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Operation: Cupid

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It was just another day on the Toppat Clan space station. Everyone was just going on about their day. Well except for a few members. Those members being Henry, Charles, Ellie, Amy, Dave, Burt, Sven, and the Bukowski twins. Although the reason why the Bukowski twins were there is unknown. They were all chilling in Amy's room. Amy was a new recruit but she caught on to things very quickly. And she's quite wise for her age. Although many don't know her actual age besides those who she trusted her secret with. And Henry cause he already knows. Dave was captured but they gave him the option to join the clan. He accepted cause he was afraid of what they would do if he refused. They were currently discussing something.

"So does everyone understand the plan?" Everyone nodded as Ellie smiled. "Ok since the celebration isn't until later what should we do in the mean time?" Everyone stayed silent until Henry suggested a game of Among Us. Everyone agreed and left for their rooms so people wouldn't spoil who is who. Once Henry made a private game he sent the code to everyone else. Soon everyone joined in. And they all were connected to a voice chat. Thus they played a few rounds of Among Us with some rage here and there. And now they were playing their 10th game.

"God dang it!" Sven yelled as he was killed by Ellie. And Amy who got killed earlier was there as a ghost. Sven then jumped a little as he heard Amy's voice inside his head. 'Sorry Sven. I would've told you who it was but I didn't want to cheat.' Sven sighed before replying. 'It's ok Amy. But jeez you scared me. I'm still not used to your telepathy ability.' Sven knew that Amy had a ton of abilities (some of which she doesn't use often) but she does communicate with those who are close to her with telepathy. It's handy on missions but outside of them is unexpected. In fact Amy doesn't steal but is instead more of a support role. If anyone gets hurt badly or is in trouble Amy will come rushing right away.

'Sorry. I know it takes some getting used to.' Amy apologized. Sven smiled as he finished his last task in Electrical. 'It's fine Amy. I'll get used to it eventually.' Sven replied as he made his way to Navigation. Amy meanwhile was watching Dave. As much as it tempted her to tell Dave who the Imposter is she didn't as she knows it wouldn't be fair. With Henry he was chilling in the Cafeteria as he was finished with his tasks and didn't feel like watching anyone as a ghost. After all seeing them die somehow reminded him of another timeline. One he still had nightmares about. He hasn't told anyone in this timeline but he at least had Amy to comfort him cause she knows.

After a few more minutes the game ended. The crewmates won with only Burt, Charles, and Dave alive. "GG everyone." Charles said a little too energetic. "GG." Burt said. "Ellie as punishment for killing me you can't pet me for the next 24 hours." Amy said as Ellie started whining. "No! I'm sorry! I promise not to kill you next time. Please! I can't go that long without petting your fluffy fur." The others started laughing a little. Ever since she learned of Amy's shape shifting ability Ellie would often go to Amy's room to ask if she could pet her. She always wanted a cat but could never afford to take care of it. So Amy is the closest as she could get.

"Fine. 3 hours." Amy said after hearing enough of Ellie pleading. Dave was the next to speak up. "It's almost time for the celebration. Should we start heading down there?" Everyone agreed and stated leaving the game. As everyone left their rooms they all whispered one thing.

"Let Operation: Cupid begin."