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You wanna kiss me SO bad

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“So now that we’ve discussed the difference between potable water and nonpotable water, as well as, how buildings get water, what concerns do we have? Looking around the room, I see that a lot of you have reusable water bottles which is amazing but I also noticed some of you with plastic bottles water, why is that? Oftentimes, people buy bottled water because they don’t trust the water supply system or because they don’t like the taste of the water that comes from those supply systems. Consider these following factors for consumable water…”

Jungkook tunes out of the lecture again. 

It’s all Taehyung’s fault. 

If it weren’t for Taehyung’s stupid crush on Yoongi and him trying to impress Yoongi by taking this structural design and development class, as per Yoongi’s suggestion for fun and interesting electives, Jungkook would not be subjected to this torture for 3 hours each week. He doesn’t even have any interest in this field whatsoever, being a double major in music and business administration. But Taehyung promised that it was an easy course and that he’d show up to every single class with Jungkook which was another lie because Taehyung had not shown up to a single lecture after the first class; something about the class being way too early and him not being able to wake up in time to make it to class. 

Jungkook lets out a soft sigh, reaching for his phone to scroll through his social media until the lecture is over. 

He has a deep hatred for this professor. First of all, the class was essentially split into two groups for their online submissions of article summaries and weekly discussions. He noticed that in his group, everyone had an international sounding name while in the other group, it was essentially made up of all caucasian students. It wouldn’t be a problem if there was a pattern going on that justified the way the class was split, whether it be alphabetically by last name, alternating students, or splitting the class exactly in half, but there was no pattern and it couldn’t have been a coincidence that the class was split up that way. Next, the article summaries. The assignment instructions were so vague that Jungkook didn’t know what the fuck the professor wanted besides knowing that the professor expects “3rd year level submissions”, and he had gotten a 30% on the last submission for articles that weren’t even summarizable. And lastly, this is what angered Jungkook the most, he had sent the professor an email regarding the formatting of his assignment prior to submitting it because, again, the assignment requirements were extremely vague, and the professor replied saying that his format looked fine. Yet, when he got his mark back, he only got a 68% because the professor didn’t like the way he formatted his paper, or the changes he made to his original topic (suggestions that the professor recommended he makes in the last submission feedback). So yeah, fuck the prof. 

He’s contemplating skipping the next few lectures in favour of getting a couple hours of extra sleep when his ears perk up when his professor mentions that he’ll be away for the next few weeks to handle a family emergency overseas

“ - one of my grad students will be substituting for me. I want to assure everyone that my substitute is more than capable of teaching this material. He was one of the few students in the past 12 years of this course, who got 100% in the course. If you have any concerns or questions regarding the course material or the way he teaches the course, feel free to send me an email. I’m sure it won’t come to that though. He’s an excellent student and one of the most intellectual people I’ve had the pleasure of teaching. His name is Kim Seokjin and I expect every one of you to treat him with the same level of respect you give me. Now, class is dismissed. I’ll see you all in 5 weeks.”

Huh. Jungkook thinks to himself. Kim Seokjin. Just his name sounds pretentious.  

Maybe he will skip next week. After all, it’s not like he pays attention in class anyways and he didn’t pay the school expensive tuition to be taught by some underqualified graduate student who somehow managed to get a good grade in this one course. 

A week later, he finds himself sitting in the same lecture hall at the back of the room at 8:30am because his conscience made him feel too guilty about skipping class. Somehow, Taehyung actually managed to show up and is currently sitting beside him, dark sunglasses on to hide his tired eyes, scrolling through his phone while slowly drinking his trenta strawberry coconut drink from Starbucks. 

Jungkook picks up his own drink, a venti caramel macchiato with 2 extra shots of espresso, and sips it while glancing around the lecture hall. He’s never really paid attention to others but today he noticed that the lecture hall was less than half full.

Just as he’s about to ask Taehyung for the time because the professor still hasn’t shown up, in the corner of his eyes, he spots a real life Adonis walking through the doors. That was not even an exaggeration. The person who just walked through the door is the most gorgeous specimen he’s ever had the pleasure of laying his eyes on. 

The too-perfect man in question has ash blond hair, pretty brown eyes slightly covered by his pair of glasses, porcelain smooth skin, and the plumpest and pinkest lips that rivalled his other best friend, Jimin’s, lips. He was wearing a smooth white dress shirt tucked into a pair of tight dark wash blue jeans, along with a - whistle?- hanging around his neck. 

It seems he’s not the only one who’s absolutely enraptured by the unfamiliar beauty standing at the front of the room. The lecture hall that was previously filled with conversations is now silent as everyone faces the front of the room, wondering who the new person is. 

“Hey, what’s Seokjin doing here? Is he in the wrong class?”

Jungkook turns his head towards Taehyung so fast he nearly gets whiplash, when he registers what Taehyung just whispered to him. 

“Seokjin? Kim Seokjin ? As in, the grad student who’s going to be subbing for the prof?” 

“Yeah. Kim Seokjin. I didn’t know he was going to be teaching this class. What happened to the old white man with the monotone voice? And why didn’t he mention he was going to be teaching this class to me?” Taehyung asks curiously. 

“What do you mean mention it to you? How do you know him? He’s the substitute for this course for 5 weeks because our usual prof has to deal with some family emergency. You would know this if you actually bothered showing up to class or looking at the course announcements online.” Jungkook replies, unable to stop himself from adding in that little dig at the end. 

Taehyung rolls his eyes and opens his mouth to respond to Jungkook, but is interrupted by a loud voice coming from the front of the class. 

“Uh. Good morning everyone. Sorry I’m a little late, it’s been a while since I’ve had classes in this building so I got lost a couple of times.” He lets out a soft laugh. “As your professor probably mentioned to you last week, he’s out for the next few weeks to deal with a family emergency, so I’ll be filling in for him. My name is Kim Seokjin, but you can just call me Jin.”

“He’s so handsome oh my god. How are we expected to pay attention in class when he looks this fine?” A random student whispers loudly to her friend. Her voice echoes through the lecture hall and everyone laughs at her comment.

“Ah yes, I know I’m handsome, thank you.” Seokjin replies with a big smile on his face. “Anyways, I hope you don’t get too distracted by my handsome-ness and that I’ll be a worthy substitute for your prof. I’m a little rusty with this information but I will try my best to teach the content. Please don’t be shy to ask for clarification or ask questions if I’m going too fast or if you don’t understand a concept. I’ll gladly explain it again until you understand. The whole point of me teaching is to help you to grasp the concepts properly so I’ll do my best to ensure that. And while we’re at it, please treat me with respect and I’ll do the same with all of you. Let’s make this a fun class, okay?”

A collective “okay” from the students fills the room. 

“Great! That’s what I like to hear. Today’s lecture is all about electrical systems. To start, can anyone tell me what electrical engineers say when they get shocked?” 


“That hertz !” He lets out a loud laugh that sounds somewhat like the squeaking of windshield wipers. 

Jungkook notices that Seokjin’s ears get red when he’s a little embarrassed or when everyone is focused on him. He smiled to himself, feeling surprisingly endeared by a man he’s only met for 15 minutes.

“I’ll give you bonus marks if you laugh,” Jin blurts out when he’s met with silence.

Taehyung suddenly lets out a loud laugh, startling Jungkook and everyone in the class and drawing all the attention over to him. Jungkook just wants to crawl in a hole and die, especially when he sees Seokjin’s eyes looking in his direction. 

“Oh Taehyung! I could always count on you to laugh at my jokes. I’m kidding by the way. I can’t give out bonus marks to those of you who laugh at my jokes even though I wish I could, but laughing at my jokes would not only make me happy, it also burns calories so please laugh.”

This time, the whole class laughed, genuinely amused by Seokjin’s random health lecture.

After the little joke he made, Seokjin got serious and started teaching the class content, explaining every concept and theory clearly. He threw in little examples and jokes here and there that made the lecture so much more relatable and interesting. 

