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Oh All Might...

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Morning- The Beginning

Toshinori knew something big was going to happen when he woke up that morning. Being a hero for over thirty years did that to you, and Toshinori long ago had learned to prepare for the unknown threat the best he could. Getting up, he made himself a cup of tea, then sat down and turned on the news.

The first thing he learned, was to not use up all of his time. Let the other heroes deal with things for the day, they could hold themselves in a fight. Using up all his time would lead to disaster.

When his phone beeped he only looked to make sure he wasn’t needed, then settled back down and sighed. Saving his time, meant a boring day until he was needed. It didn’t last long though. A few hours into his day his phone beeped again, and Toshinori checked it only to freeze.

“Tower held hostage, thousands of lives are on the line. All available heroes needed.”

Toshinori stood, then transformed into his hero form and bent his legs to take off, only to be stopped by another beep.

“Villain is asking for All Might.”

And Toshinori knew that this was what he was preparing for, this was what caused him to feel off that morning. Grabbing his phone to alert everyone he was on his way, Toshinori then took off in the direction of the tower.

Afternoon- The Downfall

When he arrived, there was chaos. The tower was covered in a force field, and faces of trapped citizens were pressed up against the windows pleading to be let out. The villain stood in the middle of the street, and the heroes stood back far enough away to be in the crowd of police and citizens, afraid of getting the group of hostages that sat behind the villain killed.

“All Might!” He called. “I’m not afraid to blow these people’s brains out, and I’m not afraid to set off the bombs that I placed in the tower!” Toshinori cursed in his head. This villain though of everything, and now nobody could get close to him unless they wanted thousands of deaths on their hands.

“What do you want?” He questioned. The villain smiled, the heroes behind him shifted, the citizens in the tower continued to look at him from their prison, and Toshinori held his breath.

“I’ve been thinking,” the villain started. “About how much of a enigma you are All Might. For being in the spotlight, we know nothing about you. So lets make a deal, you tell me two secrets of yours and let me go, and I’ll free everyone unharmed.” Toshinori clenched his fists. Two secrets? The only ones he really had were government protected.

His earpiece came to life. “Do it All Might, there are thousands of lives on the line. One guy isn’t worth it.” And Toshinori sighed.

“Deal,” he answered. “What do you want to know? I can tell you my name.”

“No, I can’t do anything with that. Tell me something that everyone has been asking about for years, like your quirk.”

“My quirk?” Toshinori said. The villain nodded. “You promise to let them go, right?”

“Of course, I never back down from a deal!” Toshinori frowned. One For All was a huge secret, the only ones who knew about it was whoever the current user was, and a select few people they decided to tell. He glanced back at the tower. There were thousands on the line, thousands of lives who would be lost because he decided to think about himself. What kinda of hero would he be if he did that?

“I’m sorry masters,” Toshinori mumbled. At that moment he became aware of how many cameras were pointed in his direction, of how many eyes were on his back.

“It’s quite a story,” he answered.

“I have time, but hurry up, they don’t.” The villain fidgeted with the gun he had pointed at a citizen’s head. Toshinori took a deep breath, and started talking.

“In the beginning, when quirks first started to form there were two brothers. One was thought to be quirkless, and the other had the ability to take and give quirks.” The villain perked up at this.

“A quirk like that? That’s interesting all right, but what does this have to do with your quirk?”

“Let me finish, please.” Even the crowd was silent, it was like everyone was holding their breath at once.

“The brother, Shigaraki, didn’t like that his brother was quirkless, and decided to give him a quirk. It was a stockpiling quirk. But, it turned out that the brother did have a quirk, a hidden quirk that had the ability to pass quirks on to others. These two quirks merged, and formed a quirk that was named One For All.”

“This passable quirk,” the villain said, smiling. “It has something to do with your quirk doesn’t it?” Toshinori held up his hand to silence the mumbling crowd.

“Yes, let me continue. After finding out about the quirk, the brother attempted to defeat Shigaraki, who had grown corrupt with power. But, he couldn’t do it, and passed his quirk onto a successor he had chosen before, the second. The quirk continued to be passed on, in hopes that one of the successors could defeat Shigaraki, until it reached the eighth.” The villain paused.

“You,” he said. Toshinori nodded. The crowd was silent, the reporters didn’t talk about what they were just told, only letting their cameras record for those at home.

“Your quirk, its One For All isn’t it?” Toshinori once again nodded. The villain tightened his grip on the gun, and narrowed his eyes.

“If that’s true then you should have two quirks, whats your original quirk?” Everyone seemed to shuffle forwards, and the hostages were forgotten almost immediately.

“Actually,” Toshinori answered. “I’m quirkless.” And the air stilled. But the villain didn’t care, and instead he messed with the detonator for the tower.

