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Qin Su is rather fond of Sect Leader Su.

He’s never looked down on Jin Guangyao over his origin and is one of the few people who’s spoken out in favor of their marriage. Despite his normally quite prickly and unpolished personality he’s friendly and polite when with Lianfang-zun. 
He really honors the generosity he’s given, working tirelessly whenever needed to the point of almost neglecting his duties to his own sect. If he’s called, he always hurries over immediately, sometimes even in the deepest of nights. It’s no wonder he couldn’t find time to marry and have an heir yet himself. 
Maybe it’s his education, after all he’s had the same albeit less successful and complete one as the other most ardent supporter Jin Guangyao’s: Zewu-jun. 
Despite their rather unfortunate history, he’s never said a single bad word about Zewu-jun and the close bonds between Jin and Lan sect, not even in jest. It’s such a strong contrast to his usual pettiness, never missing an opportunity to complain about other Sect leaders or even Lianfang-zun’s own cousin to his face. He knows he doesn’t mind these.


Qin Su is wary of Su Minshan.

They spend too much time together, she barely gets to see her own husband these days, all because Minshan keeps demanding his attention. Sometimes for days just because of such a trivial matter as a few Fierce Corpses. He can’t be that incompetent can he?
Or could it be...A-Yao is avoiding her? He always rises before she wakes and works late until she’s already fallen asleep. Could it be... Minshan is just providing cover for what he really does all these nights? Being the obedient lapdog eager to please its owner.
Is this “work” just a cover for her husband seeking pleasure elsewhere? But why hide it from her? Other Sect Leaders have plenty of concubines! Does he fear people would talk due to his mother? How dare they! How dare they judge him, while his father still lays hand on any woman he fancies the slightest.
But why not be open to her? They talked about this… or rather she did. reassuring that she’d not feel jealous, that he can see someone else, even if it’s love. Yet the thought stings.

No. It must be her.
What is it about her that he doesn’t want, doesn’t desire her? Does he not find her attractive anymore? Is he repulsed by her body? Did she do or say something wrong, something that hurt him? Or was it all a lie and she fell for it? That he never fancied her and it was just convenient, a political move. She’s heard the gossip among other sect leaders wives, it’s hard not to with only flimsy attempts to prevent it from reaching her ears. No they are just jealous, she knows this, or else they’d show concern for her.
No, he’s working so hard, and here she’s having these terrible thoughts about him, but she can’t shake off the unease.

This night she stays awake, she’s never done this before, she trusts her husband. She still does. If he has nothing to hide there’s nothing wrong with it anyway. She catches a glance of her husband in the pale moonlight, there is nothing unusual, no smell of alcohol or perfume. Sure there’s a faint hint of iron and the bruises but she understands he’d not want to talk about the kind of work his father piles onto him. It’s almost like he’s doing it on purpose, working his son to exhaustion not allowing him a single moment of rest and relief. How could he ever have time for anything besides work? How could he find time to spend with someone else? The exhaustion is written clearly on his face, no amount of cosmetics can fully hide the dark circles under his eyes or those numerous strands of hair in their bed. But why not talk to her? To not burden her?
Thinking she wouldn’t notice?


Qin Su doesn't like Su She.

The way he looks at her husband, she’s seen it before, in the eyes of Mo Xuanyu. Of course he’s stuck to him like honey, he’s waiting to make a move  when no one else is around. 
Why wouldn’t A-Yao just reject him? Or did he already? He could just cut ties with the Sect! Ah but he wouldn’t… he shouldn’t. Even as sect leader his position is precarious and who knows how a spurned suitor with Su She’s temper would retribute…
What does he think? That A-Yao owes him for his loyalty? He should at least pretend otherwise, get a wife, make an heir. Anything to not be this shameless and obviously leering after A-Yao. Everyone can see it. 
She’s even seen him spy on A-Yao and his sworn brother, sticking his nose into everything! At least she can tell her husband isn’t indulging him.
Or could it be…? No there’s no way her husband would reciprocate such feelings. Not for someone as vulgar as Su She.
Someone as noble and refined as Zewu-jun? Who’d even think of rejecting him? Of not confiding in him. But she’s caught the same look in Zewu-jun’s eyes as her own.
The worry, the innumerable questions on his mind and tongue the hesitation to form them, but not daring to.