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Uh-oh, Identity Theft!

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Midoriya Izuku has always been less than noticeable. It’s a result of all the years of being quirkless. It’s been quite helpful in avoiding salespersons and unwanted interruptions.


A side effect however, is that it means his friends often have a hard time finding him. And assume anything green is him.


Unfortunately, it seems that Nedzu increased the number of plants in the hallway.


He taps Uraraka and she whirls around, embarrassed in realisation that she ranted about Thirteen with a nearby plant.


Instead of lamenting about his lack of presence, an idea comes to mind.




This is how Katsuki’s morning goes. He wakes up late, dashes into class and has to listen to Round Cheeks yammering on about something before it starts.


He can’t help but notice the lack of a certain stare.


He turns around. “Oi, Deku-“


The words die in his throat.


There, in Deku’s desk, is a plant. A plant wearing a UA uniform. A plant, that Round Cheeks has apparently spent the past fifteen minutes talking to.


How has no one else noticed?


He turns back around. Whatever, it’s none of his business anyway.




Shouta comes into the class, stops, squints at Problem Child’s desk, and decides that maybe he hasn’t drank enough coffee today.

He sees Uraraka turn to the plant and call it ‘Deku’, and he promptly slams his forehead on the desk.


Maybe ‘Awareness in Heroism’ should’ve been taught in first year, cause his entire class (save for Bakugou) are idiots.




Tsuyu isn’t sure what’s going on with the plant. She thought that it was a joke by both Midoriya and Uraraka but it’s been three days, and it doesn’t seem like Uraraka is acting.


Tsuyu has always been observant. She has to be, when taking care of her sibling in her parent’s place. She has to notice when her siblings are feeling down so she can talk to them about it, has to notice where the homework has been hidden, where the kids themselves have hidden, and so forth.


She looks over. The plant seems to be growing in a shape similar to actual Midoriya, with a bush of leaves for hair and intertwining roots growing out of the sleeves like arms.


That’s...mildly unsettling, to say the least.


And then one of the roots moves.



She makes it a point to stay away from ‘Midoriya’.

(Sorry Uraraka, but she’d rather not die from some imposter plant.)




Shouta thinks back to a conversation he had the previous day.


“Problem child, are you aware-“

“Yes I am sir. I was wondering how long it would take my classmates to notice while I was on internship with Gran Torino. How many of them have noticed?”


“Bakugou and Asui”


“Ahh, makes sense. As-Tsu is very observant, and Kacchan is Kacchan. Don’t worry sir, I’ll send you all my work”


He thinks back to how this was supposed to be a prank whilst looking at the plant.


The plant, who has gained movement and is now imitating his problem child to a concerning degree.


The plant who looks up to him and smiles, with blank berry eyes.


He notes down on a scrap of paper: Convince Todoroki to torch his ‘friend'




Uraraka is pretty sure something is up with Midoriya. He’s been acting all aloof and silent, and somehow leaves follow him everywhere he goes.


He even rejected their offer to go to lunch!


“Ah...I apologize. I don’t need to eat food,” He says, apologetically.


“That is unacceptable! Hero students need to have proper nutrition to have the energy to become great heroes! What will you have instead?” Iida yells. She feels her left eardrum ringing.


“Yeah! Where will you go instead?” She adds.


“Oh, I’ll just go outside. I photosynthesise, you know?”

Todoroki just raises and eyebrow. “...really?”


“Yeah. Sorry about that, guys.”


Uraraka is pretty sure that in 3rd grade biology she learnt that humans don’t do photosynthesis.


Then again, this is Midoriya Izuku. You can’t exactly apply normal rules to Midoriya Izuku- he breaks his arms and keeps going. Once he’s out of your sight, he’s lost! He constantly switches places with plants! Who knows, maybe he breathes through his bush of hair as well!


Midoriya Izuku is 1-A’s resident cryptid. Who knows what’s going on with him?


She decides that if he asks, she’ll be right there for him. That’s what best friends do!




Todoroki enters his room, and locks the door. After standing in silence listening out for passing students, he triggers the second lock. A bar slams into place, blocking the door further.


He flips over the notepad on the desk, and punches in the code onto the keypad.


The bed whirrs, and slides across to open a secret chamber.


