by nesting though. I've heard that's usually comforting for omegas.
Could it be that you're still not used to staying with the Kominatos? Or do so many new scents  make things a little harder on you? If nothing you try is helping you, it might be in your best interest to speak up about it to one of the Kominatos as they are the closest people to help in this case.
I cannot do much for you from here, but I did think of something that might help. Although I'm not sure if you would be comfortable with my scent or not, I did send something that may be of assistance. Feel free to use it in your nest or to cover up with. If it does not help, you can just have it sent back. I probably should have asked you before I did anything first. I hope I at least lessened your troubles somewhat be it through words or the package I've sent you. And you know that you can always confide in me.
As for your ending note–I have been doing well lately and I am learning much under my parents' tutelage. I'll remember to take time to myself when I need to. You should do the same as well.
Take care, Eijun.

Eijun sniffles miserably as he finishes reading Kazuya's letter. He thinks he might be getting sick lately. That has to be the explanation for how terrible he's been feeling as of late.

Sighing, Eijun puts the letter to the side and slides the package in its place. He eyes it curiously, speculating on its contents.

Kazuya has given Eijun a few gifts before for his birthday. They were usually something practical such as a brooch or new brushes to paint with. But what could this possibly be?

Not one to keep his patience, Eijun all but rushes forward to make quick work of untying the strings and unfolding the parchment.

Before even seeing what it is, Eijun is hit with a whiff of something that may or may not cause his mouth to water. His face heats and he swallows nervously as he flattens the parchment to either side of the gift which looks to be a bundle of cloth. Shakily, he lifts the note on top of it which reads:




To keep you warm and comfortable ~ ♡



Eijun's face reddens even further, potentially causing the brightest blush he has ever worn in his life to present itself onto his cheeks.

"Is he teasing me?" Eijun mutters to himself as he recalls the note he had left with the scarf he had given Kazuya. He has to be. Damn tanuki.

Eijun casts the note to the side to inspect the fabric better. Leaning in close, he thinks it may be a blanket. He sniffs it once or twice and bites back a whine. He really does like Kazuya's scent. It's just so soothing. It smells similar to the woody pine of the forest around Eijun's home along with what Eijun could only describe as fresh rain. Like petrichor. If there was only one word that he could use to describe Kazuya's scent, it would be refreshing.

Without any further delay, Eijun pushes away from his desk and stands. He picks up the blanket and takes it over to his bed. Kneeling, he tries to place it in his nest in such a way where it will be entwined with other fabrics. By doing so, it will also be able to be used easily for Eijun to cover up with at his own convenience. Pleased, Eijun crawls into his nest and hides under the soft and plush blanket. He is wrapped in it, almost like a cocoon, with only his head poking out.

The softness and warmth the blanket has to offer feels nice on his skin. Breathing in Kazuya's scent which surrounds him has him relaxing and practically sinking into a peaceful state. He feels safe and warm. He feels more at home than he has for a while now.

Several soft raps sound from behind his bedroom door and Eijun's eyes flash open as someone starts to enter. He relaxes when he sees that it's Haruichi.

That was close.

He's not sure if he'd get in trouble for something like this or not.

"Eijun-kun?" Haruichi murmurs quietly as he comes to a stop by Eijun's bed. He crouches down a little to take a peek at Eijun's face.


Haruichi starts to speak quietly. "I was just coming to check on you. You've seemed a little preoccupied and maybe even anxious these days. Are you doing okay?"

Eijun thinks for a moment and lets the comfort of Haruichi's friendship seep into his bones. "I'm doing better now." He says honestly.

"Oh, that's good." He pauses and eyes Eijun seriously for a second. "Sorry if this is strange to ask, but… do I smell an alpha's scent in here?"

Eijun's face burns red and he does his best to refrain from burying himself within the confines of fabric surrounding him. It’s not like he could hide it. Alpha’s scents can usually dominate weaker scents in any confined space. Of course, Haruichi would detect it.

Eijun swallows nervously. “It… it is.”

“Has someone been in here? Or…?”

“No one has been in here.” Eijun reassures him. “It’s just…” His face reddens. “It’s a blanket that’s been scented.”

Haruichi hums. “Can I ask who? Are you in a courtship with them? Or are you perhaps engaged?”

Eijun is so flustered. “N-not engaged. As for a courtship? Uhm, maybe… I’m not too sure myself.”

“Oh?” Haruichi smiles. “You like this alpha, don’t you? I can tell.”

“M-m-maybe.” Eijun hides his face in his hands.

“Am I allowed to know who it is?”

“I–” Eijun bites his lip. “You’ll keep it a secret, right?”

“I will.” Haruichi says reassuringly. “I promise.”

“Okay…” Eijun takes a deep breath before just spitting it out. “It’s Miyuki Kazuya.”

“Miyuki Kazuya?” Haruichi tilts his head to the side.


“I wasn’t aware that you knew Miyuki Kazuya that well. I know you’ve been corresponding through letters, but…” He trails off.

“He was one of the first friends I made when I was younger.” Eijun reveals with a soft look on his face. “We eventually got into writing letters to each other and that’s how it’s been ever since.”

“That’s nice.” Haruichi murmurs honestly.

“It is.” He agrees.

Haruichi stares at him for a minute before standing up and smiling. “Well, I just wanted to check on you. I’m glad to hear you’re doing well. And hopefully, a certain alpha’s scent will make you feel even better.” Eijun blushes.

“I hope you know that you can always talk to me about anything, Eijun. We’re… we’re friends, so.” Haruichi scratches one of his pink cheeks. “You can trust me.”

Eijun feels a wobbly smile settle on his lips, and he nods. “Thank you, Harucchi.”

Haruichi nods before heading to the door until Eijun stops him. “Harucchi?”


“You can trust me, too.” Eijun murmurs sincerely.

Haruichi smiles at that. “Good night, Eijun-kun.”

“Good night.”

What did he do to deserve such good friends in life?

Year Six



It's December. The snow has been falling heavily for several days now but it's starting to calm down some. Thanks to the nonstop continuous pelting of snowflakes falling to the earth, there is snow piled up nearly everywhere, lying several inches on top of the ground, sticking to rooftops, and decorating trees. It's practically a few inches above Kazuya's ankle.

Thankfully, Kazuya and his family got here before it really started coming down. They've been staying with Eijun's family for the past few days now to celebrate the winter weather. It's been very fun so far, filled with plenty of activities that seem to bring the two families even closer together.

Right now, they're all sitting together in front of the fire. His father is playing a game against Eitoku at a small table nearby. He scratches his chin every now and then while he plays, seemingly lost in the game. His mother is sitting on a couch, bundled up heavily with coats and blankets. These days it seems that she's become weaker to the cold so covering up helps somewhat, or at least that's what she says. Eijun's mother sits sandwiched between her husband and Kazuya's mother. The two of them giggle and reminisce over the past, recalling old stories and adventures the two of them have shared while Yuuto nods along.

Kazuya only pays a little attention to those around him and instead focuses his gaze on Eijun. Eijun, who sits beside him while reading a book, eyes trailing across the words on the page. Kazuya doesn't think he's ever seen Eijun so quiet before. Every now and then he'll mumble to himself, sure, but apart from that he's absolutely silent.

Kazuya watches almost entranced as Eijun lifts a finger to lightly lick it to help him turn the sometimes stuck together pages. The page is turned and Kazuya stares at him for a moment longer, still a little lost in the omega himself.

Kazuya is feeling a little… strange. Well, not really, but he can tell that something is different about Eijun.

Thanks to Kazuya's sensitive nose, likely enhanced further by his recent presentation, he can drink in quiet whiffs of the omega's scent without even being directly close with him, and without trying. It invades his nostrils pleasantly and Kazuya–Kazuya doesn't think he's ever felt so content before.

However, back on the subject of how Eijun seems different, he can somewhat pinpoint what exactly it is that's throwing him off and making him feel like a man dying of thirst.

Eijun's scent, so sweet and fresh, smells even sweeter than normal.

It worries Kazuya a little if he's being honest. Is Eijun sick? Or is he coming down with something? He's finding himself to be even more worried about illnesses than normal, and that's probably thanks to his mother's current situation, but he just can't shake it off. The people that matter most to him are falling ill and there's nothing he can do to magically make them all better.

Kazuya releases a soft sigh and nearly misses how Eijun lifts his head to stare outside the window where the snowfall has lessened to what could only be described as a drizzle.

With a smile on Eijun's face, he turns to look at Kazuya, but immediately freezes once he sees that Kazuya's gaze is trained on him. His face heats up with a blush but–wait… he had already looked fairly flushed before. The pooling dread in his stomach thickens. He hopes Eijun isn't getting sick.

He glances away, almost demure in the way he attempts to avoid Kazuya's eyes, before finding his resolve. Eijun meets Kazuya's gaze and lifts his chin almost like a show of confidence.

"Kazuya." Eijun murmurs softly and neither of the two miss the fact that the conversations around them quiet down a little as if to hang onto their every word. Kazuya feels his heartbeat pick up speed at just the use of his name alone. It sounds so good coming from the omega's mouth.

Kazuya feels a small smirk curve on his lips. "Yes, Eijun?" He asks sweetly.

Eijun bites his lip for a moment and Kazuya uses sheer willpower alone not to have his gaze drawn to that simple motion.

"Could you take a walk outside with me? I need some fresh air." He finally asks, eyes gleaming from the light of the fire.

Kazuya frowns, a little concerned. "Are you sure?

"Yes!" Eijun pouts. "Why wouldn't I be?"

"Well–" Kazuya starts and stops himself. "It's just–" He pauses again and sighs reluctantly. "Never mind. You're sure you want to go outside?"

"Uh huh!"

"Okay." Kazuya relents. At least by going with him, Kazuya can keep an eye on him from up close. "Let's take a walk."

Eijun cheers happily and slips a bookmark of sorts into his book and sets it aside. The two of them stand and Kazuya rolls his shoulders for a moment, stopping when he hears Suzu speak. "Make sure to dress warmly before you head outside," she reminds them. "It wouldn't do any good if you got sick."

"I will." Eijun sniffs almost childishly before he grabs Kazuya's wrist and drags him along and out of the room. They come to a stop at the entryway.

Eijun hums while the two of them slip on their pairs of winter boots. Kazuya finishes first and goes to slip on one of the coats he had brought before he wraps his scarf around his neck and slips on some gloves. Eijun only goes to slip on his own gloves and an extremely light coat before eventually turning to face Kazuya. He tilts his head to the side. "Ready?"

That has Kazuya frowning as his gaze trails along Eijun's body from head to toe. He's barely even dressed to go outside in such cold weather. 

"No," Kazuya says seriously after a moment.

His lips part in surprise and before Eijun can even speak, Kazuya is grabbing his very own coat from off of a hook. It's possibly the warmest and softest coat Kazuya owns.

Kazuya faces Eijun and carefully wraps the coat around the top of Eijun's shoulders, resting his hands there to keep it secure. "Arms," he prompts. When he takes a glance at Eijun's face, the younger boy's eyes are wide, and his cheeks are red. He's stock-still where he stands.

"Arms," Kazuya requests again.

Eijun blinks as if coming out of a trance and slowly slips his arms into the sleeves. Even though he's compliant, he still complains. "Why?" He mutters with pouted lips. "It's just a quick walk."

Kazuya ducks his head down and murmurs right next to Eijun's ear. "We wouldn't want you catching a cold, now would we?" Almost as an afterthought, he whispers. "Eijun."

From this close, all Kazuya can focus on is Eijun's scent. It pleasantly fills his senses, and he has to stop himself from scenting Eijun just so that he can relish in the way their scents would mix, in the way it would smell.

"I–" Eijun breathes out. "I guess not."

Kazuya leans back to regard him properly, though their faces are fairly close to each other mere inches apart.

"Good boy." Kazuya murmurs and has the pleasure of seeing how Eijun reacts to such a phrase. His eyes round and his cheeks pinken. Kazuya thinks he even shivers a little. He looks breathless.

He's so pretty.

The two of them stare at each other for a moment, entirely lost in their own little world. He never wants to leave it. Not even for a second.

Eijun breathes out slowly before his eyes focus on something in particular. He reaches out and touches Kazuya's scarf, awe apparent in his expression. "You're wearing the scarf I gave you." He whispers, rubbing the cloth together with his fingertips and brushing the fabric of his gloves along Kazuya's neck.

Kazuya fights off a shiver at the sensation and closes his eyes briefly to get himself together. Carefully, he reaches up and takes Eijun's hand along with his other one into his own. He holds them almost reverently, tilting his head down and gazing at the fabric covering his fingertips. "And you're wearing the gloves that I gave you."

