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Broken Memories || Volturi Kings

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Pushing back against my own feelings had always been a struggle for me. Standing in front of me were the people that I wanted dead more than anything else. Their daughter meant nothing to me, but my own fury would not harm her. A parents actions should not imply that a child is the same way. I knew that from personal experience.

I was no deadbeat and I was no druggie.

“Here we are today, gathered for the trial of the century. I would like to make my first big decision right now on this snowy ground,” I begin, allowing all of the pent up anger and stress to sit with me for a second before I let it release through my own unnecessary breathing. “To be without our laws would be without the small shed of humanity we have left. That humanity leads us to our own control over our bloodthirsty ways. All of us can push back against our own tendencies to grow in the end.”

All eyes were on me, waiting patiently to hear more. I could see just out of the corner of my eye Alexandros with his coven, a smirk adamant on his face, bringing its own source of light to the snowy grounds.

“While our bodies may be set in stone, our minds still have the ability to develop, to manifest in ways that we never thought possible in the confines of mortality. Individual traits are not what make us, it is our actions and the way that they affect the people around us,” It was such a clear blow to Edward and the way that he treated me, but nobody but my own coven knew that.

“The kings and queen of promise is what we all need at a moment like this. So many can claim themselves a ruler, but only when it comes to the most callous of decisions does a true leader show through. I may only be a newborn, but so many of you remember times when tyranny reigned supreme. The Romanians,” Stefan snarled, “The American Revolution, the world wars, and the French Revolution,” the French Coven smiled. “At these times only those who wished for a better life fought back against the oppression of the rule of law.”

“You are a tyrannical queen, Annalise Volturi,” Edward spat in my face. Many of the other vampires in the background gasped and glared at him. You see, Masen, I have already gained the hearts of the people. What do you have but your claims of my own corruption? 

“If I was a tyrannical queen, Edward Masen, I would have already had you beheaded for treason against your royalty,” I countered.

“Without us, there was chaos.”

History books littered the halls of Volterra, finding themselves in the arms of a girl who wanted to know about what had made her coven, a queen who needed guidance on how to create unity in a species that she knew little about.

Quite good things, libraries.

“To propose a coup of our power right now would not only be foolish, but laughable as well,” Everyone on the opposing side froze at my words. “We did not come here for battle, but if I must wage war against you I will, killing anyone and everyone who attempts to come in between my coven and my children. Your lies and deceit will show no longer, as I do believe that we know the truth about you, Edward Masen.”

“My daughter is not an immortal child!” he exclaims in hysteria. My mates and I chuckle at his lack of composure during his own trial. Just like criminals when they get caught. Although you are not here for treason, I would love to rip off your head and burn it in front of everyone.

“Submit your evidence,” Edward looks shocked.

“What do you mean submit my evidence -” I cut him off.

“I just told you that this is a trial and you expect us to just make a ruling without giving you a chance to submit your own evidence?” Quite laughable.

“I-I,” Edward turns to Bella, who starts to walk to our side of the field.

The young girl that she had given birth to was quite small compared to my son, as was to be expected with the age difference. Her brown hair and eyes were just like that of her mother’s, basic but bold, contrasting her pale skin quite nicely. Although I did not like her parents, Renesmee did not seem fond of the fact that her mother was gripping onto her so tightly, almost dragging her to our side.

Aggression laced Bella’s newly gold eyes, those pools of hatred sending daggers into my own crimson ones.

“She isn’t immortal,” Bella states, “She is half vampire and half human .”

Well, of course we knew that already. For one, Jacob had told us. Did she think that Maeve wouldn’t tell me something like this? Her reasoning skills clearly were lacking.

Of course, she also was the one who got with Edward in the first place.

“Feel her body heat,” Oh yes, the amazing body heat that came off of the hybrids. It could warm me forever without making me hungry.

I stepped forward and put my hand on Renesmee’s cheek. Hot to the touch, just like any human child. A winning look filled Edward’s face as I hummed, knowing what I was to expect.

“You have no right to be here anymore, the trial is over,” Edward orders us away. All of the other covens straight up laugh in his face, my own included. Really did make a fool of yourself there, Edward, not even knowing how proper vampire trials work. I guess dad never thought he would need to teach you this since he would never break the law himself. What you got back in Volterra was just a warning, a chance to fix your own behavior before my mates ripped you apart and threw you into the furnace.

“Does he not even know how a trial works?” Alexandros’ booming voice calls our attention to his own coven, who were snickering behind him. “Such a shame!”

