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new game + (the pros of being over-leveled, the catharsis of finally beating That One Boss, and a bonus social link)

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Patrolling now was more important than ever, Izuku knows. People don’t really trust the heroes anymore. It’s fair, though it stings. After the destruction the Paranormal Liberation Force and Dabi himself caused, it’s not a surprise.


It’s important to show that heroes still care. Even if...there aren’t that many able to do very much. With the mass amount of hospitalizations and deaths, society shifts uneasily underfoot. And once again, UA is helping out.

Izuku is glad to be a hero-in-training, but he’s not sure seeing a newly minted second year is going to raise anyone’s confidence, especially one like him.

He’s pretty sure the pedestrians walking by are eyeing him with more pity than anything else at this point. Lucky that the cameras at Jakku hadn’t caught his face with how far they’d been forced back by the air battle. The stares probably wouldn’t be near as neutral.

But he knows it’s important to show that heroes do still care! Izuku donned his costume and patrols alone right now, no matter how odd it feels.

He hasn’t changed any, so as he spots a crying, stumbling child, he runs forward to intercept. When the running child comes close, Izuku doesn’t hesitate, won’t hesitate after Eri. He grabs the kid and-

Light flashes around him, a roaring rumbling in his ears as he flips head over heels through a flashing void. Izuku grits his teeth and braces himself.

Which is good, because he hits the ground hard, yelping at the impact. Concrete scrapes his hands as he struggles to his knees. The numbness in his right hand off-balances Izuku before he rights himself.

The sounds of a clash echo in his pained head from a distance.

His ears are still ringing and Izuku shakes his head, pushing himself to his feet and opening his tightly clenched eyes.

His breath stutters as he takes in Shigaraki, One for All flooding through his veins, Black whip curling tightly at the ready, because the other man was supposed to be gone, supposed to be resting with his stupid villain pals, not here on the street-

Except, he notices as he glances around, it isn’t the street.

Impossibly, he’s standing in the middle of the USJ. Another look at Shigaraki shows he isn’t the buff man he fought at Jakku-

No, he’s a twig, still with hands all over his body, just like their first so-called meeting. The Nomu stands still beside him.

Aizawa-sensei is fighting the lower level villains. He still has his leg, just like back then.

Izuku hasn’t been noticed yet, being as far from the fight as he is. Or if he has, they’re dismissing him in favor of the larger threat of Aizawa-sensei. As they should, since he takes out the last one with a well placed kick, turning to face Shigaraki,

Izuku tenses, this is-

This is where his teacher’s arm is injured and then-

The Nomu.

One for All spikes to around fifty percent, his muscles stinging, bones creaking as Izuku darts forward, aiming for Shigaraki’s head with an axe-kick.

Of course it doesn’t connect, the Nomu darting in the way and his foot meeting shock-absorbing flesh. Izuku skids back, eyes narrowed at the experiment.

“Oh, a new player,” says Shigaraki, disinterested, scratching at his neck, “Nomu, take care of him.”

The beast jumps forward, Aizawa-sensei turning, eyes wide.

“Midoriya!” He shouts in panic.

But Izuku jumps, activating Float as the Nomu tumbles over the spot where he was standing. Izuku isn’t foolish enough to think that the Nomu can’t jump as high as he’s floating, but it gives him a few seconds to think.

“Midoriya?” Aizawa-sensei sounds less panicked now. More confused, suspicious. It makes sense, since Izuku can remember only having his gym uniform and well...not being able to fly for one thing.

He turns, looking down at his teacher.

“Sorry, Aizawa-sensei, I’ll explain later, okay?” Izuku says, trying a smile. He catches the edge of the water out of the edge of his eye. Two heads of green hair tucked down, along with a smaller purple blob.

“Oh, geeze,” Izuku says. Aizawa-sensei is scowling and Izuku can tell he’s about to say something, but the nomu jumps up with a mighty swing. He dodges, the air pressure from the punch pushing him back. The lessons with Uraraka have Izuku righting quickly.