Eijun blinks and the tips of his ears redden. He's so flustered. "I guess I am," he remarks.

Kazuya feels something warm and gooey leak into his heart like warm honey. He feels as if he's falling into an abyss, a place that he isn't familiar with, a place that's new and unexplored. Kazuya doesn't think he minds much at all though. He would love to explore the entirety of what he feels for Sawamura Eijun.

He clears his throat. "Ready to go outside?"


They find themselves walking along snow covered garden paths. With every step, they trodden down the powder-like snow underneath their winter boots, leaving tracks in their wake.

Amusement bubbles in his chest at the excitement that blossoms on Eijun's face. He trots forward a few steps and spins around with his arms outstretched while he grins at Kazuya. "Isn't winter so fun?" He says gleefully. "It feels so nice outside!"

Kazuya quirks a brow. "Winter is nice, but I have to disagree with your second statement. It's absolutely freezing outside."

"Eh?" Eijun rocks back and forth on his heels. "Maybe I just feel too warm!"

Kazuya gives him a concerned look. "Are you getting sick, Eijun?"

"No." He shakes his head back and forth rapidly. "I feel fine. Promise!"

He doesn't feel so reassured. Eijun's face is still flushed, maybe even more so now thanks to the cold. Not to mention his scent. So sweet. So enticing.

"If you say so." He sighs.

Kazuya takes a few steps forward and stops in front of the other boy, smiling down at him a little. Wait…

A smirk morphs onto his lips which causes Eijun to stare at him warily.

"Eijun," he says amusedly. "Do you remember when we were children? Do you remember that day we first met?"

"Yes…?" Eijun mumbles slowly, brows furrowed in confusion.

"I can't help but happen to recall someone being a little too smug about their height back then." He leans forward, towering over Eijun somewhat. "And what did I say then, hm? I said I would get taller than you eventually, didn't I?"

Eijun blusters indignantly with pink cheeks. "A-and?" He splutters. "Height doesn't matter!"

"Oh?" Kazuya murmurs, face inches apart from Eijun's own. "It didn't feel like that when you were rubbing it in my face back then."

"Just–" He lightly slaps his own cheeks. "Just shut up, Miyuki Kazuya!"

Kazuya chortles, feeling entirely too pleased. While calming down, a smile plays on his lips. "Well," he says. "At least I can see you better from up here."

There's a sharp intake of breath before Eijun quickly averts his gaze, so jittery and soft in Kazuya's presence. He turns and starts to continue walking. Kazuya follows alongside him, lifting his head to skim the snow powdered treetops of the forest around them with his eyes. He truly does enjoy the scenery here surrounding Eijun's childhood home.

Speaking of–

"Kazuya, I…" Eijun whispers. His voice is the softest it has ever been in all the times he's been around Kazuya.

"Hm?" Kazuya hums, focusing his attention on the omega by his side.

Eijun grips his sleeve, startling Kazuya by the suddenness of it. He looks up at Kazuya then, eyes lidded and face pink as a blushing rose. He pants a little, shorts puffs of air visualizing in a small cloud from the exhales releasing from his lips thanks to the help of the cold air.

Kazuya frowns, taken aback a little. Is he okay?

"K-Kazuya." Eijun slurs. "I… maybe you're right." He smiles weakly, face pinched as his free hand clutches his stomach. "I think I might be getting a little sick."

Kazuya turns to face him properly, lips thinned in a straight line as anxiety rolls around in his gut like a torrential storm haunting a ship at sea. He slips one of his gloves off and raises it to push back Eijun's bangs and rest it against his forehead. Eijun whimpers needily and pushes his head eagerly against Kazuya's touch.

Eijun is hot to the touch, so much so that it almost feels as if Kazuya has just been burned.

He pulls his hand away. As he's slipping his glove back on, he speaks hurriedly with a hint of panic underlying his tone. "We need to get you back inside. You're running a fever."

"I–" A pained expression flashes across Eijun's face and he drops to his knees. He clutches his stomach and practically crumples in on himself.

Kazuya seriously feels as if his heart might have stopped in that moment.

He immediately crouches down next to Eijun, hands fluttering in the air above him entirely unsure of what he should do.

"H-hurts…" He whines, eyes beading with tears. Eijun clutches Kazuya's wrist to his chest, breathing in and out shakily. He looks as if he might pass out.

It is then that Kazuya is hit with a wave of Eijun's scent so enticing that it causes his mouth to water a little at the same time that Eijun's mouth happens to form the word, "A-alpha."


Kazuya cannot stop the shiver that runs down his spine at such a word, at the way Eijun's scent is attacking his senses, at how pretty Eijun looks even when he's not feeling the best.

He swallows thickly and shakily reaches a free hand forward to cup Eijun's cheek. "Listen to me, Eijun. I need you to focus."

Eijun's eyes drift and he blinks rapidly to get all of his attention on Kazuya and Kazuya alone.

"You're…" He blushes but fights it off. There's no need for embarrassment or shyness here. He needs to help Eijun right now. "You're going into heat. We need to get you to your room, okay?"

"H-heat…?" Eijun's brows furrow before he shakes his head to snap out of it, only to nod numbly. His gaze is slightly out of focus.

"Can you stand? Or walk?" Kazuya asks, absentmindedly hoping that Eijun's first heat won't be too rough for him. Presentations usually are, though.

Eijun bites his lips and tries to stand, only for his legs to shake. He nearly collapses to the ground if not for Kazuya's hands on his waist.

"Okay, okay… That answers that." Kazuya breathes out. He stares into Eijun's eyes seriously, noting the way that Eijun has started to sweat and the glossy look that's come over those golden orbs.

Focus, Kazuya.

"Can you wrap your arms around my neck? Eijun." Kazuya requests softly after a moment. If Eijun can't walk properly Kazuya will just have to carry him.

Kazuya puts a hand on the small of his back to guide him closer and slowly, really without an ounce of hesitation, Eijun hooks his arms around Kazuya's neck. He pulls him closer and with his arm around his back, he hooks the other one right beneath Eijun's knees and lifts him up.

Eijun is now safe and secure in Kazuya's arms.

"Let's get you inside, Eijun." Kazuya murmurs quietly as he makes sure Eijun is settled properly before he starts to trudge through the snow on his way back to the house.

Eijun's head nods back and forth. He's completely out of it or he's nearly there. Kazuya picks up his pace the best he can without slipping on any ice or snow.

I hope he'll be okay.

Eijun nuzzles Kazuya's neck. The tip of his nose lifts the scarf around his neck with the movement and his breath ghosts on the bare skin on the column of Kazuya's neck.

"Smells nice." Eijun mumbles sweetly. His lips brush Kazuya's skin softly.

Kazuya is shivering but not from the cold.

He bites his lip and quickens his pace as Eijun starts to scent him. Fuck, why does such a simple action feel so good? Kazuya likes the way their scents mix. He likes the way Eijun's scent is covering his own and marking him, practically claiming Kazuya for himself. It feels so addicting.

Not now, Kazuya.

He makes it to the porch, stomping the snow off his winter boots before he hurries inside and quite noisily too.

"Eijun, is that you?" Suzu calls out as she appears through a doorway. She gasps upon seeing them. "Oh, good heavens!" She rushes forward, eyes worriedly gazing upon Eijun's form within Kazuya's arms. "What on earth happened?"

Kazuya swallows thickly. "I think... I think Eijun might be going into h-heat, Suzu-san."

Her eyes widen at the news and the expression on her face is terribly conflicted.

"Where would you like me to take him to?" Kazuya asks urgently. Eijun's skin is starting to feel even warmer against his own.

"O-oh. You know where his room is, right? Please take him there! I'll try to make some preparations before it hits him completely." And with that, she turns around and heads somewhere else. Likely to the kitchen to prepare anything Eijun will need or perhaps even grab him some medicine to help move it along less painfully.

Kazuya turns to head up the stairs. The floorboards creak as he walks up carefully, not wanting to drop Eijun or trip while he's in his arms. Once he makes it to even ground, he sighs with relief, and heads straight for Eijun's room.

The room itself is decently sized and Eijun's bed lies in one corner with a writing desk filled with knick knacks and doodads on the opposite side. It suits Eijun and his personality for sure.

Kazuya carefully and gently settles Eijun down onto his bed. He takes a seat by his bedside for just a moment to examine Eijun's face and to feel his temperature with his hand. His heat should hit any moment now, Kazuya thinks. I should get out of here.

Before he can even make it to leave though, his eyes catch sight of his jacket around Eijun's shoulders. He should probably take it back, right? Wouldn't it be improper of him to leave it? Especially when they aren't even romantically involved? Well, for now at least. His face heats at the thought. Why is he even hesitating right now, though? His instincts are seriously messing with him.

He hesitantly goes to remove the coat from around Eijun's form but flinches when Eijun twists where he lay and grips it close to himself, keening out a high whine. Kazuya's face is entirely red at this point and his hands flutter nervously in the air like they don't know what to do.

But staring down at Eijun, watching the twitch of his brow and how his eyes are squeezed shut and how pink his cheeks are, Kazuya's hands drop to his lap. He finds himself smiling fondly at the boy before him, utterly weak to him no matter what state Eijun may be in. Kazuya thinks this must be what they call love.

"Okay," Kazuya murmurs quietly as he brushes the bangs away from Eijun's face. "You can keep it."

Eijun makes a noise akin to a purr that has Kazuya laughing quietly to himself. "So greedy."

He cups his cheek with the palm of one hand in a caress as the other holds Eijun's bangs aside. Gently, he bends down and presses a soft, sweet kiss on Eijun's forehead. He lingers for a moment before he pulls away and stands, going to make sure Eijun is covered up nice and warm so that he doesn't get sick on top of his heat.

When he finally forces himself to leave the room, he meets Suzu who's just now coming up to the top of the stairs along with a maid. The maid rushes forward to Eijun's room with her arms full of things that will surely help lessen Eijun's pain and keep up his physical needs during this experience.

"How is he?" Suzu asks. She's got a worried crease in her brow.

Kazuya smiles gently. "He's probably going to be unconscious soon. It looks like it will hit at any second now so I left before it could."

She blinks up at him. "Thank you. And thank you so much for taking care of him and bringing him inside.

"There's no need for thank yous." Kazuya says honestly. "I know how painful presentations can be, so we had to get him taken care of quickly."

"Well, even so..." She seems touched. "He's my only child and I very seriously appreciate your quick action. If you ever need anything, feel free to let me know. I'm incredibly grateful."

Kazuya feels a little flustered at such grand thanks, but as for that offer... he doesn't need anything but–oh, he's even embarrassed to think of such a thing. "Actually," Kazuya starts sheepishly. He rubs the back of his neck and has trouble meeting her gaze. 

He thinks back to the jacket he left with Eijun to all of their scented gifts for each other, and he thinks of something he once heard during one of his lessons. It may be improper and it's definitely embarrassing that he's even considering but what could he lose?

"Yes?" She asks patiently.

"I'm uh..." He coughs into the crook of his arm. "I'm not sure if it will help much but... I heard that familiar scents are comforting to omegas during heats so... I was wondering if I could scent something for you to give him?" He's quick to throw in his next remark. "It's entirely fine if that isn't something you would be okay with! I just thought it might help so..."

When he looks up at her face and sees that she's covered her mouth with a hand, he feels like he might go boneless. That was so shameless of him. But what he doesn't see is the secretively pleased smile that's covered by that hand.

"S-sorry." Kazuya stutters, face flaming. "That was too much, wasn't it?"

Suzu takes a moment longer before schooling her face and removing her hand. "For some, maybe. However, it's not a bad idea. And to be frank, I would love to help my son as much as I can."

She takes the blanket hanging off one of her arms and hands it to Kazuya. "You can scent this if you'd like. I'll make sure it gets to him. While you do that, I'm going to go check on him, all right?"

Kazuya nods, entirely speechless that she even accepted such a thing. She walks off and Kazuya heads straight to the guest room he's been residing in for the past few days.

Well, I better scent this as much as I can then…





Year Seven



Eijun feels like he may just explode with the flurry of feelings in his chest. He hasn't seen Miyuki Kazuya in several months and he may just see him today. And why is that the case? Well, Eijun has just arrived at the Miyuki residence. By himself. Yes, you heard that correctly. Eijun took a trip by himself all the way to the city. 

The funny thing is, though, is that he's not here to see Kazuya himself. He's here to see Kazuya's mother, Yua.

He often exchanges letters with her and sometimes even with her husband as well. He's still unsure if either of them minds it much or not, even if they do still reply.

Eijun knows she's very ill. It's at the point that she's bedridden these days. But Eijun is here with a specially formulated medicine that could help with that made by some of the top scientists, doctors, and botanists at the nearby academy near his home. He hopes it works properly. He wouldn't know how to feel if Yua were to–to... He flinches and shakes his head to snap out of it. There's no need to think about such things. This will definitely work! He's sure of it.

