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A/N - I have a tonne of stories that I have been writing since I last 'properly' posted about four years on a different site. I have also finally finished all my existing stories so I will be posting those too (if anyone is still interested in reading them!). I have no idea where the inspiration for this new story came from... I seem to recall waking up in a bit of a sugar coma with a mad idea and I hope I've done it justice. And thanks to 50 Shades of Pitch Perfect for giving me a nudge to post this. I promised her a story for her birthday... about three years ago. Sorry it is so late mate!

I hope everyone is staying safe and well in this crazy chaos around the world. 2020 is certainly not the year we all thought it would be. Much love to you all. xx

.oOo. Chapter One .oOo.

Beca Mitchell blinked against the stark light that flooded the hospital room, waking her up for at least the fourth time since midnight.

She laid as still as she could, curled up on her side as one of the other occupants in the four-person room exited their shared bathroom. It had taken her an age to fall asleep after the main light had been switched off, her mind working overtime with worry. She tried so hard in life, everything was a struggle, but she knew that was the hand she'd been dealt in life and tried to make the best of it.

Plus, everything hurt.

Her roommate shut the door as silently as possible and padded their way over to one of the other beds in the room, trying to walk quietly across the squeaky floor. Beca guessed the girl to be about the same age as her, maybe a little older. She hadn't really had a chance to talk to her when she was wheeled in around six that evening, and the curtains had been drawn around her bed. All Beca could say was that she was tall and blonde and had a heavy cast on her left arm.

Not that she really wanted to talk to anyone, she liked her own company, but she was frightened and alone and the voices in her head were making her crazy.

Beca flexed her toes under the blanket, regretting the action immediately. She unwillingly let out a soft groan and felt the tears pool in her eyes. She didn't want to get caught crying in bed, didn't want any fuss over her. Slowly, she rolled onto her back and folded her hands across her stomach, rubbing gentle circles as had been her habit for the past few months.

She thought about the events of the previous day and wondered if all of her efforts had been in vain. She needed to know, wouldn't be able to sleep until she found out what happened to the others.

Raising herself up on her elbows, Beca listened to the gentle snores around the room for a moment. The stillness suggested everyone was asleep. Sliding out of bed, she wrapped her fingers around the IV stand and prayed it wouldn't squeak too much as she carefully put one foot in front of the other and walked to the doorway.

Her thin, cotton hospital gown billowed around her and she held it closed with her right hand and used the IV stand as support as she moved slowly down the corridor.

She needed to see her.


The Previous Day

Beca sat on the bench in the park and raised her tired face up to the late afternoon sun.

It was just after five and she'd just finished her day shift and was ready to lay down and sleep for a week, but she had her third job of the day starting in just under an hour. She could not afford to miss another shift, having swapped with Amy last week as she wasn't feeling well enough to be in work. Amy had been a Godsend the last few weeks, covering for Beca when she auditioned for gigs or when she was too sick to be in a fast-food establishment.

She also needed to eat and her shift at McDonalds did at least provide her with her one meal of the day. It wasn't healthy, nutritious or what she wanted to eat but the sympathetic manager, Kevin, did let her have as much of the left-over salad items as she wanted as long as she didn't tell anyone from Corporate. Beca was thankful for that but she was more grateful that Kevin didn't want anything from her in return. She was used to that in life; people taking advantage of her.

Her hands worried the plastic bottle she was holding, twisting the cap on and off again as she mentally calculated her take home pay for the week.

Despite working four jobs, it was never enough. She already knew she'd be a couple of hundred dollars short and she tried to remember which bill she'd paid the month before so that she could miss the payment for a month to try and catch up on the others.

She cricked her neck and sighed. She was just so sick of trying to survive day to day. Life wasn't supposed to be like this, and it wasn't the way she and Jesse had planned it. Shivering, despite the warm sun, she buttoned up the thin plaid shirt she wore over her tank top and wrapped her hoodie around herself.