The perks of remodelling your own bedroom is that you can set up your own secret lab and no one will know.

(They actually do know. He isn’t aware of how loud the motors moving actually are. Sero has been running on three hours of sleep the past week.)


He places the ‘hair’ obtained from Midoriya in a vial, and sets it next to All Might’s hair- also in a vial.


After a few hours, the DNA fragments are obtained from both vials, and a sequence is projected.


He frowns.


Midoriya’s DNA isn’t anywhere close to All Might’s.


Actually, Midoriya’s DNA isn’t anywhere close to human DNA.


He looks through the DNA reference book (that he totally ‘borrowed’ from Yaoyorozu).


Midoriya’s DNA is closest to...plant DNA?


He slams the book shut. This requires more research.


(He spends the next day chasing Midoriya around with garden clippers. Cementoss catches him and puts him in detention. Aizawa curses in frustration. Another opportunity to rid of the plant imposter gone.)




Shiozaki grunts in frustration as she tries to tug her vines out. For the fifth time this week, they’re stuck in the ground, caught on something.


Honenuki offered to go underground and check, but all he brings back are bunches of root.


Vlad King considers asking Nedzu about it. Ground Gamma is built on hollow foundation, with tunnelling students in mind. The root growth is concerning.




Shouta is pretty sure Nedzu is missing. That can’t be good.


A shuffle, and he spins around.


Midoriya Not-Midoriya, the plant that looks like him, stares back.


Shouta shifts his proposal to torch the plant Midoriya out of the plant’s view. (Or at least the berry eyes. He has no idea how the plant sees.)


A breeze rustles the bush hair. A few leaves fall to the ground, ignored.


The plant saunters away. Shouta breathes a sigh of relief.




“For you.”

Uraraka looks up. Midoriya holds out a cherry blossom. In his bush hair, several buds peek out.


She accepts. “Thank you!”




Powerloader is getting pretty concerned about the roots. Covering the ceiling, they drape all over the place, smacking into each of the student’s faces.


He gets that Shiozaki needs practice with her vines, but isn’t this going overboard?


At least Hatsume has space to hang her stuff.




Shiozaki is beginning to be distressed. Powerloader just came in and yelled at Vlad, who yelled at her, despite the vines not being hers!


Plus, they’re roots! Totally different parts of the plant!


Whoever is the cause of the network of cords should seriously stop.




Tsuyu is seriously starting to get creeped out. The amount of plant filling the UA halls is not normal. They criss-cross over every surface, and the number of people with sprained ankles from not looking where they’re going has never been higher.


She’s pretty sure the cause of it is the plant ‘Midoriya’.


Watching from a distance, she follows as it moves through various halls, up and down multiple stairs, before stopping in front of a vine-covered wall.


It lays its hand on the wall, and it opens.


She watches it steps inside. When it doesn’t come back up, she stands in front of the entrance. It’s like looking into the abyss.


She turns around ready to head back, when its voice comes up from behind her ear.


“You’ve seen too much.”


A tendril wraps around her leg, and she is yanked into the darkness.




Hitoshi is pretty sure he saw someone get dragged into the big spooky entryway of death.


He stops and thinks.


On the one hand, he could be a hero and go after her. On the other, he could end up dead as well.


It isn’t that hard of a decision to make.


She’s a hero student, she’ll be fine.


In the meantime, Captain Fluffles’ fur has been looking pretty dull lately. Maybe he should get something to deal with that.




Shouto is beginning to be frustrated. Ectoplasm has given him four detentions! And for what? Testing whether his friend is more plant than human? Is it wrong to be curious?


He trips, and lands on his face.


Looking around he sees the roots as they track across the floor. They look suspiciously similar to Midoriya’s hair.


He gets out his pocket scalpel and vial. He will prove that Midoriya is All Might’s son.




Katsuki is in a bad mood. The next time a hanging vine smacks his face he’s going to Howitzer Impact the hall.


A vine smacks his face.



He ends up with detention, and orders to help Cementoss fix the hallway. Which really isn’t needed- the vines that grew through the walls kept the hallway together, albeit with a few cracks.


Even worse, it’s with Fucking IcyHot.


Silently he prays for Deku to come back so he can use his intelligence to fix whatever the hell is up with the school.




“For you.”


