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Lifelong partners does not mean lifelong friends, Childe

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It started simply enough, Zhongli’s hand on his chest. With a quiet intensity in his eyes that promised something.

Although his eyes were that of a dragon’s, his hands were of a man. Warm and solid against Childe.

Childe wondered if he could feel Childe’s heart going into overdrive at that moment. Spurred on by the smell of wine in the air.

And if he can, if he would be willing to drive it up further.

Zhongli, as though reading his mind, leaned down to place his lips over Childe’s heart. Eyes flickering up to read Childe’s expression as he gently kissed down Childe’s chest. His eyes a warm thing as Childe’s face grew flushed.

A semblance of a smile forming on Zhongli’s lips as he kissed downwards. His hand working in tandem with his lips as his hand teased Childe’s chest, Childe exhaling softly as he worked his hands around Zhongli’s buttons, working slowly to unbutton Zhongli’s dresshirt while appreciating the softness of the fabric.

“It’s a nice shirt,” Childe said, a quiet humor in his voice.

“A fine shirt,” Zhongli echoed back. Kissing further downwards as Childe laughed softly, tugging on it slightly.

“Too bad it’s there to hide all the fine stuff,” Childe teased, glancing at Zhongli’s bare skin through the unbuttoned thing as he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

Zhongli seemed faintly amused as he leaned up to kiss between Childe’s brows. “I could say the same for yours.”

“Well, it’s all off now, isn’t it.” Childe laughed again, motioning at his chest. “Can’t say the same for yours.”

He reached out to trace a circle onto Zhongli’s collarbone, thinly veiled by the shirt.

Zhongli leaned partially into the touch before smiling faintly at Childe. “I suppose we’ll have to fix that.”

Childe gulped slightly as Zhongli moved his hand to fiddle with the remaining buttons on his shirt, almost playfully.

Almost like he was teasing Childe, Childe thought, feeling arid heat burning through him.

“Come on,” Childe said, his voice halfway faint as a smirk wound its way onto his lips. “Don’t hide the goods.”

As though those were the cues he was waiting for, Zhongli unbuttoned the rest of his shirt deftly. Shrugging off his shirt with casual ease and elegance that belonged to Zhongli.

Childe knew he had seen the brief hints of a well-built body as Zhongli’s statues made no effort to hide them in all its marbled glory. But to see them in the flesh was another matter entirely.

“You’re really built, huh,” Childe said. Wondering if his throat was as dry as he thought it was.

“I am not a building, Childe,” Zhongli retorted, folding his shirt to leave it by the side.

Childe let out a startled laugh at the utter disparity between that and Zhongli’s reply. The elegance in the way he had shrugged off his shirt and the clumsy way to which Zhongli could never quite get human lingo.

It was so very Zhongli that Childe couldn’t help but lean to kiss Zhongli’s cheek. A fond gesture that left him wondering if he could kiss Zhongli’s lips, too.

Or if that wasn’t cool since they weren’t lovers.


Because Childe has ambition, goddamnit.

An ambition that involved a lot more feelings and a-

Zhongli turned to kiss Childe instead. His lips quirking up slightly as he brushed his lips over Childe’s. It was a faint thing, that. A bare trace of warmth and touch. That left Childe wanting all the more.

And almost as though he were asking for permission, Zhongli gently nipped Childe’s lips. A gentle thing but a promise of more if Childe allowed it.

And Childe did.

Nodding with too much vigor to pretend to play coy as he pulls Zhongli closer, wrapping his arms around Zhongli’s neck as he leans in. Kissing Zhongli as though it were a fight. With all the passion and only a bit of the sting. Less like who would come out on top, but more about the give and take.

It bore the awkwardness of a teenager’s first kiss as they began slowly, exploring. Childe closing his eyes for a brief moment before opening them to lock with Zhongli’s, his eyes intense and jagged, like the very rocks of Liyue. Contrasted by his lips and tongue, which were all the more soft and warm.

