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The Switch

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.oOo. Chapter Three .oOo.
Warning – description of a car accident and mention of blood.

Beca and Amy heard the almighty crash from their spot in the break room and looked at each other in shock.

"Shit, that sounded much worse than a fender bender." Beca said, getting up off of the chair and walking towards the door. "Come on, we'd better go see if everyone is okay."

"Right behind yoos Beca."

Beca was walking out through the kitchen when she heard Denise call out from the seating area.

"I think we'd better call nine one one." Denise said. "Guy jumped the lights and smashed into an SUV."

Beca looked out of the restaurant windows where Denise was standing, pointing towards the small trading estate and immediately saw three cars pushed into the small ditch at the side of the road. She saw one car on its side, the wheels still spinning and a thin plume of white smoke rising from the hood of the car.

"That car is going to catch fire. Denise, call for help. Now!" Beca stated, walking quickly towards the entrance. "Amy, grab the fire extinguisher. Kevin, bring the bucket of sand, there's probably gas on the road."

Beca pushed open the doors and headed out through the small parking lot at the side of the restaurant. She held her swelling stomach as best she could and picked up the pace when she saw movement inside the vehicle on its side. She could smell the gas as she drew closer to the car at the back of the pile up.

"Hello?" She called out, looking through the window, wincing immediately as she took in the smashed windscreen and the slumped body in the driver's seat, eyes staring vacantly ahead. There was blood everywhere and she forced her gag reflex to stay in check as she realised that driver hadn't been wearing his seatbelt and had bullseyed the window. She approached the middle car, crumpled in the back, and almost buried into the car on its side in front of it.

She couldn't see the driver at first, then saw his seat had reclined itself backwards with the force of the crash. His window was rolled down to the bottom and she was about to reach in to see if he was okay then realised, due to the angle of his head, that his neck was clearly broken. She let out a choking sob as she advanced on the Ford Expedition. She thought her day had been bad before, but this was worse than anything she'd seen for years.

She heard Amy yell in the distance but ignored the shout as she peered in through the windscreen. She saw movement immediately.

"Don't move!" Beca yelled, seeing a dark-haired man flailing his arms about in the back. He was held tight to the seat by his belt. It was dark inside the car and she could make out three people inside. "Try not to move dude."

"My wife…" The driver called out, gesturing to his right. Beca could see he was covered in glass and was bleeding from several tiny cuts on his face and neck. "Please help her."

Beca glanced down, to the left and saw a bunch of red curls just as Amy came running from the parking lot. She could see broken glass on the ground as the female passenger started to come to.

"Beca…" Amy hissed out, her breathing hard and fast, pulling Beca away from the car. "… there's sparks… coming from the…"

"My wife is pregnant." The driver called out again. "Please help her."

Beca pushed Amy aside and headed back to the Ford.

"Dude, what's your name?" She asked the driver.


"And what's your wife's name?"

"It's Chloe. She's pregnant." David said again.

"Okay David. Just sit tight, okay. Try not to move. And tell the guy in the back to quit moving about. We can't roll your car, it's in a ditch so I'm gonna come in through the sunroof and take a look at your wife, okay?"

"Yeah, okay."

Beca nodded sharply at him before making her way around the car to the sunroof. The glass had shattered and the hole was just about big enough for her to get through. She felt Amy pull on her arm again.

"Beca, yoos can't-"

"-I can Ames."

"Yoos baby, Beca?"

"It'll be all right. I'm okay. Just get a first aid kit and something warm. These guys are hurt." Beca said, pausing just before she knelt down. She pulled Amy down and spoke quietly. "The guys in the other two cars are dead. I have to help these people."

Beca looked around as she watched Denise and Kevin running across the parking lot. Kevin was carrying some supplies and Denise was on the phone.

"Tell them too." Beca said, nodding towards her co-workers.