For the first time in this elective, Jungkook was actively paying attention and making notes, actually understanding what was happening. He was surprised to find that time passed by so quickly and when the lecture was over, he actually felt a little disappointed too because he was really enjoying the way Seokjin taught the material. 

“ I don’t have any formal office hours since I’m only a substitute and still a graduate student who has classes to attend and assignments to work on, but I’ll stay behind for a couple of minutes after class if anyone has any questions. You can also email me at kseokjin92@xxx.xx . I promise I’ll respond to your emails as fast as I can. Thanks for being so welcoming and attentive today! I hope you enjoy the rest of your day and I’ll see you all next week.”

With that, the lecture hall emptied out quickly, save for a few students who stayed behind to talk to Seokjin about the lecture. Jungkook was one of the few who stayed behind because Taehyung wanted to talk to Seokjin. 

When everyone else had finished talking to Seokjin, and it was just the three of them left in the room, Seokjin let out a big yawn, rubbing at his eyes, as he walked towards his desk to finally sit down and rest his legs for a bit. 

“God, I’m so tired. How do profs stand and teach for hours each week without feeling like their legs are going to fall off? I taught for an hour and 20 minutes, walking around the front of the room and I can barely feel my legs right now.”

“Jinnie, what are you doing, teaching this class? I didn’t even know you had taken this class before. Didn’t you major in theatre studies and minor in sustainability for your undergrad?” Taehyung asks. 

Jinnie…? Just how close were Taehyung and Seokjin, and how do they know each other? Jungkook wonders. 

“Yah! I didn’t know you were taking this course Taehyungie. Did you choose it as your elective? And yeah, I majored in theatre studies and minored in sustainability. This was a required course for my sustainability minor. I hated the professor though. He was picky about who he liked and made your life hell if he disliked you. I don’t even know why he likes me or how I got a 100% in the course to be honest. When he asked me to fill in for him during his absence, I was a little surprised. I was going to turn it down because I’m already so busy with my graduate studies but Yoongi convinced me to teach the class, playing to my ego, saying that there’s no one more qualified than me and that I’d be able to make the class a good experience for the current students unlike how my experience was an awful one. He was so insistent too, which is so unlike Yoongi. I wondered why he wanted me to take this opportunity so bad,” He pauses, sending Taehyung a wink, “but now I get it.”

Ah. So that’s how they know each other. Through Yoongi. 

Taehyung blushes, flustered, and changes the subject quickly, gesturing over to Jungkook who had been awkwardly standing beside Taehyung the whole time. 

“This is Jungkook. He’s a third year like Jiminie and I, double majoring in music and business.”

Looking over to Jungkook, Seokjin sends him a soft smile and reaches his hand out to give him a hand shake. 

“It’s nice to finally meet you Jungkook. Taehyung and Jimin talk about you all the time when they come over to Yoongi’s and my apartment. We were starting to think that you didn’t exist since we’ve never seen you before. And everytime we told Tae and Jimin to invite you over too, they would have some excuse ready about how you were too busy.”

“- because he always was busy! They weren’t excuses!”

Ignoring Taehyung, Seokjin lets his gaze look Jungkook over from top to bottom before meeting his eyes again. “It’s a shame they’ve kept you hidden for so long. From what I’ve heard about you, I think we’d be really good friends.” He says, his soft smile turned up into more of a smirk.

Hold. The. Fucking. Door. What is happening? Did Seokjin just check him out? Is he flirting with him? What does he mean by ‘really good friends’? Does he mean that in a best friends way or a ‘I think you’re cute and would like to bang you’ way?

Panicking, he reaches out to shake his hand and blurts out the first thing that comes to mind. 

“Ooooo, you wanna kiss me so bad.”

Both of Seokjin’s eyebrows shoot up and Taehyung has his mouth open in shock. 

Remember when he wanted to crawl in a hole and die earlier in class? Yeah, could that happen any time now please? He can’t believe he just said that. 

It’s quiet for another few seconds with Jungkook’s hand still holding Seokjin’s in their handshake, before he hears Taehyung laugh out loud, gasping for breath in between each laugh because of how hard he was laughing. 

“I - I mean. Wait. No. I just meant - Ah I don’t know. Please ignore what I just said. I don’t know what came over me. I meant to say, nice to meet you too, Seokjin. I’ve never even heard of you.”

Seokjin lets go of his hand, to cross his arms across his chest. The corner of his mouth is twitching to fight back a smile, “Oh?”

At this point, Jungkook swears he could see tears forming in Taehyung’s eyes, who still hasn’t stopped laughing at Jungkook. 

“Wait. That came out wrong! I just meant Taehyung and Jimin never brought you up before. I’ve only ever heard about Yoongi, Hoseok, and Namjoon.”

Jungkook was starting to sweat profusely, feeling extremely hot in the oversized black sweater he was wearing and his tight black jeans suddenly feeling like they were suffocating him. 

“Kook. Jiminie and I have mentioned Jin many times before.” Taehyung says, panting hard to catch his breath after laughing so hard. “We literally invited you over to his place 3 nights ago to hang out with all of us but you said you were too busy catching up on sleep so we left you to it.”

He… does not remember this. But also, how could Taehyung and Jimin not tell him how hot Seokjin was? If he knew Seokjin looked like this, he would’ve said yes every time they invited him out in hopes of meeting him. Those bitches. 

“Wow I’m hurt, Jungkookie.” Seokjin pouts exaggeratedly, “Trying to ignore my existence, huh?”

“No! I swear. I don’t remember them ever mentioning you. I promise I’m not avoiding you. How could I, when you look like, well, that?” 

Taehyung laughs again when he sees how shy and red Jungkook is, knowing he’s not usually like this. 

Giggling (Jungkook takes a moment from his gay panic to wonder if it’s possible to get the sound of someone’s giggle tattooed on him), Seokjin decides to finally take mercy on Jungkook. 

“I’m kidding Jungkook. You’re fine. I’d also choose sleep over hanging out with Taehyung and Jimin. They’re a lot.”


“Just come hang out with us next time okay? I’d love to get to know you more and I’m sure the rest of our friends will love you. And Jungkook? Please just call me Jin.” 

Jungkook quickly agrees and mumbles an “okay Jin, bye now” before making up some excuse that he has to walk his goldfish and rushes out of the lecture hall before he could embarrass himself further. 

As he leaves the lecture hall, his ears ring with the melodious sound of Seokjin’s sweet laughter. 


“- and so, Jungkook with his eyes wide and face redder than I’ve ever seen it be, goes “oooo you wanna kiss me so bad” to Jin! Next thing you know, I’m bent over in laughter, barely able to see through the tears in my eyes and Jin is just standing there in shock, not knowing how to respond. Both of them were staring at each other in silence until Jungkook, he - he tells him he’s never even heard of him before. You should’ve been there Jimin. It was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. I’m glad I managed to wake up in time to go to that class, otherwise I would’ve missed the whole thing. I might have to start forcing myself to wake up on time to go to these classes now. I wouldn’t want to miss our cute Jungkookie over here interacting with our precious Seokjinnie.” 

It was the day after Jungkook had made a complete fool of himself in front of the hottest guy ever. 

They were currently sitting in one of the booths of the Starbucks on campus, drinks on the table, as Taehyung was recalling all the details of what happened the day before to Jimin. The two of them were laughing loudly in the busy Starbucks, while Jungkook was tucked away in the corner of the booth, head resting on his arms on the table to hide his embarrassment. 

If he thought he had even a 1% chance with the senior, following the events of yesterday’s disaster, Seokjin probably didn’t even want anything to do with him anymore. 

He knows he’s being a little dramatic because the other did say he wanted to get to know Jungkook better and invited him to hang out with all of them, but he can’t help but feel like he’s messed everything up before he even got the chance to start anything. 