And quietly, Childe broke the kiss first, taking in a breath of air before leaning back in to kiss Zhongli. Less like a teenager and more like a lover.

Someday, Childe thought. Breaking the kiss again.

Childe was always the first to break their kiss, and yet always the first to jump back into it, his hands starting to wander down Zhongli’s back. Pressed flush against it as he trails downwards, his hands sometimes groping, sometimes having his nails grazed against Zhongli’s back- a light touch, but an unspoken sample given of what was to come.

His back was another god-given thing, defined and solid. And Childe wouldn’t mind exploring it more another day. To kiss down it and appreciate it for what it was.

Another day- another day, Childe thought as his hands moved down further.

As Childe’s hands reached Zhongli’s ass, he smiled mischievously as he spanked Zhongli. Zhongli’s eyes widening slightly as the touch registered, Childe smiling back in challenge as he leaned in to kiss Zhongli again. A brief, but passionate thing.

Zhongli’s hand moved down to unbutton Childe’s pants, his hands unhurried but his eyes boring a different story. Sliding Childe’s pants off as he lets it lay to the side, crumpled as he leaned down to bite at Childe’s collarbone. Childe hissing softly before he laughed, tugging slightly at Zhongli’s hair. Challenging him to do more, to take more.

Zhongli bit down harder in response, hands reaching under Childe’s boxers to stroke at his dick roughly. Childe groaned, reaching to unbutton at Zhongli’s pants in turn to return the favor. His hands rough and fast while he bites down upon Zhongli’s neck.

Zhongli’s hand upon his waist grew heavy with his grip. Barely restrained as though he wanted to manhandle Childe do what he’d wish with him.

Childe was sure he’d like that. The thought of it spurring him to groan quietly as his hips buck into Zhongli’s hand. Stroking Zhongli faster, as though trying to drive the both of them towards a finish line of somekind.

Zhongli’s breath grew heavy by Childe’s ear as it grew hurried, his chest moving alongside his breathing. Up and down, strangely hypnotic and Childe had a brief thought of leaning down to kiss at it. Trace over it with his lips and bite down on Zhongli’s chest and nipples. To tease and mark him for all he’s worth.

As he thought so, Zhongli bit down upon his chest. A bite that was sure to leave marks amongst his myriad of scars.

Childe hissed in pain and pleasure, his hips bucking as he tugged at Zhongli’s hair. Zhongli giving a quiet gasp at that. Light and faint but still audible.

Childe tugged at Zhongli’s hair again, spurring Zhongli to bite down before giving licks at the bite. Almost apologetically as Childe laughed, a breathy thing as his hips bucking again into Zhongli’s skillful hand.

Driven by a wild thought, Childe leaned in and whispered in Zhongli’s ears.

“Don’t worry, I like it.” To demonstrate his point, Childe leaned in to bite at Zhongli’s ear just as roughly. “No worries, yeah?”

Zhongli’s breath stuttered for a moment.

“I like the pain.” Childe said casually, half worried at Zhongli’s slowing hand. “We can heal these all tomorrow-”

Childe groaned harshly as Zhongli bit down to break skin, his hand moving to smear the blood around the wound as he bites down again.

“I don’t think we will,” Zhongli said quietly- roughly. His eyes, that of a dragon.

And his fangs, those, too, were of a dragon’s.

And that was what pushed Childe over the edge, chest heaving as his cheeks grew redder still. Coming over Zhongli’s hand as the man gave nary a word before bringing his hand up to lick at the thing, utterly refined despite the clear obscenity of it all.

Childe gulped, his blood rushing south once more.

There was a moment of reprieve before Childe leaned down, licking his lips before placing them upon Zhongli’s dick. A quiet groan coming from above him as Zhongli rocked into Childe’s mouth almost out of instinct.

His hands grabbing at Childe’s hair, a shiver running down Childe’s spine as he glanced up. Wondering if he was going to be taken and used. There was a quiet thrill in the thought as Zhongli glanced down at him, utterly divine and dominating.