With Amy distracted for a moment, Beca knelt down onto the floor, slipped a hand under her stomach and, minding the smattering of chipped glass all around the ground, crawled under the opening of the sunroof.

"Hi." She said, as she came across the guy in the back. His blank stare told Beca that he was in serious pain and she could see from the angle he was laying in that his injuries were not going to be light. "Try not to move dude."

She twisted herself around, and carefully stepped over his twisted legs and moved towards the front. David was wedged pretty well in the bucket seat and was trying to reach out to Chloe with his right arm.

"Beca, there's a lot of smoke comin' from the hood." Amy called out.

"David, your wife is Chloe, right?" Beca asked, ignoring Amy.

"Yeah. Chloe." He said, drowsily.

"David, tell me about Chloe." Beca said, as she reached around the seat, feeling for the belt.

"I… um…" He mumbled and Beca knew he was going to lose consciousness any second.

"Stay awake David. Talk to me about your wife." Beca said as her fingers closed around the belt buckle.

"She's… she's… pregnant." David muttered.

"How far along?" Beca said, struggling to release the seatbelt.

"Thirty six weeks."

"That's great David. What are you having?" Beca pulled on the thick strap just enough to be able to undo it. Chloe was laying on her side but shifted a bit as the belt slackened.

"A baby."

Beca looked over to him, could clearly see that he was struggling to stay awake. She decided to concentrate on Chloe as she squeezed between the two seats and perched on the console.

"Hi, Chloe? Can you move? Are you hurt?" She said, looking down as Chloe seemed to move around a little more now that she wasn't confined in the seat.

"Hi, no, I'm okay."

"Are you sure?" Bec asked, as she moved the belt over Chloe's head.

"Where's David?"

"He's okay, he's here. We need to get you out."


"He's okay too. We've gotta work on you." Beca stressed, noting the metallic scent of blood beginning to fill the car. "Are you sure you're not hurt? Your neck, your back?"

"No, I'm okay."

"Do you think you can move?"

"Yeah, I think so."

"Give me your hand." Beca instructed.

Chloe flinched as she reached out her left hand towards Beca.

"Wait, wait." Chloe said as a sharp pain rippled across her back.

"What is it?"

"My back. Pain in my back."

"Okay, don't move. Don't move at all." Beca said.

"Shit." Chloe said quietly as she felt wetness trickle down her legs. "I think my water just broke. Oh God!"

"It's okay. Try not to move, we'll think of something else."

"I think the pain was just that, it's eased off now."

"Okay, if you want to try to move?"


"Let me get your arm and I'll help you to your feet. Use the dash as leverage but there's glass everywhere so be careful."


Beca gripped Chloe's arm and with a few unladylike grunts, managed to get her half up from the chair.

"Stand on the door and I'll get behind you. Easy." Beca said, slipping down low behind Chloe and half pushing her to her feet. "I know it's weird but stand up if you can and get your head through the window."

Chloe did as Beca instructed, keeping both eyes closed as she straightened herself out, wincing as the pain in her back grew. She reopened her eyes and looked at David.

"David?" Chloe said quickly. "Are you okay? Babe?"

"I think he passed out. He's breathing though, look."

Chloe gave David a quick kiss and whispered something into his ear.

"We won't be able to get you through the sunroof. You won't fit through the seats with that." Beca said, nodding towards Chloe's bump. "Hang on, I'll be back in a minute."

"Don't go."

"It's okay. I'm going to help you out of the driver window. You can use the arm rests as steps."

"I'm not sure I can." Chloe said quietly, feeling a wave of pain in her belly.

"The car is starting to smoke. I really think you should get out of the vehicle now. You have to think of your baby. Help is coming for David and Pete."

Beca didn't hesitate a moment longer and pushed herself through the front seats, and into the back. She noticed that Pete was now quietly laying still, his eyes fixed in front. She hadn't noticed Kevin had come into the vehicle as well and was holding onto Pete, using the seatbelt to keep him pinned to the chair as he held onto his neck with the other hand.

