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Say You'll Remember Me

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It’s been around two weeks since that night Diluc finally made up with Kaeya. If he’d known it was going to be so easy, he would’ve done it years ago. But the outcome now is alright, he supposes. Better late than never, they say.

He does miss his occasional peace, though.

Kaeya took this new development as an excuse to pop up everywhere and annoy him almost constantly. It was done in a tolerable frequency before, but it was borderline stalkerish now.

Which led him here, in the Favonius Knights’ Headquarters.

“Please take a break and assign him more work.”

“Uhm...” Jean spares a glance over at the couch where Diluc sat. “I don’t suppose you’re referring to Kaeya,” she asks without pausing in her work.

“Yes, him.” He walks to a small cabinet next to the bookshelf where he knows Jean keeps a variety of teatime things and selects the rose tea that she’d taken a liking to as of late. “He seems to have a lot of free time recently.”

“Wow. I don’t even have to look up to see the frown on your face.”

“Well, I don’t want to be here, either,” Diluc replies while using her tea set to make them tea. “Is this a new set?”

“Lisa got it for me. Isn’t it cute?”

“How nice.” Diluc looks at the porcelain cups. Each one of them had a different flower painted on them. Perhaps they could be considered cute, but he doesn’t know anything about that so he just shrugs. Picking out the dandelion one— which Diluc suspects is the one Jean uses— he pours her cup first before choosing a random cup for his own tea.

“Thank you,” Jean smiles and gratefully accepts the cup offered to her. She visibly relaxes, taking her first break since she came in this morning.

Diluc sits back down and takes his own sip.

“That’s a strong flavour.” He wrinkles his nose and decides to take smaller sips. Jean only laughs as she faces him for the first time since he came in for the visit.

“It keeps me alert. Anyways, what were you saying?”

“Grandmaster Varka has certainly left you with the title of Acting Grandmaster, but aren’t you forgetting that you have subordinates to help you with the workload?” He stares pointedly at the stack of papers and reference books on her desk.

“Believe it or not, the workload is actually divided quite equally between me and the captains.”

Diluc raises an eyebrow and gives her a skeptical look.

“Then, the Order has a lot more problems than I remember.”

Jean chuckles nervously when her lie was easily caught.

“There are some classified documents that needs to be cleared for confidentiality first, but I promise to look into that at my earliest convenience.”

Fancy words for saying ‘never.’

“I’ll tell Lisa to help you,” Diluc says with no room for argument.

“The fact that you still have so much authority here is scary, sir. It really is a waste.” Jean sighs at the loss.

“Well, except for Lisa. I’ll have to attach your name to an order if I want her to act.” Diluc cracks a smile and Jean chuckles back.

“Back on topic; sounds like you’re here to lodge an official complaint about one of our knights.”

“Yes. He’s stalking me. Stop him.”

Jean bursts out into fit of giggles. Diluc said it with such a straight face that most people would misunderstand his joke for a real complaint.

“Huh... I was wondering where he was rushing to every night after his shift. These few weeks has actually been his most productive since... Ever? Maybe?”

“You jest.”

“Hardly. Rather— I hope the reason for his enthusiasm stays.”

“It’s annoying. Put him to work.”

Jean gives him a knowing smile as she sits down on the opposite sofa and refills her cup.

“There must be a reason why you’re telling me this instead of going straight to the source.”

Diluc scowls. She knows him too well.

“It would be amiss of me to monopolize so much of your knight’s time. Especially one you’ve so highly praised.”

“You know what I think?”

“I think you’ll tell me regardless.”

“You’re just confused about how to act now that you’ve suddenly regained your best friend.”

“Do you think I’m twelve?” Diluc scoffs.

“No. Twelve year olds are more aware than you are.”

“I see. So you think I’m less than a tween.”

Jean bursts into laughter again upon hearing his choice of words.

“Hahaha! Oh dear gods, you really do need to get away from Kaeya. What is that language?”

Diluc rolls his eyes and sips his tea while he waits for Jean to calm down. He can use such crass terms, too. It’s just that he usually chooses not to.

“By the way,” Diluc says when her laughter has died down. “I came here for another matter as well.”

“Is that right?” Jean immediately schools herself after hearing the professional tone Diluc changes to. “Business as usual, then.”



“Oh, one more thing before you leave, captain.”


Jean doesn’t miss the way Kaeya’s eyes dart to the pendulum clock on the wall.

“What’s wrong? Got somewhere to be?” Jean smirks at his obvious dismay. He’d just given her a lengthy report detailing the number of Ruin Guards recently reactivated due to a careless excavation.

“There’s a Death After Noon with my name on it, waiting for me in a tavern somewhere in this city.”

“Come to think of it, why is it that you’ve stopped visiting Cat’s Tail as regularly as you’ve used to?”

“I can’t control where the information will be.”


“So what did you need to talk to me about?”