A butler leads Eijun to Yua's room where she's reading a book in bed. She lifts her head when he enters the room and starts to beam almost instantly. "Eijun! It's so nice to see you." She beckons him forward while she puts her book to the side and sits up a little straighter where she rests. Eijun takes a seat at the chair by her bedside.

He smiles warmly. "It's good to see you too, Yua-san! It's been a few months since we last saw each other, hasn't it?"

She nods. "It has!" She leans close, eager to converse. "How have you been?"

"I've been okay! I'm just..." He blushes, determined not to outright mention his presentation. "I've just been getting used to things is all."

She laughs and the sound is nearly like that of a tinkling bell. "Of course! Things should settle down for you soon. It just takes the senses some time to adjust and you're also becoming more aware of your instincts as well."

He nods. "Right. How have you been though, Yua-san?"

"I'm doing okay. Today has been a really good day for me. And I've got a lot of reading done too." She smiles. "It's even better now that you're here to visit me though."

"You're too sweet." Eijun can't help blushing again. "But before we continue chatting, I have something for you!"


He starts to dig through the bag that he's carried in with him. "I think mother sent you a letter about what I brought." He hums as he finally pulls out a box and carefully hands it to Yua. "The medicine that people at the academy made. They're certain it will work, and I hope it does too."

Yua's eyes water. "You all are really too kind to me."

"And you're kind to us too. You're basically family! We'll do whatever we can to help you or lessen any pain you may feel." Eijun murmurs softly, his own eyes glistening. He really admires Yua so much. She's like a second mother to him.

She swallows audibly. "I'll take care to use this well. Are there any instructions for it...?"

"They're in the box with the medicine. They made sure to be incredibly detailed about things and listed stuff you could expect from taking it." Eijun replies.

She stares down at the box in her lap before reaching over to give him a hug. "Thank you, Eijun. You're such a sweet boy."

"And you're such an amazing person, Yua-san."

"Oh, hush." She laughs and pulls back. "So..."

The two of them delve into a conversation that has Eijun and Yua both smiling and laughing to their heart's content.





Kazuya has just gotten back home after a long and busy day.

He spent the majority of the day working in and trying to get used to his family’s small printing press shop. Printing characters onto parchment is surprisingly laborious work, especially when you do it for several hours of the day. Everything has to be precise. From rolling the perfect layer of ink to making sure the blocks as well as the parchment are both perfectly secure before it is to be pressed. 

He worked at that for around three or four hours before checking in with other business affairs their family is in charge of. And to end the day, he unwound with Kuramochi for a while before heading home.

It’s now a few hours after noon and the sun is still shining in the sky.

Quietly, he enters his home, murmuring a greeting or two to the house servants he's grown up with his entire life. Putting his coat away, he walks carefully through the house so as not to be too loud. He suspects his father will work late tonight considering how big the workload at their humble steel mill has gotten. 

The reason for his quiet nature now, though, is because he doesn't wish to wake his mother if she is sleeping. Speaking of which, he should go check in on her. The last time he saw her this morning was during breakfast.

Kazuya makes his way to her room, floorboards quietly creaking with each step he makes in the hallway. The closer he gets, the more he starts to hear muffled voices. Who could be visiting his mother right now?

A little overprotective and a lot more curious, he starts to go to push open the door but freezes when he... smells something. Someone.

Wait. Is that...?

Without much patience, Kazuya pushes open the door some more. The first thing he sees is his mother with a bright smile on her face. The second thing he sees is the back of someone's head consisting of soft and unruly, wild locks of hair.

He feels dizzy all of a sudden.

His mother lifts her head, smile brightening even further at the sight of her son. "Oh, Kazuya. You're home."

Kazuya swallows quietly and offers a sheepish smile. "Yeah, I guess I am." He takes a few steps forward to enter the room more, so they don't have to speak too loudly. "How are you?"

"I'm doing really well!" She beams, and Kazuya can believe it. "Especially since I have had such a sweet visitor today!"

Kazuya can see the person's neck turn red with a flush. "Y-you're too kind, Yua-san..."

"Oh, nonsense!" She laughs. "It was really sweet of you to visit. I've really had fun talking with you today."

Casually, Kazuya walks until he finds himself standing directly behind the chair the visitor sits on, almost magnetized to them. Kazuya knows exactly who they are with just a few whiffs of their scent which is way more prominent than it had been when he last saw them just a few months ago.

"I had fun talking to you, too." Kazuya can hear the smile in his voice.

She smiles, biting her lip as if to keep herself from grinning. "It's been a really exciting day! But I do think that I should take a short nap now to replenish some energy."


"Say," She interrupts. "Would you mind staying for dinner, Eijun, dear? Please do feel free to stay the night here. I'll have some rooms made for you and the coachman you traveled with."

"Ah, really? But shouldn't I head home...?" Eijun murmurs quietly, almost sounding shy.

"I insist." She smiles warmly. "And while I nap, Kazuya can keep you company and attend to you as you need." She glances up at Kazuya with a twinkle in her eye that raises cause for suspicion in Kazuya's book.

Even so, he offers her a smile. "Yes. I don't mind keeping the loud one company for a while. Hopefully, he won't wake you up."

Obviously insulted, Eijun's head jerks around to look at him. "Miyuki Kazu–" He stops short upon seeing Kazuya's face, at seeing how close Kazuya really is.

Kazuya would smirk but he's feeling a little breathless himself. Eijun is as beautiful if not more so since Kazuya last saw him. His heart thumps in his chest as he gazes down at him. He stares into golden ochre eyes akin to the color of golden Autumn leaves. Kazuya finds himself lost in those eyes before he starts to admire the rest of his face, lingering on his lips for a second too long before he snaps out of it.

Well, then.

Clearing his throat, Kazuya kindly ignores whatever look his mother is giving him to instead smirk playfully at Eijun. Voice lilting, Kazuya says. "Forget my name already, Eijun?" He clutches his heart. "I'm heartbroken. Truthfully."

A garbled string of letters escapes Eijun's lips as he tries to formulate a response, but he fails miserably. He poutingly looks away from Kazuya.

His mother clears her throat to somewhat clear the air. "Well, shoo now. Have fun! Kazuya, be kind to Eijun now." She says sternly, but she seemingly only half means it.

Kazuya grins. "But of course."

She laughs and Kazuya takes the chance to offer Eijun a hand to help pull him up. Eijun stares at it, lips still set in a deep pout. He glances away for a moment before sighing. Lashes fluttering and somewhat shyly, he softly takes Kazuya's hand. Kazuya pulls him up and holds onto it, almost too scared to let go.

Kazuya murmurs, "have a good rest", while he tugs Eijun out of the room.

Now, where would be a good place to take him?

"Is there anything you want to do or is there a specific room you would like to be in?" Kazuya asks over his shoulder, feeling particularly pleased at the redness he sees on Eijun's cheeks. "Sorry that we don't have a garden." He adds.

"It's okay." Eijun says quietly. "But uhm..." He trails off, suddenly extremely quiet.

Kazuya stops walking to turn and look at him. "Something wrong?" He asks, slightly concerned when Eijun avoids his eyes.

"I-it would be..." He glances to the side, bites his lip. Kazuya's eyes follow the motion. "It would be, uhm..." He pauses and ducks his head down. "It would be improper of me to want to see your room, wouldn't it?"

Kazuya's eyes widen. How bold of his–of this omega.

"Maybe." He replies, watching how Eijun wilts. "But you know I've never cared about that sort of thing."

Eijun jolts, head jerking up. His eyes lock onto Kazuya's own.

The corners of Kazuya's lips twitch. "Let's go."

With a somewhat quick pace, Kazuya starts tugging Eijun along to his room. His hand squeezes Eijun's own while the younger boy starts stuttering about whether or not this is really okay and that he doesn't want to get Kazuya in trouble.

So what if he gets in trouble?

Kazuya has never cared less.

Eventually they make it there and Kazuya pulls him inside. He looks back into the hallway for a moment to check for other people for Eijun's sake before shutting the door closed.

"Voilà." He spins around, arms outspread, with a gentle smile on his lips. "Welcome to my humble room, Eijun."

Eijun glances around curiously and Kazuya can see him discreetly trying to breathe in Kazuya's scent.

How cute.

"I-it's nice." Eijun nods, bobbing his head. He stubbornly avoids Kazuya's gaze.

"Feel free to take a seat anywhere." Kazuya nods kindly. He has to be a good host, after all.

Kazuya crosses his arms while Eijun looks around the room to peruse his options before deciding to choose a place on the edge of his bed. Wise choice. Or is it?

He stays put where he is, instead deciding to examine Eijun from this distance. Is he nervous?

Kazuya's tongue flits out to wet his lips. "You sure are quiet." He murmurs before taking a few steps forward. He doesn't want to make Eijun too uncomfortable with his presence, but he does want to see what's up with him.

Eijun's fingertips clench the sheets by his side. Kazuya narrows in on the action. Wait... sheets. Blankets. A bed.

The last time Kazuya saw Eijun was when Eijun went into heat and Kazuya had to carry him to his room. Kazuya ended up scenting a blanket for Eijun before he left, as it's wise for alphas outside of the family to keep their distance from a newly blossoming omega.

His face heats as he recounts that day, and what a day it was.

Well, there's not much I can do about it but... He starts to smirk. Who's to say I can't tease my favorite omega just a little bit?




Eijun is thoroughly nervous, shy, and a little bit drunk off of the fact that he's surrounded by Kazuya's scent.

Seeing Kazuya again, familiarizing himself with his features and that mouthwatering scent, has brought up a lot of memories for Eijun. Embarrassing memories.

The last time he saw Miyuki Kazuya, he had started his presentation. He had gone into heat. And while that's embarrassing, what's even more so is what Eijun did. He called Kazuya 'alpha'. He refused to give Kazuya his jacket. Kazuya carried him. He practically–no, he did scent Kazuya!

And now he's all stuck feeling embarrassed and shy and not sure how to act around his childhood friend who he knows for a fact that he feels attracted to.

Yeah, he's been experiencing lots of revelations for a while now. He isn't sure how to feel about that or any of them in general, really.

The bed sinks beside him as Kazuya sits with him, and Eijun has to bite back a squeak. His instincts however are wreaking havoc on him, making him feel the uncontrollable need to start scenting the alpha by his side to claim him as his own.

Eijun is so deep in this mess.

To prevent himself from embarrassing himself further and to not make this even more awkward, Eijun attempts to discreetly scoot a few inches away to give them more space.

Kazuya lies his hand on the bed in between them and leans in close to whisper into Eijun's ear. "Why are you running away, hm?" His voice is smooth like velvet. "I'm only asking because the last time we met it felt like you didn't want me to leave. Is that right?

Eijun blushes from head to toe, heat creeping up his cheeks in a vibrant red shade. He turns to Kazuya and heatedly starts ranting. "S-shut up!" He can't exactly deny the fact either. He's so terribly flustered. "A-and and it's not like you're any different either!"

Eijun's heart stutters in his chest at the pinkness on Kazuya's cheeks. Kazuya coughs and adjusts his glasses. "Y-yeah, well..." He thinks for a moment to come back with something. "Y-you called me a-... a-a-alpha."

"A-and?" Eijun stutters. "So what! Isn't that what you are?!"

"Yeah, but–"

"You cannot win against me, Miyuki Kazuya!" He nearly shouts.

"Not true." He argues. "For example, you–" He pauses, squints. "Y-you like my scent, don't you!"

"So do you!" Eijun retorts.

The two of them pause, stare at each other, before bursting into laughter.

"W-Wait," Eijun laughs, entirely breathless. "What are we even doing?"

"I'm..." Kazuya covers his mouth with his hand. "I'm not even sure anymore."

Eijun wipes the tears out of his own eyes.

"But you were avoiding me," Kazuya reminds. "I had to do something to get your attention."

Eijun argues. "I was not avoiding you!"

"Ignoring me then." Kazuya says plainly.

"I wasn't!"

"Sure..." He drawls. "Either way, that was awkward."

"Y-yeah..." Eijun mumbles. "Let's just..." He pauses, momentarily unsure of himself before realizing exactly who he is. He's Sawamura Eijun. What's there to be unsure of? "Let's just be honest with each other instead of doing whatever that was."

Kazuya stares at him seriously for a moment before glancing at the floor below them and nodding. "Sure."

The two remain quiet for a little bit before going back into old habits, bantering like they always have since the day they met. Just like old times.




Tonight is a night of celebrations.

Tonight is a night that Eijun feels... beautiful.

