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Let's Get Physical (Part 3)

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When Alice came back from her scan. Serena sat at the nurses station and watched her for a while. Serena stood up and walked up to her.
"Hello. Have you got my scan results back yet?" Alice said.
"No not yet. Why did you ask Donna to ring my wife for you?"
"Because we used to know each other."
"Used to. Is there something going on between you and Bernie?"
"No there isn't. I haven't seen Bernie for about 5 years."
"Then why call her now?" Serena asked angrily.
"I just wanted someone here that I knew. I didn't even know if she was living round here. Or if she even has the same number. I just asked on the off chance."
"I never want you to contact my wife again. We are happy. We have two beautiful children together.” Serena said with tears in her eyes. “ And I don't want you to spoil things between us."
"I was happy with Bernie once. I hoped that we would get married and have kids together. That's until I ruined it. And I hurt her."
"You better not have hit her."
"No I would never do that. I had an affair with my boss at work. And Bernie found out. She was absolutely gutted."
"She'd hardly be doing cartwheels would she. Then what happened?
"She kicked me out of our flat that we shared and I never heard from her again. Until I saw her today and that's the truth."
“It had better be. Just stay away from my wife. I mean it.” Serena snapped as she walked away and went into the office.


Serena was doing paperwork when she heard someone scream.
"What's happening Donna?" Serena asked as she ran onto the ward.
"Miss Carke just screamed out in agony."
"Alice let me take a look." Serena felt her stomach. "I need to take her straight through to surgery please. Hurry." Serena said as they pushed the bed through the theatre doors. A few hours later Alice was back on the ward.
"Put her in the side room please." Serena said. "I want her on observations every 15 minutes please. Fletch."
"Of course. You did good in there, boss. I thought she was a goner." Serena smiled falsely as she walked back into the office. She sat down at her desk and saw that she had 5 miss calls and a message off Bernie.

Hey. I've picked Harley up from school and I have brought Elaina back from your Mum's. I have made a start on dinner. Xxx


Thanks. I'll be home soon. Xx


OK. I love you. Xx


You too. Xx


"What's happened?" Alice said groggily as she woke up.
"Try not to move. We had to take you into theatre." Fletch said. "It was touch and go. You lost a lot of blood. Hench why we are giving you blood. Dr Mckinnie saved your life."
"She did?"
"Yes. So why don't you do her a favour and leave her and Bernie alone."
"I haven't done anything to them."
"That's before you do. Bernie and Serena are my best friends. They are happy. And I don't want you spoiling it for them. Do you understand?"
"Can I talk to Serena please. To thank her?"
"I'll see if she is still here." Fletch said as he left the side room and went to the office. "You off home boss?"
"Yes. And stop calling me that."
"Before you go Alice is awake. And she wants to talk to you."
"What about?"
"To thank you for saving her life."
"Ok I'll go see her then I'm going straight home. So I'll see you tomorrow." Serena said as she kissed Fletch on the cheek and walked to the side room. "You wanted to see me?" Serena said as she walked into the side room.
"Yes. Fletch said that you saved my life."
"All in a day's work."
"I just wanted to say thank you."
"Your welcome. I have to go now."
"To your family."
"Yes to my family."
"Your very lucky Serena."
"I know I am." Serena said as she left the room.
Make the most of it Alice thought to herself as she closed her eyes.