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The Samoyed and His Black Cat Shizun Papapa Chronicles

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The sound of a ragged breath by Jiang Cheng’s ear makes him shudder involuntarily. He is still incredibly lightheaded from the two jars of alcohol he polished off alongside dinner earlier for... for courage, and the heat from the bath definitely isn’t helping him clear his head. 

If anything, the sloshing sound of water in the tub only serves to make Jiang Cheng feel much more self-conscious, and he tightens his grip on Lan Xichen’s shoulders, digging blunt nails into muscled flesh when his disciple pushes the two fingers deep into him again.

With one leg raised and hooked around Lan Xichen's arm, Jiang Cheng has no choice but to stay close to the latter for balance and support.

Lan Xichen clearly knows this and is making use of it to slowly tease the fucking hell out of him.

That darn brat! Jiang Cheng grits his teeth.

He feels every movement against his walls, from the soft gentle strokes to the way the calloused pads of Lan Xichen’s fingers brush against his prostate yet again. Jiang Cheng inhales sharply, curling his toes in sheer pleasure as Lan Xichen circles his finger around the sensitive bundle of nerves, teasing it several more times before pulling his fingers back out once more.

“Lan Xichen, you—!”

“Be patient. You are still too tight.”

Jiang Cheng swallows down the rest of his complaints with a curt nod and resorts to screwing his eyes shut as he gives himself over completely to the wave of sensations that Lan Xichen’s ministrations brings him. He tries not to think about the fact that the one doing these things to him is his disciple, is someone who he has watched growing up—but instead, focus on the part that the one doing this to him is Lan Xichen, the person he loves.

The hand against Jiang Cheng’s waist shifts, sliding down to the curve of his ass to cup and grope at the fleshy mound. Lan Xichen squeezes it, first gingerly, then desperately.

“Shizun, it feels so good having your hole stretched around my fingers like this. Can you feel how much it is twitching right now? It seems like it’s begging for me to tease it even more.”

Lan Xichen’s pace is agonizingly slow and it simply infuriates Jiang Cheng to no end. He knows that Lan Xichen is doing this on purpose—he knows that Lan Xichen is doing this as slowly as possible so he can savor his birthday gift, and Jiang Cheng isn’t in any position to stop him.

He doesn’t want to stop him.

He won’t stop Lan Xichen at all today, Jiang Cheng tells himself sternly as he thumps his head down against the side of the wooden tub when the pad of Lan Xichen’s finger brushes against that one spot inside of him yet again, hitting it head-on this time. It sends an electrifying jolt running up his spine and Jiang Cheng contracts down on Lan Xichen reflexively, as a strangled moan leaves his lips.

Jiang Cheng’s body heats up at once, flushing down to his chest where his erect nipples harden even further, pushing out and straining against his drenched inner robes. Jiang Cheng lets out a muffled groan and Lan Xichen chuckles in response, grinding against the sweet spot and reaps the feeling of Jiang Cheng’s entrance twitching enticingly around his slender fingers.

“Could this be your prostate? Shizun, tell me, are you feeling good from this disciple’s fingers?”

Jiang Cheng whips his head around to glare at his smirking disciple. What the fuck is this idiot asking with that darn smug smile when he has been playing with that same spot for the past… god knows how fucking long?! 

“You perverted brat!”

Your perverted brat,” Lan Xichen corrects, reaching up with his free hand to grab at the lapels of Jiang Cheng’s robes, tugging it completely loose in a single motion. The action grazes the silken material against the older man’s nipple and Jiang Cheng momentarily goes limp, losing the strength to resist.

Making use of the opportunity, Lan Xichen pulls Jiang Cheng’s robes free, baring his shoulder and chest.

"Shizun, you look so erotic with your inner robes sticking to you like this, but I still think I prefer it when you are naked." Lan Xichen leans in, mouthing at the side of Jiang Cheng’s neck.

“Don’t you dare leave any marks,” Jiang Cheng warns, but it’s already too late because Lan Xichen bites down on the pale skin without restraint, eliciting a choked whimper from the older man. Lan Xichen swiftly follows it up with an open-mouthed kiss, sucking greedily on the spot until a pretty pink mark blooms before heading to mark a new area.

"You brute," Jiang Cheng remarks then, without any real heat to his words, and Lan Xichen simply chuckles again.

"Yet I'm still Shizun's favorite disciple."

Jiang Cheng averts his gaze, scoffing. "There's not much competition when the only other two disciples I have are a troublemaker and an emotionally constipated youth."