He feels someone shaking him gently and groans, finally lifting his head to meet the eyes of the other two. 

“So…,” Jimin starts with a teasing smile on his face, “what are your thoughts on Jin? He’s a nice guy right? And extremely handsome?”

“I hate the both of you. Why did you never tell me he was so hot? If I knew, maybe I could’ve been dating him by now.” He complains with a slight pout. 

Taehyung and Jimin glance at each other before they burst out in a fit of giggles. 

“What makes you think your first reaction would’ve been any different if we did tell you about him and brought you over to meet him for the first time? And what makes you think someone like Seokjin is still single? Or gay?”

Jimin chimes in. “And we did tell you about him before! Stop saying we never mentioned him. We talk about him all the time because both Taehyungie and I were into him at some point before I started dating Joon and Taehyung shifted his interests over to Yoongi instead. Jin is just so likeable, how could anyone meet him and not fall in love a little?”

“Woah. Since when were you and Namjoon official, and why didn’t I hear about it? Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever met this Namjoon before. Or any of your other friends, besides Yoongi because Tae sometimes likes to take detours on the way to our corporate finance class to ‘accidentally’ run into him.”

Up until today, Jungkook didn’t realize how much he had missed out on in his friend’s lives. Sure he met up with them often on campus and off campus to game, party, or go out to eat, but for the most part he kept to himself a lot. He preferred to stay in and sleep whenever he had free time in between classes or after them because he didn’t get much of it with him taking an overloaded semester so when he goes into his fourth year and has to take his capstone course, he could take a lighter course load to focus on that course. Maybe he should start going out more with his friends to socialize and work towards a healthier work-life balance. His professors sure do love to emphasize the importance of the concept in every single one of his business courses. 

“Namjoon and I just made it official last week. He asked me to be his boyfriend when we went to a cat cafe and shortly after I said yes, he somehow managed to trip over a cat and spent the next 10 minutes apologizing to the cat while petting it. I was really thinking of risking it all and telling him that I loved him then and there because the sight was just too cute, but I held myself back. Back to you though, Jungkookie. Don’t think you can change the subject so easily and avoid answering our questions.” 

Fuck, Jungkook thought he was smooth in trying to shift the focus away from him. 

“Well, I don’t know. Maybe if you told me what he looked like and what his personality was, I would’ve been more prepared rather than taken aback and blinded by his pretty kind eyes, pretty lips, and pretty everything! He has the prettiest giggle ever and have you guys ever noticed how his ears turn red when he’s embarrassed? And guys, I swear when he rolled up his sleeves I -”

He trails off when he realizes he’s been rambling, face turning a soft pink at the looks Jimin and Taehyung were giving him. 

“No, no, continue. We would absolutely love to hear your thoughts about Jin rolling his sleeves up.” Taehyung says with a huge, and slightly creepy to be honest, boxy grin on his face. 

“No thank you. I don’t want to expand further.”

“Jungkook, we’ve all been there. I remember when I first saw Seokjin in a tank top. His exposed clavicles and arms really are something else. Not to mention his famous sin jeans, as Tae and I have dubbed them. The rips were so big and high up on his thighs, I didn’t know how to act whenever he wore them.” Jimin sighs. “Those were the good, and hard if you know what I mean, days. Now he rarely ever wears tank tops or those sin jeans.”

“Mmmm those sin jeans. I would give anything to see him wear those again. I nearly passed out the first time I saw him in those jeans. Jimin had to pinch me to keep me from passing out every time I glanced down and saw the rips.” Taehyung adds dreamily. 

Jungkook felt a slight twinge of jealousy stir up inside of him from his friend’s words and couldn’t help but let it slip through his next words. 

“Don’t you both have a significant other now?” 

“Yeah but they’d understand. They’ve all been affected by the sin jeans at some point in their friendship.” 

Noticing the furrowed eyebrows and pout on Jungkook’s lips, Taehyung nudges Jimin to get him to stop teasing. 

“You’re making the baby angry.”

“Don’t worry Kook. We aren’t interested in him anymore. After getting to know him better, our personalities just matched more as friends. I think he prefers someone who’s more introverted like he is but can match his energy when he’s in a more playful mood. Actually… come to think of it, you two would be a great match.”

His heart flutters. So does this mean he still has a chance with Seokjin? He doesn’t want to get his hopes up but he hasn’t felt this attracted to someone in a very long time. It might be a little quick of him to fall for someone this quickly after having met them just the day prior, but that’s how Jungkook was. He tends to fall in love fast. 

“So he’s single? And gay?” Jungkook asks, hopeful. 

“Single, yes. Gay, no. He’s bi, so you still have a chance.” Jimin answers him. 

“Hey, we’re actually going over to his and Yoongi’s place this weekend for drinks and games with everyone if you want to join us this time?” Taehyung asks. 

Jungkook takes a look at his calendar on his phone quickly. He has a paper due Sunday night that he hasn’t started yet but apart from that, he was free from big assignments and tests this week. 

“Sure, why not?” 

Knowing that he’s going to meet the others is slightly terrifying and nerve-wracking but Jungkook is excited. He’s heard their names thrown around in conversation by Jimin and Taehyung but now he has the chance to put faces to their names. He’s also excited to see Seokjin again, hoping this time he doesn’t fuck it up and embarass himself once again. Operation ‘get seokjin to kiss him and date him’ starts now. 

Finishing the last of his hot chocolate, he asks, “Now, who wants to go shopping for a new outfit for me to wear this weekend? I’ll drive.”


Saturday approached faster than he thought it would and he was not prepared. 

Jungkook was currently walking back and forth around his room to calm his nerves. He was dressed in the outfit that Taehyung and Jimin helped him pick up at the mall a few days prior - a slightly oversized black tee tucked into a pair of baggy light wash blue jeans, topped off with a light plaid shirt in case it got cold later. He also accessorized with his favourite mismatched earrings, varying in sizes and shapes. 

He knew he looked good but he wanted to make a good first impression on everyone, and an even better second impression on Seokjin. 

Finally stopping with his pacing, he picks up his phone to check the time and sees two texts from Taehyung sent 10 minutes ago, asking where he was and reminding him to pick him and Jimin up in 15 minutes. With that, Jungkook takes a final look in his mirror before spraying himself lightly with his favourite cologne, and grabs his wallet and keys. He slips on his favourite pair of chunky black boots, tucking the ends of his jeans in so he looks neater, and heads out of his apartment, locking the door, making his way across the hall over to his friend’s shared complex.

Once the three of them were ready (Taehyung needed an additional 20 minutes because he couldn’t decide between 3 outfits and what rings he wanted to wear), they got in Jungkook’s car to drive over to Seokjin’s apartment which was about 20 minutes away. 

The entire ride there, they were singing along to the songs on the radio which eased Jungkook’s nerves a little. However, the nerves came back full force as he stood in front of Seokjin’s apartment waiting to be let in. 

He turns to face Taehyung and Jimin who were standing behind him. 

“Uh, I just remembered that I have a huge essay due tomorrow night that I haven’t started yet. So, if you would both just step back a bit so I can leave, it’d be much appreciated. Don’t worry, I’ll come pick you up. Just text me.” 

In his focused attempt to try to convince the two to let him leave, he misses the sound of the door opening behind him. It isn’t until he hears a slight cough behind him that he stops trying to push past Taehyung and Jimin and turns around to face the person in the doorway. 

“Oh, this is a nice surprise. You’re not trying to leave already, are you Jungkook?” Seokjin says amused with a teasing smile on his face and one eyebrow raised. 

“N-no. I was just, uh, trying to … make sure my car doors were locked! That's it. Yup. No running away for me haha. What made you think that? Me? Run away? Couldn’t be me.” He stutters, letting out small, borderline, hysterical laughs and looking around everywhere but Seokjin’s eyes. 

