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Endings and beginnings

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They placed they bag over their shoulder before taking the phone out of their back pocket and walking out the airport terminal, the notifications floding the screen, Mo couldn't help a smile as they texted their uncle. "I'm in Beijing, I´ll call you when I'm on the bus," Wei Ying replied with a bunch of emojis and Mo put their phone back in the pocket, they were home. Finally. They were home again and couldn´t believe what they were seeing, before Mo realized it, they had started running and jumping into Xue Yang arms.

The bag fell to the ground with a thud and the boy soon surrounded Mo with his arms too, his head hiding on Mo's shoulder, who could feel his smile against their skin, Mo embraced him stronger, closer, Xue Yang was there... their Xue Yang was there... picking them up at the airport like in those cheesy movies that Mo liked... he was there and he was hugging them and they were smiling... Mo parted slowly, holding Xue Yang's face in their hands and leaning to kiss him slowly, they noticed Xue Yang tiptoeing so he could tangle his hands in Mo´s hair, undoing the ponytail even more than the hours of travel had done.

“I'm going to burn all your heels...”, his voice sounded real, he was there... not behind a screen, it was his real voice... and Mo didn't care if he was complaining, cos he was doing it between their arms and they could feel the tears gathering in their eyes

"Or maybe you should grow taller," Mo stuck their tongue out, and Xue Yang stuck a finger in their ribs, letting them go so he could cross his arms.

"We´re the same height idiot, " he was actually three centimetres shorter. When Mo wasn't wearing heels or their platform boots.

Mo's hand landed in their boyfriend's cheek, caressing him slowly and Xue Yang leaned against their touch, almost like a cat.

"A year without seeing each other and that's the first thing you tell me... you're cruel..."

"Cruel but fair"

"Idiot, " and Mo pulled him into a kiss again, Xue Yang's hands clinging to the fabric of their shirt to stick more to their chest. When they split up, they rested his forehead against the other boy's. "What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be training?"

Xue Yang closed his eyes, leaning back against Mo

"The exam was yesterday..." a shiver ran down his back when Mo's fingers got tangled up in his hair."I pass. So I already have another piece of useless cloth to hang from my closet..."

Mo laughed, hugging him tighter

"If you care so little you should stop piling them up dummy…"

"But how would I flirt then? They have a purpose and it's making people fall in love with me..."

The two began to laugh beforeparting, Mo picked up their bag and linked their hand to Xue Yang's, walking to the baggage claim area

"Congratulations A-Yang..." Xue Yang's cheeks were stained red

The boy had left boxing two years ago, at least competitive one. He kept spending time with his father in the gym, but he had gone on to collect black belts of different martial arts, if Mo had carried the bill well, this was the fourth, and Xue Yang was right, if for anything they were useful for, it was for Mo to fall in love a little more every time they saw their boyfriend beat up someone, especially when that someone was much bigger than him.

"Are you coming on the bus with me? Uncles are going to pick me up at the station, we can drop you off at your place..."

"I have better plans," Xue Yang took one of Mo´s bags out of their hands and headed for the airport exit, Mo reaching him soon after, their heels echoing in the hallway fuss.

"What are you trying to do?"

"Trust me, " he turned before heading to one of the taxi drivers waiting at the entrance. "Hey! Can you take our bags and follow us?" the taxi driver looked at him with a raised eyebrow. "I can't carry these things on the bike, I'll pay extra if necessary, you just have to follow me please..."

"I'm not going to over-charge you for a few small suitcases, leave them in the trunk..."

Mo smiled at the man as they put their things in the car and then looked confused at their boyfriend and followed him to the parking lot

"A-Yang? What are you up to? Bike? From how much-" Mo interrupted themself. "That's your father's bike, oh no... Xue Yang tell me you didn't kill your father please..."

