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Would you understand?
If I confessed my sins to you?
Do you understand the meaning of right?
There is so much wrong in your eyes.


If I reach out to
you will your back be turned?
So ad it makes you disappear

You'd never want me
to confess my sins.

Is your tea to bitter
for your bitter sweet memories.

Your Pain.
My name.

Upon your knees.
Like a master down to pray.
Bring me towards you.

It loses it's meaning.
The angels wont stop singing,
there meaningless songs.

Bloody and broken you never thought.
I could be joking .
Could I confess to you?

There was a moment of stillness,
Blanket in our passion.

Come to me.
Welcome my body with your own
Hot kisses to burn, your touch
almost forever to cool.

My sin?
I've been killing you.