Izuku still isn’t near the level of power that All Might was during this fight.

There’s no way his punches are strong enough to get past the Nomu’s shock-absorption, not yet.


Black Whip unfurls around him.

Izuku knows he’s no All Might.

He’s picked up a bus full of people, ping-ponged Shigaraki with full enhancements. Black Whip can hold what his arms cannot. Izuku dives down, dodging another swipe of the Nomu. A whip curves it’s way along the beast’s arm. It pulls at it, roaring.

The Nomu tears at the whip with it’s other arm and Izuku takes the chance to snag it as well, landing on the ground. He is dragged forward before gritting his teeth and digging his heels in. More whips come out to capture the Nomu.

It struggles, of course and a few of the whips snap away before Izuku gives a short yell, One for All flaring under his skin and more whips coming out to cover the Nomu completely. Still surprisingly strong, but nothing compared to Shigaraki, the Nomu snarls.

Izuku snarls back, leaping with as much power as he can. His arms send a sharp throb at the jerk bringing the Nomu up in the air caused. Like all pain he’s suffered, Izuku ignores it, pressing forward and flying as fast as he can towards the glass ceiling of the USJ.

And then-

He stops, the momentum keeping the whips flying forward with the Nomu. Izuku releases Black Whip as gently as he’s able, the Nomu continuing to fly and smashing out the roof in a similar manner to when All Might punched it to oblivion.

Izuku can only hope that it falls far enough away for the police to collect it again.

An explosion fills the plaza.

He whips around, looking down. The portal villain- Kurogiri? Is pinned down by Kacchan, much like the previous timeline. Kirishima stands beside him, keeping guard. Shigaraki is fighting Aizawa-sensei, who looks to be doing better than last time around.

Maybe because Izuku’s entrance let him rest? He starts to rest mid-ar, the main threat is gone so-

But Shigaraki reaches out and Izuku can see his teacher’s hair fall, can see one of the green blobs near the water area darting forward-

Izuku doesn’t bother to use Float to get down, deactivating the quirk and falling forward, gravity pressing him down faster than he could manage on his own. At the last second, he reactivates it, jerking in the air near the fight and between the younger version of him.

He kicks out, Shigaraki dancing out of the way, but also away from Aizawa-sensei.

The man turns, face unreadable due to the hand still clinging to it.

“Huh, twins? Whatever,” Shigaraki lunges, quick but not as quick as he will be and Izuku dodges smoothly. He ignores the hard stare he can feel boring into his back, focused on the villain in front of him-

The cause of so much pain in the future. Why Gran Torino was-

Why Kacchan-

Aizawa-sensei’s leg-

He can’t let it happen again.

Izuku rockets forward, just under Shigaraki’s outstretched hand, the motion familiar and-

Trapped under One for All, the world distentigrating around, All for One peeling out of Shigaraki. Shimura, a formidable presence beside him, the first user defending him, and Shigaraki is...Shigaraki is Shimura’s grandson, used by All for One.

The power of One for All shifts under his foot and he kicks out the man’s leg. Something still crunches and Shigaraki falls with a yelp.

Izuku doesn’t hesitate, swiping out again even as Shigaraki tries to roll away. Black Whip roars out, restraining the villain. Shigaraki tries to disintegrate it, but the whips hold steady, just as they do months from now.

The door bursts open and Izuku startles, jumping. He refrains from turning back, because-

“Because I am here!”

All Might.

Something loosens in Izuku’s chest, even now. Even as he knows All Might as unpowered, Quirkless, the sound of his voice unties the knots choking him. Izuku turns slightly, keeping the bound Shigaraki in the corner of his eye.

All Might stands at the top of the stairs in his full glory.

Though Izuku knows this is- this is the past or a dream or something, his breath leaves in an unsteady gasp.