The boy rolled his eyes before throwing Mo on of his helmets

"Of course not idiot, the old man gave it to me. A-Xiao gifted him a new one because this one was falling apart, I was given permission to keep it if I could keep it alive..." he taped the side of the bike, he seemed proud. "I'm not studying meccanics so I won't be able to fix this thing"

When he put on his helmet Mo couldn´t help laughing, their boyfriend was adorable, proud of his work and with a cat ears helmet, they couldn´t ask for more

"Stop laughing! It was a gift from A-Qing... and the helmets are expensive I wasn't going to buy another one"

He got on the bike to turned his back to them, Mo soon joining, hugging his waist tightly. They didn´t said nothing about how he could have give that helmet to them, or how he would accept his sister's gifts even if they were jokes because he adored her...  Mo rested their head on his shoulder, still laughing as they squeezed him harder, they loved being back.

When they took their bags out of the taxi in front of a apartment building, they were still confused, Xue Yang hadn't said anything all the way around the trip, at least not about their destination. He had asked Mo about the flight and their classes, about their photo shoots and about America... When Xue Yang opened the door of apartment number 210 and left his shoes at the entrance Mo didn´t follow him, they waited at the door, one of the suitcases still in their hand. Xue Yang was smiling, fangs showing, as if he were genuinely happy. He opened his arms, pointing to the space around them

"Welcome home..."

Mo finally walked into the house, crouching down to take off his boots and get close to their boyfriend. Jiangzai running out of one of the rooms, rubbing herself against Mo´s leg and meowing happily

"Home?" Xue Yang laughed, holding them by the wrists to drag them to the couch and sit down

"Our house. Only if you want...”

"Ours? What? I'm missing out soemthing, you were in Yi City yesterday... what?"

Xue Yang sighed and squeezed their hands harder, he was nervous, Mo could notice it

"Okay, listen... I... I got a scholarship. I have been offered a S¡scholarship Mo... I! Of all the people who could have choose... We couldn't have paid an iniversity here but, but I have a scholarship for the martial art tournaments and my grades and it was a fantastic opportunity... and-"

"A-Yang! A-Yang that's wonderful!" he raised his head to look at Mo, both of them had their eyes full of tears and Mo pulled him into a kiss. "Oh my god you are amazing... I knew you could get it! When did they tell you? Why didn't you tell me sonner, you idiot? We have to celebrate..."

"They confirmed the scholarship to me a month ago and we started looking for a flat as soon as it happened. Well. The idiots I have for tutors did... I told them I didn't need to, I didn't mind staying home, paying for a flat in Beijing... it's expensive and well, I don't want to be even more spending for them and... well, now I have a flat in Beijing..."

Mo's hands rested on his cheeks, they were laughing between tears

"A-Yang you can't give me these notices all at once! You're going to kill me one day... I'm so happy for you oh my god... we're going to live in the same ci-, " Mo began to blink, shaking their head confused. As if everything fit in at once. "You have moved to Beijing... I... I'll have to do it to be close to the company... Our... our house... A-Yang... are you asking me to go live together?

Xue Yang was red as a tomato

"Shut your mouth! I was about to get to that part... It's not... it's no such thing... You are my partner, we both need an apartament and the rent is paid better between two... only if you want..."

"Of course I want to! A-Yang you're asking me to move in with you! Don't be an idiot, how can I not want to?", they kissed him again, his lips, hisforehead, his nose... until Xue Yang face was full of lipstick marks

"Maybe you prefered to move in with someone from the model company... someone famous with a big house! I don't know!"

"Mmmmmm... a friend or my favorite heat bag? No... I stay with you..." they kissed him once more time, slowly and smiling against his lips. Xue Yang sticking more to them, his hands getting in Mo's hair as them slowly caressed him. "I want to live with you... I want to get home with you and be a mess together and have to call my uncles every five minutes for not knowing how to put a washing machine... I want to make coffee in the mornings and have you drink more than half of the pot..." Mo intercaled his words with kisses, they had been together for five years, five years being the pillar of the other…

It was one more step in his relationship, it wasn't that different either. Their houses had been five minutes from each other, they had been almost living in other's house for years, sleep hugged and spending weekends living together. Xue Yang rested his forehead on their shoulder as he sighed, Mo stroking his back slowly

"I thought you were going to say no... that I was going to have to give your key to a stranger..." Mo couldn't help but laugh.

