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Day 29: Worshipping

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Hizashi sighed. He ran his hands over his swollen stomach. He was lay on his and Shouta’s bed. He crooned lightly to his belly as the child inside him shifted again. Shouta was packing up clothes and important belongings into a series of satchels.

“Are you sure you want to take this trip?” Shouta asked. “It could be dangerous.”

“It’ll only be dangerous if Todoroki’s men turn up. My people will not harm me.”

“If you’re sure.” Shouta said with a nod. “The journey will be uncomfortable.”

“If comfort was my priority, I would not be carrying this baby.” He huffed. Shouta stood up coming over to the bed.

“My love?”

“I’m a Dragon, Shouta.” Hizashi said. “I’m supposed to be fierce, huge and terrifying. Yet here I am, pudgy and fat.”

“You’re not fat.” Shouta said. “You have a baby inside you.”

“I hate this, Shouta.” Hizashi said, leaning against the pillows. “I love this baby more than anything but… it’s suffocating. I want to fly, to hunt, to play. But all I can do it sit around here and waddle after you if we got downstairs.”


“I’m lumpy, I’m fat. My ankles are huge, I can’t stand up without help. I’m just an ugly, fat, blob that can’t even take care of myself.”

“Hey. You’re none of those things.” Shouta said. “You’re my beautiful, strong, sexy Dragon. And I won’t have you talking shit about my Mate.” Through their bond, all Shouta could feel was self-resentment, in response he tried to show Hizashi that all he felt was pride and love.

“You find this sexy?” Hizashi asked, gesturing to his swollen stomach. “There must be something wrong with you.”

“What’s sexier than knowing my seed took root in your womb?” Shouts kissed Hizashi’s stomach. “What’s sexier than the proof of our mating? Proof that you’re mine.” Shouta leant up to kiss Hizashi’s lips.

The Dragon sighed happily as their lips met, tongues sliding against each other as Shouta explored his mouth. Hizashi moaned as Shouta cupped his jaw. He rolled slightly into Shouta’s grip, feeling himself get wet, which wasn’t a surprise anymore. He found himself getting more and more slick as his pregnancy went on. His body was a horny bastard.

“I love you.” Shouta whispered against his lips. “My precious Dragon.”

“Love you too.”

“I can’t believe you’re here.” Shouta kissed his cheek. “When I was a little boy, I always wanted to meet a dragon.” He pressed their lips together again. “I thought you were so magical.” Shouta kissed down Hizashi’s neck. “A wonderous, powerful creature.” He pushed the collar of Hizashi’s robe down, licking along Hizashi’s scent gland.

Hizashi moaned lightly, wrapping his hands around Shouta’s neck.

“You’re so strong, like a God.” Shouta said, biting on the scent glad. “Let me treasure you. Let me worship you like you deserve. Let me make you feel good.”

“Come on then, Mate.” Hizashi gasped. “Pleasure me, my Love.”

Shouta moved his fingers lower, slipping underneath Hizashi’s robes, finding his dripping folds. Hizashi gasped as the fingers pressed against his clit, he automatically thrust his hips into Shouta’s hand.

“You are my most treasured thing, you are the most amazing person in my life.” Shouta said, pushing his fingers deeper. Shouta shifted to settle between Hizashi’s legs, pushing the robe up further with his free hand whilst his other explored Hizashi’s cunt.

Hizashi moaned as his erect cock was exposed to the cold air. Shouta smirked, kissing the tip. Hizashi cried out as Shouta’s finger pressed against his sweet spot inside him. Shouta peppered kisses all over Hizashi’s bulging stomach and spread thighs.

“Shouta.” Hizashi whined.

“So beautiful.” Shouta whispered, before taking Hizashi’s cock into his mouth, suckling on the tip.

“Mate.” Hizashi cried out. “More… More.”

Shouta moved down the cock, taking as much of it into his mouth as he could. He swallowed around it as he moved three fingers in and out of his lover. Hizashi moaned, wantonly, canting his hips, trying to take Shouta’s fingers deeper.

“Anything you want, my precious.” Shouta said as he pulled back.

“I want to cum.” Hizashi said.

“I’ll help you, gorgeous.” Shouta said, sinking back down onto the cock. Hizashi moaned again, spreading his legs wider as Shouta added a fourth finger inside him. Slick oozed out of him, bubbling between Shouta’s fingers.

The Dragon purred and his feelings through the bond morphed from resentment to simple pleasure. Shouta himself was hard and he was finding it difficult to ignore how he could feel his partner’s pleasure.

Hizashi came suddenly, filling Shouta’s mouth with his seed and he coated Shouta’s fingers and chin with slick. Hizashi’s orgasm triggered Shouta’s own. He could only feel the blinding pleasure of Hizashi’s released and it flowed through him and he couldn’t help but follow.

He came in his breeches, swearing softly under his breath. Hizashi laughed as he came down from his high.

“Now we’re going to have to change.” Shouta grumbled.

“You started it.” Hizashi said.

“I wanted to show you that I love you.” Shouta said, rolling to lie next to Hizashi, his head resting on his belly. He pressed his ear against the bump.

“The bond tells me you love me.” Hizashi said, “And that you love this baby.”

“I can’t wait to meet them.” Shouta said.

“Maybe you’ll be able to feel her kick soon. She moves like crazy when you talk.”


“I had a dream.” Hizashi said, embarrassment tinging the bond between them. “We had a daughter… It’s easier to focus on the good that might happen than the bad.”

“I see.” Shouta said, kissing the bump. “Whatever they are, I’ll love them.”

“I hope she’s a Dragon.” Hizashi said. “I know she’ll be born in a human form, but I hope that she’ll be able to shift. There’s not many Dragon’s left.”

“I hope so too.” Shouta said with a sigh. “Come on, we have to clean up, we have to leave for the forest soon.”

“I’m so excited.” Hizashi said. “I hope Denki and Kyouka are still alive. I’d love for them to mee the little one.”

“Are they Dragons?”

“Yeah.” Hizashi said.

“I haven’t heard of a Dragon being brought down recently. That kind of this is usually quite big, I think you were the last, and no one outside of this Duchy has any proof of that.”

“I guess we’ll find out.” Hizashi said with a smile.

“Yeah, just make sure no one eats me.” Shouta huffed and Hizashi let out a low growl.

“I’d like to see them try.”