“I would like you to assist Miss Ella Musk in her endeavours to understand the Hilichurlian language.”

“Right now?” His eyes are trained to the sun that was starting to set behind her.

“The Favonius Order agrees that communication will be key to ensure a peaceful future with the Hilichurls. Miss Musk will be in our library, as always, so please meet up with her and escort her to wherever she needs to go.”

“Jean... Even Hilichurls sleep, you know?”

“You are absolutely correct. Chop-chop, then.” Jean folds her hands under her chin and smiles, waiting for another excuse from Kaeya.

“Can’t one of the knights on duty do it? Or Noell—”

“She’s busy looking after Klee.” And Barbatos knows how difficult that is. Bless Noelle’s soul. “Plus, this isn’t an infiltration mission or anything like that. It requires a more... diplomatic approach.”

Kaeya sighs and relents. “Okay, okay. I’ll go now.”

“And another thing, Captain Kaeya.”


Jean could feel the impatient vibes he’s giving off in waves from where she sat.

“I’m sure you know this better than anyone, but he’s like a big cat. You can’t just shower him with love all at once. You have to give him some space.”

“Ah...” Kaeya crosses his arms in embarrassment. Although he appreciated the advice, Kaeya felt like he was caught stealing from a cookie jar. He feigns clearing his throat to cover up his slip. “You’ve talked to him?”

“Yup, he came by this afternoon to discuss some things.”

“I see. Then I’ll be going to meet with Miss Musk, now.” He could pick up the small nuances from the way Jean said ‘some things’ that it wasn’t a matter he was privy to, yet.

Jean nods. “You’re dismissed.”



A week passes by before Kaeya was finally able to sit down and properly annoy Diluc over a meal or a drink at the bar again.

“I can’t believe you told Jean to give us more work. Just tell me you hate me.”

“I can’t make her do anything. I assume she just wanted a break.”

Kaeya grumbles but accepts the glass that Diluc serves him.

“Don’t you feel sorry for me, at all?”

“I feel sorry for Jean.”

“Do you hate me?”

“I’m kidding.” Diluc gives him a rare smile. “Are you free this weekend?”

“This weekend?” The question caught Kaeya off guard. Not in a bad way, though. He just never expected Diluc to be inviting him anywhere.

“I’m meeting another business associate from Snezhnaya on Friday night. Elzer has some other matters to deal with, so if you’re free, I was wondering if you could come with me. There will be free alcohol for tasting.”

“You’re afraid that it’ll turn out to be a repeat of the last time a Snezhnayan distillery tried to partner with you.”

Diluc gives him a wry smile. “So, do you want to come or not?”

“I’ll let you know by Friday morning.” Just kidding. He’ll pull double shifts if he has to.



Kaeya manages to convince Jean surprisingly easily so he finds himself in a private room on the second floor of Angel’s Share with Diluc and the foreign merchant on a Firday night. It was actually pretty jarring to watch Diluc fake his smiles so charmingly towards the Snezhnayan representative. And when Diluc introduces Kaeya as a captain of the Favonius Order, Kaeya understands.

He understands what it was that he actually agreed to.

It’s not a date of any capacity. And it wasn’t a simple business meeting either. And he suspects Jean had a hand in this somewhere.

“I do regret not being able to close the deal properly last time, Aleksander,” Diluc says in a smooth, velvety voice. Honey coated and wholly fake.

“Not at all. I apologise for not doing enough research about Mondstadt.” The fool smiles back heartily. Unaware that Diluc’s smile was only a front.

“Please be rest assured. I just happen to be a singularity. Many of our citizens are much heavier drinkers than me.” Diluc gestures towards Kaeya to introduce them.

“Aleks, this is Sir Kaeya Alberich. He’s a captain in the Knights of Favonius. I trust his taste and it would help me greatly if you would allow him to try your wares in place of me.”

“A captain, you say? I hope our drinks will meet your knights’ standards.” Aleks holds out his hand to Kaeya for a handshake.

Well, there’s no harm in playing nice for now. So Kaeya accepts the handshake and smiles back.

“Drinking is a favourite pastime for us and we’re always eager to try something new,” Kaeya says.

The three of them chat for a few hours over the vodka that Aleks had his servant bring in and Kaeya learns a few things about him. He’s the second son of one of the big political figures in the Fatui factions back in Snezhnaya. And that this guy absolutely radiated amateur vibes in business and seems to only be worried about catering to Diluc’s whims.

Another hour later, Kaeya is forced to reassess this man. This guy—Aleks, Kaeya remembers— is actually a skilled negotiator. He concedes to this fact when Aleks successfully convinces Diluc to try one of their drinks with lower alcohol percentages. Diluc. Who drinks grape juice even when celebrating with others. Actually agreed to have two shots.

Half an hour later, Kaeya is pissed when he realises that the reason Aleks was so overly generous towards Diluc earlier was not (only) because he was an amateur businessman, but because he was trying to get into Diluc’s pants.