He's wearing a gorgeous silk ensemble with an ornate pattern that is very easy on the eyes. It's very delicate and very pretty. He almost feels as if he doesn't deserve to wear it, but then he remembers the look on his mother's face where it seemed as if she might cry and he–he knows now that it's okay to indulge a little. So that all led to him wearing this outfit that was designed and made by a seamstress to ensure he has everything he wants in it, that it's comfortable, and that it actually fits.

It's truly a gorgeous outfit. He feels pleased. Even so, nervousness starts to set in the moment he steps out of his carriage and can feel multiple eyes trailing upon his form as he walks across the cobblestone of the courtyard and to the main doors.

Eijun lets himself admire the large building just ahead that is surrounded by gardens and ivy which clings to and climbs upon its towering walls. He marvels at the carved stone columns and glances up at the balconies that the building has to offer. And if he listens closely enough, he can hear the sound of music.

Taking a deep breath, Eijun walks through the main doors and down a hallway until he gets to the area where the main event will occur. The main event being a ball. Yes, Sawamura Eijun is spending his night at a ball tonight without the supervision of his parents. It's thrilling and terrifying all at once.

The ball he's attending is one which occurs annually around this time of year. Its entire purpose is to bring young people ages seventeen to nineteen together so that they can interact and mingle and maybe even make connections of either the business, friendship, or romantic variety. Eijun likes making friends so he has no complaints. Even so, he's still nervous to be around so many new people. Who wouldn't be?

I just hope I don’t embarrass myself; he can’t help but think.

Eijun comes to a stop and pauses while some staff for the event hold him up at the entrance. He blinks confusedly and then immediately turns red upon them announcing his name for all to hear. Oh, well that's just embarrassing.

Eijun tries to ignore the fact that now everyone is staring at him and tries to ignore the curiosity nipping at his heels on what their expressions must look like in regard to him. Eijun politely refuses and avoids any eye contact and walks further into the room, instead focusing on staring at the grand room with a dance floor in the center, dining tables and chairs on the sides, several banquet tables from which to snack on beside either side of the entrance, and, of course, the lovely musicians playing front and center. It's almost too much to take in at once but he loves the atmosphere. Surely, he'll have fun tonight.

First, though–he glances around for any familiar faces. He catches sight of a few people he has only met briefly before locking on to someone more familiar. He smiles to himself before striding up to the table at which the Kominato brothers are sitting and relaxing at. 

He politely bows as he remembers the mannerisms one should use at these types of events, as said to him by both his mother and Kazuya. "Kominato-san," he murmurs politely.

"Eijun-kun?" Haruichi says as his older brother, Ryousuke, starts to laugh. "Now, what are you doing that for?"

Eijun straightens up with a frown. "Well, that tanuki said–"

"You wouldn't be talking about Miyuki Kazuya, would you?" Ryousuke interrupts.

"Y-yes… how did you know?" Eijun mutters, flustered.

"Intuition. Besides that, though, I'd say you've been tricked." He replies.

Eijun starts grumbling to himself. That bastard! He said you have to greet everyone that way at the ball!

Haruichi kindly tugs him down into a seat before he embarrasses himself further and says. "I have to say, you're wearing such a beautiful outfit, Eijun. It suits you well."

Eijun blinks before beaming. "Oh, you think so? I almost thought it was a bit much…"

"You do look rather stunning." Ryousuke murmurs, causing both he and Haruichi to gape.

"What?" He laughs. "I'm not a liar. Well, not a serial liar at least."

Eijun's ears burn red. "T-thank you."

Ryousuke simply smiles and it's left at that.

Slowly, they delve into conversation before Furuya Satoru makes his way over to sit with them. And shortly after that, the host of the ball gives a speech to which they clap to before the event officially begins.

Eijun glances around, eyes wandering and searching for a familiar face as people start to chatter, snack, and dance. Just as he thinks he starts to see who he's looking for; he feels a presence behind him when someone rests their hand on the back of his chair. Eijun blinks and sniffs the air. Smells familiar. Looking up, he spots Amahisa Kousei hovering near him.

"A-Amahisa-san." Eijun says in surprise, easily recognizing the other man. Eijun's family has also done business with his family before and Eijun has had time to get used to his… unique personality. How would he describe him? Eccentric? Yes, that’s it.

"I told you to call me Kousei, Eijun." He grins, utterly familiar.

"K-Kousei, then…" Eijun mutters, feeling flustered once again.

Kousei bends down a little to regard him better. “You’re looking well. And exceptionally beautiful as well, might I add.”

Eijun feels as if he might explode.

“It’s good to see you here.” He continues, saving Eijun from stumbling over his words. “I almost wondered if you would pass it up, but then I remembered what a social butterfly you are.”

“It’s good to see you as well.” Eijun replies good-naturedly.

Kousei smiles at that. “Would you care to keep me company for a bit? I’d like to chat with you since it’s been awhile since we last met.”

Eijun glances back at his tablemates and briefly wonders if it would be okay. One glance at both the Kominato brothers and just a whiff of their scents nearly has him shivering. It yells a warning… but why? One can never be too sure, but it feels familial. They would never admit it, but Eijun knows that they care for him deeply and would protect him at all costs. And he would do the same. Eijun’s so glad to have stayed with them for a while to have become so close.

Ryousuke smiles pleasantly. “Go ahead. We’ll be here if you need anything.”

Eijun smiles and turns back to Kousei who’s hand is outstretched to him. Eijun takes it and is brought to his feet before Kousei nods in a general direction. “Wanna go check out what they’re feeding us?”

Eijun nods happily and starts to wonder why he had even felt nervous in the first place. Kousei is an acquaintance. Maybe his flustered state was thanks to that fresh alpha scent of his, who knows?

They walk along the buffet tables, taste testing things here and there, before they start to explore more of the ballroom whilst chatting and reminiscing about old times. Eventually Kousei asks for a dance and Eijun is nothing but accommodating to such a good friend so he says yes, and they dance. Thankfully, Eijun doesn’t step on his toes and Kousei makes no joke about his skill level, which is technically fair since he’s had tons of training after all! He’s just clumsy sometimes, okay?

After the song ends, he and Kousei walk back to Eijun’s table and stop to chatter for a little bit longer. He can feel the Kominatos staring at him but Eijun can also sense another pair of eyes on him as well. Who–?

“Well, well. What a lovely surprise. Who would’ve thought that I’d see you all here?” Kazuya’s voice drawls.

Eijun turns slightly to the side in order to see him before freezing where he stands, mouth running dry. Oh… Kazuya is a sight to behold. And while Eijun would wax poetic about how he looks, he can’t stop staring into Kazuya’s eyes which are trained on him and him only.

Eijun tries to remember how to breathe.

“Are you just trying to make conversation or something?” Ryousuke asks casually. “Because that was just terrible. A hello would have been fine.”

The sound of snickering has Eijun peeking behind Kazuya only to see Kuramochi Youichi whom he’s met briefly once or twice before.

“Youichi, you could be a good friend and defend my honor, can’t you?” Kazuya glances behind him and Youichi snorts.

“Huh? No way. R–” He glances towards Ryousuke and gulps. “R-Ryou-san is hilarious. Of course, I’m on his side.”

“Shame.” Kazuya sighs dramatically. “Guess I won’t save you, then.”

“Huh? Save me from what?” He asks confusedly.

“From your own terrible flirting.” Kazuya says so seriously that it’s almost comical. Youichi splutters as Kazuya walks away from him and nods kindly. “Good luck, Ryousuke-san.”

Ryousuke smiles pleasantly. “I don’t think I’ll need it.”

Kazuya then turns his attention to Eijun and comes to a stop in front of him. He bows a bit, only to take Eijun’s hand within his own, before placing a kiss on the back of it, and setting Eijun’s face aflame. “Care to dance with me, Eijun dear?"

Eijun can’t find the words to speak so he just nods, not even saying a parting goodbye to his friends as they head to the dance floor.

Their clasped hands are secure as they start to dance. Kazuya’s hand resting on Eijun’s waist is firm… almost possessive. Eijun shivers when he sees Kazuya’s intense amber eyes that flash with something that has Eijun feeling a little faint. Is it possible to faint from seeing someone so handsome?

“You know,” Kazuya starts to say. “I was hoping to have your first dance.” He’s not angry, but he is serious. Eijun can tell.

Eijun’s eyes drop to Kazuya’s chest. He would have wanted that too. “S-sorry.” He offers. “I didn’t think about it and just accepted.”

Kazuya is quiet for a moment and Eijun peeks at him through his lashes. Kazuya is watching his face intently. “But,” Eijun murmurs. “You can be my last. My last dance, that is.”

Kazuya’s eyes widen behind his spectacles and he chuckles breathlessly. He seems pleased.

“Well,” he says with a deep breath. “I’m honored to be your last.”

They get a little closer as they dance and Eijun glances around quickly to see if anyone's paying attention. He's certain they're supposed to have plenty of space between them while they dance according to societal standards, but…

"Look at me." Kazuya whispers, breaking Eijun out of his thoughts. Eijun does so, so easily, that it's almost a little embarrassing.

Eijun stares into Kazuya's eyes, so filled with depth as they finish up their dance, while their bodies creep closer and closer to one another to the point that their breaths intermingle.

The song ends and Kazuya pauses, staring at Eijun seriously for a moment. Or is he? Eijun goes to look at whatever he's looking at, but Kazuya distracts him.

"Come with me?" He asks as he leads Eijun off the dance floor. Eijun nods as Kazuya holds his hand and takes him through one of the doors leading out of the ballroom and down through a series of hallways.

"Where are we going?" Eijun asks a little too quietly, nervous and excited all at once.

Kazuya glances back at him. "Somewhere with a little more privacy."


The place he takes Eijun to is an empty sitting room off to the side. He blinks confusedly as Kazuya shuts the door.

Turning, he starts to say. "Why–"

And then Kazuya has Eijun pressed up against a wall, caged by his strong arms and a scent that's arguably to die for.

Eijun is obviously immediately flustered. "K-Kazu...ya."

A full body shiver wracks through his body as Kazuya buries his face in Eijun's neck, breathing in, and sighing pleasantly.

All Eijun can focus on is Kazuya and the pure warmth emanating from him. All Eijun can smell now is Kazuya's scent permeating the air and covering him like a blanket.

He feels flushed.

Kazuya's nose skims the column of his neck and Eijun pants as he continues traveling here and there, his scent dragging Eijun under little by little.

"Wha–…" He pauses and tries to gather his bearings. "W-what are you doing, Kazuya?"

"Scenting you." He mumbles against Eijun's skin, now pressing kisses wherever he can reach.

Oh, this is so not good for Eijun's heart.

"Why?" He stammers.

Kazuya takes a minute to answer as he experimentally licks a wet stripe along Eijun's scent gland. Eijun's knees buckle and Kazuya wraps an arm around his waist to keep him steady. Eijun is so flustered, so weak to Kazuya, and enjoying this entirely too much.

How shameless of me.

"... Don't like smelling other alphas on you." He mumbles quietly, pressing a kiss to his pulse point.

Other alphas? Eijun blinks. But he hasn't been around many alphas–oh… he was around Amahisa tonight. But then that means–

"You were jealous?" Eijun asks, a little breathless.

Kazuya pulls back for a moment to look at him clearly and Eijun has the pleasure of seeing a brilliant orange flash in those amber eyes. "And if I was?" He challenges.

Eijun bites his lip and glances to the side. "I… I can't say that I mind much."

"Did you intend for this to happen?" He asks.

"No, not at all." Eijun answers seriously.

Kazuya seems to believe him.

"Y-you should know that…" He hesitates, face red. This is almost way too bold for any normal omega to say. But then again, Eijun isn't a normal omega. "You should know that you have nothing to worry about."

Kazuya stares at him wide-eyed before a pleased smile forms on his face. It morphs only slightly to one of those damn charming smirks of his. "Is that so?"

Eijun refuses to meet his gaze. "Yes."

Kazuya gently cups his chin and lifts Eijun's head a bit so that they're forced to make eye contact.

Kazuya smiles and leans in to whisper by his ear. "You have nothing to worry about either."

Eijun's eyes are wide as Kazuya trails kisses across his jaw until he meets the corner of his lips and stops there abruptly, only lingering, never making a move to fully give Eijun a kiss on his lips.

Kazuya tilts his head back to look at him, but Eijun is already wrapping his arms around the back of Kazuya's neck and pulling him close just so that he can bury his face and not allow Kazuya to see what his face looks like.

Everything is too much and not enough.

It's been like this ever since they were children as they both have always yearned for more but were just fine with each other as they are. But now… now he can't help but wonder if this dance they've been doing for years and years around each other is finally going to reach its climax, is finally going to be closer to that one step that will allow them free reign to just fall into each other and tangle up like the loops in the cursive lines that they are.