“May I?” Zhongli asked, the what was unspoken because they both knew.

Childe gave his best nod while his lips were still around Zhongli’s dick. An image that was probably comical but Childe didn’t have enough time to think about it as Zhongli snaps his hips, tugging Childe’s hair roughly.

Childe gasped around Zhongli’s dick, laying there to take it as Zhongli grew closer to his release with every snap of his hips. Sharp and concise as his brows furrowed and his breath, labored. Because of Childe.

God, Childe could get off on that image alone, and he was. Feeling his dick rising once more with the tugging and the mere image of Zhongli.

“You look very wonderful, Childe,” Zhongli said, his breath uneven as his hips snap with every word. “Taking my dick so eagerly.”

Childe shivered slightly, none too prepared for Zhongli and the way he said his name.

“I wonder how you’d look,” Zhongli continued, bearing witness to Childe rutting slightly against the sheets. “Taking my dick in another place.”

Childe groaned at the thought, breathing heavily through his nose as a hand moved to stroke at his own dick.

Zhongli smiled faintly amidst his harsh breathing. “I suppose we’ll find out soon.”

The end drew near all too soon with one final snap before Zhongli came down his throat, his dick all taken by Childe’s eager mouth as Childe swallowed every drop.

Zhongli groaned as his hips slow, exhaling roughly as he moved Childe’s head up from his dick. Childe giving a teasing lick before laughing softly.

“Liked that, didn’t ya.”

Childe gasped as Zhongli pushed him down, his back press flushed against the sheets as Zhongli stroked his dick purposefully.

“You did, too,” Zhongli said, a quiet rumble to his words. “If this is any evidence.” Stroking Childe’s dick roughly.

“What can I say,” Childe replied. “I like a wild ride.”

Zhongli gave a soft laugh as he leaned down to kiss Childe again, his hand continuing to stroke Childe’s dick as he spread Childe’s legs apart with his other hand.

A soft rustle of the cabinet opening and closing as Childe kissed Zhongli back passionately. Something wet brushing against-

Childe had half a mind to break the kiss as a finger slammed into him roughly.

Zhongli glancing up at him as the finger stills, Childe giving a laugh in response as he moves slightly.

“Ya had lube there all this time?” he said breathlessly, smirking at Zhongli. “What a… a naughty consultant.”

Zhongli, as though to prove a point, inserted another finger inside Childe, making him gasp quietly.

“And what will you do about that?” Zhongli replied, kissing Childe’s thighs. Perhaps a thighs man, Childe noted.

“I wond- ah!” Childe groaned as Zhongli’s fingers brushed against his prostate. Sending a jolt of pleasure up his spine.

Zhongli smiled, normally innocuous but suddenly, within this moment as he moves his fingers to graze against Childe’s prostate, not so much.

“Hey-” Childe’s sentence was once again interrupted by Zhonlig’s third finger entering him. Childe gave a halfhearted glare as he tugs at Zhongli’s hair. “I see what you’re doing.”

Zhongli’s hummed quietly, as his fingers brushed against Childe’s prostate again. Childe groaning softly as he wraps his legs around Zhongli.

“Just fuck me already,” Childe said, tugging Zhongli’s head away from his thighs to his lips as he kissed him. Giving a choked-off moan into the kiss as Zhongli removed his fingers to slam into him.

“That’s… that’s more-” Childe gasped quietly as Zhongli moved. “Like it.”

Childe made a soft sound as Zhongli shifted slightly, glancing at Childe as he moved slowly. His dick moved to graze against Childe’s prostate slowly as Childe groaned again, his hips bucking to push himself further onto Zhongli’s dick.

With a gasp, Zhongli moved his hips faster. Finally fucking into Childe as though that was all he was waiting for. Childe wrapped his legs around Zhongli, then, his hands moving to yank at Zhongli’s hair. Unfastening the tie around them as Zhongli’s hair finally fell loose. Falling around them almost like a curtain as Zhongli fucked into him. The yellow tinted tips falling upon the sheets as Childe took it upon himself to tug at it.

