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dark night

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There have been... odd rumours in Mondstadt, lately.

Apparently a caravan that had recently returned came bearing strange tales of creatures called vampires, people that need to drink blood to live. At first Kaeya wants to just dismiss it outright - he's heard the term 'vampire' before, but in folk tales from Liyue and Inazuma, not anything verifiable - and sharing stories heard on the road is nothing new from merchants, but then actual reports come in; victims with their blood drained, either barely alive or not alive, with bite marks on their neck.

Of course, it could just be some serial killer who’s making it look like bite marks, draining the victims’ blood with a needle or something, so Kaeya’s still not exactly willing to just blindly accept the stories. But there is a particular detail that stands out to him: the victims have all been criminals.

Which, as far as Kaeya is concerned, means it’s not exactly a problem, but alas, as the rumours gain traction and start inciting fear in the townsfolk - which is dumb, because most of them aren’t criminals anyway or they would have already been dealt with by the Knights - Jean asks him to go look into it since he is, by her words, their best intel-gatherer.

Really, what a pain...

Even so, he finds himself resting in a merchant’s next carriage headed out towards Liyue; he doesn’t intend on going with them all the way, but this so-called ‘vampire’ was most recently heard of in the outskirts around Qingce Village. If Kaeya had to guess, he’d assume the victims are Treasure Hoarders, since that group always seems to be ambushing tourists or even just the unexpecting, but he’s not exactly one-hundred percent familiar with Liyue’s local groups other than them, really, and the Fatui being a general pain in everyone’s side, so it could be just about anyone.

Once they get close, the merchant calls to him, “Sir Kaeya, we’re just about to reach the turn off where you can go to the village.”

Kaeya hums in acknowledgement and sits up, stretching to shake some feeling back into... everything. “Thanks. Don’t trouble yourself with getting too close, hm? Wouldn’t want you running into any problems of your own.”

“Thank you, Sir Kaeya.”

“Don’t mention it. Thanks for the ride, and may the Anemo Archeon guide you safely to Liyue.”

“And may He also protect you!”

Kaeya climbs out of the back of the carriage, smiling and waving politely to the merchant before heading off to the village. The so-called ‘vampire’ hasn’t really seemed to hit any major towns, like Liyue, which makes sense, since obviously the more people that are around, the higher risk of getting caught, but it’s still the best place to gather information about the latest sightings and stories, see if he can’t pin some location down for where the ‘vampire’ will strike next.

It's still mid-day, so there are plenty of people out and about; Kaeya spends a bit of time talking with the parents of some children playing in the main courtyard, knowing that they're likely to be paying more attention to the rumours due to having children. He speaks with Granny Ruoxin, who tells him that the number of incidents they've had involving Treasure Hoarders has been reduced recently, which is objectively a good thing, but she worries about the fact that bodies are left behind, saying that killing for anything other than self-defence, even if the goal is for the greater good, is disagreeable.

Kaeya doesn't comment on that specifically, but asks if she's heard of any remaining Treasure Hoarder camps nearby.

She tells him of one to the North-West of the village; that if he crosses the first few bridges, there's a smaller cliff connected by two bridges, and directly North-West of that, there's an encampment. It's just barely outside of town, but it's the only immediate one she can think of, having not been out of the village herself in a while.

Kaeya thanks her for her time, and when she wishes him well, promises that he'll take care of himself.

As the sun starts to set, Kaeya heads out to go stand on the cliff between the two bridges she mentioned, and looks to the North-West as directed. Sure enough, he can see a few Treasure Hoarders milling about even now; he doesn't see anything else suspicious, but he supposes he may as well get closer.

If he's trying to catch the 'vampire'... what if he dealt with the criminals first? Of course, he's not in Mondstadt and isn't looking to overstep his authority, so he has no intention of killing them, but he could use them as bait, perhaps...

Gliding over the river, he starts to climb over a small rock, but spots two hoarders just on the other side of it, hidden from view where he'd been, presumably acting as guards for the main camp further in. Kaeya hits them both with his cryo to silence them, then knocks them both out quickly, tying them up and shoving them aside to continue his trek further toward the main camp.

As he starts to head further North, there's a short path dividing two cliffs that leads to a lake and a waterfall, and just as Kaeya's about to dip into the valley for cover, he notices someone else.

Someone wearing all black, hood covering their head, hidden in one of the trees off to his right, in the lower valley, but close to the hoarders if they simply scale the short cliff next to them.

Kaeya doesn't see a Vision on them, but it could just be hidden below their cloak, so he won't rule it out yet, and rather than intervene right away... Simply hides behind a nearby rock sticking out of the ground, keeping himself low to stay hidden. That cloaked person definitely isn't with the hoarders, judging by the way they climb up carefully; it could be a Fatui agent, some of their assassins dress pretty similarly, but Kaeya somehow doesn't think so.

A broadsword appearing definitely confirms that notion; the Fatui assassins tend to use daggers. Much less... messy, that way. And less obvious.

Kaeya stays hidden while the fight breaks out, too. No need to go throwing himself in the middle of it; if the rumours are true, then this so-called 'vampire' will be distracted soon enough anyway...

Sure enough, when all the hoarders are knocked unconscious, or at least in no condition to fight, their assailant picks one - the burliest - and crouches down next to him. Kaeya darts closer, keeping low; he knows he's just here to gather intel, but if he can figure out who the 'vampire' is, or better yet, kill them before they become a threat, isn't that better?

But it turns out that the rumours do indeed seem to be true, because Kaeya watches as the cloaked figure drags the unconscious body upwards and sees the white of very sharp teeth extend toward the victim's neck.

Kaeya darts forward, blade in hand.

The figure must have sensed him, though, because they drop their would-be victim, calling their broadsword again, and as their blades crash, Kaeya notices a few things.

One: he knows that blade.

Two: he knows those eyes.

Three: Diluc is a vampire.

Four: Diluc recognizes him, too.

Kaeya, startled, falters in his grip, blade sliding uselessly against Diluc's. "... Diluc."

Diluc is blatantly startled to see him, but after a moment... Presses his advantage. Kaeya's suddenly scrambling to hold his blade properly again, but has to duck a swing instead. "Woah, woah, hey, I know we parted on bad terms, but it's been years!"

"Shut up, it's not that."

"Then don't attack me?!"

Diluc does indeed stop, though he seems hesitant about doing so. Kaeya watches him for a moment, wary, before flicking his own blade out of his hand, then offering his hands up in a gesture of surrender. "Look, see? I'm not gonna fight you."

"... Fine. Then leave."

"Huh? I can't just leave, are you kidding me?" Diluc is a vampire, and he expects Kaeya to just walk away? "What the hell happened?" He definitely wasn't a vampire when he left Mondstadt!

Diluc seems to be shifting, impatient, twitchy in a way he never was before. His eyes are... more vivid than Kaeya remembered, too, and he doesn't think that's his own memory failing. Ah, Diluc was about to bite that guy, wasn't he? If the folk tales and rumours are true, then if Diluc needs to drink blood to live, then if he hasn't had any in a while, perhaps he's thirsty...? How often does he need to drink...? It takes a second, but Diluc sighs. "... While I was traveling... I was captured by some Fatui agents and experimented on. This is the result of that. Now forget you saw me and go."

"I'm not going to do that," Kaeya says, blunt, because no way. He has way too many questions for that. "Are you thirsty?"

Diluc glares at him. "... What does it matter?"

"I'm just trying to figure out which parts are true or not, and you don't exactly seem like you want to talk."

"Of course I don't. I want you to leave."

Kaeya hums. "Well, I already said I'm not going to, so you'll have to knock me out if you want me to leave you alone."

Diluc's broadsword reappears. "I'm not opposed to that."