From behind him, he hears Jimin whisper to Taehyung as the two of them snickered. “You’re right. This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. Makes me wish I was there the first time they met, now more than ever.”

Jungkook can feel his face heating up and kicks his foot back slightly to hit Jimin, mentally grinning in success when he hears Jimin stop laughing to let out a pained sound.

Seokjin laughs at the scene in front of him, then opens his door wider, gesturing for the three to enter his apartment. “Alright, Jungkook. I believe you. Now come in before I get a noise complaint filed because of how loud the three of you are. Don’t mind the mess; Hoseok’s 3 drinks in and is trying to teach us TikTok dances.”

“Oh! I need to see Yoongi trying to do TikTok dances.” Taehyung says, kicking his shoes off messily to rush into the living room where sounds of laughter, frustration, and music could be heard. 

Jimin follows Taehyung behind closely, though he takes his shoes off and sets them aside neatly before joining the others. This leaves Jungkook and Seokjin still standing at the door. 

Jungkook enters the apartment and bends down to take his boots off, Seokjin closing the door gently behind him. 

“So, Jungkook. I’ve heard Jimin and Tae mention before that you dance?” He hears Seokjin ask. 

Getting up again after he sets his boots where Jimin’s were and moving Taehyung’s shoes over as well, he answers, “Yeah. I’m not the best or anything but dancing relaxes me. Sometimes, if we’re free, Jimin and I will book some time at a studio on campus to come up with our own choreography just to have fun and de-stress. Tae joins us occasionally too and those days are especially fun. We like to have random dance battles to see who can come up with the craziest dances - Tae usually wins those.”

“Sounds fun. And I’m sure you’re just being humble. I’ve seen Jimin dance before and if you can keep up with him, you must be amazing. Him and Hoseok are two of the best dancers I know.”

Jungkook blushes. “Maybe you can join us in the studio some day…?” 

They approach the living room where Jungkook can now see Jimin laughing and recording on his phone while Taehyung joins, who Jungkook assumes is Hoseok, in teaching the other two the TikTok dance. 

“Yeah, maybe.” Seokjin smiles at him before walking over to Yoongi to tease him for not being able to follow along. 

“Hey Jungkook! Get over here and help us teach them how to do the Renegade.” Taehyung calls out to him. Then he turns back to tell the others, “You might not know this but Jungkook is kind of TikTok famous. He gets over 500,000 views on every one of his videos, and his dance videos sometimes get over 1 million views.”

When everyone turns to look at him, Jungkook flushes red once again, getting shy with all the attention. Before he can say anything or make his way over to Taehyung, someone stumbles towards him, almost draping themselves over Jungkook’s body. 

“Hi Hoseok! I don’t think we’ve met. I’m Jungkook.” Hoseok slurs, clearly drunk. “I mean I’m Hoseok. You’re Jungkook.”

Jungkook wraps his arm around Hoseok’s waist to steady him and keep him upright before letting out a small laugh. “Hi Hoseok. It’s nice to meet you.” 

Reaching up to pinch his cheeks, Hoseok misses and gets his nose instead at which Jungkook’s nose twitches at slightly. “Ahhhh Jin did mention that you’re cute but he didn’t say you were THIS cute!”


Looking over to where Seokjin is standing with Yoongi, Jungkook can see he’s embarrassed if his rapidly reddening ears and pink cheeks are something to go by. 

“What? It’s true! I think I’m going to adopt him.” Hoseok says, before asking, “Jungkook? Can I please adopt you? I may be single and only a few years older than you but you’re just so darn cute.”

He laughs, louder this time, “I don’t think you can adopt me but we can definitely be friends.” 

Hoseok pouts at him and stumbles back towards Taehyung, drunkenly pulling Jungkook along with him. “Time to show Joonie-woonie, Yoongles, and Seokjinnie how to do the Renegade.” 

“Seok, Jungkook hasn’t even been introduced to Namjoon yet.” Seokjin interrupts just as Hoseok called for Jimin to turn the music on. He gestures to the slightly taller man standing on the other side of Yoongi. “Jungkook, this is Namjoon.”

Giving Jungkook a big smile that made his dimples appear, and a little wave, Namjoon introduces himself. “Hey! It’s nice to finally meet you. Jimin talks about you all the time.”

However, Jungkook’s attention is on Namjoon’s thick thighs that his tight blue jeans emphasize which is why he whispers “Wow. Thighs…” When he realizes he said that out loud, his head snaps up, eyes wide, and mouth dropped in disbelief. 

Fuck . He’s done it again. 

He opens his mouth to apologize and to explain himself but everyone bursts out into laughter. 

Amidst his laughter, Jimin says “What’s with Jungkook and the Kim brothers?” 

Brothers? Seokjin and Namjoon are brothers? Their parents must be models to produce two gorgeous beings who look like they’ve been blessed by Aphrodite herself. He suddenly gets really thirsty and grabs the drink in Jimin’s hand, chugging it. Whatever it was, it was strong and burned as it made its way down Jungkook's throat.

“Woah there Jungkook.” Jimin says, laughter dying down, and grabbing the cup back from Jungkook. “That was Jin’s special jungle juice. He mixes a bit of everything in there.”

And Jungkook believes him. He now understands how Hoseok is so drunk after having only 3 drinks. He can feel himself heating up, cheeks flushed with alcohol, and relaxing. 

“Sorry about the comment Namjoon. It’s nice to finally meet you too.” He says when everyone stops laughing. 

“It’s fine. Hoseok’s right, Jin said you were cute but you’re even cuter than we imagined. You’re going to fit right in with us.” Namjoon wiggles his eyebrows at Jungkook and throws a sly grin at Seokjin who avoids eye contact with everyone.

“OKAYYYYY. Can we get back to dancing now?” Hoseok whines. “Jimin, music please.”

A few drinks, many attempts at dancing, and lots of laughter later, it’s safe to say everyone is more than tipsy, except for Taehyung who’s only a little wine drunk. Jungkook usually wouldn’t let himself get this wasted, especially not in front of new people who are also extremely hot, because he knows he does a lot of dumb shit when he’s drunk but due to his nerves, he kept drinking and drinking until all his nerves left him. 

They were all currently sitting on the floor in somewhat of a circle to play a game of Truth or Dare, suggested by a very, very , drunk Hoseok after deeming everyone’s Renegade and Tap In dances passable by his standards. Going around the circle, Jimin was leaning up against Namjoon who was sitting beside Yoongi with Taehyung next to him, followed by Hoseok, Seokjin, and then Jungkook. In the middle of the circle there was an empty wine bottle and placed in front of each person was a red solo cup filled to the top with Seokjin’s special mix (when Jungkook asked him what was in it earlier, Seokjin listed so many drinks, he couldn’t keep up or remember). 

The first few turns were pretty tame. Jimin asked Yoongi who he found the most attractive in their group of friends (he answered Taehyung without making eye contact while Taehyung blushed beside him), Namjoon dared Seokjin to eat the oldest thing in their fridge which turned out to be 3 year old kimchi, and Yoongi asked Namjoon what his least favourite thing about Jimin was (he said nothing and Jimin gave him a kiss). When it got to Taehyung’s turn and his spin landed on Jungkook, he broke out into a huge grin. 

“Jungkook, truth or dare?”

Jungkook knew that no matter which option he picked, he was fucked anyways because it was Taehyung, so he chose dare to make things fun. 

“I was hoping you’d say that! I dare you to do the WAP dance challenge in front of Seokjin while maintaining eye contact as much as possible.”

Hoots and hollers sounded the apartment, with Hoseok repeating ‘there’s some whores in this house’ and Namjoon rapping Megan Thee Stallion’s part, doing surprisingly well for someone who’s as drunk as he is. Maybe it was the alcohol in Jungkook talking, and there was a lot of it, but he doesn’t think the dare is too bad. Him and Jimin learned the dance a day after the first video was posted on TikTok and he knows they look good while doing it. The only thing he’s slightly worried about was doing it in front of Seokjin and messing up. He also knows that this is something sober Jungkook in a few hours will be extremely embarrassed by and regret but that sounds like a problem for the future him - drunk him just wanted to let his inner hoe show. 

