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Atsushi blinked. Once, twice and he shifted his gaze to the raven beside him who cleared his throat then proceeded to look to the side, away from the pair before them; none other than their mentors who looked equally flustered as they were.

Chuuya pursed his lips together in a poor attempt to stifle his laugh and he bounced the slipping toddler on his hold, avoiding his husband's gaze.

"Chuuya, don't laugh!" The brunet stomped his feet childishly, lips jutting out in a pout and the redhead finally laughed openly.

"Come here, you big baby." The mafioso pulled Dazai down by his bolo tie and pressed their lips together in a short, chaste kiss; pulling away only when their child whined loudly. "I'll put the little one to sleep and leave him under Ane-san's care. You guys continue with the training, I'll be back soon."

Still pouting, Dazai then turned his attention back to his two proteges. "You two."

"Y-Yes!" Atsushi immediately straightened up alongside Akutagawa.

The older detective smiled brightly that it might fool others but not them and it made them both gulp. "Forget that ever happened." Said the mentor.

"Yes, sir!"


Once the training ended hours later, the two young parents retrieved their child from Kouyou and to say Shuuji was energetic, considering he's had a fairly long nap earlier and thus, was an understatement. His parents would have to keep him entertained the whole night.


Chuuya was in the middle of preparing an after dinner snack for them, Shuuji in his arms, when Dazai came up to the both of them.

The brunet was leaning down, in hope to be able to steal a kiss from his husband only to have a small fist knocking his chest.

"Not again!" Dazai whined, leaning in only to be pushed away again, this time more forcefully.

Chuuya didn't even bother in hiding his laugh at the little battle between his husband and kid over him.


Everytime Dazai try to shower Chuuya with affection, Shuuji would push his daddy away and clung tighter to Chuuya.

Finally fed up, the biggest baby in the room exploded. "Hey, if I don't kiss your mommy, you wouldn't be here!"

Chuuya spared his husband a glance, breaking into a laughter so great that Shuuji was bouncing in his hold. "How can you say that to him!" The executive said in between laughs as he grabbed onto a bowl full of caramel bread popcorn and ice cream to their living area where they were planning on having a movie night.

Sulking, Dazai followed them onto the sofa. Of course, he attempted some more but looks like his kid is determined in guarding his mother from him with a "Daddy, no!"

Huffing in defeat, Dazai declared. "I'm going to kiss your mommy a lot when you go to sleep later."

Shuuji grunted, looking at the detective challengingly and Chuuya pinched Dazai, a silent message to stop provoking the little one.

"Chuuya, that hurts!"

The redhead rolled his eyes but he still smiled fondly. "Stop it, you two." He said while choosing a kid friendly movie - he settled on Lion King.

And as absorbed as Shuuji was in the film, he still noticed whenever Dazai tried to get close to Chuuya then he would whine and hold out a hand, stopping his dad.

"Kids should just watch the film." Dazai retaliated but sank back to his seat. "Just you see. I'm gonna shower your mom with love once you sleep, mark my words."

"Osamu, I swear to God." Chuuya smacked him gently.

At last, halfway through the movie, the little Chibi gave in to the slumber and while Dazai wanted to put him back to his room, Chuuya seemed very into the movie as well. 

"Chuu-" Oh, and he's crying too. Dazai mentally facepalmed and resigned to his fate, watching along.


"Silly, Chibi." He sighed fondly when he heard Chuuya sniffling even when the credit was rolling. "Let's tidy up and go to bed, I'm beat." Dazai added, carefully picking Shuuji up into his arms and cradling him.

The mafioso nodded, stacking the empty bowls and putting them into the sink to wash later before giving Shuuji his good night kiss.

He followed Dazai to the child's room even though his husband has told him to go to theirs first, simply because he loves watching Dazai being careful and gentle as he tucked their child in.

"I'm going to kiss mommy a lot after this."

Chuuya couldn't help but snort. "You're still on that?" And he rolled his eyes when Dazai dramatically draped his ridiculously long limbs all over him once they exited the room.


"He's in love with you." The brunet mumbled against Chuuya's neck. "The little chibi is 100%, absolutely, completely and utterly in love with you."

"Well.. that's a good thing?" Chuuya blinked, walking with practiced ease towards their room.

"If he's not hella possessive! Unlike those pests in the past, I can't do anything to my own kid!" Dazai all but gasped.

"Well, guess where did the possessiveness come from?"

The younger one gave him a look, unimpressed. "Chuuya, obviously, duh."


"Of course it comes from Chuuya! Chuuya who's utterly obsessed with me and can't stand it when someone gets close to me."

Chuuya didn't hold back in smacking some sense to the taller man. "What the hell, I'm not obsessed with you! Besides, you're one to talk!? You threatened everyone at my workplace, stalk me when I'm meeting a client and not to mention this choker!"


They both fell silent after that. Oh God, it's possessive².


"I'm doomed." Dazai groaned.

"Not to be mean, but karma, bitch. What goes around comes back around."

"Chuuya will understand how I feel soon, I'm sure our second kid would love me more."

"Second- what?"

The brunet smiled sweetly. "Well, what do you think?"

Red always looks pretty on Chuuya. "Y-You idiot, not now! Shuuji hasn't even gone to school."

"Then after he enrolls?"

"I'll consider it then." The petite one mumbled, hiding his red face on his partner's chest.

"Are you going to sleep?"


"But I did promise Shuuji that I'm going to shower mommy with lots and lots of affection."

Chuuya gasped when his husband spun their position around so that he's hovering on top of him. "Seriously? And you said you're beat."

Dazai grinned, kissing down his jaw and neckline. "Never too tired for you."

"Sap." He muttered, pulling his husband up to press their lips together. "I'm tired, don't do anything else besides kissing."

"Naughty Chuuya, I wasn't planning on doing anything else."

"Yeah, says you." He mouthed against Dazai's jaw.

And kiss a lot, they did.


The next morning, Shuuji was visibly confused at the red and purples littered all over his mom's neck while Dazai was absolutely horrified when the little devil latched his mouth on said spots, slobbering his spit all over Chuuya -who's more amused than anything- as if he's declaring war.


"Oh, it's on you little demon." The father growled and silently Chuuya prays for his sanity.