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you got the music in me

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You know that introvert girl in high school that’s actually really smart and undoubtedly talented. Well, that’s Beth Marks. First chair flute in any honor ensemble, drum major, and now a freshman at one of the most known music schools in the country; Berklee School of Music. One person that wasn’t happy about it was her high school boyfriend, Dean Boland. Half of Beth’s friends and her sister, Annie, still wondered how they’re still together. He ended up applying to Boston State just to be in the same state as her. 

Christopher Ramirez was the total opposite. He was the type of percussionist that only took band to fill an elective, and ended up as lead snare drum and drumline captain. And if we’re being honest, he applied to Berklee as a joke and was surprised to even get in. But it’s hard to focus on anything with the cute blonde he always sees in his music theory. 


“Hey, do you ever actually know what’s goin’ on in this class?” he said, sitting next to her.

”It’s basic chord intervals, any regular high school theory class would’ve taught it,” she said. “I don’t think we’ve met,”

”Christopher, you can call me Rio,” it was an old nickname his mother gave him when he was a kid.

”Beth, how did you even get into this school?” she asked. Rio chuckled because he still didn’t know the answer himself.

”I’m a drummer,” he replied.

”It all makes sense now,”

”Don’t worry I ain’t one of those that hunts down the cute girls to do my homework,” Rio said.

”Well, that’s nice but I have a boyfriend,” Beth told him.

”Yeah, yeah ion seen him, do I?”

This kid, I swear.

”He goes to Boston State,” she said.

”Gotcha,” Rio said, getting up. “Well, maybe I’ll see you around,” and he left. Beth looked down next to her and noticed a piece of paper.


Rio Ramirez