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Cycles of Lust

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Alexander had never been a looker, even by the standards of his own kind. However, he was one of their greatest minds. Such was the nature of his position. In his heyday, Alexander had been the chief researcher and inventor. With his old master long sense slain in battle, Alexander had been forced to provide ever immaculate creations. Any faltering, and he would lose his position and be forced into the role of a nameless soldier or lowly craftsworm. With another war approaching and the natural energy, all gouged out of the planet; Alexander was tasked by the High Potentate themself to create a solution to the dying species. He toiled day and night to find a cure, each night both promising his love and the High Potentate that he would find a solution. Such promises kept him alive through many violent uprisings and bloody wars all the way through to his betrayal. Alas, the vital key to his species salvation lied within their own veins.
Alexander tortured only those who threatened the lives of his family. Their horrid screams were none too dissimilar to those that currently echoed through the halls of Brennenburg. It wasn’t long until word got around that various despots and their chicks had been brutally slaughtered and their corpses desecrated beyond all recognition. Even with his best intentions, The Jurisdiction found his crimes unforgivable. By the decree of both the Nine Courts and The Sanctum, the utilization of or partaking in agonized life essence as a food or energy was an act against nature, something that applied even during a devastating energy crisis. Alexander's high standing and brilliancy were the only things that saved him from experiencing the same cruel fate as his victims.
A low growl emitted from deep within his massive bosom, reverberating through the very foundation of the castle. Alexander itched his long, frilled neck. He stretched and flexed the nearly see-through membrane. Ragged black claws ran over deep creases and wrinkles. His fingers flitted over the ghost of a bite; one left by his mate the day before his crimes were discovered. They had the best sex imaginable, with tails intertwined and beaks locked together in an erotic dance. Their thrusts were swift and purposeful. Such private matters were of utmost importance in his society. That night had been full of courting and worshipping. Despite them sharing many a brood, the beast always made sure to make his love clear as a newborn star at midnight.
Alexander moaned and rubbed his four loins through his impressive scrotum. Daniel may not have been a perfect substitute to his lover, but he would scratch the one itch that had plagued his heat cycles, the urge to dominate. A small, obedient body that the baron could ravage, could make his own. Alexander could hear the sound of footsteps approaching the inner sanctum. Now all he had to do was wait.