As expected. Kaeya calls his own blade again, too. "Fine, bring it. We can pick up where we left off."

They clash.

It leaves a bitter taste in Kaeya's mouth, but he supposes it was probably inevietable in this situation. Diluc is strong, but he doesn't have his Vision with him - it's at Kaeya's home back in Mondstadt - and although his swings are powerful, they're a tad slow, simply due to the heft of his blade. Kaeya's only gotten stronger since they parted ways, more familiar now with his cryo than he was back when it first manifested in the middle of their last fight, and he's always been agile, so although he knows it'll be bad for him if Diluc actually hits him, he manages to stay out of range, or block with his blade or icicles when it's too close of a call. He doesn't really fight back, just defends himself, simply aiming to wear Diluc out rather than actually hurt him, and eventually it pays off.

It's not that Diluc doesn't have the stamina to keep going, but he was already slightly shaking before they even started fighting. "Enough," he growls, eventually, dropping his blade again, shuddering harder. "Just leave, Kaeya."

"You're thirsty." It's not a question this time. Diluc's never stopped a fight so quickly, nor looked so weak afterwards. That was hardly even a slight warmup, for them. "Is it painful?"

Diluc glares at him again, but this time his gaze is notably hazy. "Leave."

"Because my blood is tempting, huh? Then bite me."

Diluc visibly bristles. "No. I'm not... I only feed from criminals."

Kaeya rolls his eyes, though only one can be seen anyway. "I wouldn't exactly say I've always obeyed the law, so you're not breaking your own rules. Besides, I've committed more sins against you than anyone else, shouldn't you want to bite me? Get revenge for all the shit I put you through?"

Diluc shakes his head. His tone is that of a warning. "Kaeya."

"I'm not gonna leave. You may as well just bite me. Or do you want me to cut myself first?” He’s not above playing dirty to force Diluc’s hand.

"Fine," Diluc says, storming closer, and although Kaeya's not scared, he does realize what's probably behind the sudden change of heart. If Diluc can drink just enough to make Kaeya too weak to chase him... Even so, Kaeya doesn't falter, even tilting his head away to give Diluc better access. Diluc grabs his upper arms, as if to hold him still, but Kaeya doesn't so much as twitch, letting Diluc do whatever he needs to feel as comfortable with this as possible.

... It's selfish, but Kaeya wants to feed Diluc, wants to have this connection between them that Diluc won't be able to pretend doesn't exist. Even if only for a short while...

Besides, if he's being honest, those fangs are pretty sexy.

Diluc bites into him much more gently than Kaeya was expecting. Really, even after everything... Kaeya really did think Diluc would just run away, and he'd been prepared to give chase... and there's still every chance of that happening after this, but right now... For this moment, Diluc needs him, and Kaeya's not such a good person that he won't take advantage of that.

... And then his body starts heating up more. In the sexual sense. Oh. It's not like he has any problem admitting privately that Diluc is hot, especially with those fangs, but he hadn't expected to get aroused from having his blood drank. In fact, it doesn't even really make sense, right? His body's losing blood, not... But, well, he can't deny it, and as he starts to feel more light-headed, he shudders with a quiet moan.

It's enough to make Diluc stop.

What a waste.

Neither of them moves for a few seconds, though Kaeya can hear Diluc swallowing now and then; he's probably cleaning his mouth. Then there's even a delicate flick of tongue on Kaeya's neck and fuck if that doesn't spike his arousal up further. He knows Diluc's just making sure to clean the area, but still, it felt really good...!

"... Kaeya?"

Kaeya blinks. His thoughts are clouded, and his eyelids feel heavy. "Mm...?"

Diluc doesn't respond right away; if he notices Kaeya's arousal, he doesn't say anything about it, but sighs regardless. "... I'll take you back to the village."

Keaya slumps forward against him. "'Kay. Diluc... missed you~"

Diluc is quiet again at that, but only for a few seconds. "... You're delirious."

"I am," Kaeya says, snickering, "but I meant it."

“... You can sleep, Kaeya. I’ll take you back to the village.”

“Stay.” Diluc is quiet at that. Kaeya’s maybe a little lightheaded, but he’s not so out of it that he doesn’t know what that means. His arms come up to push himself away from Diluc’s chest, but only enough to look him in the eye. “Please?”

Diluc looks away. He’s gotten a lot better at controlling and hiding his emotions, which is a shame. “I shouldn’t.”

“You should.”


“I know you hate me, but you should at least keep an eye on me for tonight, right? Make sure I don’t die in my sleep or something?”

“I didn’t drink that much.”

No correction on the hating him front, huh? Well, it’s not surprising, but still, it’s a bit disheartening even so. Kaeya had thought the time apart might mend a bit of it, but he supposes it’s his own fault for thinking it might. Of course things wouldn’t get better without them actually working on it. But if Diluc won’t even talk to him properly, how’s he supposed to...? It’s been years, and even now, Diluc just wants to leave again immediately...

If he weren’t somewhat out of it from having had his blood drank, he wouldn’t care so much, because he does understand it, but this feels almost like being drunk, his inhibitions lowered, and he wants Diluc to stay. “Just stay... can’t you pretend to tolerate me for just one day...?”

Diluc’s expression shifts; Kaeya would almost call it concern if he didn’t know better. “... Perhaps I drank more than I thought. Let’s just... get back to the village for now, and... we’ll see.”

Kaeya knows that’s probably the best he’s going to get, and slides his arms up from gripping the front of Diluc’s cloak to hugging around his neck, then promptly passes out.

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Upon waking, Kaeya feels like he’s been trampled by a boar.

He lets out a low groan without thinking about it, blinking his eye open slowly to stare at the ceiling, one hand coming up to rub his own forehead to try to stop his head from pounding so much. What the hell happened last night...?

The second he remembers, he jolts upright.

It’s a very bad idea; the sudden change makes the blood rush from his head, blacking out his vision and forcing him to collapse back to the bed again.

Diluc’s voice comes from his right. “Careful.”

... He really did stay. Kaeya tilts his head - remaining on the pillow this time around - to look at him. “... Diluc.”

Diluc doesn’t meet his gaze. “... It was later in the night than I had thought. By the time I got you back here and asked permission to use one of these houses, the sun was already starting to come up.”

“... You can’t be out in the sun?” That sounds brutal; Kaeya may be more of a night owl, himself, but the idea of not being able to go out in the sun if he so chose sounds pretty crappy.

Diluc shrugs. “I can, it isn’t anything so dramatic as to cause me to burst into flames or anything, it just exhausts me faster, I get overheated easily, and my skin burns quite quickly.”

“Huh. Guess you probably don’t want your Vision back, then.”

Diluc blinks, finally looking at him properly. “... Do you have it?”

“Not on me, but yeah, it’s at my place.”

“... Why?”

“Why do I have it? Well, you didn’t take it with you, so that means it’s fair game, right? Not like I can use it anyway. I just wanted to keep an eye on it.” Kaeya covers his face with his arm. “Turned out to be torture anyway. I could see when you were in trouble but couldn’t do anything about it.”

“... Would you have?”

Kaeya scoffs. “I get that you hate me, but I don’t hate you, you know. I would have if I could have.”

Now Diluc’s voice is a bit colder, “You have a strange way of showing it.”

“I haven’t come clean to anyone else. I only did with you because I felt you deserved to know the truth. I knew you’d hate me. I even expected you to kill me.” His Vision appearing had just interrupted them. “I wasn’t going to just roll over and let you, but if my Vision hadn’t appeared when it did, then you could have. I knew what I was getting into, and knew I deserved it. I couldn’t keep lying to you, even knowing you’d hate me if I told you the truth.”

