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meet and greet

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Gail meets Holly at her going away party.

“Come on Gail,” whines Traci. “Just come to the Penny.”

“I don’t see why we, or really I have to go, I have no trouble with you going,” complains Gail. “I don’t even know the person who’s going away.”

“That’s not the point.”

“It kind of is,” insists Gail. Traci had made detective a couple of months back and had started dealing with people in the forensic building, Gail still working the streets rarely has any interactions with the forensic nerds.

“They were the forensic pathologist for our division, and now they are going to San Francisco for some other job, and we are just going to say thanks for all your hard work and good luck,” Traci tells her fellow rookie.

Gail groans. She knows Traci has a point, but she really doesn’t want to go to a crowded bar where there will probably be speeches and too many people to talk to. Traci smiles at Gail. “I heard the lab was picking up the bar bill.”

“Nough said,” says Gail jumping up from her bench in the lady’s locker room, “grab your purse woman, let’s go.”

Traci laughs as Gail stumbles to gather her own belongings so she can get to the bar faster.

Traci and Gail enter the Penny. First thing Gail notices, besides all the people being extremely chummy, is the really large banner hung above the bar that reads, “Thanks Dr. Stewart!” Gail doesn’t know who this Dr. Stewart is, but definitely knows no one needs that large of a banner, going away or not. Gail realizes Traci is tugging on her sleeve to get her to the bar. Gail follows.

Gail orders a margarita from the bartender while Traci walks over to Steve to say ‘hello,’ Gail makes a gagging noise behind their back as she waits for her drink. She contemplates sitting on the stool, but decides against it knowing she could get trapped on the stool if the wrong person comes over to her and starts talking. She thanks the bar tender as he passes the margarita over, she takes a thirsty drink, happy to have this somewhat quiet, peaceful moment even though she’s surrounded by so many.

Somebody within ear shot orders a jack and coke, Gail knows what she’s going to drink next, well maybe next next, this margarita is super good and she’ll probably want one more. She puts her order in, one margarita and one jack and coke.

Traci comes to stand next to her again but this time with her brother. She stands at the bar listening to them for a little bit but then decides, nah, she’s not up for this yet. She has one more sip of her drink and grabs the other two fresh drinks that were just placed in front of her. She gestures with her head to Traci and Steve to indicate she’s heading over there, motions with her two drinks that she needs to give one to someone else and the two leave her be, letting Gail leave the bar area. Steve and Traci turn their attention back to each other, allowing Gail to make an extremely easy escape to the hallway and slip into the mop closet.

Gail sits in the mop closet of the Penny; she still can’t believe she allowed Traci to talk her into going to a “going away party” for someone she doesn’t even know. Luckily she’s done this before, not going to a “going away party” for someone she doesn’t know, but hiding in this mop closet, which means she’s planned ahead and brought her two drinks with her. The margarita that she is currently sipping, but also that jack and coke that she will drink next. She looks around the tiny room, still the same from when she and Steve would play in there while their parents had a few drinks with their coworkers. She looks to a particular corner where there’s a hole and smiles, she can’t believe nobody’s patched that up yet. Gail stands up to reach inside and pulls out a few colour pencils and candy she had stashed in there. She puts the pencils back and turns the candy over in her hand, wondering if the candy is still good. She slips the Rockets in her pocket for later and throws the chocolate bars back into the hole, knowing that chocolate sadly doesn’t last, but sugary candy definitely does.

She sits back down on the milk crate she had turned over and puts her feet up on another. She sighs, wondering how long she can stay hidden here. She didn’t have a particularly rough day at work, just regular calls and forms to fill out. She was paired with Dov, so she did have to listen to him drone on about Chloe, but generally speaking she doesn’t mind being paired with him. She brings her margarita up to her lips to take a sip when the door to the mop closet suddenly opens.

“Oh,” says a glasses wearing brunette, “I didn’t realize anyone was in here.” She stands in the doorway; there goes her plans for avoiding her “going away party.” She continues to stand there and stare at the blonde sitting on a milk crate with a margarita in her hand. Not sure what to do, she adjusts her glasses, not wanting to go back into the main part of the bar. So she stands there.

Gail, deciding that this person had the same idea to hide in a mop closet can’t be all that bad, plus her fiddling with her glasses is super cute, motions towards the other crate she just took her feet off of.

The brunette momentarily surveys her options and easily decides to sit on that milk crate across from a blonde drinking a margarita. She quickly sits down.

Gail takes her time taking her sip, allowing the margarita to hide some of her face from the newcomer, giving herself time to survey this new addition to the mop closet. Dark brown hair that matches the dark brown eyes that are behind thick rimmed glasses. Wearing a dark blue button up top, showing just enough cleavage, and form fitting jeans. Gail decides she can stay. “Is this your first time?” asks Gail.

The newcomer is completely lost, not sure what this blonde woman is referring to, questions, “first time?”

“Hiding during a festivity, specifically here at the Penny…”

“This isn’t yours?”

Gail lets out a laugh, “ha!” She lifts her margarita and adjusts her gaze to the jack and coke, “no,” she answers. “I came prepared.”

“I see that,” the brunette looks enviously at the two drinks. “Drinks would have been a great idea,” she laments.

Gail not wanting the other lady to leave decides to share, “here. I’m Gail by the way,” she offers her drink that she hasn’t touched yet, which she then voices, “I didn’t take a sip from it yet.”

Holly eagerly accepts the drink and takes a sip hastily, taking a second enjoying the bubbles on her tongue. “At this point I would drink it even if you had spit in it. I’m Holly.”

“One of those days, Holly?” Gail makes sure to use her name. Gail has no clue where that came from, she doesn’t do small talk. The brunette simply nods her head, Gail smiles to herself; Holly’s not much of a small talker too, good.

“Come here often?” Holly rolls her eyes at herself, Gail raises an eyebrow. “I mean the mop closet, some of the things you said made it sound you hide at parties often and that you are familiar in particular with this mop closet. I didn’t mean for that to be a pick up line, a beautiful lady like you probably has a boyfriend.” Holly can’t seem to stop herself; she keeps talking, this always happen when she’s nervous and face to face with a pretty lady. Why is she nervous? Well, she just accepted a job offer three time zones over, and it’s not like she’s having second thoughts it’s just her life is here and now for whatever reason she decided she needed a switch, so she applied for a job, got the job, and accepted the job. She flies out tomorrow, today was her last day at work in Toronto, and tomorrow she’ll be in San Francisco.

“Relax nerd,” says Gail. “I don’t have a boyfriend or a girlfriend for that matter.”

“Oh,” says a somewhat surprised Holly, feeling somewhat happy, and then remembering she really can’t act on this new knowledge.

The two sit in silence sipping their drinks. Not saying much, not sure what to say.

Holly’s phone starts to chime; she drags her phone out of her pocket. Looks at the time and starts to stand. “This has been fun Gail, but I have to go.”

“Wait, what? Where are you going?” questions the blonde.

“I have to go, it was nice to meet you though, I wish we had met sooner,” Holly says truthfully. With that she leaves the mop closet.

Leaving Gail sitting there with two empty glasses, not sure what Holly meant by wishing they had met sooner, they met know. Good enough, right? Gail wonders if she should return the glasses to the bar, she wished she had given them to Holly to return so she could slip out that back door, no longer wanting the Penny’s free drinks tonight, still not knowing who this mysterious Dr. Stewart is. Gail stands up and brushes her pants down, stretches, and decides to leave through the back exit.