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again and again (and again)

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Katsuki watches as Izuku flits across the room, half-dressed and way too excited. He stuffs himself inside one of the deeper drawers of the dresser, pulling out their hidden toys, and is all the way across the room in the next blink, grabbing their bolt cutters (in case of emergency).

Katsuki settles back against the headboard, unsure of what to do with himself in the moment. It wasn't as if he was nervous, just… stuck between waiting and doing. He crosses and uncrosses his arms, watching as Izuku tucks his hair back with a headband.

"What about your gloves?" Katsuki mumbles, gesturing to where the compression gloves where they sit on the nightstand.

"Don't want them to get dirty. I'll put them on before we sleep." Izuku passes by the bed just to press a kiss to Katsuki's temple and set the toys on the bed.

Lube, a cock ring, a vibe (and a vibrating egg), cushioned handcuffs…

"Nipple clamps? Really?" Katsuki picks them up with two fingers, as if they disgust him.

Izuku only grins and nods.

"Whatever, weirdo."

Katsuki stamps down the flare of desire that builds up beneath his skin, and tugs off his shirt.

Like this, he's left with his briefs— the snug ones that hug his ass, as requested by Deku for the day— and his socks.

Izuku lets him settle, heading back across the room to turn down the lights. This gives Katsuki enough time to palm at his growing erection, which throbs in time with his pulse. He's so turned on he hardly knows what to do.

Katsuki knows it's time to start when Izuku comes back, expression carefully dropped to something more neutral. His shoulders are set back, spine straightened, and he looks so much taller than he usually does.

He makes the bed dip as he climbs atop it, tugging Katsuki close with a warm palm across his back.

They kiss, once, just a gentle brush of lip against lip. Then, Katsuki is ushered onto his back and made to lay still.

"Ready, baby?" Izuku asks, hardly waiting for the answer as he reaches for the cuffs. They're thick leather, meant to keep Katsuki still and his wrists steady when he tugs on them.

The cold of the leather soaks into Katsuki's skin as he's strapped in against the headboard, both covered wrists crossing as he's then fastened to the hook that Izuku had installed himself.

It's firmly screwed into the solid wooden headboard and was something his big head knocked into when he woke up in a rush in the mornings. It always made Katsuki laugh.

Now, it just makes him hot all over as he tests his restraints. No matter how much he pulled, he wouldn't be able to free himself until Izuku was done with him.

(He'd tried once, just to test. Almost popped his damn shoulder out of place, and the thing hadn't budged.)

As Katsuki is distracted with the restraints, Izuku busies himself with admiring Katsuki's body. It's still as strong and lithe as ever, and his muscles are beautiful, straining with his arms forced over his head like that.

His chest is pushed up, even, asking to be touched and suckled on until hickeys line his skin. His nipples are hardened, and it sends a shiver across Katsuki's entire frame when Izuku thumbs across one of them. Ever so responsive.

And he wonders why Izuku's favorite thing to put on him were the nipple clamps. Pfft.

His skin has a pretty blush to it, pink even in the dark light, and Izuku rubs his hand across Katsuki's abdomen. It flexes at the touch, tightening further, until the warmth soaks in and makes Katsuki relax.

"Ready?" Izuku asks again, voice deep and soothing.

Katsuki nods, eager by the way he stares at Izuku, eyes half-lidded. Izuku presses a kiss between his eyebrows, until Katsuki scrunches them up with a grunt, and pulls away with a laugh.

Then, he settles himself between Katsuki's legs. They hook across his hips, kept spread open, and Izuku takes his time as he picks through the selection of toys.

He grabs for the lube first, of course, and the clamps.

Izuku presses the cold metal against Katsuki's bare skin, drawing abstract patterns across his body until Katsuki tries to pull away from the sensation. They weren't tight, really, but Katsuki hated these clamps. They were slow to make him go numb— but still acted as a constant, tight presence on his chest. It made it hard to focus on any one sensation. Izuku loved seeing him with them on.

But Izuku doesn't let them bite into his nipples yet, instead waiting until the metal has warmed from Katsuki's body heat. He lets them sit on his chest, then, as a reminder, and then hooks his fingers across Katsuki's dipped waist.

His hands have gotten so large over the years that, even though Katsuki has gotten wider and stronger and bigger over the years, they still nearly wrap all the way around his waist.

Katsuki's toes curl in his socks and he bears his thighs down on Izuku's frame, still comfortably settled between them.

