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Too Young to Kiss

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Nie Huaisang fluttered into the café, fashionably late as ever. They made their way over to the usual table, where Wei Wuxian was already waiting with their drinks. The milky beverages had been paid for courtesy of Nie Huaisang's running tab—a small allowance Wei Ying allowed in exchange for the delightful company of the younger Nie sibling. 

Wei Ying was generally hesitant to accept anything resembling charity, but could simply not afford these weekly bubble tea dates out of his own pocket. His desire to spend time with A-Sang was greater than his pride, and he'd eventually given in to letting his friend pay. The guilt trip Nie Huaisang had sent him on had naturally helped change Wei Ying’s mind on the matter. 

"You would refuse to spend time with your beloved best friend over something as trivial as money?" Nie Huaisang had asked Wei Ying. "You, who've never changed the way you treat me, the way others did."

In a pitiful display of sorrow, complete with round eyes and a woeful pout, they added, "Now you want me to drink alone, or with those assholes instead?" They wiped a very convincing tear from the corner of their eye. "You won't break my heart by refusing my company just because you're too stubborn to allow me to pay, now will you?" 

Well, who was Wei Ying to refuse his drama queen of a friend, even though he knew full well that he'd been unsubtly manipulated into agreeing with the gremlin? Nie Huaisang knew exactly where to hit Wei Ying to guilt him into agreeing with them, and he had to give his friend props; Wei Ying himself was the only person he knew to be as cunning as Nie Huaisang. They were one of the very few people Wei Ying would actually allow to get away with it.

In lieu of a greeting or apology for their tardiness, Nie Huaisang slapped a piece of paper on the table in front of their friend.

"What’s this?" Wei Ying asked.

"A meal ticket," said Nie Huaisang. "I know you won't directly accept our help," continued the petite individual, plonking themself down on the bench across from Wei Ying. "And I know how much it hurt you having to give up your dream of studying music." 

"Despite the fact that you're my best friend, and in spite of the fact that you're fuck-buddies with my brother," they grimaced, "I long ago gave up trying to make you accept our assistance." They gestured toward the paper on the table.

"I therefore present you with this alternative." They paused to sip from the iced drink, and smiled knowingly at their friend. "Consider it a way for you to help yourself."

Wei Ying looked down at the paper in front of him. "It's an advertisement for a music contest?" he said. "At Lan Academy." He looked questioningly at his friend. "For twelve to sixteen year-olds?"

Nie Huaisang rolled their eyes at Wei Ying’s statement of obvious facts. "Ever astute, Ge. Your observation skills astound me."

Wei Ying ignored the blatant sarcasm. "Why are you showing this to me?" he asked patiently. 

Nie Huaisang tapped the page with painted nails, showing much less patience than their friend.

"Winner receives a scholarship to Lan Academy," Wei Ying continued to read from the advertisement. "Possibility of room and board included." He sighed, raising his eyebrows at the other. "For ages twelve to sixteen," he repeated. "In case it's escaped your notice, A-Sang, I fall slightly outside of that age bracket."

Nie Huaisang rolled their eyes again, and flicked Wei Ying’s forehead. "Don't be dumb, Wei Ying," they said flatly, pausing to sip again from their bubble tea. "Sometimes I can't believe I'm best friends with someone so oblivious," they lamented. 

"A-Ying, in high school, how often did you get away with things because of your looks? You only ever had to pay the child price for tickets because you look younger than what you are. If you dress right, I bet you could pass yourself off as a fourteen or fifteen year-old." They paused to smirk at their friend. "I know you act like it."

Wei Ying smirked back at his friend, again ignoring Nie Huaisang's rudeness in favour of leaning over the table to wrap them in a hug. "Possibility of room and board and a music scholarship? A-Sang, you little genius!" he exclaimed. 

"I'm offended at how surprised you sound about my brain power," said Nie Huaisang. "Now, get the fuck off me, and hurry up and fill out the form so I can organise your fake ID."

"Have I ever told you how much I love you?" Wei Ying grinned.

"Yeah, yeah whatever. You owe me, bitch. When you're a rich and famous musician, I will come after you to collect."



Before he entered the imposing building at Lan Academy, Wei Ying allowed himself a calming breath. He adjusted the collar of his blazer, and straightened his tie. Thick-faced and shameless, he could do this.

Wei Ying was a master manipulator. He had been that way since he was a child. Being an orphan since the tender age of four had him growing up fast. By the time he'd been found by his parents' old friend, Jiang Fengmian, Wei Ying had learnt all the best tricks. He knew how to turn a situation to his own advantage. Of course, having a sweet and pretty face definitely helped his cause. 

Jiang Fengmian was gone as soon as he'd looked into the boy's wide grey eyes, and taken in the sight of his pouting, trembling lips. The adoption papers had been signed before Wei Ying could even blink.

Aunty Yu saw right through him from the very beginning. Guileful, she called him. Conniving, unruly, unscrupulous child: words of more syllables than a six year-old's vocabulary encompassed, but ones that Wei Ying would aspire to live up to. If that's what she believed him to be, then that's what he would be.

As he got older, he began to trade innocent pouts for sultry gazes, braided pigtails for tight-fitting outfits, cute little pleas for breathy whispers. The words changed too: scheming, immoral, debauched. Dirty.  

When necessary, he'd revert to a sweet schoolboy. He'd stumbled upon the perfect combination of innocence and sex-appeal and knew exactly how and when to work it in order to get his way. There were few who would refuse him his desires, plenty who gave into his whims.

Jiang Fengmian indulged him, Jiejie pampered him. Jiang Cheng was jealous, and Aunty Yu grew ever more incensed. By his eighteenth birthday, she'd had enough. Instead of a party or presents, the wife of his adoptive father had sent Wei Ying packing. Since then, he'd had to rely on his guile and his nerve more than ever. 

He could definitely do this. Hardened twenty-one year-old Wei Ying opened the door to the grand building at Lan Academy, and fresh-faced fifteen year-old Mo Xuanyu stepped inside. 

He handed his fabricated application form and his legitimate-looking but very fake identification to the middle-aged woman behind the desk. She smiled at him with a wink. 

"Aren't you a cutie?" she cooed. She leaned forward, and Wei Ying worried for a moment that she'd pinch his cheek. "The look of an idol, I'd say," the woman continued. "Guitarist?" 

It was a fair assumption given the guitar strapped to his back, and he did play, but in this instance, the instrument was simply for aesthetics and merely a loan from Nie Huaisang, who had an entire collection of guitars for some reason, despite not being musically inclined. 

The guitar was entirely for show; he hoped his true choice of instrument gave him an unique edge over the other contestants in that it was memorable and made him stand out from the usual line-up of pianists, singers, and violinists.

Wei Ying shook his head and gave the woman his best mischievous grin as he raised his arm and brandished his flute. The traditional dizi had belonged to his mother, and along with a silky red ribbon, was the only item of hers he had left, the only indication that he'd once been the legitimate son of loving parents. As a child he'd slept with the flute as if it was a comforting toy. It was the only thing he'd brought with him to the Jiang household, and the only thing he'd taken when he'd left. 

As a child, when Jiang Fengmian had indulged him with music lessons, Wei Ying had insisted on learning to play the wooden flute. It was the instrument he was most proficient at, and the one he loved best, so it had been an easy choice to play the dizi for the competition. 

The woman gave Wei Ying a funny look at his unorthodox choice of instrument, but she complimented his schoolboy-esque ensemble, which felt to him as more costume than clothing. The outfit definitely added to the youthful look he was going for, and Wei Ying mentally praised his friend's skill in coordinating his attire. Not that he'd ever verbalise his gratitude; Nie Huaisang was a smug bitch at the best of times and didn't need the added boost to their ego.

The truth was, Wei Ying needed this to work. Due to several injustices that seemed as if the universe was conspiring against him, he'd recently found himself unemployed again, and was worried how he was going to break the news to his housemates. Wen Ning was permanently ill, and Wen Qing worked several jobs on top of her studies; they didn't need the added stress of a freeloader when the siblings were already struggling to make ends meet.

What was more, Wei Ying's pride couldn't take it. He'd been labelled a musical prodigy as a child, and he'd taken comfort in the idea that (for all that he was called a worthless brat) there was something that he was actually good at. 

Without the financial support from the Jiang family, he couldn’t afford to study at any of the prestigious music institutes befitting his talents. His dream of a career in music had taken a back seat in favour of survival: how could he have time for music when he was struggling to maintain a job long enough to pay the bills?

If he won this competition, he'd not only be relieving Wen Qing of her extra burden, he'd be able to prove to the Jiangs that he was capable of success without their support. Furthermore, he'd be proving it to himself. He could do this.

Wen Qing hadn't exactly been thrilled with the whole scheme. She'd chewed him out about him "taking the opportunity away from someone who was legitimately allowed to participate." He knew she'd been more concerned than anything though: she'd gone on at length about how much of a risk it was and what would happen if he got caught. Wen Ning echoed his sister’s worries, and Wei Ying did actually feel guilty about causing his friend distress.

He promised them he wouldn't get caught. Why should he? And he was as confident as Nie Huaisang in his ability to succeed. He could definitely do this. He'd win the competition, work hard, and one day he'd be able to pay back his friends for everything they'd done to help him. Then he'd use his fame to rub it in Aunty Yu's face.


His number was finally called, and Wei Ying was ushered onto a small stage. There was a baby grand piano in the centre of the stage, and an accompanying pianist standing by in case his services were required. Wei Ying stepped toward the microphone as he was introduced by someone with unconcealed surprise in their voice.

"Mo Xuanyu, fifteen, playing his own song* on a traditional dizi." 

Wei Ying took in the looks of mild shock on the faces of his audience, and prayed that he wasn’t about to be caught out now. He hadn’t even played yet. But they nodded at him to continue, so it seemed that the cause of their surprise was due to his choice of instrument, and not a disparity between his looks and supposed age. He took his cue and raised the flute to his lips.

His audience sat mesmerised as the soulful melody wafted from the wooden instrument. Lan Wangji, in particular, could not tear his gaze away from the boy on the stage. From a practical point of view, Wei Ying would be easy to work with, to manufacture into a commodity that could be consumed by the masses. He was certainly pleasing to the eye, and his skill with the instrument was above par. 