She looked down at her hands.

Hands that could play four different instruments. Hands that could work a recording deck and layer tracks with ease. Hands that held her talent at writing music and song lyrics. Hands that had once been lovingly held by her best friend.

Hands that now held dish cloths and wiped tables. Hands that now stacked shelves in a grocery store. Hands that were now sore and cracked from washing cars in all weathers. Hands that now made beds in a hotel on the weekends.

Beca shook herself.

She tried so hard not to go down the dark path that lead to regret. She knew if she tried to keep a little faith, she might one day realise her dream. She stood up from her spot on the bench and walked over to the McDonalds on the corner. It promised to be a quiet shift tonight, being the Fourth of July and for that she was grateful. Her back and hips were aching, but she knew she just had to push through for another four hours. There was a dull ache in her belly, and she rubbed her hands across her stomach, glad that today was her short shift as she could only work so many hours for Kevin. Tomorrow was her one coveted day off in the month. She planned to do nothing but read in the park and go for a walk.

Amy was waiting outside the back door when Beca walked through the staff car park. She smiled at Beca before taking a long pull on the straw in her guzzler cup.

"Hooroo." She greeted Beca warmly.


"How's yoos day been?"


"Lunch time rush was crazy." Amy continued. "But I reckon everyone is now headin' out ta find a good as gold spot for the fireworks. Yoos got somewhere ta go later?"

"No." Beca said, reaching into her purse for a hair tie. She quickly braided her waist length hair and watched Amy look up at the clouds. Beca didn't have many friends. She kinda liked it that way. There was no one to disappoint. But she liked Amy. She was funny and kind-hearted without being intrusive. She was also a little bit crazy and Beca always felt that she should keep on her good side.

"Yoos okay?" Amy asked. "Yoos quieter than normal."

"I'm good." Beca answered. "Just a bit tired."

"Hardly surprisin'. Yoos working all them hours."

"I know." Beca said, reaching for the door handle. She was that worn out, she was ready to cry and Amy's words weren't helping. She walked through the door and held it open for Amy.

"I should be gone in an hour or so. But I'm gonna stay and help yoos close tonight."

"You don't have to Amy. I can-" Beca said, entering the staff room and shrugging off her coat.

"-Not arguing." Amy said, her mouth set in a firm line. She pulled her hairnet from her back pocket and plonked it haphazardly over her ponytail. "See yoos up front, cobber."

Beca pushed her purse into her locker and flung her hoodie over the back of one of the chairs, noting the seam on the left sleeve had frayed. The jacket was old, had belonged to Jesse and it was all she had left of him. She let her mind wander as she thought back to their shared time together.

Beca was born to two loving parents who adored her from the start.

She was brought home from the hospital, wrapped tightly in a fluffy bunny blanket, and laid in a crib adorned with baby hedgehogs and baby foxes. Her mother, Layla, worked as a florist and had produced a beautiful nursery for her first-born child. Her father, Ben, had painted the walls and ceilings and laid the carpet himself, immersing himself into the remodel of his tiny daughters' room, four months before she was even born.

Ben was a great dad and so proud of his little girl. She would ride up high on his shoulders to the park and she would shriek with glee when he pretended to be a monster and jump out and scare her from behind the sofa. He worked hard for his family and when Beca turned three, he took a job teaching at a nearby college. It meant he was away from Beca all day and she would wait up for him to come home every night. Despite being tired from working a full day, Ben would always find the energy to read his daughter a bedtime story, passing on his love of literature to her as she fell asleep in his lap.

As the years passed by, Ben found himself working longer hours and having to do more and more at home as Layla became less and less interested in life. Beca noticed the change in her mom after her grandma died when Beca was four. Beca knew her mom was sad, and she did all she could to make her laugh again. She coloured pictures for her and made sure she ate all her vegetables at dinner time, but it never made her mom smile.