Diluc is quiet for a few minutes. Kaeya eventually moves his arm away from his face again, steadying himself mentally. Geez, what’s gotten into him? He’s not the sentimental type, and his feelings about everything are still pretty complicated and not entirely good or healthy. He’s telling the truth about his motivations and all, for back then, but that doesn’t mean nothing has changed between them since that time. “... Sorry, forget I said anything.”

“Then forget I’m... like this.”

“Huh?” The request surprises him, but only because he already said he wouldn’t just forget it and leave. “That’s pretty impossible to forget.”

“Then just lie and say you'll try. I can’t... come back to Mondstadt, so just say it was someone else, or something.”

“Why can’t you come back to Mondstadt?”

Diluc gives him an unimpressed look. “What kind of question is that? I’m...”

“A vampire, yeah, so what? You’re still Diluc. Everyone would be happy to see you. Besides, it’s the Fatui’s fault. If you went back to Mondstadt, they might not push their luck by continuing to harass us, knowing that you’re fully aware of who did it to you.”

“It’s not that simple.”

“Sure it is. You can just drink from me if you’re so worried about it, though I’m sure if you were honest, all the winery staff would probably help with that anyway. But I know you’re gonna say you don’t want to hurt them, so just drink from me.”

“Because that went so well.”

Kaeya shrugs. “Eh, if you drink less and drink more frequently so that you don’t need that much, I’m sure it won’t be so bad. Speaking of, are you still thirsty?”

“You really do love pushing your luck, don’t you.”

Kaeya grins, feeling back in more familiar - and safer - territory like this. “Sure do.”

Diluc sighs. “... In any case, I’ll make you something to eat and get you some water.”

Well, at least he won’t leave; despite everything, Kaeya knows that Diluc wouldn’t lie about that, so he simply says a quick, “Thanks.”

Diluc nods, getting up and heading... downstairs, which is a bit weird, Kaeya doesn’t really remember any tall buildings... Oh, the waterwheel building, perhaps... That would explain the lack of windows on the long wall, if it’s facing the wheel. But there’s definitely a woman who lives here... Or at least oversees the waterwheel, maybe she just lives nearby...? Or maybe just on a lower floor? Well, whatever. It doesn’t matter too much.

Diluc comes back quickly with some water, and watches like a hawk as Kaeya sits up to drink it. Kaeya sighs. “I’m fine, y’know. I just sat up too fast earlier. Water and food will help too, I’m sure.”

Diluc nods, but says nothing, and Kaeya simply drinks the water and sets the cup back on the nightstand. Diluc immediately picks it up again. “I’ll be back in a while. I’m cooking.”

“Alright. Thanks.” The last time Diluc cooked for him... Well, it’s obviously been years. He allows himself to lay back down, but he really wasn't kidding when he said he felt much better already; really, he just needed some rest, and he's sure the food will be a big help, too.

... Can Diluc eat? Drink anything other than blood? Does it have to be human blood? Well, probably, otherwise Diluc wouldn't likely hate it so much. Sure, drinking animal blood wouldn't exactly be thrilling, but if he could, he'd obviously have preferred that to human blood, and... probably wouldn't be so reluctant to go home.

Which brings Kaeya to the most important question: how can he get Diluc to come back to Mondstadt?

He considers his options while he waits, and when Diluc comes back upstairs, Kaeya props himself against the headboard to eat. It's only once the plate is set in front of him that he realizes what it is, and nearly starts salivating immediately. "Ah... I'm honoured~" It's Diluc's speciality, his twist on the traditional dish Pile 'Em Up, and Kaeya's delighted - but surprised - that Diluc made it. "Can you eat, too?"

"I can, but I have no need to."

"Then you should have some. Does it still taste good?"

"It does, but I'm fine. It's for you. Red meat..."

Kaeya nods in understanding. Iron and whatnot; better for him to recover with. He supposes in that regard it makes sense that Diluc went for this meal in particular. Rich red meat, starchy potatoes, creamy cheese... It's definitely filling and nutritious, and should absolutely give Kaeya's body a boost in its recovery efforts. "If you're sure. If you change your mind, I'm not sure I'll be able to eat it all anyway, so help yourself."


"I will, I will." Really, Diluc is being unexpectedly cute right now, but Kaeya knows why.

It's guilt.

Diluc feels bad for having caused Kaeya to be weak like this, but just the thought of that, that Diluc would feel guilty for doing something to Kaeya... Isn't it pointless? Kaeya's already personally betrayed his trust and hurt him. On top of that, Kaeya literally goaded him into this. Sure, Diluc took more than expected, which resulted in Kaeya being weaker than anticipated, but it's not like he died. And even if he had, he already said he deserved that from Diluc anyway, so...

His hand trembles slightly when he lifts it, but he doesn't comment on it. Diluc says nothing, but the way his eyes snap to it tells Kaeya it wasn't missed. Still, Kaeya resumes talking to distract from it, "You should come back to Mondstadt."

"You said as much already."

"Because I mean it."

Diluc looks away again. "... I have no particular reason to."

"That's not true. It's your home. And you want to make it better, right? You want to protect the people who live there."

"Which is why I can't go back."

Kaeya sighs. "You're not a threat to them." That does make him think, though, and he pauses only briefly before continuing, "You're thinking of yourself as a monster, aren't you?" The subtle lowering of his lashes is agreement enough. Kaeya groans. "Ugh, you're so dramatic. All you have to do is drink blood once in a while and stay out of the sunlight whenever possible. Just come back to Mondstadt and stay at the winery, or work at Angel's Share at night or something. Nobody would even notice, probably, if you don't say anything about it."

Diluc shoots him a mildly warning look. "I'm not the type to hide things."

"Yeah yeah, jab at me all you want, I'm just saying, you're making a big deal out of it when it really doesn't need to be one. Not like Mondstadt doesn't have criminals too, if you're somehow concerned about drinking from me exclusively." They don't tend to be as organized as anyone like the Treasure Hoarders, with the presence of the Knights, but that doesn't mean there aren't occasionally bandits and swindlers. As long as Diluc doesn't kill them, there shouldn't be any problems. Probably. Kaeya would help cover for him anyway. ... Probably. "If you don't get thirsty, then there's no problem, right? How often do you need to drink?"

“It doesn’t matter. I’m not going back with you.”

“Well, it’s not like I can force you. So, how often do you need to drink?”

“I don’t see why it matters if I refuse to go with you.”

Kaeya beams at him cheerfully. “Because I’ll just stay with you instead, then, of course!”

Diluc growls at him. “No, you won’t.”

“What are you gonna do about it? Drink from me until I pass out again? I’ll just come after you when I wake up. You can either kill me or deal with me coming with you. Or go back to Mondstadt, obviously.”

“Why do you want me to go back to Mondstadt so badly?”

“Do you have any reason not to, besides that you’re a vampire? You’re after the Fatui, no? And they’re clearly aware of you, if they captured you and went to such lengths. Isn’t it better to have a secure place you can plan and act from? Not saying the winery is invincible, but a city can be a very useful source of information, as I’m sure you know. Especially pubs. Plus... The Fatui are in town. Just so-called ambassadors for now, but every once in a while a big-shot will come through. Claiming they’re protecting us and that we owe them... Well, so far we’ve held them off, of course, but if you’re after them anyway...”

Kaeya can tell his words are finally having an impact, even though Diluc doesn’t really react that visibly. The fact that he hasn’t dismissed it outright again is proof that he’s at least considering it. Even then, he doesn’t respond immediately, just murmurs, “... Eat before it gets cold.”

“Okay, okay~” He can stop harassing Diluc for now, he supposes.

