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Artistic Interpretation

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It had taken some very careful doing, but Wei Wuxian had managed to slip the paper into the pile on his husband's desk without Lan Wangji noticing, taking advantage of a visiting messenger. Now he just had to sit back and wait, and somehow keep an eye on Lan Wangji as he worked steadily through his paperwork without looking suspicious about it.

It only took ten minutes before he shuffled aside the last letter and came across Wei Wuxian's surprise. He'd been expecting a reaction much like the last time he'd slipped pornography into Lan Wangji's work, and really hoping for a real-world recreation of Lan Wangji's teenaged dream, but the reality was a stark disappointment: the expected and beautiful flush of his ears, but only a glance up at him before shuffling the picture off to one side, face down. "Boring," he proclaimed, and Wei Wuxian clutched his chest.

"Boring? You’re really going to call my artwork boring? I slaved over that for hours, do you know how much dedicated research went into sketching that out for you? I, your beloved husband, poured my heart and soul into a picture to gift to you, and it's boring?"

"And unrealistic," Lan Wangji added placidly, flipping the paper over to get another look. "Wei Ying would dislocate his knee trying to hold this position for long."

That startled a laugh out of him. "Such concern for my well-being! I suppose it would be too much to go to the healers and have to explain how I dislocated it, even for me."

Lan Wangji was studying the picture closer now, the corners of his lips quirking upwards a little as he looked back to Wei Wuxian. "Nor are you this flexible." He waited out his husband's indignant squawk, then added in a voice heavy with meaning, "Yet."

"Lan Zhan! And you let people think I'm the shameless one! Here you are making filthy promises, resorting to bribery to get me to practice more."

This time, Lan Wangji set the picture aside carefully on the corner of his desk. "It is worthy to have goals to work towards," he intoned, catching his husband's gaze and smirking a little.

Wei Wuxian felt his cheeks heat a little with the intent in his eyes and swallowed thickly. "You're always so dedicated," he said, trying to keep his voice light and mostly succeeding. "I think I'll get some practice in right now, in fact." He started to stand from his seat on the floor, but Lan Wangji stopped him with an iron grip around his wrist, tugging him easily into his lap.

"Practice here," he said in a low voice before capturing his mouth in a heated kiss, and Wei Wuxian was helpless to resist, even if he'd wanted to.