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Cycles of Lust

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Sensing his final decision, Alexander embraced the quivering young man. Daniel felt warm, rock-hard flesh against his face, the rise and fall of the great beast's chest pressing into his shivering bosom. A sudden gust of cold air hit his toned back; the sound of cloth being shredded hitting his ears. Whimpering, Daniel pulled away and wrapped his pale arms around his now shirtless body. He could feel those horrible, empty eyes boring holes into his exposed back. Alexander leaned in and nuzzled the side of his new mate's neck.
"Hush now little one, I shall ease you into this. Your sacrifice will not be in vain I assure you." With that the baron tore off Daniel's trousers, ripping the fine leather belt in half with terrifying ease. The young man mewled and hunched over, gooseflesh patterning his lean, pale hide. Alexander ran his claws down the quivering spin with a low chuff. He held his tail against the leaking bulge, only hidden by a thin layer of cotton.
"Alexander, I've never done this before. All of my experience comes from chained prisoners, men who I would never sully my prick with."
"Fear not Daniel, I shall be the only one acting. If you do as I command, then you shall be rewarded in full." With that, Alexander removed the final layer of cloth. Daniel's leaking manhood twitched in the air, enticing the baron with its precome. The baron stroked the plum-coloured head with his muscular tail, drawing out a soft moan from the vulnerable archaeologist.
"Moan for me Daniel, I wish to hear your pleasure." He lifted Daniel up and carried him to the warmth of the nest, curling up with the boy and holding him close to his massive chest.
Alexander rubbed his bony penis sheath in anticipation, the slick, pronged head slowly emerging. He reached his tail over to the edge of the nest. A bottle of lubricating oil lay by the rim. The oil slowly poured down over his crimson claws, lubricating the rough hide. Alexander was eager to start the long night of mating. Daniel glanced at him and stifled a terrified whimper. He needed to claim the young man soon before he could flee. With his fingers well lubricated, Alexander slithered over to his new toy.
"Now, get on your knees." The command reverberated within Daniel's skull. His hesitation earned him a harsh smack on the rump and a deep snarl.
"Do as I command, boy! Now on your knees and in my arms." Alexander growled. A lash of his tail was all the incentive that the Englishman needed. Daniel got on his knees and rested his head against the massive white collarbone. Alexander reached his hand down to Daniel's penis and grabbed it. A sharp gasp emitted from the boy's plump lips. His other hand groped his supple arse before spanking it one last time. With his lubricated claws now at Daniel's quivering entrance, Alexander prepared to enter him. He slid his finger around the puffy ring before pushing in. A hoarse cry was pushed from the whore's bosom. Each joint of the gnarled talon slid in with torturously slow speed. Alexander wiggled and wormed his finger through the soft, sensitive flesh, making sure not to nick the delicate lining of the rectum.
Alexander slid another finger into Daniel's wet hole. He scissored his claws within the warm body, stretching the skin. Daniel mewled and tried to push Alexander out of him.
"Alexander stop you’re hurting me!"
"The pain will cease if you relax. Your muscles are squeezing my fingers." With his hole now loose enough, the baron carefully slid a third claw in. Warm, throbbing flesh enveloped the ragged talons. His delicate toy screamed and kicked out. His foot struck the baron in the beak, breaking off a single needle-like tooth. With centuries of experience behind him, Alexander grabbed his toy and pinned his lean arms behind him. He lifted Daniel up as if he was only a mere child and turned him away from his face. With his hand now free from the Archeologist's arse, Alexander stabilized the writhing body.
"Hush now my toy, trust what I am doing is right. Listen to my voice and gaze upon those sweet images of eroticism." Alexander purred into Daniel's ear, the sound reverberating deep within his bosom. Daniel stopped struggling, his eyes fluttering shut. With the boy now calmed, for the time being, the baron held his ovipositor to the wet, gaping hole. He squeezed his prongs together as to fit inside. Even when properly prepared, Daniel was still a very tight fit. On instinct, Alexander squirted some precum into the anus. The added lubricant allowed him a smooth, satisfying entrance.
The pronged head slid into the loose hole with little resistance. Alexander purred and nuzzled the back of Daniel's neck, causing the young man to whimper. He slowly lowered the young man onto his massive organ. The fleshy lumps rubbed against his toy's sensitive prostate. Daniel suddenly cried out, but instead of pulling away from his grasp, he bucked into his ovipositor.
"Yes, good lad... keep moaning for me you whore."
Daniel obliged and started bucking and mewling against his member. The baron lowered him all the way, soft, supple skin pressing against rough, wrinkled flesh. Alexander pressed his massive loins to Daniel's anus, his sharp prongs scraping against the sensitive entrance.
"Al-Alexander, what are you rubbing against? I feel dizzy with pleasure."
"That is your prostate Daniel, that’s what I'm rubbing against. Now be silent and savour the sensation."
With slow, methodical movements, Alexander started to thrust in and out. Each time the head of his ovipositor was about to slip out, he would drop Daniel back down. The sounds of flesh against wet flesh, moans of ecstasy, and the sounds of distant thunder echoed through the depths of the castle.
Filling Daniel's head with sensual visions, Alexander could feel the boy's control slipping away. Each strike of his prostate brought out another loud moan. The baron started to pick up the frequency and force of his thrusts. The young man was practically screaming, his left hand was a blur on his throbbing member. His right arm was wrapped around Alexander's thick, muscular neck.
"Oh, God! By the Lord I'm close!" He cried. It was painfully clear that Daniel had seen little use. The boy had little experience of proper orgasms. The thought of being the first man to lay with the Englishman made Alexander dizzy with excitement. Precome flowed down Daniel's thighs in a warm stream, mixing with his salty sweat. Even with aeons of experience in bed, the baron still craved the sensation of a well-earned climax. Both he and his mate were rushing towards their sexual peak. His tail lashed about almost uncontrollably, the ebony talons flexing and quivering.
"Have you submitted my friend? I can sense your mind giving in to your most primal urges"
"Y-yes my lord, please keep going. I'm so close I beg you!"
"Such a submissive little mortal. It is a mystery to me why no one has used you yet. Not that I mind, for it means you are ripe for the harvest, my tempting fruit."
The tension in the baron's loins burned throughout his body, causing him to wrap his tail around Daniel's sweat-streaked chest. Digging his claws into the soft skin, Alexander slowly dragged them across the archaeologist’s writhing body; warm blood flowing freely from the wounds.
"Scream for me my pet, scream for your redemption!" He roared. His ovipositor started to pulsate with a violent force. Alexander pushed Daniel face down into the sweetly scented sheets.
"You are mine Daniel."
"I know. I-I submit Alexander, I submit!"