Sitting up further, Kaeya pulls the dish into his lap so he doesn't have to stretch for it at all - not out of laziness, but in case his limbs are still a bit shaky - and he cuts through the layers carefully, making sure not to waste any as he snags his first forkful.

Biting in, he can't help his appreciative noise, practically melting into the bed. "Ah, really, you're the best at everything, you know that?"

"It's just food..."

Kaeya waves him off, continuing to eat rather than wasting time responding to that. It's delicious, and... somewhat nostalgic, but he won't let himself fall to that again. He and Diluc aren't on the same page anymore, so... He can't let himself relax like he would have before. They're being peaceful right now, but... Once he finishes the whole plate - hungrier than he thought - he sets it on the bedside table and moves to get up.

Diluc is standing in a split second. "I've got it."

Kaeya laughs. "You're being surprisingly considerate of me. It's fine, I'm just getting up to stretch, you don't need to worry so much, I'm not going to push myself. Besides, where would I go? I came here to investigate the cause of the rumours. It's you. Mission complete. I can take my time going back."

"You shouldn't."

"Too bad~ I'm going to." Getting up despite Diluc's presence, Kaeya really does feel steadier already, and stretches his arms over his head, rolling up onto his toes to get a full-body stretch, yawning as he does so. Once he settles back down, he smirks, continuing, "As long as it takes you to come back with me."

Diluc glances away again. "You have ulterior motives, don't you?"

Not the type Diluc would likely think of. Kaeya's grin turns somewhat darker. "Does it matter? Either way I'm not going anywhere, so you can keep an eye on me regardless, and you know I can't beat you in a fight."

"I knew that a few years ago. I don't know that now."

Kaeya scoffs. "Aw, c'mon, we fought last night, we both know if you actually hit me - and I can't dodge forever - that it'd be hard to recover from. And now you're back up to full strength and everything!" With the 'gift' of Kaeya's blood to drink, Diluc seems much less restless today, or at least in the twitchy sense. Now he's just hovering around Kaeya out of guilt for having put him briefly out of commission. Seriously, his self-loathing about being a vampire must really blow past everything else, if he's worrying about Kaeya of all people. "Anyway, not the point. Just think about it, hm? You're stuck with me either way, may as well at least have a direct line to the Fatui and protect Mondstadt while you're at it."

"You're insufferable."

"That's my job~ How'd my blood taste, by the way?"

Diluc's brows furrow at the question. "... Why do you ask?"

"No reason, just curious. I'm from Khaenri'ah, after all; wondered if it tasted any different from normal."

Diluc watches him, clearly assessing the truth of that statement, but eventually sighs. "... I'd rather not talk about it."

Kaeya nods. "Ah, so it was delicious, then.” Diluc frowns at him warningly. Kaeya waves him off. “Okay, okay, I'll stop asking you about the vampire stuff since it bothers you so much. Where are we off to next, then?"

Diluc closes his eyes, clearly irritated, but moves to collect Kaeya's discarded plate. "... I'll think about it."

"Okay~" He'll get a message back to Mondstadt later - surely Diluc will let Kaeya borrow his eagle for that long - depending on Diluc's answer. Of course, Kaeya comes to watch at the top of the stairs to make sure Diluc doesn't try leaving right now, but he simply cleans the dishes and seems somewhat lost in thought. Once he's done, he even comes back upstairs without a fuss, not commenting on the fact that Kaeya was blatantly watching him the whole time.

Eventually, he sighs. "... I suppose a direct line to the Fatui is too much to pass up, even if it's just low rankers most of the time."

Kaeya grins. "Glad you see it my way."

Diluc still seems hesitant - probably still grappling with considering himself a "monster" - but at least nods in acceptance. "... Get more rest before we go, then."

"I'm fine, really... but if you insist. So long as you come sit on the bed with me."

"I wouldn't run away now that I've decided... but fine." He must know Kaeya wouldn't have agreed otherwise.

As Kaeya settles back into the bed, he curls up on his side, facing Diluc, but leaves as much space between them as he can so that Diluc doesn't get suspicious of his motives.

... Or, at least, no more suspicious than he already was.

Kaeya knows that when night falls, they'll start heading back, and without a caravan to hitch a ride with... Thankfully they're already pretty close to the Stone Gate, and Diluc's winery isn't too far from that, but it'll still take more than one night, probably.

... If Kaeya gets his way, anyway.

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Diluc’s first mistake was failing to answer Kaeya’s question about how often he needed to feed.

They make it back to Mondstadt faster than Kaeya would have liked - he wanted more excuses to talk to Diluc in private - but he sees Diluc off on the path to the Dawn Winery and promptly heads back to Mondstadt, himself, not exactly feeling welcome at the winery. It’s rather unfortunate to be separated from Diluc so quickly, only because Kaeya could have milked more information from him, but it is what it is.

... Naturally, Kaeya’s sneaking into the winery the next night.

Diluc’s broadsword is pressed to his throat again, and Kaeya grins, keeping quiet as he speaks, “C’mon, can’t you greet me with less hostility?”

Diluc rolls his eyes, but sheathes his blade again. “You’re the one who broke into my room in the middle of the night, what did you expect?”

“Pretty much that, actually.”

“Then don’t complain. What do you want?”

“Well, you never answered my question, before. I get that you don’t like talking about it, but how am I supposed to make sure you stay fed if I don’t know how often I’m supposed to feed you?”

Diluc frowns. “... Your phrasing makes me sound like a pet. I’m perfectly capable of coming to you on my own when I need to drink.”

Kaeya hums. “Sure, but would you?”

Diluc closes his eyes. Kaeya slings an arm over his shoulders, ignoring the way Diluc immediately attempts to shrug him off. “C’mon, c’mon~ it’s fine, right? I’m volunteering and everything. And didn’t we agree that it makes more sense for you to take less but more frequently, since you’re worried about making me weak again?”

“Less and less concerned about it by the second.”

Kaeya snickers. “Then bite, and take as much as you want.”

“I could kill you.”

“So? So could most things. Doesn’t make you special.”

Diluc turns, not trying to get out from Kaeya’s arm anymore, instead simply pressing fangs to Kaeya’s neck, but not biting yet. Kaeya doesn’t tense, doesn’t do anything other than tilt his head away to let Diluc have as much room as possible to bite if he’s going to.

He doesn’t. “... Your pulse...”

... Ah, Kaeya supposes he should have figured Diluc would be able to hear it. “Mm? What about it?”

“It’s a little fast.”

“I’m not afraid of you, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

Diluc lifts his head; it puts their faces rather close together, and Kaeya backs up just a little, but definitely not out of fear. Still, Diluc watches him, and seems to have taken his flinch as such, because he huffs, “It’s sensible to be worried about it anyway...”

Kaeya laughs. “Really, I’m not lying. It’s not fear.” Diluc should have heard it pick up even further just now, but that’s not the kind of conversation they’re going to have right now. “Anyway, are you going to drink tonight or not?”

Diluc tilts his head again, murmuring against Kaeya’s neck, “Just a little, then.”

Kaeya tilts his head back once more, and Diluc bites him gently again. That kind of tenderness... Kaeya wouldn’t mind it a bit rougher.

Being gentle and sweet like this... too much has changed. They’re not who they were back then, no matter how much Kaeya might miss it, that connection. He knows Diluc doesn’t mean it, either; he’s only being gentle because despite everything, he doesn’t actually want to hurt Kaeya - at least not seriously - and especially with his own self-loathing for having been turned into a vampire. It has nothing to do with Kaeya himself; Diluc would be like this with anyone who wasn’t a criminal, presuming he wasn’t ravenous and unable to control himself, anyway.