Izuku acknowledges what he's doing to Katsuki, basically eye to eye with his husband's erection, with a teasing hum.

He digs his thumb into the tight fabric settled across Katsuki's cockhead and watches as his precum soaks through, darkening the already black briefs.

Katsuki full on jumps when Izuku presses his tongue to it next, suckling the taste through the fibers. His breath catches when Izuku opens his mouth wider, nipping at the length from the outside of the underwear.

"You're so eager, Kacchan. Do you want me to suck you off already?" Izuku pulls down the briefs, just a bit, to lick a clear line through the sweat that has gathered on Katsuki's pelvis.

Katsuki doesn't respond, though he does roll his hips towards the stimulation.

"Or, do you want me to go right to the toys? You know I like to tease you." Izuku climbs up Katsuki's body, shadowing him with his large frame, and looks him right in the eye. "You're always so responsive, I can't help it. Can I tease you more, Kacchan?"

Katsuki strains against the cuffs, until it digs painfully into his palms as he tries to squeeze them through the too-tight opening.

"Do whatever the fuck you want, Deku," he grinds out, when that obviously doesn't work. He's flustered, already, and he knows that spells trouble. "Fucking… hurry up."

Izuku laughs, eyes squeezing shut like they do when he's really tickled.

"Silly Kacchan. Where's the fun in rushing?" Nevertheless, Izuku dips his fingers below the waistband and lets them brush across Katsuki's erection.

He circles the length of it, stroking upwards twice to spread the precum all across. Katsuki's dick is as hard as it can be, dripping with need, and Izuku licks away some of it absently as he settles back on his knees.

He moans at the taste, which only flusters Katsuki more.

"Hurry up."

Izuku does not hurry up. He continues to spread Katsuki's pre all across the length until he's completely lubricated, and then licks it all away. He swallows the taste, keeping Katsuki still with a heavy palm to his hip.

Then, he swallows Katsuki's cock down with no warning.

It drags a whine out of his lungs, especially when Izuku lathes his tongue along the underside of it before he pulls back up, and Katsuki doesn't get a chance to recover when he does it again, going all the way down to the base.

Izuku chokes a bit, overeager, but that just makes more pleasure bloom across Katsuki's nerve-endings.

Katsuki can't thrust up into the heat with the tight hold Deku has on him, so he's forced to abide by the snail's pace Izuku takes up. He swallows him down, tongue mapping out every inch of his flesh, and sucks all of the wet away on his way back up.

Angled as he is, Izuku's throat is impossibly tight, and Katsuki's head knocks against the headboard when he lets it fall back.

But then Izuku is pulling away, leaving Katsuki's dick weeping against his stomach as he sits all the way up to card through their toys again.

Before Katsuki has calmed down, cold lube is spilled down the length of his cock, and massaged against the base. Then, the cock ring slides down, down, down, hooked behind his balls before it's tightened and locked in place.

Like this, his cock strains upwards towards the ceiling, swollen with blood and desire and— fuck.

"You're such a shithead," Katsuki whines, thrusting up at nothing. He can't even hump and get the slight stimulation from rubbing the head against his own stomach, dammit.

"Don't worry, Kacchan. I'll make sure you get to cum a lot." Izuku pulls Katsuki's underwear all the way down and licks at the wet spot still soaked into them. Gross ass.

He tosses them over his shoulder, and doesn't bother taking off his own pants. He's shirtless, but he still had on sweatpants that clung low to his hips. They were Katsuki's, actually, which is why they hugged so tightly against his thighs, and why they looked more like highwaters clinging to his shins.

Katsuki loved it, but he doesn't say as much.

Izuku begins to kiss him, first on the lips before trailing the smooches all across Katsuki's body. He suckles the tender skin behind Katsuki's ear, and then licks a line down his neck until he can do the same to his collarbone.

His teeth bite into the swell of his shoulder, just to leave little red marks, and then— he captures Katsuki's nipples between two fingers on each hand and fondles them. They're still hard and pebbled, and Izuku takes his time admiring the flushed pink skin.

He licks and nips at them, until they get impossibly harder, and then lets the cooled metal of the nipple clamps bite into the swollen buds.

Katsuki cries out at the sudden, sharp sensation. "Fuck."

"Oops," Izuku teases, rubbing his full tongue across the other one and blowing a cool gust of his breath across it. Then, the next clamp presses down into it, connected to the other by a heavy chain.

Like before, it's cold against his skin. It's also heavy for its size, and when the chain dips to one side of his body, Katsuki's nipples get tugged along with it.