He had expected Lan Xichen to laugh at his verbal jab, but instead, the younger man frowns, withdrawing his fingers moodily. He puts Jiang Cheng's raised leg back down.

"Do not talk about him."

Jiang Cheng raises a brow. "Who? Wei Wuxian? What's wrong with Wei Wu- mmph!"

A dark expression flits across Lan Xichen's mien and he swoops forward in the next instant, capturing Jiang Cheng's lips in a searing kiss.

"Xichen, wait-" Jiang Cheng wants to say, but the rest of his words are swallowed up when Lan Xichen shoves his tongue right into Jiang Cheng's mouth. 

Jiang Cheng's eyes flutter close and he lets his jaw fall slack in turn, allowing Lan Xichen to have his way with him. Lan Xichen does exactly that—impatiently pushing his tongue into every crevice to map out the warm cavern, then sliding it against Jiang Cheng's tongue to coax it to respond.

Meanwhile, Lan Xichen's hands delve down and around, grabbing the older man by his ass to pull him closer. The action tugs on the twin mounds of flesh, and they part at the center, revealing the pliant pink twitching entrance.

Water sloshes in the tub from their movements, and a wave of heat unexpectedly hits the sensitive hole. Jiang Cheng jerks forward, unintentionally grinding their clothed erections together.

Lan Xichen's girth is hot against his own, and while Jiang Cheng's is wider, he can clearly feel that Lan Xichen's cock is longer and harder.

Will something like that really fit in him?!

Maybe it will split him right open, make him scream—and Jiang Cheng has absolutely no idea why, but that mere thought makes his heart race and his body hot.

Please, Jiang Cheng wants to say, but please what? What does Jiang Cheng himself want?

"Shizun… Shizun tastes so sweet," Lan Xichen whispers, licking a stripe down to Jiang Cheng's jawline. Jiang Cheng draws in a sharp intake of breath and hastily tilts his head back, baring his neck.

Lan Xichen latches onto the pale expanse of skin, sucking in possessive mark after mark, leaving a line of hickies from down one side of his neck and up the other.

"Mine," Lan Xichen snarls, hot breath fanning against Jiang Cheng's ear and the older man shudders. He braces his palms against Lan Xichen's chest and pushes him away gently, saying the first thing that comes to mind—anything to give himself a moment of respite from the exponentially building crescendo of emotions.

"X-Xichen, I have always wondered but why are you so jealous over your shixiong?"

"He has been with Shizun for far longer than I have."

Jiang Cheng arches a brow up inquisitively. Perhaps it's because he's still fucking turned on and out of it, but Jiang Cheng has absolutely no idea where this turn of conversation is headed. "And?"

The tone of Lan Xichen's voice is harsh. "He has seen more sides of Shizun than I have."

Huh? What? That's it?

Lan Xichen takes Jiang Cheng's silence the wrong way and he starts moving away, his brows drawn together and his expression akin to that of a kicked puppy.

Jiang Cheng tightens his grip on Lan Xichen on his upper arm, holding him in place.

"You're really an idiot. Did you think I'll let Wei Wuxian see me like this? Do you think I'll let anyone else see me like this?"

Lan Xichen snaps his gaze up to meet Jiang Cheng's, amber orbs wide and moist.

Jiang Cheng rolls his eyes. "When I accepted your feelings, when I said I'm yours, I meant it. I am yours, Lan Xichen. Only yours."

"Shizun! You can't just say something like this!"

"Hn? And what will happen if I do?"

Lan Xichen pounces on him all of a sudden, knocking Jiang Cheng into the side of the wooden tub. It tilts precariously and Jiand Cheng hisses in warning, but Lan Xichen pays him absolutely no mind.

He is preoccupied with pleasing the man before him, preoccupied with pressing their chests together and sliding his length in between the cleft of Jiang Cheng's ass, preoccupied with taking the reddened and sensitive lobe of Jiang Cheng’s ear between his lips.

“Shizun. Shizun… Shizun!” 

It’s just a chant of the same word—a word that Jiang Cheng should have heard countless times from Lan Xichen in the past decade, but somehow it feels terribly different tonight. It sparks a bottomless pit of insatiable lust inside of Jiang Cheng, and there’s a voice at the back of his head that demands he pull Lan Xichen even closer, let Lan Xichen take his first time, let his disciple take him just like this.

“Nngh!” The rational part of Jiang Cheng’s mind is completely swallowed up by a series of intelligible whimpers, and the older man grunts helplessly as he bucks his hips. He needs Lan Xichen in him right now—needs it like water, like air.