“You know, Diluc, your hair always reminds me of the red roses I have in my garden back home.”

“They sound like beautiful flowers judging by the tone you’re using.”

“They are. I’d love to send you some when they’re in full bloom next season.”

Kaeya could not believe the guts from this guy to be openly flirting with Diluc like this.

“Thank you, I look forward to them,” Diluc says politely. Kaeya doubts Diluc understands the real meaning behind this idiot’s words. With Diluc being as dense as his wealth.

“There is... A special meaning to roses back in Snezhnaya... Do you know what it is?” Aleks leans towards Diluc in a conspiratorial manner. Kaeya’s fingers twitch on the glass he’s holding. It’s like this guy forgot that he’s here too.

“I do,” Diluc smiles at Aleks. “However, here in Mondstadt, it means something different.”

“What might that be? I’d love to know.”

Diluc licks his lips and places a finger over them in a shushing pose.

“It means to seal one’s lips.”

Kaeya’s eyes widen as he observes Diluc’s face and recounts the past. That weirdo from Liyue. The young professor from Sumeru who tutored Diluc as a child. The princely Inazuman envoy. And now, this Snezhnayan liquor merchant.

Celestial Gods above. Were foreigners Diluc’s type?

It’s kind of ironic, actually. Considering his dedication to the people of Mond. But not totally unfounded. The way most Mondstadtians treat him like a celebrity versus the way outsiders treated him... was vastly contrasting. For one, Mondstadt citizens regarded him like an unobtainable dream while some other foreign bigshots would see him as someone available on the market.

In fact, he himself fit this mould perfectly, Kaeya thought bitterly. As a Mondstadtian with foreign roots, he could definitely relate with both sides.

Doesn’t mean that he’d let this dumb, entitled upstart have a shot in wooing Diluc, though.

“Yes,” Kaeya pipes in. “It’s known as the ‘Warning of Roses’ within the Order.”

He glares over at Aleks, daring him to continue down this path.

“I had no idea your Order used such beautiful flowers for such a terrifying imagery.”

“Yes. Our Order understands that there is danger in beauty sometimes.” Kaeya makes it a point to look over at Diluc’s direction. “In fact, one of the most dangerous roses produced by our Order is also our most beautiful.”

Aleks gawks at the realisation of his words.

“You’re also a knight?!”

“No. That was in the past.” Diluc scowls at the last memory he had as a knight and Aleks visibly flinches, thinking that frown was towards him.

Kaeya looks over at the merchant, unimpressed. Was a little scowl really all it took for this guy to be knocked off his game? Whatever. He only needed that small chink to break up this meeting.

“It’s getting late. Maybe we should end this here for the night?” Kaeya urges him along.

“Oh! Yes, I’m terribly sorry. I’ve had such a good time that I forgot how long of a journey it is to get back to your winery from here.”

“Hmm... That’s true, b—”

“I agree, this has been fun. It was nice meeting you, Aleks.” Kaeya hurriedly steps in before Diluc could say anything else in his drunken state. He gets up and extends a hand out to shake him farewell. Diluc followed suit after and Kaeya notices Aleks’ hand linger as he shook Diluc’s hand, but it didn’t matter. Because Kaeya was already in the process of kicking him out.

What Kaeya didn’t account for was how thirsty this guy was. Instead of ending the handshake, Aleks sweeps down and kisses the back of Diluc’s glove. The worst part was how Diluc took it in stride, though.

“Although they won’t be the roses from my garden, I do hope you’ll accept the roses that I’m planning to send to you tomorrow.”

“Thank you. I appreciate the thought. I do have an empty vase that’s been rather lonely as of late.”

It was Kaeya’s turn to gawk this time and practically shoves Aleksander out as he’s escorting him to the door. He’ll leave it to Charles or one of the servers to walk him to the tavern entrance.



Once it was just the two of them left, Diluc slumps back down onto the chair he was sitting on and massages the bridge of his nose. He didn’t drink too fast this time, so he should still be able to function tomorrow.

“I hope you’re not thinking of sticking his roses in the vase that I gave you.” Kaeya’s voice cuts through his internal monologue.

“It’s a vase. That’s what it’s for.”

“Still. I don’t like it.”

“Well, it’s mine now. So, you don’t get a say.”

“Then, it shouldn’t be a problem if the roses never arrive.”

“Why are you in such a bad mood? You finally got the free drinks you’re always asking for.”

Kaeya sighs. “Why this guy? He only thinks with his dick.”

“That’s the easiest kind,” Diluc grumbles. He was looking for a Snezhnayan puppet. And this guy was easy pickings. If he could elevate Aleksander’s status and connections in Mondstadt, then the Fatui would gravitate towards Aleks naturally. Like that, it’ll be easier to keep an eye on the Fatui.