Yet, it was his achingly beautiful song that had Lan Wangji enchanted; the melody seemed to pierce his very soul and speak to the very core of him. More than that, the music seemed as if an extension of the musician himself: sorrow, heartache, longing radiating from his being, before the melody, lilting, morphed into the trickle of hope. 

Lan Wangji found himself reeling with the intense desire to get inside Wei Ying’s mind, to get under the boy's skin and feel the throbbing passion that so obviously runs through his veins. The music, the way he played seemed to transcend his young age, his very existence in time. How could someone so young feel so much? The feelings evoked were unlike anything Lan Wangji had ever experienced. Lan Wangji had to meet him, to know his story—he practically vibrated with the desire to do so.

There was a glean in Lan Wangji’s eyes as he exchanged silent dialogue with his brother; the excitement reflected back at him in Lan Xichen’s sparkling gaze. Wei Ying was a rare and fascinating find; it was obvious who the contest winner would be. 

Lan Wangji loathed the fact that, in the name of fairness to the other contestants, he'd have to sit through who knows how many more sub-par acts despite having already made up his mind. He passed a note to his assistant, to begin preparing a contract for Wei Ying’s scholarship, and spent the next boring hour anticipating the wonderful work he would do with the young prodigy under his wings.


Wei Ying received a phone call later that day, advising him that he'd won the competition, and that he'd need to return to the academy to finalise the details of his scholarship. The Lan brothers were eager to work with him, and keen to have him start at Lan Academy as soon as possible. 

Despite their misgivings, the Wen siblings were pleased for Wei Ying. They spent the night celebrating and toasting to his future success.

Nie Huaisang responded to his excited text message with the threat of curating a new wardrobe befitting his persona. Mo Xuanyu, after all, didn't dress like Wei Ying, and an arsenal of costumes was necessary to keep up the disguise. Wei Ying didn't bother responding, knowing that his friend would have already begun ordering outfits for him. 


Several weeks later, Wei Ying arrived at Lan Academy for Music and Performing Arts, with two heavy suitcases and a guitar case in tow. He was dressed in the uniform that the academy had provided. The outfit was mandatory, although the vest seemed to weigh him down, and the tie threatened to choke. Wei Ying absolutely refused to believe his discomfort was due to nerves. What had he to be afraid of?

"Here goes nothing," he mumbled, as he entered the dormitory. 



Six weeks later

Small social functions were a regular occurrence at Lan Academy. Administration was inclined to use the term "parties" to describe the awkward gatherings, but in reality, they were lacklustre events that were compulsory for all staff and students to attend. 

This was Wei Ying’s first proper social event since he'd started at Lan Academy, and he was underwhelmed by the occasion, although eager to make the best of it. He set himself the task of livening the place up a bit, and had succeeded in eliciting some enthusiasm from his peers, much to the chagrin of Director Lan Qiren. 

Twenty minutes into the event, Lan Wangji arrived at the dinner a little later than was his custom, and a lot hornier than was acceptable for such a formal and "family friendly" occasion. His eyes were immediately drawn to Wei Ying the minute he had entered the room. There was something about that particular student that made people want to look; his liveliness and shining grey eyes commanded attention, and he certainly had Lan Wangji’s notice. 

It had been more than a month since Wei Ying had blustered into Lan Academy like a veritable whirlwind. Lan Wangji had spent the better part of that time getting to know his new protégé. What he'd learnt during those long weeks is that he'd like to know his student more intimately. He knew his feelings were inappropriate, his fantasies highly improper, but there was just something about the younger male that sent a frisson of excitement rushing through him.

It hadn't taken him long to realise just what kind of mischievous boy Lan Wangji was dealing with, and how dangerously enticing Wei Ying could be. The more time he spent in Wei Wuxian’s presence, the closer Lan Wangji came to combusting from his burning need. 

Time spent in close proximity tasted bittersweet: the exhilarating nearness, as he leaned over to adjust his student's notations, his nose pressed close to Wei Ying's neck when Lan Wangji would brush behind him to adjust the boy's stance, relishing his warmth and breathing him in; Lan Wangji felt himself close to the precipice. 

Balancing on the wire between his desires and his restraint was thrilling: a heady rush for every inch he nudged closer to completely letting go. Wei Ying was infuriating and astonishing, and if Lan Wangji could inflict a little bit of teasing on him (a taste of his own medicine, if you will) while simultaneously allowing himself a gratifying morsel, then it was well worth the teetering along the cliff's edge.

Despite it all, Lan Wangji prided himself as being a sensible man: he would not risk his career or his good name for the sake of sating his desires, despite the delicious temptation. Still, he found himself enraptured with the very sight of Wei Ying, and could not bring himself to tear his gaze away. Surely, there was no harm in just looking?  

Instead of forsaking his dwindling self-control, Lan Wangji allowed himself the luxury of letting his imagination run wild. He was particularly fixated on the tiny freckle just below Wei Ying’s mouth. He was overcome with an intense desire to lick it. His eyes traced the shape of that pout, imagining the path he wanted his tongue to travel: dipping into the curve of the cupid's bow, drawing the plumpness of a lip between his teeth. 

He unconsciously licked his own lips; the inside of his mouth suddenly desperately dry. He imagined quenching his thirst with the taste of that impertinent mouth, plunging his tongue inside, licking away any audacious words, to be replaced with the needy sounds he haughtily knows he can elicit. 

He wants. He wants desperately, more than he's ever wanted before, and it's painful.

He took a sip of water in an attempt to re-moisten his mouth and regain his dwindling composure. He was unsuccessful in both endeavours. 

He was uncomfortably hard, straining against the taut cut of his pants. 

Lan Wangji surreptitiously dropped his hand to his lap beneath the table and squeezed, desperate to quell the threatening explosion. It would absolutely not do for him to come in his pants right now. He restrained himself enough to stifle a moan, but he was not quick enough that his arousal managed to escape his mouth in a huff of breath. As a Lan, he knows he should be better than this; repression, restraint, and rules upon rules govern his very existence. But Wei Ying is so very enticing, and Lan Wangji wants.

Thankfully, no one at the table noticed his predicament. The only one who would notice is his brother, but Lan Xichen was currently preoccupied with the pretty face of one of the older students. Lan Wangji took another sip of water, and exhaled softly to regain his calm.

Unable to resist, he indulged himself and allowed his eyes to drift back toward the beguiling boy, only to find Wei Ying’s gaze already upon him.

Wei Ying had noticed Lan Wangji’s plight. He'd been aware of the man's eyes on him since he'd entered the room, and had been watching him constantly through his peripheral vision. He knows exactly what he's doing to Lan Wangji, and he likes it. 

Wei Ying was used to getting what he wanted. He couldn’t afford not to. He was not above using his charms to wheedle his way. He reasoned that it wasn't taking advantage when the other party was completely aware of what they were doing. If Lan Wangji wanted to lust after Mo Xuanyu, then who was Wei Ying to stop him? 

He smirked at Lan Wangji and licked his lips in a slow, deliberate tease. This is going to be fun, he thought.

Lan Wangji withstood an hour of Wei Ying’s teasing looks before he decided to call it a night. No one bat an eye; Lan Wangji’s dislike of social interaction was well known, and he never lingered long at these events. He decided to go to the music room to calm himself from the thoughts of what we wanted to do to Wei Ying. 

Wei Ying watched Lan Wangji leave the party and took it as an invitation to follow. He was set on making Lan Wangji break down and fuck him. Despite the fact that the man seemed to be clutching onto his restraint, Wei Ying was confident that he could entice Lan Wangji to give into his desires. Wei Ying was used to being desired by older men. He'd had a few dalliances even as a teen, and Nie Mingjue was almost twice his age. 

Jiang Fengmian had obviously wanted him. He had never really touched Wei Ying inappropriately, but he'd sometimes looked at him in a way that seemed hardly suitable for a man looking at his adopted son. On occasion he would fondle Wei Ying’s head a little too tenderly, or softly caress his cheek, as he whispered how very much the boy looked like his dead mother. Wei Ying had not missed the desire in his eyes whenever he'd done it, and had definitely capitalised on the man's basest feelings, until Madam Yu had finally had enough of him manipulating her husband.

Wei Ying supposed he could lure a sugar daddy if he really wanted to. Nie Mingjue had offered many times to support him, but Wei Ying was too fond of the man to want to be a burden to him. Still, it was worth using his wiles for small trinkets and favours.

Wei Ying followed Lan Wangji into the music room, locking the door behind him. The teacher looked up from his guqin with a look of mild panic. Wei Ying grinned puckishly. Yes, this is definitely going to be fun, he thought. He was seriously horny right now, and he was in the mood to play. He slowly sauntered toward the older man.

Lan Wangji quickly stood, abandoning his instrument for the cupboard with the sheet music and unsuccessfully attempting to ignore the other male. Wei Ying followed.

"Where are you going, Lan laoshi?" he trilled. He took one step, two, as he backed Lan Wangji against the wall, crowding him and blocking his escape. "Your student needs you." He watched Lan Wangji’s throat bob as he swallowed hard, and smirked at the sight of his reddened ears. 

Wei Ying leaned into Lan Wangji's warmth, and nuzzled against him like a kitten. Lan Wangji stood rigid, his hands clenched to fists at his side. 

"You want to fuck me, don't you, Lan laoshi?" Wei Ying purred, tracing a finger up and down Lan Wangji’s sleeve. He looked coyly up at the teacher through lowered lashes. "You can, you know?" he whispered. 

He leaned up so that his face was inches from Lan Wangji, his breath a flutter against the taller man's lips. It would be so easy for Lan Wangji to dip his head just a fraction, and close the minuscule gap between them, so easy to grasp those slim hips and pull him against his ever-growing hardness.

Lan Wangji did neither of those things. He grasped the thin wrists that were wrapped around his forearms, and yanked Wei Ying off him. He spun them around so that Wei Ying was now with his back against the wall, his arms held firmly above his head with the firm pressure of Lan Wangji’s grip on his wrists. No other part of Lan Wangji was touching Wei Ying’s body as he loomed above him. 

The fire in Lan Wangji’s amber eyes burned fiercer as he took in the sight of him. The smirk was gone from Wei Ying’s face, and replaced with a look of shock, perhaps even a little fear. It was Lan Wangji's turn to look smug, as he leant to growl against Wei Ying’s ear.