The man is beside Izuku in an instant, knocking out Shigaraki and giving the two Izukus a hard stare. Izuku avoids his own face, surprised to see Aizawa-sensei with Kacchan and Kirishima over Kurogiri. His teacher is keeping his gaze focused on the mist man, presumably deactivating his Quirk.

All Might pulls a phone out of his pocket checking it.

It’s strange, seeing him move around in his buff form. The world starts to roar around Izuku as his adrenaline fades, the yelling of his younger classmates a rumbling wave he can’t pick out. A hand guides him away and he jerks, looking up with wide eyes.

The other teachers are already here, doing damage control. All Might has him by the shoulder, leading him away from the building. Izuku resists the urge to look at his younger self, keeping his eyes set forward.

A cop car sits outside, the familiar visage of Naomasa sitting in the front. He closes his eyes and in a blink they’re back on campus, unsurprising to Izuku.

Sitting in the interrogation room on the first floor of UA, he comes back to himself. This probably...isn’t a dream, though he hadn’t really considered it in the first place. Too long for a hallucination. He rolls the idea of actual time travel around before tucking it back into his own thoughts.

The questions are also unsurprising. Who are you? How did you get here? What is your relation to the villains?

The sneer that crawls on his face at that question comes without thought, his nails almost managing to cause damage with how hard he curls them into his thighs despite the gloves.

“I can-” he starts, after Naomasa finishes his questions and lets in All Might and Nezu when they’ve been confirmed ‘true’, “I can let you know. About the future I mean. I can let you know what I know.”

“That would be appreciated,” Naomasa says, sliding over two notebooks and pen. Izuku scribbles frantically, the training camp, Kamino, Jakku, and all he knows about All for One from the battle there and the resulting conversations. All he needed was the first notebook. Izuku chews the tip of his glove, wracking his mind for anything he might have missed.

“I think this is it,” Izuku says, handing it to the detective, “Sorry, I’m still only a student. I don’t know why some things...some things happened the way they did.”

Naomasa smiles, tapping the notebook, “Whatever you gave us is leagues more than we had before, don’t worry.”

He steps out of the room, notebook tucked under his arm. Izuku avoids the gazes of the other two in the room, glancing at the table.

“So you are...Midoriya Izuku,” says All Might, Izuku looking up at the words. The man appears as small as he does in the future, slumped as he is in the chair.

“Yes,” Izuku swallows, looking down. He’s been a piss-poor successor thus far, wasn’t able to save Gran Torino or-


At least here, All Might still has his time.

“You were...flying,” All Might starts, “And those whips-”

“The previous users Quirks,” Izuku interrupts, fiddling with his fingers.


“Yeah, that was- that was Float,” Izuku says.

All Might makes a small shuddery noise across from him.

“The other Izuku,” Izuku says, the words tumbling out of his mouth, “The other me, he should start getting them a little over half-way in the year. I’ll- I’ll write them down to.” He scrambles for the other notebook, writing in a section for just One for All, noting all he knows in the pages.

When he finishes he stares at the page, hand shaking around the pencil. All Might’s hand coming to cover his own hand causes Izuku to jump.

“It’s alright my boy, you can stop.”

Izuku does, blinking away tears that decided to spring up in his eyes.

“This must have been stressful, coming back to such a traumatic time.”

“No,” Izuku says without thinking, “I’ve been through worse.”

All Might’s hand tightens around his.

“It was still traumatic, i imagine,” the man says, “No matter what else you’ve been through. Let’s stop here. We have your notebook, okay, my boy? It’ll be alright.”

“Ok- okay,” Izuku stutters, dropping the pen.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there,'' All Might says, letting go of him finally.

“No! You didn’t-”

“Still. I wasted my time frivolously, and in the other timeline that caused you problems. It shouldn’t have taken another you to stop this in this timeline either.”

Izuku sniffs.

“It’s alright, really. A little...a little cathartic, honestly.”

