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When Sunday morning rolled around, Blake was actually excited. Usually, it was a sense of dread that filled her, knowing that she’d have to run an obscene distance; the only silver lining being that she knew Yang would be alongside her.

But this Sunday was different. Because this Sunday, Yang was her girlfriend. And while, yes, she was technically her girlfriend the day before, too, this was going to be the first time they really got to spend time alone together in their new relationship.

Even if it was going to be spent running.

After rolling out of bed and grabbing a granola bar from the kitchen, Blake threw on a t-shirt, shorts, and Yang’s Beacon sweatpants over them. Yang had told her to hang onto them after the dance, seeing as Blake didn’t have as much Beacon attire and Yang had some to spare. Blake had happily accepted, totally for the practicality and not because she was happy to have a bit of Yang to keep with her.

Blake shook her head with a smile. Maybe it should’ve been harder for her to fall into this new thing with Yang. Maybe she still should’ve felt a little on edge, or like she needed to guard her heart but the thing was, she just didn’t. She didn’t feel that way and she didn’t feel like she needed to. Because – as utterly cheesy as it sounded – Yang was special.

Blake just finished tying up her hair when she heard the telltale roar of Yang’s motorcycle coming down the street. Her heart instantly sped and she rolled her eyes at herself as she ran out of her room and trotted down the stairs. She grabbed her water bottle off the kitchen counter before bounding out the front door, stepping outside just as Yang pulled up to the front of her house.

Yang sat upright as Blake started to make her way down the path, quickly undoing her helmet and slipping it over her head to greet Blake with a smile. “Morning, sweetheart,” Yang said, eyes bright.

Blake smiled back, coming to a stop right next to her, hesitating only a moment before she leaned up and placed a soft kiss to Yang’s lips. “Morning,” she said, softly, before pulling back entirely to get Yang’s spare helmet and slip it over her head.

Before she could, however, Yang pulled her close yet again, placing another kiss to her lips, this one long and lingering and Blake lost all coherent thought as she leaned into it, kissing Yang back until Yang pulled away with a sigh. “Don’t think I’ll ever get used to that,” Yang said.

Blake stood there, a little dazed for a moment until she was able to think again and remember what was going on. She cleared her throat, slipping on her helmet. “Y-Yeah, me either.”

Yang simply smiled in return before putting her own helmet back on and waiting for Blake to get situated behind her.

Blake held her tight as they took off down the road, enjoying the faint scent of Yang’s shampoo from the night before and the warmth radiating off of Yang’s body. Just the little things she never really let herself enjoy before because she was afraid of overstepping, of making their relationship something it wasn’t, or making Yang feel uncomfortable.

They sped through town in the early autumn morning. The leaves that had fallen off the trees kicking up in the air behind them on the familiar route to the reservoir. However, as they approached the entrance, Yang blew right past it.

Blake shouted over the roar of Yang’s motorcycle. “Hey, didn’t you just miss the turn?”

Although she couldn’t see Yang’s face, she could tell she was smiling just by the tone of her reply. “I thought we’d do something a little different today! I think you’ll like it!”

Blake simply hugged Yang a little tighter in response. Odds were – yes, she would probably like whatever Yang had planned but she would definitely like it more if maybe there was no running involved, which she hoped was the case.

Yang drove them through some winding streets and Blake took the time to enjoy the new view. They were overlooking the ocean, the waves breaking in the early morning light beautiful and serene. It didn’t take long from there for Blake to figure out where Yang was taking them as she drove in the direction of the nearest beach entrance, pulling to a stop in the closest parking space to the ramp.

Blake cocked an eyebrow as she hopped off the back of the bike and Yang put down her kickstand. “It’s fall, Yang,” she said, unbuckling her helmet and placing it on the back of Yang’s bike.

Yang chuckled, turning off her motorcycle and taking off her helmet. She shook her hair out with a sigh and Blake felt her breath catch. “I know,” Yang said, looking out past the sand dunes and into the open ocean. “I love it here this time of year.” She glanced at Blake with a small smile before nodding in the direction of the beach and starting to stand. “C’mon.”

Yang’s hand slipped into Blake’s after she dismounted, their fingers weaving together as Yang lazily swung their arms between them. “The waves are always good this time of year,” she said as they made their way onto the sand. “Usually, I’d go surfing but…” Yang smirked in Blake’s direction. “Well, I think the first time I take you surfing should probably be in the summer. Wouldn’t want to scar you with the cold water.”

Blake rolled her eyes. “I’d take surfing lessons in the cold over a five-mile run any day…”

Yang laughed, looking forward again. She nodded. “I’m somehow not surprised.” She nudged Blake’s shoulder with hers. “Be careful; I might just hold you to that, Belladonna.”

Blake shrugged. “How bad could it really be if you normally do it?”

Yang smirked, raising an eyebrow. “Care to find out?” She gestured with her free hand to the ocean before them and Blake snorted.

“Very funny.”

Yang chuckled. “It’s cute, you think I’m kidding.”

“Yang, we’re totally not dressed for that.” Blake shook her head. “We’d freeze on the bike ride back.”

“Well,” Yang said, “I don’t know about you, Belladonna but I layered up.” She shrugged. “Just saying… shorts and a sports bra… plenty of coverage for a quick dip.”

“And plenty of coverage to ensure you’ll catch a cold,” Blake said with a chuckle.

Yang rolled her eyes. “You don’t actually believe that. C’mon, Blake, it’ll be fun!”



No,” Blake said, laughing.

Yang sighed and shrugged. “Guess I’ll just have to go myself, then.”