"Mo Xuanyu, mark your words."

His breath ghosted across Wei Ying’s face as he pulled back from the boy. He released Wei Ying’s wrists, and watched his arms fall limply by his sides. He hummed in satisfaction at the sight, then turned to walk away.

"Wait!" Wei Ying broke from his stupor in time to grab Lan Wangji and prevent him from leaving. He was far from satisfied with this turn of events. He'd gone after Lan Wangji expressly with the intent to seduce the older man and he refused to admit defeat.

Lan Wangji halted at the feel of Wei Ying against his back. He huffed his frustration, and turned on the other male, determined to maintain the upper hand. The sight of him almost undid Lan Wangji: Wei Ying looked ruined and Lan Wangji hadn’t even touched him. 

The coy look in Wei Ying’s eyes returned when he realised how thin the other’s self-resolve was. "You hurt my wrists with your big, strong hands, Lan laoshi," he pouted, "How will you make it up to me?"

Annoyed that he'd been exposed, Lan Wangji wrenched Wei Ying’s hand from his sleeve. He was determined to have the last word, to remain the one in control. He looked the young man up and down, his eyes burning flames across Wei Ying’s skin. "Mn, I apologise," he said, not sounding sorry at all. 

He rubbed his thumb across Wei Ying’s wrist, refusing to acknowledge how much he enjoyed the sight of the bruising marks on the milky skin—marks that he'd put there himself. Wei Ying’s sharp intake of breath spurred him on, and Lan Wangji decided to allow himself the tiniest indulgence for the sake of taunting the younger male. He gently brushed his lips across the red marks on Wei Ying’s wrist, paying particular attention to his tender pulse point. 

Wei Ying gasped, his eyes fluttering at the soft sensation of lips against skin and the gentle sucking against his rabbiting pulse. Powerless to stop himself, Lan Wangji ran his tongue in a smooth lick across the creamy skin of Wei Ying’s wrist, justifying it as soothing the bruises he had placed there.

Wei Ying whimpered. 

Lan Wangji took that as his cue to leave. He turned abruptly and exited the room, intent of making it home to take care of his arousal. 

It took Wei Ying several minutes to recover from his shock, and by then Lan Wangji was long gone. He exhaled long and deep. All of the blood in his body seemed to have collected in his dick. What the fuck just happened? he wondered. He felt as if he was in over his head when it came to Lan Wangji—a reaction he'd never had before. He was playing with fire, but instead of being afraid of getting burned, the idea excited him. Wei Ying was determined to break Lan Wangji, to make him succumb to his desires.



Wei Ying was so fucking horny. 

The muscles in his legs tightened, as he dug his toes into the bed, his hips trembling as he spread them wide. The fabric of his thigh-highs stretched taut against the smoothness of his skin. He'd been working on himself for some time now, trying to take the edge off his arousal, but his usual ministrations weren't cutting it tonight. 

He fumbled blindly amongst the pile of toys scattered upon the bed, until he found what he was searching for. He tossed aside the vibrator he'd been using and replaced it with a bejeweled butt plug, teasing his rim with the cool metal. He reached awkwardly with his other hand to untie the ribbons at the front of his crop top, then pinched hard at his exposed nipples when the satin material fell away from his chest.

Wei Ying had come to Lan Academy with none of his own clothes or possessions apart from his flute. The clothes he wore here, even down to his underwear and sleepwear, were all part of Mo Xuanyu's aesthetic. Each item had been carefully chosen by Nie Huaisang to fit the meticulously crafted image of deceptive innocence: a sweet boy with a delightfully cheeky edge that was similar to Wei Ying's true personality.

Wei Ying had been surprised to find that his new wardrobe was an explosion of pastels, satins, and lace. While he couldn’t say that they were exactly his own style, he could appreciate the soft beauty of the clothes. The many bunny themed outfits were particularly cute. And, admittedly, the matching two piece sleeping sets were infinitely nicer (and honestly, more comfortable) than the ratty shirt Wei Ying usually wore to bed.

The assortment of lingerie items in his bags had been a shock at first, although no more so than the little collection of toys Nie Huaisang had included in his luggage. Wei Ying’s initial amazement hadn't lasted long when he remembered just who exactly his friend was. In true Nie Huaisang style, they'd really thought of everything

He wondered briefly, if Nie Huaisang had foreseen many sexually-frustrated nights for Wei Ying during his stay at Lan Academy. There were certainly many rigid rules he had to follow, and Nie Huaisang (who always did their research) would have known about them. They might have warned Wei Ying about all the precepts before he came, although perhaps this is what had prompted them to leave him the lovely gifts. Wei Ying might as well put them to good use. 

He had not expected to be this pent up. Of course, he knew why he was in this predicament, and his frustration's name was Lan Wangji. 

Wei Ying was disappointed that he hadn't yet been able to entice Lan Wangji into having sex with him. If he was honest, it was actually a bit of a blow to his ego; he'd been so very confident in his abilities to seduce people, and it came as a shock that he had now been rejected by Lan Wangji on multiple occasions. 

He knew that the man wanted him; he'd seen the desire in Lan Wangji’s eyes every time he looked Wei Ying’s way. But, to Wei Ying's dismay, Lan Wangji never acted on his obvious lust. He'd thought the night of the party that he'd finally managed to break him. Lan Wangji pressing him against the wall and licking his wrists was so fucking hot, and Wei Ying had been excited to see how things would progress, but Lan Wangji had simply let him go and left the room. 

Wei Ying wondered if it was possible that the man had much greater restraint than he'd given him credit for. No, he thought, that isn't quite right. Lan Wangji seemed less as if he was holding himself back from devouring Wei Ying, and more as if he was deliberately teasing him. 

Wei Ying sat up quickly, tossing aside the glittering plug, unnerved at the sudden revelation. He'd been so sure that the quiet, stoic man had been grasping to his morals and trying to hold back, when in actual fact, that asshole had been playing with him the entire time! 

Well, Lan laoshi, he thought, two can play at that game. Luckily, it was a game that Wei Ying was particularly good at.

In the meantime, he really needed to blow off some steam, and his self-pleasure session was getting him nowhere, so he placed a booty-call with his favourite fuck-buddy. 

Forty minutes later, he was sneaking Nie Mingjue into the all-male dormitory, rushing him through the halls with hushed noises. 

"I could get in trouble for this," he whispered. "You're not supposed to be here, so keep quiet." 

He pulled his lover through the darkened halls, wondering how he would be able to hide the burly man in his tiny dorm room. As much as he was turned on by the idea of getting caught, Wei Ying genuinely liked Nie Mingjue, and if he didn’t want to risk exposing Mo Xuanyu as a fraud, he'd have to make his lover out to be a pervert instead. He definitely didn't want that outcome for the lovely man, who was the sweetest person underneath all his gruff layers. Besides, Nie Huaisang would never forgive him for ruining their big brother and Hell hath no fury like Nie Huaisang scorned.

Nie Mingjue squinted at the younger man. He wondered why students at Lan Academy were not allowed guests that they had to be snuck through the corridors after dark. Granted, a late-night tryst wasn't exactly a respectable reason to visit, but surely having a friend sleep over in the dorms wouldn't be forbidden? He stopped walking and pulled Wei Ying into an empty lounge.

"You're up to something," he grumbled, tugging on the adorable bunny ears of Wei Ying’s hoodie. "You and Huaisang are hatching one of your little schemes again." 

All Nie Mingjue had been told is that Wei Ying had won a scholarship to attend the prestigious academy, but any actual details about the situation had been omitted from Nie Huaisang's account. Nie Mingjue was definitely proud of Wei Ying and pleased that he was working toward his dream. However, there was definitely more to this story than had been divulged, and it was slightly unsettling.

Wei Ying had the grace to look guilty, and Nie Mingjue caught a glimpse of his sheepish smile in the dim glow of the moonlight through the window. Wei Ying opened his mouth to answer, attempting to contrive some plausible story on the spot. The older man was a darling, but he definitely wouldn't approve of Wei Ying’s ploy. Before he could respond, Nie Mingjue stopped him from answering with a finger upon Wei Ying’s lips.

"No, actually don’t tell me," Nie Mingjue sighed. He knew from experience that whatever scheme his younger sibling and Wei Ying had planned, would only end in disaster. "I don't want to know," he said gruffly, "I just came here for a quick fuck. Let's get on with it."

Wei Ying sighed inwardly with relief. He grinned cheekily at the other man, more than happy to oblige his lover. He was still half hard from earlier, and the thought of getting caught was turning him on even more. Ever the gremlin, Wei Ying licked at the shell of Nie Mingjue's ear and whispered, "Wanna do it here?"

Nie Mingjue made a noise of approval, although he raised a brow at Wei Ying and said, "I thought you didn't want to get caught."

"Better hurry up then."

Nie Mingjue didn't mind the idea of getting caught, and showed his enthusiasm by removing Wei Ying’s hoodie. Under normal circumstances, Wei Ying wasn't above a bit of exhibitionism, and he allowed himself to get caught up in the excitement of it, immediately forgetting their precarious situation. 


Although he lived across at the main estate, Lan Wangji had agreed to be part of the rotation of dorm supervisors at the academy. He'd regretted his decision almost as soon as he'd made the offer, but now, it gave him extra chances to catch a moment or two with his favourite student, and his regret had turned to something akin to anticipation.

Unfortunately, his shifts as supervisor in the Cloud Recesses dormitory usually passed without any interaction between Wei Ying and himself, but he'd occasionally spot the boy sipping his morning coffee in the gardens, or leading an evening sing-along in one of the common rooms. 

If he was really lucky, Lan Wangji would spot Wei Ying prancing about the halls in his ridiculously adorable bunny pyjamas. Lan Wangji would have to stop Wei Ying to reprimand the boy about breaking the academy's rule of "no running in the halls," allowing him some extra moments to admire the delightful flush of Wei Ying’s cheeks. 

Of course, the brat would immediately argue that he wasn’t running, he was dancing in the halls, which was quite a different kettle of fish, and really, shouldn't Lan Wangji be encouraging his student's artistic expression? Thereafter, Lan Wangji could indulge in watching the cheeky grin bloom on Wei Ying’s face, and the way his eyes would curl into crescents when he smiled. He was just too cute! 