"Of course I accept idiot... are you going to show me our house? Or do I have to ask Jiangzai to do it?"

The cat meowed in protest, snuggling more in her chair, making it clear that she wasn´t planning to work.

"It is a small apartment... come here...", he got up, Mo letting themself be dragged. "So this is the living room and the kitchen... we don't have a dishwasher but there´s an oven... this is the toilet... the large bathroom and... The rooms. This is mine, the other is yours"

"Did you just kick me out of your bed? No, wait, did you just kick me out of our bed?"

Xue Yang turned red again, with the lipstick stains covering his face it was a wonderful sight

"No! I just... I thought..."
"You're not going to get rid of me so easily, this is our room. We can turn the other into a studio... for my sewing machine and your canvases or whatever you need..." Mo's gray eyes shone with emotion

"How quickly you make plans..." but he  leaned against them, it was much more easy now that Mo plataforms were left by the door. He could imagine it. Mo sewing and singing as he tried to hand finish his last commissions... "An office for both of us... what a professional..."

"Of course, because we are both responsible adults..."

"I hope you're responsible because I'm going to have to ask you a favor..."

Mo looked at him with an eyebrow raised
"What do you have planned now? Get out of form jail?"

"What a lack of confidence! It's not that... okay, you're going to cry, we'd better sit down..." he dragged Mo back to the couch, this time sitting on his lap, one leg on either side of Mo´s body. "Let me talk before you do anything, okay?"

Mo nodded, they couldn´t do much more with Xue Yang's hand covering their mouth

"Wen Qing has been talking to a friend she has in one of the hospitals near here. I've talked to her a lot. And with the old mans and...” Mo's eyes were already full of tears."I'm going to go see her friend in a few days and surely... surely everything is ready by the end of this month, I'll have to stop training for a while, but I've already talked to college and that won't affect the scholarship and -"

Mo pulled it out of his hand, taking it out of their mouth

"For God's sake, say it"

"Top surgery... at last...", the sigh that slipped from his mouth ended in a sob almost without being able to avoid it, Mo drying out the few tears that had escaped carefully

"Of course I'll cry again... Meimei...", Xue Yang didn´t hit Mo when they used that nickname, Mo laughed thinking that it meant that he was in good mood, that he was so happy... "I'm so happy about you oh my god…so... I do not know... there are a lot of things... I'll be here to help! I'm going to take care of you and I'm going to be the best nurse in the world! I have to call my uncles to tell them... so they won't be worried! Oh… I need to go home...  I need my stuff and--"

Xue Yang silenced them with a kiss

"Breathe idiot... I know you're going to take care of me, I know you're happy. And your uncles already know, I asked them for permission to invite you to live with me, I didn't feel like being killed... But call them... I'm going to wash my face, I'll be right back…”

He kissed their forehead before he lifted fron Mo´s lap and disappeared into the bathroom, Mo's smile was unable to disappear. They were too happy, too many things had happened in the last 24 hours. Their adventure as a model in America was over. They were back home, they were moving in with theirboyfriend, a model agency had hired them and them could get on with thir fashion dessing studies... Xue Yang had a scholarship and was finally going to have surgery and... everything was too perfect. When Wei Ying's voice started playing on the other side of the phone, Mo kept crying, they had to breathe several times before they could speak

"Hey... Hello Uncle Wei... are the others at home?"

"A-Yuan and ZhanZhan are here! Has A-Yang given you the news yet? Did you say yes?"

"I'm going to kill you for not telling me anything! I almost had a heart attack! What if... of course I've accepted, but don't make it sound like we're getting married..."

"You sound happy..." Lan Zhan's quiet voice made them smile

"I'm so, so happy... Sorry I didn't call earlier, I know you were worried about my flight..."

"It's okay, do you like the house? Is everything all right?"
"A lot of things have happened at once uncle. I need time to process everything... it's a lot of information at once..."

