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And now we can rest

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Xiao Xicheng is literally an angel.

A-Qing was the first to tell him, a few days after Xue Yang arrived to stay. She told him that Xiao Xicheng is an angel and if he hurt him, she would get him out of the house herself. Xue Yang's only response had been to close the door in her face, but the girl was right. That man was the kindest person in the world, always delicate and careful, never shredding.

Xiao Xicheng was also an orphan, he was like him, like little blind… the only difference being that he had been adopted by a sweet and loving woman when he was still young. He had grown up in a home, he had gone to high school, made friends... he had fallen in love with one of them and ended up married and adopting two street rats, five if they counted the cats. It was a perfect life, or that's what he said.

Song Lan a stable, stoic pillar.

Tall and imposing, he commanded more respect and fear than anything else, but he smiled and turned red when his husband smiled at him, when Xiao Xicheng reached out to him or hugged him. It was all appearances, he kept his distance, but he cared as much as Xiao Xicheng. Song Lan was partly like Xue Yang, he wasn't affective, not too much. He hugged and kissed his husband, but he didn´t like to be touched, none of his friends hugged him or shake his hand if it wasn´t him who started contact, Xue Yang learned soon to respected his limits, and Song Lan thanked him with a smile

Xiao Xicheng and A-Qing were the exception, and apparently after the gym, also Xue Yang. Xiao Xicheng had been thrilled when he told him that Song Lan had hugged him, that he had taken care of him... he had smiled in the purest way in the world and ran out of the room to fill Song Lan's face with kisses

Those two were inseparable, they lived for each other, and they had gone through everything together. He ended up discovering that Xiao Xicheng hadn't always been blind. It all had happened after a car accident, when they were just teenagers.  Song Lan was there too. Xiao Xicheng had almost completely lost his sight, and Song Lan had taken three years to speak again after destroying his throat in the crash, he was glad his guardians were fine now…

They had outdone it together, and they had come out of it stronger. It was impossible not to look at them with respect, with admiration when they walked together. It was like seeing Shizui's parents. Two pieces that fit together to perfection, without any work or pain. He wasn't going to admit it, but it was a nice thing to see. Xue Yang was chaotic and cold, but the last thing he wanted to do was disappoint the people who had saved him, the people who had offered him a roof without knowing who he was or if he was trustworthy. He had never imagined himself like this, sitting on the floor of a huge living room, back resting on the sofa because there was no room for him, but it didn´t bother him. Not when the coach what occupied by Xiao Xicheng, who was laughing at his argument with A-Qing, listening to an audio book while his husband slept on his lap. It was a weird situation, but he ignored that thought and continued braiding A-Qing's hair as the girl complained. He closed his eyes for a moment and, if, there he was, it smelled like home, it was his home…

 A-Qing was just as chaotic as he was, rude and annoying.

At first, they had crashed, two people sharing a roof and nothing else. They didn't trust each other. And then they had started talking and it had been incredibly simple. Being able to joke about old wounds and childhoods spent in horrible places, being able to laugh at their own past without someone pitying them was fine.

They had begun to support each other, to spend more time together. A-Qing would come into his room and lie down in his bed for hours, somehow, they always end up talking and it wasn't awkward. It was something easy and familiar and that he almost liked it. They ended up arguing, a lot. But everything was always quick solved. Sometimes it implied a pillow fight, or a lot of yelling, but it was fixed.

He couldn't hate someone after spending hours sharing a heating bag, cuddling in the same bed and complaining about cramps. A-Qing didn't eat those days, he ate twice as much. It was perfect dynamic. He couldn't hate someone after sharing those kinds of moments, after A-Qing didn't laugh when he'd walked into his room, asking for help in some subject he was supposed to already know. The gremlin was a genius, and throughout the afternoon Xue Yang had understood everything he needed and had hugged her before thinking.

They understood each other. A-Qing had gone through so similar things before adopted, and Xue Yang might not be her brother and they always fought. But... A-Qing could be his friend, he liked their dynamic.

While laughing at the cigarettes burns on their skin, old and almost forgotten, as they laughed at something that had worried the rest of the world, Xue Yang began to realize that, while it was okay to laugh at that past, he would not allow that girl to go thought that again. If someone hurt A-Qing, even if that was difficult cos the girl was tough and strong, they'd have to walk past him first.

Mo Xuanyu is what he least expected from his new life, an unpredictable storm. The afternoon he had met Song Lan and Xiao Xicheng he had knew things were going to change, for the better for sure, but he didn't imagine to what extent. He had accepted a home, and he hadn´t even realized when he had lowered his barriers so much, when he had let in his life more people than he had ever cared about. Within a few months he had met more people who loved him honestly than he had known in more than ten years. He had found himself wanting his family... wanting Mo.

Mo was like him, they were made of the same wounds, but unlike him, Mo didn´t hide them. Mo was not ashamed of his pain or his past, he was happy in his new life and didn´t tried to disguise when the memories of the past hurted so much that he couldn´t convince them to disappear. Someone like him deserved that new life. Wei Wuxian and Lan Zhan were proud of him, Shizui and the rest of his group were interested in Mo's tastes, the boy had gone from being nobody to having a huge and wonderful family. Like Xue Yang

And maybe that's why they had taken refuge in each other. Because sometimes it was too much, sometimes it was so much that it looked like a lie or an act and they needed to remind themselves that it was real, that it wasn't a dream they were going to wake up from to be alone again. Xue Yang wasn't loving or caring, he was cold and bite before he spoke, he didn't know how Mo had crossed that barrier. He had partners before, or something. But he had never felt that way, he didn't understand why he felt he was going to burn every time Mo hugged him, why he was about to melt when Mo kissed him despite all the drinks and cigarettes they had shared. He could hear A-Qing laughing. You're in love

Xue Yang pull Mo's hair off his face carefully, playing with his curls between his fingers, observing the shadows that Mo´s eyelashes projected on his skin and how he still had traces of makeup on his face. He knew he was smiling as he stuck more to him, hiding his face in Mo´s sweatshirt. Maybe, and only maybe A-Qing was right

Maybe, little by little, it was time to leave that Xue Yang in one memory and enjoy that new life