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Let's Get Physical (Part 3)

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3 weeks later

Harley had settled into school and was loving it. He couldn't wait to go in the mornings. Today is Serena's first day back at work. Even though she didn't really want to go.
"Harley put your shoe's on sweetheart." Serena said as she put her coat on.
"There you go, this little beauty is ready to go to Grandma's." Bernie said as she passed Elaina over to Serena.
"Thanks. I'll see you tonight then."
"You will. Give me a kiss Harley."
"Bye Momma." Harley said as he squeezed Bernie.
"Bye little guy. Have a good day." Bernie kissed Elaina and then kissed Serena. "I hope your first day back at work goes alright."
"Me too. Roll on hometime. Then I can get back to you and my babies. See you later. Love you."
"Love you gorgeous." Bernie kissed Serena again before her and the kids left. Serena dropped Harley at school and drove Elaina to her parents.
"Hello my little princess." Adrienne said as she took Elaina off Serena.
"Where's Dad?"
"At the bloody allotment again. Are you looking forward to getting back to work?"
"Not really. I wish I didn't have to go back at all. I love being at home with this little one." Serena said as she stroked Elaina's face.
"I'm sure you'll be fine when you get there, love."
"I hope so. Be a good girl for Grandma." Serena said as she took Elaina off Adrienne and held her close. "Mummy loves you." Serena said with tears in her eyes as she kissed Elaina and passed her back to Adrienne.


When Serena pulled outside the hospital. She got her phone out and looked at the screensaver of her Bernie and the kids and couldn't help but smile.
"Here goes." Serena said as she got out of the car and grabbed her bag.
"Good Morning stranger." A voice from behind said as Serena walked across the car park.
"Hello Ric."
"Hi it's good to have you back Serena." Ric smiled as he hugged her.
"I wish I could say it was good to be back but I would rather be at home."
"You'll be alright. I'll look after you." Ric said as he put his arm around Serena as they walked inside.
"Hi Serena."
"Hi Fletch."
"Thank God you two are here. There has been a bad crash in town. And the ED is overflowing. So they are sending them up here."
"Welcome back Serena." Fletch said as he walked away.
"I better go and get the dreaded Scrubs on then." Serena chucked her coat and bag in the office and went to the changing room.
"Just in time the first casualties have arrived." Ric said as Serena came back on the ward.
"Right what have we got?"
"This is Nial. He needs to go straight through to Surgery."
"I'll take this." Serena said.
"Are you sure."
"Absolutely." Serena said as she walked through the theatre doors.


"So how's your patient?" Ric said as Serena sat down at the nurses station.
"Fighting. He's on his way up to ICU."
"Are you ready for another?" Ric said as he held out a file.
"Yes why not." Serena took the file.
"Abdominal pains where she hit the steering wheel."
"Ok." Serena said as she walked towards the bed. "Hello Miss Clarke. I'm Dr Mckinnie."
"Call me Alice please."
"Ok Alice. Mr Griffin says you have got abdominal pains."
"That's right."
"Do you mind if I take a look?"
"No go ahead." Serena popped on some gloves and felt her stomach.
"I'm gonna send you for a scan to make sure that there aren't any internal injuries. Were you wearing your seatbelt at the time of the crash?"
"No I wasn't."
"You are lucky you didn't get thrown through the windscreen. Seat belts are there for a reason."
"I'm a big girl save the lecture."
"Donna can you please take a full set of bloods for me please. I will go book Alice in for a scan."
"No problem."
"Nurse could you make a phone call for me?"
"Yes sure. Who do you want me to call?"
"I don't even know if she lives round here anymore or if she has even got the same number. But here." Alice said as she handed a card over to Donna.
"Bernie Wolfe. How do you know Bernie?"
"She's my ex. And the best girlfriend I ever had. But I ruined it. Can you call her for me please. I really want to see her."
"Sure." Donna said as she walked away.