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These things I've never known

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It was a lazy Saturday morning with the man she loved. And he was truly just that, now. Just a man, just human. Sometimes Ji-ah missed his powers, missed the way his eyes glowed golden, and worried about how vulnerable he was. No longer a god. Just her love.

She had woken to an empty bed and the smell of freshly cooked rice, soft morning light streaming in through the curtains. Lee Yeon soon brought her breakfast to eat in bed, smiling bright. Then they cuddled, propped up on lots of pillows while drinking their warm tea. When her cup was empty, she pulled away from Yeon to set it down on the bedside table. She stretched her arms over her head with a groan and flopped back down on her back, sighing. She knew she should get up, go for a run, shower, and look at her weekend to do list, but she didn't want to leave the warmth of their bed. Yeon chuckled and she looked up to see him watching her, eyes twinkling in the sunlight. Her breath caught and she turned away, cheeks warming.

They'd been living together for a few weeks now, sharing space, sleeping in a bed together. But they hadn't gone beyond cuddling and sweet kisses that sometimes turned hard and wanting.

She heard Yeon set down his mug and lay down beside her. Strong arms wrapped around her waist and he pulled her close, his chest warm along her back. Her heart was beating fast and she pressed back against him, revelling in the closeness. He made a low humming noise in her ear and she shivered. She turned onto her back to look up at him and he pressed a little kiss to her forehead, then grinned down at her. She felt warm all over.

And then she was pulling him down on top of her and pressing her lips to his. He made a small sound of surprise that sent a thrill down her spine. His weight pressed her down into the mattress as she ran her hand along his shoulders, feeling the shape of him through the thin fabric of his t-shirt. He had a hand carding gently through her hair as he deepened the kiss, tongue pressing in against hers. She couldn't help the little noise she made in response, a whimper that immediately made her feel embarrassed.

She broke the kiss and pressed her face into his shoulder, inhaling his scent, trying to calm herself. But then he was mouthing along her neck, warm and wet and she wrapped her legs around his waist, feeling like she was going to float away, trying not to moan and failing. She pressed her hips up against his and bunched the fabric of his shirt in her hands. He tensed and made a low noise in her ear that sent a dizzying shock through her. She realized blearily that they were both panting and pulled his face toward hers to kiss him, more roughly this time.

Suddenly it wasn't enough. They had gone this far before but had always slowed down when things started getting too intense. But right now she wanted to make him keep moaning like that. She wanted his skin against hers. She wanted…

He pulled back a little, eyes glittering and dark as he looked at her. Her body thrummed honey-slow in his arms, a warm question between them. She cleared her throat, gathering her courage

"I want you," she whispered. Her cheeks were surely burning so hard they might actually ignite.

She watched several emotions play over his face as he struggled to speak. Surprise, joy, nerves, desire. She wanted to take in all of it, all of him.

"Are you sure?" His deep voice sent a spike of lust through her stomach and she gripped his arms to hold herself steady.

"Yes. We've waited long enough for each other don't you think?"

He smiled then but there was some sadness in it. She didn't want him to be sad. Not now. This was a moment for happiness.

She cupped his face in her hands, thumbs moving soothingly along his cheekbones. "I'm here," she said.

"I know. I love you."

And then they were kissing again, and this time there was no holding back. She pulled on his shirt, and found herself annoyed that he was still wearing it. He sat up suddenly, on his knees between her legs, smirking (smirking!) as he pulled his shirt off over his head.

She blinked rapidly, trying not to outright ogle him -- she was too shy for that. But he reached for her hands and guided them up his chest, still smiling down at her, like he knew exactly what she was thinking. She rested her palm over his heart, felt it beating quick and steady. And then her eyes traveled down, down over his smooth torso and to the waistband of his sweatpants. Her stomach swooped when she saw what she thought she had felt earlier, when they were pressed together. His interest was obvious and...was her mouth actually watering?

He raised an eyebrow as she scooted back and sat up, throwing her arms around his broad shoulders and kissing him again. Then she shoved him on his back -- he let out a startled "wha-" before she was on him, pressing him down and kissing him harder than before. She was breathing hard, sweating, so she sat up and pulled her own shirt off like he had done a moment before.

It was his turn to gasp and be flustered. She could tell he was desperately trying to keep his eyes on her face, which she was grateful for because she suddenly felt way too vulnerable. She quickly leaned down again, this time kissing his neck as their chests pressed together, skin to skin. It felt...really good.

He was making those low little humming noises that she loved, but she wanted to hear more. His hands smoothed over her bare back, warm and gentle as she kissed her way down his chest, his stomach. Her hands gripped his waist and she paused to look up at him, unsure.

He pulled her back up to him. Slowly kissed her cheek, her nose, her eyelids. She was drifting.

"What do you want?" His voice was barely above a whisper, but it brought her back to earth.