Not to mention, the delicious way in which that mole under his lip would disappear when he smirked, and Lan Wangji would fantasise about locating it with his tongue.

There was also the odd instance where Lan Wangji would allow himself a quick peek into Wei Ying’s room when the boy was asleep. He knew he was crossing a line, but the little imp looked contrarily angelic in his sleep—all pink-cheeked and soft edges, and Lan Wangji was beginning to nudge too close to the precipice now. The sight of Wei Ying in bed was exactly how he imagined he would look in Lan Wangji’s own bed, as the younger male came down from being completely ravaged by him: boneless and flushed, and utterly adorable. 

Lan Wangji rounded a corner in the dimly-lit hall, when a series of strange noises caught his attention. The sounds were coming from one of the common rooms, so Lan Wangji walked over to investigate. The room was dark, as it was past curfew, and the students had all gone to bed. Well, clearly not everyone was in bed. As he got closer to the source of the noise, Lan Wangji could determine the noises for what they were: the unmistakable sounds of people having sex. 

He crept quietly into the room, intent on catching the culprits with their literal pants down, but he stopped short at the sight that greeted him, reprimand dying on his lips. There, under the low glow of moonlight, was none other than the very object of Lan Wangji’s thoughts, looking for all the world as if he'd stepped directly from one of his many fantasies. His dick filled immediately at the mouth-watering sight.

Wei Ying was almost entirely naked except for a pair of white thigh-high socks. A pastel pink hoodie and various other articles of clothing lay strewn about the room, a small silky item discarded on the chair beneath Wei Ying's clearly aroused cock. He was bent over the lounge chair, being railed from behind by a shirtless man who seemed entirely made of muscle. 

Nie Mingjue hadn't noticed Lan Wangji’s entrance, as he was too focussed on nuzzling into Wei Ying's neck. His jeans hung low on his hips, and he grunted coarsely as he fucked into Wei Ying. With every thrust, Wei Ying answered his lover’s noises with small, needy whines.

"That's it, baby," Nie Mingjue mumbled. "Come for me, you little slut." Wei Ying whimpered louder, as the other man thrust into him harder. 

Unlike Nie Mingjue, Wei Ying had noticed Lan Wangji enter the room, and he was absolutely giddy with delight that his teacher had stumbled upon the scene. Having long ago decided that he wanted Lan Wangji to fuck him, Wei Ying resolved to put on a show for the man, in the hope that it would goad Lan Wangji into finally making a move on him. Hopefully seeing another man raw him might make Lan Wangji do it too.

Wei Ying moaned prettily and posed more than he was wont to during sex, displaying himself as enticingly as possible; it had the double-bonus of egging Nie Mingjue on wonderfully, and making Lan Wangji seethe with desire.

"Ngh!" Nie Mingjue landed a particularly great thrust, causing Wei Ying to see stars. "Ah, gods yes, right there!" Wei Ying exclaimed. His eyes remained focussed on Lan Wangji. "Yes! Fuck me, Da-ge!" he cried.

Wei Ying was so close, as Nie Mingjue pounded against his prostate. His large, calloused hand came up around Wei Ying’s throat, tilting his head back so he could bite against Wei Ying’s neck. With his head at that angle, Wei Ying had a clear line of vision straight into Lan Wangji's eyes.

Lan Wangji stood spellbound by the sight. Wei Ying looked ethereal in the moonlight, his creamy skin seemingly aglow, and the lines of him soft and supple in the shadows of the room. His eyes were wide with arousal, and his lips parted, huffing breaths between his lustful whimpers. Lan Wangji gave into the temptation to touch himself, though too engrossed with the scene before him, he spared only the firm press of a palm against his clothed cock; his intent was for momentary relief, not complete release. 

As Nie Mingjue fucked him relentlessly, Wei Ying maintained his eye contact with Lan Wangji. Wei Ying preened at the thought of being watched, of Lan Wangji seeing him in the throes of desire, the man clearly imagining it was him railing Wei Ying instead of Nie Mingjue.

Between Nie Mingjue's accurately-angled thrusts and Lan Wangji watching, Wei Ying was buzzing from the deliciousness of it all. He quickly reached his release, spilling onto the satin shorts beneath him. He slumped forward, inching toward overstimulation, as Nie Mingjue eagerly chased his own orgasm, until the older male finally joined him over the edge. Nie Mingjue collapsed upon him, and they both lay draped over the couch as they came down from their high. 

By the time Wei Ying’s breathing was steady enough for him to look up, Lan Wangji was gone. Wei Ying was a little disappointed that the man had disappeared. He'd planned to call Lan Wangji out for his voyeurism, regardless of the fact that it was so fucking hot.

Lan Wangji didn’t wait to watch Nie Mingjue follow with his release; he strode into the nearest bathroom to tend to himself instead. It took embarrassingly few strokes until he came, the sight of Wei Ying's eyes screwed shut and his mouth open in ecstasy, seared into the back of his brain. 

As he was cleaning himself up, Lan Wangji determined that he was done holding himself back, the last of his resolve having dissolved with his orgasm. He wanted Wei Ying, and he was damn well going to have him, consequences be damned! It was clear to him that the young man wanted Lan Wangji just as much, and Lan Wangji figured that he just might be able to have Wei Ying for himself, provided he played his cards right.

Lan Wangji lay awake long into the night, devising the perfect plan to make Wei Ying his.



"Xiongzhang," Lan Wangji said to his brother over their steeping pot of tea, "I want to bring someone back to Gusu Apartments."

Lan Xichen paused in shuffling the teacups to look up at his little brother. "Someone?" he asked, although he had a strong suspicion who Lan Wangji was referring to.

"A student," was Lan Wangji's only clarification. 

Lan Xichen resisted the urge to roll his eyes at his brother. "Mo Xuanyu," he said knowingly. 

"Mn," Lan Wangji acknowledged. "I want to bring him back and keep him here." He poured two cups of the floral tea, and slid one across the table to his brother. "He needs a better environment outside of school," he added.

"Are you sure that's wise?" said Lan Xichen. "Mo Xuanyu is young and he's quite the handful. He may be more than you can handle." 

Lan Xichen wasn't blind; he'd seen the way his brother had looked at the boy. He worried that his brother might be enticed into engaging in activities that were not exactly legal given the student's young age.

"Mn," said Lan Wangji. "It is for his protection," he asserted. 

Lan Xichen raised a questioning brow at his brother. "Protection from whom, Wangji?" he asked pointedly. Will he really be safer with you? 

"Mn," Lan Wangji nodded. "He needs to focus on his music, and a more controlled environment where he can be under my strict supervision would be conducive to this."

Lan Xichen refrained from snorting. "Why not simply allow him to reside off-campus then?" he suggested, "Have him commute from home?"

Lan Wangji's eyes widened a fraction. This clearly wasn't an option he'd considered; it didn't play into his plans for Wei Ying. Luckily, Lan Wangji had already had a run-in with Wen Qing when Wei Ying had first started at the academy, and he could easily use her poor behaviour as an excuse.

"I do not believe his home environment is at all appropriate," he told his brother. "The house is shabby and messy; not a good environment to inspire creativity."

"The woman who is his guardian seems neglectful. I believe she encourages Mo Xuanyu's indecent behaviour. He was drinking alcohol right in front of her, and it wasn't until I pointed it out that she thought to reprimand him. It seems she allows him to get away with all manner of inappropriate activities and lets him associate with very unsuitable individuals." He scowled minutely. 

Lan Wangji was determined to keep Wei Ying from his liaisons with Nie Mingjue and away from others who might influence him against Lan Wangji. 

"If that's the case," said Lan Xichen, "and you believe his home life to be dangerous or abusive, shouldn't we go to the authorities?" Lan Xichen felt only a pinprick of concern for the boy, convinced as he was that Lan Wangji was exaggerating the threat to Wei Ying’s safety. Is it that you're really worried for the boy's safety, Wangji? he thought. Or is it because you're jealous?

He sighed, resigned to the fact that he wouldn't be able to dissuade his little brother from whatever it was he had planned. Whenever his brother was determined to do something, nothing could stop him.

"Just be careful, Wangji," Lan Xichen said. "I don't want anyone to get hurt." 



Two weeks later, a group of students from Lan Academy had congregated at a well-known nightclub establishment. Permission had been obtained, and a private room had been hired so that those who were under-age could attend the club along with the older students. Lan Xichen had been kind enough to organise the occasion in response to criticisms from many of the students that life in the academy dormitories was boring.

It had been arranged that the group would gather at the venue at a time prior to the club opening to patrons. After some hours of fun, the younger charges would be ushered back to the academy at an appropriate time, while the older students would be able to remain at the club if they so wished. Chaperones in the form of teachers had also tagged along to keep an eye on the situation. Everyone had been surprised when Lan Wangji had volunteered to be one of them. 

Wei Ying was as grateful as his peers to be able to escape the strict confines of the academy for one blissful night. In spite of their stuffy chaperones, the students were able to have a good time. For most of them, the party was an opportunity to let their hair down. For Wei Ying, it was an excuse to torment Lan Wangji, attempting to utilise his powers of seduction to force the man into making his move. 

Wei Ying was sick of waiting and tired of whatever game it was that Lan Wangji was playing. He'd never been a patient person, and as much as he'd enjoyed it in the beginning, he had become frustrated with being led about by Lan Wangji as if he was some little toy. Wei Ying had always been one to manipulate others, and it wasn't often that he was on the receiving end of it, other than the odd occasion when Nie Huaisang really wanted something from him.

Lan Wangji, for his part, was biding his time, albeit impatiently, trying desperately to ignore the intense need clawing at him from within. He had resolved that his best course of action was to make Wei Ying come to him rather than Lan Wangji making the first move. He had to tread carefully, as Lan Wangji had a lot to lose if he was caught in a relationship with the younger male. He watched Wei Ying intently, waiting for him to make a move, but Wei Ying wasn't making it easy for him.

Wei Ying was quick to drag his friends out on the dance floor as soon as they'd arrived at the club. Since he'd been at Lan Academy, Wei Ying had become chummy with a quintet of his junior peers, and he found that he could usually rope them into whatever plans he devised to keep boredom at bay while in the stuffy halls of Cloud Recesses. 

