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Let's Get Physical (Part 3)

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7 months later.

Bernie was still running her business from the garage. And was busier than ever. While Serena is still on maternity leave. And in no rush to go back to work.
Elaina is now 7 months old and a very happy baby. Elaina and Harley are so close. Elaina's little face lights up every time she sees her big brother. Harley is fantastic with his little sister. He is always giving her hugs and kisses and telling her that he loves her. Today is Harley's first day at school.
"HARLEY COME AND GET DRESSED." Serena shouted from upstairs.
"OK." Harley ran up upstairs and went into his bedroom.
"Look at the colour of your face. You're covered in jam. Let's go into the bathroom and wash your hands and face, young man."
"Ok Mummy."
"Let's brush your teeth first." Serena said as they got into the bathroom. After Serena had brushed Harley's teeth she washed his hands and face.


"That's enough Mummy. I must be clean now." Harley grumbled. "I want my hair spikey."
"Yes boss." Serena smiled as she got the hair gel from out of the bathroom cupboard. "How does that look." Serena picked Harley up so he could see in the mirror.
"I look good Mummy."
"You sure do. Right it's time to put your uniform on now." Serena followed Harley into his bedroom and picked up his trousers.
"I can put my own trousers on Mummy. I'm a big boy now" Harley said as he took them off Serena.
"Ok then go on." Serena smiled as she watched him. "Put your shirt on now."
"You'll have to fasten my buttons for me Mummy."
"Ok." Serena fastened his buttons and helped him put his jumper on. Then his socks and shoes.
"How do I look Mummy?" Harley said as he stood up straight.
"You look beautiful. You are so handsome. And you look so grown up." Serena said with tears running down her cheeks.
"Don't cry Mummy." Harley said as he wrapped his arms around Serena and hugged her tightly. "I'm still your little boy."
"You will always be my little boy. I'm so proud of you. I love you baby."
"I love you Mummy." Harley smiled as he tried to wipe Serena's tears from her face.
"Come on let's go show Momma how smart you look." Serena stood up as her and Harley went downstairs.
"Momma do I look smart?" Harley asked as he ran into the kitchen.


"You do. You look lovely. Nice hairdo."
"Does it look cool."
"Oh very cool. You are gonna have all the little girls after you."
"Do you think so Momma?"
"Oh yes. You'll be fighting them off."
"Stop it." Bernie laughed as Serena slapped her on the arm. "Come on gorgeous. Let's take your brother to school." Serena picked Elaina up out of her high chair. As they all got in the car. When they got to the school. Bernie took Elaina out of the car. While Harley held Serena's hand. As they got inside Harley squeezed Serena's hand tighter.
"Look Harley, there is a peg here with your name on. Put your coat and bag on it. Then we will go to your classroom."
"Ok." Harley said quietly. As they got in the classroom Harley suddenly felt scared. "Mummy."
"Yes baby." Serena kneeled down so she could face him.
"I don't know if I like it here."
"You like it at nursery don't you?
"Well school is just like nursery, sweetheart. You probably won't play as much but they will learn you lots just like they did at nursery.
"Can you and Momma stay with me?"
"You don't want me and Mummy to stay with you cramping your style." Bernie passed Elaina to Serena as she kneeled down. "You're a big boy now mate. You don't need me and Mummy to stay with you. You are gonna make lots of friends just like you did at Nursery. OK."
"Give me a hug." Bernie pulled Harley close to her. "I love you so much."
"I love you Momma."
"Look Harley Paul's just come in with his Mummy. Why don't you go and say hello." Serena said.
"See you later. I will pick you up at hometime."
"You won't forget will you?"
"I won't forget. Go on have a good day." Serena said as she choked back the tears.
"Bye." Harley waved as went over to Paul.
"Are you alright?" Bernie said as she put her arm around Serena.
"Yes I'm OK."
"Shall we go home then?"
"Yes." Serena kissed Bernie quickly as they walked to the door. Serena turned away and took one last look at Harley before they left.