Jiang Cheng had never done anything remotely sexual with anyone before, but he could nearly imagine it now, with Lan Xichen ghosting the tip of his throbbing member repeatedly over his entrance.

It would probably feel pretty damn good to have it pushing into him in one single motion. It might hurt, actually it would probably hurt, but Jiang Cheng can’t bring himself to pay any mind to that right now.

All that’s in his mind is the desire for more, more, and even more; and it’s with that sole thought running through his mind that Jiang Cheng finally glances up.

Their gazes meet, and Jiang Cheng’s mind goes completely blank, unable to form a coherent sentence.

Instead, all that comes out is a breathless plea.


Please, what? Jiang Cheng still has absolutely no idea, but Lan Xichen reads the situation entirely with his own interpretation, and he flips Jiang Cheng around. Jiang Cheng hurriedly holds his upper body up with his palms against the edge of the wooden tub, his stomach skimming the surface of the water as Lan Xichen lines his cock up to his entrance from behind.

The only warning Jiang Cheng gets is a muffled grunt and the sensation of something touching his rim before the pliant hole expands easily, stretching to accommodate Lan Xichen’s girth as the latter sheaths it into him entirely in one hard thrust.

The bath water is hot against Jiang Cheng’s skin, but it can’t even come close to comparing to the surge of raw heat inside of Jiang Cheng. There’s a burning ache at his entrance right down and through his passageway, but it’s not the type of pain Jiang Cheng was expecting. It’s akin to a parched man finally finding a water source after days—a strange analogy, but the older man can’t think of a better one to express the sense of fulfillment and contentment at finally giving his virginity away to his disciple, to the one he holds dear, to the person he loves, to Lan Xichen.

“Shizun, I’m sorry,” Lan Xichen says apologetically, pulling back out with a hoarse gasp. A stream of white leaks from Jiang Cheng's hole, trailing down the insides of trembling thighs and dissipates down into the bathwater. "I didn't mean to come so fast. It was my first time."



Jiang Cheng bites down on his lower lip, trying to curb his building urge to say or do something he would regret later. But he knows how much Lan Xichen likes him being honest, likes hearing him beg, and today… today is Lan Xichen's birthday.

Jiang Cheng swallows thickly, reaching behind himself with a hand, grabbing and lifting one of his cheeks, to bring his puffy rim back into full view.

It's playing dirty in a way, because Jiang Cheng knows exactly how much the sight entices and turns the younger man on.

He can feel Lan Xichen's eyes on him, glued to the trail of his own white essence dripping out, marking his teacher from inside out—and Jiang Cheng's knowledge of that, compounded with the fact that he is doing something this lowly and debauched as this, sets something in him aflame.

"Xichen… Xichen, please. Just- Just put it back into me. Fill me up deeper and harder!" Jiang Cheng flushes with embarrassment at what he is planning to say next, but he simply screws his eyes shut and utters the line all the same. "S-Shizun wants it. This Shizun wants your—"

The wooden tub breaks.

A wave of water fills the bathing area as Lan Xichen loses control of his strength and shatters the entire tub in a fit of excitement. Jiang Cheng falls forward into the pool, landing on his hands and knees.

Lan Xichen follows after immediately, grabbing Jiang Cheng's torso with a hand on either side of his hips, and pushes himself back into the older man without missing a beat.

Jiang Cheng keens, settling down onto his elbows and chest as Lan Xichen rocks himself into him repeatedly. It’s so different this time—there is none of Lan Xichen’s earlier hesitation or his urge to tease. Each thrust into Jiang Cheng is strong, quick and precise, aiming directly for his prostate.

Jiang Cheng’s knees slip on the flooring, but Lan Xichen barely pauses. He simply tightens his hold on Jiang Cheng’s waist to keep his rear lifted and continues undulating his hips. Jiang Cheng’s body reacts to the passionate lovemaking in turn, his member throbbing and leaking a copious amount of precum down into the inch of water under them.

Each movement spreads warmth into Jiang Cheng like wildfire, from the touches, to the friction, to the alcohol from earlier. It’s making him hazy with lust and desire, and Jiang Cheng bucks his hips backwards, contracting down and around Lan Xichen’s girth.

Jiang Cheng can clearly feel how his walls are twitching around Lan Xichen’s length, moulding themselves to his shape, milking the younger man for more of that sweet, sweet, pleasurable heat.

He had never felt anything like this before.

All throughout his life, Jiang Cheng had been alienated. He had only known pain. Getting pleasured like this, having someone he cares for so deeply love him back in return is like a dream come true, and Jiang Cheng is still unable to wrap his head around the multitude of emotions brewing through him.