By the time Beca was five, her dad had packed his bags and left. Beca never really knew why because her mom said it was because he'd found another family to love and therefore no longer loved them but her dad had told her that she was still his angel, it wasn't her fault and she could visit as much as she wanted.

His visits became less and less until he stopped showing up at all. She knew he had moved all the way across the country and had to fly back and forth to see her. She knew this as he'd bought a big map and shown her. Her one reliable parent gave up on her, before she'd even started school.

Layla tried to be a mother but the depression that had hit her hard after losing Beca's grandma was consuming. She stopped taking Beca to school, got fired for not showing up to work and rarely bought food, paid the mortgage, or washed clothes. Within a few weeks they had to sell the family home and move into trailer park as it was all Layla could afford. Beca hated it there. She missed her friends and her back yard and while most people were nice, there were a few that made her skin crawl.

When Beca was eight, their roles had completely reversed. Beca bought the groceries with the meagre amount of money her mother gave her, using the rest to pay for the electric. In the summer, she wandered home the long way, picking berries from the bushes on the wasteland to eat for dinner and looking for loose change in the gutter. Sometimes she got lucky and would find enough to buy some M&M's, her very favourite candy.

In the winter, she wrapped blankets around the windows and did her homework by the small oven, trying to keep warm and her mind from wandering as she solved the problems on her own. Her teachers said she was smart and resourceful but none of them knew what her life was like at home.

Her mother was rarely around, she was usually out drinking until two in the morning. She always woke Beca when she returned to their one-bedroom trailer, falling through the door, and laughing hysterically as she did so. Sometimes she had a man with her and Beca hated those nights more than ever. She would always try and leave the house for school before they woke up so the men wouldn't leer at her and make her uncomfortable.

They often called her cute and asked her if she would model from them. She hated the way they made her feel.

She'd work hard at school but kept herself to herself so no one would know what her home life was like. She would race home to clean the trailer, knowing dirt and mess would make her mother mad. Beca would cook what she could find in the cupboards and make sure her mom ate most of their shared meal, knowing she was worse when she drank on an empty stomach.

She avoided looking at her mom as much as possible. Layla didn't like to be looked at and would punish her young daughter if she felt she was judging her. She'd lock her in the bedroom closet for a couple of days and rip up her schoolbooks and break her pencils.

Alone in the dark, Beca would make plans to escape. She also thought about her dad and how much she hated him for leaving her behind to start his new life. She was growing up in poverty and was malnourished and small for her age.

The only respite in life was Jesse.

Jesse Swanson was her only friend. They shared most of their classes and had done since she'd moved to the school that was a stone's throw away from the trailer park. Jesse lived in the nice part of town, with both parents and a younger sister. He didn't pick on her for being small, like the rest of her classmates. He didn't notice that she wore ill-fitting clothes and the same pair of shoes for the whole school year. He didn't laugh at her when she handed in schoolwork that had been repaired with sticky tape because her mother had ripped it in half in rage.

They were best friends.

She loved going to Jesse's house. His mom was warm and inviting and always smelled nice. It wasn't until Beca was older that she realised why Paula always pretended to have a new shampoo or shower gel for Beca to try. Beca's trailer didn't always have running water as the utility company would often switch it off for unpaid bills.

She tried her best to keep herself clean, but it was hard. Paula would encourage Beca to shower at their home and use the fancy soap to see how it smelled. She'd give Beca some of Jesse's sister, Hannah's, old clothes to wear. Beca would sometimes find tags on the clothes and try to give them back but Hannah would say that those clothes weren't her style and Beca should keep them.

Paula would send her back to the trailer with some snacks and Reed, Jesse's father, would try to slip a couple of dollars in her hand and tell her to hide it from her mom. She'd ask why he was being so nice to her and he'd simply say he was proud of her for doing so well in school.