All Might laughs, bright and robust like he never does anymore.

“I’m glad for that at least!”

When he finally reads Izuku’s notebook he probably won’t feel the same. Izuku bites his lip. The man notices, rising and coming to stand beside Izuku.

“You did good, you’ve improved so much. Young Midoriya, you should be proud.”

Izuku winces.

All Might claps him on the shoulder.

“I don’t know how the future is going, but don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re a fine successor. I couldn’t have chosen anyone better.”

Izuku can’t stop the tears welling in his eyes. All Might ruffles his hair and Izuku leans in, desperate.

“Unfortunately,” Nezu says, “The detectives are asking for you. I can handle the rest.”

All Might frowns, hand stilling on the top of Izuku’s head.

“Duty calls,” he grumbles, looking back down at Izuku, “Remember what I said, my boy. Stop doubting yourself so much.”

“I- okay,” Izuku says, a wobbly smile crossing his face, “I’ll try.”

“It’s all I ask,” All Might says with a final pat, walking out the doors. Nezu and Izuku are the only ones left in the room now. Izuku chokes back the rest of his tears, staring at the door.

He doesn’t know what to say to Principal Nezu, so he stays silent and still. The principal sighs, hopping out of his chair and grabbing...a tea set? Izuku blinks. Pours himself a cup, humming before looking up at Izuku.

“I’ve never seen a time traveler look so lost in his own era, but there’s a first time for everything I guess.”

“What?” Izuku asks, alarmed, “You’ve seen more time travelers?”

Nezu sips his tea.

“Perhaps. But it would be more accurate to call them dimension travelers. Time travel, as far as I’m aware, has not happened yet. I was trying for a joke, you see.”

“Ah,” Izuku says, “Dimension? So this isn’t-?”

“No!” Nezu exclaims, taking another sip, “You’ve changed nothing of your past, but you have changed events in this timeline.”

“Oh,” he replies, looking down.

Nezu sets his teacup down with a sharp click.

“No need to look so down, Midoriya! You’ve changed our timeline, and we thank you for the help! It’s good to see UA is keeping to standard in a whole other dimension. Props to me, I presume,” the principal cackles. Izuku manages a weak smile to that.

“Okay,” he replies.

“Being who I am, I managed to get into the Quirk Registry!” Izuku gulps at the principal’s statement. Nezu was always terrifying, but being in the presence of it is something else.

“That’s good?” He questions, leaning forward.

Nezu nods and smiles, saying, “Yes, yes! It turns out the child who ran into you exists here! The effect only lasts up to a few hours! You should be snapped back to your timeline right where you left!”

“Wow,” Izuku breathes, fingers itching for one of his notebooks, “That kind of Quirk, that’s pretty impressive!”

“Indeed, his file is marked sensitive. But that matters little, with how the Quirk doesn’t affect the concurrent timeline, it’s stayed under the radar thus far.”

Izuku frowns at the mention of the file, opening his mouth to say something. Nezu, however, interrupts.

“We took the liberty of calling your mother and explaining the situation. She’s happy to house you along with the version of you here until you snap back.” Nezu finishes his tea, leaning back against his chair and crossing his arms.

Izuku’s mouth falls shut. He looks at his beaten, crooked hands. Covered in gloves, they look entirely normal, like they work like any regular person’s hands would.

He knows better though.

“I’ll have to walk back with...with the other me as well, won’t I?”

“That won’t be a problem, will it?” Nezu asks, but it sounds genuine. A laugh claws it’s desperate way out of Izuku’s throat.

“No,” he practically barks, “No it won’t.”

Nezu gives him a long stare before nodding.

“Good, because I’ve already called him up here.”

As if on cue, there’s a tentative knock at the door. Izuku jumps in his seat, scooting until the back of his belt presses into the plush fabric completely.

“Come in!” Nezu says, far too pleased.

The door swings open, revealing the other Izuku. Izuku is forced to actually look at the other him, instead of anyone else.