“Can’t you just think of it as a favour to your brother?”

“Then, let me just say that no brother would want to see his brother flirting with someone right in front of him.”

Oh. Diluc mulls over this.


“...So, you’re not going to deny that that’s what was going on back there.”



“In that case, glad I’ve just saved all of Mondstadt from crying at the loss of our most eligible, prized bachelor.”

“What? Oh my god, no. Who said anything about marriage? We were just going to maybe fuck.”

Kaeya froze. Because, one, Diluc said fuck.

And two, he said fuck like a verb.

“What?” Diluc asks. And frankly, he felt offended from the way Kaeya’s looking at him like he’d suddenly grown horns.

“Are you frustrated?”

“It’s been a while, that’s all.” It slips out before Diluc could control himself, and he blames it on the alcohol. He half expects Kaeya to laugh at him or make a joke at his expense, but instead, Kaeya leans in and kisses him fully on the lips.

“I can help you with that, then.” Kaeya kisses him again and this time Diluc was prepared for it. He closes his eyes and tilts up for a better angle. When they break apart again, their hands are tangled in each other’s hair and Diluc thinks: ‘Fuck it,’ and tugs Kaeya back to him for a third kiss.

“My place is closer,” he hears Kaeya say and lets the other man lead him out from the back door on the second floor of the tavern and into the streets.



Thankfully, Mondstadt is a small city if you know all the alleyways and shortcuts. And since the two of them did know, thanks to work, they made it to Kaeya’s apartment in record time. They kick their shoes off at the entrance and Diluc barely gets a second to study the floorplan of the place before he feels cool lips on his again. His coat is shrugged off easily along with their gloves and he almost chokes when Kaeya roughly pulls off his necktie.

“Sorry,” Kaeya mutters while peppering apologetic kisses across his neck. Diluc sighs contently and angles his neck to give Kaeya more room.

It’s only when his waistcoat is thrown off and he feels something hard grinding on his leg does he realise that they’re still at the entryway.

“Don’t you have a bed?” Diluc asks in between gasps.

Kaeya’s face is flushed red when he looks back at Diluc, temporarily pausing in his ministrations on his shirt. He watches as Kaeya steps a few inches away and takes a shaky breath. His Cryo vision glows for a second as he threads his fingers through his dark locks, pushing aside the hair that usually obscures his eyepatch from others’ sight. Diluc can finally step away from the door he was leaning on and when he closes into Kaeya’s space, it feels much colder than the air surrounding them.

“My bad,” he says.

Just as Diluc was about to say something snarky in response, Kaeya enters his personal space again and wraps his hands over Diluc’s hips.

“Let me show you around.” He lifts Diluc up and Diluc yelps in surprise. He has to wrap his arms and legs around Kaeya like a koala to keep himself steady from the sudden motion.

They make a beeline to where Diluc assumes is Kaeya’s bedroom and he’s being gently laid onto the bed before Kaeya steps away again to rummage through his drawers. Diluc sits up and decides to finish what Kaeya was doing and unbuttons his dress shirt the rest of the way. Kaeya is back by the time he’s done and kisses him when he returns to his side.

He feels cold hands brush over his nipples. He’s startled and squirms when those same hands run down his sides. Just hovering over his skin enough for him to feel the chill.


“Hmm?” Kaeya hums next to Diluc’s ear and brushes some red strands back while his other hand fondles one of his nipples.

Kaeya...” Diluc moans again, louder. He slides the shirt the rest of the way down and tosses it away. Diluc can feel Kaeya staring at the newly exposed skin and he licks his lips at the attention. He’s not sure how to feel about it, but it doesn’t feel invasive. Not with the activity they were doing, anyways.

He grinds his crotch against Kaeya’s knee, enticing him to get on with it. And Kaeya obliges.

“Good. Keep calling my name like that.”

“Give me a reason to.” Diluc smirks and looks at him with a challenge in his eyes.

Kaeya returns the smile and the next thing Diluc feels is a cold hands splayed out on his stomach. He gasps at the contact. Suddenly, his pants feel too tight. Kaeya’s touches were cold, but the look Kaeya gives him makes him feel warm. Heated. Distantly, he could hear Kaeya unbuckling his belt with his other hand. Once that’s gone, Kaeya starts undressing his lower half and Diluc helps him along until he hears the cloth being caught on something. In their haste to be rid of his pants, they forgot about the garters fastened onto his legs.

“You wear too many layers.” Kaeya comments. He grabs a bottle that Diluc hadn’t noticed he’d thrown onto the bed earlier and lathers its contents onto his hands. “But, I guess it’s kinda like unwrapping a present.”

“Ah—!” Diluc feels a slippery finger massage and circle his hole. “Do you— usually leave your presents partially unwrapped?” His voice shakes from the cold touch.

“I like to take my time when it’s something I like.”