If that is the case, well… he hopes that step is in the near future.



Year 10


"Son," his father starts to say. "We have something to talk to you about."

Kazuya startles where he stands, nearly squeezing the envelope in his hands. "Huh?" He swallows unevenly, taken off-guard. "What is this about?"

His mother smiles up at him from her place beside his father on one of the couches. She gestures to the one opposite them. "Why don't you take a seat?" She says softly and Kazuya–Kazuya can't refuse. He takes a seat, fingertips toying with the enclosed letter in his hands.

He feels anxiety start to set in. His parents wanting to talk to him together, collectively, is a rare occurrence. What could they want to speak to him about?

His mind starts to overwork itself, churning out thousands of possibilities and scenarios. Oh. Oh no. It couldn’t be…

"Kazuya," his father starts. Kazuya's head snaps up to focus on him. "You know that we care for your well-being."

"We always want what's best for you." His mother says.

Kazuya nods slowly and remains quiet.

“Because you’re a young adult now and because of our love for you, there’s something you should know.”

Kazuya fidgets. “What… what is it?”

“You’re engaged. You have been since you were a child.” His father informs him.

Kazuya’s heart drops and he feels despair start to sink in. No, no, no… He wants Eijun. All he has ever wanted is Eijun. Anyone else is unthinkable.

Despite the storm of emotions inside of him, he keeps calm on the surface. Gulping nervously, Kazuya's voice is just above a whisper as he asks. “Who have you set up with me?”

His parents smile warmly at him as his father continues to speak. “I think you’ll like them.” He says, voice filled with certainty. The sound of it has Kazuya in pure disbelief.

“Do you remember the Sawamuras?” His father murmurs quietly. Kazuya’s heart skips a beat. Wait…

“Their son, Eijun, would be a good match for you. We discussed the possibility of this arrangement years ago and we thought it would work out well. We even had a notary sit with us while we sorted through the details and got the proper paperwork ready.” Kazuya then notices the papers within his father’s hands. So, it's really official, then.

His mother speaks up. “It’s not a binding contract, so you can refuse if you would like. We can always cancel the engagement.”

Kazuya takes a moment to let it all sink in. He’s engaged to the love of his life, Sawamura Eijun. He can marry Eijun as simple as that. He doesn’t think he’s ever felt so invigorated, so happy before.

“How long?” Kazuya asks quietly. “How long have you had this set up for?”

“Since you were twelve years old, if I recall correctly.”

Kazuya nods. “And… why didn’t you tell me? Does Eijun know about this?”

“Well,” his mother straightens up in her seat. “We thought it would be best if you two got to know each other naturally and not by contractual obligation. And if you fell in love in the process, that would be a plus. And I’m sure Eijun will be told soon, too.”

“Kazuya,” she continues, looking into his eyes seriously. “I hope you’re not upset that we did this. And whether or not you do accept or refuse the engagement, we will be going to see the Sawamuras in a few days so that we can either continue with the contract or burn it. It would only be right.”

The room delves into silence after that as they let Kazuya consider all that has been said. It’s certainly a lot to take in, but Kazuya had his decision made the moment it became clear that he was in love with Eijun. Even if this engagement was with someone else, he will always choose Eijun.

“I–” Kazuya takes a deep breath and looks at both his parents and their patient faces. He has never really thought about how lucky he is, but now maybe he should. He should make every moment count, every memory last. He should let himself fall into happiness with an open heart no matter what his mind has to say about it.

So, he does, and so he falls.

“I would love nothing more than to marry Sawamura Eijun.”




“Eijun, you’re engaged.”

Eijun’s mouth drops open. “Huh?”

His grandfather sighs tiredly, looking like the old man he really is for once. He repeats the words Eijun’s mother had spoken. “You’re engaged, idiot grandson.”

Eijun seriously feels as if his soul has left his body. He’s engaged? That can’t be right! Eijun has daydreamed so many scenarios in which he married Kazuya–


He jumps up from his seat and starts to pace. “You’re joking, right?” Eijun laughs. “You have to be!” Taking a glimpse at his family, he finds only serious faces staring back at him.

“You’re not?” Even to his own ears, he can hear how hurt he sounds. “B-but that can’t be right… you wouldn’t just… give me away to someone like that, would you?”

“I’m an adult now, so… so… it’s not necessary for this kind of thing anymore.” He pauses, hesitates. “We’re not in any financial trouble, are we?”

“No, we’re not in any financial trouble. Eijun, this marriage has been arranged for you since you were a child.”

“What?!” Eijun is in disbelief. “Why would you do that? Shouldn’t I marry someone I love? Why would you do this to me?”


“No. No, I won’t do it!” It’s ridiculous but Eijun feels a little betrayed. They’re waiting until now to tell him this? Now he has to force himself to get married to a complete stranger? He can’t believe this!

Feeling emotional and with few tears threatening to escape his eyes, Eijun heads for the front door and shoves on his shoes.

“Eijun! Get back here.”

Eijun sniffles miserably and heads outside, immediately running into a place he calls home. The forest. The forest where he first got acquainted with Kazuya.

He runs and runs until he’s so breathless that it feels as if his lungs may collapse. His clothes are certainly dirty and there are tear tracks across his cheeks. He rubs at his face harshly, not minding how much it burns.

“Damn it!” He all but screams as he sinks to the ground, lying flat against the forest floor with a clear blue sky and treetops as his only view.

How could his family do this to him? Why would they even consider that? Aren’t arranged marriages old-fashioned? Or do they still do those kinds of things these days? What if he’s forced to marry someone old or crazy? What if they’re controlling? What if they make Eijun feel as if he’s not even worthy to be himself?

He casts his arm over his forehead as soft sobs heave through his chest.

Why… why, why, why, why?
I love Kazuya.
I’m in love with Kazuya.
I only want him. I only need him.

Eijun lies there as the sky darkens and his breath starts to show visibly in the air as it grows colder with nightfall. He doesn’t want to go home, doesn’t want to see his family right now. But… but he’s cold and he knows he could probably stay out here for a long time, but he can’t avoid them or this situation forever. He can prolong it a little bit though.

Eijun stays outside for an hour longer before reluctantly getting up and trudging home. Every step feels as heavy as lead. He dreads having to deal with this situation when all he feels right now is his heart breaking.

When he makes it home, the house is quiet with only a few light sources on. One of the servants is waiting for him inside. “You’re back.” They smile kindly. “I’ve kept your dinner warm for you, so you should go eat it.”

Eijun feels tired. “Not hungry,” is all he says.

They frown but nod nonetheless. “Shall I start a bath for you?”

Eijun stares at them seriously for a moment before sighing. They waited up for him, so the least he can do is let them help him with just one thing. Though, really, he doesn’t mind doing things himself. He usually prefers it. But right now, Eijun is tired and he’s dirty. He may even have torn his clothes and scratched himself a bit when he ran into the woods. He probably looks like hell.

“Sure.” Eijun nods, voice too quiet for normal.

Even so, the servant smiles at him warmly and he can’t help but to weakly smile back.

Eijun takes his bath and heads to bed that night. The following day he avoids his family again, but this time he’s sent dinner to his room. It’s lonely to eat alone.

At night, his mother knocks on his door and asks to come in, and reluctantly he says yes.

“Eijun,” she says. Her eyes worriedly roam over his form. “Oh dear. You’ve got scratch marks on your arms…”

“It’s fine.”

She sits down at his bedside and looks at him seriously. “About your engagement…”

Eijun sighs deeply. He really doesn’t want to have this conversation.

“Hear me out.” She murmurs gently. “I know you’re feeling a little frazzled over this, but you should know that your fiancé and his family are coming to see all of us tomorrow.”

Eijun’s heart practically stops. “What?”

She sighs at his reaction. “Please just meet them with us. It’s the least you could do since they’re traveling all this way. You also should know that you don’t have to get married to them if you don’t want to. It’s not a binding contract.”

“Why didn’t you tell me that?” Eijun asks incredulously.

“You left before I could.” She frowns at him. “Now, what do you say? Will you at least meet them?”

Eijun debates with himself. Meeting his supposed future fiancé can’t hurt too much if he doesn’t have to marry them. He just hopes that he doesn’t get their hopes up because there’s only one person he has eyes for and he’s not going to give them up without a fight.

Begrudgingly, he mutters. “Fine.”

“Good.” She stands up, clearly pleased. “Be up bright and early tomorrow morning, and make sure to wear something nice.”

She heads to his bedroom door and turns one last time to look at him. “Good night, Eijun.”

“Good night.”

Oh, how he dreads tomorrow.




Eijun stands alongside his family in the parlor, glaring at his shoes as if they've wronged him somehow. They've just gotten word that his fiancé and his family have arrived, so now they're all just waiting for them to enter the Sawamuras' home.

He just wants to get this over with at this point.

All his mind is focused on is Kazuya, Kazuya, Kazuya. He just wants to see Kazuya, wants to hold hands with Kazuya, wants to kiss Kazuya, wants to–his face burns red. Let's not go there right now.

Vaguely, he can hear the sound of the front door opening and one of their maids murmuring something as their guests shuffle around at the entrance. Eijun's face sours and he quickly purses his lips when he feels his grandfather shoot him a look.

Ugh… He grimaces. I just want to see Kazuya!

"Sorry, we're a little late." A familiar voice says as the family enters the parlor.

"Not at all!" His mother chimes enthusiastically. "You're right on time, and even if you weren't it would be fine!"

Eijun glances up then, freezing when he sees three familiar faces staring right back at him. He blinks, rubs his eyes, even squints. Am I seeing this right?

After confirming that it's not an illusion, Eijun's brain has somewhat of a meltdown. He frantically points and screeches, "M-M-Miyuki Kazuya, what are you doing here?!"

Kazuya quirks a brow at that while his mother Yua laughs. "Did Eijun not know we were coming?"

His mother sighs. "It's a little complicated. But yes, he knew you were coming but didn't know you were coming."

"Eh?" Eijun is confused all to hell.

His mother pinches his cheek gently. "Eijun, say hello to your fiancé and his parents."

Eijun's jaw drops. "Fiancé? Miyuki Kazuya is my fiancé?"

Someone facepalms loudly.

His mother sighs exasperatedly. "Well, if you would have waited and listened to us the other day you would have known."

Eijun's face immediately turns red and he can see the curiosity on Kazuya's face. He can tell that Kazuya is going to ask him about this later just from the look in his eyes.

Oh god, this is so embarrassing!

"Would you two mind going out into the garden and get reacquainted again?"

"Not at all." Kazuya replies before looking at him questioningly. "Eijun?"

"I-it's fine with me." He mumbles.

And so, the two of them make their way outside. Kazuya is quiet as they walk while Eijun is absorbed in his thoughts.

The last time Eijun saw Kazuya was… two and a half to three years ago probably? It's been some time since they last saw each other at that ball, and their only form of contact since then has been letters. The two of them are adults now, both busy with lending a helping hand with their family's business, so times have been busy for them.

Eijun peeks at Kazuya out of the corner of his eye and notes the changes about him. He's the same, but… different. Kazuya's voice is deeper from what he's heard earlier, and he is broader and taller as well. He's put on quite a bit of muscle too, and his face almost seems like it's made out of marble, like a sculpture. But… his scent, that smile on his face, and those eyes are still the same ones Eijun remembers. All in all, Kazuya has grown into a handsome young adult.

The two of them stop in a small space surrounded by a variety of tall rose bushes and small flowering plants in between. No one can see or hear them here. They have absolute privacy from prying eyes.

Eijun isn't sure what comes over him, but the first thing he does is hug Kazuya. The older man makes a small noise of surprise as he's startled, and yet he still hugs him back, carefully holding Eijun in his arms. Kazuya smiles softly into Eijun's hair.

"It's been so long since I last saw you." Eijun mumbles. "And seeing you here now, and finding out why you're here… I just can't believe it."

"It's good to see you again." Kazuya says quietly with warmth in his voice. "I've really missed you."

"I've missed you too." Eijun whispers as he pulls back slightly to look at him, hands gripping the fabric on Kazuya's back almost anxiously. "But… Are we actually–uhm." He glances away. "Do you even want to be with me, Kazuya?"

Kazuya gives him one long look that has Eijun squirming before he finally does something that shocks Eijun.

Kazuya gets down on one knee, taking Eijun's hands into his own gently as if Eijun is something to be treasured. "Sawamura Eijun." He watches with rapt attention as Kazuya presses a kiss to the back of Eijun's hand. He peers up at him then with those warm caramel eyes of his that Eijun wouldn't mind drowning in, as something like a shock of lightning courses through his system. He tries his best not to shiver.

