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meet and greet

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Gail comes home from the hospital, still sore, she did take a bullet to her shoulder less than a week ago, Holly has Gail's bag of whatever she had with her in the hospital and their takeout food, she quickly goes inside, Steve helps his sister out of the car, "you going to be okay?"

"Of course, I live with a doctor."

"Good, you should have come home sooner."

Holly appears next to the siblings, offering some support to Gail if she needs it. They went through a drive thru on their way to Gail and Holly's, Gail was able to pick out her own cheeseburger, Holly went to unlock the door and bring the bags inside. "Thanks for the ride Steve," says Holly.

"Anytime, call me if you need anything."

"Unlikely," says Gail, ready for her brother to leave.

"Thank you," says Holly.

"Do you have tomorrow off?" asks Steve.

"No, but I'm going to call in just a second, take a vacation day if I have to," says Holly.

"Okay," says Steve, "is it okay if I stop by tomorrow?" He's acting kind of shy, a little apprehensive, "see if you two are doing okay."

Gail sighs, "I thought if I got out of the hospital that would stop our daily visits."

"Don't sound too disappointed about not seeing me," Steve jokes.

"Of course you can stop by," says Holly. She leans over to kiss his cheek, "thanks again."

"Stop thanking me Holly, you're family, of course I'm going to help you and my little sister."

Holly smiles; she likes that, being family.

Gail and Holly walk through the front door, the sound of claws is heard on the floor, Charlie comes racing around a corner, she starts to circle Holly's legs. "What's going on?" asks Gail.

"What do you mean?"

"Why is Charlie happy to see you?"

Holly laughs, "jealous?"

Gail shakes her head, "no, but," she leans down to pet her cat, "hi Charlie." Charlie walks over to sniff Gail's hand.

"Meow." Charlie walks away.

"What was that?"

"Oh honey," says Holly, "she's happy you're home."

"No she's not, she's happy you're home."

"She's happy we're home," Holly tries.

Gail huffs, "can we eat cheese burgers now? At least that wont disappoint me. And here I was so excited to come home and see Charlie again."

Holly laughs, "she'll come around, you'll see. It takes time," Holly says quoting Gail from what feels like ages ago.

"Maybe Isaac was right and I should have gotten another cat," mumbles Gail.

"What was that, what did you say?" asks Holly in the other room.

"Nothing," Gail says faux sweetly.

Gail and Holly are enjoying their takeout burgers; well…Holly's enjoying her burger. Holly keeps looking at her girlfriend who has a constant scowl on her face. Holly's not sure what's going through the blonde's head, maybe it's overwhelming being home again, maybe she is concerned about being a burden to Holly (which Holly thinks is stupid), maybe it's… Holly's thoughts get cut off, Gail finally speaks, "what did you do to my pussy cat?"

Holly who had just taken a sip of her pop starts to cough, "what?"

"Charlie," Gail looks at Holly with this look of betrayal on her face, "what did you do to Charlie?"

Holly laughs, "honey, I didn't do anything to her besides feed her and play with her-"

"She let you play with her?" Gail says louder than anticipated.

"Yeah," says Holly with a smile on her face, "she finally warmed up to me, isn't it great?"

"I guess," Gail pushes her food around her plate. Gail has an idea, "Charlie!" she calls.

The cat walks into the kitchen and looks up at the two at the table, "meow?"

Gail's all happy, "see, she comes when I call her."

"How do you know she wasn't just walking into the kitchen just as you said her name?"

"Come on Holly, let me have this one," Gail whines.

Holly smiles, holding back a laugh, "fine, she comes when you call her."

Gail sighs, she feels slightly better, she munches into her burger and slips a french fry to Charlie under the table. Holly saw it, but she doesn't say anything.

Gail's off work for a couple of weeks while she continues to heal, some of her friends have taken time to spend with the blonde to break up her day. "It's like our house has a revolving front door," Gail complains to Holly as the brunette gets ready to go to work.

"They're just trying to be nice," says Holly.

"If they really wanted to be nice, they would leave me alone," Gail points out.