"You okay?" He asked as Beca squeezed past him, ducking under the sunroof.

"Yeah." Beca shot back the quickest answer as Amy pulled her from the car.

"Yoos a fuckin' idiot goin' in there." She yelled at Beca who yanked her arm back. "Yoos-"

"-Come help me." Beca said, attempting to clamber up onto the roof of the car.

"Beca, yoos got wait for help."

"She's pregnant Amy. You'd want someone to help me if it was me in the car."

"But yoos-"

"-Just give me a boost. If you don't, it'll just take me longer. Please." Beca said, reaching up to grip on the rim on the open window. She felt Amy's hand on her ass as she was hoisted into the air, squeaking a little at the fast movement. She settled onto the top of the car, mindful that the smoke was now turning from dark grey to black. "Get the fire extinguisher going on the hood as soon as I pull the lady free. Okay?"

"Just hurry." Amy said, turning towards Denise and the fire extinguisher.

Beca shifted until she was over the driver window.

"Chloe can you reach up and use the window to get yourself out, if I pull you from here."

"I don't think I can." Chloe said, holding onto her stomach with both hands. "Is Fire and Rescue coming?"

"Help is on the way." Beca said, looking over towards Denise who was looking up and down the road, gesturing as if she was giving directions and details. Beca noticed the engine was now smoking more than ever and listened in horror as a large clanking sound occurred somewhere under the hood. Suddenly a small flame forced its way out of one of the side panels. "Okay, we've got to move now."

"I really-"

"-No, NOW!" Beca yelled. "AMY!"

Without waiting for Amy to come, Beca reached down through the window and grabbed Chloe under both armpits. Holding onto tightly, she yanked Chloe hard enough to pull her off of her feet and up onto the console between the two seats. Beca would see the flame getting bigger as Chloe placed two hands on the edge of the window. Amy rounded on the car, aimed the fire extinguisher at the flames and sent a cloud of white powder in every direction.

"Don't breathe." Beca yelled before she raised herself up on her knees and grabbed hold of as much of Chloe as she could, catching a fistful of red sundress, a bra strap and most of Chloe's right breast as she heaved her up out of the car window, internally screaming at the pain that ripped through her own stomach.

'Fuck!' She screamed in her head before turning to see Amy come up to the side of the car and hold her arms out for Chloe to take. Beca half lowered, half pushed Chloe into Amy's arms before she slid off the car herself. Her knees buckled as she hit the ground, but she scrambled away from the car, trying to gain purchase on the now slimy asphalt.

Beca was about to slip for the third time when Amy grabbed her tightly around the waist and dragged her to the side of the road, a few metres away from the car. It was still smoking but the flames had rescinded.

"Is Fire and Rescue nearly here?" Beca asked, wincing against the pain in her belly. "God, it's been hours since they were called."

"It's been less than six minutes." Amy said, letting Beca fall back on the grass verge. "Yoos idiot! I thought yoos were goin' to die in there."

"It's okay, Ames. It's over now. How's Chloe?"

Beca looked over to the right and saw Chloe's eyes rolling in the back of her head as she swayed where she was sitting. Beca shifted over to her and pulled the redhead into her side.

"I got you. I got you." Beca said gently as she held Chloe in her arms. She could feel the adrenaline begin to leave her body as she heard the first sirens in the distance. She closed her eyes in relief as she felt Chloe begin to shake violently. "It's okay. It's okay. I got you."

"I'm so cold." Chloe whimpered, the tremors coming in waves.

"Deep breaths." Beca said, feeling a ripple of pain shoot across her stomach.

"Para's are nearly here Beca." Amy called out.

"Thank God." Chloe said, gripping Beca's hand tightly.

'Yeah, thank God.' Beca said to herself. 'I think my water just broke too.'


A/N – I know you aren't supposed to move people in car accidents due to injuries. Please don't hate me for taking liberties with this!