"You are someone that I have known for so many years, and even when we were apart, I could not stop thinking about you." Kazuya murmurs softly. "This arrangement of ours is such an amazing chance, sure, but there's one thing that I would like to get straight with you."

Eijun can hear his heart pounding loudly in his ears. "W-what is it?"

"I cherish you so much and so deeply to the point that for years I have been all yours. I can't imagine you not being in my life." He takes a deep breath and there's an emotion swimming in his eyes that Eijun has felt before, that Eijun has felt for Kazuya himself. "... And I would love nothing more than to be married to you."

Eijun can hardly breathe.

Kazuya swallows nervously and whispers. "Eijun, will you marry me?"

Eijun bites his lip as if to hold back the emotion swelling inside him, but it's no use. He blinks back his tears and stares into Kazuya's eyes, feeling happier than he has ever felt in his life.

"Of course, I will." Eijun sniffles and attempts to pull Kazuya to his feet. Kazuya wobbles as he stands, and Eijun thinks that he can see the hint of tears in Kazuya's eyes too.

"You've ruined me for anyone else, Miyuki Kazuya. All there ever is and will ever be is you." Eijun mumbles as Kazuya wipes the tears from his eyes gently. "You're really the worst, and yet you're the only one for me. You don't practice magic, do you?"

Kazuya laughs softly as he cups Eijun's face in the palms of his hands. "Do you?"


"Hmm." Kazuya whispers as he leans in close. "Then I guess this must be what they call love."

Eijun blinks and smiles back at him. "I guess you're right."

"I am, aren't I?" He says, the tip of his nose brushing Eijun's.

"Mhm." Eijun hums as he closes the distance between their lips, and they share their first kiss together for the first time.

It's as amazing as it is sweet, and lovelier than love itself. Just as they imagined, and exactly how it was meant to be.




("By the way, what did your mother mean by 'if you would have waited'?" Kazuya grins, nearly leering. "Did you run away?"

"I am not answering that!"

"Come on, Ei–" Kazuya starts to coax before Eijun shuts him up with potentially the best method he knows: a kiss.

It seems to work pretty well if the wide-eyed enamored look Kazuya is sporting afterwards is anything to go by.

Ah, true love's kiss. The most powerful weapon.) 



After months of planning, the two of them get married in September on a Wednesday. A prosperous day in a prosperous month. Surely, they will be happy all their lives, and even without superstitious lucky days… they will still be happy.

His hands are shaking.

"Don't be nervous," his father says. "You've known your future husband for the majority of your life."

"I'm not nervous." Eijun grumbles.

His father stares at him seriously, gaze darting down and back again. "Your hands are shaking."

Eijun splutters. "If anyone's nervous, it should be you! Your hands are shaking too!"

His father abruptly hides his hands behind his back. "S-so we're both nervous. So what? This is just a ceremony. Nothing entirely new. Just do your best and make beautiful memories."

Eijun smiles weakly and clasps a hand onto his father's shoulder. "I'll do my best. It'll be amazing because everyone I care about is here, and they'll get to see me married off to the person I love."

"I'm glad." He grins, and there's a shine to his eyes that makes Eijun feel like crying. "Feel free to get overly emotional so that we can tease you later though."


They're interrupted by a knock on the door. "It's time."

They both take in a deep breath and exhale slowly to steel their nerves.

It's time for Eijun to be married off to the love of his life. No pressure.

His father carefully leads him to where the main ceremony is to be held. Once at the entrance, they pause as the sounds of music dip into one for their arrival. After a moment, he, and his father pass through the curtains and into the light.

The moment Eijun enters, there are sounds of gasps all around the room. He's not sure why, but it may be because of his attire that is made of only the finest cotton, silk, satin, and lace. It's simple but also thoroughly and elaborately designed. It accents his features, and the color of the gown pairs nicely with his skin tone and eyes. It's truly beautiful and he almost feels bad for wearing it, but it's not time to think about that right now. No…

Eijun's gaze is focused entirely on Kazuya and Kazuya alone. Kazuya's expression is one filled with awe and his eyes are glimmering with something special and sweet. He smiles warmly at Eijun when he meets his eyes, and Eijun squeezes his father's hand as they finally meet up with his future husband. His father leaves him in Kazuya's hands before taking his seat.

You look beautiful, Kazuya mouths.

So do you, Eijun replies, pleased to see Kazuya's ears redden.

The officiant then starts the ceremony.

"You may all sit." She tells the guests. Once they do, she nods to Eijun and Kazuya both. "Let us kneel."

The three of them sink to their knees and Eijun directs his attention to the area before them while the officiant says some opening remarks. Between the three of them is a table and resting upon it are several items they need to complete the ceremony: the official papers, ink and quills, two ribbons, and a set of rings.

He briefly remembers what they're supposed to do with these things. He honestly just hopes that he doesn't mess it up.

"Kazuya, Eijun." The officiant addresses them. Eijun looks up at her and pays attention. "This ceremony marks the beginning of your marriage. A new journey lies before you and you two will take it on together, hand in hand."

Eijun's fingers twitch where they lie on his lap. He wants to hold Kazuya's hand now.

"There will be many things that you'll come across through this journey. You'll face challenges and hardships, laughter and love. And through all of these things, you will find that dedication, patience, compassion, and understanding will help your love truly blossom even more than it already has."

She pauses and continues on with a smile. "Kazuya and Eijun's relationship is one that you would love to read about in story books. From all of the things I've read and heard these past few months from family and friends and the couple themselves, I can tell that there is truly something special here. You bring out the best in each other. You genuinely care for one another. You want nothing but the best for each other and you are always there to provide comfort and strength, and even challenges."

"This marriage is a promise between the two of you, bringing forth love and support, and making your lives intertwined into one. We are all honored to share this incredibly special moment with you, and I am sure that today will be a day we will remember for years to come."

"Thank you." Eijun murmurs quietly as she finishes. He's truly touched by her kind words so filled with wisdom and understanding, that it almost makes him feel a bit emotional. He's trying to hold back his tears, though. He's not letting his family get more material to tease him on quite so soon!

The officiant smiles at him before setting her papers down and sliding the official paperwork across the table towards them. "Please sign these documents before we proceed."

Eijun nods while he peeks at Kazuya who grabs a quill first and reads through the documents before signing his name. As if sensing his gaze, Kazuya looks up then and smiles at him. It's such a sweet smile and it's filled with all of the emotions Kazuya has under the surface. He feels so breathless just looking at it. Oh god, it might not be the actual ceremony that will cause him to be emotional. It will be Kazuya himself.

Kazuya hands him the quill he just used and Eijun takes it carefully, their fingertips softly brushing as he does. He purses his lips as if to contain himself from just jumping on Kazuya and clinging to him. That sort of teasing material would likely be the death of him.

Eijun mumbles to himself as he reads the documents carefully, wanting to be as thoroughly informed on the official papers as he can. All the while, he can feel Kazuya's eyes on him, and he bites his lip to keep his calm.

Signing the document, he sets the quill down while the officiant looks over the papers to make sure everything is in order before nodding. "Let us proceed."

"There is nothing more powerful than your bond together and nothing more meaningful than the vows in which you will speak here today. Your vows are sacred. They are a promise and declaration of your love for one another and remembering and dedicating yourselves to these vows will make your relationship that much stronger." She pauses and lifts her hands palm side up before pulling them apart. "Please face each other as you declare your vows to one another. Either one of you may start."

The two of them shuffle where they kneel as they turn to face one another and Eijun practically has to beg his heart not to race when he finally gets a full view of Kazuya from head to toe. He's absolutely gorgeous as he always is and it's accented by that suit, how his hair is styled, and those pretty, ever piercing eyes of his. Eijun nearly feels as if he might swoon.

Kazuya gently takes Eijun's hands into his own and quirks a brow. "Do you want to go first or shall I, sweetheart?"

Eijun's face feels like it's on fire with the rampant blush on his cheeks. Kazuya using a pet name for him in front of so many people? He's so flustered! But yet, he absolutely adores it. "Y-you can go first, Kazuya."

"Alright." He smirks, but it's softer and makes Eijun feel ooey gooey inside.

"Eijun," he starts. His voice is soft and warm and, oh, how Eijun could listen to it for days on end. Kazuya looks straight into Eijun's eyes and Eijun is entirely locked in place, body entirely attuned to Kazuya's very being just as it had been since the day they first met.

"When I first saw you, I thought that you were the prettiest person I had ever seen." He confesses.

Eijun's breath catches in his throat. Is that really Kazuya's first impression of me?

"And the way your face would scrunch up when you concentrated and how you looked as if you wanted to do nothing more than explore was so endearing that I had found it just… really cute." Eijun's cheeks redden as Kazuya continues. "We were both shy at first, of course." Eijun nods. "But even so, you opened up to me and conversing with you came almost too easily to me."

"I would quickly come to find that you were entirely too loud and pretty reckless." Eijun tries not to grumble but he fails miserably. The audience chuckles a little as Kazuya smiles at him sincerely. "Even so, I have come to find how truly out of this world you are. You're kind of like the sun in a way, and I couldn't help myself from falling into your orbit."

He takes a deep breath, and his voice is soft but clear as he speaks. "You have a very big heart, Eijun. You love and live freely, and you are one of the most independent people I know. You always do what I never expect, and I can't stop feeling proud of you no matter what. You are awe-inspiring."

Eijun's heart thumps loudly in his ears. Vaguely, he feels his eyes start to water but he can't really do much about that.

Kazuya smiles fondly at him as he murmurs the last of his vows. "Eijun, I promise you my all. I promise to love and cherish you and protect and care for you. I promise to be someone you can rely on for support and comfort."

He exhales shakily. "You have been someone important to me for my entire life. You radiate pure joy and sunshine, and you always seem to know how to make me laugh. You are and will always be my better half, my best friend, and the one person I love for now and for all eternity. Eijun, I dedicate and devote myself to you. And with that, I promise to always bring you laughter, support, comfort, and all my love."

Tears are streaming freely from Eijun's eyes at this point, and it almost seems as if Kazuya is feeling a little misty-eyed too. Eijun doesn't think there will ever be anything he loves more than Miyuki Kazuya. And he is so, so lucky to have this man by his side.

Kazuya squeezes his hands as a form of support, and nods encouragingly at Eijun to say his vows when ready.

Alright, then.

"Miyuki Kazuya," Eijun starts. Kazuya releases a huff of amusement. Even now, Eijun still occasionally calls him by his full name.

With a voice thick with emotions, Eijun continues. "When I first met you, I thought you were too short." There's quiet laughter from the audience and even from the officiant too.

"You were so sure of yourself and even when it came to things you've never experienced before, you let yourself trust me. Trusting someone you barely know is quite a feat, and I'm sincerely glad you did."

"Even when I almost killed you?" Kazuya jokes. Eijun hears his mother gasp. Oops. Kazuya is going to get him in trouble for something that happened years ago!

Eijun laughs quietly. "Even when you almost killed me."

Eijun straightens up and stares straight into Kazuya's eyes. He wants to get out how much Kazuya truly means to him. He wants Kazuya to know how he feels.

"I've considered you my best friend for the longest time and my feelings for you have always been something a little more. Over the years, I have come to know you very well. You love to tease me almost entirely too much. You may not show it much to others, but you care about the people around you so, so much. You always seem to know what to say. And if there's any one person in this world that I would have to trust, it would be you."

"You are like the crisp wind in early Autumn–full of depth, color, and warmth. You bring me so much joy, and I truly feel as if I can do anything when you're by my side. There is no rhyme or reason for the way I feel about you–I just do. You are so important and so imperfectly perfect, that I can't help but fall for you just like Autumn leaves. Inevitably, I have always been yours."

Kazuya's eyes widen and Eijun can just barely hear the sound of his breath catching. That look on his face will be burned into Eijun's memory for the rest of his life; the look of a man in love.

"Kazuya, I know I'm not always perfect myself. I'm clumsy and sometimes I act before I speak. But even so, I promise to be a foundation for you. I promise to make you laugh and smile. I promise to support and care for you. I promise that when things get hard, I will always comfort you. I promise to be someone you can rely on."

Eijun squeezes his hands, and at this point, he's not sure if it's to comfort Kazuya or to tether himself to the man.

"We have known each other for years, and every day we spend together holds something new. You are and will continue to be my best friend, someone I cherish, and my soulmate. Kazuya, you are so important to me. And I promise you that I will always be here for you for whatever you need. All my love is yours."

As he finishes, Eijun isn't sure whether or not he's surprised to see a hint of wetness in Kazuya's eyes. The man is a softie at heart after all, and he's quite sentimental too. Eijun squeezes his hands comfortingly once more as the officiant speaks.