His breath hitches when he feels the cold appendage make its way in him. Cold, he wants to say. But then Kaeya kisses him and he forgets to voice his complaints. He bites those cold lips lightly and slides his warmer tongue into Kaeya’s mouth, taking his time in mapping out the other’s mouth. Diluc moans into the kiss when he feels the finger move inside him.

A second finger slips in all the way to the knuckle and it’s welcomed. Diluc moans out Kaeya’s name. His arms move up to encircle Kaeya’s neck, trapping them together. He shuts his eyes and focuses on the feeling. Panting as he grinds greedily in tandem with the way those fingers are moving.

“Shit, Diluc.” Kaeya taps his forehead on Diluc’s, trying to sear this image in his memories. “I want to fuck you so bad.”

Diluc nips at Kaeya’s collarbone and he accidentally bites down too hard when he feels Kaeya’s fingers hit a certain spot in him.

“A-ah! Kaeya!” His legs jerk upwards and gives Kaeya more space to work with.

When Kaeya kisses him again, he tastes his own blood on Diluc’s lips. Kaeya finds that he doesn’t mind whatever marks Diluc leaves him. He takes his fingers out and thrusts in three altogether next.

This makes Diluc gasp especially loud and he doesn’t bother hiding his emotions. His pleasure addled mind is only concerned about riding on those fingers.

“Gods, Diluc, that’s so hot...” Kaeya swoops back down, kissing those lewd sounds out of Diluc. And Gods. He wants to split Diluc open with his dick already and he voices as such out loud.

“Can I? Can I...?” Kaeya leaves a trail of hickeys and questions as he kisses down towards Diluc’s pelvis area.

“N-No...” Diluc gasps and thrusts up to push Kaeya’s fingers in deeper.

“R-really? Even though you’re acting like this?” The three fingers in Diluc’s ass curls in to the spot that made him squirm earlier.

“Ah...” Diluc moans at the touch and Kaeya couldn’t help himself from leaning down and kissing those sounds off those lips again. Kaeya’s fingers graze over Diluc’s prostate again, eliciting another delightful moan from the man under him. Kaeya takes that moment to peck Diluc on his nose lightly before sliding his tongue into his mouth for a deep kiss.

Diluc doesn’t sit still either. He spreads his legs wider for his bedmate and syncs his own movements with the fingers scissoring his hole.

Fuck,” he moans while rocking back on those fingers, Diluc’s own dick rubbing over Kaeya’s clothed one.

Kaeya lets out a groan of his own at the friction and pants heavily into Diluc’s ears.

“Just say the word and we can both have fun.” Kaeya blows a puff of Cryo-chilled air into Diluc’s ears, sending a shiver down his spine. He pulls out his fingers and watches as Diluc’s mouth parts with another obscene moan.

Diluc’s senses blur as his hands fumbles for Kaeya’s clothing. He finds purchase at the clasp of Kaeya’s fur cloak and feels cold hands help him with shoving it off the knight. Their hands wander down to the ornate belt on Kaeya’s waist, making fast work of it and throwing it down next to the cloak on the floor.

“Up?” Kaeya hooks his fingers under the waistbands of Diluc’s pants. The redhead arches his back and lifts his legs up one by one and lets Kaeya help him unbuckle his own garter belts to shimmy the rest of his way out of his pants.

“Gorgeous,” Kaeya says and snatches one of Diluc’s legs in the air and presses a kiss to pale thighs before helping him slip out of the pantleg.

It’s unfair, Diluc thinks. Kaeya must be feeling less heat as a Cryo user.

Diluc brings his other leg up to lightly brush over Kaeya’s erection with his feet and sliding it up and down the bulge slowly. He applies just the faintest amount of pressure with his toes to tease what he can.

“Gods...” Kaeya moans at Diluc’s ministrations and stops kissing up Diluc’s other leg to admire the view. With a leg propped up against Kaeya’s shoulder and the other folded up and running his toes over his tent, Diluc paints a picture of absolute debauchery. His parted lips were wet and swollen red like his cheeks while his eyes are blurry with tears of anticipation. His leaking dick and pretty pink hole is fully visible from this angle and Kaeya would have eagerly shaken off his riding pants if they weren’t so durable. Instead, Kaeya begrudgingly sets Diluc’s legs down and steps away to shuffle off his pants and toss his dress shirt onto the pile of clothes, too.

Within mere seconds, Diluc feels the bed shift in weight again and Kaeya is hovering over him. He pulls the man down again by his blue strands for another messy kiss that Kaeya instantly reciprocates.

“Can I fuck you?” Kaeya tries asking again. He pushes the head of his cock against Diluc’s entrance and just manages to not push any further.

Diluc gasps and his legs fly back up to Kaeya’s hips and locks his ankles behind the tanned man above him.

“May you,” Diluc manages to respond.

“...May I fuck you?” Kaeya moves his dick to slide over Diluc’s cheeks and ghosts his thumb over the rim.