"...I want you. I want to...make you feel good." Her hand drifted shyly down between his legs, where he was hard for her, all for her. She cupped him gently, exploring. His eyes glazed over and he gave the loveliest moan, tipping forward to press his face into her shoulder. A thrill went through her, encouraging. She pressed a little harder, stroking slightly through the fabric of his sweatpants.

He gripped her arms tightly and gasped out a "D-don't--" which made her pause. He grunted in frustration, pulling back to squint down at her.

"I meant don't tease me," he said, voice strangled. She laughed and shoved him down onto his back, her confidence growing as he went pliantly for her.

"I won't tease you," she said, reaching to finally pull his pants and underwear down. He lifted his hips and reached down to help undress himself. She swallowed when he was naked underneath her, couldn't help staring. She knew what she wanted to do next, but this was still new for her.

She made the mistake of looking up to lock eyes with Yeon again. He was propped up on his elbows, watching her, smiling again. But she could see he was nervous too. She blushed again and bent down to hide her face, kissing under his navel and smoothing her hands down his thighs. His skin jumped beneath her touch and he gasped when she finally got the courage to take him in hand and press her mouth against the tip of his cock, testing. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth, slipping him in a little. He was so warm and she found she liked the taste of him when she pressed her tongue experimentally against his tip. He groaned loud and sudden, like he couldn't control it.

She pulled back slightly to look up at him. He was still up on his elbows, watching her. She liked that. His chest was heaving and his red hair was wet with sweat, curling against his skin. He bit his bottom lip, cute little bunny teeth poking out. His brows were furrowed as he met her gaze.

Lee Yeon was so beautiful.

She must have stared at him too long, trying to commit him to memory, because he broke into a smile and said, "I thought you said you wouldn't tease me?"

She laughed, embarrassed again. "I don't actually know what I'm doing," she admitted.

"You're doing great. I promise to tell you if I need anything." His smirk was back, teasing her now.

She hummed thoughtfully before tightening her grip on him and stroking slowly upwards, watching his reaction. The smirk quickly disappeared and his mouth dropped open. She circled a thumb over the head and he shut his eyes tight, letting out a heavy breath. Fascinating. She quickly leaned back down, taking him in her mouth again. She heard him groan and glanced up to see he had collapsed back onto the bed, no longer able to hold himself up.

Pleasure strummed through her as she went to work, using her hands and mouth to coax sweet moans out of him. She paid attention to how each movement made him jerk and whine. She felt so powerful and so turned on, making a former mountain god whimper and writhe beneath her touch. Her jaw ached a little as she smiled around him, looking up to watch how his face twisted. He was so cute and desperate, his hands gripping the sheets tightly.

She increased her speed and pressure. His moans got louder, his hands suddenly twisting in her hair as he chanted her name over and over. She moaned around him and his hips jerked up, choking her a little. She pulled her mouth off him, coughing. He dropped his hands back to the bed.

"S-sorry, sorry, I didn't mean--" He started to apologize weakly, but she just shushed him and sped up her hands, wanting to finish him off.

"Ah ah...Ji-ah! Yes, Ji-ah!" Yeon tensed up and she knew he must be close. She leaned down to suck hard on the tip of his cock again and he moaned, long and deep. She pulled back just in time to watch him come all over his stomach and her hands, his body jerking as he panted out hot little groans.

She was breathless, dizzy with triumph and excitement as she watched him come down from his high. Satisfaction washed over her. She had done that to him, made him fall apart so thoroughly, made him say her name like a prayer as he climaxed. It felt amazing. But she wanted more.

She slipped off the bed, going to the bathroom to wash her hands and grab some towels to clean him up. She returned to the bedroom to see him lying where she'd left him, relaxed and breathing deeply. He seemed to be asleep. She took the opportunity to look at him, admiring how soft and strong he looked in the morning sunlight, skin dark against the white sheets.

"Like what you see?"

Ji-ah startled and nearly flung the towels in his face when he spoke suddenly. His eyes were still closed, but a smile played on his lips. He had caught her staring at his naked body and she wanted to sink into the floor

Instead she huffed and mumbled something unintelligible as she moved to clean him up. He jerked a little at the touch of the wet towel and then opened his eyes and leaned up to watch her, expression soft. Her cheeks burned again. She hadn't known it was possible to blush this much.

She dried him off and turned away, tossed the towels toward the corner where the hamper sat. Then Yeon was grabbing her around the waist, pulling her in for a sweet kiss. She clutched his shoulders and moaned into his mouth, still incredibly turned on. He pulled back and smiled up at her, brushed the hair from her eyes.

"You want your turn now?" He asked, and her breath caught in her throat.

Ji-ah nodded and let him pull her down to the bed again, let him cover her body with his own.

They had waited long enough.