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Let's Get Physical (Part 3)

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Bernie and Serena were coming to the end of their holiday.
"Shall we go and get the kid's their gifts today, babe?" Bernie called out to Serena who was in the bathroom.
"I've already ordered the new game he wanted." Serena said as she came out of the bathroom. "I got an email yesterday saying it had been posted through our letterbox.
"Great then it's just something for Elaina then."
"What did you have in mind?" Serena smiled as she kissed Bernie softly on the lips.
"God knows. What do you think?"
"Well the market is open today so we'll go and have a look around there."
"Sounds good. Breakfast first though eh I'm famished."
"You and your belly. Come on." Serena laughed as she held Bernie's hand as they went down for breakfast.


The sun was shining down as Bernie and Serena walked around the packed market.
"Shall we stop here in the shade and get a cold drink?" Bernie asked.
"Yes sure." Serena smiled as they both sat down.
"What do you want to drink babe?"
"I'd love a cold lager please"
"Coming right up." Bernie smiled as she walked to the counter and came back with two cold drinks.
"That's just what the Doctor ordered." Serena smiled as she took a big drink.
"They had the glasses in the freezer." Bernie said as she sat down.
"That's a good idea." As they drank their lager Bernie couldn't help but look at Serena. "What do you keep looking at me?" Serena asked as she put down her glass.
"Do you know how bloody gorgeous you are?"
"Stop it." Serena blushed.
"Why should I? When it's the truth. I'm a very lucky woman."
"So am I." Serena said as she reached across the table and held Bernie's hand. "I love you so much."
"I love you too. Right, let's go and find Elaina a present." Bernie said as she drank the last of her lager.
"Come on then." Serena said as they both stood up and held hands and they carried on around the market.


"What about this?" Bernie picked up a frilly white dress.
"I don't think so. For one Elaina isn't a frilly dress kind of girl and two it wouldn't stay white very long. Due to the fact that our daughter is a messy little bugger."
"Ok then how about this doll she'd love that."
"Yes, let's get her that. It's too warm walking around here. I just want to go back to the hotel and get in the pool."
"Ok then." Bernie paid for the doll as they walked back to the hotel. Bernie and Serena spent the rest of the day by the pool relaxing. Around tea time they went upstairs to get washed and changed and to do some packing. Later that evening after dinner Serena and Bernie were sitting in the bar waiting for the night's entertainment to start.
"There you go." Bernie said as she came back from the bar and put the drinks on the table.
"Thanks. Darling, look at that little baby over there." Serena smiled as she took Bernie's hand in hers.
"Orr bless. She's not very old is she?"
"No. It doesn't seem two minutes since our two were that small. Does it?"
"Hey hey I hope you're not getting broody Mrs Wolfe."
"No, of course I'm not." Serena said sadly as she put her head down.
"You are, aren't you? You're getting broody?"
"What does it matter? If I am or I'm not." Serena snapped as she grabbed her bag and went outside.