“Ah—!” Diluc bites his bottom lip to cut off a particularly loud moan which made Kaeya want to rub his cock over the cleft of Diluc’s ass again.

“No, you may not,” Diluc says in a low voice and moans wantonly just for show when he sees Kaeya’s pained expression.

“You seem... To be enjoying yourself.” Kaeya gulps and barely restrains himself from fucking that smug look off Diluc’s face until he’s given permission to absolutely wreck him.

“Hmm... A bit.” Diluc’s lips curve into a lopsided grin as he watches Kaeya start to unravel. The latter’s breathing is turning harsh and Diluc can feel the temperature rising even more— his partner losing his grip on regulating his own body temperature with his Cryo vision.

“Wow,” Kaeya mutters sarcastically with no bite. “That Snezhnayan vodka is really something. You were even a little bit honest just now.”

“I’m always honest. I wouldn’t lie to an esteemed Knights’ Captain like you.”

“That title means less than nothing to you.”

Diluc shrugs.

“I’m bored,” he says and pulls Kaeya back down for another kiss. It’s slow and languid compared to their previous kisses even when Kaeya’s tongue pushes into Diluc’s mouth. Neither of them are in any particular rush to anything now that they’re both unclothed in bed. A startled moan slips out of Diluc when he feels fingers intertwine with his own and he returns the gesture by interlocking their hands closer together.

When they break apart slowly, Diluc opens his eyes to see an icy blue eye staring back at him reverently. His breath hitches when Kaeya closes his eye and brings their linked hands up, placing a chaste kiss on the back of Diluc’s hand.

’Luc,” Kaeya whispers softly against the hand. Diluc’s stomach flips at the sound of his childhood nickname being spoken and he almost forgets how to breathe. He snaps out of it quickly when he hears a few Khaenri'ahn words mumbled incoherently against his hand. He’d taken lessons as a young child when he’d thought it would bring him and his new brother closer (though his efforts were in vain since it seemed like Kaeya had no attachments to that land.) But the quiet foreign words coming from Kaeya is said too informally for Diluc to understand, having only taken lessons on the formal language.

“What was that?”

“Nothing,” Kaeya answers before ducking down to nip at the area right above his heart and then moving on to tease his left nipple, setting his nerves on overdrive again. “I doubt you’ll remember tomorrow, anyways.”

Diluc huffs, hearing the smirk in his voice. What was he even talking about?

“So? What, are you waiting for an invitation? Are you going to fuck me or not?”

“Hahahahah!” Kaeya could not hold back his laughter the moment he heard those words coming from the irritable spitfire under him. He laughs even harder when Diluc lets the most adorable pout he’s ever seen show on his face— one that would only appear on days where Diluc was as drunk as he is now.

“...I’m leaving.” Diluc turns his head to the side to avoid looking at Kaeya who was shaking from laughter.

“Sorry,” he manages between fits of laughter.

“Don’t worry,” Kaeya says when he recovers from the laughing fit, and lifts Diluc’s chin to guide his head back so that they’re facing each other again. “I’m going to ruin you for others.”

Kaeya dives back down to kiss Diluc on the temple as if he’s sealing the promise with a kiss. Without much warning, Diluc feels cool, slicked fingers thrust back into his lower entrance.

“Kaeya!” He manages to gasp out.

“Hm?” Kaeya responds with a noncommittal noise while he kisses a trail from his pale chest down to his navel, taking extra care to acknowledge each of the small scars on the way. Diluc had considerably more scars on his body than during those days back when the two of them were both knights in the same squadron. Being such a prodigy, there were few who could go up against him, and even fewer who could scar him. Kaeya used to stare in admiration at such feats and even more whenever they were in the locker rooms. But with Diluc’s resignation and nightly escapades, Kaeya could see the extent of those dangerous missions he’d taken on by himself with these new scars.

Hurry up,” Diluc says, breaking Kaeya out from his reveries.

“If that’s what you want, sweetheart.”

Kaeya licks a stripe up from the base of Diluc’s cock while pumping his fingers in and out of him and he’s pleasantly rewarded with a moan from the latter.

“Yes...” Diluc only notices that they were still holding hands when he tries to move his hand down to hold Kaeya. The grip on his hand squeezes tighter when he tries detangling them. Diluc sends a puzzling glance down at Kaeya, but he just responds by pressing their hands harder into the bed.

All thoughts flew out of Diluc’s mind when he felt warm lips engulfing the head of his dick. At the same time, Kaeya’s fingers find the bundle of nerves in him again. Diluc arches his back and cries aloud.

“Please, Kaeya.” Diluc uses his other hand to cup Kaeya’s face and brushes those midnight locks away to see his face. He bites his lower lip and drinks in the image of Kaeya hollowing out his cheeks for him. He takes a shaky breath and moans when Kaeya eases off slowly with a lewd pop and licks precum from the slit.