"Are you alone?" Shizui also sounded happy

"Of course not! I'm sure they´re hanging out to go with Xue Yang and-"

"Shut your mouth idiot!" Mo hearded a blow and a whining. Of course Jiangyi and Jin Lin were on the other side of the phone too.

Xue Yang left the room at the time, only in binder and underwear because obviously it was July and having to wear clothes at that time of year was in his own words, torture. He dropped on the sofa, hugging Mo's waist and hiding his face on their shirt, Mo's fingers quickly tangling into his hair

"I'm not alone... I've got the cat lying on my lap. And Jianzai's here too! Don't pinch me!" Xue Yang just repeated the gesture and hit Mo´s hand "Wait, I'll put you on speaker..."

"I don't want to talk to them-"

"I told you to call as soon as you got to the airport brat!," Song Lan. Of course. They were all together to ruin their day.

"I forgot... ups..."

"I'm going to kill you, I hope you know."

"Your husband's not going to let you do it."

"Oh no, of course I'll leave him, " Xiao Xicheng sounded angry. But the same angry tone he used with cats when they broke something. "All night driving! And not a single message..."

"The next time I'll send a message while driving, calm down, it'll be worth the hit"

"If he die me I´ll keep his room, " of course the little blind was also there

"Silence everyone!" Shizui as always, trying to calm evryone down. "I'm glad you're both okay. But what dad meant earlier was that you could come tomorrow forA-Xuan things, we would go and take them there but I'm sure aunt would also want to come and A-Yang says the apartment is small... If you come fort the things we can throw a celebration party for your new job! And for the scholarship! And for the apartament..."

"You don't have to do anything for us. But we´ll be there... If we have to bring your things it will be better to catch a train... we'll talk... I'm exhausted..."

"Go to sleep you both, at night we'll call back, okay?"

"Sure! Good bye! I love you all!"

Mo closed the phone and tossed it to the table before sighing, noticing that Xue Yang was better placed on their lap, his eyes were closed and he smiled despite complaints from before

"So you've driven all night to come and get me? How romantic..."

Xue Yang's answer was to give them a middle finger

"Whatever, I did it to be able to say in college that my partner is a fucking model, and introduce them to everyone, and that they die of envy..."

"It's longer... it suits you...", Xue Yang didn't move, he didn't open his eyes either.

"Mmmmm I think I'll leave it long again...", Mo's fingers grazed his neck, the hair was even shorter in that area, the undercut gradually disappearing

Mo laughed, still stroking his hair, leaning over to rest their forehead on Xue yang's chest

"It would look nice... "

"I know..."

"Let's go to bed please... I'm dying…”

Xue Yang only protested, snuggled up more on Mo's lap

"I don't want to move..." he sounded exhausted. Mo wondered how long had it been since he last sleep, between the trip and the move and the nerves... Mo had at least spent the whole trip by plane sleeping... "Can't we sleep here?"

"No, you're going to take off your binder. And I'm going to steal a shirt so I can change my clothes without having to open my bags... Let's go... you lazzy idiot..."

Mo laughed as they pushed Xue Yang out of their lap, the two dragging their feet on their way to the room, Jiangzai following them closely, going up to bed with them as soon as they dropped into the mattress. Mo´s chin in Xue Yang's head, one of Xue Yang's legs drapped over their waist, it was easy to get back to the routine, return to that nights despite the year they had spent living so far form each other. Mo smiled, Xue Yang´s hair still smelled the same shampoo as ever... everything felt the same, and they could stay that way as long as they wanted, it was their new life

"I've missed you so much..." they were surprised that Xue Yang was the first to say it, but they just embraced him louder, closer

"And I missed you..." Mo closed their eyes, they were so exhausted."I love you..."

They fell asleep before knowing if there was an answer, an I love you too, but they didn't need it. They knew Xue Yang loved them. They knew they were going to be able to fall asleep like this every night and that when they woke up it wouldn´t be just a dream and they wouldn't be alone in another continent.

They fell asleep without letting the other go, smiling and thinking that this was the beginning of a new life, and it eas the better life the could ask for