Kaeya leans his cheek just gently against Diluc’s head, careful not to make him think Kaeya’s pushing him away or anything. Even so, Diluc still stops; for a moment, Kaeya worries it was too much, even such a slight gesture, but instead Diluc is lifting his head to look at his face again, seemingly worried.

There’s a bit of blood around his mouth; Kaeya can’t help it, and lifts a hand to gently brush his thumb through it. Diluc makes a slight face and pulls back, clearly self-conscious about it, so Kaeya shamelessly hugs him around the waist, intentionally too much, pushing it too far, making it seem like a gesture to annoy Diluc rather than anything sincere. “Aw, c’mon, no need to be shy, I don’t mind~”

“It’s unsightly.”

“Like I haven’t seen a lot worse. Well, whatever, if that’s what makes you more comfortable, I guess I can’t stop you.”

Diluc looks mildly annoyed. “... It seems you’re perfectly fine.”

Ah, so Diluc had taken Kaeya’s head leaning against his as a sign of weakness. “Yup, good as gold~ Are you still thirsty? I don’t feel lightheaded or anything.”

“You leaned on me a little.”

“Well, yeah. Didn’t see the need to keep straining my neck that far. Did it make the angle bad for you or anything, though? I can go back to it...”

Diluc shakes his head. “... No, it’s fine. I just thought perhaps I’d taken too much again.”

“Nah, you’re fine. I’d say something if it got bad.”

That makes Diluc scoff, disbelieving. “No you wouldn’t.”

Kaeya grins. “... Yeah, probably not.” Still, he reluctantly lets go of Diluc’s waist, stepping back towards the window. “Anyway, I’ll come back—“

Before he can go anywhere, though, Diluc is catching his wrist. “Stay.”

... Fuck if that simple word doesn’t make his stomach twist in contradicting emotions. “Really, you didn’t take that much. I’m not gonna pass out anywhere or anything.”

“I don’t trust that you’ll take proper care of yourself. Stay.”

Well, he’s not wrong about that, but of course Kaeya can’t say so. Instead he pushes another angle, glancing around hesitantly. “... No offence, but I’m not exactly comfortable here.”

The winery... it’s not Crepus’ mansion - Diluc sold that - but it’s still a place they spent a lot of their time together when they were younger. It’s true that he’s not quite comfortable here, but it’s not... entirely because of the staff and the negative memories.

The pleasant ones are just as lethal. Diluc’s own bed... Kaeya really doesn’t think he can sleep in it as if everything is fine. The number of times they’d done things other than sleep in that bed...

He has no idea about the status of the room he used to occupy, but whatever it is, he’s definitely not comfortable sleeping there, let alone leaving Diluc’s room to even get there, lest he be seen by one of the staff. It’s not like he thinks most of them would be hostile or overtly rude to him - though some of them would - it’s just because it’s awkward to face them, especially since he came in through Diluc’s balcony and all. The last thing he needs is them thinking he came here to pick a fight or something.

So, if he can’t leave Diluc’s room to go elsewhere in the winery, and he can’t stay in Diluc’s bed for his own sanity, the best thing to do is leave.

Diluc watches him again. Kaeya meets his gaze, but tries to convey an expression of slight tension without being blatant about it, just something subtle, to make it believable.

Kaeya’s not sure what it is, but Diluc, unfortunately, seems to have something of an epiphany as he glances back at his own bed. His cheeks flush just slightly, and even when he turns back to Kaeya, he doesn’t quite meet his eyes. “... Right. Then, at least drink some water before you go.”

Kaeya’s relieved, even though Diluc’s reaction to what must have been the memory of what they last got up to in that bed together is a bit confusing. He doesn’t seem disgusted or upset, which Kaeya had expected; oh, he’s not stupid enough to get his hopes up, to think that maybe Diluc misses him the same way, but it’s interesting nevertheless. Kaeya smiles easily to clear the air. “If you insist. Assuming you’ll go get it for me?”

Diluc nods, seeming to understand now why Kaeya’s not exactly thrilled at the concept of roaming the winery. “Okay. Sit down in the meantime.” Then, boldly, “For my sake, if not your own.”

Kaeya raises an eyebrow, impressed that Diluc would say it. “I’m doing things for your sake again now, huh?” But he’s not trying to be difficult, so he sits in a nearby chair nevertheless. “Alright, alright.”

“If only you were always so obedient.”

For you, I could be. Alas, Kaeya’s definitely not going to say that right now; normally he’d have no problem at all doing so, could easily flirt and tease with no shame or hesitation, but... It hits a bit too close to home right now, and he doesn’t need to tip Diluc off.

Then again, maybe not teasing is actually more suspicious, since he usually would...?

Fuck it. Whatever. “Well, we’ll see~” There, somewhere between the two extremes, maybe.

Diluc just gives him an exasperated look and leaves to go get him the water.

... Kaeya is definitely screwed.

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Things carry on like that for a while.

Rather than wait and see if Diluc will come to him, Kaeya generally makes the push himself to go there every few nights. He can tell Diluc feels worse about the situation as time goes by, despite his claims to the contrary, but Kaeya always does his best to calm Diluc down; if it means sometimes drinking water or letting Diluc cook for him, hey, that’s nothing to complain about, really.

... But, well. No matter how much he likes feeding Diluc - and he does, both because those fangs are sexy as hell and because, honestly, it’s a sort of bond between them that Diluc can’t deny so easily, a way for Kaeya to be a part of Diluc, no matter how small - he also likes pushing his luck. He has no intention of letting Diluc go hungry, but he does decide to wait an extra few nights compared to normal, just to see if Diluc really will come to him after all.

... Or at least, that was the plan.

It’s only been two extra nights - he wanted to push it to four, at least, just to see, unless of course Diluc came before that - when Kaeya is practically shoved into Angel’s Share by some of the other knights. Not that he actually objects at all, of course. “Alright, alright, I get it~!”

One of the knights shoves - playfully - at him anyway. “You said that last time, but you still got away while we weren’t looking! We’re watching you this time! We passed our tests with flying colours, after all, and therefore you owe us! Ah— Master Diluc, huh? Well, hey, you can help us keep him honest, huh?”

Kaeya tenses in the doorway, looking away from his companions to see that yes, indeed, Diluc is behind the counter. That wouldn’t normally be a problem - in fact, usually it would put Kaeya in a better mood, being able to harass him - but, well.

He may or may not have gotten slightly injured, earlier. He may or may not have bloody gauze and a cotton pad over a wound on his side. It may or may not still be sluggishly bleeding.

... Well, he’d wanted to test Diluc’s self-control, he supposes.

Shaking off his hesitation, Kaeya smiles brightly at Diluc as he comes to sit at the bar. “Oh~ it’s you tonight, huh~?”

Diluc nods, already pulling out the ingredients for Death After Noon and some other alcoholic drinks Kaeya doesn’t care about. “I hear you owe your men a drink.”

If he’s affected by Kaeya’s blood, he’s hiding it well. “Ah, yeah... Well, I promised I’d treat them a while back if they got good scores on their combat assessments, but things just kept coming up, you see...”

Diluc gives him an unimpressed look. “I’m sure.” He seems like he’s about to say something else, but instead his expression shifts just slightly, and ah. It just took a second for the smell of blood to reach him over all the alcohol and food smells, huh? Still, he regains control remarkably quickly, closing his eyes with a sigh of annoyance that probably has nothing to do with Kaeya skipping out on treating his subordinates and everything to do with having to deal with Kaeya himself. “The knights are just so busy nowadays, after all.”

Kaeya smiles at him. “Right, right! Trying to find the Darknight Hero and all that, of course we’re busy~”

Diluc is clearly unimpressed, but Kaeya knows it’s about the title. It is a pretty cheesy name, after all. “... Yes, I’ve heard of their exploits.”

