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Let's Get Physical (Part 3)

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Serena drove home with tears rolling down her face. She's not going to stop till she breaks me and Bernie up. Serena thought to herself. As she pulled up outside the house she got out of the car and ran into the house.
"Hi baby. What are you doing home?" Bernie said as she came down the stairs.
"You'll never guess what that sick and twisted little bitch has said now?"
"I take it you mean Alice?"
"How many more sick fucking bitches do you know."
"What's she said now?"
"Oh, she only spread it around the hospital. That you have told her that when she gets discharged you and her are going to move in together."
"In her dreams."
"You haven't heard the best but yet. She said you and her had sex in the Peace Garden."
"What the hell."
"And. And
She reckons you and her are."Serena swallowed hard to fight back a sob." That you and her are going to take my babies away from me." Serena broke down in tears as she sat down on the sofa." I will never let you or anyone take my babies away from me."
"I know that."
"Is this why you were asking me if we ever split up that I wouldn't stop you seeing Harley?"
"No it isn't. This is all a complete load of bollocks Serena. I would never go back to her. And I certainly wouldn't dream of taking the kids off you. You are an amazing Mummy." Bernie said as she sat beside Serena and put her arm around her. "Please tell me you don't believe what she has said?"
"I'm trying not to believe me." Serena said as she wiped her eyes. "Where are you going?" Serena asked as Bernie got up from the sofa.
"I'm gonna kill that woman. I swear to God." Bernie said angrily as she grabbed her car keys.
"Bernie, wait. I feel really bad for even thinking about it. But she is lying isn't she? Please tell me she is."
"Of course she is. I would never ever cheat on you." Bernie took Serena's hand in hers. "You and the kids are my entire world Serena. I would never hurt you. Any of you. Surely you must know that by now."
"I really want to believe you. I really do. It's just that. I've been hurt before because someone cheated on me."
"You really think I could do that to you?" Bernie said angrily as Serena looked down at the floor. "Well thanks a lot Serena."
"Bernie wait."
"No. I'm gonna sort this once and for all." Bernie ran out of the and got into her car.
"Shit." Serena quickly grabbed her bag and followed Bernie.


Bernie drove to the hospital as quick as she could. She parked her car up and ran inside the hospital.
"Well hello gorgeous." Alice smirked as Bernie walked towards her.
"Don't Hello gorgeous me. What the hell have you been saying?"
"Why ruffled a few feathers have I? Mainly Serena's."
"Why would make up those lies? Why are you doing this Alice? For once in my life I am happy. And you are spoiling it for me."
"You don't belong with her. You belong with me."
"No I don't. I belong with Serena and the kids. I told you that I will never leave Serena. But thanks to you I might have lost her. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me." Bernie said as she broke down in tears.
"You haven't lost me." Serena said as she walked up to Bernie and stood in front of her.
"But you believed her."
"And I shouldn't have. I'm so sorry." Serena said with tears rolling down her face as she stroked Bernie’s face.
"I love you and our beautiful kids more than anything in this world. That's why I married you."
"We love you too. I love you so much Bernie Wolfe. I am so proud to call you my wife." Bernie pulled Serena to her and kissed her softly.
"As touching as this. I think you're forgetting about me." Alice said smugly.
"Well that's where you're wrong." Serena said as she walked up to Alice. "Because we are going to forget all about you. Let's go pick our babies up and go home shall we." Serena said as she took Bernie’s hand in hers.
"You're gonna regret this."
"The only thing I regret is saving your life." Serena smirked as her and Bernie walked away.


"Shall I meet you back at home?" Bernie said as they got to their cars.
"No. I'll leave mine here. You can give me a lift to work tomorrow."
"Ok." Bernie kissed Serena again as they got in the car and drove to Harley's school. Bernie and Serena stood in the playground holding hands while they waited for Harley.
"MUMMY. MOMMA." Harley shouted as he ran over to them.
"Hey mate." Bernie said as she scooped him up in her arms.
"What are you both doing here?"
"We thought we would pick you up together. Is that OK." Serena said as she kissed Harley on the cheek.
"Yes course it is." Bernie gave Harley a piggy back as they walked to the car. "Are we going for Elaina now?" Harley asked as Bernie started the car.
"Oh Mummy."
"Yes darling."
"The teacher wants people to come into school and talk about their jobs."
"So I told her that you and Momma would come and talk about your jobs."
"Oh Harley you haven't." Serena turned round and looked at Harley.
"I have." Harley smiled, cheekily. "Please Mummy. I want my class to know how great you and Momma are."
"How can we say no to that Serena." Bernie smiled as she put her hand on Serena's thigh.
"I guess we can't. OK Harley we'll do it."
"Yes."Harley punched the air as Serena put her hand on top of Bernie’s.