He gasps, nearly arching off the bed until Izuku eases him back down with his full hand against his belly.

Izuku doesn't give him much time to rest, again, and begins to stroke Katsuki's dick up and down. His palm is slick, probably with lube that he missed Izuku spreading between his fingers, and soon Katsuki is fucking into the grip.

Izuku knows just how to jerk him off, to get him right to the edge in a matter of moments. He keeps him there, slowing down and barely moving as Katsuki continues to thrust into his grip. His fingers loosen, until they're barely around him, and Katsuki bites his lips to keep from begging for more.

"Shit," He gasps instead, "Shit, shit— fuck—"

"We should start a swear jar," Izuku mumbles to himself. Katsuki glares at him, kicking out, but Izuku smoothly catches him by the ankle and hooks his leg back around his waist.

"We still have two more toys, Kacchan. I don't want you to get tired out already." Izuku says, even as he tightens his grip around his dick again.

He jerks him off with quick, twisting motions, and soon Katsuki is trying to pull away from the sudden onslaught of stimulation as the words catch up with him.

Knowing Izuku, it was his plan all along to have Katsuki desperate for it, to fuck himself to orgasm quickly and have to ride out wave after wave of pleasure afterwards as Izuku fucked him.

(Which, yes. That's exactly what Izuku wanted.)

Katsuki can't pull away though, trussed as he is, and he grunts and shakes his head, "W-wait, Deku— slow down."

"I thought you wanted to cum, Kacchan." Izuku says, innocently. He looks anything but, with the way he's biting his lower lip as he watches every minute twitch that rocks through Katsuki's frame.

Even though the cock ring squeezes him tight, Katsuki knows that he'll still cum hard. All it'll do is keep is erection hard, straining, and— oh, fuck.

He digs his heels into the bed as Izuku sucks the head of his cock back into his mouth, moaning directly against the sensitive skin. It vibrates all the way through the length of his cock, and Katsuki's eyes roll back into his head as he can't help thrusting up into it again.

The clamps get tugged, pulling hard on his nipples, and Katsuki cries out again. He can feel Izuku laugh, feels it go straight through his balls as they tighten, and he curls his hands into tight fists as he strains against the cuffs again.

Izuku plays him like an instrument, sucking and slurping loud like a little slut— just how Katsuki likes. One hand periodically tugs at the nipple clamps, just to remind him of their weight (as if he could forget, they're so heavy and they keep getting hotter the more they soak up Katsuki's body heat), and the other…

The other hand inches towards his ass, still a bit slick with lube and Katsuki's precum. The tips prod against his hole, easy to access with the way his legs are spread. The thumb goes in easy, pressing against the tight sphincter only once or twice before it gives way for Izuku to play with him as he pleases.

He does nothing more than feel along the rim, testing the waters. Katsuki can't focus on any one feeling, especially not when Izuku pulls off with a loud slurp and moans out, "You taste so good Kacchan— so sweet. I'll make sure you cum a lot, okay?"

It's a threat and a promise, and Katsuki curses loud into the skin of his arm as he hides his face against it, unable to hide anywhere else.

He cums when Izuku sucks his cock in deep, choking again. His throat convulses sinfully tight around his length, and his eyelashes clump with tears as he swallows down.

Katsuki tenses all over, bearing down on the finger up his ass and hissing at the feel of the squeezing, pinching clamps, the velvet heat around his dick; he cums so hard he gets lightheaded.

Izuku swallows down every spurt of cum without hesitation, nearly purring at the taste that coats his tongue.

He hardly gets a moment to catch his breath as Izuku sits up, grabbing for the silicone vibe. It's a realistic shape, veiny but colored unnaturally bubblegum pink. Izuku spreads the leftover lube from his hand across it, and squirts more out on the tip.

"You can keep going, right?" Izuku asks, crawling to Katsuki's side. He hooks one of Katsuki's legs up, to spread him wide, and lets the vibe do nothing more than rest at his asshole. "You're doing so well but I wanna make you cum one more time, Kacchan. You look so pretty when you cum for me."

Katsuki flushes at the praise and the feel of the thick, plastic toy. It wasn't the thickest one they owned, wasn't thicker than Deku, but it was long and it always left him wheezing when he took the entire length of it.

He had a feeling Izuku wouldn't be satisfied until the entire thing was inside of him, all the way down to the fake, round ballsack that sat at the base.

When Katsuki doesn't complain, hips still rocking in the aftershocks of his orgasm, Izuku presses a gentle kiss to his cheek.