She and Jesse joined the school choir and she finally found something that made her happy. Jesse taught her how to play the piano and she taught herself how to play the guitar, borrowing one of the schools for practice. The band master, a young teacher called Mr Taylor, offered to teach her the violin and she learned how to play the drums by watching YouTube. Mr Taylor was excited about her musical talent and her ability to sing and pushed her into taking music lessons for extra credit.

He brought in his recording decks from home and showed her how to use them after school. He was astounded at her natural ability with music and almost cried when he heard her sing for the first time. He urged her to try out for the school concert or drama club, but she always refused, there was no way she'd be able to do it while caring for her mother almost full time.

As Beca entered her last semester of high school, Mr Taylor gave up trying. He coached her privately for fun and encouraged her to enrol in college where she could hone her skills. Beca had never considered college, there was no money for such luxuries as further education. She knew Jesse was going, his college fund had started the day he was born but for her, despite her dreams, she knew she'd be looking for a job as soon as she graduated. She did make him a promise that she would head to Los Angeles one day and try to make a name for herself.

He said he'd buy a front row ticket to her first concert and she said she'd hold him to that.

One night, near to Christmas and just one day after her eighteenth birthday, she returned to the trailer later than planned. She'd stayed in the school library, finishing up a project as she needed to use one of the school computers not having got one at home. She was one of the only kids in school not to have a cell phone, let alone an iPod or tablet. Jesse had tried to give her his old electronics, but she refused, knowing her mom would only take and sell what she brought home.

She entered the trailer park from the south side. There were less drunks to encounter and less dogs to bark at her. Layla rarely left the trailer at this point, drinking away what little money they had, and six months previously had started to dabble in drugs, selling the small amount of furniture they had to pay for it. When there was nothing left to sell, she sold her body while Beca was at school.

Beca arrived back to the only place she remembered as home and found the trailer in darkness. Thinking their electric had been cut off again, she was about to turn back around to head to Jesse's when she spotted the open cabinet drawers and spilled contents.

Thinking for a moment that they'd been robbed, she soon realised that her mother had simply packed her bags and left. She left no note, no explanation, she had just gone.

Beca didn't even cry. She just locked the trailer door, pulled out her homework and worked until three in the morning by candlelight. She was pretty used to looking after herself by that point. She didn't tell Jesse until graduation that her mom had left, and she only told him when he questioned who she had invited to the ceremony.

Beca graduated with honours and left school with letters of recommendation from four of her teachers.

She sold the trailer and bought a car. Jesse teased her about buying a 'soccer Mom van' but all of her life was in that van. She slept in it most nights, parking behind the local Walmart or leisure centre. On the colder nights, she would ride the subway through the city to keep warm.

She was twenty-one when she attended her first college party in Jesse's final year of college. Jesse insisted she be there, and she had no excuse ready when he asked. She'd been working hard, temping as an office junior for a couple of large corporations. She hated everything about it, but she made decent money and saved every dollar she could. She was paid in cash which she kept in a large tin under the spare wheel in the back of the car. She liked hearing it rattle around as she drove over bumps in the road. She was sure that no one would glance twice at her beaten-up old car.

She was still living in her car, saving money on rent in order to have money to move to Los Angeles. It was her and Jesse's plan. It always had been. He was heading to Hollywood as soon as he graduated, having already lined up a junior position at Universal. His plan was set, and he wanted Beca to join him.

Beca knew that once she got to Los Angeles, everything would be okay. She'd buy some equipment, work as a roadie, intern at whatever studio would have her and make her music. She would have the satisfaction of doing it all by herself, without anyone else help. She told Jesse that she'd make it by the time she was twenty-five.

What she didn't factor into their grand plan was everything going wrong at the college party. She had bought a new dress and her first pair of high heels at the thrift store. She purchased cheap make up and discounted perfume at the local 7/11. She'd showered and dressed at the local leisure centre and drove the forty miles to Jesse's campus home. She parked up, locked her car, and made her way to his room.