He gets up on shaky legs and grins. “Dare accepted. Jimin? Want to join me?”

“Fuck yeah! This is my song!” Jimin gets up from the floor and joins Jungkook who is now outside of the circle, standing in front of Seokjin but with a safe distance between them so he has enough room to do the dance. Everyone else has moved from their positions and are now sitting up front and center with Seokjin to watch the two dance. Taehyung turns on the music and holds his phone up to record them, and Jimin and Jungkook get into their positions, waiting for the chorus. 

‘... now from the top, make it drop, that’s some wet-ass pussy’ 

Jungkook and Jimin do the dance completely in sync and in perfect formation, no one expecting any less from them. Throughout the entire dance, Jungkook keeps his eyes locked on Seokjin and Jimin on Namjoon. Near the end of the dance, where they would drop into the splits and twerk, Jungkook gets right in front of Seokjin. 

‘Macaroni in a pot, that’s some wet-ass pussy, huh’

They end the dance with the music fading out in the background and while Jungkook finished off with the splits in front of Seokjin, Jimin decided to end the dance twerking on Namjoon, who is now grabbing Jimin’s waist tightly with him still positioned over his lap and kissing him deeply. 

Still maintaining his eye contact with Seokjin, he can see how Seokjin’s eyes have darkened with a hint of arousal in them, which makes Jungkook feel hot all over. They only break eye contact when Taehyung whistles, praising Jungkook and Jimin on their performance. 

“Didn’t know you had it in you, Jungkookie, to be this bold but you both completely bodied that. Jimin, this challenge was made for you. You know, Jungkook if you weren’t into Seokjin, and Jimin if you weren’t dating Namjoon or my platonic soulmate, I’d definitely dick you down.”

Jimin laughs, while Jungkook smiles proudly, not denying anything. 

They play a few more rounds of truth or dare after that, and some time during the game, Jungkook falls asleep. 

The next time Jungkook sees Seokjin is at 8:30am on Tuesday for his development class. True to his word, Taehyung is in class as well, shades on and sipping on his usual Starbucks drink. Today Seokjin was wearing his glasses and whistle again but unlike the last time, he’s dressed in a more casual outfit consisting of a blue oversized sweater with a cute little image of a whale on it and black skinny jeans. Jungkook thinks Seokjin looks good in anything he wears but his favourite look on Seokjin has to be when he wears oversized sweaters because somehow it makes the tall, broad-shouldered man look tiny and small. The cute sweater paws were a bonus. 

He lets his mind wander back to Sunday morning. When he woke up, he found himself tucked in bed in an unknown room with an Advil and a glass of water placed on the bedside table beside him. After doing his business in the bathroom, he grabbed his phone and wandered out into the kitchen where everyone else was having breakfast. Seokjin and Yoongi were both at the stovetop, one making eggs and bacon and the other making pancakes. He joined the others, shyly grabbing the plate Seokjin handed to him while also admiring how soft he looked with his messy hair, slightly puffy face, and matching pajama set covered in little white alpacas. Breakfast was quiet because everyone was dealing with their hangovers, Jimin and Hoseok seemingly dealing with the worst hangovers, and shortly after everyone was finished, Jungkook thanked Seokjin and Yoongi for having them over before heading home with Jimin and Taehyung. Before leaving, Seokjin gave him his number but after hearing from Taehyung and Jimin on the car ride home, the things he did the night before and seeing the video Taehyung took of him and Jimin doing the WAP dance, he was too embarrassed to text the other which leads them to their current situation. 

Seokjin was now telling the class his joke of the day.

“A glue company claimed it was environmentally friendly but was found to be dumping waste into the local river. I guess you could say their PR team found themselves in a sticky situation.” He lets out one of his adorable laughs. “Thanks to all of you who laughed along with me. I see a lot more of you here today so thank you for joining us. I know everyone would rather be in bed sleeping, me included, but I really do appreciate every one of you for coming to class. As you could probably guess from my joke, today’s lecture will be on waste management.”

Similar to the last lecture, Jungkook proactively took notes while Seokjin taught them all about waste management systems and the best ways to reduce waste. He even found himself nodding along to the material and raising his hand to participate in class discussions when Seokjin asked them for their thoughts on certain concepts and ideas. Somehow, Seokjin even managed to get Taehyung engaged and actively participating in class which is truly shocking considering Taehyung doesn’t participate in any other of their shared classes, usually choosing to be on his phone or online shopping instead when he does manage to show up to class. Jungkook thinks Seokjin would make a great professor should he ever need a backup career, though Jungkook doubts Seokjin would fail at anything and would become successful at whatever he does in the future. He just hopes he’s there by his side for whatever Seokjin ends up doing, which could be possible if only he would stop fucking up and embarassing himself. 

Nearing the end of the class, Seokjin opens up the floor for any questions the class might have. 

“We have our article summaries due this weekend and I was just wondering if you were going to be taking over the marking for those as well or if our usual prof will still be marking those?” A student asks. 

Jungkook was wondering this as well because he would love it if Seokjin took over the marking for their upcoming assignments. Not because he knows him and thinks he could persuade Seokjin into giving him better marks but because he thinks his professor has a kink for giving everyone low marks. The course group chat he’s in is always full of complaints when the marks for their assignments and quizzes are released because everyone keeps getting extremely low marks - even the try-hard students who are used to getting 80+ on every assessment. 

“That’s a good question. Unfortunately - or fortunately, however you want to take it - all the marking will still be done by your usual professor. I’m only filling in for the live lectures.” Seokjin answers. 

“Do you have any advice for us on how to do the discussion postings and article summaries so that we would get higher marks?” Someone else asks. 

“When I took the course a few years back, we didn’t have to do discussion postings or article summaries so I don’t have any specific advice regarding those assessments. However, I do remember from my time that he likes it when you’re extremely detailed and find interesting ways to link your writing back to specific course concepts.” 

Jungkook thinks of the positional paper that’s worth 20% of their grade due the week their professor is back. The instructions were really unclear and he got awful feedback on his last submission of the outline for his paper so he was wondering if Seokjin would be willing to set some time aside from his busy schedule to help their class out. Pushing his nervousness and crush aside momentarily, he raises his hand to ask a question. 

“Hi Jin. I know you don’t have any formal office hours and that you must have a packed schedule being a graduate student yourself, but a lot of us are struggling with our positional papers that’s worth a big portion of our overall mark. It’s a big ask but would it be possible for you to set aside some time each week to go over our outlines and papers to give us feedback?”

Seokjin takes a moment to think over the question. “Can I see a show of hands to see how many people would benefit from me holding unofficial office hours to go over your work?”

About 70% of the class raises their hands, Jungkook and Taehyung included, though Jungkook suspects that some people raised their hands just because they wanted the chance to spend extra time one-on-one with Seokjin. 

“Ah. I see. Well, if so many of you think you would do better in the course if I set aside some time to meet with you then I guess I can take a look at my schedule and free up some time. I’ll get back to you all on that later tonight and send out an email with the time and location.”

“Thank you.” Jungkook says. 

“No problem. Any more questions before we wrap up for the day?”

A few people shake their heads, already packing up their things and just waiting to be dismissed. 

“Alright, then that’s it for today. I’ll see you next week where we’ll be talking about building structural components. Have a great day!” Seokjin dismisses the class. 

Jungkook is one of the first to leave the class, shoving his things in his bag and grabbing Taehyung’s wrist to drag him out of the room before Seokjin could say anything to them. He was still embarrassed about what happened on Saturday night and didn’t think he could face Seokjin yet. However, in his rush to leave, he missed the look of disappointment on Seokjin’s face and how his smile turned into a frown. 