Four of the boys resided with Wei Ying in the dorm. Ouyang Zizhen, Lan Sizhui, and Lan Jingyi were all fifteen like Wei Ying’s persona, Mo Xuanyu. Zizhen was a sweet, romantic boy, who had an obvious crush on Wei Ying. The two other boys were somehow related to the very family who owned the academy they studied at, but neither of them acted entitled about it as Wei Ying had expected them to. In fact, sassy Lan Jingyi (who was probably Wei Ying’s favourite) was as unlike the rest of his reserved relatives as he could possibly be, and Sizhui's gentleness seemed equally out of place in the Lan family. 

Then there was Jin Ling, a rich brat who hailed from the pretentious Jin family. The thirteen year-old was spoiled and imperious in a way that reminded Wei Ying of Jiejie's peacock husband. It hadn't taken Wei Ying long however, to learn that the boy's behaviour was merely a mask for his pain. Not only was Jin Ling adopted, but apparently his new parents had just been through a divorce. Wei Ying could empathise with the boy more than he wished, and he, Lan Sizhui, and Jin Ling had bonded over the fact that the three of them were orphans.

A-Qing, the only girl in the group of friends, was also, surprisingly, adopted. Her dads were both teachers at Lan Academy, and the small family lived close enough to the academy that A-Qing would often sneak across to the dormitories to see her friends. A-Qing was brazen and fierce, and could definitely hold her own amongst the boys. Between the five of them and Wei Ying, Cloud Recesses was never dull.

The group of friends jumped around the room, until the live DJ (a former LAMP student) changed the track to something slow and romantic. Half of the dancers awkwardly cleared the floor at the change of pace, although Jin Ling and Jingyi were dancing in each other's arms. 

Jealousy had always been a great motivator as far as Wei Ying was concerned. He grabbed Ouyang Zizhen by the wrist and gave him his best alluring look.

"Dance with me?" he purred.

Ouyang Zizhen beamed at him and readily agreed to the dance. Wei Ying genuinely felt bad for using his friend in such a manner, despite his actions having the desired effect. Wei Ying placed the other boy's arms on his shoulders, and held his own hands at Zizhen's waist, delighting in the way Lan Wangji glared at them as they began swaying to the music.

Lan Wangji was furious. Jealousy bubbled up from his core as he watched Wei Ying dance closely with the other boy. When he had meant to sit back and wait for the boy's move, this wasn't what Lan Wangji had in mind. Wei Ying’s motivations were obvious, but the knowledge of this did little to curb the sourness in the pit of his stomach. Irrationally, Lan Wangji decided to give Wei Ying a taste of his own medicine. 

He descended upon Su Minshan, the calculating glint in Lan Wangji’s eye incongruent with his perpetually blank expression. Su Minshan was a twenty-something music student, who was decent looking, but had a sycophantic quality to him that Lan Wangji deemed ugly. The man's obsequiousness and self-serving attitude made him despicable to Lan Wangji, and his propensity to mimic his teacher in form and style was sickening and creepy. 

Su Minshan had begun at Lan Academy as a pianist, but had taken up playing the guqin when he had discovered Lan Wangji's preference for the traditional stringed instrument. His style of dress was an imitation (albeit a poor one) of the clothes Lan Wangji wore, and he tried to carry himself in the same manner as the teacher, though he never quite succeeded at it. His skill on the guqin was less than adequate, and he ultimately came off as being the try-hard he was. 

Lan Wangji had barely ever spared the man a glance, yet now the brownnoser played exceptionally well into his plans for getting back at Wei Ying. He dragged Su Minshan onto the dance floor, ignoring the looks of surprise from everyone in the room. Lan Wangji took immense pleasure in the expression of shock on Wei Ying’s face as he and Su Minshan settled into dance beside the other pair. He stared challengingly at Wei Ying from over Su Minshan's shoulder.

Wei Ying resonded immediately to the provocation. Confident that Lan Wangji would not publicly display any inappropriate behaviour with a student, Wei Ying decided to show the man a thing or two about teasing. He pulled his dance partner a little closer, slyly running his hands down to lightly cup Ouyang Zizhen's backside. 

Wei Ying levelled his gaze at Lan Wangji. Look what I can do, Lan laoshi, he thought cockily, because we are peers and it's perfectly acceptable for us to be dancing like this.

Ouyang Zizhen had initially stiffened in shock at the pressure of Wei Ying’s hands on his ass, but then he smiled up at Wei Ying and rested his head on Wei Ying’s shoulder. Wei Ying tried not to wince at the boy's trusting sweetness. It might be predictable for hormonal youths to behave in such a manner, but Wei Ying did not relish using Ouyang Zizhen like this. His friend was like a younger brother to him, and Wei Ying would take no joy in having to crush the boy's tender heart when he'd inevitably have to let the poor kid down. 

Still, his strategy was working; Wei Ying could almost see the bitterness radiating off Lan Wangji. He smiled smugly at his teacher, confident in having bested the man at his own game. 

What Wei Ying hadn't counted on, was Lan Wangji's distaste for losing. Not willing to admit defeat, Lan Wangji retaliated by upping the ante. After all, Su Minshan and Lan Wangji were both consenting adults who could take things as far as was decently possible in a room full of people. 

Lan Wangji pulled Su Minshan hard against him, gripping him harshly by the hips. He began grinding their bodies firmly together in time with the slow rhythm of the music. Wei Ying could only watch on in horror with the rest of the bystanders, as Lan Wangji and Su Minshan undulated together on the dance floor. Su Minshan was having the time of his life.

There was a split second where Wei Ying considered countering with his own suggestive movements, but he stopped himself before he could follow through with it. He huffed his annoyance, knowing that he'd been beaten. "I need a drink," he mumbled to Ouyang Zizhen, then headed off in the opposite direction of the refreshments table, all but running from the room. 

Any bystanders who witnessed Wei Ying’s retreat merely attributed it to a shared disgust at the scene they were watching. Wei Ying rushed to the bathroom, feeling as if he was going to vomit. He couldn't bring himself to look at his face in the mirror, utterly repulsed at what he'd considered doing to Ouyang Zizhen just to win at this ridiculous game he had going with Lan Wangji. He splashed some water on his ashen face, taking small comfort in the fact that he'd not assaulted his young friend.

His phone buzzed in his pocket. Wei Ying took it out and looked at the screen: it was Nie Huaisang calling. Wei Ying had almost forgotten that they'd arranged for him to sneak out to meet with some of his friends at the club.

"Where the fuck are you?" Nie Huaisang screeched in his ear as soon as he answered the call.

Wei Ying sighed. "I'm coming right now," he said. He really needed a drink. 


Nie Huaisang met him in an empty stairwell between the private function room and the nightclub. "There you are!" they exclaimed. "What the fuck have you been doing?"

"Long story," said Wei Ying. "Did you bring my ID?"

"Here," said Nie Huaisang, passing Wei Ying a small bundle. 

They began fiddling with Wei Ying’s hair. They removed the braided up-do, combing through the waves with their fingers. Wei Ying slipped his ID in the pocket of his jeans while Nie Huaisang re-tied his hair into a ponytail that made Wei Ying appear very slightly more mature than he did five minutes ago. He stripped off his t-shirt and replaced it with the one Huaisang had handed him. Wei Ying still looked young, but it was a vast improvement and would hopefully be enough to appease the bouncer.

It was not. The bouncer seemed convinced that Wei Ying’s identification was a forgery. It was not the first time Wei Ying had been through this struggle, and it probably wouldn't be the last. Thank goodness he had his friend with him.

"You know who my brother is, now don't you?" Nie Huaisang said to the bouncer. The man nodded at him warily, having recognised the younger Nie sibling. Nie Mingjue had a reputation in the city as being someone that others wouldn't want to mess with.

"Wei Ying is his boyfriend," Nie Huaisang explained to the man, slightly bending the truth in his attempt at intimidation. "And since Da-ge is such a busy person," they continued, "he asked me to take Wei Ying out for a good time in his place. You wouldn't want to make my brother angry now, would you?" 

Nie Huaisang gave the bouncer a pointed look. "Just because his boyfriend happens to look younger than his actual—very legal—age, you're refusing him entry to the club? Da-ge would be most upset," they finished.

The man audibly gulped, his fear of Nie Mingjue's retaliation second only to his fear of God. "N-n-no sir," he stammered. "No need to bother your brother with this misunderstanding."

"I didn't think so," said Nie Huaisang, calmly inspecting their nails. "Also, not the correct pronoun," because Huaisang is incredibly petty. They sighed dramatically at the bouncer. "Well, are you going to let us in?"

The bouncer finally ushered them through into the club, and Wei Ying breathed a sigh of relief. It had been a very long night already and he was still in need of a drink.

"Fucking finally!" said Wen Qing, as the pair made their way to the table where she sat with her brother and Luo "MianMian" Qingyang.

At the same time, MianMian exclaimed, "Here he is, the golden child!" Judging by her smirk, Wen Qing had filled MianMian in on his story. She looked at Wei Ying like he was the biggest fucking fool. 

She was probably right.

"Shut up and pass me a fucking beer," Wei Ying grumbled, plonking himself down in Wen Ning's lap. It had been awhile since he'd had a drink, and he planned to get shit-faced.

Wen Ning rubbed Wei Ying's arm in a soothing motion, as MianMian slid him a bottle of beer. The four of them were like family to Wei Ying, a bond he'd come to relish after he'd been ousted from the Jiang family. Once upon a time, Wei Ying had been close with the Jiang siblings, but neither of them had reached out to him since their parents had cut him off. He supposed he had Aunty Yu to thank for that, but it still hurt Wei Ying that Jiang Cheng and Yanli hadn't even tried to find him.

Wei Ying gratefully chugged his beer, attempting to ignore the distressed expression on Nie Huaisang's face every time they glanced at him. He drank half of his bottle before he finally gave up. "What is it A-Sang?" he asked with a sigh.

"I have to tell you something," said Nie Huaisang, "and I don't think you're going to like it." 

Evidently, there would be no respite for Wei Ying tonight. "What is it?" he repeated. 

"Da-ge is dating Lan Xichen," they said.

"What?" Wen Qing almost choked on her beer.

Contrarily, Wei Ying remained calm. "I know, he already told me," he said. "And I told him to bring me some Emperor’s Smile as compensation." 