At this point, Uraraka is starting to get a little concerned. She’s covered head to toe in flower crowns, and yet Midoriya won’t stop giving her more flowers. In fact, it seems like every time he plucks one out of his hair another bud pops right back up to take its place.


“Thanks,” She accepts it, with a shaky smile. She knows it’s rude to reject gifts- but she should really find some way to get rid of the flowers before they overflow her room. Maybe she can use it for kindling?




Recovery girl is happy. Despite all the vines growing everywhere throughout the school tripping people up, Midoriya hasn’t broken any bones!


In fact, he hasn’t stepped foot in her office ever since he went on that internship mission...with Gran Torino...out of town.


She squints. Maybe she’s getting senile in her old age. After all, it isn’t possible for there to be two Midoriyas in both Tokyo and UA at the same time.


She resolves to give him a gummy the next time she sees him.




The truth comes out, on the day the League attacks again. It really isn’t Shouta’s day- he’s still looking for Nedzu and now Asui is missing as well. And now this.


The entire class is fighting on the courtyard.


Ochako and Midoriya are both fending off Shigaraki and Toga, their classmates fighting other villains around them.


A feint, and Toga jams a needle into Midoriya’s neck.


All across the battlefield, the students look on in horror as Toga drinks from it.


And turns into a plant.



The fights all stop simultaneously.


She turns back, a look of surprise on her face.


“Did you know you could turn into a plant?” Shigaraki asks, glancing between her and the hero students.


“I didn’t even KNOW he was a plant!” She screeches, pointing at Midoriya.


A nonplussed look, his eyes survey each person.


Then his jaw opens, wider than a human should. Green vines shoot out, wrap around both Toga and Uraraka, and he takes off.


Everyone stares in shock, until Compress yells, “After them!” and they all chase it.




They end up in an underground cavern because of course there’s a secret lair where the plant operates out from under the school.


Nedzu, Tsuyu, Toga, and Uraraka are tied up with vines hanging over some sharp thorns.


A cackle sounds from the left. They all look to see the plant on a throne of flora, seated on twisted wood. Vines of moonflowers curl to form, well, a moon.


“Welcome, everyone! To my chamber. Today, you will die!”

“What the fuck?” Shishida exclaims, and mentally everyone echoes it.


“Not to worry! Your bodies will be reborn- to form my mother. My mother, creator of all life- Lord Kaguya. Prepare to AGHHHHJH-“ It gets cut off as a blue flame burns it to the ground.


Dabi looks over. “What? He was going on too long. Plus, Lord Kaguya? That’s an asspull and you all know it.”


They get everyone down and spend the next few moments standing around awkwardly.


“So...” Shigaraki ventures.


Shouta raises an eyebrow.


“Same time next week?”




They don’t shake hands- that’d be stupid with Shigaraki- and go on their way.




Tsuyu walks down the hall, warmed by the heat from Todoroki burning all the remaining vines. All she can think of are meteorologists panicking over the sudden spike in carbon dioxide.


She bumps into someone.


“Oh! You’re alive!” A boy with wild purple hair says. She narrows her eyes at him. “Yeah I saw you get pulled down into that hole the other day. Pretty wild, huh?”


“You saw me get dragged down and didn’t go after me?”


“Psh, why would I? I’ve got to feed my cat- like hello? Priorities?”



She joins Bakugou and Todoroki in detention when she punches him in the stomach.




Midoriya returns the next week, “Hey guys, what’s-“ and immediately ducks a spray of flame.


His hair catches fire. Yaoyorozu sprays him with a fire extinguisher.


“What the hell was that for?!” He sputters, coughing out the foam.


Todoroki ruffles his hair. When nothing falls out he steps back, satisfied.


“Sorry, just some preventive measures, “ Momo says sheepishly.


He opens his mouth, sees the charred remains of plant covering each surface and decides- you know what, that’s none of my business.




This is how Katsuki’s morning goes. He wakes up on time, saunters into class and  listens to Round Cheeks yammering on about something.


He notices the lack of a stare and immediately flashbacks.


He turns around. “Oi, Deku-“


There, in Deku’s desk, is a green lamp. A green lamp wearing a UA uniform. A green lamp, that Round Cheeks has apparently spent the past ten minutes talking to.


He instantly reaches over and explodes it.