He continues avoiding Seokjin for the next 2 weeks, leaving immediately when class ends and making up excuses whenever Taehyung or Jimin invite him to hang out with the others. Jungkook knows his friends are confused because they know how much he likes Seokjin but whenever they ask him if there’s anything wrong, he manages to convince them that he’s just stressed over his assignments, which isn’t a lie. He also hasn’t texted the other, although he will admit, he’s definitely been tempted to and have typed up messages before to send but chickened out at the last second. There was even a joke that Jungkook had scrolled past on Twitter that Seokjin would’ve loved but he refrained from sending it. 

It’s now Sunday evening of the week his positional paper is due which means it’s also Seokjin’s last week of teaching their class. Jungkook knows everyone is going to miss having Seokjin as their lecturer because he makes class so fun and explains the concepts clearly, going over the harder to understand concepts in more depth so everyone truly understands before he continues. The number of students attending class have also been higher than usual since Seokjin started guest lecturing and Jungkook just knows that when his professor comes back, most of the class will skip again, including Taehyung who’s been showing up to every class Seokjin has taught. His course group chat is planning on bringing in a cake and a mug that says ‘#1 Most Handsome Professor’ to gift to Seokjin and to thank him for helping them improve their grades in the course. Many of them have gone to his office hours and have told others in the group chat how helpful it is, recommending that they all go to him if they need help - something Jungkook hasn’t done.

Also something Jungkook regrets, because he’s been sitting at his desk for the last 3 hours staring at his assignment. All he’s written so far is the title, his name, and the date. He sighs and rubs at his eyes. He’s about to pick up his phone again for the nth time when there are knocks on his door. 

Confused because isn’t expecting anyone, he just stays silent, hoping whoever it is will get the hint and leave. But when he hears his door unlocking, he starts to panic because no one has a key to his house except him. 

Getting up, Jungkook grabs the scissors that he keeps on his desk and walks slowly towards his room door. The voices are getting louder, and Jungkook holds his breath. He counts down from 3, getting ready to jump out and attack the intruders. 


He opens his room door and brings his arm with the scissors up but stops himself when he sees Jimin, Taehyung, and Yoongi standing in the middle of his living room, looking at him like he was insane. 

“Jungkook? Uh. Kook… why are you holding scissors?” Jimin asked warily. 

“I thought someone was breaking in to kill me! How did you guys get a key to my apartment?” 

Taehyung shrugs, walking over to Jungkook’s fridge to see if there was anything good in it. “We made a copy when you lent us your keys that one time so we could drive to pick us up some lunch. We’ve just never used it because we respect your privacy and because we never needed to, until now.”

“What the fuck? I mean I don’t mind but it would’ve been nice if you told me.”

“Well now you know!” Taehyung says, grinning as he takes the ice cream out of the freezer. “Does anyone else want ice cream? It’s green tea flavour but it’ll do.”

“Sure, and Jungkook, now that you know it’s just us, can you please put down the scissors? You look a little scary.” Yoongi says. 

“Oh.” Realizing that he still had his arm up, he quickly brings it down and walks over to the kitchen to put the scissors on the island. “What’s the emergency that made you break in? And Tae, you owe me a new tub of ice cream after this.”

“So, first things first -” Yoongi starts. 

“I’m the realest!” Taehyung and Jimin sing. They give each other a high five and laugh as Yoongi rolls his eyes. 

“Sorry, please continue.” Jimin says. 

“Like I was saying before these two idiots interrupted me, Taehyung and I are now dating.” There’s a blush on Yoongi’s face despite his cool, relaxed facade. 

Taehyung hands Yoongi his bowl of ice cream and a spoon, before carefully giving him a big hug with one of his infamous boxy grins on his face. Jungkook notes that this is the happiest he’s seen Taehyung, which grows a big smile of his own as well. Taehyung releases Yoongi from his tight hug after some mumbling from Yoongi and gives him a kiss on the cheek, heading back over to the counter where Jimin was eating some of Taehyung’s melting ice cream. 

“Finally.” Jungkook rolls his eyes, faking annoyance with his smile still on his face. “It’s been months of Taehyung rambling on and on about how tiny you are, your cute gummy smile, how you’re actually a huge teddy bear, and how badly he wants to boop your adorable nose. Now that you’re dating, Tae can stop making us take weird routes to our classes in hopes of running into you.”

Yoongi’s blush only grows after hearing Jungkook’s words. 

“Isn’t he the cutest though? Aw. And look at his nose. Jungkook, you can boop it if you want. Jimin did, and he agrees that Yoongi has the most boop-able nose”

“Jungkook, don’t you dare touch my nose or I’ll tell Jin that you think glasses make him look ugly, even though we all know there is nothing in this world that could make him look ugly. No one tell him I just said that though, or he’ll hold it against me forever.”

“Okay Okay. No booping of the nose. Message received. Besides, I’d never say that. He shines with the light from the sun whenever he wears those glasses.”

“Did you seriously just quote Paolo from the Lizzie McGuire movie?” Jimin asks. 

“You made me watch it with you at least 10 times, don’t judge me.” Jungkook retorts. Jimin throws his hands up in surrender, returning to trying to steal more of Taehyung’s ice cream.

“That… was strangely poetic of you. Anyway, Seokjin is the reason I’m here today.” Yoongi continues. “You made him sad. And as part of my best friend and eternal roommate duties, I am here to do something about it.”

“Wait, what? Seokjin’s sad? Why? How did I make him sad? I haven’t even talked to him since the Saturday I went over to your place.” 

“That’s precisely why he’s sad. You haven’t talked to him since then and he thinks you’re avoiding him. Seokjin’s gone through some shitty relationships in the past and has dealt with a lot of dumbasses who played with his feelings just because he’s a nice guy and only sees the best in people. He thinks he did something wrong for you to be avoiding him like this. I swear, if you were just leading him on… It won’t matter if you’re Taehyung’s best friend or a genuinely nice guy. I will punch you and make sure Seokjin never sees your sorry ass again.” 

Jungkook suddenly feels guilty. He had no idea Seokjin blamed himself for his avoidance of him. Jungkook thought Seokjin would be glad that he stopped bothering him since every time he was around the devilishly handsome senior, he’d just embarrass himself. 

“NO. That’s not it. I would never lead anyone on. I really do like Jin but I was so embarrassed by my behaviour at your place when we were all hanging out and when I got over that, I felt bad with how I’ve been avoiding him so I just continued avoiding him. I don’t know how to approach him without feeling awkward. And I didn’t think he was interested in me too because I keep embarrassing myself in front of him like I did with our first meeting and then the WAP dance…” He trails off, feeling ashamed.

“Oh Kook… is that the reason you’ve been dragging me out of class as soon as it’s over? To avoid Jin?” Taehyung speaks up. 

Jimin and Taehyung both walk over to where Jungkook was seated in the living room, with Yoongi, to wrap him up in a big hug. “And what about the WAP dance? I watched the video with Tae again and I think we look hot. You especially. Tae managed to get Seokjin’s reaction in the video too and he looked like he was about to jump you right then and there.”

“Look Jungkook, Kook, is it okay if I call you that? I’m going to do it anyway. Seokjin thinks you’re fucking adorable. You don’t even know how much he talked about you after the first lecture he taught. The entire week, up until the second you showed up at our apartment, he was going on and on about how he thinks you’re so endearing and would love to see how far you both could go relationship-wise. He’s already been extremely interested and intrigued by you from what Tae and Jimin have told us about you and was excited to finally meet you to get to know you better. When he did, he knew he was a goner. He just has a rule when it comes to younger guys that he’s interested in - they have to ask him out first.” Yoongi explains. “It’s because he doesn’t want to come off as an intimidating older person, pressuring someone younger into going out with him. He’s seen some of his toxic old friends do it before and never wants to do the same himself.”