The one from this timeline is smaller, oddly. Izuku hadn’t quite realized his own growth, but he stands around one or two centimeters taller than the past version of himself. His hair is shorter, not by much, but across the room the difference is obvious.

The other’s arms, unscarred and unmarred save for the bandages around a few fingers, catch Izuku’s eye next and he flinches, glad for the gloves he’s wearing.

“Um,” says the other Izuku, “Hello.”

He inches forward, eyes locked onto Izuku. Izuku tries to draw back, stopped only by the fact that he has already pushed himself as tightly as he could to the chair.

“H-hi,” Izuku stutters out. The other stands awkwardly a step away, fidgeting with his bandaged fingers. The principal says nothing, looking on in amusement.

A beat of silence fills the room, heavy enough to cut through.

Izuku bites his lip.

“You can…” Izuku starts, then pauses, running his tongue against the top row of his teeth.

The other Izuku tilts his head.

“You can call me Deku,” Izuku says to the other.


“Yeah,” Deku says, tossing away ‘Izuku’ like he does on assignments, “Deku is my- our hero name. It’s easier to refer to us this way.”

Izuku’s eyebrows furrow, nose scrunching. Deku wonders if he always looks like this when he’s confused. It isn’t a very inspiring look. He can feel his own nose start to scrunch and he tamps it down.

“Ah, that- that makes sense,” Izuku says, “But Deku?”

The Sports Festival hasn’t happened yet, Deku realizes. He hasn’t made it through the first event with no Quirk, hasn’t almost kept all of the points till the end with only his brains and his friends’ Quirks, and hasn’t helped anyone, isn’t friends with Todoroki yet.

And Deku himself interrupted the USJ...all the other has are a few experiences. Not enough to feel truly settled.

“Well,” Deku says, smiling, “Uraraka said it best. I’m the Deku who can!”

He sees the other’s lips twitch at the mention of their friend.

“Oh,” he says, “That- I bet Kacchan freaked out.”

Deku snorts.

“Not as bad as you’d think,” he says to Izuku.

Finally, Izuku smiles back. It’s a strange accomplishment- making himself smile.

The sound of a sharp vibration cuts through the air. Izuku’s eyes fly wide and he pats his pants, pulling his phone out of his pocket. He thumbs through whatever message is on it, smile dropping back to a frown.

Deku tries not to feel disappointed.

“Um, mom wants to know if we’ll be home anytime soon,” Izuku says hesitantly, glancing at Nezu.

“You’re free to go!” The principal chirps, “Unless there was something else you needed from me?”

Deku shakes his head, noting that Izuku does the same at the same time. He stands from the chair, once again stunned at the slight growth he’s had over the year.

Izuku takes a step back, blinking. It’s obvious he’s noticed the same thing, but is choosing to ignore it. Deku follows him out of the principal’s office, waving a goodbye to Nezu. The halls are empty with how late it is, and the two’s footsteps echo through the building.

Only when they pass the threshold does Izuku look at Deku, eyes narrowing.

“Your Quirk-”

“Our Quirk,” Deku interrupts, anticipating the questions that are sure to be coming.

Izuku frowns.

Our Quirk, then. Why is your One for All...different?”

Deku swallows, looking around. There’s no one nearby.

“One for All went through what’s called singularity. So you’re going to get the other holder’s Quirks soon. A little over half-way through the year, actually.”

Izuku stops.

“I’m going to get seven Quirks?”

“Yeah, don’t worry, I already told All Might about them,” Deku says, “I only have three so far, so I’m not that helpful. Sorry.”

“No! No! This is- we didn’t know?” Izuku asks, waving his hands.

“We didn’t,” Deku confirms, “You’ll have a dream about it before, probably. So when that happens…”

“Got it!” Izuku nods. He smiles before biting his lip.

“That must have been pretty scary, huh?”

“What?” Deku says.

