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Let's Get Physical (Part 3)

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Bernie woke up and turned over to see Serena still sleeping. She crept out of bed and went into Harley's bedroom.
"Morning Momma." Harley said as he sat up in bed watching his TV.
"Hey sweetheart. Shall we go and get Elaina and make Mummy some breakfast for Mother's Day?"
"Yeah." Harley climbed out of bed as they both went into Elaina's room.
"Mom Mom." Elaina stood up in her cot and jumped up and down excitedly.
"Come here beautiful." Bernie lifted Elaina out of her cot and kissed her chubby cheeks as they went downstairs.
"What shall we make Mummy for breakfast Harley?" Bernie asked as she put Elaina in her hair chair.
"Pop Tarts."
"I don't think Mummy will like them, little guy."
"What about bacon and eggs Momma?"
"Yeah I think Mummy will like that." Bernie said as she opened the fridge and got out what she needed.
"Momma shall I do the table?"
"Yes please darling." Bernie put the bacon under the grill and started to butter some bread.
"I can hear Mummy."
"What are you guys doing?" Serena said as she stood at the kitchen door.
"Mummy." Harley said as he ran to Serena as she picked him up. "We are making you breakfast for Mother's day."
"I was going to make you breakfast. You've beat me to it."
"Sorry babe I didn't think."
"It's alright." Serena put Harley down and went over and kissed Bernie. "Why don't we cook it together eh."
"Ok. I love you."
"I love you too." Serena smiled as she kissed Bernie again.


"Mummy can I have the last bit of bacon please." Harley asked as they ate their breakfast.
"Of course you can sweetheart you don't have to ask."
"Mam Mam."Elaina babbled as she pointed to the toast.
"You want some more toast?" Elaina nodded her head. "What do you say?"
"Good girl. There you go baby." Serena passed Elaina some toast and kissed her on the cheek.
"Mummy can we give Momma her presents now?"
"Come on then. Let's go and get them." Serena said as her and Harley left the kitchen.
"Happy Mother's Day Momma." Harley said as he came running back into the kitchen.
"Thank you. Give Mummy her presents too." Bernie said as she handed Harley a bag.
"Here Mummy. Happy Mothers Day."
"Thank you, give me a kiss." Serena smiled as Harley kissed Serena on the cheek.
"Open yours first Momma."
Bernie opened her present and it was a necklace with a love heart locket on it.
"Open the locket Momma."
"Ok." Bernie opened the locket and saw two pictures, one of Harley and one of Elaina. "Our babies."
"Do you like it?" Serena asked.
"It's beautiful. Thank you." Bernie leaned over and kissed Serena.
"There's something on the back too." Bernie turned the necklace over.
"Shall I read it for you Momma?"
"Go on then."
"It says. We love you so much much Momma."
"I love you. Come here." Bernie lifted Harley up and gave him a hug.
"Mom Mom." Elaina reached out her arms.
"Don't worry I haven't forgotten about you." Bernie stood up and took Elaina out of the high chair and sat her on her knee.


"Harley got in the garage and bring them things for Mummy."
"Oh yes." Harley ran out and appeared holding a big bunch of flowers. "Here Mummy."
"They are gorgeous, sweetheart."
"Open your present now Mummy." Serena opened the bottle of wine.
"What is this?" Serena said as she pulled out an envelope.
"Open it and see."
"Plane tickets. To Greece."
"Yeah I think it's time we had a holiday."
"But there's only two tickets."
"My Mum and your Mum are gonna have the kids for us. Is that alright."
"Yeah that's great." Serena smiled. "Thank you." Serena hugged Bernie and kissed her.