“Mm, they’ve really been giving us the runaround! So you can surely understand why I’ve been busy, right~?”

It’s as much an excuse to Diluc as to his subordinates... or it would be, if Diluc wasn’t intimately familiar with the so-called Darknight Hero’s schedule, given that they’re the same person. He knows Kaeya hasn’t been busy with that every night. He probably suspects that Kaeya’s just pushing him.

But it’s not the kind of conversation they’d have here and now anyway. Diluc turns his attention back to the drinks he’s making. “Of course... So what can I get for you all? And don’t worry, I will ensure Sir Kaeya doesn’t escape this time.” And then Diluc is smiling, putting on the charm as he always does for everyone but Kaeya, “Feel free to order whatever you like. If Sir Kaeya can’t pay, we can come to some sort of an agreement, I’m sure.”

... Yeah, Kaeya’s definitely in trouble.

— — — — —

Once the bar closes, Kaeya waves off his subordinates, telling them he’ll head home after he settles up with Diluc.

He doesn’t wait for Diluc to say anything, just locks the door behind them; when he turns around, Diluc is already very much in his personal space, eyes glowing, expression blank.

Well, against the door isn’t really ideal, but Kaeya immediately tilts his head anyway. “Sorry to keep you waiting~”

To his surprise, Diluc doesn’t bite.

Instead, he screws his eyes shut, clearly wrestling himself back under control; there’s part of Kaeya that’s tempted to goad him into it, but curiousity wins out, so he waits for Diluc, who eventually hisses, “Upstairs. Now.”

The order sends a decidedly lustful thrill down Kaeya’s spine, but he simply nods and darts past Diluc to head up the stairs, knowing Diluc means the loft apartment on the third floor and unlocking the door with a stolen key. He does wonder why Diluc is bothering to bring him up here, though; does he already anticipate he’ll need more than usual, and therefore wants Kaeya somewhere comfortable...?

The next demand he growls solidifies that idea. ”Bed.” But he’s not done, and the next bit is decidedly more dangerous, “Shirt off first.”

Oh, the things Kaeya could say to that... but he knows Diluc is only aiming to check on his injury, so he strips out of his shirt without a word and goes to sit down on the bed.

He’s barely sitting half a second when Diluc all but tackles him into laying down instead. There’s still gauze... no, there was still gauze between them, but Diluc is clearly thirsty now, chasing the scent of blood as he rips the gauze and cotton pad away.

And then his tongue is laving over the wound and holy shit if that doesn’t spike up Kaeya’s arousal.

Diluc seems to be acting completely on instinct now, and Kaeya can only force himself to lay still and try his best not to fucking moan and ruin it like the first time, but it feels amazing, the sharp edge of Diluc’s fangs brushing his skin now and then as his tongue maps out every dip and crevice of Kaeya’s hip and side, chasing even the tiniest drops, even the faintest traces of his blood. It’s hard not to grab his hair, too, to keep his head close so he doesn’t stop; impossibly difficult, as it turns out, because Kaeya can’t quite stop himself from doing so. Ah... it’s just as soft as he remembered, as fluffy as it looks, incredibly pleasant to sink his fingers into.

Thankfully - maybe - Diluc doesn’t stop or question him or anything. He’s probably lost in the haze of his bloodlust, but that suits Kaeya just fine.

Of course, the wound has had some time to close even before this, and Kaeya’s noticed before that the bites from Diluc always heal pretty quickly, so he assumes there’s something in Diluc’s saliva that promotes healing... In any case, it’s not potent enough to heal Kaeya’s wound, but the bleeding does at least seem to stop after some point, because Diluc eventually stops. Kaeya doesn’t quite let go of his hair, trying to hide the blatant adrenaline running through his body at the excitement of what just happened, wishing Diluc would bite more, take fresher blood, take more, drive them both crazy—

Diluc closes his eyes.

Knowing that means he’s dragging himself back under his own control, Kaeya instinctively yanks his hair; not hard, just enough to prevent him from immediately shutting Kaeya out again. “You can bite, you know. Half of that was dried, that can’t have tasted great, hm?”

“Stop being so reckless.”

“It’s fine, you won’t kill me—“

Diluc growls at him, which is unfairly attractive even though he’s upset. “I meant the wound! You should have seen a doctor, what if...”

Kaeya blinks. “What if what? I were attacked again within the city walls? Then we’d have a bigger problem than me already being injured, don’t you think? It’s fine, I can take more than this and you know it.”

“No, if I had...”

Ah, so that’s his worry. “... Well, that’d be fine too. I already said I’d deserve—“

”I don’t want to hurt you.”

That, at least, surprises Kaeya into silence for a few seconds. It’s enough for Diluc to barrel on, “You really... I can understand why you would think it, with how we fought before I left, but don’t you think if I wanted to hurt or kill you I would have done something about it by now?”

“... I assumed you were just keeping an eye on me. I’m the only link you know of to [K], so isn’t it in your best interests to keep me alive? To see if you can’t learn more?”

“If I wanted to learn more, I’d go there. I was after answers about my father’s death, and the Fatui’s involvement. And you... I could have stayed away forever, but you...”

Even if he can’t bring himself to continue, Kaeya’s pretty sure he knows what Diluc is thinking, this time. “... You wouldn’t have agreed to come back if it had been anyone else.”

Diluc closes his eyes again, stubborn, not wanting to agree but unable to deny it.

... Kaeya really wants to kiss him.

But he can’t do that, so instead he grins. He can’t let himself slip into sentimentality again. “Guess you don’t hate me as much as I thought, huh?”

Diluc looks like he’s just barely resisting rolling his eyes, and moves to get up.

He brushes Kaeya’s cock accidentally as he does so; it’s enough to make Kaeya tense, though he doesn’t make a sound. Diluc seems confused for a moment, glancing down, then realizes what exactly it was he’d touched.

It’s a bit too quiet for Kaeya’s tastes, so he laughs it off. “Told you it wasn’t fear.”

It seems to take Diluc a second to remember their conversation from a few weeks ago, but then he simply looks... somewhat confused again, which is at least better than being furious or disgusted. “... Has it always... been like this?”

What delicate phrasing... “Nah, not every time.” Which is true; although Kaeya enjoys feeding Diluc, usually it’s only been a quick process, not enough for Kaeya to actually get aroused off of. “But it does feel good, generally, if that’s what you’re asking.”

Diluc blinks, cheeks flushing slightly. “... Oh. I... didn’t know that.”

“Well, the criminals you used before were always nearly dead, or at the very least unconscious, so of course you wouldn’t have known.” It’s not like any of them had been awake to moan about it, unlike Kaeya. At least this blunt discussion about it, even if they’re dancing around actually talking about it, is helping to kill Kaeya’s arousal. “Anyway, since you’re not going to bite—“

“I didn’t say I wouldn’t.”

“—huh?” It’s not that Kaeya minds feeding him, but... Having realized the effect it has on Kaeya, he still wants to...? That’s... But there’s no way it can mean that Diluc actually wants to do anything more again, surely. Kaeya grins unsteadily, working on that assumption. “Oh, you want to bully me, huh?”

Diluc closes his eyes again. “I’m thirsty. That half-dried blood wasn’t great, you’re right. And... I’ll take care of you afterwards.”

Kaeya shakes his head, not because he doesn’t want it, but, “You don’t owe me, Diluc. Don’t feel obligated.”

Diluc opens his eyes again, but looks away instead. “... I don’t. Feel obligated, I mean.”