Izuku reaches out, hand hovering near Deku.

“It’s just- I imagine it was scary, developing a new Quirk out of nowhere.”

His arm burning, Black Whip shooting out in all directions, Uraraka’s arms wrapped around him, Shinsou’s voice cutting through-

“You could say that,” Deku tries to laugh.

Izuku crosses the gap, placing his hand on Deku’s shoulder.

“Thanks then, for telling me.”

“You’re me.” Deku says, dumbfounded.

“Well,” Izuku shrugs, letting his hand drop, “Still.”

He walks forward quickly, Deku staring at his back before he follows.

The rest of the walk home is in silence.

A surprisingly comfortable silence.

The sight of his front door causes Deku to stop. Izuku makes it a few steps forward before noticing.

“Deku?” He asks, turning.

The last time Deku spoke to his mother face-to-face she had tears in her eyes. She hasn’t been able to look at his arms since Jakku, since the resulting hospital visit. He had to talk her down from sueing and she’d cried. Cried the entire night.

Kacchan had it worse after Jakku. A month long coma was-

It was bad.

But Izuku lost function of parts of his fingers. Can’t move them the same way again, was told in no uncertain terms that if he did anything over a fiver percent smash he’d probably have to lose something.

His mom...his mom had- has a right to be mad. To be sad. All Deku does is disappoint her, even if she did let him go on to UA for his second year, there’s something he’s lost. Her trust? Her belief? Deku can’t parse it out, hesitates to try to see what he’ll find.

“Deku?” Izuku says, centimeters from him. Deku jumps, yelping.

“Sorry!” Izuku cries, reaching out to right him.

“It’s- it’s okay,” Deku says, “Just...been a bit since I’ve been home.”

“Did something happen?” Izuku says, leaning even closer.

Deku shakes his head, saying, “Sorry! Forgot. We have dorms now.”


“Yeah, after Kacchan got kidnapped.”

Izuku almost smacks Deku in the face with a hand, crying, “What?”

“Oh! It’s fine! I told All Might and the detective about it!”

“Still!” Izuku frowns, “That’s-Kacchan? Really?”

“To be fair,” Deku says, “It took a whole League of Villains.”

Izuku nods. Of course he does, Kacchan wouldn’t be caught by anything less, Deku knows.

The door creaks open, startling the two of them. Their mother peers out. Deku stiffens. He can admit, he’s a little scared.

Of what she’ll think.

Of what she’ll say.

Izuku must not miss his tension, because the other gently wraps his hand around Deku’s wrist and tugs him forward.

“Hey mom! Here’, I guess? He said to call him Deku.” Izuku pulls him forward relentlessly and Deku lets himself be tugged closer to the other version of his mother.

She smiles wide and throws her arms around him without hesitation. Deku jumps, startled, but wraps his arms around her in return.

“You’ve gotten so big!” She cries, pulling him into the house. Deku would take off his shoes, but his hero costume is a little complex.

“Ah yeah,” Deku says, “It’s been a year.”

“Well, I’m proud of both of you,” she says without hesitation, “Now I’ll fix some dinner and you can take a shower. IT can’t be comfortable traipsing around in all of that gear!”

“You can borrow some of my clothes!” Izuku chirps, darting into their room. Deku follows, guilt still swarming in his stomach. His mother knows nothing of the future. She wouldn’t- she wouldn’t be so proud of him if she knew what he did.

Izuku shoves some of his work-out clothes into Deku’s hands and pushes him to the shower.

“I can’t have changed so much that a hot shower wouldn’t make me feel better,” Izuku scolds. Deku nods dumbly, entering the bathroom and letting out a small chuckle.

It’s strange to be on the receiving end of his own protectiveness.

The shower does make him feel better though, and shedding his gear makes Deku less tense, less ‘in-the-zone’ as Ashido had called it.

He wanders back into their room, looking at the merch that hasn’t yet been split up into two places. Crowded but homey. Something he hasn’t felt since Kamino.

