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Let's Get Physical (Part 3)

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5 months later

"Harley, come on your breakfast is ready?" Serena shouted from the bottom of the stairs.
"Mummy I can't find my shoes." Harley shouted.
"Where did you take them off on Friday."
"I don't remember."
"Come and get your breakfast and I'll look for your shoes."
"Ok." Harley walked downstairs and sat down in the kitchen while Serena went upstairs to look for his school shoes.
"Are you ok dude?" Bernie asked as she noticed that Harley wasn't his usual talkative self.
"Yes Momma I'm OK."
"Here they were under your bed Mister." Serena said as she put the shoes on the floor. "Thank you Mummy oh your welcome son."
"What." Harley said as he looked up at Serena.
"Doesn't matter. Harley wants the matter."
"Nothing. Stop asking me." Harley snapped as he picked up his shoes and stormed off into the lounge.
"What wrong with him?" Bernie asked as she stood up and put her dish in the sink.
"God knows. I'll go and find out." Serena sighed as she went into the lounge. She picked the remote up and turned the TV off.
"I was watching that Mummy."
"Not anymore you're not."Serena sat down beside Harley on the sofa. "Tell me what's wrong sweetheart. Me or Momma can't do anything to help you if you don't tell us."
"That'll be Grandma." Harley jumped up off the sofa and ran to the front door. "Hi Grandma."
"Hello sweetheart are you and Elaina ready."
"Let me just wash this one's mucky face then you can take her." Bernie said as she got a wet wipe for Elaina's face.
"No Momma No wipe." Elaina cried out as Bernie wiped her face.
"You can't go out with Grandma with a mucky face."
"Morning Mum."
"Morning love."
"Harley, come here."
"What Mummy."
"You know you can tell me and Momma anything, don't you?"
"I know. See you tonight." Harley smiled as she kissed Serena on the cheek. "I love you Mummy."
"I love you, my gorgeous boy. Go give Momma a kiss."
"Bye Momma. Love you." Harley said as he hugged Bernie.
"I love you too. Have a good day."
"Ok."Serena and Bernie gave Elaina a hug as Harley grabbed his bag and waited by the door.
"Right we're off then see you later."
"Bye Mum. I'll be picking the kids today."
"Ok sweetheart see you later." Adrienne said as she and the kids left.
"I better be off too." Serena said as she picked up her bag and car keys.
"Wait a minute what did Harley say?"
"Absolutely nothing."
"He'll tell us if he wants to. Anyway have a good day."
"You too and don't be doing anything stupid."
"I won't. Don't worry."
"I do worry. You've got our baby in there." Serena smiled as she put her hand on Bernie's stomach. "I love you so much."
"I love you baby."
"See you tonight."
"See you tonight." Serena kissed Bernie before she left the house.


"Serena phone call for you." Fletch said as Serena came out of theatre.
"Who is it?"
"Harley's headmistress."
"Hello Mrs Newton."
"Hello Mrs Wolfe. I know you're at work but I need to come in."
"Why what's wrong. Is Harley alright?"
"He's fine but he is in a spot of trouble."
"What sort of trouble?"
"I'll tell you when you get here."
"Have you rung my wife?"
"I have tried but she didn't answer."
"Ok. I will try her. I'll be there as soon as I can."
"See you soon."
"Raf can you hold the Fort? I need to go to Harley's school. He's in some sort of trouble apparently."
"What Harley is." Raf said looking confused as he followed Serena to her office.
"He wasn't himself this morning. I tried to get him to tell me what was wrong but he didn't. Anyway I better go. See you tomorrow."
"See you. I hope Harley's OK."
"So do I." Serena smiled as she left the ward. As Serena left the hospital she rang Bernie up and told her to meet her at Harley's school.


Serena and Bernie practically pulled up outside the school together.
"I hope to god that you stuck to the speed limit." Serena said as Bernie walked up to her.
"Of course." Bernie smiled as she gave Serena a tender kiss. "Right, let's go and see what our son has been up." Bernie said as she held Serena's hand as they walked inside.
"Hello we've been summoned to see the headmistress."
"Harley's Mummies isn't it?"
"It's OK, Mary I'll see them now." Mrs Newton said as she opened her office door. "Come through." Serena and Bernie followed Mrs Newton into her office. "Please take a seat."
"What's all this about. What's Harley supposed to have done?"
"He's been fighting."
"That doesn't sound like Harley. Who has he been fighting with?"
"Kaleb. Apparently Kaled has been bullying Emily for a few weeks now so Harley told him to leave her alone and punched him." Bernie put her hand over her mouth as she tried not to laugh.
"So let me get this straight. Our son is in trouble for sticking up for his friend?"
"I will not tolerate violence in my school."
"But you will tolerate bullying. I take it you have called Kaleb parents in?"
"Yes they are on their way."
"Good. I'm afraid I am going to be excluded from school till Wednesday."
"Is that really necessary. I mean he was only sticking up for his best friend."
"I'm afraid so." Mrs Newton picked up her phone. "Can someone bring Harley Wolfe to my office please. Thank you."
"This Kaleb better be getting excluded too." Bernie said angrily.
"He will be."
"He'd better be." Serena stood up as the door swung open.
"Mummy." Harley cried as he ran to Serena.
"It's alright sweetheart." Serena picked Harley up and hugged him.
"Am I in trouble?"
"We'll talk more outside. Is that all?"
"Come on sweetheart let's go home." Serena put Harley down as he held both their hands as they left the school.