Why would someone so amazing and talented like Lan Xichen want him?

“You are thinking too much again,” Lan Xichen murmurs against heated skin. “Shizun, you’re so good to me. Even if we have to redo our meeting endless times, I have no doubt that I would fall in love with you every single time. If Shizun doesn’t believe me, I will tell you over and over again until you do.”

Jiang Cheng stills. “T-Tell me what?”

“Tell you that I love you. Tell you that I’ve always loved you since the first time I met you by the lotus lake.”

“Ridiculous!” Jiang Cheng clearly remembers their first meeting. That was when Lan Xichen picked him as his mentor out of all the other eligible teachers. He was the youngest one there, the one with the reputation of being a terrible teacher, and Lan Xichen had picked him all the same.

Lan Xichen had picked him then, and Lan Xichen is picking him now.

“Shizun, can you see? Your hole is tightening around me so lewdly. It’s clinging to me as if it doesn’t want to ever let me go.”

Jiang Cheng cracks open an eye, glancing down at his reflection in the water. The ripples make it exceedingly difficult to see, but Jiang Cheng can still make out the shape of Lan Xichen’s dick as it pushes into him.

Something this huge and thick is…!

“I’ll make it even easier for Shizun to see,” Lan Xichen mutters, and that’s the only warning he gets from the other man before he forcibly spreads Jiang Cheng’s legs wider, giving him a clearer view of how Lan Xichen’s girth is entering him, sliding into his depths, then pulling back out again, its engorged head catching on Jiang Cheng’s rim. 

“Haaaah…” Jiang Cheng pants, curling his hands into fists. “Too much, Xichen, wait-”

“I’ve waited for a decade, Shizun,” Lan Xichen whispers, sinking his fingers into flesh, and holding them apart so he can plunge even deeper into him. “Are you going to make me wait more?”

Jiang Cheng gives a brief shake of his head. He is already unable to formulate any decent sentence in his mind. It’s all mush right now, and the only coherent thought in his mind right now is a burning need to come.

He wants to come with Lan Xichen sheathed in him, he wants to come from Lan Xichen coming inside him.

Lan Xichen chuckles. “Shizun is pampering this disciple so much today. So, as thanks, this disciple will pamper Shizun a whole lot too. How does this feel?”

Lan Xichen slides his hands under Jiang Cheng’s thighs, snaking them up against his torso, and in a single swift motion, heaves Jiang Cheng upright.

The weight of Jiang Cheng’s own body makes him sink down on Lan Xichen’s length, and Lan Xichen drives his hips up at the exact same time, ramming his member into Jiang Cheng. The change in angle makes Lan Xichen feel even larger and Jiang Cheng whimpers at the feeling of the tip of Lan Xichen’s cock bumping up against his prostate.

“What an erotic sound. The way you are writhing in my arms right now just makes me want to tease you more.”

“Don’t… Don’t bully your elders…!” Jiang Cheng lashes out weakly but his words of protests turn into a drawn-out moan when Lan Xichen gives a series of short thrusts up into the older man. There’s nearly no conceivable pause between all the individual movements and the continuous bursts of pleasure all meld and merge into a single wave of coiling heat in the pit of Jiang Cheng’s stomach.

Jiang Cheng does his best to hold it at bay, but it intensifies exponentially with each movement. Jiang Cheng throws his head back, shivering with pleasure when he finally releases several moments later, sending spurts of white forth into the water.

His passageway contracts like a vice around Lan Xichen’s girth, milking it, and Lan Xichen finds himself coming from that, filling Jiang Cheng to the brim with his passion.

“But I am not bullying Shizun, I’m loving him.”

Jiang Cheng rolls his eyes as he slumps forward tiredly. Lan Xichen’s cock slides out of his abused hole with a wet pop. “Well, you can keep that love for the next time, we still have to clean this mess up then take another bath.”

“There’s no need for that yet.”

Jiang Cheng turns to Lan Xichen with a puzzled look. “What?”

Lan Xichen pounces on him, pushing Jiang Cheng down. The older man’s back lands on the floor, touching the cooling bath water. Without any hesitation, Lan Xichen catches Jiang Cheng’s legs at the back of his knees and pushes them backward, nearly folding Jiang Cheng in half.

“I’m not done yet.”

Jiang Cheng glances down and gasps at the sight of Lan Xichen’s cock. It’s still fully erect and already lined up at his entrance.

“Wait, you beast, why are you still hard?!”

Lan Xichen smiles.

“The night is still young, Shizun. This is my birthday gift right?”