"Becaw!" Jesse's usual greeting resounded as he pulled open the door. He threw his arms around her and pulled her inside his room. "Hmm, you look good!"

"Hey buttface." She said, setting her purse on his bed.

"Never thought I'd see little Beca Mitchell in a dress." He teased. "I didn't even know you had legs."

"Fuck off Swanson! Don't make me regret coming here tonight."

He grinned and reached into his mini fridge for a couple of beers. He knocked the caps off both of the bottles and handed one to Beca, doing their usual double clink before drinking.

"Early drinking sits well with you." Beca commented as Jesse polished off his bottle in a matter of seconds. He reached for a second one.

"Yeah, got a bit of a headache so I'm drowning my pain! And this is only light beer anyway."

"Poor baby!"

"Plan is…" He started to say, before taking a long pull on his second beer. "… that we meet up with the guys for pizza at seven thirty. Then the frat house on Colverton has an open house until midnight. There's a pool. Did you bring your swimmers?"

"Funnily enough, no." Beca said, pulling a face. "Some of us didn't grow up with a bathtub, let alone a pool of their own. You know I can't swim."

Jesse rolled his eyes and looked at the watch on his wrist.

"If we hurry, we could get down to the college bar for cheap beers? Did you bring your ID?"

"Yes, of course I did, I've got my driving licence. Why?"

"They ID for everything here and are strict on serving liquor to minors."

"I'm twenty-one Jess, just like you."

"Yeah, but you look like you haven't grown since you were like thirteen, Becs."

"Fuck you Swanson. You're just some hairy man beast raised on vegetables and sunshine. I had to make a can of soup last at least two meals, remember? I may be small, but I could still take you on."

"That…" Jesse chuckled. "… I don't doubt.

They finished up their beers in silence before heading over to the bar. Jesse teased the whole way about Beca's car, calling it a hotel on wheels. She slapped his legs and told him that he could walk to the bar if he so chose.

Jesse saw a few people he knew from classes once inside and took the time to introduce Beca properly to his friends. He went to collect some drinks and by the time he returned, she was in a conversation with Luke Bryant.

"Jesse talks quite a bit about you." Luke said in his soft British accent. He leaned in a little so Beca could hear him better over the music. "I hear you are heading to Los Angeles with him after he graduates."

"I'm hoping to." Beca said.

"He is a good guy." Luke offered. "Of course, I can't tell him that, but he is. He has a good talent but a better head on his shoulders."

"You've heard some of his stuff?" Beca asked, surprised. Jesse didn't usually share his music scores with anyone except her.

"Yes, I have. I have an uncle who works for Universal. I got him the internship."

"Oh wow, well I guess I have a lot to thank you for. I don't have to put up with his dorky whining for not having a plan after college."

"I'm not a dork!" Jesse interjected, faking his mock hurt.

"Swanson, you are the biggest dork I know." Beca laughed.

"Yeah, well, you only know about five people so…" Jesse bit back, before grinning widely.

"Small circle." Luke said and Beca nodded gently.

"Easier that way."

"I guess." Luke said.

"Luke wouldn't know about that, would you?" Jesse laughed. "His family own like half of England or something. He knows the Queen, Becs! He's like a nephew or something."

Beca nodded appreciatively and Luke put his hands up defensively.

"I mean…" Luke began to explain. "… my dad was a groundskeeper at Windsor Castle and Her Majesty would always throw a Christmas party for all the staff and their families. I spoke to her a couple of times. She is actually really down to earth, very kind and very, very sharp. She remembered things about my brothers and I, years apart."

"And the half of England ownership?" Beca mused, watching Jesse wince and hold his head for a moment.

"My dad bought a farm. It is large but not quite as big as Jesse made it out to be!" Luke laughed and Beca realised she really liked this guy.

"Plan after college?" Beca asked Luke.

"I am military bound."