He grinned, happily unconcerned with the news, although he'd been a little disappointed when Nie Mingjue had told him. The two of them had been each other's backups for such a long time. But the man deserved happiness, and who was Wei Ying to stand in his way? If things didn't work out for Nie Mingjue with the older Lan brother, then Wei Ying would still be there for him. Besides, Wei Ying had other options in mind. 

"Don't worry," he added, smiling at his friends, "I told Da-ge that if we happen to cross paths at the academy, he's to pretend that we've never met." 

Wei Ying knew that Lan Wangji had already caught him screwing around with Nie Mingjue, but their tryst had been in the dark, and Wei Ying was mostly confident that Lan Wangji wouldn't recognise the man's face. Wen Qing was much less optimistic. 

"Wei Ying, you idiot!" she exclaimed. "Don't you know how dangerous this is? What happens if he exposes you as a fraud? Do you want to end up in fucking prison?"

"Da-ge would never betray Wei Ying!" Nie Huaisang snapped, affronted at the very idea.

"Could Wei Ying really go to prison?" Wen Ning asked worriedly, hugging Wei Ying tighter.

MianMian just laughed and rolled her eyes.

"Guys! Nothing's going to happen," Wei Ying said. "Everything's going to be fine. I'm gonna complete my studies at LAMP and no one is going to reveal my secret identity. Then, by the time I'm rich and famous, if the truth finally comes out, no one will care about it anymore." He smiled at his friends, and took a swig from his beer. "Everything's totally fine," he repeated. 

Wen Ning's gasp and Nie Huaisang's gaping mouth alerted Wei Ying to the newcomers. He slowly looked up into the glowering face of Lan Wangji. Su Minshan stood a few paces behind him, looking gloatingly at Wei Ying. 

"Fuck!" exclaimed Wei Ying. How long had Lan Wangji been standing there? He looked down to where he was nestled in Wen Ning's lap, then up at the bottle of beer fisted in his hand, and finally, slowly, back across to Lan Wangji. "Ah, fuck!" he said again.

Lan Wangji folded his arms. He was torn between jealousy and irritation at the image of Wei Ying in the other man’s lap, and amusement at Wei Ying’s reaction. He settled for staring sternly at his wayward student.

Su Minshan moved to stand next to Lan Wangji, clicking his tongue at the sight of Wei Ying being caught red-handed by their teacher. Lan Wangji had been annoyed when Su Minshan had followed him into the club, but now he was grateful for the man's presence. Now he had a witness to Wei Ying's inappropriate behaviour, Lan Wangji had confidence that he could convince his superiors at the academy that the young man would be better off staying with the Lan brothers so that Lan Wangji could keep a closer eye on him.

Lan Wangji smiled internally. He had Wei Ying right where he wanted him.



It didn't take Wei Ying long to settle into his life at Gusu Apartments. He was having a marvellous time making Lan Wangji’s life an absolute hell. He paraded around the apartment in his skimpiest outfits, and resorted to ridiculous shameless displays. Wei Ying quickly learned that Lan Wangji had a thing for bunnies (having two adorable pet rabbits of his own at the apartment), and he was grateful once again that Nie Huaisang had been especially generous with the bunny-themed clothes they'd packed for Wei Ying. 

Despite his best efforts at seduction, Wei Ying was yet to be fucked by Lan Wangji. Wei Ying had assumed that living with Lan laoshi in the privacy of his luxury apartment would mean that the older man would finally give Wei Ying the railing he deserved. Unfortunately for both of them, Lan Wangji’s older brother also lived in the apartment, and Lan Xichen seemed determined to impede any opportunity for sexytimes that the pair might have planned. 

So, while Wei Ying was busy making Lan Wangji miserable, Lan Xichen’s constant cock-blocking was making Wei Ying just as frustrated. Wei Ying knew in his heart that Lan Xichen was simply protecting his brother (and maybe also protecting Wei Ying) by thwarting their chances at getting physical, but he couldn't help but feel cheated when Lan Xichen was merrily dating Wei Ying’s ex-partner. 


The doorbell to the apartment dinged merrily, and Wei Ying scrambled to answer it before Lan Wangji could appear in the hall. Wei Ying knew that it was Nie Mingjue at the door, having already heard him announced at the gate, and even before then, having received a message from the older man indicating that he would be arriving at the apartment to whisk Lan Xichen away on a date.

Wei Ying had advised Nie Mingjue that he was now living with the Lan brothers, and had extracted a promise from him that he'd bring Wei Ying a bottle of Emperor’s Smile the next time they met, in compensation for the fact that he'd no longer be railing Wei Ying into oblivion. Booze, it seemed, was as difficult to come by as sex within the walls of Gusu apartments and at Lan Academy. Well difficult, at least for a fifteen year-old boy; Lan Xichen was definitely getting one of those things, if not the other, and only because the Lan brothers were teetotallers. 

Wei Ying greeted his former lover, and quickly snatched the bottle of Emperor’s Smile from his hand. He tucked the bottle under the front of his oversized hoodie, safely concealing it mere seconds before Lan Wangji appeared in the hall. Nie Mingjue raised an eyebrow at him, but made no comment.

Lan Wangji glared daggers at the newcomer, even as Wei Ying ushered him into one of the reception rooms. He clearly recognised Nie Mingjue, and he visibly wasn't happy about it.

Wei Ying chattered away, trying to alleviate the tension in the room. He sat awkwardly on the sofa, the bottle of liquor nestled weirdly against his chest. Nie Mingjue sat on the chair across from him, a bouquet of flowers clutched in his hands. Wei Ying was reminded of how sweet the man really was.

Lan Wangji came to stand behind Wei Ying, his palms resting possessively on the younger man's shoulders. The image of Wei Ying being fucked aggressively by Nie Mingjue, had been etched into his brain. Though he knew, rationally, that Nie Mingjue was here for his brother, the greedy and controlling part of him wanted to prove to the man that Wei Ying belonged to Lan Wangji. 

Nie Mingjue, mindful of Wei Ying’s well-being, did not like the way that Lan Wangji possessively latched onto the younger male as if Wei Ying was something that he owned. He returned Lan Wangji’s glare, uncaring that the man was his date's younger brother. Nie Mingjue wouldn't let anyone hurt Wei Ying. 

Wei Ying sat stiffly in his seat. All his attempts at lightening the mood had failed, and he was eager for Nie Mingjue to leave. Lan Xichen was running late. Despite having previously wished for his absence, Wei Ying currently found himself wishing for the man's presence, if only to take Nie Mingjue away and dispel some of the awkwardness in the room. 

Lan Xichen had been assisting Meng Yao with his music project, and Wei Ying guessed that the student was the reason for Lan Xichen’s delay. He laughingly wondered if the older Lan brother would be more distressed about his lateness, or the fact that Wei Ying and Lan Wangji had now been left alone in the apartment for an extended period of time.

Finally, Lan Xichen arrived home, sheepishly spouting apologies, and Meng Yao hot on his heels. At the sight of Meng Yao, Nie Mingjue went from glaring at Lan Wangji, to glaring at the dimple-cheeked man instead. 

Well, this was awkward. 

Nie Mingjue had previously encountered Meng Yao after one of his flying visits to see Wei Ying. The two had had a brief fling before Nie Mingjue had started dating Lan Xichen. 

Meng Yao's admiration for Lan Xichen was clear as day, and it was evident that the feeling was mutual. It had only been Lan Xichen’s desire to keep his private life separate from his work at the academy that prevented the two from getting together. Lan Xichen had been adamant that he didn't want to date his own student. 

Nie Mingjue, Meng Yao, and Lan Xichen stared at each other in silence. All three of them were jealous of the others and it showed. It was a bizarre love triangle that neither Lan Wangji nor Wei Ying wanted any part of.

The atmosphere in the room was uncomfortably tense, worse even than it had been earlier. Wei Ying had had enough. 

"Er, I'm going to go watch TV," he mumbled. He clutched the hidden liquor bottle against his chest, and quickly made his escape. There was a small sitting area with a television that was next to Wei Ying's bedroom, and it was here that he took refuge. 

Minutes later, Wei Ying heard the sound of the front door closing, then other soft noises that indicated that Lan Wangji had likely retreated to his study. Wei Ying sighed in relief. Deeming the coast to be clear, he extracted the bottle of Emperor’s Smile from under his hoodie, and eagerly cracked off the lid. He flicked on the television, then plopped down on the couch with his drink.


Wei Ying was halfway through the bottle of liquor when he noticed Lan Wangji leaning with crossed arms against the wall to the sitting area.

"Ha, ha! Lan laoshi!" he giggled. "Ah, I can explain," he said, looking at the bottle in his hand.

Lan Wangji raised an eyebrow. "I am keen to hear what excuse you have for your misdemeanours, Mo Xuanyu," he said. "Drinking alcohol under my roof, for example," he admonished. "Sneaking out at night," he continued listing, "Sleeping with older men…"

"Ha!" Wei Ying chuckled nervously. "I guess you've got me, Lan laoshi. Guilty on all three counts! I hope that you're not going to report me." He pouted enticingly at the other man.

Lan Wangji considered his proposal. "What will you do for me if I promise to keep quiet?" he asked.

Wei Ying internally rejoiced. "Oh, I think we can come up with a mutually beneficial arrangement," he drawled. "If you promise not to expose my dirty little secrets," he came to stand before Lan Wangji, tracing his fingertip across the man's chest, "then I promise not to disclose yours."

Lan Wangji took a step closer to him. "And what is my 'dirty little secret,' as you put it?"

"That you're fucking one of your students, of course," Wei Ying said flippantly. Lan Wangji raised an eyebrow again, and Wei Ying fluttered his lashes at him. "I promise I'll even enjoy it," Wei Ying added in a whisper.

"Mn," Lan Wangji nodded, closing the distance between them to mere inches. 

Wei Ying took a step back teasingly. His legs knocked into the side of the couch. "Oh, and one more thing," he continued, "since you have the most to lose here."

"What is it?" Lan Wangji took another step forward. 

Wei Ying waved the bottle of liquor in Lan Wangji’s face. "You get me Emperor’s Smile whenever I want it," he said.

Lan Wangji smirked. "I think that can be arranged," he agreed. He took the half-empty bottle of Emperor’s Smile from Wei Ying’s hand, and placed it on the floor beside the lounge chair. 

