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sunlight and storms

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“Owen! Owen, wake up!”

Owen did wake up. How could he not? Curt was clutching his shoulder and shaking it, and he was talking quite loudly at this point. Owen suspected that he’d slept through Curt’s attempts to wake him up for a pretty long time, because he sounded quite annoyed. Curt had often told him that Owen was very lucky to have a partner who was a light sleeper, because apparently it was incredibly irritating to only manage to wake someone up with a lot of effort. Owen wished he was a light sleeper too. He’d always had this fear of dying because he slept through the entrance of a killer in the house or something.

“What do you want?” he mumbled to stop Curt from continuing to shake his shoulders. He turned around and pressed his face into the pillow. Curt, however, did not want that. He tried to roll Owen back on his back, but failed. Instead, he wrapped his arms around Owen and laid his chin on top of Owen’s head.

“Kiss me,” he said, and the irritation from before was gone from his voice. Owen had to smile at that, because no matter how annoying it was, Curt was adorable when he got like this. He sometimes had these very strong feelings of love and affection, without a reason for them to be there. They just kind of were there suddenly, and of course Curt couldn’t resist the urge to release them by being incredibly affectionate toward Owen. Owen was just happy that it hadn’t gotten them in trouble on missions.

“You woke me up for the second time this week just for that?” he said tiredly and still a bit annoyed at Curt for waking him up, but he did roll over. Curt smiled brightly at him and grabbed Owen’s arms, moving them so Owen was returning the hug. He happily nuzzled into Owen’s neck. “Yes,” he said cheerfully.

“Curt, it’s-it’s probably, like, 3am, I want to sleep,” he said, dragging out the word “sleep”. “4am, actually. So?”

“So, I’d like to go back to sleep.” Curt pouted at him. Owen patted his back fondly. “Sorry, love, sleep’s important.”

Curt gasped dramatically. “More important than me?” Owen glared at him, and rolled his eyes. “You’re insufferable,” he said before rolling on his side, shrugging Curt off. He knew that Curt was probably making some adorable but unfortunately irresistible faces, and he refused to look at him until he knew that it was safe.

Curt let him lie there for about half a minute. To be honest, that was more than Owen was expecting. Usually, it took him about three seconds to start talking again. “Owen?” he asked, his voice a tad more serious than before. Owen groaned and once again rolled over to face him. “Yes, love?” he said. He was met with a shining smile and he managed not to smile back.

“Kiss me,” he said again. Owen reached up and cupped his face, the tips of his fingers in Curt’s hair. “Why?” he asked. Curt sighed and dropped his head on Owen’s shoulder. “I just - ah, I love you so much, and...well, I don’t need to tell you, Owen. Just kiss me.” Owen grinned. Curt let out a sound that was suspiciously close to a whine. “C’mon! Just one little kiss!” Owen still wasn’t reacting. “Please?” Curt finally asked, lifting his head from Owen’s shoulder.

Owen finally smiled at him, and Curt’s eyes were brighter than ever - even though he didn’t see them well with the limited light that came from the night lamp thingy. Owen was studying Curt’s face for a few seconds. Of course he had every feature of his boyfriend memorized, but seeing his face in real life was a lot better than seeing it in his mind. “I love you,” he said automatically. He’d gotten used to telling Curt that whenever he thought it (which, needless to say, was pretty often), and now he couldn’t think it without saying it. Curt cupped his face with both hands and pressed a quick kiss to his lips. “I love you too. Now kiss me.”

Owen kissed him quickly. He pulled away as soon as his lips touched Curt’s, and smirked at him. “You bastard!” Curt said in a dramatic tone. “Stop teasing me,” he then said in a sort of whining tone, poking Owen’s lips. Owen chuckled. “You sound like a child, dear.” “Shut up,” Curt said, sounding even more like a little kid. He flopped down onto Owen, carefully enough not to hurt him in the process, and Owen wrapped his arms around him and kissed his head. “Maybe you’ll just have to kiss me yourself, love.” Curt huffed. “Fine.”

And with that, Curt’s lips were on his, and Owen closed his eyes and he held Curt’s face and Curt held his shoulders and it was wonderful. Curt’s arms wrapped themselves around Owen’s waist, and Curt was practically lying on top of Owen now and the position they were in was starting to get a bit uncomfortable for Owen but he didn’t mind.

Owen was the first one to pull away, because he knew that if he didn’t, Curt would keep kissing him for as long as he could and Owen was really, really tired. “I love you,” Curt said, punctuating the sentence with another quick peck on Owen’s lips. He rolled over so he was lying next to Owen and placed his head on Owen’s shoulder. Owen turned around, hiding his face in Curt’s hair and pressing soft kisses to the top of his head. “I love you too.”

Curt hummed happily, his need for affection seemingly satisfied. He blindly reached up to Owen’s head, poking his cheek, nose, and almost eye in the process. When he finally found Owen’s hair, he started playing with it, like he did whenever he had the chance. “Goodnight, Owen,” he said, his voice sounding like he was already drifting off. 

“Goodnight, love. By the way, this is the last time I will tolerate you waking me up in the middle of the night,” he added, half-joking. “Sure,” Curt mumbled into his shoulder. “Night.”