“You like that?”

It was mouth on dick. Of course he liked that, Diluc wanted to say. Rather than giving Kaeya the satisfaction of an answer right away, he tugs lightly on the other’s hair to nudge him back to his cock.

“You can do better,” Diluc clips back.

The two fingers pull out of his ass and Diluc groans at the sudden emptiness. That hand doesn’t stray too far as he feels feather light touches over his balls.

“Kaeya—Ah—” Diluc moans when Kaeya goes down on him again. What’s not in his mouth and being sucked on is being held in a comfortable grip. Kaeya hums around Diluc’s cock and it’s a miracle that the young lord hasn’t pulled his companion’s hair out yet.

Knowing that Diluc was under him, moaning and squirming from his actions was more than enough to bring Kaeya over the edge. He lets go of Diluc’s dick and hooks a pale leg over his shoulder.

“Gods. You’re beautiful,” Kaeya murmurs when he pulls off Diluc and sidles up to steal another kiss from those swollen lips.

“And quite flexible,” Kaeya adds when he sees that Diluc had no trouble keeping his knee hooked at the Khaenri'ahn’s shoulder when he moved up for that kiss.

Kaeya wasn’t prepared when Diluc suddenly grinded his ass onto his dick. Moaning when he felt his cock’s head catch on the rim.

“You talk too much.”

Diluc’s eyes shone with mirth as he continues to tease Kaeya— lazily rutting against him and leaving open mouthed kisses over his chest.

“Just shut up and fu—Ah!” Diluc threw his head back and shuddered out a surprised moan. His thighs trembling at the length that thrusted in him without warning.

“Gods... You feel so good.” His voice sounds strained, Diluc notices with pride.

Kaeya finally lets go of his hand to hold his hips with both hands. He blinks a few times to clear the blurriness from his eyes. A few tears fall and Kaeya moves to kiss them away. Sighing softly, Diluc leans into the loving gesture and settles his arms around Kaeya’s shoulders.

“About time,” Diluc whispers between them and repositions his legs to accommodate Kaeya better.

Kaeya pulls out almost completely and dribbles more lube between them, making sure his dick was slicked enough to avoid chafing. Diluc hisses at the cold contact and whacks the bottle off the bed.

“Enough, already. I’m ready.”

Anyone who heard the tone that came out from Master Diluc’s mouth would choose not to comment on it, if they valued their lives. Anyone except Kaeya.

“I love it when you whine for me.”

Kaeya deserved the sharp bite on his shoulder in response.

“That’s not very nice.” Kaeya smirks and tilts his head to nip under Diluc’s chin once he let go. “But since it’s you, I’ll let you mark me wherever.”

Kaeya pushes back in, hitting Diluc’s prostate and making him moan.

“Fuck, Diluc.” The walls around Kaeya tighten once he sheathes himself in Diluc completely. “I’m going to make sure your body remembers.” Kaeya holds Diluc’s hips in a bruising grip and starts pounding into him.

“Gods, yes,” Diluc pants. He feels a hand trail up and play with his hair. A thumb swipes away another tear that fell from his stimulated state. “Harder, please,” he moans and wraps a leg over Kaeya’s back, pulling him closer. The sound of skin slapping and moans filled his ears and all he could think about is how good Kaeya’s dick feels in him as he’s wrecked by the pleasure.

“Shit, you’re so pretty. Taking my cock like this.”

The hand that was caressing Diluc’s face before slides down to palm Diluc’s erection. Diluc’s hips jerk up when he feels a hand over his dick.

“Kaeya!” Any semblance of shame is thrown out the window as Diluc writhes under him, moving in cadence to Kaeya’s thrusts.

“Scream for me, pretty.” Kaeya hunches forward and whispers sweet nothings in Diluc’s ear before moving to his neck to leave love bites where he can’t hide tomorrow. “I want the whole city to know what a slut you are for my cock.”

“Ah—! K-Kaeya, I’m close.” The heat building up in Diluc’s stomach is almost too much for him. Kaeya speeds up upon hearing that and Diluc could feel his nails break skin as his fingers dig into Kaeya’s back like it’s a lifeline.

“Go ahead and cum.” The strokes on his dick are erratic, but it got the job done. Diluc yelps and shudders as he cums all over his stomach. Diluc’s hole clenches tighter around Kaeya to return the favour, making him groan and buck over.

Caeles. Pēdīcābō ego vōs et irrumābō.

“Quo—?” Diluc could only manage one word in before Kaeya’s thrusts slammed harder and impossibly deeper each time.

“Ah!” Diluc screams when Kaeya hits his prostate over and over again. Kaeya reaches down to the puddle of cum pooled atop Diluc’s stomach and smears it on his palm. He gives it a lick and smirks down at Diluc. Sweat drenched, red hair that fanned out like a halo. Flushed cheeks. Red lips that glistened with saliva.