Lan Wangji toyed with the hem of Wei Ying’s hoodie, before gently slipping the sweater off over his head. Lan Wangji spun the younger man around so that he was facing the couch. 

He pressed his weight against Wei Ying, bending him slightly over the arm of the chair, trapping Wei Ying between two firm thighs. His hands caressed across Wei Ying’s stomach and over his chest underneath his tee, tracing firey trails across his skin, and rucking up his shirt in the process. Lan Wangji fisted the shirt with one strong hand, while the other pulled Wei Ying’s hip back towards him.

"Such a little fucking tease," he murmured against the back of Wei Ying’s neck.

Wei Ying drew in a breath of arousal. The sound of prim and proper Lan Wangji swearing, excited him to no end. Wei Ying grinned wickedly at Lan Wangji from over his shoulder. He couldn’t deny Lan Wangji’s words, having flirted with the older man almost since they'd first met. 

Lan Wangji swiftly pulled the t-shirt off him, still keeping him trapped between the couch and the firmness of his body. Wei Ying tried to turn around in Lan Wangji’s arms, but Lan Wangji pushed harder against him. "No," he growled, nipping around the piercing in Wei Ying’s earlobe. "Do not move."

Wei Ying’s mouth went dry. Lan Wangji tugged him back against his chest, and Wei Ying could feel his arousal firm against his ass. His hands slipped down around Wei Ying’s hips and over the bulge in the front of his jeans. 

Lan Wangji toyed a little with Wei Ying’s zipper, pulling it open a fraction, then zipping it closed again. He drummed his fingers against Wei Ying’s straining cock in a way that felt wonderful but was frustratingly not enough. Wei Ying tried to grind against him, but Lan Wangji stopped touching him as he did so. The older male held Wei Ying's hips in a vice until he stopped moving. 

Lan Wangji hummed in approval as Wei Ying stilled, then he reached down to yank his zipper open. A firm hand snaked within his open fly, caressing Wei Ying through his underwear. Wei Ying clenched his fists in an effort to keep still, his nails digging crescents into his palms. He couldn’t help it though, and he began rutting against Lan Wangji’s hand. Lan Wangji tsked, and quickly removed his hand.

Wei Ying whimpered. "Please Lan laoshi!"

"No," Lan Wangji hummed, "A-Yu has been naughty. Must be punished."

With one rough tug, he pulled Wei Ying’s jeans down to his ankles, drawing his underwear down in the process. The fabric pooled around his feet, and Wei Ying tripped when he tried to move. Lan Wangji easily caught him, trapping Wei Ying within his arms. 

He pulled Wei Ying onto the chair, and plonked him face-down in his lap, the younger man's pert little ass sticking up in Lan Wangji’s face. Lan Wangji took in the beautiful view before him, and was delighted to see a glittery plug shining up at him from between Wei Ying’s cheeks. 

Ever the optimist, Wei Ying had taken to wearing the plug for a few hours each day in the hope that Lan Wangji would find a moment to ravish him. Having known that Lan Xichen would be out of the apartment on a date, Wei Ying had eagerly worn the little thing in anticipation of this very moment.

"Mn," Lan Wangji licked his lips, "You’re already prepared for me, I see," he said appreciatively.

Lan Wangji grasped the sparkling end of the plug, pushing it in and out experimentally, while his other hand kneaded the supple flesh of Wei Ying’s cheeks.

"Ah, ah," Wei Ying panted at the pleasurable pressure of the plug thrusting inside him. He lost himself in the sensation, wriggling in Lan Wangji’s lap.

His pleasure was interrupted suddenly by a sharp thwack against his ass.

"Lan Wangji, what the heck?" he cried.

Lan Wangji slapped his cheeks again, marvelling at the red marks blooming beautifully across his skin. The boy had been naughty, after all. "Is that the polite way to speak to your teacher, Xuanyu?"

"I'm sorry, Lan laoshi," Wei Ying mumbled petulantly.

"Mn," the teacher soothed over the redness his hand had left on Wei Ying’s ass, "Better." He squeezed those enticingly rounded cheeks again. 

Lan Wangji pushed Wei Ying off his lap, and the younger man slipped to the floor. Wei Ying jerked his clothes off the rest of the way, then quickly sat up on his knees in front of Lan Wangji’s still-seated form. He rested his hands on Lan Wangji’s thighs, and leaned into the man. Lan Wangji captured his head between two large hands, and he pulled Wei Ying closer, breathing in the scent of him.

He took a few moments to stare in reverence at the boy, taking in his delicate features: his long, dark lashes, the tender line of his nose, the pertness of his cherry lips. Wei Ying’s tongue darted out to wet his suddenly dry lips, licking teasingly around the shape of them. Lan Wangji growled a deep, husky rumble. He traced a finger around the fullness of Wei Ying’s lips.

"Such a pretty little mouth," said Lan Wangji, "but such a wicked tongue. Must put them both to good use."

He reached across to pick up the bottle of Emperor’s Smile. He unscrewed the lid, and took a whiff of the famous rice wine. Its scent was fresh and slightly acidic, but it followed with fragrant undertones of sweetness, like a rich, sugary caramel. 

Lan Wangji thumbed along Wei Ying’s jaw, gently encouraging his mouth open. He held the bottle to Wei Ying's willing lips, and tipped the liquid down his throat. 

"Mn, beautiful."

His hand still cupping Wei Ying’s jaw, Lan Wangji tilted the young man's head up, bending to crush their mouths together. He licked inside Wei Ying’s mouth, tasting the very essence of him, extracting the most delicious noises from him.

The syrupy flavour of the liquor lingered on Wei Ying’s lips, and Lan Wangji wondered if it was possible to get intoxicated from this tiny taste. He nipped and sucked at Wei Ying’s plump lips, unable to get enough. 

At last they had to part for air, and Lan Wangji stood, his hand on Wei Ying’s head to keep him kneeling. He grasped the back of Wei Ying’s head, his hand fisting through silky hair, and forcefully pressed the boy's face against his groin. Wei Ying nuzzled against Lan Wangji’s straining cock, causing him to groan with need. He pushed Wei Ying back so that he could undo the front of his pants. He freed his throbbing dick and it bobbed excitedly in Wei Ying’s face.

"Suck it," he growled, forcing Wei Ying’s mouth against his cock.

Wei Ying didn't need to be asked twice. He eagerly pressed his lips against Lan Wangji’s arousal. He lapped at Lan Wangji with kitten licks, and suckled against the tip. He swallowed down the length of him, relishing the feel of Lan Wangji’s cock hitting the back of his throat. 

Lan Wangji was big enough that Wei Ying struggled to fit all of him in his mouth, but he allowed his hand to wrap around the part that his mouth was unable to reach. Wei Ying began moving his head in a bobbing motion, up and down Lan Wangji’s cock, until the hand at the back of his head gripped harder, effectively holding him still. 

"No," Lan Wangji hissed. "Do not move." His commanding tone went straight to Wei Ying's dick, a dribble of pre-cum leaking onto the carpet.

Blissfully, Wei Ying had been born with no gag reflex and could easily take it. However, Lan Wangji was huge, and Wei Ying’s eyes were tearing up a little at such a feeling of fullness as Lan Wangji fucked into his mouth. He suddenly had an alarming thought that the butt plug he'd been wearing had not been nearly enough to prepare him for the enormity of Lan Wangji. The thought that huge dick in his ass frightened Wei Ying as much as it thrilled him.

As if somehow sensing his concern, Lan Wangji stopped his movements to gaze softly at the boy. "My beautiful Xuanyu," he said, caressing the younger male's face, "I know you can take it."

He pulled his cock from Wei Ying’s mouth, and pulled the boy to his feet. Wei Ying teetered unsteadily, and Lan Wangji took the opportunity to push him over the arm of the couch. 

He quickly removed his own clothing, and fumbled in his pants pocket for a condom and a packet of lube. He slipped the condom on and lathered himself in lubricant, before turning his attention back to Wei Ying. 

"So soft," Lan Wangji murmured, kneading Wei Ying’s ass cheeks, spreading them ready for him, and dripping a trickle of lube in between. 

"So warm," he breathed, as he slowly slipped inside. The feel of Wei Ying engulfing him was incredible, and Lan Wangji was struggling not to lose control. 

"So tight," he groaned, as he finally bottomed out. He remained motionless for a few moments, allowing Wei Ying some time to adjust to the feel of him.

Wei Ying shuddered beneath him, struggling to find his own breaths. He'd never before felt such fullness, and it was a little overwhelming. Lan Wangji rubbed his back in soothing motions. Then, slowly, gently, he began thrusting his cock inside Wei Ying. 

"Fuck," Wei Ying groaned as Lan Wangji rocked inside him. It felt amazing, incredible, but it wasn't enough. Too soft, too gentle, Wei Ying needed more. He tried to reach for his cock for some relief, but Lan Wangji smacked his hand away.

"No," Lan Wangji growled at him, "You'll come untouched." He grabbed Wei Ying’s arms and pulled them behind his back. Lan Wangji’s other arm was still curled around Wei Ying, his hand a firm pressure on his chest.

Wei Ying whined in complaint. It wasn't fair for Lan Wangji to have all the fun, so Wei Ying reverted to doing what he did best: taunting Lan Wangji. 

"You've been wanting to do this for a long time now, haven't you, Lan laoshi?" he said. "Ever since you saw Nie Mingjue fucking me just like this." He gasped at the feel of Lan Wangji’s bite to his ear. "Y-You wanted it to be you, didn't you?"

Lan Wangji growled, the hand not holding Wei Ying’s arms coming up to clamp down over his mouth. "Shut up!" he barked. He did not want this moment to be marred with the image of Wei Ying being fucked by another man.  

Lan Wangji's thrusts became harder, sharper. He pushed him further forward over the side of the chair, allowing for a deeper thrust at an angle that was exactly what Wei Ying wanted. He moaned loudly against Lan Wangji’s palm.

Between the superior position, and the renewed force of Lan Wangji’s thrusts, Wei Ying found that he could, indeed, come untouched, and come hard. He shook violently with his release, spurting over the side of the couch, riding the waves of his orgasm, until Lan Wangji shuddered against him with an orgasm of his own.

