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MC:SM Smutshots

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The sun was setting, a warm shade of jasmine and a light carmine color, setting over onto two sisters with their different heights, walking home from school after a very long day. A short girl, thin with small breasts with her blonde dreadlocks named Nell with her older sister, Clutch with her Double D cups and her long dyed pink hair. The day was a long day, "God, today was long." Clutch complained a bit, whilst stretching her arms. "Really wasn't that stressful for me brah, just a small test my class had to do." the two continued walking, Nell and Clutch are close half sisters, but the two wanted to share their sisterly love to each other, but in a somewhat frowned upon way by society, siblings fucking, while the two new this. "Hey dude... have you ever wanted to lose your virginity to someone special?" Nell, while blushing asked. Clutch blushing a bright red, stopped walking. "Oh, yeah, why did you ask that?".

Nell, acting abashed until finally saying it. "Dude, I know we're sisters, but I really don't care. I want to lose my virginity to you!" Nell tells Clutch all of this whilst blushing heavily, Clutch looking shocked at first, putting her hand onto Nell's right shoulder. "Nell... I've honestly felt the same to be somewhat honest, besides nobody can know we're sisters who fuck each other if we don't tell anyone." Clutch placing a kiss onto Nell's cheek, the two kiss each other on the lips, locking onto each other's lips for a while, letting a trail of saliva drop onto the ground. The two finally get home, putting down their backpacks onto the ground, heading to Clutch's bedroom.

Clutch pulling Nell closer to her, face to face. The two started to lock their soft lips together, kissing softly, it started as just normal kissing until it became much more steamier. Clutch, unbuttoning Nell’s school uniform shirt, revealing her light blue bra with alice blue frills, sliding her hands underneath her little sister’s bra, massaging her small breasts, pinching her puffy pink nipples, making her moan a bit.

“Ahn… Clutch~” Nell said softly towards Clutch, “Heh, you sound so cute when I tease you like this.” Clutch said towards Nell in a seductive tone, Nell lie down onto the bed, slipping off her blue panties onto her left leg with her skirt lifted up also to reveal her dripping pussy, pulling their lips apart showing it off, Clutch leaning down, inserting two fingers inside Nell’s pussy slowly, inserting it in and out slowly at first, but then picking up the pace a bit. “F - fuck dude…” despite the two being sisters, Nell enjoyed being fucked by her sister, knowing her spots that arouse her the most for the first time. Clutch, getting bored of just fingering Nell, leans near her pussy to lick her clit, whilst pumping her fingers in and out way faster, hitting her G-spot a few times.

Her insides tighten around Clutch’s fingers. “Fuck~! Clutch~~” Nell moaned in pleasure, nearly about to squirt all over on the bed sheets. “Du - dude! I’m about to cum!” Nell couldn’t hold it any longer anymore, squirting all over Clutch’s fingers, moaning loudly in pleasure staining both her skirt and bedsheets. Clutch, licking off the juices off her fingers. Clutch removed her school uniform, leaving Clutch in her lavender blue bra and panties, unhooking it and throwing it onto the ground letting out her big breasts. Clutch getting on top of Nell, in front of Nell freshly squirted pussy with Nell underneath Clutch, Nell sliding Clutch’s panties revealing her wet pussy, the two starting to lick each others moist pussies shivering when their tongues gliding around their dripping clits.

“I shouldn’t be enjoying this, we’re half sisters… but Clutch is so good in bed with me!” Nell thought to herself, the two nearing their climax, “Fu - fuck! I’m about to cum!” Their pussy walls started to throb in pleasure, licking their pussies. The two start to squirt all over their faces, both Nell and Clutch moaning loudly in pleasure, Clutch getting off of Nell, walking to a drawer pulling out a dildo and strap-on harness, “I’m not done yet, let’s use this” Clutch said seductively whilst inserting the dildo into the strap-on harness, Clutch bending Nell down onto the bed, positioning the dildo in front of her pussy. “Just go gentle dude…” Nell moaning soft breaths after squirting twice, but could go for a third round.

Clutch slamming the dildo inside Nell’s tight pussy, making Nell yelp a bit in both pleasure and slight pain due to it being inserted so hastily inside her, Clutch thrusting in and out with the strap-on, grabbing onto her shoulder length dreadlocks, with her other hand massaging Nell’s left breasts, pinching her erect nipple. “Ahn~ Fuck… this feels so good!” Nell moaning loudly, drool dripping onto the sheets, grabbing onto the stained sheets to hold onto something. Nell pulled away the strap-on, turning onto her back on the bed. “So, guess we’re switching positions then.” Clutch penetrated Nell’s pussy with the strap-on, Nell putting her legs into the air, holding them. Clutch penetrated her pussy in and out fast, massaging and pinching her own nipples and big breasts. Nell moaning loudly, as getting fucked by both her own sister and strap-on, “Fuck- dude, I - I’m going to cum for third time…!” Nell warned Clutch, Clutch starting to speed up the pace, leaning down to Nell’s breasts, biting and pinching her erect nipples. “Fuck~! Ah~~ I need… to cum…” Nell thought to herself, squirting all over the sheets for the third time, coating the dildo in her juices.

Clutch pulling out the dildo out of Nell’s pussy, taking off the strap-on and throwing it off onto the floor, both heavily breathing and panting, covered in sweat. “Dude… I love you, thank god we're sisters…” Nell panting, lying on the bed, under the cover. “Why don't we do this more often if that's fine?” Clutch leaned towards Nell, kissing her deeply with both of their nude bodies touching.