"They missed you."

"What a bunch of losers," but Gail smiles inside, she missed her friends too. "Why can't you just stay with me?"

"I sadly have to go to work."

Gail sighs, "okay, who do I have to put up with today?"

"I think Chloe said she was going to come by after her shift."

"Aw, no, not Chloe, I'd rather Nick come by again or Andy, or worse Nick and Andy."


Gail thinks about it for a second, "no, Chloe's fine."

"Good, I'll let her know you're excited to see her."

Gail furrows her brow, "don't tell her that!"

Holly laughs, "who's going to stop me?"

"It was so nice of you to invite me over," says Chloe.

Gail grumbles. "Mhmmm," is all she manages.

Chloe came over after her shift around four in the afternoon. "Holly says I can use your kitchen to cook everyone dinner," Chloe smiles.


"Sure, after the boys are done their paperwork they're heading over. Holly said she wont be home until six, but we still have plenty of time before they get here. Should we play a game?"

"I'm going to take Charlie for a walk," Gail finds an excuse, even though she doesn't have a leash or harness or whatever one uses to walk their cat.

"I didn't know you walked your cat, that's so cool, I'll come!" Chloe says excitedly.

Gail grumbles, "maybe I'll take a nap."

"That's fine," says Chloe, but then starts to ramble, "you probably need your rest, I remember when I first got home from the hospital, I felt like a zombie, I was so tired and sore and-"


"Yeah Gail?"

"Sh!" Gail holds up her finger to her lips.

Chloe smiles, "I'll just get started on some food prep, while you nap, then we can play a game."

Gail walks upstairs and closes her bedroom door, lessening the sound of Chloe singing in her kitchen. Gail's lying on the bed; she had physical therapy earlier in the day, she's a little sore and tired. She begins her tricks to quiet her mind so she can rest, but she hears a scratch at the door, she gets off the bed to open the door for Charlie, "Holly's not in here," says Gail in a snide way.

"Meow," Charlie says ignoring Gail and hops up on the bed.

Gail goes back to her spot on the bed, "couldn't stand Chloe's singing either eh?"

"Meow," Charlie says again, the cat walks around the bed. She finally curls up on Holly's nightshirt.

"Sigh," Gail releases her breath; she's been watching Charlie follow around Holly for the past week. Gail doesn't want to say that it hurts, but it totally does. "Sigh," she releases another breath of air.

Holly arrives home from work and finds the cops in her kitchen, but not the cop she was hoping to see. "Hi Holly," smiles Chloe, "after work cocktail?" she passes a drink to Holly, who eagerly takes a sip.

Holly's eyes go wide, "this is good," she takes a second sip.

"Thanks," says Chloe, "I hope you don't mind but I raided your liquor cabinet."

Holly shakes her head no as she takes another sip.

"Rough day?" asks Chris.

Holly bobbles her head from side to side, "there was some miscommunication at work today, three of us did the same task, that's why I'm late coming home, we had to stay later to get everything we needed to get done." She sighs, beginning to feel the relaxing effect of the extremely stiff drink. "Where's Gail?" she asks.

"She went to take a nap, she hasn't come down, and none of us are willing to go see if she's actually awake or just playing on her phone," answers Dov.

"Ah," says Holly as she finishes her last sip and sets down the glass, "well I want to go wash my face anyways, so I'll go see."

"Good luck," says Chris.

Holly smiles and shakes her head, she's not afraid of Gail, she knows Gail is just a big softy but enjoys intimidating her friends. She quietly opens their bedroom door, she smiles when she sees two pairs of blue eyes stare at her. "Hi," says Holly quietly.

"Hi," says Gail just as quietly petting Charlie who's purring on top of Gail's stomach.

Holly lies next to Gail so she can pet the cat too, "do you feel better, they told me you've been upstairs napping for a while."

"I feel way better after my rest," Gail smiles, "I may have also been playing on my phone."

Holly smiles, she props herself up on an elbow and leans down to kiss her girlfriend. "I know."

Gail licks her lips after the kiss is broken, "what were you drinking?"