Then, he presses the thick tip past Katsuki's rim. It catches a bit, around the jutting cockhead, and then goes in smoothly even as Katsuki bears down on the cold lube and cold synthetic dick.

Izuku doesn't press in all at once, only about a fourth of the way, but distracts Katsuki easily with another kiss.

"Do you think you can ride it for me from this position? Or do you want me to fuck you with it?" Izuku is talking mostly to himself, burying his face against Katsuki's chest. He tongues at once of Katsuki's nipples again, which just feels weird (but good) with the clamp biting into the swollen skin.

"I'm so jealous of it," Izuku admits, biting his lip again. "I wanna fuck Kacchan, too."

He says this as if he's not the one who chose the toys, but Katsuki just spreads his legs wider and, when Izuku shifts to catch the toy before it falls and loses half its lube on the bed, falls back on it.

It goes in deep, but not as deep as it could. Fuck it's big. His hole strains a bit, under-prepped beyond the few minutes Katsuki had taken earlier, before their session. Katsuki shifts, hooking one of his legs underneath himself to help press it all the way in.

Only when he can feel the fake sac press against his ass, and Izuku has shot up in surprise, does Katsuki grin at him.

"Told you to hurry the fuck up." He says, smug if not a bit shaky. The toy is curved, and it's just a few centimeters above his prostate. Feeling it pass by with that single motion left him quivering. His cock drips a line of precum down the length, still jutting towards the sky.

Izuku's face darkens a bit, and by the way he pouts it's because he's actually jealous.

Before Katsuki can retort, Izuku is back between his legs.

He hooks them over his shoulders, though he doesn't lay flat on the bed. Like this, Katsuki is near upended. Izuku lets one of his thighs drop open, keeping it steady by hooking it over one of his own.

He says nothing more, no more teasing, but his eyes are still dark with his lust as he presses the thick of his palm against the bottom of the toy. It goes in just a few millimeters more, until Katsuki can feel a twinge of pain deep inside as the position makes his hole squeeze around the thing.

Izuku twists the toy, counterclockwise and clockwise, and the thick veins prod against all the good spots inside. It's like electricity dances across his nerve-endings, and Katsuki muffles his yell against his arm again.

"Idiot you, god if you do that, I'll—"

"Cum again for me Kacchan. You wanted it all, so take it for me."

Izuku pulls it out a few inches, the noise lewd in the quiet, and fucks him deep and hard. Even when Katsuki starts crying out with every deep thrust, he doesn't pause in the rough fucking with the fake cock.

Katsuki bears down on it again, scrambling for purchase on their bedsheets.

Izuku shifts, letting Katsuki's upper half lay flat against the bed again. He crawls his fingers up Katsuki's body and stuffs them in his mouth, to muffle his noises.

"Shh, Kacchan. You can't take a little toy for me?"

Little his ass. Katsuki bites on Izuku's knuckles, but that just makes Izuku press his fingers in deeper until Katsuki's jaw aches.

He chokes on them, much like Izuku choked on his dick earlier, and he can't muffle his breathy moans anymore as Izuku resumes that rough pace with the toy.

Katsuki forgets, for a minute, that it's a vibe.

Then, it comes alive inside him. It rumbles deep in his guts, until his hips are shaking along with the vibrations as Izuku turns it all the way up.

Katuski can't arch away from the overwhelming burst of pleasure, coughing around the thick of Izuku's two fingers. They tickle at the back of his throat, and go deeper every time Katsuki swallows.

He can feel his tears soak into his hair as they cut upwards towards his scalp, especially when he tries to arch away from the onslaught again.

Izuku drinks in the pretty sight, pulling out his fingers for a few moments so Katsuki can catch his breath. He circles them around Katsuki's cock again, which makes him choke on nothing, and languidly strokes up and down even as he pistons the vibe in and out of his ass.

Katsuki shrieks as it grazes across his prostate in quick succession, before his moans catch in his throat and he can only squeeze his eyes shut as another orgasm rocks through his entire body.

His cum shoots as high as his chest before it trails across his belly, and Izuku slowly turns off the vibe.

He keeps his hand firmly fisted against the base of Katsuki's cock, which is ruby red all over and still hard from the cock ring. Maybe next time they could try a vibrating cock ring, instead?

The vibe is thrown onto the towel Izuku had laid on the floor beforehand, for easy cleanup, and prods at Katsuki's entrance with his spit-wet fingers.