"I am heading back to England and I am joining the Royal Air Force as an officer. Hoping to serve at least ten years. Then my plan is to move to Los Angeles and work with my Uncle."

"Oh wow. That's quite something to have your life mapped out." Beca said, easily.

"Family tradition, although I'm not that disappointed. It's better than passing teaspoons down through inheritance and yes that's a real thing in little old England." Luke smiled.

"Becs lives in the moment." Jesse explained. "She only worries about tomorrow!"

"Bite me Swanson."

"What is the plan for Hollywood, Becky?"

"I want to produce music."

"She's pretty good." Jesse said. "Not as good as me, obviously."

"Is anyone?" Beca snarked.

"She sings too."

"Shut up."

"You sing?" Luke asked. "There is karaoke here."

"I don't sing." Beca insists but she can see Jesse out of the corner of her eye nodding and mouthing, 'yes, she does' as he walked backwards, away from the group.

"Universal are looking for backing singers and vocalists for video games and commercials." Luke said. "I could put you in touch with some people over there."

"That's really kind of you Luke but I really don't sing. Jesse, don't piss me off tonight!" Beca stated, looking over her shoulder to give Jesse a mouthful for making her the centre of attention but he was nowhere to be seen.


"Earth to Beca."

"Hmm, what?"

"Where were yoos?"

Beca shook herself a little, ridding herself of her memory.

"Sorry, what?" She asked, seeing Amy's face as her focus came back into the staff room. She was leaning on the lockers and hadn't noticed Amy come back into the breakroom.

"Yoos got that face on where it goes all pinchy and weird. And yoos cryin'."

"Sorry." Beca said, wiping her face and straightening her hoodie on the back of the chair. She hated drifting off. People always wanted an explanation as to what was upsetting her.

"No need ta apologise, cobber. Everyone's allowed a liddle cry."

"Not me." Beca said, breathing deeply.

"Yoos thinking about that guy?" Amy asked, making Beca look up. "Jesse?"

"How did-"

"-He's the only person ta make yoos show any emotion." Amy explained. "Who is he?"

Beca sighed. She knew Amy had a point, but it just hurt too much to talk about him. Amy shifted the weight onto her hip and Beca knew she couldn't get away with a brushed off answer. She did owe Amy, after all.

"Jesse is…" Beca sighed. "… was… is my best friend. He really was my only friend. And that was okay with us both."

"You have a fallin' out?"

"No. No. We… umm, well, he died."


"Yeah. Eight months ago."

"What happened?"

"I don't want to talk about it." Beca said, feeling the bile rise up in her throat. She sighed again. She did want to talk about him and the night of the college party. She decided in a split second that maybe opening up a little could help her move on. "But I guess I should tell you."

"Sit down a second." Amy said, pointing to the chairs.

"I'm meant to be out front."

"Aww, don't sweat it. There's no one out there and Denise will holler if someone comes in. Yoos don't clock in for another ten minutes anyways."

Amy pulled out a chair for Beca and patted the back of it. Beca nodded and took a seat while Amy sat down next to her.

"He was in college. I went along to a party with him one night. He said he'd had a headache, but we went out anyway. Got chatting to some of his friends and then he disappeared. We went to find him, and he was out the back, by the dumpster throwing up. One of his friends, Luke, helped me get him into my car and we drove back to Jesse's place. I got him into bed, wrapped him up in one of his hoodies and Luke and I sat with him for a bit, but he was pretty out of it."

"Somethin' he ate? Someone spike his drink?" Amy asked and Beca shook her head.

"Luke slept on the sofa in the shared living room and I climbed in with Jesse as he was so cold. He felt better after a couple of hours and we sat talking for a while. We talked about our plans for the future and then he asked me why he and I had never gotten together. I told him that he was more like a brother to me and that I loved him so much but guys… guys just don't do it for me."

Amy's eyebrows knitted together as she cast her eyes down Beca's body.