Many of his covenmates muttered shame under their breath.

“Edward, you are in no position to end a trial,” I explain fakely. “Such poor manners.”

“Still, you have no right to be here if-”

“I can be wherever I want whenever I want,” I snark. “In fact, you have no right to Forks. Carlisle is the one who owns the territory with his residence here. Have you been squatting in his house?”

Many of the other covens giggle as I rip into him.

“Such a lack of respect for my father,” I act almost teary eyed, “And here you are, calling yourself a gentleman and a moral man. What have you done that is so moral? Died a virgin, perhaps?”

It was such a low blow, but he deserved it.

“I mean, look at you,” I wave up and down, “No wonder you couldn’t get some as a human.”

“Look at yourself,” Bella sneers, “Sleeping with three men at once-”

My mates let out a snarl, causing her to step back and whimper at the sign of aggression. Bella may have been able to talk shit, but she was a coward who couldn’t fight back against three angry ancient kings of Volterra.

“Aro, Caius, and Marcus are my mates ,” I take a long pause before stepping closer to her and her daughter, “You may have waited for marriage, but you didn’t wait for your mate. Edward is not your mate and will never be your mate. That poor soul is somewhere out there and you will start to die if you reject them, your soul literally withering away as you try to cut the bond. It is your lifeline, and yet you poison yourself and Edward’s souls by being together in such a manner.”

“Our love is bound for life ,” she argues.

“No, it is not,” Marcus speaks up, “His soulmate, you are not. Do not harass mine or else you will find yourself without a tongue to speak your filth with.”

Bella let out a hiss before I started up my monologing again, ready to make the largest announcement of eternity.

“Since she is a hybrid, we will need to make sure that she does not expose us,” Bella looks angry at the mere thought of any rules being placed for her. This is what happens when you have a mother who never gave you rules and let you do whatever you want. Spoiled brat.

“You can’t-”

“She can,” A member of Alexandros’ coven yells at her, “Now shut the fuck up cause I’m enjoying the show.”

Alexandros definitely had influenced that one.

“Renesmee will be cut off from all humans during her time of growth and her grandfather will not be able to see her until she is 18 years old. No, not until she is full grown, until she is 18 years old. We cannot risk your father being exposed to us like that. As much as I love Charlie and think he deserves better than you, he can not be put in this,” Bella lets out a cry of protest, holding her daughter tightly.

“You can’t do something like this!” Edward shouts, “Charlie will want to know-”

“It is either that or we kill all of you to protect the rest of us,” I motion to the vampires around me, “This is for the safety of the entire vampire community. One man, one human man , does not get to dictate what is best for our immortal selves.”

“My mate is being very reasonable. Charlie Swan already knows too much, but we are giving it a pass as long as the wolf pack does not further expose any humans. This rule goes to you as well. Humans who know will either turn or be killed. I am afraid that there is no other option,” Aro reasons. “As much as this is hard for you it is what is in your father-in-law’s best interest.”

“You can’t take Charlie away from us,” Bella says, “I won’t let you do this to us.”

“Oh, what will you do? Attack me like your mate did? Does Anna have to beat you like she beat him? In front of your own daughter? Exposing her to this kind of violence at this young age, hybrid or not, will damage her,” Caius says.

“What does someone like you know about children ?” Edward questions my mate, who keeps his poker face. More than you, buddy. At least I don’t grab onto my kid like he’s a damn toy to play with. Come on, Bella, you’re a newborn but you also need to be gentle with your daughter.

“I think that our mate should give the announcement that we planned,” Marcus suggests, putting himself in between Caius and Edward, who were glaring at each other.

“Ah, yes!” Aro claps his hands together, “I do think it is time for our queen to announce our good news. It is time for everyone to know the reason that we have not had any visitors in Volterra for six months now. Lord, it has been a long time, hasn’t it?”

Giving my mate a warm smile, I clear my throat.

“I think we have been a bit sneaky with this one. Just wait a moment and I will get it,” the vampires around me look confused, but patiently wait for me.

Moving my feet quickly, I make my way over to Afton, whose box is rumbling around. My son hissed at Helios, who was making a fuss inside of his gift. Taking the box in my arms, I finally get to see under the gift, feeling my own son in my arms.

Bringing my arms and Helios out of Afton’s gift bubble, I turned back to the crowd of vampires whose jaws had dropped.

“I do think it is time for you to meet my son.”