It's soft and fucked open, parting even easier than it did earlier. Izuku almost leans down, to taste, but stops himself as Katsuki's breathing stutters with a cough.

"That was so good, Kacchan." Izuku knows he must be blushing as much as Katsuki is, though the latter is trembling like a leaf. "You're so open."

As if to prove it, Izuku slots two of his fingers inside and curls them, until they graze the spot inside Katsuki that he knows feels the best.

In his other hand, he fiddles with the love egg.

Katsuki's moan is hoarse and weary, and Izuku kisses away more of the tears that spill. "You can cum again, right?"

"No," Katsuki pleads, eyes glassy. His neck can barely hold up his head, but his eyes are focused on Izuku's hand between his legs. "Deku, I can't."

Izuku hums, thrusting his fingers in tandem. Only when Katsuki's legs tremble does he stop, only to press the egg in fully, as deep as he can reach. The excess lube squelches loudly as it spills out of Katsuki's hole, but it's quieter than Katsuki's stream of curses that sound after.

Izuku sits up to straddle Katsuki's chest. He keeps most of his weight on his knees, so he doesn't crush him, and shoves the sweatpants down a few inches to reveal his bare cock, almost as hard as Katsuki's is, still swollen with all the blood caught in it.

Almost automatically, Katsuki's mouth drops open. His tongue darts out to lap at the tip, chest expanding as he inhales the heady scent of Izuku's arousal.

"How about you make me cum, then." Izuku murmurs, soft in the way he wipes away more of the tears that drip past Katsuki's eyelashes with his thumb.

He's less gentle in the way he presses past Katsuki's lips, hooking that same thumb against the sharp jut of Katsuki's teeth, holding his jaw open. He fucks in, patting around the bed for the remote to the new toy.

As Katsuki chokes on the thick length, pulling himself up the headboard by his bound wrists, Izuku flicks the egg on to its second-lowest setting.

He can tell Katsuki feels it by the way his eyes roll, fluttering shut and then open as his airway gets cut off when Izuku presses in deeper.

Izuku shuffles him even closer to the headboard, until Katsuki is flush to it and his arms are no longer straining above his head.

Like this, Izuku is able to fully fuck his face. He presses in deep, past Katsuki's tongue and gag reflex, and holds it there. His gentle touch goes stern as Katsuki rolls his body up, trying to breathe, but he pulls back an inch.

He holds Katsuki still by that grip, fingers tangling in the roots of his hair to keep him steady, and he starts a slow, rough pace as he fucks into the tight grip of his throat.

He finds the perfect angle for his cockhead to pop in and out of his throat, prompting Katsuki to gag every so often, but Katsuki does nothing more than look up at him through his tear-clumped eyelashes and ball his hands into fists.

Izuku turns up the vibe, and Katsuki wails against his dick. It makes Izuku keel over, both hands coming to rest in his crown of hair. The moans get muffled as Izuku presses in again, fucking his face harder.

"Almost, baby. Cum for me one more time, okay?" Izuku growls out, letting the remote drop onto the bed. "It feels so good, doesn't it? You're so good for me, Kacchan— fuuuck, your throat is so tight."

Katsuki writhes against the bed, trying to grind down or pull away from the buzzing in his insides again, but the egg is snugly trapped inside.

It's just barely against his prostate, teasing him mercifully, painfully. And his throat is sore with Izuku's dick prying it open, fucked in deep, and his nipples are even more sore, tender and aching.

Katsuki blanks as he cums, mouth staying open by pure reflex when Izuku presses in balls deep.

Waves of painful pleasure course through him, even worse— even better than the last time. He can't breathe but it just makes him lightheaded, swept away by the overwhelming climax.

When he comes to, Izuku is carding through his hair and he can blessedly breathe.

He sucks in greedily through his teeth, choking on the spit churned up by Izuku's dick battering his mouth, and the pre that sits heavy on his tongue.

It's startling to realize that he doesn't taste Izuku's cum on his tongue, too. He has to blink a few times to clear his vision, though it soon blurs with more tears as the cock ring is slowly loosened from his cock.

His cock is soft and limp as Izuku lets it rest in the curve of his thigh, and— Deku's is not.

It's shiny with Katsuki's spit and so hard that he can see it throb as Izuku strokes it once or twice.

"Fuck, I can't— I can't, Deku."

"You can." Izuku presses his cock against Katsuki's hole, fluttering and twitching after being held open and fucked for so long by the vibe— forced softer by the egg that still rumbles his insides. He's almost numb, but Katsuki can still feel the stark heat of Izuku's cock as it presses against him.