"Wait… so-"

"-He knew that about me, of course. I'd never dated a guy seriously, or girl for that matter but that was more to do with my living arrangements at the time. Yeah, I'd fooled around a bit but nothing to write home about. Jesse told me that I was the only girl he'd ever loved and ever would love. He started saying all these super sweet things about me and I remember laying down on his chest and feeling like the luckiest girl in the world at that point. Which was pretty ironic seeing as I only had two thousand dollars to my name and a few changes of clothes in the back of my van."

"He made yoos feel loved."

"He did. I think that was the problem. I don't know what happened as one minute we were talking about Hollywood and then the next we were kissing. Like, really kissing. I remember it being so emotional. One thing led to another and…" Beca felt her cheeks pink up as Amy nodded along. She blew out the air in her mouth. "… and then we fell asleep. When I woke the next morning, he was moaning softly in his sleep. It sounded like he was struggling to breathe. I tried to wake him up and called for Luke."

"The guy on the couch?" Amy asked and Beca nodded.

"We called the paramedics but there'd been an accident on the freeway, and they couldn't give us a time to get there. So, Luke picked Jesse up and we got him into my car. I drove so fast to the hospital. I tried to get there as quick as I could." Beca breathed in so deep, her chest felt like it would burst.

Amy's hand covered hers.

"I don't even remember parking my car. My only thought was Jesse. They took him away, wouldn't let us follow. Demanded to know if he'd taken anything. I said he hadn't, maybe some Tylenol for his head. They worked on him for an hour, but he never came around."

"What happened?" Amy asked in a surprisingly gentle voice.

"Brain aneurysm."

"Oh shit."

"He never woke up."

"I'm so sorry, Beca."

"I said goodbye to him, they gave me a bag of his clothes and we went to call his parents." Beca indicted the hoodie on the back of the chair. "This was his. That and a stupid necklace that he got out of machine for a dollar as a joke. It's all I've got of his. Well… there's obviously something else."

Amy's eyes widened but she didn't say anything, letting Beca talk.

"His parents blamed me. They wouldn't let me go to his funeral."

"Why?" Amy asked.

"Said I should have taken him to the hospital earlier. For two people who used to care a lot about me, I was suddenly the trailer park trash kid to them after all."

"Do they know?"

"About what?"

Amy awkwardly pointed to Beca's belly.

"What? That I'm carrying Jesse's baby?" Beca asked and Amy nodded. "Yeah, I let them know."

"They must be pleased."

"Not at all. It can't be Jesse's baby in their eyes."

"How come?"

"I never knew this when he was alive, but he had cancer as a little kid that was supposed to have left him infertile. He didn't know about the infertility, they apparently never got around to telling him which is just bullshit and something I don't understand." Beca said thinly. "So, unless this child is the second coming, this is Jesse's baby. He is the only man I've ever slept with and would ever sleep with."

"Surely with DNA tests…"

"The way they treated me after he died, I could care less about them knowing their grandchild."

"They could help with money or somethin'."

"I don't want a cent from them. I'm doing this by myself. Once the kid is here, we're going to make it to Los Angeles. I made a promise to Jesse that I would do it. I just have to save up enough money to get there."

"How are yoos goin' ta get there? Ta the other side of the country, I mean."

"I'll drive."

"But hotels-"

"-I'll sleep in the car. I'll make it work with the baby as well."

"Yoos amazing Beca."

"Not really. It might take me a while to get there. With hospital bills and prenatal care, I don't have a lot of money left any more, but I'll get there. Keep working hard. One foot in front of the other."

"How will yoos work with the baby?"


"What will yoos do with the liddle one while yoos work?"

"I'll work it out as I go. Easier that way."

"I could help out on my days off." Amy offered and Beca was about to answer, thanking but rejecting her offer when there was the sound of screeching tyres and an almighty bang outside.


Chapter Two will be up in a couple of days. Bye for now :)