“I want to ruin you more.” Kaeya cups Diluc’s face and smudges cum over the side of his face, getting some on his red hair too. He uses his thumb to nudge Diluc’s panting mouth wider and sticks two fingers in. “I wonder how you’ll choke on my dick next time.”

Diluc moans at his words and sucks on those fingers. His tongue does a meaningful swipe up while keeping those fingers in his mouth.

“Fuck. I’m going to cum.”

Diluc takes Kaeya’s fingers out of his mouth and smiles seductively.

“Okay,” he says and kisses the cum-smeared palm before licking it clean.

Fuck.” Kaeya moans and cums inside of Diluc.

Diluc’s body trembles as he feels himself getting filled by Kaeya’s cum. It feels hot inside him and he whimpers at the feeling.

“Kaeya...” Kaeya’s name slips out in between his gasps. Kaeya looks pleased at that and holds Diluc closer.

Kaeya thrusts shallowly a few more times to ride out the high. When he’s done, his dick slips out easily along with some of his cum. He lets go of Diluc’s hip and fingers a white dollop back in.

“Mmm... Clean tomorrow.” Diluc lightly kicks his hand away and rubs his eyes in a sleepy manner. He hears Kaeya chuckle and the bed shifts again as Kaeya hops off to another room in his apartment. Yawning and feeling unconcerned, Diluc rolls over and snatches a blanket they’d kicked off to wrap himself in it.

Just as he was about to doze off, Diluc feels a damp cloth touch his cheek. He blinks his eyes open and tiredly looks at Kaeya.

“What are you doing,” Diluc manages to mumble. His eyelids were starting to feel heavy. Sleep starting to take over.

“Go to sleep.” Kaeya takes a pause to kiss him on the forehead. “I’ll just wipe you down.”

Diluc hums and leans into the kiss. “Do what you want...”



The next morning hits Diluc like a Dvalin blast. There were two things that he noticed right away. One, his head hurt like hell. And second, he was not in bed alone.

There’s a hand draped over his waist, and he hopes to Celestia that he did not sleep with his bait. Not that it’ll be a problem, but it could make luring the Fatui more troublesome. A quick sweep of the room he was in indicated that it was too personalised to be a room in an inn.

Thank the Gods.

He tries shoving the arm off lightly, but that only stirred the other person awake. He could hear a grunt and then something being muttered under their breath. The arm around him readjusts its grip to be tighter and pulls Diluc closer. He concludes that his partner must’ve been a man due to the solid chest that’s pressed to his back.

“I need to go.” Diluc taps the arm gingerly with a finger.

“It’s a Saturday, ‘Luc.”

Oh. Fuck the Gods.

Diluc’s eyes widened almost comically. He recognised that voice.

“Kaeya...?” He prayed to Barbatos, Venti, whoever, that he was wrong. He will personally write a check to the church of whichever benevolent God answers his prayers.


As always. The Gods have failed him when it mattered.

“Did we...”

“No. We just fell asleep together.” Kaeya snakes his other arm under Diluc’s waist and pulls him back while he nuzzles into Diluc’s hair. “Naked,” he adds and mouths over the hickeys he left on Diluc’s neck last night.

Oh, how Diluc wishes that was true. But, even with his headache, he can somewhat guess the events of last night.

“I am never drinking again...”

“Heard that before.” Kaeya maneuvers them so that he’s hovering over Diluc, forcing him to face Kaeya. He could see traces of his own debauchery on that olive skin. Lines of red marred the base of his neck and shoulders and he’s sure more of that could be seen on Kaeya’s back too. There’s a particularly large bite mark on Kaeya’s shoulder that has Diluc wondering why.

“But, I do agree that you shouldn’t drink when I’m not around.” Kaeya smirks and gazes at his handiwork from last night. “You’re quite the minx when you’re drunk, you know.”

Diluc’s cheeks redden at the attention and insinuations thrown his way.

“...This is so wrong...”

“Who cares? We were drunk and we had fun.” Kaeya’s hand moves down and parts Diluc’s legs just enough so that Kaeya could nudge a knee between his. Diluc felt his heart almost stop when he feels a trickle of something leak out of his ass and he blushes harder when it clicks in his head. Like it hadn’t really really dawned on him before with his half-asleep state.

“Get out,” Diluc orders.

“This is my hou—”

“Get out of this room if you ever want the chance of having me sober.”

“Hmm... Tempting. Alright, I’ll give you your space, sweetheart.”

Kaeya gets off, but not before pecking Diluc on the cheek. He hears Kaeya grab some clothes from a closet before sauntering out of the room. Diluc lets out a long sigh of relief when he’s finally alone to think about his actions last night. Nothing comes to mind, though. Like all the other mornings he’s ever had after blacking out.

He wishes the floor would just swallow him up.

Or even better— If Dvalin could attack the city with its winds again. Because he would really like to be whisked away from this reality right now.