“Fuck. Fuck. I messed up didn’t I? Maybe I should just leave him alone. We aren’t even dating or anything and I already keep fucking things up for us. This is probably a sign that Seokjin and I won’t work.”

“Shut up Kook. You’re literally the kindest, purest person we know. Did I not tell you I think you would be Seokjin’s type?” Jimin grabs Jungkook by the shoulders and looks him in his eyes, Jungkook’s eyes cloudy with unshed tears. 

“Oh, and Jimin is right about Seokjin and your WAP dance. Trust me. He couldn’t sleep that night so he came over to my room and talked about how much he wanted to grab you away from everyone’s watchful eyes, and drag you into his bedroom to - and I quote - “fuck him until all he remembers is my name. I’m the only one he should be showing those moves to.” I tuned him out after the first 20 minutes because he started describing everything he wanted to do to and with you in great detail, which I very much did not need to know.” Yoongi shudders. “In all my years of knowing him, I have not heard him be that passionate, or horny, over someone so, kudos to you, kid.”

Great. Now Jungkook is teary-eyed, blushing deeply, and aroused. 

“Really? So what should I do?” Jungkook asks, sniffling lightly while trying to subtly adjust the sweatpants he was wearing. 

However, it wasn’t as subtle as he thought because Taehyung and Jimin noticed, and released him from their hug, giving him a teasing disgusted look before they moved over to the couch that Yoongi was on. Taehyung laid his top half over Jimin’s lap and rested his legs on Yoongi’s lap. 

“It’s his last day teaching this week isn’t it? Maybe instead of just contributing to the class gifts, you can do something special yourself. Get him flowers or something, I don’t know. You were always the romantic one out of all of us.” Taehyung suggests. 

“Or just wait until the lecture is over and you’re the only two in the room, and kiss him. Actually, Taehyung, can you stay in the room and record them so I can see too? I don’t want to miss out on Jungkookie asking Seokjin out. The baby’s first boyfriend. They grow up so fast, don’t they?” Jimin says while running his hands through Taehyung’s hair, and Taehyung lets out a hum in response. 

“Uh, he won’t be my first boyfriend. Remember Jaehyun, and Mark, and that one guy you both hated who’s name I can’t even remember? And second, your idea sucks Jimin, and Taehyung you can’t record us, that’ll be weird.” 

Yoongi rolls his eyes at his boyfriend and Jimin’s suggestions. “Honestly, Jin is a simple guy who appreciates the little details and efforts. He doesn’t care too much about materialistic things. He’s kind of a child at heart - he loves gaming, especially Maplestory and League of Legends, food, jokes, the cute white alpaca character named RJ, music, and handwritten notes.”

Jungkook thinks he has an idea of how to ask Seokjin for both his forgiveness and for a date. “Do you know his favourite Maplestory character by chance?”

“I think it’s some pink character? I don’t know the name, sorry.”

“Pink bean?”

“Is it a round pink thing with purple horn things?”


“Then yup. Pink bean.”

Taehyung’s stomach grumbles. “If everything is now sorted out, can someone order food please? I’m hungry and Jungkook’s food has nothing good.” 

Everyone looks at Yoongi. “What? I’m not buying us food. This is Jungkook’s place, shouldn't he get us food?”

Jungkook puts on his best sad face with puppy dog eyes and an exaggerated pout. “But Yoongi, I’ll be broke trying to buy things as part of my plan to make things up with Jin. I’m hungry too and just a broke university student. I’ve been living on ramen for the past week, so please get us food?” As an afterthought he adds, “Also, you did break into my apartment so getting us food would be the honourable and right thing to do to make it up to me.”

“I wasn’t the only one who broke into your apartment! It wasn’t even my idea. I tried to tell Jimin and Taehyung to text you to convince you to go over to their place instead!”

“You’re still the reason you all broke in. If it weren’t for you, they wouldn’t have needed to use their key and we wouldn’t all be sitting in my living room hungry right now.”

Yoongi looks around at each of their faces, the three of them looking expectantly at him with big eyes and a pout on their face. He sighs, “Fine, you brats. I’ll order food.” 


It’s Tuesday and Seokjin’s last day teaching their class before their usual professor returns. Jungkook wakes up earlier than usual (being awake at 6:30 should be illegal, really) to get everything prepared to make things right with Seokjin later. He takes the extra time to dress up a bit nicer, choosing to wear a black shirt, tucked into tight black jeans, with a black fitted leather jacket on top. 

When he’s done, he sprays his favourite cologne on, grabs the multiple Pink Bean plushies he got at the pop-up store at the mall and heads down to his car. He usually takes the bus to be more environmentally friendly, but he had too many things he needed to bring with him today which makes riding the bus impossible. It’s also why he enlisted the help of Taehyung. When he runs back up to his apartment to grab his backpack and phone, he also goes over to Taehyung’s place to pick him up - they’ve got a busy morning ahead of them. 

They make it to the lecture hall before Seokjin does, plushies hidden in a huge gift bag behind the seats, flowers resting on the empty chair next to Jungkook’s, and Starbucks drinks in hand. Jungkook noticed Seokjin usually walked into class with an iced americano in hand so he bought Seokjin one from Starbucks and left it on his desk with a note saying “From JK. I’m sorry :/”. To make sure Seokjin didn’t waste his money and buy one himself, he asked Yoongi to turn off Seokjin’s alarm to make him sleep in a little and have no time to grab his usual cup of coffee. 

Speaking of Seokjin, he just rushed in through the door, no cup of coffee in sight. Jungkook makes a mental reminder to send Yoongi a thank you text later. “Sorry I’m late! I’m here! I must’ve forgotten to turn on my alarm yesterday, I’m so sorry.” 

The entire class laughs and reassures him it’s fine and to take his time getting settled in because they have a surprise for him. Giving the class a smile, Seokjin quickly walks over to his desk to put down his belongings and take his laptop out to connect it to the projector. Jungkook has his eyes locked on Seokjin, so he sees the moment Seokjin notices the coffee and reads the note. His face relaxes a little and a ghost of a smile appears on his lips. Seokjin looks up, directly making eye contact with Jungkook where he’s usually sat and gives him a discreet smile and nod, before picking up the coffee and walking over to the stand to connect his laptop. 

As Seokjin connects his laptop and gets the lecture Powerpoint loaded, two of Jungkook’s classmates, he thinks their names are Seulgi and Irene, approach Seokjin with a cake in Seulgi’s hands and a neatly wrapped gift in Irene’s. 

“Mr. Jin? We all wanted to thank you for being such an amazing guest lecturer and for making these 8:30am morning classes bearable. So, we all chipped in and got you a cake and a little gift.” Seulgi said with a kind smile on her face. 

Irene hands the wrapped gift over to Seokjin, who looks like he’s tearing up. “It’s not much because it was a last minute idea, but we hope you like it. You really have been a help to us all these past few weeks and most of us have noticed our grades going up from the article summaries and discussions. You’ve also helped a lot of us with our positional papers, so thank you.”

“Thank, I mean, I- I don’t know what to say. Thank you.” He accepts the gift, rapidly blinking his eyes to get rid of the tears before they fall. Turning to face the rest of the class, he smiles big, lips trembling as he says, “I genuinely mean this. Thank you everyone. It’s been a pleasure teaching you all. You’ve all been so accepting and I’m glad to hear I’ve been able to help in some way. I’ll definitely miss these 8:30am classes - something I never thought I’d ever say.”

Everyone laughs and chants. “Open it! Open it! Open it!” 

Seulgi walked over to Seokjin’s desk and placed the cake on it before heading back to her seat with Irene, joining in on the class chant. “Open it!”

Seokjin listens and carefully unwraps the gift, pulling out the mug. When he reads what’s on the mug, he laughs, some tears falling from his eyes. “‘#1 Most Handsome Professor’ huh?”

“The most handsome!”