Deku sits at the edge of the bed just as the door pops open.

Izuku walks in, stopping and staring at Deku’s arms.

“Ah,” Deku says, curling in on himself, “Yeah.”

“What- what happened?” Izuku breathes, creeping closer and sitting on the edge of the bed.

Deku’s arms are-

They aren’t pretty, covered in nothing but mottled scar tissue. They throb constantly and the parts that don’t are just...numb. Nerve damage, the doctors had said.

“Breaking your arms over and over again,” Deku starts, “It has...consequences.”

A sharp inhale.

“That-” Izuku says, “That makes sense.”

Deku stares at his arms, a thought bubbling up.

“You aren’t All Might,” Deku says, glaring at Izuku, “We aren’t All Might.”

Izuku flinches back, “I know-”

“No,” Deku interrupts, “No, we aren’t him. We’re us.

The other tilts his head in obvious confusion.

“Like a taiyaki in the microwave,” Deku continues, “Spread One for All around like that.”

“A taiyaki in the microwave…?” Izuku says, brows furrowing and his thumb pressing against his mouth.

“Not everything in life is about, and I quote, “fucking punching things, Deku.”

Izuku startles.


Deku smiles, “We’re friends now.”

“Really?” Izuku’s eyes are wide, fully of hope.

“Really,” Deku nods.

Izuku does an odd half-flinch that Deku knows the other is repressing some happy movement- like flapping.

“You’ll figure it out,” Deku says, “But try to do it faster than me, okay?”

The other Izuku frowns, grabbing Deku’s hands.

“Look. I know- I don’t know,” he mumbles, face scrunching in frustration, “You did your best!”


“You did your best, because that’s what I would’ve done!” Izuku says, shaking Deku’s arms, “So stop the self-depreciating!”

“I’m not-”

“I’m you!” Izuku yells, giving another harsh shake.

Deku blinks, “Ah,” he says, “Yeah.”

“Yeah,” Izuku says, a tinge of sarcasm in the word.

His hands tighten around Deku’s arms.

“I don’t know what the future holds, but- you’ve made things better here. So I’m- you’re- a hero. We’re a hero.” The grip Izuku has is almost painful, but Deku is frozen.

“Stop doubting yourself,” Izuku says, staring at Deku’s injured arms.

A hysterical giggle forces it’s way past Deku’s lips.

“Only if you do,” he says back.

The laugh that rips its way out of Izuku’s throat shouldn’t be as funny as it is.

“Fuck this is weird,” Deku manages between laughs. Izuku just nods, hunched over with laughs spilling out his throat.

Their mother pokes her head in, smiling.

“Dinner is ready!”

They spring away from each other, laughs still filling the room.

Izuku gives Deku a long sleeve before they head out. There are things, they both agree, that Midoriya Inko is perhaps not ready for. It goes fine, though his mom seems to have an odd sci-fi movie opinion on time travel, as she stops herself from asking any questions.

Deku snaps back a half-step out of the chair, the same ringing and swirling causing him to skid on the pavement.

The child is sobbing apologies.

“It’s okay,” Deku groans, “I’m alright. Why were you running?”

"I heard you yelp through the comm," Todoroki's voice crackles through, "I'm coming over."

Izuku sighs, sending a quick 'over'. It takes another second to stand back up.

“I keep accidentally using my Quirk!” The child cries. Todoroki finally catches up, grabbing Deku’s arm forcefully.

The mother of the child, clear from their matching pink hair and eyes, runs up. She’s sobbing as well.

“It’ll be okay,” Izuku says, smiling, looking at Todoroki. Todoroki who is scowling, ouch. He’s still a little over-protective since Jakku.

“Yeah,” Todoroki grumbles, “We’ll figure it out.”

The mother bows, thank yous spilling from her lips.

“It’s okay,” Izuku says again, “We’re heroes after all.”