... Huh? Before Kaeya can really question that, though, Diluc is moving further up the bed, pinning him in place and bringing a hand up to tilt his jaw away, since Kaeya’s too surprised to focus properly. Even when Diluc’s fangs sink in, he’s unsure of how to react; he wants to grip at Diluc’s hair again, wants to wrap his legs around Diluc’s waist so they remain tangled from head to toe, so that Diluc can’t pull away after all, but those words have left him too off-balance. Is he allowed? If Diluc doesn’t feel obligated, doesn’t that mean he just wants to have sex with Kaeya?

Even then, that doesn’t necessarily mean anything, it’s probably been a while for Diluc, maybe he’s just making the best of the opportunity that’s presenting itself. ... But he’s not that type. He wouldn’t fool around just for the sake of it, or at least he wouldn’t have before, and Kaeya doesn’t think he’s changed that much...

... Ah, fuck it. Kaeya’s too selfish to think about it right now; if Diluc will fuck him, then he wants it, there’s no need to overcomplicate it.

Deciding to embrace it, Kaeya hugs around Diluc’s shoulders and hitches his legs up over Diluc’s hips; of course their pants are still in the way, but at least this way he can keep Diluc close.

Feeling Diluc’s half-hard cock rub up against his isn’t exactly a bad thing either.

Diluc makes a soft sound against his neck, and tentatively rolls his hips. Kaeya doesn’t bother stifling his own gasp of pleasure at the friction, though he can’t really move as much as he’d like in return, given that Diluc’s fangs are still in his neck. Aside from that small grinding motion, though, Diluc mostly remains still; he’d said it earlier, after all, that he doesn’t want to hurt Kaeya, even if Kaeya can’t understand why...

Just as Kaeya’s thoughts are beginning to get a bit foggy again, Diluc’s fangs withdraw. Kaeya gives a tiny whine of loss, only to shudder instead with a gasp when Diluc licks over the wound, cleaning it as always. At least now Kaeya can squirm more, since there’s no risk of Diluc’s fangs accidentally dragging sideways and hurting him, and he rolls his hips again in return for Diluc’s earlier motion.

Diluc moves his face away after a while, but doesn’t attempt to free himself from Kaeya’s grip, just lifting his head to inspect Kaeya’s face. After a moment, he asks, “... You really... like all this?”

Is it safe to be honest? Diluc’s been taking everything a lot better than Kaeya thought he would, so... “... You might get annoyed with me for saying it, but the fangs are super sexy, actually, and I like feeding you for reasons besides that it feels good.”

“Tell me.”

Kaeya closes his eyes. “Nuh-uh. I’ll answer when you answer me, first: don’t you hate me?”

Diluc is quiet for a moment, which isn’t exactly reassuring, but then he slowly shakes his head. “... I don’t,” he says, “I know... I have reasons to. But I don’t. I wasn’t lying when I said I don’t want to hurt you, and I’m not looking for information from you. I just... want you safe, and... I want you to stay here. I don’t want to lose anyone else important to me.”

Kaeya winces. The words are... too nice. More than he deserves. He can’t bring himself to believe them, because then what were they even fighting about? Instead, he laughs, sounding a little bitter to his own ears. “... I was already gonna let you fuck me—“

“That has nothing to do with it. Kaeya. Look at me.”

He can’t. He really, really can’t. If he comes face to face with Diluc’s sincerity... Would that be worse, or would seeing that it’s a lie? The quick, easy responses he’s known for in any situation fail him now; he doesn’t know what to say, can’t open his eyes or deflect or anything.

Diluc kisses him softly on the lips instead.

Kaeya tries to surge forward into it, wants to deepen it, to distract them both with pleasure, but Diluc pulls back at the same pace, and puts a hand on Kaeya’s jaw, not a demanding grip - unfortunately - but enough to prevent Kaeya from pushing further.

At least now Kaeya can open his eyes and avert his gaze immediately instead. “Geez... really killing my mood, here...” He doesn’t want to be treated gently, doesn’t want to be told he’s someone important to Diluc, doesn’t want to get tangled up in his own feelings for Diluc again. Hadn’t exactly gone well last time. Fucking is one thing, that’s easy, but having emotions attached... No way. He can’t afford that.

Not after how it went last time.

He can tell Diluc is watching him, clearly appraising his reaction, but when Kaeya finally starts to shift to push him away gently instead, Diluc leans down and bites him again; not with fangs, this time, just a normal bite, but it’s over the same spot where he’d bitten to drink, and it sends a jolt of pleasure-pain racing through Kaeya’s body. “... Fine. Then answer my question: what other reasons did you enjoy feeding me for?”

Ugh. He doesn’t really want to answer that, either, but at least Diluc seems to be willing to oblige him on being rougher if he does... Maybe he can even annoy Diluc into it, depending on how he phrases it. “Ah~ well, I liked you needing me for something, even though you could have gone to anyone, knowing that you wouldn’t because you didn’t want to hurt anyone else...” Though apparently he doesn’t want to hurt Kaeya either, “And that it was an undeniable connection between us~ guess I was being possessive~” Diluc feeding from him and nobody else, relying on him, alive because of him...

Well, no. If it got that bad, Diluc would have found some criminals, he wouldn’t let himself die for such a stupid reason. In fact, judging how he looked when he was thirsty earlier and could smell Kaeya’s blood, his reason would have gone out the window at some point and he would have snapped anyway, before he starved to death... But it’s still a heady feeling, knowing Diluc is choosing to feed from him, to leave himself in Kaeya’s hands, despite everything.

Diluc doesn’t seem annoyed, just nods slowly in understanding, then ducks his head again to lick at Kaeya’s neck some more. His bite just now had probably caused more blood to well up, but even if not, licking Kaeya’s neck is certainly allowed. “... I see. And how are you feeling now? Physically, I mean.”

Good. Kaeya doesn’t want to talk about emotions right now. “You can drink more, if that’s what you’re asking. I was just starting to feel a little fuzzy-headed, but I’m fine.” He’s still talking smoothly and everything, after all; then again, he is laying down, so if he stood up it might be a different story, but he doesn’t think he’ll be standing up for a while anyway, now that Diluc finally seems to be back on track to fuck him.

Still, Diluc‘s brows furrow lightly in concern. Thankfully, he says, “... Then, just a bit more.”

Kaeya tilts his head back further, and moans the second those fangs pierce flesh again. It’s always been too gentle, but knowing what he knows now, he won’t protest it anymore. There’s no point, Diluc wouldn’t be rougher in this sense anyway.

Feeling that now-familiar warmth seep through him again, Kaeya closes his eyes with a contented hum and sinks into it. Diluc stops biting sooner than Kaeya would like, but that warm floaty feeling doesn’t disappear, so Kaeya only clings tighter.

This time when Diluc grinds his hips down, Kaeya is allowed to do so as hard as he wants in return, and he takes full advantage of that, rutting happily against Diluc as he licks Kaeya’s neck clean again. Build up that friction, drive Diluc wild, make him aggressive about it... But then Diluc is pulling away, and Kaeya whines loudly and clings tighter, refusing to let him.

Diluc sighs. “Let me get our clothes off. Or do you intend to just rut like horny teenagers?”

Oh. If that’s all he wants... Kaeya pouts a little, but opens his eyes, and gradually releases Diluc to watch him sit back and start working on Kaeya’s clothes. Kaeya considers sitting up to help him, but it’s probably best if he just stays laying down for now; he at least lifts his hips and such to allow his clothes to be pulled free, though, and makes grabby hands at Diluc once he’s stripped sufficiently to get him to undress too. Diluc did say he’d undress them, not just Kaeya, so it was probably his intention from the start, but Kaeya wants to help with this part; when Diluc leans down to oblige him, Kaeya roams his hands greedily everywhere he can even as he helps Diluc out of his clothes. That does make it take longer than necessary, but watching the shifts and changes in Diluc’s expressions as Kaeya teases and strokes him is worth it.

