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Let's Get Physical (Part 3)

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As Serena arrived at work . She grabbed a coffee and walked onto the unit. Where Alice sat up in bed. Serena went into her office and turned the computer on.
"Morning Fletch." Serena said as Fletch stood at the office door.
"Morning Boss."
"Fletch how is Alice this morning?"
"Fine she's sitting up and she's had breakfast."
"Good. We will be able to move her to another ward in a couple of days then?"
"She is moving today."
"Is she. Who's authorised it?"
"I did." Ric smiled at Serena as he came into the office. "Will that be all Fletch."
"Er yes." Fletch said as he left the office.
"Why did you do that Ric?"
"I did it for you. My friend. I saw how much it was hurting you her being here. And I can't have that."
"Thank you."
"No problem. And I'll look after till she goes upstairs."
"Ok. I better get on with the round then." Serena said as she picked up some files and left the office.


After Serena had done her ward round she walked round to the nurses station.
"SERENA." Alice called out just as Serena was about to sit down. What the hell does she want Serena thought to herself as she stood up and walked to the side room.
"What can I do for you?"
"You can tell me why I am being transferred to another ward."
"It's got nothing to do with me."
"Don't lie. I bet you couldn't wait to have me shipped off your precious ward. What's up Serena don't you want the competition?"
"There's no competition."
"Isn't there? You know as well as do. That I could have Bernie back just like that." Alice said as she clicked her fingers.
"You've got no chance."
"Haven't I. We'll soon see about that."
"What do you mean?"
"Like I said we'll see."
"Alice the porters are here to take you upstairs." Ric said as he came into the room just as Serena ran out. "What have you said to her?"
"I haven't said anything to her."
"Take her up to Keller. Fletch where did Serena go?"
"I don't know she just ran out the doors." Ric left the ward and went outside where he found Serena sitting in the peace gardens with her head in her hands crying.


"Hey what's wrong?" Ric asked as she put his arm around Serena.
"She's going to Bernie away from me."
"Is that what she said?"
"In so many words yes. She thinks it's me who has got her moved. She thinks I did it because I'm jealous. I can't lose Bernie, Ric I just can't. She is the love of my life."
"And your hers. Everyone can see that. Bernie will never leave you Serena. She loves you. You and the kids are Bernie’s world. You know that."
"But what if she still loves Alice?"
"You need to talk to Bernie."
"I did last night. And she says she loves me."
"There you go then. Look I know you probably don't want to hear this but maybe you should Bernie to have a word with her."
"No. I don't want Bernie anywhere near her."
"Serena I really don't think you have anything to worry about. But I really think Bernie needs to tell her to back off. Don't you?"
"I guess so."
"Come on let's go back inside. It's freezing out here." They both stood up and Ric out his arm around Serena as they walked back inside.