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Let's Get Physical (Part 3)

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3 weeks later

Everything had gone back to normal for Serena and Bernie. They didn't hear anything more from Alice after she got discharged from the hospital. Bernie woke up and went into the bathroom. When she came out of the bathroom she opened the curtains and smiled.
"Serena. Serena, wake up." Bernie said as she walked over to the bed and shook Serena. "Serena please wake up."
"What's the matter." Serena yawned as she stretched and rubbed her eyes.
"It's snowing."
"So what." Serena said as she pulled the duvet over her shoulders and turned over.
"Serena let's go get the kids and go play outside with them." Bernie quickly put some jogging bottoms and a jumper on and ran out of the bedroom.
"For God's sake." Serena moaned as she got out of bed and got dressed.
"Mummy. Mummy. We are going outside to play in the snow." Harley said excitedly as he ran into the bedroom.
"You need to get dressed first baby."
"Oh yeah." Harley laughed as he ran back out. Once they were all dressed Bernie carried Elaina as her and Harley ran outside into the garden. While Serena stood at the door.
"MUMMY COME ON." Harley shouted.
"Chuck a snowball at her Harvey."
"Don't you dare little guy." Serena said as Harley picked up some snow and started to roll it in a ball.
"Are you going to come out then." Harley grinned as he held the snowball up in the air.
"Harley don't."
"Come on Mummy."
"Ok. Ok." Serena said as she stepped forward. Throw it Bernie mouth to Harley as she put Elaina down. Harley nodded his head and threw the snowball at Serena making her squeal.


"Right that's it." Serena picked up some snow and chucked it back at Harley.
"Mummy chuck it at Momma she told me to do it."
"She did huh." Serena rolled a snowball and smiled at Bernie.
"Serena no."
"Oh yes." Serena smirked as she chucked the snowball right at Bernie.
"That's it. Your mine now Mrs Wolfe."
"No Bernie don't." Serena laughed as Bernie chased her around the garden. Making Elaina and Harley chuckle. Bernie caught Serena and lifted her up in the air.
"Put me down you walley." Serena smiled as Bernie put her down.
"I love you Mrs Wolfe." Bernie said as she stroked Serena's cold face.
"I love you too my gorgeous wife." Serena pulled Bernie closer to her and kissed her. The kiss was becoming very passionate until Harley chucked a snowball at them. Hitting them both at the side of the face.
"Harley Wolfe. Right young man." Bernie turned and grabbed a giggling Harley and put him over her shoulder while Serena picked Elaina up and spun her around.


A few hours later Serena, Bernie and the kids had all had a bath and put their pajamas on. And we settled on the couch watching a kids film. Harley was snuggled up to Bernie while Elaina was falling asleep on Serena's knee.
"Do you want me to take her upstairs and put her in her cot?"
"No leave her." Serena said as she kissed Elaina on the head. "Let me have snuggles with my baby girl. They grow up so fast don't they?"
"They do."
"I mean a few more years and they won't want to be giving us hugs."
"Mummy that's not true." Harley said as he climbed over Bernie to get to Serena. "I will always want to hug you and Momma." Harley smiled as he rested his head on Serena's shoulder. "I love you and Momma."
"We love you too little man." Serena said with tears in her eyes as she turned her head and kissed Harley on the cheek.