Lan Wangji's legs were like jelly. He slipped out of Wei Ying, still breathing heavily as he tied off the condom. He collapsed onto the couch, cradling Wei Ying in his arms. A well of emotions bubbled within him, as he lovingly stroked Wei Ying’s hair. Guilt, shame, satisfaction, elation warred within at the thought of what he had done. 

He had finally crossed the line now, and there was no turning back.



Lan Wangji spent several blissful weeks sneaking around with Wei Ying until their bubble of delight was eventually busted. Lan Wangji was certain that his brother knew what was going on, but Lan Xichen chose not to expose them. In the end, it was Meng Yao's jealousy that exposed Wei Ying’s lie.

Lan Xichen and Nie Mingjue were snuggled on the loveseat, while Lan Wangji tried not to let their nauseatingly cutesy behaviour spoil his tea. It was Lan Xichen’s wish for his boyfriend and brother to get along, much to the chagrin of both men. Neither of them was particularly receptive of the other.

Thankfully, Wei Ying was over at the academy buildings, working on a music project or else the mood in the room would probably have soured more than Lan Wangji’s current expression. Unfortunately, Meng Yao's sudden appearance at the apartment was more than enough to cause the mood to deteriorate. 

"A-Yao, what are you doing here," Lan Xichen asked his student, as Meng Yao stomped into the sitting room and plonked a weighty folder upon the coffee table.

Meng Yao sneered. "Are you aware," he said to Lan Xichen, "that your boyfriend has been carrying on an illicit relationship with Mo Xuanyu?" 

Both Lan brothers blanched. Although Lan Wangji already had first-hand knowledge of Wei Ying’s relationship with Nie Mingjue, having Meng Yao verbalise it was another thing entirely. Although he detested lying to Lan Xichen, he hadn’t wanted for his brother to be distressed over the issue; truthfully, he'd been hoping that his brother would move on from Nie Mingjue before the truth was ever exposed. 

"A-Yao," said Lan Xichen, quite bewildered, "what are you saying?"

Nie Mingjue looked just as confused as his boyfriend. "Mo Xuanyu?" he mumbled under his breath, as if trying to recall any past relations he'd had with a person of that name.

Meng Yao grinned viciously. "Or," he added ominously, "should I say Jiang Wuxian?" He looked pointedly at Nie Mingjue. "Or, should I say Wei Ying?" He picked up the binder file, and began reading from a list of sordid facts about Wei Ying. 

"Twenty-one years old, orphaned at age four and passed from person to person until he was adopted several years later by the Jiang family." Meng Yao flipped through the pages in the folder. "Looks like he has quite the past, too," he said snidely. He read aloud from some of the pages outlining Wei Ying’s various transgressions and the awful things he'd been through from an early age. 

Lan Xichen paled at the stories. "A-Yao, please stop," he implored, laying his hand on Meng Yao's arm. He looked worriedly at his brother, the emotions flitting across his brother’s face, invisible to all but him.

"Twenty-one?" Lan Wangji kept repeating, his mind in a whirl. "Twenty-one?" In all his time spent sneaking around with Wei Ying, none of the truth had ever been revealed. 

Lan Xichen also looked at Nie Mingjue with concern. It was obvious that the man knew about Wei Ying's past, but he seemed rather flabbergasted at the more recent part of the story. "It would seem," Lan Xichen explained to him, "That Wei Ying has been posing as a fifteen year-old student, Mo Xuanyu, in order to study at Lan Academy."

A light bulb flashed above Nie Mingjue, and his mood immediately changed. "That little fucking asshole!" he shouted, slamming his fist into his opposite hand. He was furious, and felt utterly betrayed by his former lover. He knew Wei Ying was a schemer, but he'd expected a little more loyalty towards himself. 

He turned incredulously to Lan Wangji. "You thought I was having sex with a fifteen year-old boy?" he screeched.

Lan Wangji shrugged. "You seem to favour a specific type," he said dryly, his gaze flitting over to Meng Yao. Lan Wangji had honestly been surprised when Nie Mingjue had begun dating Lan Xichen, who was clearly different from the other men he'd been with. 

Nie Mingjue visibly bristled, although Meng Yao's face remained impassive. 

"A-Yao," Lan Xichen sighed, "What did you hope to accomplish by disclosing this information?" 

Nie Mingjue stood taller, his broad body looming angrily over Meng Yao's slight frame. "You!" he exclaimed at him, "You couldn't find anything sleazy on me, so instead you decided to come after me with Wei Ying, is that right?" 

Nie Mingjue was disgusted to hear Wei Ying’s sad life story read aloud so brutally. He still had an impulse to protect Wei Ying (and A-Sang too, who very likely had some part in this whole debacle as well).

Moreover, being blamed for a scheme he had no part in was infuriating. He turned entreatingly to Lan Xichen. "I didn't know," he implored.

Lan Xichen smiled at him encouragingly, then took it upon himself to explain a few things to Meng Yao. "A-Yao," he said calmly, "before Mingjue and I started dating, he was very upfront about his previous dalliances, including his time with you. He told me about the arrangement he'd had with Wei Ying, although he didn't mention him by name."

"I had thought it was merely to protect his privacy, he said. "Although..." He looked questioningly at Nie Mingjue as he continued, "I see now that it was to protect Wei Ying’s true identity from being exposed."

Nie Mingjue took Lan Xichen’s hands pleadingly. "I didn't know," he repeated his earlier words, "I didn't know what he had planned. Wei Ying asked only that I pretend not to know him if I visited here or the academy." He heaved a large sigh. 

"He was never introduced to me as Mo-whatever," he continued. "I certainly didn't realise that he was pretending to be a child! Fuck! Xichen, I swear I didn't know about the rest of it."

Lan Xichen caressed his cheek consolingly. "I believe you, Mingjue," he said. "A-Yao," he added with a sigh, "Thank you for bringing Wei Ying’s transgressions to light. I can't say that I entirely approve of the way you went about it, but I can understand why you did it."

Meng Yao visibly deflated, his plan for drawing Nie Mingjue away from Lan Xichen having failed. Nie Mingjue and Lan Xichen exchanged a meaningful look. Instead of looking angry, they smiled fondly at Meng Yao. 

"A-Yao," said Nie Mingjue with fond exasperation, "I forgive you for what you tried to do." He gazed gently at the smaller man, his gruff voice softening dramatically. "You know that there's room for you in this relationship, don't you?" he said pointedly.

Meng Yao's head flicked up, looking from Nie Mingjue to Lan Xichen, then back again. Lan Xichen gave him the same encouraging smile he'd directed at Nie Mingjue. 

"You mean the three of us? Together?" Meng Yao asked quietly, his voice infused with hope. The other two nodded in unison. "Is that possible?" said Meng Yao. 

The other two men nodded again, stepping toward Meng Yao, each taking one of the smaller man's hands.

Lan Wangji was going to be sick. "I'll leave you to sort this out yourselves," he said disgustedly, more than eager to escape the scene. "I shall deal with Wei Ying myself," he added.

The others barely acknowledged him, too wrapped up in their own miniature melodrama. It looked to Lan Wangji like they were about to engage in a threesome right in the middle of the entryway. He quickly exited the house, and closed the front door firmly behind him.

His mind was reeling. Mo Xuanyu was really Wei Ying, a twenty-one year-old man who apparently had a past. The small amount of information that Meng Yao had read aloud, had been heartbreaking to hear. The thought of his Wei Ying going through those horrible things made him feel sick to his stomach.

Still, Lan Wangji should also be furious with the man for his deception, but couldn't bring himself to care about the lies. Whether Mo Xuanyu or Wei Ying, Lan Wangji had never before felt such a connection with someone the way he did with that ridiculously infuriating young man. Learning of his true identity was a blessing for Lan Wangji. It filled him with hope that a relationship with the younger male might be something he could actually pursue. 


Lan Wangji found Wei Ying in the music room, humming an unfinished song as he scribbled messily upon a music sheet. He was sprawled across the floor in a sea of notations, kicking his feet along to the tune he was humming. Lan Wangji smiled softly at the sight, before making his presence known.

"Wei Ying."

The man startled at the sound of his real name being spoken in Lan Wangji’s deep voice.

"Ah," he sighed, "I see I've been exposed," he said, standing, the sheets of paper crunching beneath his stockinged feet. "Who was it?" he asked, "Nie Mingjue?"

Lan Wangji shook his head. "Meng Yao. He has been digging around in Nie Mingjue's past, which led to you through association."

"And you're here to kick me out, I suppose," said Wei Ying. "Have me arrested?"

"Mn," Lan Wangji shook his head again. "I do not intend to do either of those things," he said. "I wish for you to stay."

Wei Ying was taken aback. "You're not mad?"

Another head shake from Lan Wangji. He was far from being mad at the revelation; he was ecstatic. 

"But your uncle?" said Wei Ying. "The directors?" He was certain that they wouldn't be happy about the news. 

"I will convince them to let you stay," Lan Wangji asserted.

"Why?" Wei Ying looked at him confusedly.  He couldn't understand what Lan Wangji’s motivations were. 

"Your music," Lan Wangji said, taking hold of Wei Ying’s hands, his eyes locked intently on the other's, "is unlike anything I have ever heard. There is a kind of magic in it, a kind of magic in you that transcends time and place and reality. Wei Ying, you are truly remarkable," he breathed.

Wei Ying looked at him in awed disbelief, not quite trusting his hearing. Lan Wangji cleared his throat, swallowing down the weight of his words.

"Furthermore," Lan Wangji lightened his tone, stepping closer to Wei Ying, "I want you to stay," his arm curled around Wei Ying’s waist, "because now that I know that you're old enough to do this," his mouth captured Wei Ying’s lips in a searing kiss, "I don't ever want to stop," he finished.

Wei Ying practically swooned in his arms. "Lan laoshi, so forward!" he said breathily. "Taking advantage of your student in this manner!"

Lan Wangji rolled his eyes. "Wei Ying," he huffed against the younger man's lips, "Shut up!" 

Wei Ying laughed joyously. Lan Wangji kissed him again and again. 

Soon, they would have to face the others, and Wei Ying would have to face up to the lies he had told. It was unclear what the outcome would be, although Lan Wangji would damn well fight to ensure that Wei Ying could remain at the academy. 

For now though, he was content to linger in the music room with his arms wrapped around Wei Ying, happy in the knowledge that Wei Ying was no longer too young to kiss.


The end.