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Cycles of Lust

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With the young man's declaration of resignation, Alexander tore his clawed tail across Daniel's heaving chest. A beautiful spray burgundy arced across the nest, musing the already stained bedding. The beast's thrusts became less rhythmic and more feral. The erotic slap of flesh resounded through the nest like the beating of a panicked heart. With his climax growing nigh, Alexander struggled to maintain his composure. Clear, steaming saliva dripped from his cracked and wrinkled maw. He bared his needle-like teeth and drove his phallus deep within his toy. Daniel keened and moaned, his manhood dripping precum at a remarkable rate. Such a sight was befitting of only the most erotic texts. Alexander couldn't help but imagine the Englishman starring in such a scandalous novel. Even if such acts were viewed as an abomination against nature, Daniel's aura of sensuality would most certainly attract the more brazen and especially lonesome individuals. He ran his tail along the deep gashes and held the impure vitae to his beak. The young man sitting on his ovipositor squirmed and bucked wildly.
"Such impatience Daniel! Behave yourself or your head will be in less agreeable places." He snarled and spanked the already red bottom.
"Stop tormenting me baron! My mind can take no more of these unholy visions!"
"Those visions won’t trouble you much longer my pet. Just give me time as I cannot reach my climax quite as swiftly as you can.”
"My lord, you have nearly freed me from my chastity. You've both torture and pleasure me with these thoughts, why? Why would you pay so much mind to my lust? If you are truly so almighty and infinite, why do you stoop to such base urges?" Alexander slowed his thrusts and pondered the question for a moment.
"I am no god or lord Daniel, but a superior being of great age and wisdom. I still crave sex just the same as you though. The urges come in violent cycles of lust, much like a dog in heat."
"You're in heat now I take it, what with your manhood buried up to the hilt in my orifice." He exclaimed wryly
"Of course, Daniel. Your untouched body is the key to my reprieve, without which I would most certainly perish from an overflow of pheromones, just as you would fall to your sins." The baron lied through his scared beak. Even he knew that this was all about his uncontrollable lust and nothing to do with his physical health.
"It gives me a strange sense of comfort knowing that even the most mighty of beasts still have the same needs as a lowly worm."
"Watch your words boy, I can still bifurcate you with my bare hands just as quickly as I can drive you mad," Alexander warned, though his gruesome threat was mostly empty words. He resumed his intense thrusts with a new fervour. Alexander refused to allow the weak mortal to view him on the same level as his prey. Such a comparison wounded the baron’s delicate ego. His ovipositor throbbed almost painfully as his four testicles tensed. With a throaty bellow, Alexander started ejaculating. His thick, white seamen flowed freely from the pulsating head, it's prongs fully opened. Daniel felt his own body losing control, his manhood spraying out his own seed. Long ropes of fluid struck the ground and the Englishman's distended stomach. He tossed back his head and screamed, his bloodied nails digging into the bark-like hide.
"Yes my friend, savour your climax. Scream for your salvation!" Alexander let out a deafening cry of his own, shaking the very stone of the mighty castle.
Both of the lovers collapsed backwards onto the soft cushions. Daniel gasped for air, his body soaked in sweat and his chest smeared with blood. He rested his head against the ancient beast's heaving bosom. Alexander panted and growled, the flow of his seed finally waning. The baron slowed his thrusts down until the pincers closed completely. With his seamen finally spent, Alexander rolled onto his side and wrapped his resplendent wings around Daniel's quivering body.
"You did well Daniel. Are your mind and body finally at ease?"
At first, the only response was laboured breathing. The young man weakly pushed out the enormous amount of white seed from his quivering hole, a soft groan emitted from his lips. Alexander slid his hand into the loose hole and helped clear out the seamen and held the fluid to Daniel's mouth. He obediently sucked on the gnarled claws, swirling his tongue over the creases with a surprising amount of precision for a proper young Englishman.
"That... was amazing..." He huffed. "I have finally lost my virginity, and to a powerful beast and baron no less. Most of my peers are married to dull housewives or dimwitted seamstresses. Yet, I still feel unrest... What will happen to my soul now Alexander? Now that you have claimed my body, what of my soul?"
"The freedom of your soul will be secured tomorrow night Daniel. That night we shall claim the last of the prisoners and perform the final warding ritual. Don't let such things worry you though, for your service to me has proven your worth in full. For now, rest your head my friend, you need to recover."