Yang tugged her hoodie over her head, followed quickly by her t-shirt and Blake had to physically force herself to look away as she heard Yang slip out of her shoes and socks and drop her sweatpants into the sand as well. Blake felt a tug on the bottom of her shirt and she looked up to find Yang staring at her, a small grin across her lips. “Not too late to join me. Sure I can’t convince you, Belladonna?”

Blake shook her head, smirking. “No, I think I’ll pass.”

Yang clicked her tongue. “Your loss.”

And as Yang turned and started to actually run in the direction of the ocean, Blake couldn’t help but think it really was her loss. Because this was something she would’ve wanted to do at the beginning of her last relationship… something wild, and fun, and carefree… and – even though it had been Yang who offered it –  it took Blake a moment to truly realize she could now. She could enjoy those frivolous things with Yang.

As Yang hit the water, Blake heard her let out a squeal and the corners of her mouth twitched up. Then, with a sigh and a quick glance around the beach, Blake slipped her t-shirt over her head, kicked her sneakers and socks off and wriggled out of Yang’s sweatpants. When she reached the edge of the water she slowed down and Yang threw her a smile from where she stood knee-deep in water.

“Change your mind?” Yang asked with a smirk, very clearly trying not to show how cold the water was. But Blake could tell. She could tell by the way Yang’s body was ever so slightly tensed. She could tell by the goosebumps that were so clearly sprawled across all her exposed skin. She could tell by the way Yang rocked back and forth on her feet to try to keep moving.

Blake smirked back and without answering walked into the water. She managed to keep a straight face as she trudged through the icy water, thankful that they were out of reach of the crashing waves as the water rolled in around their calves and knees. She sauntered up to Yang slowly, loving the curious look in Yang’s eyes as she drew closer and closer until she planted herself directly in front of her.

For a moment, Blake just stood there, taking Yang in. Taking in the way the early morning sun shined off her shoulders, her hair, her eyes. Taking in the way her hair blew in the breeze. The way her gaze softened as Blake came closer still, wrapping her arms around Yang’s waist.

Yang’s arms settled easily over Blake’s shoulders and Blake smiled softly before tilting her head up to plant a kiss to Yang’s lips. It was still such a new sensation, to have Yang’s lips moving against hers. To have Yang’s breath tickling her cheek. To have Yang’s body pressed against her own. But they were all wonderful new sensations that Blake couldn’t help but feel she could never grow tired of.

They drew back at the same time, sucking in a breath of air in the miniscule amount of space between them, their foreheads still pressed together. Blake exhaled with a small laugh.

“What?” Yang asked, chuckling lightly at the sound.

Blake shook her head, her eyes still shut. “Nothing,” she said. “I’m just… happy.”

She felt Yang shift and their lips pressed together again, briefly; Blake all too aware of the smile on Yang’s face as well. “Me too,” Yang said quietly, just over the roar of the ocean waves. There was a moment where they both just enjoyed the moment of calm before Yang took in a breath. Blake could hear her smirk as she spoke. “Also proved, yet again, the best way to convince someone is to not convince them.”

What happened next Blake wasn’t exactly proud of but she did think it was quite funny, considering she hadn’t meant to push Yang quite so hard. But still, she did, and Yang – completely unsuspecting – went falling back into the water, her loose grip around Blake’s neck doing nothing to steady her or even drag Blake along with her.

Yang sputtered, sitting upright in the water. Her eyebrows raising in Blake’s direction as Blake brought a hand up to stifle her giggles. “I’m so sorry,” Blake said, still laughing.

“Oh, no,” Yang said, shaking her head. “It’s too late for that, Belladonna. C’mere!” Yang lunged for Blake’s hand with a grin and Blake was quick to pull back with a laugh, running for the safety of dry land before Yang could try and drag her into the water.

Blake easily hit the sand first but she could hear Yang splashing her way to shore and knew she wouldn’t be a match for her in a race. Still, she tried as she sprinted up the beach in the direction of their clothes laying in the sand, giggling as she threw a few glances over her shoulder, Yang closer and closer and closer to her each time until—

“Gotcha!” Yang said as she wrapped her arms around Blake’s waist.

Blake gasped as the sensation of cold water from Yang’s body collided with her bare back and then her stomach as Yang twisted and pulled her down on top of her in the sand.

“Cold! Cold!” Blake said through her laughter, trying to push herself off Yang to no avail as Yang’s arms locked around her body, holding her close.

Yang chuckled. “Yeah! Tell me about it!”

“Okay, Okay! I said I’m sorry! Please just, let go,” Blake said.

Yang chuckled as her grip around Blake loosened and Blake propped herself up just slightly, both their laughter slowly dying out and turning into shy smiles as Blake hovered over Yang in the sand. Yang sighed, one hand coming up to brush some of Blake’s hair behind her ear and Blake couldn’t help but take such an easy opportunity to kiss her again, slow and loving.

It only lasted a moment though, before Yang broke the kiss, looking up at Blake thoughtfully. She sighed. “I think we have something special here, Belladonna.”

Blake chuckled. “I love that you’re saying that after I pushed you into the ocean and you tackled me into the sand.”

Yang smiled. “And that’s why,” Yang said, leaning up and placing a gentle kiss to Blake’s lips. “Even after all the absolute betrayal,” she said with a smirk, her face softening a moment later as her fingers scratched gently against the small of Blake’s back, “all I want to do still, is be like this.”

Blake’s heart fluttered and she nodded, leaning down again. “Yeah,” Blake said, her lips a breath away from Yang’s. “Yeah, I know exactly what you mean.”