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Let's Get Physical (Part 3)

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"Are you both going to shout at me?" Harley asked as they walked to Serena's car.
"We'll take love home, love." Serena said as she opened the car door. "Jump in." Harley got in and fastened his seat belt all the time looking very nervous.
"Don't look so nervous Dude." Bernie smiled as she ruffled his hair and Serena shut the car door. "I'll meet you back at the house."
"Ok. I know he's done wrong by hitting this lad but deep down I am so proud of him."
"Me too. Have you eaten yet?"
"I'll get us all some lunch on the way home."
"Alright. Drive carefully."
"You too." Bernie smiled as she went to her car.
"Mummy. Where's Momma going?" Harley said as Serena got in the car.
"She is going to get us all some lunch."
"Good I'm hungry." I wish they would just shout at me and get it over with, Harley thought to himself as he looked out of the window.


"You go upstairs and get changed please." Serena told Harley as they got home.
"Ok Mummy." Harley put his bag in the cupboard under the stairs and ran upstairs. Serena went into the kitchen and put the kettle on and cleaned up the kitchen.
"I was going to do that." Bernie said as she put the food bag on the table.
"Yeah cause you were. Anyway, what have you got to eat?"
"Yeah Momma has got KFC." Harley said excitedly as he ran into the kitchen.
"Sit down buster now it's time for me and Momma to talk with you." Serena said as she put the plates on the table.
"Are you going to both shout at me now?"
"Dude when do me or Mummy ever shout at you." Bernie said as she passed him his lunch.
"You don't. But I haven't punched anyone before."
"Tell me and Momma what's been happening."
"Well Kaleb is very naughty you see." Harley said as he put down his chicken.
"Right and just how naughty is Kaleb?"
"He is always getting trouble for talking in class. The teacher is always shouting at him."
"Sounds like Kaleb needs a slap."
"Sorry. So, er how long has he been bullying Emily Dude?"


"A few weeks. It was name calling at first. He would say stuff like she is a shortie or that she is ugly. And she isn't. Emily is pretty, isn't she Mummy?"
"Yes darling she is." Serena smiled. "Tell us what happened today?"
"Well me and Emily were playing at playtime and Kaleb came up to us and just pushed Emily on the floor. I wasn't having that so I just told him to leave her alone."
"Then what."
"Kaleb said it wasn't anything to do with me but it is, Emily is my best friend and I am not having him hurting her no more. So I punched him. And that's when the teacher saw what was happening and I got sent to headmistress. I'm sorry." Harley said with tears in his eyes.
"Come here." Serena held out her arms as Harley got down from chair and went to sit on her knee. "You did a very brave thing today. Sticking up for your best friend. But violence is never the answer, sweetheart. Next time tell your teacher or tell me and Momma."
"I wanted to tell you this morning."
"You should have. Don't tell your teacher this but me and Momma are so proud of you for helping Emily."
"You are." Harley said as his face began to light up. "I love you and Momma so much Mummy."
"And we love you dude." Bernie stood up and put her arms around them both.