Even as they separate enough just to get their clothes completely out of the way, Kaeya shifts, impatient, wanting Diluc back already. Diluc surely notices it, but says nothing, and gets up entirely, presumably for oil; Kaeya whines at him, but Diluc ignores that, too, disappearing out the door for a few minutes. Ugh. Of course, it makes sense that there wouldn't be any in this room, since it's not like they've done anything here for... a few years, but still. He doesn’t like being left alone with his thoughts, now that Diluc’s gone and stirred them up.

Thankfully he's not gone long, and Kaeya spreads his legs eagerly, wiggling his hips to draw Diluc's attention to them. It works, of course, but Diluc surprises him; he sits between them, as expected, but lifts one of Kaeya's legs and sets it over his shoulder. For a moment, Kaeya thinks it's just to open him up, but then Diluc is pressing kisses along his calf and knee, even a bit of his thigh, but at least he's slicking his fingers as he does, so Kaeya doesn't complain.

Diluc is gentle when he pushes his first finger in, too, but at least that much Kaeya expected. Still, it doesn't really hurt, even though it's been... a long time since he was on his back like this. Not since Diluc.

It's not like he hadn't had sex while Diluc was gone, he just hadn't let anyone fuck him.

But he remembers what it's like, even if his body doesn't, and simply relaxes, reaching forward to tug at strands of Diluc's hair and scratch along his chest. That finger is soon joined by another, which does hurt just a bit, but Kaeya does his best to adapt to it as quickly as possible, doing his best to just breathe and focus on Diluc rather than anything else. After a while, he huffs quietly, tugging harder on Diluc's hair; Diluc gets the message, and mercilessly doesn't drop Kaeya's leg from his shoulder before leaning forward, forcing Kaeya's knee back against his chest, but giving him a demanding kiss in exchange. Kaeya shudders happily, certainly not minding the angle; if anything, it allows Diluc's fingers to strike even deeper, and Diluc abuses it freely, rubbing the spot that makes Kaeya gasp and shiver against his mouth.

Gods, but he missed this.

He'd missed Diluc for more than just this, of course, but this is certainly a pleasant bonus, and one he hadn't exactly thought he'd get back even when he found Diluc and convinced him to come back. It's not like they've really talked about what happened, why Diluc left... But it can wait. At least for now, it can wait.

Diluc presses a third finger in, and it's a lot easier now to stop thinking about anything else, Kaeya's body clenching up on them with the sting of it. Diluc simply continues kissing him, demanding his attention, and it's all Kaeya can do to claw at and cling to him in return, trying to get his body to relax and accept the intrusion more easily. It’ll only get rougher from here, after all...!

Once Kaeya’s body relaxes enough to actually let those three fingers push deeper inside of him, Diluc seeks out his prostate again immediately; Kaeya jolts at the added pressure of the third, moaning Diluc’s name into his mouth. The kiss breaks, but Diluc only ducks his head to nip at Kaeya’s neck again, in the same spot as before, and Kaeya laughs a little, somewhat breathless. “That your... favourite spot or something?”

“... You react especially well to it.”

Oh. Kaeya huffs quietly. “... Hope it leaves a mark.”

Diluc hums against his throat, and bites harder. Still no fangs; if his bites or whatever inject... something with healing properties, than Kaeya’s perfectly happy to be bitten normally. Hopefully it’s not just his saliva or something. Kaeya wants marks, and he wants them to last.

With the additional pleasure, Kaeya’s body relaxes soon enough, and the moment he feels ready, he’s practically shoving at Diluc’s wrist to get those fingers out of him. Not that he doesn’t like them, but he wants Diluc’s cock and they’re in the way for that. Diluc huffs quietly at his impatience, and reaches for himself to slick his cock; Kaeya watches unabashedly as Diluc strokes himself. Normally he’d want to do it, but right now he really is impatient, and even oiling his own hand would be too much effort. Besides, it’s a nice view, Diluc’s erect cock between Kaeya’s thighs, practically rubbing against Kaeya’s own as Diluc oils himself.

When Diluc is satisfied, he lines them up, Kaeya doing his best to hold still despite his excitement, and when Diluc pushes in, Kaeya moans, ”Fuck, yes, ah—”

Diluc kisses him again, nice and hard, and Kaeya rolls his hips despite the slight sting of the stretch, coaxing Diluc in deeper. He doesn't want to take this slow, he wants this connection and he wants to make Diluc snap and fuck him senseless.

Maybe then he'd be able to talk about everything.


"Nn... I'm fine~"

"So tight..."

"Of course~" Ah, the implications there are a bit... Diluc does open his eyes again, meeting Kaeya's, but Kaeya simply tilts his head up and demands another kiss. Enough talking. Later.

Thankfully Diluc is willing to oblige him, and as Kaeya's body relaxes by degrees, Diluc pushes in deeper and deeper until he's buried completely. Kaeya trembles at the mix of pleasure-pain in his veins, but rocks his hips greedily anyway. It's enough: Diluc draws almost completely out, but pushes in harder on the next thrust, and when Kaeya's body opens easily for him, the angle still wonderful for nailing Kaeya's prostate, Diluc speeds up, gripping Kaeya's thigh roughly to hold him in place at the suddenly aggressive pace.

Kaeya moans, tossing his head, clawing at Diluc's back, at his shoulders, anywhere he can, wanting to leave marks in return. Of course they'll be hidden by clothes, but he can't help but wish that they wouldn't; let everyone see the marks on both of them and put two and two together, let everyone know—

Diluc drops his other hand to Kaeya's cock, though, and it's enough to make Kaeya's whole body jolt from the sudden sensation. His strokes are tight and quick, hand still slicked from when he'd stroked himself, and it's too much all at once; when Diluc bites him on the neck again, Kaeya comes with a sharp cry, back arching despite the position, driving Diluc that little bit further in, clenching up like a vice. He can feel Diluc spill into him as well, delights in that muffled groan against his neck, and—


That much stimulation was a bit much, as it turns out, with how lightheaded he was already feeling from feeding Diluc.

Kaeya clutches at Diluc weakly, silent, trying to convey that he's okay - or he will be - before he passes out.

— — — — —

When he comes to, Diluc is hovering over him, clearly anxious, and Kaeya can't help but smile a little. "... Hey."


"Mm... Sorry, must've scared you, huh?"

Diluc nods, but leans in and kisses him again fiercely anyway. Kaeya hugs him tighter, keeps him close, relaxes under the attention. Perhaps it's a bit cruel to think, but seeing Diluc so worried about him... It's nice.

"You're alright?"

Kaeya nods, carefully. "I'm fine. Just a bit too much excitement after feeding you."

"I knew I took too much..."

"Hey, I told you to take more. I'll be fine. We'll know better next time."

Diluc gives him a worried look, but then settles down, snuggling in closer. Kaeya can feel that Diluc's already pulled out - unsurprising, but a shame - but hitches his legs over Diluc's hips anyway to keep him close. "Then... rest for now."

Kaeya hums in acknowledgement, closing his eyes. "Mm... And then... I think we should talk."

Diluc shifts a bit against him, but Kaeya keeps his eyes closed. Not right now. Right now he's resting.

Diluc settles again after a moment anyway, seemingly content with that.

It'll be difficult, and probably painful for both of them, but... He knows they need to. If they both want to be close again, if they want to be able to be honest, if they want any semblance of how things used to be between them, then they need to. Even if Kaeya doesn't understand yet why Diluc doesn't hate him, he's at least starting to believe it, and hopefully if they talk, openly and honestly, then...

Kaeya hugs him tighter.

It'll be hard, and he's reluctant to open up again, but this time he has faith that it will be worth it.