"Now we will do the ribbon ceremony. For those who may not be familiar with this, what you are about to see is Kazuya and Eijun tying a ribbon around each other's neck to serve as a momentary bond. The ribbon will remain on their necks until the two of them bond when they are ready in private." She clears her throat. "Kazuya, Eijun. Please pick up your ribbons and tie them on your partner's neck. Not too loose or too tight."

The two of them pick up their ribbons and Eijun leans forward first to put his onto Kazuya. With slightly trembling fingers, he puts the ribbon around the back of Kazuya's neck so that he can tie it in the front.

His brows are furrowed in concentration as he makes a bow, and he tries not to startle at the sight of Kazuya's adam's apple bobbing. He peeks up briefly to see Kazuya's eyes once again trained on him. Eijun blushes and focuses on finishing his ribbon.

Eijun sits back on his haunches as Kazuya leans forward to do the same. His hands are gentle as he ties the ribbon, fingertips grazing the skin of Eijun's neck as he does. He bites his lip while Kazuya finishes. The other pauses only to momentarily rub a finger almost soothingly against the side of his neck, their scents briefly mixing. All that does is make Eijun feel clingy. He wants to be with Kazuya now. Kazuya pulls away and Eijun tries not to sigh at the loss of contact.

They move onto the rings ceremony. “The rings signify the union of this couple. They symbolize eternal love.” She nods at them both. "Please grab the rings." The two of them carefully pick up each other’s ring.

She turns to Kazuya first. "Kazuya, do you take Eijun to be your partner, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; until death do you part?”

“I do.” Kazuya murmurs seriously as his eyes, filled with so much love and warmth, stare into Eijun’s own as he slides the ring onto Eijun’s finger.

Eijun feels as if he might sob.

The officiant turns to Eijun when he finishes. “And Eijun, do you take Kazuya to be your partner, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; until death do you part?”

“I do.” Eijun whispers with a thick voice, eyes swimming with tears, as he slips Kazuya’s ring onto his finger.

"By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you partners.” Smiling at them both, she says. “You may now kiss your husband."

The two of them kiss and it is as sweet as pure honey, warming Eijun's heart and making it race all at once.

Oh, he thinks faintly, with warm lips pressed against his. I could get used to this.



After the ceremony, they have a celebratory party that is filled with fun and cheer. People make speeches on their relationship while they eat, and the number of tears and laughter wraps him in a warm hug. They have cake, of course, and the cake itself is something the two of them had agreed upon. He pays careful attention to his husband's taste, y’know?

They even share their first dance after having been married and Eijun had soaked that short contact in as much as he could. The two of them are clingy, but they try their best not to be too much in front of their guests.

And when all is said and done and it becomes evening, Kazuya and Eijun head off to their new vacation home to share their honeymoon together.




The clacking of hooves comes to a complete stop as they arrive at their destination. Kazuya steps out of the carriage and offers Eijun a careful and guiding hand. His dear husband giggles as he takes it and steps out as well. Kazuya then turns to the coachman and servant who had come along. "Is everything settled?" He asks.

They nod. "Yes. The house is stocked with ingredients and anything else you may need."

Kazuya smiles at that and hands them an envelope. "Here are the funds and payment I owe you for all your hard work. Thank you for setting this up and taking us here."


"I insist. Really. Thank you so much."

"O-okay… we'll be leaving now, and we'll come to check on you and see if our services are needed."

"That's very kind of you." Eijun interrupts and smiles. "Thank you for your help."

"It is but a pleasure to assist you both. Congratulations on marrying."

"Thank you." Kazuya and Eijun say in unison.

The carriage leaves after that, taking the coachman and servant with it. Kazuya watches it for a moment before turning to face Eijun and taking hold of one of his hands. Eijun peers up at Kazuya curiously and Kazuya simply cannot help how he smiles so easily at the sight of his partner.

"Let's go home, shall we?"

Eijun nods and they walk up the path to their small vacation home. The vacation home itself is a place that Kazuya saw when considering what they would need after they married. They have a small house in the city, but he knows that Eijun might miss more of the scenery provided by more of the countryside. So, this was an obvious choice.

Kazuya unlocks the door and opens it only to turn around and stop Eijun in his tracks.

"H-huh? What's the matter–K-Kazuya!" Eijun laughs as Kazuya playfully scoops Eijun up in his arms. He laughs lightly and gives Eijun a smirk. "I have to carry you across the threshold."

"B-but that's not necessary!" He starts before stopping. "Wait, but I could carry you over it instead!"

"Not happening." Kazuya sings as he steps inside.

He looks down at Eijun and gives him a wink. "Should I carry you upstairs too?"

"Miyuki Kazuya!"

Kazuya laughs. "Alright, alright." He carefully puts Eijun on his feet before turning to shut the door and locking it.

Once he turns around, Kazuya is completely surprised when Eijun pulls him in for a sudden kiss. Kazuya melts into it, letting Eijun lead for a moment before he himself entirely dominates the kiss by nipping Eijun's lips, invoking a gasp of surprise from the younger man.

His hands trail up his sides, firm as they settle on his waist. He squeezes gently while he slips his tongue past Eijun's lips in order to explore his mouth some more like he's never had the chance to do before, tongue sensually rubbing against his omega’s own. Eijun moans at the feeling, leaning his weight into Kazuya while he kisses him breathless.

After a moment, he pulls away, wanting to see Eijun's face. And once he does, he feels entirely too pleased. Eijun's eyes are lidded and his lips are parted, just asking to be kissed again.

Kazuya does, murmuring, "what a pretty omega" while he goes.

Eijun whimpers and it's in that moment that Kazuya can smell the sweetening of his scent along with… with the smell of what could only be Eijun's slick. His cock twitches in interest in his trousers and he groans into their kiss, not caring how messy he makes it and if saliva covers their lips or drips down their chins.

Kazuya tilts his head down to lay kisses all across the column of Eijun's neck and the other man cannot stop making noises as he does. "Sensitive here?" Kazuya questions more to himself than to Eijun. Experimentally he nips at the skin and Eijun jolts, panting hot breaths beside Kazuya's ear.

The more Kazuya plays with his omega, the more both their scents become even more thick with the smell of arousal. He feels addicted, wanting to permeate the air with the scent of it only to drown entirely in it in the end.

Kazuya's thoughts stop abruptly when he feels something hard brush against his leg. He sucks a kiss into Eijun's neck before whispering, "is my omega excited?"

Pulling away, he's almost too happy to see how Eijun is barely holding it together from just kisses alone. Kazuya briefly wonders how even more undone his omega would come in bed just under Kazuya's ministrations alone.

Eijun's face is practically flaming. "N-no." He stutters, not meeting Kazuya's eyes.

Kazuya smirks but all he feels is fond. "You never have been a good liar." He remarks.

"You're such a jerk." Eijun all but groans.

"But you love me anyway." He says warmly.

Eijun grumbles at that and Kazuya cups his cheek within his palm to grab his attention. Eijun blinks, staring up at him with wide eyes. Fond, Kazuya presses a small kiss to the tip of Eijun's nose, reveling in the way his partner starts to blush.

Kazuya smiles. "Let's go to our room, shall we?" Eijun shyly nods, not fighting Kazuya when he takes his hand and leads them up the stairs of their small vacation home and to their room.

Their bedroom is perfectly sized with the bed in the center of the room, a sitting area on one side, and a writing desk, vanity, and storage closet for clothes on the other. Eijun gapes at the sight of it while Kazuya starts a fire in the fireplace before lighting some candles here and there, giving them a nice and romantic atmosphere. He knows Eijun loves this sort of thing. What a softie my lover is.

"This room is so big…" Eijun mumbles to himself.

"Well, it's made for two." Kazuya says while he turns and walks towards Eijun.

"The size of it makes it look like it's the whole house. Are there even any more rooms upstairs?"

"There's a few," he replies and grasps Eijun's hands with his own. "I'll give you a tour in the morning. But first–" Eijun meets his eyes this time. Kazuya smiles gently.

"Would you like to celebrate our union? This time in private." He leans forward as his voice drops into a whisper. "This time… in a different way."

Eijun blushes to himself. Honestly, where does he come up with this stuff?

"We don't have to." Kazuya reminds him. "Your comfort is important to me above all else."

Eijun swallows thickly, overcome with emotion. How is he so lucky to have such a considerate alpha by his side? "But you want to." Eijun says almost jokingly, trying to lighten the mood.

"Maybe so. But I love you and I care for you. I just want you to be happy."

Eijun stares at him for a moment with stars in his eyes. "You know I love you too." He whispers, cheeks pinkening. "And you know there's nothing more that I would love to do than to…" He glances to the side. "... celebrate with you."

"Well then," Kazuya says with a glint in his eyes. "Let's get to celebrating."

The two of them quickly work on taking off their shoes before Kazuya helps Eijun take off his gown, making quick and delicate work of all of the fastenings. Kazuya places a kiss on the back of Eijun's neck and murmurs thoughtfully against his skin. "It's like I'm unwrapping a present."

"Am I the present?" Eijun asks, trembling a little when Kazuya sucks on his neck.

"Mhm." He hums. "The best present I've ever received, and completely priceless too."

Eijun huffs out a laugh and Kazuya finishes undoing his gown before carefully setting it aside, moving to help take off the corset Eijun wears too.

Eventually all that's left is Eijun's underwear and the garter he wears on his thigh. He settles down onto their bed while Kazuya takes off his jacket. Sitting down across from him, Kazuya drinks in the sight of his pretty omega covered in satin and lace, and skin flushed pink as he blushes due to Kazuya's stare.

Admiringly, he lightly strokes the fabric as Eijun bites his lip.

Well, Kazuya supposes. I'm a little greedy to see more.

Kazuya's fingertips expertly take off the remaining underwear Eijun wears, being soft and sensual as he does. Lastly leaves the garter on Eijun's thigh which he drags off with his teeth, annoyingly slow. He winks at Eijun as he drops it to the side.

Kazuya’s gaze roams over Eijun’s form as his hands run up Eijun’s thighs, groping the soft flesh. 

“Oh, what a pretty sight you make.” He whispers, kissing Eijun’s skin as his mouth moves upwards and his fingertips trail along his omega’s sides.

A little mischievous, Kazuya gives no warning when he sucks one of Eijun’s nipples into his mouth to tease while his hand pinches and rubs the other.

“Nnh–aah!” Eijun cries out, back arching at the touch. It’s almost as if his body doesn’t know whether to fall for Kazuya’s touch or run away. Kazuya hums, pleased, as he switches between nipples, lightly nipping and sucking at the sensitive nubs until they're swell and perky.

He pulls away only to bite at Eijun’s skin, wanting to leave marks all over his husband as a claim. “Your body is pretty sensitive, huh?” Kazuya murmurs as Eijun squirms.

“Y-you’re so–” Eijun pants and seems to lose his trail of thought. “Nnh…” He tugs at Kazuya’s shirt. “Just–just t-take this off already.”

“Ooh,” Kazuya sings teasedly. “What a demanding husband I have.”

Eijun grumbles but Kazuya does as he requests and tosses his shirt to the side. Eijun sits up then, and hesitantly starts to touch Kazuya’s chest and arms with his lips parted. He’s concentrated as he admires Kazuya’s build. It’s cute.

“I’m not going to break, you know.” Kazuya laughs. “You can touch me all you want. I’m all yours.”

Kazuya tugs Eijun onto his lap, the other making a surprised noise as he does. He brushes the tip of his nose along Eijun’s neck until he reaches his scent gland. There, he decides to lick and nip the sensitive gland, inhaling Eijun’s intoxicating scent as he does.

“A-aah… Kazuya.” Eijun trembles as his hands lay flat on Kazuya’s chest, right over his pectorals. He squeezes them slightly as Kazuya teases him, panting hot and open mouthed against his alpha’s shoulder.

Kazuya is nearly surprised when he feels teeth sink into his shoulder, but all he feels is fond. It figures that this omega of his is just as possessive of Kazuya as Kazuya is of him.

Kazuya’s hands dip low and slide under the curve of Eijun’s ass. He pulls apart the cheeks and squeezes them, making Eijun release high keening whine. Eijun attempts to rut against Kazuya’s bulge, moaning as Kazuya teases his rim with sneaky fingertips.

“Alpha…” He whines. Kazuya feels his blood run hot. He lifts his head and kisses Eijun, sucking on his tongue and making Eijun emit a strangled noise of surprise. Kissing for a moment longer, he admires the absolutely wrecked look on Eijun’s face from mere brushes of skin and kissing alone.

Kazuya whispers in his ear. “What is it that you want, pretty?”