“That’s interesting, but the deal was two secrets. So tell me All Might, your public appearances has been going down over the last few years, and something tells there’s something going on here. So tell me, and I’ll let everyone go.” Toshinori could feel his scar burning. To tell everyone that his quirk wasn’t really his was one thing, but to show everyone how he couldn’t protect them? But he had to, he rather trade his life for the citizens’ everyday. So, he took a deep breath, and where he stood alone between the the villain and crowd, he released his quirk.

There was silence, and Toshinori looked at the ground, too ashamed to look anyone in the eye.

“Two years ago it was my turn to fight Shigaraki. I got away, but not before getting gravely injured and loosing some of my organs.” Tears started to stream down his face. “I can only used One For All for five hours now, after that I’m reduced to this pathetic form.” Toshinori took a step back, and much to the shock of the world, bowed.

“I’m sorry I lied to you,” he whispered. “I’m nothing but a fraud.” Three things happened at once after that. Like he promised, the villain dropped the gun and detonator, released the force field around the tower, and turned to exit through an alley way.

The police and heroes rushed forward. Most of them went to help the citizens, but some made their way to Toshinori, who still stared at the ground.

“Let’s get you out of here,” one said.

In the crowd everyone started to talk. What else was All Might hiding? Is Shigaraki still out there? What happens when All Might can’t fight anymore? In the back, a small woman reached out towards the direction All Might was lead away in, a small smiled on her face.

“Oh All Might,” she whispered. “You’ve given up so much for us.”

After- The Aftermath

Toshinori couldn’t bring himself to go out as a hero. It’s only been a few days, but by now the whole world knew about what had happened. Tsukauchi had visited him, to tell him that it was ok to take a few days to himself, and that everyone was processing what had happened.

But today when he entered the room, he was smiling.

“The public is amazing!” He cheered. “It started with one person, but then it developed into a hashtag and everything!” Toshinori coughed.

“Hold on, what are you talking about?” Tsukauchi pulled out his phone, tapped a few things, then shoved it into Toshinori’s face. He blinked, then grabbed the phone with a small gasp. There, in front of him, was a social media page, full of messages for, him?

#OhAllMight This man had done so much for us, and this is how he’s repaid?

#OhAllMight What happened just shows he’s human. All Might is still my hero.

#OhAllMight Oh All Might... you’re not a fraud, you kept these secrets for a reason. If anything I’m sorry they got out, and thank you for fighting so much for us.

It continued like that. Praising Toshinori, thanking him, apologizing to him, and nobody said anything negative.

“You should go out there,” Tsukauchi told him. “The people still love you, they probably love you more after seeing how human you are.” Toshinori chuckled. He then powered on his phone, and looked at all the missed messaged he had.

“Ok,” he answered.


A week later, Toshinori found himself in front of an audience for a live interview. He was in his true form, unashamed.

“All Might,” the interviewer said. “This week has been a lot, we can agree on that.” Toshinori smiled at her.

“Yes. I truly never wanted this form to be known, specially not One For All, but with how well it’s gone, this is the best outcome I could ask for.” The interviewer shifted, then leaned forward from where she sat.

“I don’t want to trouble you All Might,” she said. “But everyone has some questions.”

“Of course,” he said. So, Toshinori explained how he was missing some of his organs, but didn’t show his scar to not give villains the higher ground. He went more in-depth about his quirklessness, about One For All, of how he didn’t retire to keep everyone safe. He talked about everything he went through, and for the first time everyone finally got to see who All Might really was.

“My name is Yagi Toshinori,” he said at the end. “You know everything about me now, might as well know my name.”


Toshinori saw changes after that. People wouldn’t bother him if he was out in public in his true form. They would look, maybe even wave, but it was an unspoken agreement to not talk to him. All Might was when you could interact with him, Yagi Toshinori was when he was off duty, when he was relaxing.

The other heroes seemed to pick it up and work twice as hard. It gave Toshinori time to relax, to take care of himself and to figure how what he’s been missing out on over the years. His post-fight interviews got longer, with no need to save time and to hide his true form, Toshinori could power down after the villain was caught and give his interview that way, and no one would bat an eye.

All of Japan, now knowing his condition, liked to take care of him like he had taken care of them.

“All Might! Power down, don’t strain yourself!”

“All Might, have you eaten?”

“You look tired, go home I can deal with this today.”

And everytime, Toshinori would smile and gladly accept the help. And in years time when he found his successor, he didn’t have to hide it, and Izuku had gotten the help he needed.

When All For One came back, everyone was there to cheer him on, and when he officially retired Japan helped him pick up the pieces.

All was well.