Zhongli’s dick grazed against Childe’s prostate again as he stared at Childe intently, his hand pressed against Childe’s navel as though emphasizing whose dick was in him.

Childe kicked at Zhongli’s back slightly to spur him on.

“May I?” Zhongli asked again, quietly within the space between them, his lips within kissing distance if Childe tilted his head up.

And Childe did so.

“Fuck me,” Childe groaned. “Fuck me so hard I can’t walk right tomorrow.”

Zhongli moved then, moving his dick out to slam back into Childe, angling towards his prostate, drawing a loud moan. Filling Childe with his dick as he moved with a rough tempo as his teeth grazed Childe’s neck before biting down. Breaking skin once more with the effortless strength of a god as he continued to fuck Childe upon his length.

Childe’s hands which once gripped Zhongli’s hair grew loose with each thrust before they finally plopped down onto the sheets, weak and twitching just as he was. His legs drawing tighter around Zhongli’s waist as he beckoned Zhongli to fuck into him more, take him apart more, bite him more- just- more.

“You look so handsome,” Zhongli said, biting down Childe’s chest with each word “Taking my dick with your ass so easily.”

“So pretty, like this,” Zhongli’s hand once again hovered over his navel, fucking further into him as Childe’s toes curled. “Like a pretty courtesan.”

Yes, yes, Childe thought and said as much, growing louder with each pronounced movement of Zhongli’s hips.

“But you’re my courtesan, aren’t you,” Zhongli purred, with the deadly grace of a dragon that was not to be defied. “My treasured Childe.”

Yes, yes, Childe echoed, moving to fuck himself further onto Zhongli’s dick. No longer minding how his words were interrupted by Zhongli’s harsh thrusts.

“All these pretty, sluttish-” Childe groaned as Zhongli drew out to slam into him again. “- noises. They’re for me, aren’t they. Because of me.”

Childe moaned pitifully as he pushed himself further onto Zhongli, trying to push the both of them over that edge. His muscles growing tense as he closed his eyes briefly to the overwhelming pleasure. Feeling his ass being raised into the air by Zhongli’s hands grabbing them roughly to gain further purchase to fuck into Childe. Biting down at every markless spot on Childe’s skin, chasing his own pleasure.

Childe felt used, and god, he didn’t know he would like that. Finding his release at the thought and view of Zhongli fucking into him with furrowed brows and burning eyes.

Zhongli continued to fuck into Childe’s oversensitive body after that, groaning and panting as he licked his lips, his fangs out in full view as his lips stayed parted.

With a final slam into Childe, Zhongli’s hips finally stilled as he came inside him. Filling Childe up with a groan.

Childe panted quietly as Zhongli settled to nipping at his neck, massaging his ass gently.

Come spilled out of him as Zhongli drew himself out slowly, almost as though he was treasuring the moment as he smeared the come over Childe’s hole.

Childe’s dick twitched again, as though it was giving its best effort to rise once more.

“I hear you like a wild ride,” Zhongli said slowly, quietly.

And god, Zhongli was going to be the death of him, Childe thought as Zhongli took out the lube once more. And this time, it wasn’t going to be used on him.

Childe sat up, laughing quietly as his dick grew eager at the image of it all.

“I do,” Childe said, moving to sit Zhongli down on his lap. Licking his lips before he moved in to kiss Zhongli.

It was going to be a long night.

In the morning Childe wake up all the more groggy than most morning but surprisingly spritey as well.

Holy fuck, Childe thought, glancing at Zhongli next to him. We’re totally friends with benefits now. For forever.

I get to fuck that for forever, Childe thought, thinking entirely with his dick.

But only as friends, Childe’s dick thought. And that was an entirely sobering thought. It’s not the same.

Baby steps, Childe decided in the end as he laid down once more.

Zhongli wondered if his husband needed more rest.