Eijun shudders and glances down at his lap demurely. “... y-you.”


“I want you, Alpha.” Eijun mumbles, biting his lip and staring up into Kazuya’s eyes. It seems that their patience is quickly wearing thin as they fall deeper into lust. Especially now that Eijun keeps calling him Alpha.

“Oh?” He smirks and leans into Eijun’s space, the other shrinking a bit to accommodate Kazuya's build.

He gives Eijun’s ass a squeeze, toying with it as he stares into Eijun’s beautiful golden eyes. “You want your alpha’s knot, hm?”

“Y-yes…” Eijun whimpers and it’s almost too hot how Kazuya can feel slick leaking out of hole and onto his wandering fingertips. He fights back the urge to lean forward and press Eijun face down in bed and fuck him til he cries. The scent of slick is driving Kazuya mad.

“You want me to stuff your pretty hole with my cum? Make you so full with it that you’ll pop out a few puppies in the future?”

“Alpha–” Eijun pants into Kazuya’s mouth. “Please, please… I want it. I want you.”

“Well,” Kazuya smiles against his lips. “Since you asked so nicely.”

He gives Eijun’s ass a little slap and pulls back. “Move off my lap for a minute so I can take off my pants, pretty.”

Eijun does so and Kazuya moves to stand, quickly shucking off his pants and underwear before turning around again. And the sight he sees is almost enough to make Kazuya’s alpha whine.

Eijun has arranged himself into a presenting position. He’s on all fours with his chest pressed against the bed and his back arched. The thing Kazuya is focusing on the most though is Eijun’s ass up high in the air and ready for the taking. “Oh,” Kazuya murmurs as he positions himself behind Eijun. “How pretty. What a good boy you are presenting yourself like this to me.”

Eijun releases a soft moan and his hips sway enticingly, drawing Kazuya’s sight to Eijun’s puckered hole that’s a mess of slick which drips down onto his balls and thighs. Kazuya presses a kiss on the curve of Eijun’s back and finally moves down to do what he’s been desiring the most.

He licks stripe up Eijun’s crack, shuddering at the pleasant taste of Eijun’s slick on his tongue. His husband cries out and pushes his ass back further. Kazuya laughs lightly. “Don’t worry.” He says. “I plan on tasting every bit of you.”

Kazuya laps at the slick that’s practically pouring from Eijun’s hole, hands gripping his ass cheeks firmly and spreading them apart as he does. He plunges his tongue inside and starts fucking Eijun with it, tongue wiggling in and out as it explores with every thrust. Eijun mewls high and loud, making Kazuya’s cock throb.

He groans and pulls back after a minute or two, licking the slick off his lips with the swipe of a tongue. “You taste so sweet.” Kazuya whispers as he kisses up Eijun’s spine. Without warning, he starts to fuck Eijun with his fingers, nice and slow at first.

Eijun yelps in surprise and Kazuya laughs and starts marking his skin by sucking and biting. Eijun is a moaning mess at this point and all he can seem to cry out is the word “alpha” as Kazuya picks up his pace, thrusts unforgiving and relentless. He reaches a hand over and, without mercy, starts to stroke Eijun’s leaking cock too in time with the thrusts of his fingers.

Eijun sobs, “wanna cum…”

“Ah ah ah.” Kazuya says, reprimanding. “Not yet. You’ve gotta wait for a bit, okay?”


Kazuya sucks a mark on his shoulder blade and the color of it blooms prettily in the low candlelight. “You’ve gotta wait for my knot, remember? Unless… unless you want to beg for me.” Kazyua tells him. He almost feels cruel at how much satisfaction he’s getting from controlling his omega’s orgasm, but… it just feels so good.

“K-knot…” Eijun babbles. “Want alpha’s knot. W-wanna be filled. P-please… please!”

Kazuya teases him for a moment longer before sighing, feigning exasperation when all he feels is the arousal clouding his mind. “I guess we can move on.” Kazuya has fingered him thoroughly enough at this point that his cock won’t be too much to take for his omega’s sweet little hole.

“Okay.” Kazuya hums, lightly slapping Eijun’s ass once again as he straightens up and strokes his cock. Relief feels him and momentarily closes his eyes to lose himself to it. “Are you ready, Eijun?”

“Y-yes.” He replies shakily. Kazuya smiles.

Good, he thinks, as he guides his cock forward and plunges into Eijun’s tight heat in one fell swoop.

“Alpha–!” Eijun gasps as the air is knocked out of him from being filled so quickly. His fingertips grip the covers and his head drops as he pants, already so worked up over the feeling of Kazuya’s thick, hard cock penetrating him.

Kazuya rubs Eijun’s hips soothingly for a moment as Eijun tries to get used to being filled for the first time. Kazuya can’t help but bite his lip every time Eijun clenches around him, making his length throb and pulsate in that wet, velvet heat.

After a moment, he pulls out and thrusts back in again, nice and deep. This is their first time so Kazuya will keep things nice and slow as he makes love to Eijun before they both inevitably lose themselves to lust.

Eijun moans loudly when Kazuya starts to quicken his pace, balls slapping Eijun’s ass cheeks lewdly as he does. Eijun pushes back against him, seemingly wanting to be as close and connected to Kazuya as he possibly can. It’s cute in it’s own way, but Kazuya can only focus on the feeling of Eijun spread around his cock.

“More…” Eijun mumbles, voice thick with tears from how good the pleasure feels.

Kazuya grunts, lightly tugging at Eijun’s hair and making him whine, as he encourages him up some. Kazuya wraps his arm around his omega’s waist to keep him up and steady, and starts pistoning his hips at a brutally fast pace.

Eijun’s knees shake and he turns his head to the side to catch a glimpse of Kazuya. The two of them pant hotly into each other’s mouths and Kazuya tilts his head to lap at some of the tears streaming down Eijun’s face.

“What a good omega you are.” Kazuya says hotly, addicted to Eijun and Eijun alone. “All spread out on your alpha’s cock like this.” He enunciates himself with a particularly hard thrust that almost has Eijun near screaming. He continues with hard thrusts for a moment longer until he pulls out and Eijun whines at the loss, his hole pitifully twitching.

“Wanna see you.” Kazuya mumbles, turning Eijun carefully onto his back. Eijun blinks up at him and Kazuya’s heart stutters a bit at how pretty he looks, so terribly wrecked like this. Eijun’s gaze drifts down Kazuya’s body and his eyes are round and wide as he stares at Kazuya’s cock, almost in disbelief at the length and thickness of it.

Kazuya smirks at that, confidence temporarily boosted, before he focuses on the task at hand once more. He lines himself up with Eijun’s entrance, the tip of his cock rubbing up against the omega's hole momentarily. Kazuya pushes back in again, fucking lovingly slow before he increases his pace. Eijun throws his head back with his lips parted in a noiseless moan.

Kazuya presses a kiss to his neck before trailing his lips up to Eijun’s mouth and indulging the two of them with a sweet and messy kiss. Both of them moan softly as they make love.

Eijun parts for air and gasps, “wanna cum.”

“You do, huh?” Kazuya murmurs amusedly.


“Want me to fill you with cum?” He asks, nosing the bonding ribbon aside to access Eijun’s scent gland better. Kazuya practically inhales his lover’s pheromones, as heat fills his core.

“Please…” Eijun whispers as tears bead at the corner of his eyes and his arms wrap tightly around Kazuya's frame.

“Okay.” Kazuya replies as his thrusts pick up speed. 

Eijun moans as Kazuya’s knot starts catching on his rim. Their connection makes such filthy sounds as it does.

“Gonna–” Kazuya grunts. “Gonna claim you too, ‘kay?”

Eijun blinks before frantically nodding his head.

“Cum for me, Eijun.” Kazuya demands as he gives Eijun’s dick a few strokes before Eijun cries out and spills into Kazuya’s hand. Kazuya continues to thrust, knot catching a few more times, before it pushes past Eijun’s rim and is locked inside with the cum Kazuya pumps Eijun full with.

At that exact moment, Kazuya kisses Eijun's neck and bites down, surely leaving a mark for all to see. Eijun moans softly and clenches around Kazuya when he does.

The alpha pulls back and lays a few soothing licks down before nudging Eijun to return the claim.

Eijun’s blinks deliriously, almost out of it from pleasure and contentment alone, before realizing what he needs to do. Eijun cranes his head and places a nice, sweet bite on Kazuya’s neck, making Kazuya moan and spurt out another thick load of cum.

By both being marked, they have ensured and completed their bond.

Kazuya gently scoops his arms underneath Eijun and rolls onto his back so that the omega can rest comfortable on his chest while they’re locked in place. Kazuya wraps his arms around EIjun’s waist in a hug as they slowly glide through their pleasant highs.

Eijun rubs his face in the crook of Kazuya’s neck. He purrs, “mine, mine, mine…”

Kazuya laughs softly, entirely too fond. “Yours,” he agrees and gives Eijun a gentle kiss.

Eijun smiles happily, practically glowing as he peers up at Kazuya from his place on his chest. His fingertips trace over Kazuya’s heart, making a loop as he traces the apex of a heart into Kazuya’s skin like a cursive line. He places a kiss there and smiles warmly up at Kazuya.

“Yours.” Eijun whispers, referring to himself, so pretty as can be under the candlelight.

Kazuya’s heart is full of warmth and love. “Yes,” he replies softly. “All mine.”

Like the letters of their past, their love is in cursive; delicate, fluid, and connecting to form something pretty. Something cohesive. Something bold and beautiful.

The lines connecting their hearts loop together and tug, forever tying them together. As one. As partners.

And like cursive, their love will be as continuous as it has been from the start.






The sun is shining and warming the earth. A breeze makes the wildflowers in the field they stand upon sway. The day is newly begun but their love has been strong since they were children.

Eijun hugs his husband tightly from behind, and his lover glances back at him as his shirt billows with the wind.

"Hm?" He murmurs, soft and warm.

Eijun buries his face in between the shoulder blades of Kazuya's strong back. "I was just thinking…" He mumbles.

"What about?"

"You know… I don't think we've ever said that to each other a lot. I think we’ve only said it a few times." Eijun's cheeks turn pink. Oh, what is he thinking bringing this up so early in the morning?

"Said what?" Kazuya asks as he turns around and wraps Eijun in his arms.

"You know…" Eijun mumbles shyly.

"What?" Kazuya asks with raised brow. He leans forward to peer at his husband's face. "That you're cute?"

Eijun flusters so easily. "N-no…"

"That you're the most beautiful person that I've ever laid my eyes upon?" He questions with a smile.

"K-Kazuya…" Eijun mutters and shuffles where he stands.

Kazuya continues on with a careless grin. "That you talk as loudly in your sleep as you do awake?"


"Okay, okay." Kazuya laughs softly and there's nothing but warmth and love in his eyes as he looks down at Eijun. "I love you, Eijun. In my heart and soul, I love you. I love you and have loved you for as long as I can remember, and I will continue to do so even after we're all but dust in the wind."

There are tears in Eijun's eyes. With a choked voice, he can only utter. "Kazuya…"

"It's okay." Kazuya reassures him, fingertips combing through Eijun's hair. "You don't have to say anything."

"No, I want to." Eijun insists.

"Don't force yourself." He teases but it's weak to both their ears.

"I'm not." Eijun says seriously. "I promise."

He takes a deep breath and all of his love for the man before him, rolls out in a well fell swoop. "Miyuki Kazuya, I think I knew right from the start that I would fall in love with you in due time. You are everything that I want and need. You make me a better person, and you make me complete."

He breathes out shakily and tries his best to continue without crying. "I can't imagine a world where we don’t exist at the same exact moment. I can't imagine a life without you. So…"

He pauses and stares up into those pretty eyes he loves so much, stares into those eyes that are always focused on him. "So, what I'm saying is… is that I love you, Kazuya. And I know that we were meant to be. I know that we were destined to be in love and destined to love one another for all eternity." Eijun finishes with conviction.

Kazuya smiles, and Eijun is surprised to find his eyes are glistening with tears. "Eijun…"

Eijun can do nothing more than return the smile with his own.

Kazuya stares at him for a moment and seems to pause before blinking at Eijun. "Wait, did you just outdo me at saying I love you?"

"Me?" Eijun hums innocently. "Hmm, not sure… probably."

"In that case," Kazuya takes a deep breath. "Eijun, you are the sun and–"

"La la la la, not listening!" He sings.

"Eijun…" Kazuya growls playfully.

Eijun shrieks and turns to run, but it is all but impossible when he has his alpha's arms wrapped around his waist.

"Gotcha." Kazuya grins as he gives Eijun a sweet kiss.

"Yeah," Eijun laughs and smiles against his lover's lips. "Looks like you do."

Looks like you always will.