He might go crazy.

Katsuki tenses as Izuku presses in with one smooth motion, stretching him out further. His mouth opens, but Katsuki is silent as his nerves light on fire all over again. It's hot and he's stretching so wide and he's gonna break, fuck he's gonna break.

"I-Izuku," Katsuki gasps, entire body trembling as Deku bottoms out. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

"Katsuki," Izuku moans back, holding his thighs open. "You can cum one more time, right?"

Katsuki nearly sobs. "No— fuck, no I can't."

His cock is completely soft, but it still feels so good that it hurts right in the pit of his stomach. "Please, I— please—"

"I've got you," Izuku promises.

Then he starts to fuck him.

Katsuki's hands are still cuffed, leather biting into his skin, and his nipples are still clamped. He focuses on them to keep from going literally insane, though it helps little.

But Izuku doesn't let him focus on anything but him, leaning over to capture his lips with his own. He rolls his hips, easing his cock in and out at an angle.

His own hands tremble as he holds tight to Katsuki's hips, and that's the only thing that lets Katsuki know that he's just as affected by fucking Katsuki stupid.

It's so much better than the stupid toy, even if it doesn't reach as deep. His dick is thrumming with warmth, and the feel of him, hip pressing against the curve of Katsuki's ass, is so.



The egg is forced higher by Izuku's cock.

Katsuki gets lost in spiraling thoughts of 'what if it never comes out, what if I never stop cumming, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me' that he almost misses the way Izuku grunts out a garbled mess of his name and a moan.

He doesn't miss the hand that presses against his throat, circling once before it settles behind his neck and angles him up so they can kiss again. Their tongues rub and curl together, messy and dirty, and Katsuki's overstimulated, sore cock is trapped between their middles.

It's torturous the way their sweat makes it glide between them, and he pulls away with a pained keen. "Izuku!"

He must scream it, because Izuku is soon gathering him up, shushing him. "You're so good Kacchan, Katsuki. You feel so good— your ass is so hot, you're so fucking good for me. C'mon—"

He sucks a deep purple hickey against the skin of his shoulder. "Cum one more time, baby. You can do it for me. Cum just from my cock fucking you deep inside."

The egg catches at his prostate, just as soon as Izuku grabs for the remote and turns it up again.

Katsuki really does scream this time, a helpless squeal as his legs wrap around Izuku's middle and hold on for dear life. Izuku thrusts in hard and fast, sharp thrusts that keep the egg pressed directly against his tortured prostate.

He doesn't even beg in words as he orgasms again, completely dry. His cock twitches as if it were spurting cum but not a drop spills out. His gut still tenses and rolls as his climax comes and goes.

He's fully sobbing as it finishes, hardly satisfactory after so many at once but leaving him hollow-boned and weak nonetheless.

Izuku only keeps up the pace for less than a minute more, and the entire time Katsuki is whimpering and garbling and crying, and he looks so pretty. Izuku cums inside, and the flood of extra heat makes Katsuki hiccup.

There's only a brief moment of pause, to bask and to let the aftershocks wash over them.

Katsuki's chest heaves as Izuku pulls out, slowly but not to torture. He's gentle as he shuts the egg off, and gentler as he urges feeling back to his nipples after he pulls the clamps off.

Izuku shushes him as he reaches his fingers inside, past the influx of cum stuffed deep in his hole. "Shh, I've got you baby. I'm just getting the toy. You were so beautiful, Katsuki."

He tugs it out by the safety loop at the end, and Katsuki hardly feels it. He can't stop crying but he feels like he's floating. It's so good.

Izuku kisses him softly, against the eyelids, and gathers him again to kiss away some of the tears, too.

"You did so amazing," He reiterates, even as Katsuki regards him, blissfully blank.

Izuku lets him drift, then, instead focusing on the clean up. He holds Katsuki up with one arm as he removes the cuffs with the other, and his arms limply drop to the bed as soon as they're free. They're lightly bruised, but nothing too bad.

Izuku kisses the bruises anyway, and rubs them until Katsuki responds by grabbing for him and squeezing their palms together.

He's still out of it by the time Izuku settles against the bed, kicking the dirty toys and the bottle of lube to the towel on the floor. He just mumbles sweet nonsense as Izuku hugs him close, spooning him from behind.

Izuku hides his smile against Katsuki's neck, kissing there too.

Maybe next time they could try bondage and a massage wand? Katsuki would look good wrapped in red ropes.