"I have no clue, Chloe made it," Holly smiles again, "I think I might already be buzzed."

Gail lifts a hand to Holly's cheek, "your cheeks are flushed."

Holly grins.

Gail moves her hand to run it through Holly's hair, "did you skip lunch again?"

Holly hangs her head, "work was uncooperative today."

"Ah," says Gail. They lie next to each other in silence enjoying the semi-quietness of their room.

"Ready to go downstairs?" Holly eventually asks. She doesn't want to leave the coziness of their bedroom, but she knows they should, Chloe did spend all that time cooking for the five of them.

"Do we have to go downstairs? What if we just claim to have forgotten about them?"

Just then a burst of laughter is heard from the kitchen.

"Come on they want to celebrate you coming home."

"How come we haven't celebrated my coming home yet?"

Holly gets a lopsided grin, "I didn't know that you wanted to."

Gail rolls her eyes, "of course I do."

"I also didn't want to hurt you," admits Holly.

"We'll be careful," Gail says with a look of sincerity in her eyes.

Holly smiles and leans to kiss her girlfriend again, she repeats her question, "ready to go downstairs?"

Gail sighs, "I guess, as long as when they leave we can come back here."


True to Holly's promise, after dinner and after their friends left, Gail and Holly went back upstairs to enjoy some together time. Holly's straddling Gail's waist, looking at the smiling blonde, "what are you smiling about?"

"Just thinking about how lucky I am," Gail says.

Holly tilts her head to the side, "how lucky you are?"

"Yeah, think about it, we met by chance, Traci invited me to have a drink with her after work and it happened to be your going away party, so I moved into the mop closet, then for whatever reason you appeared in there. We're lucky to have met when we did because you moved to San Fran the next day, then when would we have met?"

"I would have come home eventually."

"Sure, but would we have met?"

"I like to think that we would have," Holly cups Gail's cheek, "I thought over thinking was supposed to be my thing?" she smiles wryly at her girlfriend.

Gail turns her head to kiss the brunette's palm, "fine." She makes eye contact again, "but I still think I'm lucky."

"No," Holly leans down to kiss Gail, "we're lucky."

Gail snorts at Holly's cheesiness.

Holly and Gail are back on that bench with the view of Toronto; Gail starts work after the weekend so Holly decided to take the last two days of the week off to spend with Gail. Holly is leaning into Gail, resting her head on the blonde's side. "I do love this view," says Gail.

"Me too," Holly sighs, she didn't realize how tired she actually is, she hasn't decided what was worse, being in the same city as Gail as she's undercover worrying about her, or being in a different country completely worried about the blonde. Regardless, Holly is happy Gail is home and safe. They have been talking about how scared Holly was and how frustrating it was for her when Gail was in the hospital, Holly is grateful that the blonde is willing to talk to her about everything and how she is helping Holly through her thoughts and her fears.

"It does give you that sense of being home."

"It does," Holly closes her eyes, happy to be tucked into Gail's side, it's not completely warm out yet, but it's definitely getting there. Summer is just around the corner. She's quite comfortable stealing the blonde's warmth as she cuddles with her on the bench.

"I love you," says Gail.

"Love you too," says Holly with her eyes closed, feeling like the first time she could fall asleep easily in a long time. It's been a couple of stressful weeks, first Gail gets shot, then she's in hospital and Holly can't visit her, now the blonde's home healing nicely but Holly can see that the police officer is still in some pain, and now in a couple of days the blonde will be starting work again.

"Want to get married?"

"Okay," says Holly, "but let's do it soon, I want a spring wedding, it's considered good luck to get married in the spring."

"Okay," says Gail, "let's get married on the weekend or next week if your family's busy."

Holly's eyes open wide, are they really talking about getting married? "Wait, are you serious?" Holly sits up straight and turns to face Gail.

A slightly nervous Gail, "aren't you?"

A smile spreads across Holly's face, "we're getting married."

A smile spreads across Gail's face, "we're getting married." Now all she hast to do is change her next of contact list, it'll be the first thing she does when she gets to work on Monday.

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