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Let's Get Physical (Part 3)

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Serena was woken up in the early hours of Sunday morning to Elaina screaming. She jumped out of bed and ran into Elaina's bedroom.
"Hey what's with all the noise baby girl." Serena reached into the cot and picked Elaina up and held her close.
"Mam Mam Mam" Elaina sobbed. "Shush it's alright Mummy's got you."
"What's the matter with her?" Bernie asked as she came into the bedroom.
"I don't know. But she's not settling."
"She's probably had a bad dream. Bring her into our bed."
"Come on baby. Come and sleep with me and Momma." Serena and Bernie walked onto the landing when they saw Harley coming out of his bedroom rubbing his eyes.
"I take it Elaina has woken you up too." Bernie said as she picked Harley up.
"Yes she has. What's the matter with her Momma?"
"We don't know love. Come on let's get you back in bed. Give Mummy a kiss."
"Night Mummy."
"Night baby." Serena smiled as she kissed Harley. While trying to calm Elaina down.
"Will, Elaina be alright Mummy?"
"Yeah. I'll try and calm her down don't worry." Serena smiled as Bernie took Harley into his bedroom. While Serena took Elaina into theirs.


"Elaina what is the matter with you baby." Serena said as she paced the bedroom with her. "Let's check your nappy." Serena laid Elaina on the bed and checked her nappy which made Elaina scream even more.
"Elaina come on stop this." Serena picked her back up and held her close. You're not dirty."
"Here try her with this." Bernie said as she came into the bedroom with a bottle of milk.
"No No." Elaina babbled as she pushed the bottle away. As cuddled up to Serena.
"She doesn't want that either. Come on Elaina it's time to go to sleep." Serena yawned as she tried Elaina with the bottle again. And this time she began drinking it. "Thank God for that peace and quiet."
"Let's get in bed." Bernie said as they both got in. Elaina's eyes were shutting as she drank the milk.
"Do you think she's kicking off because she knows we are leaving her?"
"No. She's just a baby. She hasn't a clue. Let's get some sleep." Bernie kissed Serena and turned over. Serena gently pulled the bottle from Elaina's mouth. As she gently laid down with Elaina in her arms. I'm gonna miss you baby girl Serena thought to herself as she closed her eyes and went to sleep.


"That's both the cases down." Bernie said as she came into the kitchen and buttered herself a slice of toast.
"Thanks babe. Harley, if you've finished breakfast go and put your trainers on. Nan and Grandad will be here soon."
"Ok Mummy." Harley smiled as climbed down off his chair.
"You're in a better mood this morning Madam." Bernie said as she kissed Elaina on the top of her head.
"They are gonna be alright with our parents for the week aren't they?"
"Of course they are. They are gonna be spoiled rotten."Bernie said as she pulled Serena close to her."We need this. Me and you need some time to ourselves."
"I know we do. It will be nice to have a bed to ourselves even if it's only for a week. I'm gonna miss my babies like crazy though."
"So am I." Bernie smiled as she kissed Serena. "That'll be my parents." Bernie said as she ran to the door. "Hi Mum hi Dad come on in."
"Thanks sweetheart. Are my gorgeous Grandchildren ready?"
"They are. Harley Nannan and Grandad are here."
"Nannan, Grandad." Harley said excitedly as ran to them.
"Hello sweetheart. And here's my little girl." Bernie's Mum said as Serena came out of the kitchen with Elaina on her hip.
"Good luck with her she was screaming blue murder in the middle of the night."
"She'll be just fine. Won't you." Bernie's Mum said as she took Elaina off Serena.
"I'll put the kids things in the car." Bernie's Dad said as he picked up the kids bags.
"Harley come and give me a big hug." Serena said as she picked Harley up and hugged him tightly. "I'm gonna miss you."
"I'm gonna miss you two Mummy."
"You be a good boy won't you."
"Yes Mummy." Serena put Harley down as he gave Bernie a hug.
"Right we better get going and let you two get to the airport." Serena and Bernie hugged Elaina and stood at the door as Bernie’s parent's put the kids in the car.
"BYE MUMMY. BYE MOMMA." Harley shouted.
"BYE SWEETHEART." Serena said with tears in her eyes as her and Bernie waved them off.