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MC:SM Smutshots

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Today was a usual afternoon, Nell was minding her own business until she heard a knock on her door, while she wasn’t expecting anyone visiting her today but she ran to the door to open it. She opened the door expecting someone like Emily or Jesse, but at the door was a tall girl with ginger red hair and amber orange colored eyes. “Oh, Petra dude! How’s it going today?” Nell said in a cheerful smile, Petra sighed looking away from Nell “I - I’m doing fine…” Nell noticed Petra’s tone knowing that something was bothering her. “Hey, uh wanna come inside if you wanna talk?” Nell asked, Petra sighed deciding to come into her house. The two head into Nell’s bedroom with Nell sitting on her bed.

“Is anything wrong dude? If so, tell me.” Nell said, Petra sighed “It’s basically relationship issues. I’m basically forcing myself to date a man to please my parents, besides he really is kinda an asshole.” Petra said, Nell looked confused “Dude, aren’t you lesbian though? Why are you dating a guy?” wondering why Petra was doing this to herself, “Look just because I’m living on my own, my parents basically told me that if I dated another that I’m going against their values.” Petra said, with Nell having some concern on her face. “I mean, I really don’t like him. Guess cheating on him wouldn’t hurt?” Petra blushed a bit as she turned her head around to the right. Nell blushed from the sudden suggestion coming from Petra about cheating on the guy with her.

“Cheating on him? I really don’t think it’s a good idea brah.” Nell said in a concerned tone, but Petra ignored her as she pinned Nell to her bedroom room wall. Kissing her deeply, Nell melted into kissing as Petra’s lips were soft, both their hands roamed their bodies as Petra’s hand dug under Nell’s yellow shirt massaging her left breast, the two broke out of the kiss, panting heavily to regain some breath. “This may be cheating, but my boyfriend doesn’t need to find out, besides I really never loved him anyways.” Petra said, “Learning that, maybe doing something will get your mind off that?~” Nell smirked as she ran her hand through Petra’s long ginger hair “What do you mean by that?” Petra asked noticing the change of tone of Nell’s voice, Nell smirked, pulling away from Petra as a blushing mess “Well, we can y’know, have sex if that’s fine?” Petra blushed even harder from hearing that from Nell of all people.

Petra smirked, as she slipped off her red hoodie and black jeans leaving her in pink panties with her flat breasts out, Nell then pulled out a lime green dildo out of the bedroom drawer, she walked over towards Petra, pulling down her panties to see her vagina already wet and moist to fuck, Nell then slowly slid the dildo up Petra’s vagina, making her softly moan, wincing a bit. Nell started to thrust slowly after noticing Petra’s pain, when she noticed that the pain started to fade away, Nell’s thrusts started to speed up in thrusts making Petra moan louder as the dildo went deeper inside her, hitting her vaginal walls multiple times “Ahh~ Nell…” Petra moaned as a wave of pleasure washed over her as Nell slammed the dildo inside her causing her to yelp in pain as the dildo occasionally grinded against her g-spot, causing her vaginal walls to tighten around the toy. Nell went to face Petra’s small breasts, and started to suck on Petra’s left erect nipple with occasional bites. Leaving a few bite marks on the nipple.

After a few minutes, Nell couldn’t thrust the dildo into Petra’s vaginal walls anymore “Fuck… Nell, I’m going to cum!” Petra warned her, Nell pulled away from her breasts and went down to her pussy as Petra couldn’t hold it anymore and squirted her vaginal fluids into Nell’s mouth and laminated wood ground, Nell got up from the ground as she removed her clothes to only be in her navy blue bra and panties set. Nell removed all her underwear, leaving her naked with her pussy dripping with vaginal juices, Nell lifted up Petra’s left leg to put her own legs in between hers then she started to grind her pussy against Petra’s with their clits grinding against each others “F - fuck… Nell you’re so good at this!~” Petra tried saying despite her moans overpowering her speech as the two continued to grind their moist vaginas against each other.

After a few minutes if scissoring, The two felt their sexual climaxes nearing “Fuck dude… I’m going to cum!~” Nell warned Petra as the both their moans filled the bedroom, the two leaned in to kiss as their clits rubbed against each other until both of the girls couldn’t take it anymore, squirting onto each other's bodies and ground. The two broke out of their kiss to moan loudly, after their muscles relaxed from sex, their sweaty bodies touching each other’s “Thanks you Nell… I needed that.” “You’re welcome dude, anything for a friend!” Nell said, kissing Petra on the cheek, Petra blushed, her hands sliding down on Nell’s sides, “Nell… would you be fine with being my girlfriend? I know we're just friends, but I still.” Nell blushed from hearing that Petra wanted to be in a romantic relationship with her. “Sure dude, I love you dude!” Nell said, hugging her. Petra being happy to hear her accept, being finally able to break off her current relationship to be with someone she seemed happier with.

A few weeks passed as Petra’s now ex boyfriend saw her “Oh, uh, hey Petra… who's the new boyfriend you have?” He said in a somewhat mocking tone, Petra turned around to face the guy “Boyfriend? I’m a lesbian you dumbass. I have a girlfriend.” Petra said in annoyance, the ex boyfriend was confused as he turned his head to see Nell’s hand wrapped onto Petra’s arm. The guy scoffed, “Fine, you always seemed happier near girls anyways.” as he walked away the two girls went on their day like usual, pretending that the guy didn’t exist.