“You have the face of an angel!”

“You should become a model!”

“Smart and sexy! We love to see it.” 

“More handsome than me!”

The class shouts out different compliments, the last comment being from Taehyung who stands up from his desk and makes a big heart above his head. Seokjin’s eyes turn into crescent moons, cheeks going up, and ears turning red as he laughs out loud. 

“I love it guys, thank you. I’m going to use this mug every day and you can all bet I’ll be rubbing this mug in all my friend’s faces after class.” Seokjin says, wiping the tears from his face. “Now that you’ve all made me cry and lose about 20 calories, let’s start our last lecture okay? Let’s make it the best lecture you’ll ever have in your entire university chapter. Today’s class is all about lighting systems. Does anyone have any jokes they want to share with the class or should I rack my brain for one last one?”

“What do you call a candle in armour? A night light!” Someone in the front row says. 

“Good one! Anyone else?” 

“What did the green light say to the red light? Don’t look! I’m changing.” 

Seokjin laughs. “I love that! How about one more?”

Taehyung raises his hand. “What’s the difference between light and hard? You can go to sleep with a light on but not a hard on!” 

The lecture hall is quiet for exactly 2 seconds before it sinks in and everyone bursts out in giggles, Seokjin’s unique laughter filling the room alongside Taehyung’s booming laughter. 

“Not exactly related to light systems, but I’ll take it. Thanks for that Taehyung.”

“No problem. I learned it from my boyfriend.”

Seokjin shakes his head, a smile still on his face. “Of course you did and everyone, thank you for your jokes. It really ‘light’-ened up the room, wouldn’t you say?”

Half the class groans while the other half laughs again, clearly as endeared with Seokjin as Jungkook is. “Alright, alright. That might’ve been too far. We’ll get started on the actual content now. Like always, raise your hand if you have a question or need me to slow down.”

Usually, Jungkook would be jotting down notes and following along with the lecture Powerpoint opened up on his laptop, but all he could think about today was what would happen at the end of class, when he finally approached Seokjin again for the first time in about 4 weeks. He couldn’t stop anxiously bouncing his knee or drumming his fingers on the desk. It got to the point that Taehyung got annoyed and slapped his hand on top of Jungkook’s to get him to quieten down. 

Seokjin ends the lecture, 80 extremely long minutes later, and once again thanks the class for being so inviting and welcoming to him. He also thanks them again for the cake and mug, telling the students that if they ever needed a referral or extra help to feel free to reach out and contact him by email. 

Jungkook stays seated, nervously waiting until the last student leaves the hall leaving only him and Seokjin. It takes a while because some students approach Seokjin to give him a hug or to personally thank him, so Jungkook tries to make himself look busy by faking that he’s finishing up with some last minute notes on his laptop. Before Taehyung leaves, he slaps Jungkook on the shoulder lightly, wishing him luck and telling him everything will go perfectly as planned, that Seokjin likes him and they’re perfect for each other so Jungkook doesn’t need to worry. 

When Seokjin is finishing up with the last student in the front, Jungkook makes his way down, huge gift bag in one hand and flowers in the other. He perfectly times it so that neither the student nor Seokjin notice him approaching until the student leaves the hall and Seokjin turns around to make sure everyone’s gone. 

Seokjin’s eyes widen when he sees what Jungkook is holding as he gets closer and closer, until they are standing directly in front of each other. Before Seokjin can ask him what’s going on, he speaks up. 

“Hi, I’m sorry for avoiding you the past couple of weeks. It was dumb of me and I didn’t fully consider what you might think when I started avoiding you everywhere and cutting off all contact - not that we had any because I was always too scared to text you and go to your office hours.” Jungkook pauses to take in a deep breath and to hand over the gift bag which Seokjin gently accepts. “To apologize I got you some Pink Bean plushies. Yoongi mentioned how Maplestory is one of your favourite games and that Pink Bean is one of your favourite characters. Coincidentally, I remembered there being a Pink Bean pop up shop at the mall so I drove down there after my lectures yesterday to pick out a few items. I didn’t know what size plush to get so I kind of got them in a variety of sizes for you to pick and choose from.”

Seokjin’s eyes move from Jungkook’s face to the large gift bag he was now holding. Taking a look inside, he sees there are at least 4 Pink Bean plushies in there, one nearly half the size of his body. “Jungkook… this is too much. Thank you but I can’t accept this.” 

“No Jin, please. I had some money saved up to spend on something special, and well, you’re worth it to me.” Jungkook blushes, refusing to take the gift bag back that Seokjin was holding out to him. “Besides, I lost the receipt and I don’t exactly have space in my small apartment for all those Pink Beans.”

The other shyly laughs, and accepts the gift, placing the giant bag down near his feet. Jungkook’s confidence surges when he can see his favourite features on Seokjin - his cute pink ears and rosy cheeks.

“I would also like to, maybe, ask you out on a date? You’re kind, funny, beautiful, and I haven’t been able to get you off my mind ever since you walked in on the first day.”

“You’d like to maybe ask me out?” Seokjin teases, cheeks deepening in colour. 

“No. I’m definitely asking you out. Kim Seokjin, will you please make me the luckiest 21 year old and go on a date with me?” Jungkook asks, looking deep into Seokjin’s eyes with a hopeful smile on his face. He also holds out the flowers to Seokjin. 

“Yes! Of course. How could I say no?” Seokjin accepts the flowers and giggles softly. 

Jungkook grins and lets out the breath he was holding. “I picked out all the flowers myself in hopes of you saying yes to a date with me. The purple lilacs represent the beginning of a new love, and they smell nice so hopefully whenever you smell lilacs, you’ll remember me and this moment. The stocks are also super fragrant and mean ‘you’ll always be beautiful to me’. I’ll keep reminding you of that fact until the day we grow old and die, so you know just how beautiful you are - inside and out. There’s also alstroemerias in there that represents a strong bond with someone and prosperity. Finally, we have purple roses - love at first sight. Yet, out of all these flowers, you’re still the prettiest flower I see.” 

Seokjin smells the flowers, smiling as he does so. “Ah you’re so cheesy. How will I ever top this?”

“You don’t have to - you just have to top me.” Jungkook cheekily says and winks, loving how Seokjin gasps and breaks out into loud laughter. “If I recall correctly, Yoongi mentioned something about how you said you wanted to fuck me until the only name I remember is yours? I hope you make good on your promises because there are a lot of names on my mind right now.”

With a glimmer of arousal in his eyes, Seokjin steps up closer to Jungkook until their noses are almost touching. “Yeah? What was that first thing you ever said to me again?”

Jungkook has to rack his brain for a couple of seconds because his thoughts are all scrambled with having Seokjin so close to him. “Uh, ooo you wanna kiss me so bad?”

Right when he finishes the question, he can feel a warm pair of lips on his. Smiling into the kiss, he responds back just as eagerly, lips parting to allow Seokjin’s tongue in. Seokjin’s lips feel like heaven and Jungkook wishes he could kiss him all day. They’re soft, plump, and fit so perfectly moving with his own. 

Parting from their kiss so they can gather their breaths again, Seokjin reaches down once more to peck Jungkook before creating some distance between the two of them. “ I’ve been wanting to kiss you since the very first time you said that to me.”

They stand there looking at each other with soft looks in their eyes and smiles on their faces before taking in exactly where they are. “So uh, what do you say we get out of this lecture hall and head back to my place? I do have some promises to go through with.”

Jungkook laughs and agrees, running back up to his seat to grab his things and helping Seokjin hold the gift bag and flowers. Seokjin puts his laptop back into his bag along with the mug and lifts the cake with one hand, reaching with his free one for Jungkook’s hand to hold. 

And when Jungkook gets his positional paper mark back with a 94% a few weeks later, only he and Seokjin have to know exactly how he thanks Seokjin for his help (hint: it involved no clothes, a bed, and a lot of pleasure ;)